Rumel’s Ruminations – Part II

This Blog is in multiple Sections : Part II (this one) is my periodic blog of experiences (most recent at the top), Part I is just copies of some of my earliest Forum entries (oldest at the bottom)

3/21/10 – There have been a couple of inquiries/comments in the past about my personal avatar, so I thought I’d put into writing what it is.
While the Aneros WIKI states “Super-O’s come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued.” I liked a post by ‘BF Mayfield’ wherein he said “Super-O’s come in many colors and flavors.”

When I first joined the Forum, avatars were not an available option for members. It was many months after I had experienced my first Super-O that avatars became available. I believe it was ‘hlaser99’ who posted the first animated avatar shortly after they were possible here. I then started thinking about what mine should be. For a short time I was using an animated graphic of the Super O Society logo which I created as my avatar but I decided against that as I wanted that particular graphic to represent much more than my identity.

I wanted an avatar that would symbolize the Super-O experience. I tried searching the web for appropriate images and/or animations but never found one I really liked, so I decided to create my own. Obviously one can not graphically depict flavors but an energetic color animation was certainly possible. The image I created is the symbolic representation of a prostate in the throes of continuous orgasm, constantly experiencing a change in color (and by implication flavor), radiating its energy and power outward first to the body and thence to the world. Each pulse begins as a small “O” at the core and grows in strength as it radiates outward. Once it reaches the boundary it sends out small neural dendrons in an effort to make a wider, fuller connection to the world and the universal energy forces which surround all living things. I hope you all enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

3/4/10 – I thought I should post the text I try to get to all new Forum members because I know that I have missed quite a few of them, at least this way if they should perchance read this Blog they may get a small tip to aid their journey a bit. So I have posted my “Introductory Personal Message to new Forum Members” into this Blog for that purpose.

12/15/08 – Proof positive that the re-wiring is an ongoing process occurred for me this day as I experienced my first Anerosless chair orgasm. While working on some projects, I took a short break to go over to the site suggested by ‘darwin’ and peruse the material there (good site, BTW). Anyway, I found myself getting aroused by the material and experiencing some pleasant perineum pulsations. I closed my eyes and started focusing on the sensations and began adding some slight voluntary contractions, this lead into a series of involuntary contractions and a dry-O, all without an Aneros present. Needless to say, it certainly made the rest of the day pass more pleasantly.

9/22/08 – Well it has been quite a while since I last posted. Here it is the Autumnal Equinox; I can definitely say that the radiation treatment has left my prostate less sensitive to stimulation. I have not been able to return to the Super-O level of excitement. I am, however, still able to experience multiple orgasms and frequent mini-O’s, for those I’m thankful. I am gratified by the reception HypnAerosession has received from the community, I truly believe this product will help many newbies establish a good basis for their journey, well into the future. I am starting to write the induction script for the ‘Babylonbrook’ recording to be produced next. I have recently also begun practice of the KSMO protocol, which is totally about the mental aspects affecting arousal and orgasm, I imagine this will be even more challenging than learning about Aneros use. Both paths do share the need to relax and “Just Let Go !” of control to be effective. The KSMO approach seems much more meditative though.

5/2/08 – Yesterday, May 1, 2008, marked the anniversary of my joining the Forum membership and it has certainly been an interesting year. Being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer, posting, reading and learning from the Forum membership, discovering new aspects about my own capabilities, personality and psyche, experiencing a Super-O, working with Brian and Darwin developing the Aneros WIKI, working with them again along with Hlaser99 and Pan on the guided self-hypnosis/fantasy project; all of these were completely unforeseen events in my life that have enriched me in innumerable ways. I feel I have made some significant new friendships here and would just like to take a moment to thank you all for your help, concern and encouragement through the past year. If this is any indication of the coming year, then I am very excited to see what happens next. I have definitely felt an increase in creative thoughts over the past year and hope this trend continues and that I can perhaps help other men in their individual journeys as well. While I still have not gotten back to Super-O status, my Aneros sessions continue to be pleasurable nonetheless.
I think the radiation treatments have definitely damaged my nerves around my prostate as everything is less sensitive down there now, I am contemplating beginning the K.S.M.O. protocol to see if that can jump start me into a new level of sensations.

3/13/08 – It’s been over a month now since I finished my radiation treatments and I can say I am feeling much better. My energy level is rising back up and I have resumed my relationship with Mistress Aneros. I am thankful to report that I am still getting good feelings from my prostate, though not as intense as before the treatments. I’m sure some nerve damage has occurred but to what extent and whether the body will repair it is unknown, I am optimistically hopeful about a full return to Super-O condition! The past few months have been busily filled with helping Darwin and Brian Mayfield assemble the new WIKI, I feel honored to have contributed a small bit (mainly just gathering the information Brian and Darwin had already written and then copying it into the WIKI, most of the credit should go to them). It has been a real learning experience not only about the WIKI but also some finer points regarding Aneros usage. I am now involved with another Aneros related project , a guided hypnosis session that can be marketed to the Aneros membership. Once it’s ready I’ll post more details here.

2/2/08 – Well, I have finished my prostate cancer radiation treatments, (37) table top doses in all. My doctor told me because of the cumulative effects of these treatments, my actual healing / recovery won’t begin until approximately two weeks after the last treatment. Now begins the wait and see period. In (3) months I am scheduled for a follow up consultation to verify health and well being conditions and to take a new baseline PSA reading. Thereafter, I am to begin getting PSA tests at (4) month intervals to monitor progress. I was told it can take from 1.5 to 2 years for the PSA number to drop to a nadir and after that, it is likely to slowly rise again as is normal for aging men. After (2) years, the PSA testing can drop to once yearly, assuming no complications arise. Hopefully that will be the case for me and I can look forward to a long and productive future.
I still continue with the same side effects previously mentioned but they have not become more severe, for which I am most thankful.
All in all, though the repeated daily trips to the clinic plus the upset to the holidays was bothersome, the whole treatment experience has been less traumatic than I anticipated. Of course there is still a lingering fear in the back of my mind that this may not have been effective, but I am reassured that the odds are definitely in my favor for successful eradication.

1/22/08 – Since my treatments are scheduled to end next week, I have decided to reward myself on Valentines day with the gift of a new Eupho to re-start my Aneros training that I have had to forego during the radiation zapping. I am definitely looking forward to being re-aquainted with that seductive wench – Mistress Aneros!

1/17/08 – Here’s the latest on my treatments. The treatments are continuing to go fairly well, I am at the 3/4 point now (29 treatments done, 8 or 9 to go). I am still experiencing continuing fatigue and a need for cat naps and I continue to experience urinary urgency and frequency, but it has lessened in intensity this week.
I spoke again with my doctor today about long term prognosis and options if this radiation wasn’t successful. He said that my probability for remaining cancer free for the next 5-10 years was very good. He said that they would begin monitoring my PSA 3-4 months after treatment ends and probably at 4 month intervals thereafter. He said that the PSA numbers should gradually decline to a nadir point after about 1 ½ years following treatment.
In the event this treatment is not successful the next regime would likely be a radical prostatectomy or hormone therapy (which is not considered a long term effective treatment).