The Menagerie Grows and Declines as I Discover Who My Best Friends Are

I was doing a lot of work in New York City in my 8th year. The City offered a variety of stores to purchase sex toys in. The variety of implements I saw in various shops extended from politically acceptable marital aids to somewhat shockingly kinky devices to execute acts that both shocked me yet still caused me to get an erection.

A favorite store I frequented was “The Pleasure Chest”. It became a favorite for a multitude of reasons but the two most significant were they had a large variety of quality products, and minimal cheap breakable imports. The other was the sales people. They were edgy young women who were extremely comfortable talking about the products, and they were equally comfortable talking about my penis and anus and the the nature and charaxcter of the way they might respond to the devices. They also seemed to have used them enough or witness their use enough to describe to me how to use them; this included shaping their fingers of one hand in a circle and then using a finger of another hand to represent a toy or a finger being inserted into the digital representation of my anus. I always walked out of that store with an erection and wet underpants.

Over the course of my 8th and 9th year of Anerosing my toolkit grew to 16 devices. They filled a backpack that I took with me when I traveled. In the mix was six Aneros, five N Joys, two Lelos, a stainless steel Chinese stimulator the size of a pencil with a “marble ” sized head and two dildoes (one glass and another hardened latex).

By the time I hit my ninth year I pared the pile down based on what worked for me. Most of the larger Aneros were thrown, as I found they made me sore after 30 minutes. The only ones I kept were the Tempo, Peridises and Eupho Classic. As for the N Joy’s I threw all away except for my Phun Plug and Real Plug. Everything else was ditched as well.

By the 9th year I had a profile of the best characteristics for my anal devices. For me they needed to be steel, as I like the feeling of weight and cold metal on insertion. They need to have a narrow shaft profile. My Eupho is the largest diameter device I have. The active contact end that massages my prostate needs to be 15-20 mm at most.

In that I use the condom method they need to be 6 inches or less long. I buy Magnum condoms to accommodate my toys. I have modified my Eupho, by clipping off the tab and the abutment tips so that the two legs that remain are 1.5 inches. I then melted the cut off tips to terminate in two rounded ends that are slanted away from the end of the shaft so the entire Eupho looks like a letter Y. My Eupho moves so much more than it did when the tab abd abutment heldf it in place. As a result i get stronger O’s from it than I ever did before.

In the last few years I have purchased some additional devices. I bought a vaginal barbell for kegel exercises. It is a heavy stainless steel probe with several 209 mm bulbs on it and a 30 mm bulb. Obviously I use it anally as I do not have a vagina LOL. I also have gotten 3 penis plugs that are stainless steel. When I use one of them with my Tempo in particular the fireworks are set off.

That is my arsenal. i am always on the look out for new toys. I can say that if HIH would make a steel Eupho, that would absolutely be my next purchase.