Aneros DeVice, Oh fuck yeah!!!! A review!

Hi guys,

Several weeks ago, I got a rather new Aneros model, called the DeVice. It is actually a variation of the Aneros Vice, without the battery operated vibrator which is located in the stem of this model. The Aneros DeVice is also a silicone version of the Progasm. But because of the battery operated vibrator, it is rather expensive. offers it for $139.95, but you can get it on for $99, still very expensive!

I heard about the DeVice from a discussion of it on the Aneros Forum near the end of June. I was able to order it from Amazon from an adult store called The Fun Shop Stop, somewhere in Michigan. I used it for the very first time on June 29. Some days later, I discovered that some Aussie Aneros users could not order it directly from Amazon. I learned also that the Facebook page of Aneros does sell DeVice, while does not! Rather strange! I feel very badly that many of my good Aneros aficionados abroad are paying huge shipment costs for the Aneros from the USA!

The DeVice has to be the thickest Aneros model on the market. It is just as large as his Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice brothers. But the DeVice has a thicker stem and head. I get a boner just thinking about him!

Product Review: Progasm Jr

So as I promised so many people in chat, this is going to be a personal review of the Progasm Jr. I say personal, as I understand that everyone is unique, and each person reacts to particular models differently. As such, I'm starting with the disclaimer that these experiences may or may not apply to anyone else. This was purely my impressions, my feelings, and my sensations from using this devices.

First, a material description of the Pro Jr. It is made of the same material as the Progasm Black Ice, so those familiar with the "soft" plastic should know it's a bit more comfortable than the classic plastic. The almost glass-like feel enhances the slickness when coated in lube, which promotes movement in the rectum. Overall, has a very polished look, while still being surprisingly soft.

Next will be a discussion on design. While many are wondering about the differences between the Pro Jr and the regular sized Progasm models, I don't feel I can give a fair or accurate comparison since I don't have any other Pro models. Instead, I will compare to features of the Helix and MGX, as those are the models I have and am most familiar with.

J4’s Eupho Review

For a fall treat I splurged and got myself a Eupho. It has been since January that I last got a new Aneros product – then it was the Progasm. I was curious how much it would be different from the Helix (my first product) – since they are approximately the same dimensions.

Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! Upon insertion, it felt different – it seemed to go right up to nestle and rub the prostate. I immediately felt like I had to pee. In the “lying on back, knees up” position I experienced strong abdominal muscle contractions and all the right kinds of tinglies. It was very difficult to maintain my initial 15 minutes of relaxed breathing with all the great sensations and shudders.

The best position was on my left side. Suddenly I felt the Eupho go were no Aneros had gone before. I got a great sensation of the prostate being rubbed in a previously unreachable spot. Nice. Finding prostate sweet spots and “rubbing the shell” was far easier with the Eupho than the Helix. I seem to respond well to the added length. The P-Tab is in a better location for me also. Those little changes in configuration really add up.

Through 3 Eupho sessions I would have to give this device a solid “thumbs up”. Its configuration hits my p-spot the best of all my little white friends. I was wondering if it would feel different – in a good way – and this product delivered results immediately and keeps on giving.