Another try : some thoughts, etc.

Hi guys,

Here is another try at posting at my Aneros blog. It seems to me that not as many guys post entries in the blog section these days. I am not sure if they are encountering difficulties in posting entries as I did on Thanksgiving Day just past over a week ago. As I said, I do not have Aneros sessions often now since I am fully wired.

Doing the Kegel Exercises come naturally now. I certainly Kegel some in bed at night when I diddle my nipples. I am glad to read recent posts in Aneros Forum that there a few guys who enjoy diddling their nipples when they have Aneros sessions. However I am sure that they carry on that practice in bed at night. Take care!

Aneros Collections

Anyone have every single model? Comfortable posting pics with them all side by side? Trying to see something…

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Eupho and do-nothing? Also general questions…

Does using the Eupho to the highest degree possible require voluntary contractions and clenching, e.g. kegels? In other words, does it work well with the do-nothing approach? I’m asking because I read the following somewhere: *”The design
means that the Eupho will move the most of all our models. Therefore the user needs to have highly developed PC muscles in order to control the Eupho. The thin head will “dance” all-around the prostate providing subtler sensations than the other models.”* Does that mean the Eupho only works if you actively make it work via muscle contraction? Would it work if I just sit with it in and chill? Not actively and or aggressively stimulating or arousing myself, but just chilling. Of course, involuntary contractions would probably happen once in a while and get things going occasionally, but would those be enough? Would the Eupho work in that situation?

Also, and just in general. How is the Eupho? The Aneros website puts in an ‘advanced’ category, above all other models apparently. Sure, maybe it takes high level skill, but does that also mean the pleasure and peek that one can go to is also high level, above what the other models have to offer?

Any pros and fans of the Eupho that can share what they think?

Thank you in advance for any input, I really appreciate it! =)

Does it actually move???

How much is the aneros supposed to move? I always feel like it’s not moving/stuck even when using a lube launcher and having tried multiple types of lube

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I see a lot of folks talkin about that weed stuff. I am curious, but I have no idea about it. For a good aneros session, should I look toward CBD or THC? Please educate me on this.

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Just got Syn V. Suggestions for vibrations?

This is not a question about general use of the Aneros products. I got the Syn trident on Halloween and have enjoyed it enough to come back for the Syn V. Though still really need to focus on pure prostate play and not masturbating at the same time.

These will be pretty stupid questions!

Do you choose the vibration mode before or after insertion? I would assume before, but from reading the “About this product” thing they seem to suggest doing it after? This confuses me a bit since it seems like it’d be pretty hard to change after!

Any thoughts on using the aneros during work/chores/gaming?

I was wondering what peoples experiences was with keeping an aneros in during work or throughout the day. Does it make it harder to use the aneros during a session because it’s just a normal thing now? Has it helped your sessions? I have a trident and a Progasm. I was thinking of keeping the Progasm in throughout the day because it’s the one I mostly use.

I also have been thinking about keeping it in while I game because i usually smoke weed during that time and I don’t smoke during work or during the daytime. Any thoughts on that?

Vice vs Vice 2

I am curious on how the Vice 2 compares to the original Vice. The original is my favorite toy of all time but it appears those ones can’t be bought anymore. How is the Vice 2? Charging kind of sounds like a pain but the remote would probably be nice?

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HFDO or Super O?

HFDO or Super O?

I’ve been reading this sub for a while and started experimenting a little over 2 years ago. I bought a Rocks Off Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager. I thought the massager would do all the work and it’d be a hands free miracle.

After reading this sub, I bought an Aneros Progasm Jr and have been using that exclusively. Also, I use a lube injector (2 doses) and have been playing more the past month or so.

Over the long weekend, I had some extended time for a session and it was so good I’ve had sessions 3 days in a row. One day I did 2 sessions. I also use THC edibles and/or vape before and/or during sessions.

When I first got the Progasm Jr, I tried the “lie there and do nothing” method, mindgasm, music, and PC muscle flexing. All of these sessions had pleasurable results, some twitching and PC muscle involuntarily/spasms.

Damn weed habits

I’m not really a stoner, it doesn’t suit me at all though I have had cannabis habits for several periods throughout my life.

Always been around people and drugs my whole life, it’s what happens when you went to a school that was like a prison 😂 just with my mental health and my environment, I generally fit in with social drug users.

So from like 19 to being 22 I was a habitual user, being several evening kid week and every weekend. Managed to kick the habit for years. I felt a huge improvement in myself mentally and socially. The pandemic came 2020 and during lockdown a friend and I met up to hang out in the park once and he gave me a little sample of his weed, which I obliged to smoke and took a little home. Through the boredom and frustration of lockdown I regularly looked to weed for an escape and was soon enough back in the rut again, but this time severely worse. I was picking up several times a week and smoking most mornings throughout the day.

It was great because I got to play with my Aneros regularly and had some great times making so much progress on my prostate rewiring journey.

I managed to break the cycle again, been totally clean (from weed) for at-least 2 months now, but every time I have a session with my toys now, afterwards I just regret not being high. It’s like the orgasms don’t come as easily. I don’t wanna build up a drug dependence again but damn… they go together just too nicely 🤬