So, anal only shaking orgasms… is there more?

Hi! I’m pretty in tune with all things anal. I do pegging semi often, usual dildo play, and of course I’ve got my Aneros Progasm. As such, I was surprised to hear how hard some dudes have it getting a hands free orgasm. I’d had them before but the Aneros definitely upped the sensation. Now I’m at a point where I barely get halfway through a video before I’m exploding. 7 mins is my ‘record’.

Is this good? Have I become enlightened? Or am I actually at a ‘first step’ and there’s a whole lot more to learn and experience?

I’m a bit into the sissy community and hear things about ‘sissygasms’ being different from a prostate orgasm, but apart from ‘kegels’ im not sure what I’m aiming for! What is the next step after incredibly strong prostate orgasms?

(Finally) Achieved a HFWO! How to progress to dry-O’s?

Hey guys! Been an aneros user for about 3 months. Started with the Helix Syn Trident, then progressed to the Progasm Jr 3 weeks ago. The Progasm Jr was the one that finally brought me over the edge. The build up and everything was soooo goooooooood, but I was honestly thinking I was going to achieve a Dry-O, or perhaps even a super orgasm! Unfortunately, I got this sensation of cum spurting out and lo and behold – it did. A bit disappointed I had to stop the session there, since after 5 minutes after I came and was still riding some p-waves, I just wasn’t horny anymore.

I can’t really remember what I did differently to achieve the HFWO, but I was doing it mostly how I usually did it, except this time I edged for a week. I got myself super horny and put on some porn before I put the Progasm in. The moment I put the progasm in, I knew my body was in for a treat since I immediately started to feel good and started to moan. Usually I would try to relax, but the feelings were already making my ass contract immediately after insertion, so I did some light kegel exercises for about 2 minutes, then I just made the toy do the work since it was already doing a fine job inside me. I think the one thing I did differently this time was to find a contraction that felt good and rode the wave, keeping the contraction there. 50 minutes later, I feel something building up, my lower half shaking. I start to feel that “point of no return” feel in my prostate (or cock), and thats when I had the wet orgasm.


I had my first real session yesterday and had decent shaking in my lower body but it wasn’t anything special. I just finished my second session today and all i have to say is WOW. Started out with that same shaking but it started at the most intense level i had yesterday about 10 min in today. After 2-3 waves of this I suddenly felt my ass clench down on my progasm and my body went into a complete flex. I began violently and uncontrollably bucking back and forth, my legs shaking up and down side to side. I could barely keep my breath and was in shock. As soon as it subsided I would have 15 seconds to catch my breath and then it would build back up all over again. This happened probably 8-10 times before i literally could not stand it anymore. Absolutely insane.

P waves or O?

Finally had the house to myself and was able to put in my first legit session with my progasm. After about an hour in my pelvic region, thighs and down into my calves began to shake, at some points almost a little violently. It came in waves and happened probably 4 or 5 times. However it didn’t necessarily feel very pleasurable, just kind of a slightly uncontrollable shudder. There was no feeling of warmth or orgasm coming from my pelvic region or prostate, maybe just a little built up pressure on the toy. Anyone think these are p waves and something bigger is in store if I let it go longer? Or is this as good as its gonna get?

First time aneros user with Helix Trident—felt some good sensations but only if I clenched quite a bit. Do I need a bigger toy?

This is my first time using an aneros, but not my first time stimulating my prostate. I’ve only ever done it with a finger before but decided to take the plunge and get a toy.

And I was actually surprised to find how light the “touch” was when the aneros was in compared to using my finger. I feel like I need more pressure on my prostate to feel it, and really only felt some clear sensations when I would contract my PC muscle very tightly.

Should I stick with the helix or maybe get a progasm?

I had my first super, but can’t get it back

First let me just say while other people may hate covid, its been one of the greatest things ever for me because I don’t think i would have ever discovered my prostate otherwise. That said, it took 1 month to discover the aneros, 2 months to experience an amazing “wave”, then purchased my second aneros a progasm because for me the syn just isn’t girthy enough; and then it took another month before my first super-o three nights ago.

Now three days later including what feels like an 18 hour session yesterday ive yet to be able to “get it back” and I know it is about not being mentally aroused enough. My super-o definitely started from my brain and where my mind went after seeing this particular scene in a porn that really got me thinking very dirty thoughts and those dirty thoughts built up and eventually led to an explosion in my ass. The progasm was moving on its own for what felt like 10 seconds though i’m sure it was less. Also the second set started to come on but my brain shut it out. I’ve had the pretextual feelings again but cant seem to let my brain get me there again.

Any suggestions?