Progasm p-tab modification question

A couple days ago I gave my new progasm ice for its first ride and enjoyed it immensely. However, I noticed that the perineum tab on it is nearly a finger’s width away from making contact. It is fully inserted and the rear k-tab applies noticeable pressure. Though I enjoyed my first couple times with it, I cannot help but wonder if I am missing out without the external stimulation.

I have seen people mention that some people modify their aneros in comments here and in the aneros forums, but have not been able to find any with specific examples/descriptions of what was done, why, and or how. So I have a few questions for you fellow pleasure seekers.

Has anybody else encountered this issue with the progasm?
Did it lead you modify it and if so how did you go about doing it?
Were you successful or not in your attempts?
Does anybody have any links to threads that already cover the above? (I can really only go online on mobile so that maybe my issue in finding it)
Any other just general progasm tips or experiences you’d like to share?

Also, thanks so much to all of you that take the time to share your journey. It sure has helped me along in mine.

It was almost spiritual tonight

Progasm is becoming my sole source of prostate pleasure. It just works.

Tonight, it got so intense it was almost like I was sharing the event with other
entities on another plane.

First session was great. Good O’s and fairly frequently. Second session though was a mind
blower. STRONG, STRONG O’s over and over about a minute or so apart and the started building
and peaking SO easy.

Towards the end of the second session I kind of got this picture in my brain of
being in another place with other men and women, kind of purple. Being hugged
while I was orgasming. Pretty peaceful and pleasant in some ways.

Weird too.


Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr?


After some time experimenting with prostate stimulation, I’ve decided to expand my Aneros collection. Although I have yet to achieve the elusive super O, I still very much enjoy the sessions; and I do like the hands free aspect. I already have the helix synth, but would like a change.
(For the record I have the njoy pure wand, getting no pleasure from it whatsoever).

The question is whether to get the Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr.
From the pictures, they don’t seem too different in size so I’m curious to hear if anyone have experiences regarding those models.
In will also pick up the Trident Eupho to see if a smaller model might be more appropriate for me.
Hoping for some input.

Thanks for reading.

The First Night

Decided to recant my first night of Super-Os as part of my blog. Hope you all enjoy reading:

Well. I just had my first Super O and then I followed it up with 20+ more over the next 5 hours.

And all Anerosless!!!

Mind you today I started the day with the Helix Syn and the Progasm session before I left for my flight to Atlanta. About 6 months into my journey and I was getting pwaves and like micro mini Os. Just some light pulsating and I can feel the in-voluntaries but up to this point nothing more than 10-15 secs. Nothing changed with this morning session.

For the last 4 days I have been reading and practicing the exercises from The MultiOrgasmic Man. No jacking off for 4 days…Sharpening the Knife every morning. 300+ Kegels a day. Using Cool Draw starting on the 3rd day.

I get on the plane and as I am on there I decide to do some kegels. I was shooting for 100. I got to about 50 and something strange happened. I was getting the pulsating I get with the Aneros but this was without. I stopped….did a few Cool Draws and then I was done.

I met up with my friends and we got to the vacation home. All was well. We were just enjoying each others company. After Dinner we went home and I lay down on the couch. I fell asleep. Woke up like 30 mins later and decided let me finish today’s kegels.

Sleeping with aneros in success? Does it help with “advancement”?

I originally started prostate play a couple of months ago with vibrating toys, but eventually found the aneros line up. I’ve been doing prostate sessions daily for about 2-3 weeks now. Last week, I was exhausted after a late night session and just went to sleep with the progasm in (had been using coconut oil for one of the first times). I woke up still fairly slick and was a bit sore the next day, but nothing too bad. I took a day off and everything was fine.

After, I decided to stay small for a bit and had a similar experience with the helix syn, (where I was tired and decided to just go to sleep with it in). The next day, I noticed that I was very easily arousable via my nipples, and would occasionally feel prostate pleasure throughout the day, without anything inserted.

