“Meet The SGX (Again)!”

I probably have not used my SGX Classic in a year. The SGX is the smaller version of the MGX Classic and it is no longer offered by Aneros. I decided that the time was right for a session; the SGX was the massager of choice.

I lubed-up the SGX with SSG. I did not pre-lube for this session but that was okay. One think I like about the SGX (and the MGX) is the ribbed anal stem which provides a distinctive level of anal pleasure with each contraction. In spite of its small size, I knew that my prostate was being adequately engaged.

Almost right from the start of this 25-minute session, I began to experience an erection while wearing my XO ‘chastity cup’. I definitely had some ‘pumping’ action going on during this session which I could feel. I did quite a bit of low-grade moaning too. Being still in SR and NoFap ® I would consider this to be a therapeutic prostate-massage. About mid-way through the session, I removed the cup and just observed the nice amount of fluid emanating from my cock. After a while, I felt that this session was winding-down to a conclusion and I was quite satisfied with the feeling. As I have noted before, I now will be entering a ‘pseudo refractory period’ of about 1-2 hours during which time I will generally not be experiencing any erection or feeling of arousal.

“An Interesting Morning!”

Got up very early, about 1 AM and wanting to put myself in chastity. I selected my XO ProCup supporter and it felt so good to put it on. Not soon after, I got the urge for a quick Aneros session. I got the sense that it was time to take SGX for a ride. I lubed it up with SSG and started out. Now this session was not a blockbuster but I felt some rather gentle “nudges” on my prostate. I was quite surprised that this session lasted almost 30 minutes. Not much precum but I felt a “pump” or two.

Retired to my sofa and began to listen to some very soothing “deep forest” tracks which felt so nice. I am always surprised by the pseudo-refractory period I experience following a session and this was no exception. My flaccid cock remained in that state for at least an hour-and-a-half. Eventually, it waked-up and I could feel it beginning to grow beneath the cup.

Toward the end, I began to dwell on the design of the cup and how it protects not only my balls and my cock, but also wraps under my perineum and actually protects my prostate as well. I accidentally dropped a remote control on my unprotected balls last night and was surprised at the level of (brief) pain that yielded. Ouch! Fortunately, it lasted only but a minute then subsided.

“This Is Why There Are Different Aneros Models!”

Back-to-back sessions from last night to this morning. I was still “feeling it” at Day 7 of SR and decided on another session. Somehow, I KNEW that my prostate wanted the MGX! So I quickly lubed-up with SSG and started.

The MGX is designed differently from the Helix; it has a different profile and also the ribbed stem which facilitates anal stimulation. Both work to give an amazing ride! I felt p-waves almost from the beginning and, like yesterday’s session with the Helix Trident, I felt “more” when I re-positioned myself in bed. I began to switch from light kegsls to some deep contractions and everything felt amazing!

How long did this session last? Not sure but probably in the order of 30 minutes. Since I’m already at Day 7, I’m hoping that these back-to-back sessions will propel me to Day 10 or beyond!


Directly from the Aneros website: “Aneros prostate massagers might look very similar but each one has been designed to produce exciting and different effects.”

Yes, this is why I currently have five Aneros models: SGX Classic, MGX Classic, Helix Trident, Eupho Classic and HIH 950. And I intend to keep all of them! Since each one has its own “signature”, there is really no reason to “favor” one over another! But I recommend letting your prostate “tell” you which one it wants! Your brain will tell the difference and will reward you with success in your sessions! Touche’.

SGX: My “Little Companion!”

I made it to Day 6 of SR and slept in my Mueller FlexShield Cup all night. Wonderful, erotic frenulum-sensations during the night! Around 4 AM, I had the opportunity for an Aneros session. But which one? I selected the SGX Classic because I wanted some “mild” stimulation of my prostate. I am not ready yet for an ejaculation but I wanted some relief.

The SGX was designed for the Asian market, meaning generally smaller individuals with a comparatively smaller male anatomy. Nevertheless, the SGX is suited for my taste: not too large and nicely-designed with a large P-tab and flared, ribbed base that also stimulates the anal cavity. All-in-all, a nice “package” from Aneros!

I lubed-up with SSG and went to lie-down. I have quickly fallen-into a fantasy: I am being prepared for some kind of prostate procedure and I must lay absolutely still for about 15 minutes. Could I comply? Well, the answer, for the most part, was “Yes!” Although it wasn’t too easy, the stimulation is not as great as with my MGX which can induce all kinds of anal pleasure spasms which generally are uncontrollable and leads to more generalized prostate orgasms. This SGX session was quite “tame” in comparison, but every once in a while, I could feel my prostate being “nudged” especially when my penis started to get aroused.

“SGX Classic: It’s An Anal Thing!”

I decided to have a session early this morning with the SGX. This model I believe is no longer available on the Aneros site. I do like it’s smaller size and its performance. Let me explain…..

I lubed-up and started the session. Because the SGX (and the MGX) have a ribbed, tapered stem, these Aneros models stimulate not only the prostate, but the anus. This morning’s session began with some anal “quivering” that was unmistakable. Sort-of like an auto-f**k but concentrated in the anus. And those anal quivers get re-directed up to the prostate through the body of the SGX. What a potent pairing! For a while, I really felt like I was either on the way to a Super-O or a HFWO! There was absolutely no discomfort from either the body, the stem or the P-tab on this massager. I could probably have continued the session for much longer than the actual 25 minutes.

