Just ordered a progasm! Any advice on how to use it?

Im not new to prostate play, been using a helix syn for over a year now so im not a total beginner or anything, so I decided to buy a progasm based on some posts here and the thought that my prostate isnt getting hit entirely by the syn. Its set to arrive in a couple weeks unless theres some issue delivering to a PO box, so can anyone give any tips for someone who is switching from a syn to progasm? I heard the progasm is a lot more direct where the syn is more subtle and builds up.

Which model should I get?

I have the helix trident and progasm. I haven’t had much success over 6 months of practice (let’s say 1.2 sessions per week avg.) I am thinking of taking the plunge and getting a new model, since there is a sale going on. I was thinking about getting the eupho or eupho syn. I don’t know how the silicone would impact the toy specifically so any input on that would be appreciated. Would it dull the sensations too much to what I hear is already a more subtle model? Input on other models is good, too, though I am not interested in the vice.

Which toy, if you can point it out, awoke your prostate? The first to give you p-waves? First to orgasm? The models are built differently, so maybe there is a vague consensus on which aneros models are more prone to doing this. This question is geared towards people who awoke their prostates through aneros. Any other experiences are welcome,too

Advice on private shipping, through aneros themselves or someone else?

Im looking to buy another aneros toy, specifically the progasm. Im not sure if im ready for it or if it might be too large for me when I first get it, but I want to try it anyway (Any advice you can give about it is also appreciated). Obviously I have to get it shipped, and that gives a couple of problems to me, im currently living with my parents, and am wondering if there are any sort of alternatives to having them deliver it straight to my house.

I live in Canada, and am unsure what shippers different companies will use. I bought my first toy directly from aneros, and the shipping was kind of discreet, though a quick google search of what was on the package revealed exactly what was inside. Im not sure who can ship to PO boxes or not or if they can just ship it to the post office directly and I can then pick it up there instead of my mailbox. Any advice for this is recommended.

First Aneros Experience – Decimated by the Progasm

Last night I had my first experience with an Aneros toy – the Progasm Ice – and was absolutely decimated.

A few months ago I learned about prostate orgasms and impulse bought a vibrating massager on amazon. It was my first time experimenting with anal play and felt great. I experienced involuntary convulsions and light p-waves, but nothing close to an orgasm. The sessions were fun, but after about 45 minutes the vibration would make my prostate numb with over-stimulation.

I learned about Aneros after a few weeks of using it and started to learn more about how to improve technique. A few weeks ago, I tried using the massager without the vibration at all, and relied only on my rectal muscles. I immediately realized that the vibration wasn’t necessary and broke new grounds of pleasure. I’m not sure if I can use definitive terms for what I felt, but it was much more powerful and long lasting than the p-waves and involuntary convulsions I had before. Immediately after that session, I ordered a Helix Syn and Prograsm Ice online.

I’ve never been more excited for something to come in the mail. Since I started prostate play, I’ve been more aware of how horniness manifests in the prostate. The rewiring of my brain was becoming noticeable, and I kept getting the feeling that my prostate was begging for another session. Yesterday I checked my email and saw that the package had been delivered. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach, and my prostate began to swell. I opened up my Helix Syn first and admired its craftsmanship. It was a bit smaller than expected, but I knew from reading on these forums that size doesn’t matter.

Aneros model for penetrative sex – other than the progasm

I currently own the progasm model, and only use it for foreplay and penetrative sex with my wife (i use the Njoy Wand for dedicated prostate sessions).

Using the progasm has brought my sexual awareness and sensation to another level … The head of my cock and prostate seem to connected and radiates to my entire body. But there are a couple of drawbacks – orgasms aren’t consistently great, and i sometimes lose my hardon, probably due to the size of the toy.

For those who use aneros toys for penetrative sex, which model do you recommend and/or use?

Aneros model advice

Hi there I have the helix trident syn but I’m unsure if it’s the right size for hitting the right spot for me. Can anyone comment on the MGX and whether it’s a bit longer and more suited to reaching the spot a bit further in than the trident? Is there a model that someone can reccomend I move on from the trident to? I have the progasm which is nice and filling but I’m unsure if I’m experienced enough to move onto that. I have been using these toys for about 8 months and have never had anything more than a few p waves.

Anyone else had an O so hard their body rang like a bell?

Progasm session. Weed b4 hand. Some poppers in a mason jar… about 35min into session and crusing the waves .. body going nuts .. really long inhale of poppers.. relax EVERYTHING… fingertips touch nipples… huge surging wave of pleasure then my ears rang my abs spasmed colours danced behind my eyelids and my groin rang for minutes like a bell…
Afterwards had to take nurofen so be able walk without coming… its still tingling down there…
Havent had the post session tingles and spasms last as long as today before… its like that O hit every single nerve in my body and is still echoing around…
Much wow and a little unnerved about just how insanely powerful this prostate O thing is. ..