Started using a cock ring during my sessions.

So maybe about a month and a half ago I decided to use a silicone cock ring during one of my sessions, and it has changed everything. For whatever reason it has made everything much more intense. I put the ring on around my cock and balls and it fits quite snug and feels pretty great all on it’s own, but then I pop in my Progasm and take a few hits of my vape pen and settle in for the ride.

I usually watch porn music videos during my sessions. Something about the quick edits and music really works for me. I post a lot of my favorites over on r/goonfuel so feel free to look through my post history if you’re curious. Anyway, I don’t know why, but the cock ring makes it much easier for me to feel my prostate being stimulated. That extra bit of pressure around the base of my dick and around my balls is just enough sensation to enhance the pleasure I’m getting from my Progasm rubbing my prostate.

Progasm Problem

I broke the tab the pressed on the butt crevice (not the tab that rests against the perineum), I wanted to know, what could I use to sand down the broken nub of the tap,
should i use some kind of sandpaper or something? or cover it with modeling clay as a kind of cap on the nub of that broken tab?

Will Aneros work if you have Multiple Sclerosis?

So I’m a widower @ 50yrs old, 5’10” 205lbs and fit, but diagnosed about 2yrs ago with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the past 2 years I’ve developed ED issues and now most recently the inability to cum. I can have erection w/ a pill and I also frequently do wake with a morning woody …harder then if I took a pill, just does not last long enough to “use it.” Only thing I’ve not been able to fix my ability to cum.

I have a GF (also widowed) and she is very “frisky.” It was with her I first discovered my ED issues (NEVER in my life have I not been able to get it up. She was the first one for this to happen to!) What is cool is that she is so frisky and understanding that solving my ED and coming issues has become a “team effort!”

During one of my flare ups I temporarily lost ability to urinate. I had to insert a catheter to pee. This is when I noticed a good feeling as the catheter past by my prostate! I figured if I still felt my prostate w/ the catheter, I could use it to stimulate things. This is when I started researching prostate massaging. My GF and I researched internal massaging my prostate, and as kinky/odd/unlike anything I’d do with someone else, I suggested it to her. She was eager to try, in fact more then eager as I found she too had looked into it! …Anyhow, she tried her best. For the most part I really felt nothing. She could not find that “walnut”…and her finger(s) were at least 4” inside me. It was just nice to be experience such an erotic “first time” event with her.

The journey so far!

Hi all. I’m relatively new to this, I purchased a helix trident (the plastic one) about two weeks ago, then a progasm jr about a week ago. It’s been interesting! On my first try, I used coconut oil as lube, but found the insertion uncomfortable as I’m pretty tight and sensitive down there. When it went in, immediate shaking and spasms, pleasant sensations but not much else. Then I bought some anal lube, totally different with a very pleasant sensation on entry for both devices. I’d got to the point with the helix where I’d reached a sort of block, just nothing much after half an hour.
The first time I used the progasm jr, wow! I got an amazing tingling and hot sensation from my prostate, shaking and panting with the onset of some involuntaries. Unfortunately I had to end the session early! I’ve been using it every night for a week now as I’m totally addicted and I’m not even sure to what yet! I had a session this afternoon where I think I almost felt the onset of an orgasm, the pulling feeling of rushing build of pleasure, but it frustratingly ebbed away in a ghostly way just as it arrived. It’s so subtle I’m not sure if it’s just my mind wishing for it if you know what I mean?
Anyway, I have read up on here about the best ways forward so will keep trying. I know it’s early days and I’m so hopeful to achieve the incredible feelings I’ve read about.
Happy New Year to all!

Triggering the need to poop

Sorry for the gross topic, but I need advice. I have a helix Syn and a Progasm. When I use either one, it keeps triggering the need to poop. I always go before a session, but it never fails that I have to stop my session at least once or twice to have to poop, not to mention make a mess. Last night it was three times and I finally abandoned my session.

I have tried a bulb cleaning before as well as upped my Metamucil.

Any advice is appreciated.

What are involuntary contractions supposed to feel like?

Position: Right/Left side, one leg straight one bent
Aneros Model: Progasm

Haven’t had an O yet or P-Waves for that matter… but involuntary contractions happen common for me. It doesn’t feel pleasurable per se, but it does feel pleasant, like a notch below how one would feel actively jacking off normally.

Anyway, is it normal for the contractions to be light and rapid? Picture yourself anxiously tapping your finger on a table, that’s how fast and light the contractions feel for me, minus the anxiousness.

Letting it go on, my body eventually holds a contraction as strong as it can while still having just enough to continue the fast tap rhythm. It feels like an orgasm is building… but once I feel like I’m maybe about to cum, I don’t know how to explain it, but it feels like my prostate swells up and the fast contractions cease… then it feels like the prostate swells back down and then I have to start the manual contractions to initiate the involuntary ones again. By this point there is a lot of precum and my prostate feels “hot”.

Again, it’s not pleasurable per se, but it does feel nice enough to where I like doing it.

What phase of the rewiring would you say this is?

Issues With Aneros Products

Tried them several years ago with no luck, but in last few months have purchased several of the latest versions (MUCH more comfortable to use), but still not getting anywhere…

1. While I have no issues keeping in the smaller products, the Progasm Jr, Progasm, Vice 2 won’t stay put for long–seems like the neck is just too wide, so not being retained by the sphincter? I’m wearing breathable leak-proof underwear (had some staining issues with coconut oil), and sometimes, it’s all that’s keeping them from totally being pushed out.
2. With the Helix or Eupho Syn products, I seem to be having some luck…I do get some kinda-pleasant feeling, but it seems more like I feel like I need to shit, rather than being a prostate-based feeling, or feeling like I need to piss. I have tried the pulling & holding for 30 seconds repeatedly until muscle exhaustion, but just seems like I get to a point where I can’t pull any more, but never get the contractions and muscle spasms others talk about.

I’m using Boy Butter as lube, things move easily (I’ve tried other lubes including the Aneros brand, and don’t feel they make things any more slippery. I have no pains or issues internally or externally (new design is to thank for that…I used to end up with a raw perineum), but just frustrated that this isn’t working better.

Any ideas?


My Aneros Journey

Sorry ahead of time if this is a longer post but I wanted to share my experience so far.

So I’m 25 years old and have been using aneros for a few years now. So far I’ve owned a bunch of different models including the Eupho Syn Trident, Helix Syn Trident, MGX, and the Helix Classic. Just last week I finally purchased the Progasm!

Up until now my results have varied. Some days I was disappointed and then some days I felt like I was finally getting somewhere.

I’ve followed all of the guides and tips that I could find online. Some were very helpful and some not so much.

During my sessions over the last few years, the progress that I’ve made has been overall pretty exciting tbh. I went from barely feeling anything, to experiencing pleasurable sensations. Haven’t experienced a “Super O” yet but I am optimistic.

Prior to the progasm, the most I’ve experienced was pleasurable sensations throughout my body accompanied by leaking precum and some trembling.

Yesterday, I experienced the Progasm for the very first time ever. Wow! Like wow! Within minutes, I felt the feeling of “I need to cum” and I was leaking a decent amount of precum. I felt involuntary contractions. I started to tremble and I felt a very short sensation of what felt like was about to turn into an orgasm. It only lasted about 20 seconds but it was pretty awesome.