been a bit

Been a bit since last entry.

So a few weeks ago I had a strange session where I got super bad heart burn, long of the short is ended up ‘pushing the energy down’ (see post “first time for everything”) once I did that the heart burn went away like it didn’t exist but along with it any sensations in every session after. So I put things away for a bit and went back old school. Without getting into great details I started to feel intermittent unasked for sensations again, beginnings to a-less orgasm starting to ignite. It was like my prostate was asking “what about me? HELLO! I thought we were friends, where’d you go?” I gave it a few more days to make sure it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, and each day I had the slow quiet ignition. That weekend I joined w/ JR while in the shower. I also happened to do something I don’t normally do, I slowly edged feeling JR rubbing and tickling, staying fully relaxed, enjoying all he offered me. I just let this go and started to ooze cum, felt so relaxing. JR was taking care of me so gently, working over my prostate so slowly, I literally got a hand full of cum (I don’t know why I caught it but I did) and I had ejaculated 2 days before and got next to nothing. I finished my shower but instead of dismounting I decided to stay joined w/ JR (I have masturbated when joined w/ Miss MGX on purpose 2 times before but always dismounted after). He gave me several lovely orgasms during that session, that’s all I can say, I should have wrote it down.

Calm Blue Ocean

Started out with what is the usual routine now – warm, relax, flex, lube. Getting the Peridise in place was easy, as my body has been craving it all day. At certain times earlier, I could feel an almost purring or thrumming inside the space between the base of my scrotum and my anus. Could be my prostate? Hard to know. It was a subtle vibration, in some ways, and it felt good. When my body pulled the device in on its own accord, it took it in up to the last bulb, where the last nub stayed half in, half out of my anus. Gentle contractions didn’t pull it in any more than that, so I decided to keep it in that position unless my body pulled it in further.

Again tried the “do nothing” approach. I didn’t get the same sweet feeling inside my anal / prostate / scrotum region, but in relaxing, I could feel my body sometimes making involuntary movements with the device. I could feel it gently moving a bit here and there, and it felt good. As I let my body relax throughout the session, even though the device wasn’t moving much (at least consciously?), I felt a gradual increase of pressure on my prostate. It engorged with seminal fluid, and I could feel the pressure building inside. Mostly my penis remained flaccid, but with that pressure, more precum started leaking out the tip. At times, I was incredibly tempted to start conscious muscle contractions, but fought the idea away and tried to stay relaxed. The mounting pressure in my prostate was amazing, and it was craving release. At the end of the session, my body reluctantly gave up the Peridise, and released a significant amount of precum throughout.

Extended Practice Time

Warmed up the room, used low light to encourage relaxation, and got everything I needed for a session laid out. After some relaxation breathing, anal muscle flexing, and setting up some calm background music, I was ready and eager to start.

My body eagerly took in the device, much like last time. Although I started on my back to let my anus pull the device all the way in, I soon rolled onto my right side to try out the traditional Aneros position – lower leg straight, upper leg towards chest – as last time it provided nice sensations. The last bulb was again right on the cusp of bring out and in, so this time I gently nudged it all the way in to the hilt.

Following some advice on an archived post on the forums, I tried a “newbie do nothing” approach at first to see where it would take me. According to the post, the first half hour was to let my body and mind relax, and forget the Peridise was even inside me. The music and breathing exercise helped me calm, and for the most part I could barely feel the device. After around fifteen minutes of not much of anything, I could feel something going on in my inner anus, behind my testicles, and very slightly on the underside of my scrotum. It’s hard to describe; it was like a very vague, gentle throb that was accompanied by sweet feelings centered around that whole area. It lasted around a minute or so, then subsided. I kept trying to stay relaxed, and after five or so more minutes, it happened again, for about the same duration. Around ten minutes after that, it happened again, but for a very slightly longer duration. It felt great, and at no point did I get an erection, but my scrotum definitely reacted, by pulling my testicles closer to my body and getting stiffer on the surface.

Am I almost there?

I have had 4 sessions. 60-120 mins each. Yesterday I constantly felt that “tapping”. This was achieved after some relaxing slow contraction exercises. I sat back and enjoyed the feeling. However the tap would be hard, and intense, but no p waves and after a minute it went away. I would contract more. And maybe get another 20 seconds of tapping.

Relax for 10-15mins of do nothing and I literally felt nothing. No discomfort but no pleasure either.

I’d do 1/4 strength contractions and hold for 10sec. Tapping again. But then it goes away.

Should I keep doing this the same way? I feel like I’m relaxed and I can even feel the whole shape of the Aneros. I’m definitely aware and I’m absolutely feeling pleasure. Just can’t get over the hump.

Male Chastity “Pointers”

[This blog was inspired by @Pasttime and @BigGlansDC, thanks!]

@Pasttime expressed an interest in male chastity and our wearing of “chastity cups”. I thought this would be a good time to express some of my opinions (as a sort-of refreshed “training session”). Here goes…..

