Separating orgasm from ejaculation

Recently I’ve been focusing more on the do nothing and meditate approach. I’m had moderate success, involuntarily contractions and twitch when lightly tending my PC muscles. During this I’m aroused, relaxed and soft. Eventually I’m out of time and/or bored and I lightly touch my dick till it’s half erect (I know, I know, don’t do it, but hey I just put 90 minutes in, I need some release). Then working my PC I can eventually orgasm and it’s usually accompanied by a HFWO. Recently I’ve been noticing that orgasm and ejaculation seem to be be slightly seperate. The most recent thins was pronounced, I felt orgasm and spasms hit for 2-3 seconds and then felt the wave of ejaculation come (pun intended). I think I read about how being multi orgasmic can arise from separating the two events, any tips on further separating them or what’s going on?

“No Aneros? … No Problem!”

Yes, I’m referring to Aless. That concept whereby a guy gets all the pleasure of a prostate massage, but without the massager! How is this possible? Let me explain…..

There is really not much to learn here. All that is required (IMO) is a willingness to activate and stimulate the prostate by some simple anal/PC contractions (also known as kegels). It takes just a little bit of practice but once learned, the technique is almost automatic. The intervals of those contractions can be far apart or closely spaced. The idea here is to begin to feel it just a little in the prostate. The rest will be accomplished by your body’s own response. The important thing (I find) is not to stop too quickly! When I start to feel that unmistakable “flutter down-under” I know I am on the right path!

Since I wear ‘chastity cups’ regularly, I find that while wearing one is the perfect opportunity to practice my kegels. Especially while sitting down at a computer, It doesn’t take any preparation and I can start and stop at any time.

One thing that can be a little problematic is when I start to do some contractions in a public place. I have to be careful that I don’t get my prostate stimulated too much. Otherwise, I may react with a slight moan due to a euphoric, orgasmic feeling! But usually, I have enough self-control to the point that only I know what is going-on down there!

subtleties of prostate stimulation

New tools teaching me the intricacies and subtleties.

In my last blog post I mentioned getting some new pleasure tools. I have been having lots of fun with the Njoy large plug. this thing just sits on my prostate giving me the pressure I require without interaction since I’m a do nothing guy (but that is now changing because of these new tools) inducing some wonderful feeling orgasms. These ‘o’s are different but also the same from the ones I experienced from using an aneros product. I also love the fact that I can join in the am and go about my day feeling a constant stimulation of my anal canal and lower prostate area, gets me and keeps me aroused almost the entire time I’m moving.

I think the biggest take back is since these new tools are so unforgiving on the body if used to aggressively, I am really starting to become more mindful of the subtlety of prostate massage. When using any of my lovers and doing clenching (kegels or some type of muscular interaction) I would get overzealous without even knowing it thus chasing away the pleasure I was seeking because I had no feed back if you will, I couldn’t feel it moving inside me until an orgasm had started. Using the new tools force me to pay more attention to what and when I actively do something since I got overzealous one time using the Pfun and became fairly sore. The large seems to return a light feed back to me letting me learn the light touch required.

I’ve been trying for a few years and I’m still hardly getting any pleasure out of it.

Technically it would be more accurate to say it’s off and on for a few years. I tend to give up on it for a while or not be able to for a long time for one reason or another.

I’m using the “do nothing” or the “try not to orgasm” approach. Try not to orgasm is a nice one because then if pleasure stops I’m less likely to get frustrated. I’ve tried intentionally moving the aneros inside me but it never works more than a tiny bit. Any attempt to directly control the movement of the aneros or the feeling of pleasure itself leaves me worse off than I started. Fine. I just won’t do that.

I’m still at the stage where the sensations are mild and never last more than a few seconds. A couple times I’ve gotten better than that but I haven’t gotten back there in about a year. As soon as I want it to feel better than it does in the moment, all pleasure stops, which is extremely frustrating.

I’m not focusing entirely on the possibility of the super O. I’ll be satisfied once I get to the point where it feels better than regular masturbation. I can’t explain why but I have a feeling that once I get to that point I’ll advance pretty quickly. Even if it doesn’t, I can be patient about how good it feels as long as it satisfies my need for it. I don’t think I’ll be bored once I get the fundamentals down.

new toys

New toys in my box.

I’ve been finding my sessions in the last few weeks to be lacking something. I’m unsure if it is related to the fact that I have a new job or the fact that I’m now working 2nd shift. On the flip side of this I now have a few hours of “ME TIME” that doesn’t involve just being in the shower.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not had just duds, although there has been some, but for the most part my sessions have been just lack luster. Perhaps it’s the fact that since I now have me time time I’m pushing myself to reach the previously acquired pinical levels, or the fact that I’m not used to having me time and I’m unable to let go?, or maybe my body is still getting used to a new normal.

