Every session brings new things.
I have found myself becoming more horny as time goes on.
I passed through a period initially where all I could think about was my next session.
That seemed to tone down after a month or so.
Now into month five, I am again becoming obsessed more and more.
Last night was a high water mark with pro-ice. I was right on the doorstep to O land. Very awesome.
I quit that and put in the small peridise and went to sleep. I woke several times having mini ohs.
Today I was catching minis at work.
Trying to decide what tonight needs.
I also picked up a eupho T a few weeks ago. I might try that on.
There is always helix to consider….

What is going on

Hello. Let me start by saying that I have been trying prostate play with the aneros for about 2 years now. I have had the helix classic, I now own the helyx syn, the peridise and the progasm ice. I have not really had the super o or earth shaking orgasm everyone speaks of. It has felt ok at times, it has felt good at times even great at times. Never a hands free orgasm. Well last night I had a session that was a little different. It lasted a few hours. I started with my helix syn was super horny felt small pleasure waves pass through me on and off. But was not really getting to the next level. So I moved on to the progasm. Things did heat up a bit. It felt really good. I love the full feeling of the progasm. So to not make this long and drawn out. I was feeling amazing but not wow amazing. I wanted to cum so bad or to at least just have some kinda jump to a level I have never been. I just couldn’t quite get there. I was totally relaxed and in the moment of pleasure. So I advanced to my wife g spot vibrator. I get a really strong tickling on my prostate with that. Almost like I’m going to see but a little different. That feeling comes and goes. Mostly because to keep it I have to press harder. I’m afraid of doing damage so I have to just take it in 10 to 20 second bursts. Well last night I was trying to hold it there a little longer and with a little more pressure and also trying to slide it around at the same time. Well last night I was able for the first time to achevie something that I have never done before. I came every where but in actuality I came no where lol that sound s funny but I’ll will explain .
I got the I’m going to cum feeling followed by I’m going to pee feeling. I’m just lying there (Oh my preference for position is on back feet on ground knees up ). Loving this new feeling when all of a sudden after about maybe a no it’s or 2 of this feeling coming and going. I get really warm around the base of my cock. I get that feeling that I’m going to cum. you know feeling your thick cum start to pass on its journey through your pipes to get out. But almost at the point of when it would fly free it changed to that lighter feeling of just taking a good piss. Like what was coming out was more lighter more fluid like substance. I take a look down at my cock that feeling like it is just gushing something all over the place like a fire hose. But I only see a little dribble of white milky cum and a little trail of clear fluid. Well from the feeling I should have been soaking wet. But from what was there. There was nothing. After that passed I had to stop. I wanted to keep going but I needed my session. So my question is what was this. Has anyone had this feeling. I was completely flaccid as I usually am during my sessions. I sometimes get hard on and off. But 80% of the time I’m flaccid. Is this feeling the true start of what’s to come and should I push and try to power through it and keep going next time. Also is there any tips or tricks or other units that one would suggest that work better than what I have. I usually use about 30 mls of astroglide (water based) if I’m using the helix syn and 30 mils of astroglide ( silicone based) if I’m using the peridise or my orgasm ice. Is this enough lube. Also another thing I have noticed that happens is sometimes my ass gets that feeling that I have to shit so bad it contracts so hard almost to hold it in. But usually my ass will squeeze out alot of the lube. With the toy staying in me a few time it has pushed of the toy. So am I doing any thing wrong in any area are these all normal Things. Any feed back would be great.

A Meditation: “Thin Veils To Male Orgasmic Bliss”

While relaxing this morning and listening to a nice, soothing track on YouTube: “Chill Out Sensual Nights / The Best Of Lounge & Chill Out Music by Johnny M In The Mix”, I began to meditate on how our male sexuality often is “hidden” only behind “thin veils” (real or otherwise) and it started to became very clear to me. Let me explain…..


In spite of our “macho” appearance and persona, the key to male orgasmic pleasure often is hidden only behind a thin “veil”. Some examples will make this comparison more clear:

 My use of “chastity cups” or “cock cages” relies only on thin pieces of plastic that separates my hands from my male package, thus inhibiting me from masturbation and orgasmic release.

