Did I get my first Super O? What’s next?

Hey I think I might’ve had my first super o but I’m not entirely sure. I am using the Aneros Helix Syn V. So I was listening to the audios and this happened multiple times were I was riding a wave and body was shaking and i started thrusting uncontrollably. One of the craziest feelings I’ve ever had and not sure if that was an orgasm or not. But when I was shaking and thrusting it felt so good and doing contractions during this wave made it so much better. On the last orgasms it felt like I was about to cum while thrusting and shaking so hard where I can’t even control. So close to moaning as well. Thrusting definitely made it feel so much better. When I tell you I was just humping uncontrollably I couldn’t even stop. And this happened for each super O in a matter of an hour. Is that normal?

Unfortunately after a few of these happening I snapped out of it and was not able to actually have a wet orgasm but definitely was a dry orgasm. And got tired so I went to stroking and eventually cummed then. Should I have kept on going until I cummed? I want to try and get a HFWO next . What could I try and do differently? I was listening to erotic audio during this.

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  2. >I think

    >I might have

    From what I’ve read from others, as well as my own experience, you’ll KNOW if it happened or not.

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