3rd time Aneros update, tips needed

So I have an Aneros, I’ll have to look for the model. But throughout the day today, THINKING about using it really got me aroused in the prostate area, like quiver, clutching my knees together.

But when I got home and used it, I was on my back knees bent and I could only feel subtle waves of that sensation. I tried a different position and it felt good kinda lost it. I couldn’t get past that tingling/stretched sensation on my hole🙄 any help?

Kind of specific question

I was wondering how a purchase from the aneros appears on a bank statement? My very conservative father has access to my bank account so Id rather not have him look into the purchase. Any tips on how to keep the purchase as discreet as possible

Aneros Helix Trident vs Helix Syn (or some other model) to supplement Progasm

I have a Progasm but it isn’t quite doing the job. I am thinking about getting a Helix Trident.

What are the differences between the Helix Trident over the Helix Syn? Is it just the flexibility and softer surface?

I am comfortable with the size and firmness of the Progasm. Am I wasting money getting a Helix?

What other model might be better?

So many models? Which to choose?

Hello all new to this sub! Have recently bought a massager off amazon and while it did feel amazing I don’t think it quite hit the spot. I began looking further into proper toys and aneros popped up.

I can’t even list all the models I have tried to compare. I believe I would prefer silicone. With the ability to use with my partner and not feel poked by stiff abs plastic?

Trident ? MGX syn trident? Helix syn trident ? Which is great for beginner – intermediate. Something that can be easily approached for a beginner and used for intermediate level after?

So overwhelmed. Help? Where is best to order from as well?

Pleasure when sitting.

I am a newbie to Aneros 2 months down the line,no earthshaking orgasms as yet but i have found the experience very sensual and erotic ,i wonder if other people have experienced this, when i am sitting down sometimes i have very pleasurable feelings coming from my perineum area,is this part of the re-wiring process.

Not getting results, please read, need some help

Pretty much every post here is positive, or is just series of instructions that wont work for everyone. All the “craziest orgasm of my life” posts seem to have some element of luck, and more often have had some form of anal play. These people usually achieve the super o in a very short period of time and they really dont say anything specific that has helped me. I have read countless articles here and on the forum and it seems like there is no silver bullet. I get strong involuntaries that can feel nice but its rare to feel any sort of pleasure for more then a second.

All this talk about letting go of expectations was helpful and I have made headway, but after a certain point you gotta ask yourself, is this actually getting better or are am I just telling myself it is? There is definitely some kind rewiring definitely going on, and I see some kind of potential, but standard penile pleasure is still better by far.

I have tried abstaining from the aneros which has helped before, but I just had almost a week off and had a dull session. I have tried not masturbating for extended periods and honestly it doesnt help, I think I get closer when I have been mastubating more often to be honest because of a higher baseline libido. When I go without ejaculatory orgasms my libido drops noticeably.


So I just bought my Aneros HelixSyn (?) I believe lol, and used it yesterday. Felt really good but I felt kind of sore down there afterwards. I still have that feeling this morning and was wondering how long this’ll last.