Looking for advice/explanation

Hi everyone! I’ve been toying around with prostate massagers for little over a year now and have really enjoyed my experience so far. While my sessions generally don’t produce involuntary contractions or p-waves, they’re still very pleasurable and a good way to relax.

In two sessions, about 6 months apart, I’ve managed to get these p-waves (i think). During those sessions (first with a leluv nero knock off toy, another with progasm) I felt the pleasure build up (as it usually does), but then suddenly the pleasure grew and began creeping up my body untill my whole body was “tingling” and feeling all around very pleasurable. There were no muscles clenching, I kept on doing what I thought felt good and the “wave” of pleasure passed after 10 second on the first time and after approx. 1 minute on the second.

The first session I did manual contractions until it got to the point where I tried to keep relaxed, but the contractions sort of were automatic. After a while this resulted in the first wave of pleasure.

The second session I tried breathing deeply in and out of my belly, and after a while the wave came and passed.

Since these two sessions have been so pleasurable, my question stands: is there a way to “cheat” yourself into feeling these sensations on a regular basis?

Looking to get a 3rd Aneros model…. Need some help

I have the Eupho and the Progasm Jr. I MUCH prefer the Eupho over the Progasm Jr and it’s mainly due to the rigidity of the Progasm Jr in reference to the K-tab.

The Eupho is just comfortable and does a great job but am looking for something equally comfortable but will provide a new sensation/experience.

With that, I think going with a Syn model is wise. Was thinking the Helix makes good sense as it’s a proven model but maybe it’s too much like the Eupho and I’d get more contrasting sensations from the MGX.

So I guess what I’m asking is…. if you already had a Eupho, would opt for the Helix or the MGX?

Which Aneros model is closest to the Helix Syn in your opinion?

I’m not completely giving up hope but I cannot for the life of me find my Aneros Helix Syn. As payday approaches I was looking at possibly replacing, but seems that model is no longer being sold anywhere.

Problem is I’ve got a few others, but I’m struggling with keeping those in my ass, and as soon as I start to feel them coming out, that pretty much the entire session tanked. No joy with my Helix Syn V (the vibrating one, though I typically use without turning on) or my old white plastic model (had for so long I couldn’t tell you what it is, maybe an MGX), and I have a Progasm ice but I’ve never been able to keep that in.

Part of the problem is most of my success has come from the Syn, and it’s really the only one that works for me on my back; I’ve had a little joy with the Syn V on my side, but I’m trying to do Mindgasm and am having more success there on my back.

So what are people’s experiences with toys similar in profile to the Aneros Helix Syn? Helix Syn Trident seems visually the closest, but I’m hesitant to make a purchase right now if it cannot be the golden model (at least in my own experience).


My Progasm session

Last nite I got to bed early with a planned session.
The Progasm was my prostate buddy for this.
Lubed up on my side….and slowly inserted the Progasm.
This needs some patience because of the shape.

This toy is not my most used one..i have to be in a ‘I need to be fucked modus’
With some breath control and pc muscle control my prostate welcomed the partner in crime.
In a few minutes my body was in motion and orgasm after orgasm took over….some more intense with precum drippin out.

I had an agreement with myself for a 2 hour session…because of a lack of sleep.
Other thing is the fact that the Progasm totally worn me out with a lill irritated/pain-ish rectum.
Still totally satisfied.

My session

Since a few days im really into my toys…spring in the air or something.
Last nights I had my MGX as a weapon of choice.
The session goes like this. Lube MGX up with waterbased…cause got all syn versions.
Start on my side with one leg bend to my body and other one stretched.

Slide the toy inside and as a yogi focus on my breathing.
In no time my pc muscles pull the MGX out…the autofuck modus is on.
What follows is a rush never ending of P-orgasms with an intensity I can influence by change position in a kind of doggy style or flat on my back.

This tsunami of P-orgasms treat me till I want to sleep… P-play is like a drug addiction.
When asleep the MGX is still inside me…but as a good 50+ male awake in the night to pee.

Back in bed I turn the page by pull the MGX out and insert again but with the tip pointing to my back.
In this way the curve of the MGX pull a gently
force on my prostate….this works soooo good.

My orgasme are not dry anymore in this setting.
The autofuck modus works again but now gentle flows of precum complete the orgasme.

