“Some Reflections On NoFap”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I kind of backed-into this “NoFap*” thing by wanting to extend my semen retention run (SR) and eliminate the dreaded “blue-balls”. I also wanted to experience another wet dream. It all seems to be working. Let me explain…..

Semen Retention
I am currently at Day 11 of SR and not feeling any blue balls. Yes, I should have had them by now and that usually meant that I would have a strong need to ejaculate. I am getting close to that time (Day 12) when I experienced my last wet dream and I am looking forward to another one any day now.

NoFap Technique (So-called Hard Mode or “Monkmode” (No PMO, no sex, no stimulating media at all. That generally means cutting out all social media, most tv, movies, video games, whatever else might convey sexualized or suggestive material)).

There are a couple of things which I am doing differently in NoFap that I haven’t done before. They include the PMO* rules:
• No porn. This is a critical component of NoFap PMO*. Absolutely no viewing, “teasing”, “sneaking” or even thinking about porn is allowed at any time.
• No masturbation (including edging) at any time. This one is harder than it looks. It includes NO TOUCHING (except for normal hygiene). For me, this also includes any form of touching my cock/balls/package through my jeans. While showering, it includes no playing-around with the slippery soap “down-there”. Anything that can cause me to precum may induce blue-balls and trigger masturbation and ejaculation and so it should be avoided.
• No orgasm (except for a wet dream). This is a TO (usually caused by masturbation).

“Does Anticipation of a Session Make For a Better Session?”

I had a nice session with Helix Trident yesterday. Slept in my Safe-T-Gard Cage Cup overnight; I am now in Day 7 of SR. Lying in bed early this morning (about 5 AM) I began to contemplate a short session using my HIH 950.

In my mind, I was going ‘through-the-motions’ of prep: lube, insertion, relaxation and almost was ready to advance. In my mind, I could ‘feel’ the massager begin to work on my prostate. I ‘felt’ the soft but compelling glides of the slippery tool against my aching gland. Then, I ignored the whole idea. Why?….

Better Next Time?
I discovered that by building-up the anticipated Aneros session in my brain (I almost accomplished it) I was already on a path to prostate pleasure. It’s a little bit like anticipating an ejaculation through edging. But the edging never happened. Likewise, the prostate massage never happened. Yes, I was disappointed. But the anticipation caused a ‘rush’ in my arousal that is hard to describe. I can now feel a gentle ‘pulsing’ in my prostate, almost asking me: “When next?”

As I entered this blog post, I am performing nice, gentle PC contractions and definitely starting to feel it in my prostate. Perhaps it will reward me with another great real session sometime? Touche’.

PS I can’t liken this inaction to a form of chastity . The anticipated session was real from the start. So I never anticipated that it wouldn’t happen. In chastity, you know that you are always denied the pleasure. This ‘mind-game’ is worthy (IMO) of further inspection.

“A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….”

[Thanks to the ‘Star Wars’ opening crawl (and to George Lucas and Dan Perri) for the title of this blog post]

According to my blog posts, it has been 11 days since my last session. Why did I wait so long? Well, for one thing, I believe it is the same reason that I practice semen retention (SR). That period of abstinence only makes the sexual event more special, more powerful. Just as withholding ejaculations can make them more potent, withholding Aneros sessions (I believe) can make them better and stronger. Was that the case for this morning’s session? Let me describe the session…..

I selected the HIH 950 for this session, because I really wanted a “therapeutic” prostate massage session. I want to keep my prostate healthy and help with BPH symptoms too. Of course, I knew in advance how the massager would feel pressing against my prostate, but since it has been so long, the anticipation of that feeling became exquisitely erotic. I couldn’t wait. So I lubed-up the 950 with SSG and inserted it quite deeply, making sure that the perineum-tab was pressing firmly against my perineum. I went to lie-down and relax.

“Precum Pump!”

