4 years and still no dice

It’s been four years since I got my Helix Syn. During that time I’ve also bought the Progasm.

On this journey there have been ups and downs. During a bad session I get nothing. During a good session I’ll leak precum and get some moderately good sensations. I mostly lie on my back with a pillow under my hips. Although I have tried most other positions as well.

I have tried using a lot of lube (coconut oil + water based) and I’ve tried using little. I’ve tried abstaining from orgasm a few days before and I’ve tried the day after an orgasm.

I usually start by doing nothing for a while and then clenching softly. Holding the clench and breathing. I usually play with my nipples during sessions.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I see a lot of guys recommending weed as an aid but that’s out of the question for me. I’ve never felt this disheartened about the Aneros, there was always hope but now I feel I’m loosing that hope.

Please help me.

Long time since my last entry

Been a very long time since my last entry. Some really good some really bad.

I have been going through lots of stress at work for the last 2 months so my sessions have been lacking explosiveness and full body involvement but felt good none the less. It didn’t matter if I was joined with Miss Helix, her best friend Miss Mgx or my boy Progasm Jr. I did take some solace in feeling Jr snuggled up against me, filling me and sometimes making slow love to me even if there was not much in the way of pleasurable sensations. Miss Helix didn’t really want to play in my current state but Miss mgx tried like hell to make me feel better.

I ended up loosing my job 2 weeks ago and had to get another but once this happened almost all the stress I had been under dissipated. A few days later after loosing my job I joined up with Jr, he gave me a night full of wonderful full body orgasms for several hours. My head swimming in bliss, my body tingling like a vibrator and my cock straining for release that never happened even though it felt like I had cum a gallon but not a drop came out. I was relived to return back to this place of intense pleasure that I hadn’t been able to reach for what seemed like decades.

Too deep?

I have a helix, progasm, hugo, njoy wand.
And a few dildos.

Helix does feel good but only very mildly.
Progasm feels good in a girthy way.
Hugo buzzes too hard, numbs everything.

I’ve only gotten intense feelings from what I think is my prostate by using the njoy wand and longer dildos. It seems to be a spot that the progasm also stimulates but not directly on the head, slightly further in.

Rocking the toys on the spot doesnt get much pleasure.

What works is pulling it out and thrusting it into the spot. But I can’t ever keep it up long enough to climax due to the awkward angle and its quite easy to lose the right angle to hit it.

Coming back after almost 4 years

For a whole multitude of reasons I hadn’t used my aneros toys for almost 4 years. However, a little while ago I finally delved in to the depths of my wardrobe and freed them from their boxes. I prepped myself, had a shower and turned up the heating so I was nice and cosy. In front of me were my helix, eupho and progasm. I opted for the helix since it’s been a while, and got myself nice and relaxed before inserting. And after an hour… nothing. The feeling of having it inserted was nice, but there were no pleasurable feelings anywhere else, no buzz, no excitement.

I tried it again the next day. More of the same (nothing!) I remembered having trouble with it before, so did a bit of research and wondered if it was too small for me, or if it didn’t quite ‘fit’ right. The best feelings used to come from my progasm but it was looking a little intimidating after such a long time away. So I hopped online and bought a Progasm Jr. Best. Decision. Ever.

As soon as I got it I was incredibly excited. I’d already prepped myself and my room before it arrived in the post, I tore open the package, gave it a good clean and jumped in to bed. This toy is beautiful, black, shiny and elegant, in my opinion it’s much more attractive than any other Aneros toys I’ve had. Any of the prostate toys in fact.

New highs.

Things keep getting better. Tired of posting this repeatedly but, it’s the truth. This was my first session in almost a week.

Wife had to be out of the house this morning at 0800. Knowing morning sessions are better for me I took advantage of the opportunity and had some solo fun. Well, this was a session to beat all the others. Amazing where I’m at with SO intensity. I’ve learned to manipulate the Progasm to a small and highly sensitive area and work it back and forth. I had been tightening up and pulling it in further as the O built pulling it off this area but now I’m resisting that impulse and hitting that little spot. I was actually physically exhausted after this session today! I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’d consider today’s intensity with my pulse elevated a good aerobic workout.

Had another twenty minute session this afternoon. Not near as good as this mornings.

Nipple O’s keep getting better too. I’ve learned to stop trying to force them and just let them happen.


[Advice] Anal Training – What is working best for you?

I'[m] moving more and more into anal play,

I honestly think i’m still a novice in this journey (prostate play) but i’m at the stage where fingers are not enough anymore and I might went a bit big on the last toys I got… [Rock Off Bad boy](https://www.amazon.com/Rocks-Off-Bad-Boy-Black/dp/B00CM893HO) and [Aneros Progasm](https://www.amazon.com/Glass-Aneros-Progasm-Prostate-Stimulator/dp/B00AH6TPGW) but not by much. Love how they are filling me but still uncomfortable a bit and not fully enjoying my sessions.

What worked best so far for you in terms of stretching exercises?

Ie: Buttplug sessions, relaxation, natural lube (coconut oil VS industrial lube)? etc etc…

New high today

Morning. On chest with pillows under hips.

Some lack-luster sessions lately. Don’t know what happened but just didn’t hit the usual highs.

That changed today, big time!

Had a bit of time this morning so I cleaned out, lubed up, and popped in the Progasm. No more than two minutes, really, and I had mt first SO. Second was within a minute. These were about what I’ve been getting lately but, still good. Then the BIG ones started. I mean screaming into the bed pulling on the mattress big ones, and this over and over. I’m easily tall enough to grab the top end of the mattress and hook my toes over the bottom end. I haven’t pulled this hard ever. I bet I’m sore tomorrow. I’d SO then start thrashing a bit on the bed and have another smaller SO while trembling, incredible. Didn’t want to stop but had things to do.

Second session two-and-a-half hours later was the same if not better. NEVER had SO’s like these before and repeating. Got up a couple times to pee but when back on the bed things fired back up. Gave up some afternoon plans just to ride this train for a while longer.

Third session, two hours after the second, was like the first. Fast start, big SO’s.

You think you’ve hit the top and then you find the new level. What an incredible journey it’s been.