Am I making good progress?

I’ve used the aneros 3 times so far. The first time it was pretty uncomfortable and I couldn’t really stay relaxed so I just jerked off with the aneros in. Same thing happened the second time. The orgasm definitely was way better with the aneros in though. However, this third time, it started out uncomfortable but quickly it felt as if it wasn’t even in my ass at all. By that I just mean, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but also I didn’t really feel any pleasure from it either. It was like that for about an hour until i just finished off regularly.

Progasm p-tab modification question

A couple days ago I gave my new progasm ice for its first ride and enjoyed it immensely. However, I noticed that the perineum tab on it is nearly a finger’s width away from making contact. It is fully inserted and the rear k-tab applies noticeable pressure. Though I enjoyed my first couple times with it, I cannot help but wonder if I am missing out without the external stimulation.

I have seen people mention that some people modify their aneros in comments here and in the aneros forums, but have not been able to find any with specific examples/descriptions of what was done, why, and or how. So I have a few questions for you fellow pleasure seekers.

Has anybody else encountered this issue with the progasm?
Did it lead you modify it and if so how did you go about doing it?
Were you successful or not in your attempts?
Does anybody have any links to threads that already cover the above? (I can really only go online on mobile so that maybe my issue in finding it)
Any other just general progasm tips or experiences you’d like to share?

Also, thanks so much to all of you that take the time to share your journey. It sure has helped me along in mine.

Another crazy session

This session was really pleasurable. The Aneros was automatically pushing into my prostate and with every thrust I felt a p-wave emanate from the prostate. Unlike the previous session, this circle of pleasure kept growing bigger with each pulse and eventually spread out through the whole body.

Theres so many kinds and levels of pleasure/orgasms/orgasmic pleasure that it really gets difficult to tell exactly happened during the session.

After awhile I relaxed abit, my penis went flaccid but it felt like the Aneros was so deeply engaged with the prostate, that with each heartbeat I could feel the Aneros tapping on it, it was lightly pleasurable.

The amount of pre-cum was unprecedented, I never had so much pre-cum that it dripped right off the penis! I lightly touched it and it was pleasurably electric, it was so sensitive I pulled away my hand just in case I ejaculated.

Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr?


After some time experimenting with prostate stimulation, I’ve decided to expand my Aneros collection. Although I have yet to achieve the elusive super O, I still very much enjoy the sessions; and I do like the hands free aspect. I already have the helix synth, but would like a change.
(For the record I have the njoy pure wand, getting no pleasure from it whatsoever).

The question is whether to get the Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr.
From the pictures, they don’t seem too different in size so I’m curious to hear if anyone have experiences regarding those models.
In will also pick up the Trident Eupho to see if a smaller model might be more appropriate for me.
Hoping for some input.

Thanks for reading.

The First Night

Decided to recant my first night of Super-Os as part of my blog. Hope you all enjoy reading:

Well. I just had my first Super O and then I followed it up with 20+ more over the next 5 hours.

And all Anerosless!!!

Mind you today I started the day with the Helix Syn and the Progasm session before I left for my flight to Atlanta. About 6 months into my journey and I was getting pwaves and like micro mini Os. Just some light pulsating and I can feel the in-voluntaries but up to this point nothing more than 10-15 secs. Nothing changed with this morning session.

For the last 4 days I have been reading and practicing the exercises from The MultiOrgasmic Man. No jacking off for 4 days…Sharpening the Knife every morning. 300+ Kegels a day. Using Cool Draw starting on the 3rd day.

I get on the plane and as I am on there I decide to do some kegels. I was shooting for 100. I got to about 50 and something strange happened. I was getting the pulsating I get with the Aneros but this was without. I stopped….did a few Cool Draws and then I was done.

I met up with my friends and we got to the vacation home. All was well. We were just enjoying each others company. After Dinner we went home and I lay down on the couch. I fell asleep. Woke up like 30 mins later and decided let me finish today’s kegels.

Chain orgasm and p waves

This session was by far the best one! I’ve been hopping between the various Aneros models and my current favourite is the Helix Syn because it bends well and the silicone feel is soooo good.

It seems like everytime I change the model and come back to the same one, the experience is different but it gets better everytime. Maybe because of the progress being made and the break in between models keeps it from getting boring.

