Mistakes to lookout for? Better models?

I’ve had the Helix for about 2 months and only realize realize my mistake. Every time I used it, it felt like it was pushing into me and would start to feel good after a while, but could get sore if I clenched too much. Progress was really slow.

But in the past 2 weeks, with my increased muscular control and strength, when flexing my sphincter, I felt it rotate backwards and suddenly slide in deeper. Turns out I’ve been just jabbing the front of my anal cavity for the past 2 months, and only getting pleasure by happenstance of trying different things.

But even now, I have to keep clenching my sphincter really hard to keep in place, otherwise it slides down and rotates forward to start jabbing me again.

I just got an Njoy pure wand and found my prostate. Got a bunch of dry orgasms from it. How deep I have to insert it is quite a bit longer than the insertable depth of the Helix. The Helix is is only rated for 3.5″ when flush (tabs completely useless). I’m having to insert the Njoy 4+”.

I’m assuming the Helix is not deep enough for me. And most of the models are 3.5″. The bulk of the longer models are also much bigger in general. My only option might be to buy them all and see what works… /sigh

Are there any other issues to look out for?

Newbie looking for advice

So recently I’ve decided to take the plunge. I got my aneros syn trident a week ago and have made good progress so far. After my 6th session I noticed I’ve got a problem on my hands. I’m often getting distracted by a building erection whenever my involuntaries go from prodding my prostate, to a small build up of pleasure. I feel like whenever I’m getting close to a p wave or any thing close to pleasure, my dick seems to ruin things for me.

I’m wondering if there’s any tips and tricks to getting around this issue.

Lack of sleep

Hi There lately the prostate has been so active particularly at night sleep has been difficult,i am sure a lot of you guys find the same thing,i wonder how you guys cope with a raging prostate when trying to sleep ,i would love some feedback.

Vice 2 Review

I haven’t really written much lately. I wrote a really good one on a session with the helix, sadly the body never saved. I purchased a vice 2 last week and have since tried it out a few times. Im not going to spend a lot of time going over the specs, or vibration modes, Im going to skip to what everyone wants to know. The stuff the don’t put on the website, the dirty little details that vary slightly to everyone. The not so pg stuff.

I purchase the vice 2 locally. Got it home and immediately started charging. It also comes with a remote that must be charged. 2 hours of waiting in anticipation made for some really nice build up. My thoughts at this point. This toy is somewhat large vs other toys in the aneros line up. Honestly it was a little intimidating, for someone with a rather tight hole. Im not a big large toy fan. I like finger size or a little larger. This toy is really nice to look at, and visual inspection will tell anyone familiar with their body that this toy will hit the right spots. Its insertable length is a little longer than most other aneros toys or some of the lelo toys. For me this isn’t a bad thing. I find my prostate is a little bit farther back than 2-3 inches. Maybe 3.5 or so.

My prostate isn’t sensitive. What can I do?

I’ve had a lot of experience with anal play but I’ve had very little sensation from prostate massaging. Most of my experience has been with large toys trying to achieve the full feeling. Is there a specific aneros model you’d recommend for someone like me with a very insensitive prostate? Any other tips and tricks to increase sensitivity?

My incredible journey

I’m finally here after years of surfing these forums but never interacting, to tell my tale. I, like many of you stumbled upon these little plastic pieces of voodoo while browsing some adult content. I was immediately intrigued when I saw men seizing up with pleasure. I knew I had to do it. I sat on the idea for a year or two until I moved out from my folks house. Then I made my move. They were available at the local adult store. I picked myself up a helix syn. Seemed to be the go to choice for beginners. I remember those early sessions. Sitting with the thing inside me wondering when I was supposed to be launched into this magical euphoria. Nothing ever came. I sat on the toy (no pun intended) for a couple of months and put it away in a drawer.

This is where it gets good. I’ll never forget the first sensations. Suddenly feeling something deep inside my coming alive at the toys will. My roomies had left for the day and I was alone to explore myself. I got close to what I thought were P waves and from there I was hooked. Those first sensations were almost 4 years ago now. And I’m proud to say to you all, that I’ve become a fully re-wired man. The forums don’t lie to you. When you notice patterns in the advice you’re receiving online, follow it. I remember my first super orgasm. I had graduated to the program from my helix syn. I found that it slid into me easier and started working faster and stronger than the other one. The super orgasm I acquired was thanks in part to the amount of videos I’d seen of men bringing themselves to that point. But it blew me away, and only furthered my addiction to my own pleasure. Not long after the super o’s, did I start to experience the Aless.

Getting close I think, I came some but did not have any orgasm….

SO ive been paying with the Progasm for a few months now and have had some frustrating times and some really pleasurable times but have not really had any results. This seems normal from what ive gathered, but yesterday I found a position that works for me where I was just bent over the bathroom counter and was using the progasm with my hand and applying a lot of pressure slightly forward and back on my P spot. I looked down as I heard a dribble on the floor and noticed I squirted a bit and it felt really good but it wasn’t an orgasm. Is it normal to maybe cum a bit but not feel a full orgasm?

Progasm ICE, my old friend!

HI guys,

Early this morning after reading a thread on Progasm ICE on the Forum, I decided to have a session with Progasm ICE, my old friend which had sat unused for many months. It is so wonderful to reconnect with Aneros models which has served you well over the years. We are now in the New Year of 2022! Ten years ago, in early June 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn which had recently had arrived on the market. A month later, in July, I began using Maximus. Soon afterwards, I began using the white Progasm Classic and the Progasm ICE. I enjoyed the rugged action of Progasm Classic, but also the sleek, silky action of Progasm ICE.

Last night, we had one of the coldest nights in two years which temps in the low 20’s. I slept relatively well with several blankets and towels surrounding my neck and a woolen cap on my head. I diddled my nipples throughout the night which alleviated the cold of the night.

When I arrived at my session with Progasm ICE this morning, I was well primed of my night of nipple diddling. I was amazed at the silky, sleek action of Progasm ICE. The model is well-suited for Kegel action. This model works well with calm rhythmic breathing. A Kegel here and there accentuated the delights of my ride.

My general nipple diddling routine

Hi guys,

As many of you know, I am adept at diddling my nipples mostly most nights in bed. In recent weeks, we have had cold weather here in DC. Meteorologists had called a cold January. However, on Presidents Day weekend in February, the cold weather should begin to let up and we should have signs of approaching Spring. However at present most nights, I cover myself with several blankets, a blanket wrapped around my neck, and a woolen cap on my head. Nipple diddling eases for me the tedium of cold winter nights!

My nipples began to be wonderfully sensitive following my SO and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. A month before, in August, I devised a regimen of Kegels which launched me toward my breakthroughs a month later.

Now I generally diddle my nipples in two basic ways: (1) back and forth across my nipples, and (2) circular fashion around my aureoles and one the nipples themselves. It is so wonderful and so sweet that diddling my nipples this way can cause me to have Super-O’s and MMO’s many times throughout the night. I found that there is a direct connection with my diddling and my prostate, even my penis.

I seldom diddle my nipples in the daytime. However, a simple touch here and there on my nipples in the daytime make me hungry for more aggressive nipple diddling at night!

Take care!