 Using a condom: It is only a thin piece of rubber, but my use of one during sex makes a world of difference. No matter how thin it is, there is always a loss of feeling. Us guys know that there is not supposed to be anything between our erect cocks and ultimate orgasmic pleasure during intercourse.

 When receiving a HJ from my wife: sometimes only the slightest “hint” of an erotic massage on my package can send me into a far-off orgasmic “orbit”.

 When performing an edging or “surfing” session, I want it to take a long time and use only the slightest pressure on my package.. Why? Because the arousal feelings seem to be magnified. Even slight “tapping” of my erect cock sometimes is too much to bear. The orgasmic ejaculation is intense.

My newest friends

Decided to revisit Tempo and Peridise recently. Feeling in the mood for some pleasure and action, decided to try the two again, previously with no real success. After an anal cleanse and prelube with coconut oil, inserted the Tempo and waited. After a few minutes began to get subtle twinges in my legs and back. Soon I could feel the head of the Tempo rubbing back and forth on my prostate generating lots of pleasurable feelings followed by dry Os in rapid succession! Never had experienced that before with Tempo! Body began shaking and felt like I was going to explode! Had to quit the session for the day.

Eupho Trident review! Kind of.

So I got my Eupho Trident back on Black Friday when Aneros did a 10% off sale on the new Trident line of toys. After the first use I immediately wanted to come write a review for you guys who maybe were hesitant to pull the trigger on a new Aneros toy.

But let me tell you boys, *God damn* I love this thing. Just a little preface information, I’ve been an Aneros user since about 2006, give or take. I started with the Helix classic, which was then just the regular Helix. Since then, I have added a Progasm classic, Helix syn, Eupho syn, Vice, and a set of Peridise to my toy chest, as well as numerous other non-Aneros toys. I don’t use the other Aneros toys much anymore, mostly because a toy that does everything by itself is, well, a lot easier to use than a toy where I do all the work and have to be in a certain mindset and doesn’t give me a prostate orgasm every time without fail.

But enough rambling, onto the toy itself. The first time that stuck out to me were the tabs on the toy. The tab on my Helix classic is firm, and in a session it typically rubs my perineum raw. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the tab on the Helix syn has way too much give and basically might as well not be there. The Eupho Trident strikes a very happy medium. The tabs on it have some give so they don’t rub me raw, but it’s firm enough to serve its purpose. It does an excellent job of keeping everything in place, and does it comfortably.

A few weeks into Aneros – just had an a-less orgasm during a regular masturbation session

Just had an interesting experience and wondered if anyone else had come across anything similar. I’ve been building up a nice little collection, helix syn, mgx classic and a twin pack of peridise. Had some nice feelings, a couple of intense HFWOs and some HFDOs so far. I’m fairly relaxed about prostate stuff, I’ve been enjoying p-spot massage as part of regular masturbation for quite a long time and I can cum just from that once I get going.

Decided to give my prostate a rest this morning and go for a standard masturbation session in the bath. Things were progressing nicely when I suddenly had a series of intense blasts of pre-cum accompanied by mini orgasms. That was when I realised my PC muscles were tensing as if I had an aneros inside.

I concentrated on the feeling and gave my PC muscles a squeeze and it built up until I had an intense prostate wet orgasm.

I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was strangely relaxing and very satisfying. Has anyone else had a similar awakening on their journey? Does it become a regular thing that happens (that would be mind blowing).

As I’m typing this I can feel my butt starting to twitch. Think there are some aftershocks on the way. Happy days.

An update

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I would write a little something. It’s been pretty busy this year, with limited time to use the Helix Syn, but I’ve taken the chance when I can. I’ve also tried to do more with the Peridise, and the last few weeks have been using it more.