Still not super O’s but this kind of orgasms are treasures.
During the day I feel my prostate sizzling…craving for more.
Coming night….im gonna check in with my Progasm…its not a pleaser for me like the MGX but I can finish the session with old school jerking and fell asleep satisfied.

Progasm Jr. + Massage Gun = I Need a Hug!

I was gifted a massage gun some months ago and, until recently, I’ve been using it for its intended purpose. Gets the job done well enough, can’t complain. In the past, vibrators haven’t done very much for me besides make the prostate ticklish before going numb, so I really wasn’t looking to use it for masturbation. This is unlike any vibrator I’ve ever used.

I very much enjoy perineum stimulation, so I was pressing and kneading the area before and during the progasm jr. session late fri. night. Been really liking that particular model a lot. Plenty of fun w/ it as of late. 30mins in, I realized I never put my massage gun up before starting, and it still had the small softball attachment on. Fuck it, why not? Started it on 3 and applied moderate pressure just above the p-tab.

That…hit very different. I was already stupid sensitive from the preceding p-gasms, so the rapid kneading from the massage gun was almost too much. I’m hard most of the time during p-play, but this erection became lead. Felt like my dick was going to burst.

Which it did. Spectacularly. One spasm sent the jr. flying out, which made me squirt hard. That was the 1st time anything that could be construed as a vibrator made me squirt.

Couldn’t replicate it, unfortunately, but that’s okay. The very next go-around resulted in very hard back-to-back HFWOs! Managed to retain the jr. this time. Turned the massage gun off, “did nothing,” and the ensuing dry-os built into another very hard HFWO. Let the progasm jr. go and called it quits thereafter.

1st Aneros Session After 2 Months of Only “Toy-Free” Orgasms

I’ve had plenty of fun w/ kegel-induced orgasms since working on getting them consistent over the course of this past winter, and I decided to challenge myself to both only ALESS orgasms and semen retention starting 1/13. I don’t care about the SR claims, just felt like doing it. If anything, abstinence made the ALESS orgasms more consistent and led me to discovering just how pleasurable I find reverse kegels.

Yesterday, the prostate was badly aching for direct stimulation. I already planned to break out an aneros at the 2-month mark, so the anticipation was making it worse. Weapon of choice was the progasm jr. No weed or porn since NNN, didn’t even do much fingering this time. Basically just cleaned-down, lubed-up and got to work.

Like the advertisement, I did not last 5 minutes. That was one of the most intense and downright exhausting sessions I’ve had in some time. No prior ALESS session could stack up. I wanted it so damn bad, but no fuckin way I could take more than 1hr of what I can only describe as a conniption of cumming. Didn’t ejaculate, didn’t need to. How much precum and seminal fluid must one generate before the p-gasms are no longer considered dry? Half a ballpoint pen? A small lake? Tadpole pond?

Usually, aneros sessions leave me w/ that post-sex refreshment feeling. Not this one. I felt downtrodden and disheveled, a victim of the aftershocks that persisted for ~20mins after removal of the device. I was watching a Metroid speedrun trying to relax but I kept orgasming. The shame…

Movement issues?

Does anybody else have issues with their aneros moving in and out? I use a good amount of coconut oil and the only toy I can seem to get any movement out of is the progasm ice. And that’s only if I forcibly push to make it slide out like a quarter of an inch. It seems like I can’t get my sphincter muscles to relax enough to let any toy move in and out. I’ve even tried weed and while it helps me relax and gives me better results overall, still no movement. I also feel like the texture of the progasm ice helps with movement being that it’s slippery. Any advice? I’ve been trying for about 5 years now and still no luck. Small progress here and there but it’s still almost none. Even tried mindgasm. Any pointers is greatly appreciated!

Prostate orgasms with Helix Syn V

I finally achived dry prostate orgasms with my helix syn v with the help of poppers. They feel like a traditional orgasm but can vary from 10-30 seconds. Not much of a refractory period. They feel great. Had I smoked weed I am almost certain I wouldve had a super o. I cant smoke weed due to work. None the less I am satisfied and happy that after 9 years Im able to do this. Btw the helix syn was turned off the whole time. I have the progasm, jr, helix trident and the syn. Progasm will be used next. Now that I can get dry prostate Os I know what to look for. Clenching lightly didnt do anything for me. Clenching regular or hard made it happen. Also go slow. Dont squeeze quickly. Another thing that attributed to my overnight succsess was doing kegels for 4 hours straight for a whole week. Welcome me to the club!