This “chastity play” is always voluntary, and unlike other chastity “devices” where a keyholder allow access to orgasms, this activity is totally under our control. Whether and when we wear a “chastity” jock/cup is entirely up to us. How long we wear it is also up to us.

Selection Process
I have discovered over the years that there is a wide range of “fit” options when selecting a jockstrap/cup. Some are tighter, some are looser. Some cups are big, some are small. I would suggest buying a few different brands since all of them will “fit” differently. (In actuality, there are not a lot of cups on the market). Currently, my favorites are Mueller FlexShield and XO ProCup.

What Do the Cups Do?
{Normally, the jockstraps with hard cups are worn by men to protect the male genitals during contact sports like baseball. Using these cups for “chastity play” is an entirely different use for them. I will explain the secondary use in this blog.}

Do you guys watch porn with the aneros in?

Its really hard for me to sit still for a long period of time and just do nothing, I usually get antsy and end up manually jerking off after about 30 minutes of having the aneros in. I would feel like watching a long porn movie with the aneros in would be a lot more exciting, but idk if this would ruin my mental state needed for super-o’s

My Christmas present to myself. (out of order)

This is out of order since I am just now getting around to finishing editing. I Have had a really good vacation. Best in a long time.

I purchased the progasm jr & peridise kit. They both came in today, Friday 12/28. I am super excited about these and couldn’t wait to try the jr. Up to this point I have never had any real involuntary contractions, just muscle fluttering from trying to induce so these new pleasure tools should be interesting.

I got everything washed / cleaned up and took a good look at the progasm jr first. So smooth and shiny but also looks kind of intimidating because of the size since the helix has been the largest I’ve had in 25 years. Prepped and joined with my new friend. I followed the process outlined for the progasm doing the scoop motion to join, my friend slid in so easily. Wasn’t in for 10 seconds when involuntary started promptly causing it to be pushed out before I knew it. This is going to be fun. A quick rinse & relube w/ a few drops before rejoining, again sliding so easily. I am defiantly going to polish all my others to that glass smooth finish since it is forcing me to hold some contraction to maintain the integrity of the joining which is inducing involuntary contractions, unlike the mgx or helix that just stay put although mgx will start to slide out if I stay relaxed when standing, ie going pee.

Watched a blue sunrise

I went for a ride with my new friend last night, progasm jr. I was a slight bit concerned at first going for a long ride as my first meetup he gave me a very good orgasm but it turned me very cold, it was very intense though. Last night I think he knew my feelings so instead of going for it he took me on a long slow journey that only lasted 30 minutes or so but felt like hours. Let me start from the beginning.

I had been trying to get something going with my new friend for around 40 minutes on my left side, completely cleared mind, deep belly breathing. It felt like it was not to be tonight so I rolled over onto my right side looking at the clock, 12:3? couldn’t see more than that. Once rolled over I decided to try to get a few zz’s. My mind started to think of things instead of nothing and that was the start. Every time I would feel a flicker of something I would clear my mind, and every time I did that these feelings would go away. jr wanted me to think of things other than him.

The 3 day Journey

So I got my helix syn about 3 days ago with today being the 3rd day. It was purchased after coming across an aneros Reddit and I’d figure why not give it a try. I’ve used the helix every day since which is probably unadvised, but I was eager to find all of those little feelings. I’ve got to say it’s been different in a good way. The first day I used it, I just laid on my back and tried to become accustomed to it, I’m not really much of a fan of the position the experience was different, using the do nothing method, my breathing was a randomly shallow, then non-shallowed and the rushes were amazing.

The second day I hadn’t actually planned to use the aneros, but my body seemed to want it. I was playing a video game of all things when out of nowhere I experienced more shallow breathing, followed by euphoric feelings in my head and pelvis for about 5 or 10 minutes. I knew there that I wanted another session. That one was less intensive however as I wanted to finish with my game, thus the feeling passed before I could start the session.

my personal experiment. good strides made

This is a recreation of my original document and may not contain all info but will try as best as possible to not leave anything out. My computer decided to do an update and for some reason deleted the entire saved file. I also don’t claim to be a story writer so expressing my sensations will be lacking. I will endever to try to make strides in the future, for now this is just to get it down before forgetting things

I have just finished a 21 day SR and found it do do nothing for me. I don’t feel any more feisty but that is to be expected since I have nothing to get excited about. This is going to be the documentation of a 7 day experiment of using only the aneros product, either helix or mgx, no masturbation, edging or stimulation of the sweet spot. I want all stimulation to be from prostate massage either internal w/ said tool or external from deep tissue massage. I will use massage of the sweet spot to get things going if needed when using one of the tools only. each session will be about 1 hour long or there about and do nothing sessions.
EDIT. I really pushed the time on Fri, Sat & Sun. having gone several hours.