Interesting Sensations

So I’ve been on this aneros train on and off for about 6 years now, but only really in the last year have I given proper thought and effort to exploring this. I own two aneros products — the helix syn and the progasm.

After reading through various posts, it appeared to me that doing kegels were important, but mindfulness was more so than anything else. So yesterday, I tried something slightly different — I came into my session as relaxed as possible, and adopting a “curious” mindset to anything I felt during the session rather than trying to force anything. I started off by inserting the helix and scrolling Reddit for about 10 minutes to just get used to it in me. Then, I lay down with my knees up, feet flat on the bed and listened to some calming music/binaural beats.

In past sessions, because I’ve seen videos of guys basically flopping around on the bed, I thought that I had to try and imitate that kind of movement and deliberately squeezed/moved to try and emphasise that. Well, that would give me some feelings but it would often exhaust me and feel discouraged at the end of the session. Tonight’s session on the other hand, I really just focused on relaxing as much as possible and letting my body move when it wanted to. I focused on my breathing (5 seconds in, 5 seconds out) and tried to leave my body as relaxed as possible.

Too much fun?

I’ve recently got an aneros helix syn trident, and been enjoying it over the last few weeks.

I’ve been reading through a few posts on here that some kind redditors have shared there thoughts on how to best use these kinds of toys, and hopefully work towards an orgasm.

I’ve taken note of the comments around a kind of “rewiring”, not touching the penis and focusing on the sensations in the other parts of the body.

One question I had is around frequency. I’ve seen a couple of comments along the lines of “once in every X days is enough” or “such and such is too much”.

Is there any reason I can’t use it everyday? (Discovering I quite enjoy having something up my bum).

Would using something my aneros this much be counterproductive? If so, why?

Are these contractions?

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been using aneros for a couple of years now. Compared from where I started, I feel like I’m finally making some real progress.

I have a variety of models. Sessions usually last 1-2 hours. Recently I’ve been determined and have been abstaining from any ejaculation for over a week now.

Recently, I hit a certain point in my sessions where if I make any sort of movement, my PC muscles tense up super tight. It even happens sometimes when I get distracted for a second by a noise outside.

For example: My last session a few days ago, I was meditating and really starting to feel good. I even started leaking what I think was precum. Out of nowhere I felt an itch on my nose. The second I went to scratch it, my PC muscles tensed up super tight and I lost the “pleasure”feeling that I had.

Was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so, what can I do about it?

I have personally blocked a certain user

Hello guys.

As you may have noticed over the past few days, there has been a certain user on this sub who’s “feedback” leaves something to be desired.

On a personal level this user has weaponized my history of addiction against me (quote: “You are addicted” Quote: “You are obsessed’). I shared that history openly and without shame on this sub in the understanding that we respect each other and support each other. and i thank those of you that stood up to this users comments by downvoting him in such instances.

He has also been threatening (Quote: “You have been warned, I am watching!”)

He has also been sexist and misogynistic (Quote: “You would write great chick-Lit”)

On a general level he has been trying to scare other users with something called “Kundalini Syndrome”, which, as far as i can tell, is something to do with the East Indian Mystical Tradition. This sub is about the Aneros Prostate Massager and Prostate Orgasms and has nothing at all to do with ones spiritual awakening.

Do not get me wrong, i am not discounting the truth of “Kundalini Syndrome” or of any spiritual practice. we are all entitled to believe whatever we choose. But, to state it again clearly for the record: THIS SUB IS ABOUT ANEROS PROSTATE MASSAGE AND PROSTATE ORGASMS.

Involuntaries… what now?

I can usually trigger the involuntary movements pretty easily with a few *flex and holds* however once the involuntary movements start I am not quite sure what to do next. Here’s what I have tried:
1. Maintain the flex – Requires a lot of concentration, some pleasurable sensations to start but they generally fade and I restart the process again
2. Relax the flex – Involuntaries stop and I have to flex harder again to restart
3. Flex harder – Involuntaries get stronger and it feels like the aneros is fucking me but muscles become fatigued

*Flex and hold* = contracting my PC and sphincter muscles at same time and holding the flex

What next

Hi There i have been on the Aneros journey for around 10 months ,as yet no Orgasms but lots of pleasure with erotic feelings .I am at the point where whenever i sit down and put any pressure on my perineum area i can feel myself start to throb and pulsate in that area,my question is will this continue to build eventually to orgasm and then plateau ie will my body become more used to these sensations.Would like some insight into this.

Too little movement?

Hi there, I have few models of aneros, been using them for a couple of years now and had some inconsistent results.

I am wondering how much influence does the movement of the device have on orgasms? I’ve seen videos where device moves like crazy and even slips out.

This has never happened to me. I guess i can feel it moving sometimes, but it’s definitely small. I wonder if that is a problem and the reason I have stagnated for so long? I tried using various lubes and various amounts of lubes, so I don’t think lube is the problem regarding movement.