Wait … so can my prostate massager (not aneros, nor shaped like them) help me achieve these Super Os??

So I’ve been playing with a vibrating prostate massager — looks like [this](https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Electronic-Relaxation-Massaging-Waterproof/dp/B07QD6YR41/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=prostate+massager&qid=1561702108&s=gateway&sr=8-4). I usually watch porn, sitting on a towel over my chair, turn on the vibration, insert and jack off. Definitely a great feeling when I bust my nut.

BUT you guys are talking about a **whole** **different** **experience** — more relaxed experience, hands free, usually with a thinner, non-vibrating device — that slowly builds up to a non-ejaculating orgasm that potential comes in waves. And this requiring practice and patience.

I definitely want to try this but before I buy one of these Aneros models or Peridise, I wonder if I can just use my existing toy but in the recommended manner of lying down, focusing on sensation, and turning off the vibration.

I figure both are designed to hit the p spot, right? I know the Aneros devices are meant to work on their own with only the aid of your anal muscles. But is there a reason that my toy can’t do that same thing or is there a specific design element to the Aneros toys that makes it different.


Peridise – I finally get it.

Like, *fuck.* I have no issues with having prostate orgasms with my other aneros toys. I’ve even had a couple with no toys, but I definitely prefer to have the toys. But, I digress.

I was bored, surfing porn on Reddit on my couch. I don’t like toys while sitting, but decided to get the peridise because it doesn’t have the tabs. Popped it in, sat back down and went back to porn.

After about 15 minutes, my body started auto-fucking me with the toy. Felt *really* good. I was surprised! I’ve never had much success with it before. Another 10 minutes or so, and I decide it’s time to go lie down and play this proper.

So I get relaxed, on my side, and the auto-fucking doubles down on me. I feel like someone is jerking off my entire spinal cord. Like, *fuck*, you guys. I love my aneros sessions, but this was so alien to me. Similar, but also so different. My cock started throbbing through the auto-fucking, my calves quivering, and I swear it was steady going for like, 12 minutes solid.

It wasn’t like a prostate orgasm, where they can layer over each other, weave in and out and do fancy tricks. This was one thing, long, and fairly linear. I don’t honestly know if this can layer, how this works.

But holy fuck, I cannot *wait* to explore this even deeper.

Helix did less than peridise for me now

i not sure whether the constant reliance on my wife manual prostate massage has conditioned my prostate to be more aware of her finger instead of my helix. My last 2 helix session were pretty much.. boring. no super-o like what i used to have. A few mini-o and i am done.
My revisit to peridise is another different story. While peridise started less interesting in the beginning, i could have a few superO from it in a single session. Not really sure why.. suspect additional anal pleasure from the peridise helped to bring me to the super O.

Unable to get Involuntary contractions with toy?

I got my Aneros Classic back in August, and have tried the Peridise as well as Trident Maximus since then, and with any of the three toys, I have tried Relaxing and doing nothing, Light constant contractions, medium constant contractions, and heavy constant contractions, as well as contracting for a few minutes then relaxing, but using any of these, I get no involuntary contractions.

Recently I have been getting something that I think might be similar to them however, but they never occur when a toy is in, they occur when I am trying to go to sleep, and are like a twitching/vibrating of the anus.

Is there anything I can try to get these contractions to happen with a toy?

The typical Aneros question; Helix or Eupho?

Hello everyone, I’m going to purchase an Aneros Peridise, along with one of this two prostatic stimulators: The Helix Syn or the Eupho Syn. Important: I’m not willing to purchase the two toys, just one of them. Buying the Helix and then the Eupho would mean investing almost 140€ in toys, and my idea is to buy and use just one of them.

I’ve read the Eupho Syn is more enjoyable as it moves more in the rectum, and may provide greater stimulation. However, the Helix is always recommended as a first toy, and I’ve never bought an Aneros toy. I’ve had small anal plugs, but that’s all, nothing prostatic specific.

The Aneros Eupho Syn is actually 15€ cheaper than the Helix Syn on the on-line store I’m going to purchase it, 55€ the Eupho Syn Vs 70€ the Helix Syn.

I’m going to get the Eupho along with the Periside (which is actually very cheap), unless some of you insist me on getting the Helix.

My anal canal is pretty tight, but I’m afraid the Eupho will be too thin to notice it, or not point properly towards the prostate.

For those recommending the Helix over the Eupho, please list the reasons. Same for the people who will recommend the Eupho over the Helix.

Finally: Is it true that the Eupho is only for experienced people? Will I be able to learn only with the Eupho?

Too Much Bladder Pressure?

Started out with usual routine prep time, with a little extra bit of flex training to try and tire out the muscles beforehand. They were definitely a bit fatigued when starting up with the Peridise. It went in smoothly up to the last nub again, which rested half in and half out, like previous times. Once I had stopped conscious contractions of my anal muscles, there were a few bouts of involuntary ones, and some interesting movements.

