I finally struck gold.

I post this in equal parts to pay it forward, hoping that my account might help someone else who’s still trying to figure this stuff out as I’ve been helped by so many posts here, and to assure myself that it actually happened.

I started my adventure in August this year with the purchase of Helix Syn. I was a complete newbie with no prior experience but for a few years I’d had the itch to try Aneros. Eventually I had to pull the trigger on it because it became apparent that it wasn’t something that would go away if I ignored it.

My first session wasn’t anything to speak of. I did feel something but I wasn’t sure what and if I hadn’t imagined it. To put it short, I was flying blind. Frustration began to mount and on a whim I ordered the Progasm. I was looking for anything that would give me direction. And boy, did it ever.

Its prodigious size was astoundingly helpful. Whereas with the Helix I was fumbling around, unsure what I should be doing, with the Progasm it was basically impossible to “miss”. Any muscle contraction would result in my prostate getting worked which pointed me to the exact sensations I should look for and showed me what movements were required.

Needing To scream

Good Morning,

Vers here who is the current top in my relationship. I haven’t bottomed since we started dating and I feel like bottoming today for my aneros. Any tips and tricks on how it can make me scream and moan ?

Thank you !

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Bought the Helix Syn V

I took the plunge. I bought it. I been in this Aneros journey since 2014. I have the Helix Trident, Helix Syn Trident, Progasm and Progasm Jr. Now I added the Helix Syn V to my collection. I’ve had light pleasure waves that built up to a dry orgasm. Nothing too crazy but pleasureable none the less. This happened a couple months ago with the Progasm and smoking weed. Weed helps a lot. I will use this in a couple days when I reach 5 days of abstaining from orgasm. I will smoke weed, have poppers handy and use the Helix Syn V. I hope this takes me to the promise land of the Super O. I will report back on Monday.

How to get over this bump in the road

Been using aneros for a year or two. I keep getting to a point where there’s a huge build up of pressure in my dick. After about two hours, it Feels like it’s going to explode. After awhile I get frustrated and go to the bathroom which ends the session. The other day I tried pushing it out and I just pissed everywhere XD. Any suggestions on what to do next? Obviously sit back and enjoy, keep practicing. But I wonder if I’m missing something

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Aneros and Adderall

Anyone ever try a session or anal play while on adderall? When I take a high amount I get extremely horny and only for butt/prostate play, not regular sex. For 10 years now all my sessions have been on addy, anyone else?

New to Prostate Play, is this a good sign?

So I’m really new to prostate play, I ended up getting the Helix Syn V (Which funnily enough, I prefer not using the vibration setting, or at least a really low setting.)

Something I learned when I started using the Syn V is that for a long time I had been using my PC muscles while masturbating unintentionally, I guess I just noticed it felt better when I was flexing like that? So I guess my PC muscles are pretty strong for someone new to prostate play.

Well to get to the point, I’ve been using the aneros daily for the past week (going to take a few days break since I’ve heard that helps), and for the most part haven’t really gotten any strong feelings or anything (Except for one thing I’ll get to later). Now, I kind of expected that and I’m not trying to rush things, I guess I just wanted to figure out what I’m supposed to be feeling.

I’ve read A LOT of wiki entries, different user’s guides and stuff on how to use the aneros in general which have helped.

Only getting HFWO looking for insight long post

Like the title says. I’ve been at this for like 10 years and only have had hands free wet orgasms that end the session.

I’ve used various aneros toys, the Njoy pure wand, dildos, plugs, and various other objects. So im well versed. Seems odd to say if I think back to shaking with anticipation and wonder the first time i used an anal toy.

Im straight so I took a bit getting past the stupid certain stigmas as a young adult. Im comfortable with my exploration now and respect everyone’s choices, so things have been a lot better since my mind is free and clear. Pot helps.

I’ve always been chasing a feeling I had when I first learned what my penis does. I didn’t cum. I was humping a stuffed animal straddling it (like I’d seen in adult movies on cinemax). I got really strong butterflies and warmth in my belly, pelvis, and anus. The feelings grew into tingling in my crotch and buttcheeks and before I knew it my chode, anus, and my buttcheeks started shuddering with pleasure. It was so good my muscles would give for fractions of seconds, and my whole body was warm and tingling. Rock hard erection but didn’t cum.

I’ve only got close to that ONCE since. I was just relaxing, breathing, and lightly playing with the rim of my ass. The same feelings started but I got distracted when someone came home.

First model

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here and I was curious about your opinion.

I’ve been doing kegel exercises for more than a year. I’ve already achieved multiple prostate orgasms through conscious contraction of the pc muscles and the muscles around the sphincter (If you’re familiar with the mindgasm method I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about).

According to the official Aneros site the Progasm is recommended only for those who think of themselves as not beginner-level users. Can I just skip that “beginner-level” and start with a progasm, knowing how the muscles work down there, or should I just stick to buying a helix first?

Thank you for replying in advance!

Do you feel a super O has to be intense?

Back in August, I had my first super O. The feelings were unlike anything I can describe. I haven’t played with my aneros in about a month, so I popped it in the other day out of curiosity. I did what I did the time I orgasmed, like rubbing my nipples. I felt the pressure build up, but instead of going crazy like last time, I just got the most blissful feeling run through me. I felt so relaxed and floaty. I was super hard like before, and the pre cum leakage was crazy, but I never had spasms or anything. I moaned and laughed uncontrollably. Anyone say this was a super O?