As with the Helix, I’ve found that I can try to consciously manipulate it (contract/loosen) and it’s very nice, but that I can go to a next level if I can just relax, do some deep breathing, etc. As with the Helix Syn, I find it helps to just read something (non-erotic) for a few minutes just to avoid focusing on what’s going on down there and generally relax. Then deep breathing coupled with conscious relaxation.. or at least avoiding of any conscious contraction as much as possible.. yields really good results. (“Mindful Anerosing” as @BigGlansDC says.)

An interesting thing about the Peridise is, if I have some time and patience, it makes me hard. I usually don’t have a erection when using the Helix Syn, but lately as I’ve gotten used to the Peridise, it’s giving me erections for a lot of the time, and I’m also more likely to have some fluid leakage.

Traces of blood on Aneros Peridise

I’ve been using the Aneros prostate massager for a long time and I haven’t got any issues with it.

Recently I bought an Aneros Peridise (the anal massager) and it was my third time using that product. I never had any experience with the Peridise but I had a great time with it. After two hours, I removed the Peridise to only realise that there are traces of blood smeared across the massager.

Look I’m so worried about this as it’s already midnight and the nearest emergency hospital is 30 minutes away (also I have anxiety so I can’t stop thinking about this).

I wiped my butt twice. The first time there’s blood. Not much but it is thinly spread across the tissue like it’s your third time wiping after pooping. The second wipe doesn’t have any blood on it.

Should I be worried about this? I don’t feel any pain around my anal region at the moment. I never bled before when I used the prostate massager.

Pleasantly Surprised

Well, this is a whole new world! My journey began last week when I ordered this for my husband. But really the journey back to being VERY hot and bothered began in December when I received the pellet! I have been married to the love of my life for 27 years we have 4 children and have always had great sex. My husband is a master at pleasing me and takes great care to make sure I am always first to orgasm……. as many times as I can, usually 2 times and sometimes 3. We have always been into each other and he treats me like a Queen!
Ok…. about the pellet and why? The pellet is bioidentcal hormones that is instered under the skin in the buttocks. I had a radical hysterectomy when I was 39 bc of a tumor. Anyway long story short, I was working out, taking care of kids, yada yada, and I was just tired, couldn’t lose the 20 lbs since the surgery and so I went and of course I had no testosterone and so the doc gave me the pellet………. 2 weeks later and I was a new women!!! Our weekly sex was now me calling him and begging him to “do” me EVERYDAY!! He is a happy man! I noticed it was like I was 22 newly wed, except this is SO much better! The weight came off right away and I have so much energy.
I had my second pellet injection first of March and this time I am off the charts, wanting sex and stimulation all the time! I told my husband “no wonder men always think about sex, now I understand.” To be honest it made me feel bad for the times I was too tired or had a “headache.”
So last week, as I am thinking about my husband all the time and how I can please him. And BTW he is very well endowed, he is 6’5 and still looks awesome at 49 weighing around 125. I come across this device and I ordered it…… I told my husband and he seemed somewhat interested. Sadly I have never fingered him in his ass, but he gets off to fingering me during orgasm and I LOVE IT! So as I read I became more excited to give him something that he would love. He didn’t seem too receptive and then he showed me his hemmroids. I knew he had them but he kinda ignored them and I think the thought of that device touching there made him nervous. So I decided to find out how to heal them so that I could have the pleasure of seeing, hearing and expericing his pleasure. I found out the peridise was perfect for hemmroids, so I quickly overnighted those.
On Friday when the helix came I thought, well I’ll try it and see if it hurts me? Nope, a little lube put it in and took a bath……..o.my.goodness, I was like “this is for men!?!?!?!” Yet, it feels soooo good! My husband was spending time with one of our sons and my daughter was ocuppied. I quickly got into bed and read the forum and just experienced the pleasure. When my husband came into check on me he could tell I wanted him bad…… he quickly took me to our large master bedroom closet (when you have lots of kids you have to find the place where they cannot hear you scream with delight!) laid me down with the helix inside me and licked my wet pussy till I came….. I didn’t have a super O but it was pure joy and then he rode me in my pussy till he came. I couldn’t wait to try “his toy” again. The next morning……. to be continued…..