However, in this round of “do nothing,” I was interesting in trying to figure out if I needed to have the device in deeper for it to have its full effect. So with a gentle nudge, it went into my anus up to the hilt, with the tabs nuzzled against my outer anus. A few contractions to make sure it stayed there, then I went back to doing nothing, for the most part. For the first half hour, I could feel increased blood flow / my heartbeat in my anus and behind my testicles. There wasn’t really much else going on, aside from the occasional involuntary movement of the device inside me. After about 40 minutes, a gradual feeling of needing to urinate started. Over the next 10 minutes, it got to the point where I really felt like I needed to urinate, even though I did so before starting the session. I tried to breathe through it, but it eventually got to the point where the hour was up, and I had to pee. Walking with the device in was interesting, as was trying to pee with it inside me.

Slow and Steady

Started out with warm, relax, flex, lube as usual. My anus was really enjoying my finger being in there for lubing purposes, so the Peridise went in smoothly. Stayed on my back a little while, doing deep breathing techniques and some gentle anal flexing to get the device into place. Again, it got up to the last bulb, half in and half out of my anus. Decided to keep it there, but did a few more extra gentle contractions while on my back to see if it would go in any further. The movement of the device inside my anus felt good, but it remained in the same position. Was tempted to stay on my back, but rolled onto my right side, as I’ve been having luck with that position lately.

This time with the “do nothing” approach, some slight movements stimulated my scrotum into pulling my testicles much closer to my body, which felt good. Worked on some half-contractions to try and tire my anal muscles out; a poster on the forums mentioned doing this to exhaust the muscles and tricking them into involuntaries. Although I never reached the exhaustion point, the conscious movements felt sweet moving around inside my anus, and there were occasional involuntary spasms that sent shivers through my groin area. These were few and far between, but when they happened, they were nice. Precum was steadily leaking out of the tip of my penis, and the pressure on my prostate wasn’t the same as last session, but it was a little more gradual of a build. Will try to get the Peridise all the way in to the hilt next time, to see if this makes a difference in how it works inside me.

Calm Blue Ocean

Started out with what is the usual routine now – warm, relax, flex, lube. Getting the Peridise in place was easy, as my body has been craving it all day. At certain times earlier, I could feel an almost purring or thrumming inside the space between the base of my scrotum and my anus. Could be my prostate? Hard to know. It was a subtle vibration, in some ways, and it felt good. When my body pulled the device in on its own accord, it took it in up to the last bulb, where the last nub stayed half in, half out of my anus. Gentle contractions didn’t pull it in any more than that, so I decided to keep it in that position unless my body pulled it in further.

Again tried the “do nothing” approach. I didn’t get the same sweet feeling inside my anal / prostate / scrotum region, but in relaxing, I could feel my body sometimes making involuntary movements with the device. I could feel it gently moving a bit here and there, and it felt good. As I let my body relax throughout the session, even though the device wasn’t moving much (at least consciously?), I felt a gradual increase of pressure on my prostate. It engorged with seminal fluid, and I could feel the pressure building inside. Mostly my penis remained flaccid, but with that pressure, more precum started leaking out the tip. At times, I was incredibly tempted to start conscious muscle contractions, but fought the idea away and tried to stay relaxed. The mounting pressure in my prostate was amazing, and it was craving release. At the end of the session, my body reluctantly gave up the Peridise, and released a significant amount of precum throughout.

Extended Practice Time

Warmed up the room, used low light to encourage relaxation, and got everything I needed for a session laid out. After some relaxation breathing, anal muscle flexing, and setting up some calm background music, I was ready and eager to start.

My body eagerly took in the device, much like last time. Although I started on my back to let my anus pull the device all the way in, I soon rolled onto my right side to try out the traditional Aneros position – lower leg straight, upper leg towards chest – as last time it provided nice sensations. The last bulb was again right on the cusp of bring out and in, so this time I gently nudged it all the way in to the hilt.

Following some advice on an archived post on the forums, I tried a “newbie do nothing” approach at first to see where it would take me. According to the post, the first half hour was to let my body and mind relax, and forget the Peridise was even inside me. The music and breathing exercise helped me calm, and for the most part I could barely feel the device. After around fifteen minutes of not much of anything, I could feel something going on in my inner anus, behind my testicles, and very slightly on the underside of my scrotum. It’s hard to describe; it was like a very vague, gentle throb that was accompanied by sweet feelings centered around that whole area. It lasted around a minute or so, then subsided. I kept trying to stay relaxed, and after five or so more minutes, it happened again, for about the same duration. Around ten minutes after that, it happened again, but for a very slightly longer duration. It felt great, and at no point did I get an erection, but my scrotum definitely reacted, by pulling my testicles closer to my body and getting stiffer on the surface.