Extraordinary evening for a newbie

I am a newbie, posted here earlier. Just received my first Aneros . Had a bit of a play yesterday but tonight – OMG.

Wanted to share for feedback, see if anyone else has gone through this rite of passage (pun intended!)/

So something happened tonight. Mild involuntary anal contractions lead to massive body shaking originating from the groin and pelvis area. If anyone had saw me, they might have thought I was possessed. Serious shakes.

Although I allowed plenty of time, I had to cut short as people were due back in the house.

Although it was a wonderful experience, I am not sure I had an orgasm of any kind. My cock was not erect at any point, no ejaculation. The shakes caused my cock to repeatedly slap my abdomen.

I had cum earlier during the day, I did wonder what might have happened if I had not. If I had no time pressures, I would have continued to see what would happen next. I did not want to stop.

I can’t wait to try again.

First timer – yoga?

Hi everyone. I am a first timer, my first Aneros arrived yesterday. Typical first timer, not much happened first time, I am aware I need to be patient and experiment. Great to see so many posts and guides.

However, I did get some quite nice sensations when taking a few steps with it inside me and also when walking up some stairs. I have decided to try some yoga moves with it next as I wonder what sensations that might produce. If anyone has tried anything similar, please share any findings.

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high, horny & anally stimulated

I forgot the last time I came but I think it was about a week and a half ago. I smoked a huge bowl a while ago and slipped in an Aneros. Now I’m laying on the bed writhing in frustrated bliss. I’ve had several non-ejaculatory orgasms and a few Super O’s but I want to cum really bad. Each dry orgasm feels amazing but it also just ramps up my desire as well. This is the most exquisite, maddening type edging. As much as I wanna stroke my cock until I shoot a load, I’m also feeling the desire to go into denial for as long as it takes to shoot from anal only. What do you all think I should do?

Not quite sure what happened..hips rotating (21 male gay)

I have had my aneros (a Progasm) for a few months now, but kind of went off it as I found that when I used it my sessions wouldn’t really go anywhere. However, lately I decided to give it another try, as I had been craving the feeling of it inside me, the point of lying in bed at night and performing random voluntary contractions to remind me of the stimulation of it.

I lubed it up with Boy Butter and inserted it slowly, after teasing my hole with the end of it for a few minutes. Now in general, I would say that I had a good session, but there weren’t any dry orgasms or hfwo. There was a distinct moment where I was watching this gay porno, getting so turned on, that felt like I needed to contract really hard on it, and moving my hips in a circulator motion. There was excitement and definitely some precum, but it wasn’t amounting to anything concret like a dry orgasm or a super orgasm. My main goal is not actually to have a super orgasm, but dry orgasms. There’s a great porn hub video of a guy achieving 36 orgasms and moaning in ecstasy, while he is on all fours and in various different positions. I want the aneros to consume my hole and rewire my brain into craving a new form of sexual ecstasy. I stayed relaxed in the session and focused on thoughts of sex and the videos I was watching, as well as imagining the device inside me – that seemed to be quite a turn on. But I didn’t get anything concrete. I even touched my nipples. It was a good session but I’d love some advice as to how I could maybe have gone further. Also, as a rule, do you avoid taking it out and then putting it back in again? And, lastly, the position of knelling by the bed and arching my body over it appeared to work quite well but I was worried about the device falling out, and my head was not comfortable – I wasn’t sure where to put it essentially. Are there any tips for that position/people who do it that way?

The High Island Health 950 has been rocking my world!

Why doesn’t Aneros sell this model!?

Ok so for anyone that doesn’t know, High Island Health is the sister/parent company of Aneros. They only make 2 prostate massagers which are both shorter than any Aneros model.

Well a week ago I decided that I would buy the 950 since I had heard great reviews about it, and I have long suspected that my prostate is closer to my anus than most Aneros toys are designed for. And holy hell this toy has completely changed the game for me. I feel like I’ve gone from constantly feeling like I was right on the edge of orgasm to constantly being in a state of orgasm. No joke. My body is doing things I’ve never experienced before. I’m writhing in pleasure most of the time and my hips are bucking like crazy. And it hardly seems to matter what position I’m in. In fact, during my 2nd session with it I got the craziest urge to change positions from my side to being in all fours like if I was in missionary position, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have crazy strong orgasms as soon as I switched. I’ve never felt the urge to fully change positions before but it was like my body was telling me what to do.

Any good experiencies in the shower?

I usually have success in a bath tub but have never thought of under a shower, but have been considering. My goal is to insert Aneros and micro dose some weed, then have a relaxing hot long shower and see what happens next

Where to go from here?

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Aneros Helix Syn and MGX syn for a couple of months, I usually get what I’m guessing would be p-waves in the first 30 mins, something like a warm full body fuzzy feeling, like “ooh this feels nice, lets stay here for a while” with involuntaries coming afterwards.

Two questions though, I’m not physically feeling the prostate contact with either toy, is this normal or would a size change help?

Secondly would be, involuntaries themselves aren’t that pleasurable, feeling like muscle contractions that seem more like a distraction from the wave’s feelings. After a while they peter out and that’s pretty much the end of the session.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Cried during last night’s session

Aneros Helix.

The session before last night’s, my moans became yells for the first time. Last night, the pleasure was just at such a high, constant boiling point that I kept switching between crying, laughing and moaning. Seconds before another orgasm hit, my face would either contort downwards into a cry or contort upwards into the biggest smiles I’ve ever given… then I would transition into an O face, back to tears/smiling, back to a stronger orgasm, repeat.

My thoughts were simply “I’m so happy!”.

All of this was way beyond anything I could control. I’m in near disbelief. I can no longer imagine what the next level of intensity is. It’s just beyond my comprehension now. Oh my god.

Partner play?

I’ve been thinking about joining the Aneros world, but many of the posts I’ve read this morning seem to cover solo play.
Do they provide any benefit in missionary, male/female sex?

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