[Inspired by @Pasttime]

About a week since last session. Home alone this afternoon (with the dog). Good night too; rare but I didn’t sleep in a cup! Quite aroused this morning and somewhat throughout the day. I took advantage of the time with a short session. I selected the HIH 950. Little did I know what was in store for me! Let me explain…..

I lubed-up with SSG and (not wearing a cup) started the session on my side, with left leg up. It wasn’t too long, however, that I began to experience some serious auto-f&*( contractions which I could not stop. After about 3 or 4 “pumps” I reacted somewhat violently on the bed, along with a shout-out. Things settled-down for only a short while, then started-up all over again. I tried different positions for my legs and the auto-f&*( ing continued unabated. In fact, some positions were even more stimulating on my prostate. Perhaps a different part of it was affected.

To quote @Pasttime (in the shower): Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

This went on for a while; with every f&*( I could feel the P-tab on the 950 pressing and stimulating my perineum/prostate and that just re-energized the f&*( some more! When would it stop? At the last Pow! of every ‘pumping cycle’, I felt an intense contraction in my cock and before I realized it, I had a stream of precum oozing out and down.

“Going For Broke”

Well, I made it to Day 8 of SR. No sign of blue-balls yet. I slept in my SD “chastity cup” overnight and experienced several stimulating erections, feeling close to the PONR. This morning, I had an urge and every intention to end this “run” by putting-on a condom, my Duke swimmer’s jock and then lie-down and listen to a nice MB assist binaural track on YT. I would be sure to ejaculate with this erotic mix. I put-on the jockstrap but nixed the other ingredients. Yes, I could experience a great EJ, but there is a satisfaction in the mysterious absence of orgasm at this time. Going through the day knowing that it has been 8 days since I last ejaculated builds-up the anticipation to a greater level. Barring the blue-balls, I should make it!


PS I thought about a short session with the HIH 950 this morning, but in my current “condition” I felt that would be too tempting for a Super-T! I’ll hold-off on that session for now.

PS In general, IMHO, any SR days in excess of 7 can yield wonderful, delicious results. Somehow, the mind is aware that an ejaculation can be imminent, and I will be constantly “reminded” throughout the coming days. That means more spontaneous erections, leakage, Aless prostate pulses and horniness. Oh yeah!….


“HIH 950 To The Rescue!”

I had a couple of good sessions during the last two nights. Yesterday, I had a fairly-good 25-minute session with Eupho Classic. Nothing to write home about, but still okay.

Last night, I had a rather lackluster session with Helix Trident. I have experienced this before, but I honestly expected “more” from it. I guess I was wrong; my expectations were just too high. Following this session, I experienced a “pseudo-refractory” period of a couple of hours and I thought that was all Aneros had in store for me today. I was wrong!

I found myself alone in the house (with my dog) for at least a few hours this morning and so I decided, why not another session? I was in Day 8 of semen retention, feeling quite horny, but not yet ready to ejaculate.

Somehow, I got the urge to have a session with the HIH 950. I lubed-up with SSG and began. Almost immediately, the 950 “hit” just the right spot on my prostate and I seemed to fall-into a realistic, compelling fantasy…..

“This Is Why There Are Different Aneros Models!”

Back-to-back sessions from last night to this morning. I was still “feeling it” at Day 7 of SR and decided on another session. Somehow, I KNEW that my prostate wanted the MGX! So I quickly lubed-up with SSG and started.

The MGX is designed differently from the Helix; it has a different profile and also the ribbed stem which facilitates anal stimulation. Both work to give an amazing ride! I felt p-waves almost from the beginning and, like yesterday’s session with the Helix Trident, I felt “more” when I re-positioned myself in bed. I began to switch from light kegsls to some deep contractions and everything felt amazing!

How long did this session last? Not sure but probably in the order of 30 minutes. Since I’m already at Day 7, I’m hoping that these back-to-back sessions will propel me to Day 10 or beyond!


Directly from the Aneros website: “Aneros prostate massagers might look very similar but each one has been designed to produce exciting and different effects.”