I never discount the size of any of the Aneros prostate massagers. My favorite (and go-to) one now is the HIH 950 which is deceptively small. But don’t let it’s small size fool you! It is quite a capable performer! Next in line is the SGX; designed differently so it stimulates more than just the prostate. As I have noted before, all of the Aneros massagers have their own “signature” —- some provide more (and deeper) direct stimulation of the prostate while others (like the SGX and MGX) also work their magic on the anus. Whatever your preference, there will be an Aneros that will carry you to orgasmic bliss!

“Anatomical Delights Of A Male”

No sessions for a couple of days now. I am in a new Day 3 of SR and just relaxing and enjoying my maleness. While in bed this morning, wearing my Mueller “chastity cup” I began to dwell (like a meditation) on a few things. They all seemed to have something in common: the male anatomy. So here is the essence of that story…..


Male Anatomy 101
Of course, we all have a penis, two testicles, a scrotum and a prostate. Males are very sensual creatures; we are sexually stimulated mainly by touch or sight. Whether we touch our own cocks or have that pleasure performed by someone (or something) else, we derive extreme orgasmic satisfaction from our erections and ejaculations. Need I say any more?

But there are other things unique to our male anatomy that can give us great sexual pleasure. Among them are prostate stimulation and perineal stimulation.

“I Wanted the SGX, But Reached for the MGX!”

Well, I made it to Day 7 of SR! Still no signs of blue-balls but man am I horny! I wore only my nylon shorts to bed last night and awoke about 5 AM with a very stiff morning erection. I decided to put-on my SD Ultra Pro Carbon Cup and soon after, decided on a session. I was thinking about the SGX which I have not ridden in a while. But when I went to get it, I reached instead for the MGX! Perhaps I wanted something a little larger and the MGX fit the bill!

After lubing-up and inserting, I began to experience what felt like a pre-ejaculatory feeling. Sure enough, my prostate was being “milked”. I felt the strong erection beneath the cup and so I decided to remove it. And when I did, I was amazed at the fluid that had already be pumped-out! A nice wet spot on the inside of the pouch and even more oozing out of my erect cock! Easily 4-5 drops’ worth. At that time, I honestly thought about finishing the job with a nice ejaculation! But I decided to remain in chastity for one more day (at least!) I like this High-T feeling that comes with SR Day 7!!

PS This was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes). But it seemed enough in that I expelled more fluid than I thought I would. I feel nicely “milked”!

“Yet Another Mindset For Chastity”

I made it to Day 6 of SR but I’m really “itching” for an ejaculation! It isn’t easy! I know I must endure a couple more days. In the meantime, I wore my XO cup overnight. This morning, I contemplated another session, perhaps with the SGX. But instead, I opted to remain in chastity. I wanted to ejaculate so badly, but decided against it.

New Mindset
I don’t know where it came from but this mindset came over me like a fantasy…..My urologist recommended a treatment for me to help with my ED—–I am to wear a cup supporter with another “regular” jockstrap on top (to stabilize it). I was already wearing my XO cup, but it is rather loose-fitting. So I selected my Duke swimmer’s jockstrap with a nice, large pouch and put it on over the XO. When I did, it felt very secure; the cup could not move-around at all! I couldn’t cheat while wearing this combination! So I remained in chastity and at the same time, my ED is being treated! What an amazing feeling! Of course, I am still very horny and really want to ejaculate. But if I endure it and don’t develop the “blue-balls”, it should be an amazing day!

Continuing the “cycle” of abstinence followed by ejaculation, the ups-and-downs of testosterone level (verified by scientific proof) boosts my libido to the point where I can feel it. It may not be a “normal” occurrence for men but it is “normal” for me—-I like the side-effects of abstinence (chastity)*. I never feel any more “masculine” than when I continue to practice semen retention. Guys, if you’ve never tried it, you don’t’ know what you are missing!

“Chastity Is A Game Of Tug-Of-War!”

Of course, it is not a real game! But the thought process behind self-imposed chastity is indeed tug-of-war*. Let me explain……

My side of the rope:
I hold on to the “rope” instead of holding on to my cock! It is really that simple! I want to remain in chastity (and semen retention) for as long as possible. I am now at Day 9 and hope to go at least another 6 or 9 days! I ”pull” on the rope by not edging or surfing at all. I have found from much experience that too much edging, surfing or an anticipation of partnered sexual activity will arouse me too much to the point where the blue-balls are almost inevitable. So I am very careful even with Aneros sessions not to directly stimulate my cock at the same time as my prostate.

Just this morning, I had a very nice milking session with SGX which I have not used in a while. It was a worthwhile session: I expelled more prostate fluid, not precum (I can see and feel the difference. Precum is very slippery and stringy, prostate fluid is not as much so.) These healthy prostate milking sessions seem to keep me satisfied while at the same time not getting me too aroused; hence, a nice balance. I enjoy prostate massage without any blue-balls.