I did the usual nipple circling without touching them directly and had a really good gentle femdom pegging audio running. The helix syn began stroking me nicely and swimming in pleasure, I lost track of exactly what was going on.

All I know is that I was having orgasm(s) for 1-2 mins straight. It could have been a chain of dry Os. Some strong, some weaker, some pulsing slow and some faster. At one point I could feel the aneros thrusting inside of me – autofk as some would term it. Every thrust created this pleasurable warm wave that originated from the prostate and radiated out in a circle from there, up to the belly and down to the thighs. This was my first autofk and first time experiencing p-waves.

I tried some light clenching of the pc muscles but that only seemed to hinder the process. When I fully released the muscles, the pleasure came back. The body seems to know what it’s doing without needing any intervention.

Dry orgasms and audio

Recently, I have made good progress on my Aneros journey and I feel that there is much to write both now and in the future, and I am happy to share my experiences 🙂

Typically my go to position is on my back and knees bent pointing upwards. I softly caress my chest and circle around the nipples to help build arousal.

Recently I have stumbled upon some pegging audios on GWA reddit and they have gone really well with my Aneros sessions. I suppose it makes the fantasy situation more believable because there is actual anal penetration and stimulation involved.

During my last session things really started to kick off. I managed to reach a dry O. Every orgasm after that came faster than the previous one as I got more in tune with the sensations down there and the prostate felt like it was getting bigger.

There was this one dry O that developed into an unfamiliar feeling that felt a little nice. It was a feeling that travelled through the center of my arms and legs straight to the ends of my hands and feet and the feelings from prostate took the back seat. It wasn’t pulsing or like an adrenaline rush. What I can best describe it is like my body lit up like a lightbulb for about 15 seconds.

That was my best session with the Aneros yet. I also recently bought a Lelo Hugo and am excited to post about it soon.

Having hard time.

I’m having a hard time with the rewireing process. Progress hash been slow it took me quite a while before I even noticed any sensations but things are slowly getting better. Hardest part for me is getting over the fact that I’m not guaranteed an orgasm at the end. But I realize that the traditional ejaculatpry orgasm doesn’t serve me nor satisfy me. I need something more and I want so badly to experience this. I’m frustrated with myself for being impatient. So in the meantime I’ll just keep going with this I’ll get there eventually. Anyway I’ve had some great sensations in this session. Just the feeling of the aneros in my ass feels good, I hope that if I tell myself it feels good, eventually it will be result in pleasure. I also felt some expansion and I’ve found the most comfortable positions are on my stomach and on my side. I’m trying really hard to stay positive I really want this! And this is the end of my blog post

My first time with Aneros

I got a MGX and the first time I used it I was relaxed and listening to some gwa stuff. I felt some heat and it felt preety good. I was grinding on my bed, came, aneros popped out, I washed it then went to sleep. The next day I tried to use my Aneros and I didn’t feel anything and its been like that since I first used it. Am I doing something wrong?

How to choose your jockstrap size and your cup size correctly

Hi guys,

Over last weekend, @SOwithoutAneros sent me a PM on how to choose your jockstrap and your cup size correctly. He seemed bashful in asking me his questions. So I answered him matter-of-factly giving him all sorts of information from web sites selling jocks and cups in the USA, UK, and even in Australia. I hope he found my e-mail helpful.

This blog entry is a summary of the information I gave him.

Ordinary jockstraps worn by men come in sizes of medium, large, extra-large (XL), and even XXL and XXXL. They are the waist sizes of guys. Guys may buy jocks in medium or large. The waist and leg straps secure the fit of the jock whereas the jock pouch holds a guy’s genital. Thus a jockstrap should fit securely but not too tightly. That would be downright uncomfortable for a guy. A jockstrap is ideal for holding a guy’s erection. Just be sure to wear your cock in a up position or the twelve o’clock position.

Men and boys normally wear a jock and cup for contact sports, but quite a few of us wear such for fetish reasons, or just because they feel real good. Hence they wear them for everyday wear.

Originally athletic cups came in just two sizes: one size for boys and one size for men. In recent years, for men, cup sizes came in large and extra large sizes to accommodate one’s penis and testicle endowment. Shock Doctor, for example, has large and extra large sizes, whereas Nutty Buddy has three sizes for men, medium, large, extra-large. So choose the cup size to hold your “junk” comfortably.