First time using, felt nothing but a lump of plastic in my butt

Ordered a Progasm last week and have been beyond excited to get this thing up my ass. I’ve been aware of these Aneros toys for some time and recent experimentation with a curved vibrator convinced me that I needed to try something actually made for hitting my p-spot since I felt like I was getting close but it was difficult to know for sure if I was hitting the spot and found myself twisted into more and more uncomfortable positions in pursuit of the spot. All the reading I did to learn how to hit my prostate suggested that I’d know it when I hit it but no amount of digging around in there (I kid, I was gentle and procedural) hit anything that really stood out to me as OMG RAPTUROUS PLEASURE!!! So the Progasm arrived today and wasn’t out of the box fifteen minutes before I had all my clothes off, the toy lubed and popped comfortably up the back door. As promised, it sits comfortably inside me, and I can definitely feel it up against the spots I was working with the vibrator but still, it simply feels like it’s up there and… well… that’s it. I did some breathing exercises, taking in a deep belly-breath, relaxing, and I could feel the toy slip further upward, which was not an unpleasant sensation, but again, not, ya know, good. I’m trying (and obviously failing miserably) to come at this without expectation, but an expectation of at least *some* sort of sensation isn’t too much to ask, I think.

Helix trident too small?

My first aneros was a helix trident and I’ve been kind of on and off with it for the past year. I notice whenever I have it inserted it feels somewhat nice but if I manually push on it while angling it upwards it feels like I’m hitting the spot more. Also I’ve had p-waves before with my njoy wand but haven’t had much success with my helix.

Would a bigger sized aneros like the progasm hit my spot better or do I simply need more time with my helix?


I was wanting to buy and aneros and I was wondering if I get to the point where I can get super-O’s will I still be able to cum normally with just penile stimulation?

Poor movement?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a question about movement and lube. I’ve been using various aneros for a year or so off and on and I can’t help but think I’ve got poor movement due to lube. I’ve had a few sessions that felt great and I started to get involuntaries and a glowing sensation that spread throughout my body and each time I recall the toy having ease of movement.

It seems hard to recreate though; ive tried various water based lubes, silicone, coconut oil, coconut oil+ shea butter. I apply internally via shooter and to the toy. I’m using a eupho, Maximus, and peridise mainly. Should the toys be able to freely slide in and out or are you relying on the anus to grip and move the toy so to speak? Everything I try seems to not stay slick for very long, even the silicone lube seems to have a slight drag to it? I’ve tried everything from combos of lube, excess amounts that I expel after so I know there’s some remaining, lubing just the toy etc.

Am I missing something or over thinking it? For example I just tried the peridise with silicone lube and it just didn’t move freely as much as I think it should?

Unprecedented Success This Week

I don’t really know how to articulate the sheer amount of bliss and ecstasy I have experienced this past week, but here’s a summary. I have been an Aneros user for about 5 years now and I have had 3 or 4 Super Os during my journey, though it’s been at least a year since my last one. That is, until this past Friday. I have managed to level up my play and achieve Super Os during 6 of the past 9 days.

Friday: I decided to end my week with an Aneros session. I inserted my Progasm Ice and relaxed into the pleasurable feelings it was providing. After about 30 minutes, it was giving me some light to moderate P waves that felt really good, but I didn’t think things were going to go much further than that. I ended up drifting off to sleep with the device still inside me. Fast forward about another half hour. I awoke to strong P waves and had an erection that was pulsing along with the waves. I brought a hand up to rub my right nipple and as soon as I touch it I felt a surge of energy light up my prostate. Within seconds my whole body was writhing and contracting in the release of the most intense Super O I had ever experienced. On a scale of 0-10 where 10 is the most pleasure you think you are capable of experiencing, this was about a 16 or 17. It has caused me to throw out my notion of what heights of pleasure are even possible. After I removed the Progasm, I had 2 or 3 Aless dry Os over the course of the next hour or so as I drifted off to sleep.

Pretty good manga guide for using the aneros

Has some good concepts about how to think about dry orgasms that I wish I read earlier too. I don’t know what the policy is for direct linking to possibly pirate manga, so search for “Hokenshitsu no JK-san Bangaihen [English]” and you’ll be able to read it. About 20 pages.

My first aneros arrives today!

I’ve been playing with my ass for many years but only recently found this thread which led me to buying an aneros progasm. I’m forever on the search for reaching the legendary super O and will welcome any advice you can give. As I say I’m relatively experienced in using toys in my ass but I’ve never had a handsfree one like this, only dildos, etc.

Help!! Advice on positioning

Hello. So I’ve been using the aneros products for 5 years now and have almost every model. I know where my prostate is and what it feels like but I feel like none of the aneros products properly reach it. I don’t get that peeing feeling. I once did while using the helix syn but have never been able to recreate it. Any advice? Is it all mental? Should I try different products? I really don’t want to give up. I’ve been trying for a very long time and want to experience a super o at least once in my life!

does precum=prostate being hit??

Im a beginner and I use the Aneros Helix Syn trident.

Its only my second session and sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything.

My first session it felt good and i realized really small drops of precum were on my tip.

This time there was not as much so I started using the Aneros as a dildo , by putting it in and out ,and I felt it hit something deeper. It didn’t feel good or bad it just felt like something deeper was hit. I keep going because I was aroused not because it felt “good” ,but when I see my tip , there’s a lot more precum.

Does this mean using the aneros in and out , was hitting my prostate more since there was more precum?

Also this is random but since I was aroused I just masturbated normally afterwards , but when I ejaculated it was the most unsatisfying thing ever. It didn’t feel like a normal penis orgasm. I just saw cum but there was no feeling-it was an empty feeling , is this weird?

Got my Aneros Tempo

After reading the info here and my request for experiences here.
Thanks guys for sharing !
Yesterday on way home by train….had a stop at Amsterdam CS….walked to the Red Light District to visit a erotic shop where to find the luxury brands toys.
The last Aneros Tempo available was for me.

At 10 pm went to bed to sleep but couldn’t resist the craving to pull this toy inside me.
This small toy slipped inside without lube…while my muscles sucked the Tempo inside on the right spot.

Soon my dick lost drips of precum and the sensation felt good…my prostate felt happy and a bit numb.
Tried different positions….but the best way for me is on my side with legs bent to my body….with slow deep breathing i felt the Tempo humping my pleasure spot.
I really got a hard dick since years…but no orgasm yet.

I felt asleep and awake with the Tempo still inside.
Wondering if i could wear this the whole day….the small base of the Tempo was locked between my buttcheeks.
Walking around in the house i felt the metal touching my prostate.
It would stay inside me because of the shape…but wearing this the whole day makes me aroused.

And walking in public with precum spots on my denim trousers is not really fashionable yet.