Lately during my sessions I’ve been spending more time being active performing clenching (kegels) trying to increase sensations even though it never got me very far in the beginning, thus I adopted the do nothing approach that has given me several super o’s. So in review of these findings I feel that I need more pressure on my prostate but still retain the do nothing approach. So I purchased the NJOY Pfun Plug. I have used this a hand full of times. What a wonderful piece of kit this is. So smooth and shiny, and incredibly heavy. The first time I went to join with this I was concerned I would have problems getting it in as it is larger than the progasm jr, but because of the shape it slid in so easily. I absolutely adore the cold of the steel at room temp once fully inserted. But all this comes at a price. Because the shaft is not a rapid taper and the fact that it is 3/4# in weight, this thing is almost impossible to keep in when standing. Now to the meaty part.

Can we lose the magic?

I’ve started the journey there is about 3 months. The beginning was very encouraging, I started to have super pleasant feelings after 3 sessions.

I got to the point where I had amazing, super sweet, very long (like 3 to 5 min) orgasms every sessions. I don’t know if it’s what you guys refer as a super O but anyway I was very happy with it. I tried things like thrusting and touching very slowly my cock and I got some of the best penile orgasms of my life (like crying intense).

The things is all sensations started to fade away at a point where each sessions were less intense than the one before. I’ve read forums and all and learned that thrusting, touching my cock and watching porn could be detrimental. So I stop all of this and tried techniques like the relaxing a lot and “do nothing”, I tried to lower my expectations and enjoying the present moment. It is most of the time kind of enjoyable, I have involuntary contractions and trembling very quickly, but nothing comparable to what I had before and I feel quite frustrated.

Did anybody go through a similar situation? If so, how did you get the magic back?

4 years and still no dice

It’s been four years since I got my Helix Syn. During that time I’ve also bought the Progasm.

On this journey there have been ups and downs. During a bad session I get nothing. During a good session I’ll leak precum and get some moderately good sensations. I mostly lie on my back with a pillow under my hips. Although I have tried most other positions as well.

I have tried using a lot of lube (coconut oil + water based) and I’ve tried using little. I’ve tried abstaining from orgasm a few days before and I’ve tried the day after an orgasm.

I usually start by doing nothing for a while and then clenching softly. Holding the clench and breathing. I usually play with my nipples during sessions.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I see a lot of guys recommending weed as an aid but that’s out of the question for me. I’ve never felt this disheartened about the Aneros, there was always hope but now I feel I’m loosing that hope.

Please help me.

Need some advice on the “do nothing” method

So, hiya everyone. I’ve been chasing the aneros dream for a couple weeks now, and whilst I’ve definitely had some nice feelings, I’ve never truly had anything above a small p-wave.

After reading through here the “do nothing” method has been mentioned a lot and I figured I should try it. But even though I’ve read so much about it I just cant warp my head around it. Like, does do nothing mean not doing manual contractions at all? Literally just lying there and relaxing your anal muscles completely? During my sessions I’m manually contracting constantly and making the aneros “pound” into me, which I’m starting to realise maybe I shouldn’t do.

I’d love to hear your methods for achieving these dry and super-o’s, because am willing to try anything at this point!

Unable to get Involuntary contractions with toy?

I got my Aneros Classic back in August, and have tried the Peridise as well as Trident Maximus since then, and with any of the three toys, I have tried Relaxing and doing nothing, Light constant contractions, medium constant contractions, and heavy constant contractions, as well as contracting for a few minutes then relaxing, but using any of these, I get no involuntary contractions.

Recently I have been getting something that I think might be similar to them however, but they never occur when a toy is in, they occur when I am trying to go to sleep, and are like a twitching/vibrating of the anus.

Is there anything I can try to get these contractions to happen with a toy?

not a super o but pretty good ones

after a month or so from my last go, i had a bit of time to try again. I had abut 45 min or so. Once inserted, it only took a few minutes to start… – i have been in chastity on and off since last Friday. I was nn my bed, just doing nothing, breathing and feeling the sensations on my P spot. Slow movements started and flexing trying to find the right area.. and i a had an O. Not a major one, but pretty good. And for some reason i got out of bed and laid on the floor. Knees up and feet against the wall. that felt good.. i could feel it building again , and i laid on my side.. yep… here we go.. it happened again.. i bit stronger, and lasted longer. i was dripping precum pretty good. But i did not ejac. I do know i was out of breath. and it happened. I was a bit tired after.