I finally struck gold.

I post this in equal parts to pay it forward, hoping that my account might help someone else who’s still trying to figure this stuff out as I’ve been helped by so many posts here, and to assure myself that it actually happened.

I started my adventure in August this year with the purchase of Helix Syn. I was a complete newbie with no prior experience but for a few years I’d had the itch to try Aneros. Eventually I had to pull the trigger on it because it became apparent that it wasn’t something that would go away if I ignored it.

My first session wasn’t anything to speak of. I did feel something but I wasn’t sure what and if I hadn’t imagined it. To put it short, I was flying blind. Frustration began to mount and on a whim I ordered the Progasm. I was looking for anything that would give me direction. And boy, did it ever.

Its prodigious size was astoundingly helpful. Whereas with the Helix I was fumbling around, unsure what I should be doing, with the Progasm it was basically impossible to “miss”. Any muscle contraction would result in my prostate getting worked which pointed me to the exact sensations I should look for and showed me what movements were required.

Bought the Helix Syn V

I took the plunge. I bought it. I been in this Aneros journey since 2014. I have the Helix Trident, Helix Syn Trident, Progasm and Progasm Jr. Now I added the Helix Syn V to my collection. I’ve had light pleasure waves that built up to a dry orgasm. Nothing too crazy but pleasureable none the less. This happened a couple months ago with the Progasm and smoking weed. Weed helps a lot. I will use this in a couple days when I reach 5 days of abstaining from orgasm. I will smoke weed, have poppers handy and use the Helix Syn V. I hope this takes me to the promise land of the Super O. I will report back on Monday.

First model

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here and I was curious about your opinion.

I’ve been doing kegel exercises for more than a year. I’ve already achieved multiple prostate orgasms through conscious contraction of the pc muscles and the muscles around the sphincter (If you’re familiar with the mindgasm method I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about).

According to the official Aneros site the Progasm is recommended only for those who think of themselves as not beginner-level users. Can I just skip that “beginner-level” and start with a progasm, knowing how the muscles work down there, or should I just stick to buying a helix first?

Thank you for replying in advance!

Super O with Progasm

This was only my second Super O after 4 months since the first one. Took me about 45 minutes. I usually get a lot of involuntaries that turn into mini O’s. This time I was concentrating on not giving in to the involuntaries so that the pleasure would build up and turn into a Super O. Well it worked and at least 3 times with a short resting period in between. I was shaking like a leaf after the third one.

I was moving the toy with my pc muscles and the Progasm was hitting on exactly the right spot until I reached orgasm. I got rock hard each time which I don’t usually get from p play and they were all dry.

I’ve been having more sessions than usual this week, maybe this has something to do with it.

Although I was having sort of a dry spell the last four months I never felt frustrated and just enjoyed the mini O’s I was getting and it was well worth the wait. I think that there’s no guarantee of reaching a Super O every session and that it’s important to enjoy whatever you get in a given session.

First Experience – Aneros Progasm

TLDR: used the progasm for the first time and it absolutely ROCKED my world.

In terms of prostate play I would still consider myself a rookie but I am proud to say I’ve been slowly gaining progress. I initially started off with the helix syn (very popular choice in here), this helped my body better understand the difference between the muscles used in prostate play. After 6 months, I felt like it was time to step it up to the next level so I decided to treat myself to the progasm. Few days pass and I get a notification saying my progasm has arrived. I wanted to wait until the night since my body tends to react better but the anticipation and excitement was driving me CRAZY! After I lubed myself and relaxed the moment had finally come (no pun intended). I slipped in the program and WOW immediately my body started to tremble. I literally had to catch my breath and relax again since I was going out of control!! After probably about 2 minutes I was leaking out of control, probably the MOST I’ve ever leaked in my life. However, here’s the climax, literally after a few contractions my body couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded EVERYWHERE. Never in my life did I think a piece of plastic would drive me this insane! I don’t think I’ve experienced something so powerful ever in my life!!

Your age?

I’m 65, and I’ve been at it regularly for a few months now, with my progasm. If you’re able to pgasm, how old are you? When did you get your first one?

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Progasm tab broke – which aneros replacement do you recommend?

I glued the tab back on and had has held for a couple of PIV sessions with the wife, but i don’t expect that to last long term.

I had been looking for an additional aneros toy, something thinner, as the progasm messes with my hard-on quite a bit.

If you were to recommend an aneros toy, which one and why? Maybe stock with another progasm?

As an FYI, aneros is offering 20% off right now…

Frustrated – tell me I just need to be patient

Hey, all!

I’ve been experimenting on and off with Aneros for a number of years, but have really been trying to consistently practice a couple of times per week for the past several months. I’m trying to assimilate everything that I read here and on the prostate play sub. I have an MGX classic, a Progasm Ice and recently got an NJoy wand which I was hoping was going to be a game-changer, but not so much. I use coconut oil as lube, and try to set aside 1-2 hours for sessions. After inserting, sometimes I will scroll through Reddit (often this sub), look at porn (less often past few months), listen to some binaural beats or just relax.

I try to start out with the do-nothing method, but after 30-60 minutes will start with some contractions, usually light, alternating PC with sphincter. I’ve done the free Mindgasm lessons, but don’t find them to be particularly enlightening.

I’m pretty sure that I get involuntaries, but most often occur Aless, in the shower and while driving – they feel like kind of a squirmy sensation just past the inner sphincter? They’re interesting, but not necessarily pleasurable. They feel kind of slow and rhythmic – maybe intervals of 15-20 seconds- nothing that would seem to stroke very quickly. Maybe I will occasionally get what I think is a subtle P-wave, particularly with a device inserted, but not often associated with an involuntary. More like, did I imagine myself into feeling that? In general, I seem to have a hard time getting involuntaries – if that’s what those squirmy things are – with a device inserted.

Had a wonderful session last night while listening to HFO audio.

Last night was amazing for me because i had multiple dry orgasm by listening to three HFO audio. I was totally in trance deep in the session listening to sexy voices and a lot of precum dripping from my penis. I can feel it leaking down my shaft and my penis was throbbing hard stimulated by my aneros progasm jr. To be honest, i was hoping that i can get wet HFO but having multiple dry orgasms really makes me craving for more. I have decided that next ejaculation for me is only from HFO, so i gonna abstaining myself from having traditional orgasm. Listening to HFO audio during sessions really makes a difference. My prostate easily stimulated and throbbing with pleasurable feeling from the inside by visualizing the audio. Cannot wait for my next session. Hopefully i can get my first wet orgasm this time. 🥰