Yes, this is why I currently have five Aneros models: SGX Classic, MGX Classic, Helix Trident, Eupho Classic and HIH 950. And I intend to keep all of them! Since each one has its own “signature”, there is really no reason to “favor” one over another! But I recommend letting your prostate “tell” you which one it wants! Your brain will tell the difference and will reward you with success in your sessions! Touche’.

“Day 9 and Rolling!”

[Thanks to @darkbond for the inspiration and positive success!]

I reached Day 6 of SR and began to think: will I need to ejaculate soon due to blue-balls? I read a post from @darkbond recently giving a “Cool Draw” breathing technique for control of blue balls. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.

Well, three days later I am now at Day 9 with absolutely no hint of blue-balls! I have been performing the “Cool Draw” technique every day and it seems to be keeping the blue-balls at bay! I hope that it will continue to work.


Here is some additional information I got from Reddit on this subject:

“A Technique for Aiding Unwanted Erections, Blue Balls and Wet Dreams”

“I have mentioned this before, I hope some find this useful.

Upon pressure in testicles (blue balls) or unwanted erections, perform technique right away. For wet dream prevention, perform everyday before bed.

Sit down and sit up straight, spine straight, do not lie down. Suck in your gut as hard as you can while simultaneously breathing out. Suck in abs, exhale, do this forcefully. Let go and inhale, relax abdomen and then repeat, suck in abdomen and exhale forcefully. Hold the hollow position of sucking in the gut and hold the breath exhaled for as long as you can in between cycles. Visualize energy going from below the waist, to up higher in the spine.

“Horny and Desperate”

I was online reading and watching videos about guys locked-up in chastity cages and one phrase that caught my attention was “horny and desperate”. It seemed that this guy was locked-in his cock cage and he was not the keyholder. He had an erection inside his cage and wanted to ejaculate so desperately. He tried and tried stroking and masturbating his cage but was unsuccessful. He became very frustrated to say the least!

I decided to sleep in my XO cup overnight. Since I am now at Day 7 of semen retention (SR), I am feeling more frustrated that I have not yet ejaculated. I had a very strong erection within the cup overnight and was squirming-around on the bed close to the PONR. I guess you could say that I too was desperate for an ejaculation, sort-of like a wet-dream. But it was not to be and I became very frustrated.

I went to lie-down on my sofa and started to listen to some erotic chillout mixes. Very nice indeed! I changed from my XO cup to my ARMR all-cotton jockstrap. This strap is very tight and supportive and has a wide, 3” waistband. So it feels very good. It also has a cup pouch. Sure enough, I began to fondle my package beneath the pouch and, secretly, I wanted to ejaculate. But the frustration came back when the cup found its way into the pouch! I became more desperate by the minute!

“SGX Classic: It’s An Anal Thing!”

I decided to have a session early this morning with the SGX. This model I believe is no longer available on the Aneros site. I do like it’s smaller size and its performance. Let me explain…..

I lubed-up and started the session. Because the SGX (and the MGX) have a ribbed, tapered stem, these Aneros models stimulate not only the prostate, but the anus. This morning’s session began with some anal “quivering” that was unmistakable. Sort-of like an auto-f**k but concentrated in the anus. And those anal quivers get re-directed up to the prostate through the body of the SGX. What a potent pairing! For a while, I really felt like I was either on the way to a Super-O or a HFWO! There was absolutely no discomfort from either the body, the stem or the P-tab on this massager. I could probably have continued the session for much longer than the actual 25 minutes.

I never discount the size of any of the Aneros prostate massagers. My favorite (and go-to) one now is the HIH 950 which is deceptively small. But don’t let it’s small size fool you! It is quite a capable performer! Next in line is the SGX; designed differently so it stimulates more than just the prostate. As I have noted before, all of the Aneros massagers have their own “signature” —- some provide more (and deeper) direct stimulation of the prostate while others (like the SGX and MGX) also work their magic on the anus. Whatever your preference, there will be an Aneros that will carry you to orgasmic bliss!