So extremely close! Need advice

Ive been using aneros products for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve made lots of progress and crossed a lot of milestones such as involuntaries and lots of very pleasurable (no super O’s yet) feelings. I currently own 4 aneros models, the helix syn, maximus, eupho and progasm. Every time I have a session I seem to get just before the point of explosion, but I have yet to tip over and experience the amazing feelings that accompany a super O. I’ve read the wiki countless times and seem to have the best sessions with my helix syn and eupho, but I just can’t seem to “cross the finish line”. Any advice from experienced users would be extremely helpful ! Ive tried everything from the do nothing and relax method to incorporating various contractions and both have given me amazing wonderful sessions that last hours, perhaps I just need a little more practice but I’d still love to hear any feedback

Trying the Maximus Trident tonight

So I have the Progasm and Helix Syn. Maximus Trident arrived a few days ago and tonight will be my first session.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks to try out? Any position that did the trick for you? A lot of lube or a small amount. Porn or no porn? I know some like to listen to ambient sounds, links would be appreciated.

Basically I’m looking for what made you go over the edge and achieve the much coveted super o.

Kind regards

Looking to buy my first Aneros toy. Which one is recommended?

This is my first prostate toy. I have tried 2 finger anal stimulation using condom but couldn’t feel my prostate and have actually felt sore in my anus. I do feel a buzz sometimes when I lightly and rhythmically punch my perineum. I’m 5’10, somewhat athletic.I will be using a condom and a silicon lube. I have these options available:

* Aneros Helix Trident/Syn
* Aneros MGX Trident
* Aneros Maximum Trident
* Aneros Progasm Black Ice/Classic/Ice

Finally achieved a totally hands free orgasm!

Prostate stimulation has been a fascination of mine since I knew the P-spot existed. Always preferred plugs to dildos. Bought the Aneros Progasm recently, and on only my 2nd try, I was able to achieve a completely hands free orgasm. My trick was to lay flat on my belly, close my eyes, and only focus on the sensations. After only about 10 minutes, I came really hard, all while still locked in chastity. My legs were shaking! This toy has opened up a world of possibilities. Turns out you don’t need vibration, or and in-and-out thrusting motions, just an Aneros and your undivided attention.

Do yourself a favor and get one!

Finally, some kind of a breakthrough

I’ve been on the journey since 2016. No super O, no wet orgasms. Just a lot of nice feelings and precum.

Last night I started with my Helix Syn for about twenty minutes and then switched to the progasm. I tried a new position. With my ass hanging off the side of the bed and feet on the floor.

I did this kind of rolling movement between my spinchter muscles and pc muscles. And suddenly I could feel my heart start racing and I could swear I thought my head was going to explode. A constant good feeling gripped the whole of my body. It only stopped when I couldn’t take any more.

I tried repeating this after I had rested for about a minute but I was to tired in the muscles to reach the same rhythm.

So, Super-O?

I don’t know. It sure felt good, but not as good as a conventional orgasm. It was more of an intense, great feeling. Didn’t really peak at anytime.

Tomorrow I will be ordering the Maximus Trident to add to my collection. I’d made that decision before the session last night, but considered aborting that since the Progasm did such a good job.

Aneros and obesity

I’m not new to anal and prostate play. I’ve been at it for over 20 years now and had a few orgasms from penetration.

I also own a Pure Wand and while I produce loads of precum with it, it never quite got me over the edge.

When it comes to aneros I never got anywhere. I’ve had a helix (I think) for years now and a progasm for a few months.

I’m starting to think my weight might prevent me from enjoying it. Is it possible that there’s not enough pressure on my perineum due to excess tissue? I can hardly feel anything from the tab.

Any experiences?

Breakthrough / anal orgasm

Have had the progasm for not too long. First aneros toy. Have used it 3 or 4 times. Had a break though while just totally relaxing, laying on my back.

I rotated my hips / grinding my butt into the bed. This rotation angled the progasm p tab into my perenium pretty hard. The grinding rubbed the tab back and forth / side to side, and it felt great! This feeling kept growing, to the point where it was sort of out of body / my mind freaking out cause nothing like this has ever happened to me. Kept at it for an hour or so. Really satisfying in a new way.

At no point did I touch my penis / I was not clenching down on my pc muscles. These two things were the main difference between this session and other anal sessions. Im fairly experienced using dildos / other toys. This felt like a very different experience / feeling all together.

Excited to try again / I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble actually feeling something good beyond “yeah im aware of this thing in my butt”.

Penis position while in a session.

Hi all.

I have read a lot about how to position your body and legs 🦵🏻 and all, but nowhere is there a topic as to WHAT to do with your penis. I have a foreskin and every time i get a p-wave, i feel like it is ruined by my foreskin because of the tiny movements it causes.

Also the positioning. Where the flip should it go and in what position 🤨? BeCause every time i want to start on my side etc it touches the bed and immediate i have a huge erection that disturbs my session.

Also using Progasm and Helix Syn.

TL;DR : Where and whAt should i do with my penis position.

Thanks all, and many wonderful Super – O’s for everyone!!!