My questions is whether anyone else has had success advancing their prostate sensitivity by sleeping with a massager in, and if so, what worked best for you?

Interesting couple of days

Yesterday was a pretty good session. Started out with the PS-New and switched to the Progasm after about an hour and a half. Did not quite hit the highs I hit a couple sessions ago but, nothing to complain about. I take what I get and am happy with it.

Today was a change. Did about thirty minutes with the PS-New before switching to the Progasm. This session I hit some new highs. I’m finding sessions involving more traditional O muscles and O’s getting close to feeling like TO’s. After an hour I had some things to take care of. Got some coffee, sat on the deck a bit, took care of business all this time feeling VERY horny. Finally gave in, got out the oil and rubbed one out. TO’s do NOT feel like they used to. I’m finding I prefer super O’s. Not sure how I feel about this.

Got up, cleaned up, and took a shower. Still had my Progasm sitting in the sink waiting to be cleaned up. Decided to give it another go. By now it had been an hour since my earlier session. After masturbating I really did not expect much in trying another session. Let me tell you, I hit some highs this second session I’d never hit before. Took about forty minutes to get there. Session was pretty good anyway up to this point. Was going to stop this session at thirty minutes. Glad I kept going! Maybe it was the post-masturbation buzz. Certainly wasn’t semen retention!

Session 11/27/2018

Did not take five minutes for things to take off with some fairly big O’s. Did not hit quite the highs of the last two sessions but I’m not complaining.

I’m fighting a cold so I expect this slowed things down.

Last session was the PS-New. Progasm usually gets the job done.


Prograsm Ice = Butt Marauder

So I came in from lunch and as I was returning all my family were leaving to go shopping. Wife was already at work and had already completed her midday home trip.

It was just me…the dog…and my prostate.

I started with some Aless. It was fantastic. 2 Super-Os lasting over 5 mins each. I felt all tingly. I decided to retire to the room and get it on with the Helix Syn. It was ok…some good pleasure. A few pwaves. Several times it was moving on its own but it never really hit that spot. My prostate then spoke to me. It said one word….Progasm.

Now some background here. Me and this unit have never seen eye to eye. It’s a lot to put it in. It never feels comfortable. The only time I ever get pleasure from it is if I decided to masturbate (which before I had super-Os I would ALWAYS do and this would ALWAYS be the model I end my sessions with).

Today was different. I lubed it up and while it was still difficult getting that first bulb in…after that it slid right in to place and it kissed my prostate. That was different. I laid down and just took deep breaths. Shortly thereafter it felt like my rectum expanded to allow more of the big boy in. My cock got super soft…unlike any other time…but I felt it…I felt it starting to tingle…it moved like it was shifting…very very small movements…but they were deliberate and to the point. And then it happened…

I thought I had super O’d. Today was something different.

Been fighting something since Thursday. Sore throat, a little weak and some mild sinus stuff. Hadn’t been feeling aroused at all during this time. Woke up this morning feeling a little better and new I’d have some space this afternoon. Started playing with my nipples through the morning and got wound up pretty good. Even had a few Aless mini’O’s. Did this all morning.

This afternoon, when I got my space, I started out with the Progasm lying on my chest, stretched out on the bed. Things took off about like normal, some little O’s after five minutes or so. Things got better, as usual. At an hour and forty-five minutes things had slowed down. I took out the Progasm and inserted the PS-New. This got things going again but not as good as the Progasm had been. After fifteen minutes took a break to pee then I was back to the Progasm. Never fails, after taking a pee things are VERY intense quickly when I get back to my session then they taper off, but don’t stop by no means.

Had some new sensations with the Progasm today. Different “heat” and pressure build up in my groin. This would build and finally involve some of the nerves in my penis which led to some light pulsing like a traditional O, but not ejaculation (I’m never hard during a session). This would build until the heat and pressure seemed to focus to one small point about the size of a pea then WHAM!!! I was surprised I didn’t rip the top off the mattress. Kept getting these about every one to two minutes. Some MUCH better than others but most better than anything I’d had before.