Helix Syn Trident sold out. How about Progasm Jr?

Thanks for all the info, tips and reviews in this group. I’m buying my first aneros now.

PROBLEM: The Helix Syn Trident seems to be the most recommended for beginners, at aneros and most other places. But it’s sold out or not being shipped to my country on amazon.com. At the aneros website I could buy it but they’re charging $35 (non US) shipping! At amazon.co.uk it’s also expensive.

DILEMMA: How about the Progasm Jr? Is it similarly good for a total beginner like me? (BTW I’m skinny too, 30″ waist.) Or should I pay the extra money for the more recommended Helix Syn Trident?

how does the Vice 2 fair without the vibes on? [never owned a Aneros, looking for some general advice]


I’d consider myself somewhat experienced with butt stuff, but I only have one dedicated prostate toy, a [Tantus Prostate Play](https://www.tantusinc.com/products/prostate-play). I’m looking to buy my first Aneros, but I’m at a crossroads because I enjoy using my prostate toys with and without vibes.

So, the Vice 2 is appealing for me since it has vibrations, but how does it fair as far as Aneros toys go without the vibes? Is it satisfying to use in the standard ‘clenching’ style that Aneros’ are known for? That’s really where my initial interest in Aneros came from, but if it can do both well then that’s rather appealing for me. If it can’t, then maybe something else would be better for me?

My next choice would probably the be Progasm for that more ‘full’ feeling, but I’m also open to suggestions. It might help to mention that I’ve always found my Tantus Prostate Play to be a bit too…. aggressive? It’s not so much the size as it is the tip, I think. I do enjoy feeling ‘full’, but I’m starting to think that might always be as necessary as I may think it is, so I’m becoming increasingly indecisive as I type this.

Appreciate any advice!

Insertion depth of Aneros

Been using the helix trident for about a month. Get some decent feelings and learning a lot. However it sticks out an inch when inserted. Even when I clench it only pulls it in a little more. I understand we are all slightly different and my personal anatomy plays a factor.
But how deep should I expect the helix trident to stick out in a relaxed or clenched state?
I have read on the forums (when they were working) some guys need a bigger unit. I went with the Helix due to it be recommended beginner model. I like it but want to be sure it is the right one for me. The MGX looks nice but is only .08 inches longer. The Progasm is .68 inches longer but also much bigger throughout, which is slightly concerning. I’m sure it is easily worked up to though.

Side question: Anyone know what’s up with Aneros forums?

Thanks guys for any advice and help!

Newbie experience a great night !

Hi everyone just thought I’d say I had a great time with the Progasm which is my first Aneros(I had a cheap vibrating massager before but that didn’t work out)

My experience so far:

First time was great I didn’t really know what I was doing but went with the flow. I was worried this was beginners luck after reading the forums.

2nd attempt despite now being really keen, absolutely nothing I couldn’t replicate the auto-pilot my body went into the first time it felt forced and I gave up.

3rd attempt success ! I used the same technique as last time with contracting as I exhaled but this time I stopped trying to control it and focused on sensation and It eventually took on a mind of its own. I felt like I’d lost control squirming and moaning till I could take no more( I never normally make any sound masterbateing) I think “auto fuck” is the closet description with my body wanting to contract harder and harder with no consciouse effort.

This was such a more powerful and full bodied experience than ejaculation a great product 🙂

My path to Super-O


1. Avoid jerking off watching porn
2. Let go of control
3. Size of toy may not matter that much

Hi there, since a few weeks I got the point I can reliably summon Super-Os. So I thought it is a good idea to share what worked and what did not for me.

Like many of us, I read tons of guides, some of which were contradicting others and kept me confused. Moreover many guides are written by experts who already achieved Super-O and are somewhat harder to interpret by people who are in the beginning of the journey. I hope this will be useful.


### Jan

Received Lelo Bruno. Manual toys are oldschool and cool kids should get battery powered toys, right?

### Feb

Had around 5 sessions with Bruno while watching regular porn in front of the PC. No luck. Jerking off with vibrator in did somewhat improve orgasm but nothing to write home about. Realized I needed to research more and there is not going to be a delayed gratification thing, again.

### March

Got MGX trident. Tried steps from the wiki (breathing, contractions, CaveOfMystery method, donothing). Absolutely no pleasant sensations whatsoever. I did notice sometimes during exhale combined with some very specific PC contraction there was a “feeling”. It was not pleasurable but not unpleasant either. Motivated by some progress, decided to help my prostate awake by ordering another gadget. We all know ordering stuff online is the way for the win.

Found a nice spot, some precum. Steps from here?

I’ve been trying for a CFA on and off for some months.

I was having a session with my Progasm, when it found a spot that felt nice.

It felt a little like the feeling when I pass a number 2: Intense, but not pleasurable in itself.

I am able to contract about every 1-2 seconds.

During the session, some precum came out spontaneously which was nice.

Am I on the right track? Do you have any suggestions?

Am I close?

So I had a session yesterday and it was extremely pleasurable. I was moving my Aneros Progasm with my anal sphyncter for about an hour and it made me feel like I was about to ejaculate (don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to feel). I was really aroused, but I wasn’t relaxed. The point is that the more aroused, the less relaxed I become. However, I didn’t ejaculate (which is not my goal) neither had an orgasm. Have any of you had an orgasm without being relaxed? I always go to a peak and then go down again with no sucess. I can’t go beyond that point. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.