3rd time Aneros update, tips needed

So I have an Aneros, I’ll have to look for the model. But throughout the day today, THINKING about using it really got me aroused in the prostate area, like quiver, clutching my knees together.

But when I got home and used it, I was on my back knees bent and I could only feel subtle waves of that sensation. I tried a different position and it felt good kinda lost it. I couldn’t get past that tingling/stretched sensation on my hole🙄 any help?

Just got the progasm ice

Ok after a lot of reading on this forum and elsewhere online, i decided that the progasm ice looked like it was going to be the one for me so last week i ordered one online. The day it arrived i wasnt that horny so i didnt know if i should give it a go but i got too excited, so later that night i decided to try it. First impressions were good, it looks good, the hard plastic is good and the shape and size looked perfect (ive got a few toys already so decided that the larger one would be appropriate). After preparing myself properly, i put some silicone lube on it and put it in, and it felt awesome straight away. It slid straight in and both the tabs rested perfectly where they are meant to. I ended up doing a heap of relaxation kinda stuff and figured on my back with my knees up, feet flat on the floor was the way to go. I mostly tried the do nothing method to not much avail, and kegals seemed ok, i ended up getting some shooting pangs of pleasure rarely but i ended up jerking off and going to bed, pretty happy with how my first time had gone.

What toy would you recommend Lovenes Edge or Aneros

I am a straight male but I have been interested in prostate play and anal for some time now. I have used my fingers and dildos in the past. But I am thinking about purchasing my first massager and the two toys that I saw that peaked my interest is. Aneros or lovenes edge. If you have had used any of those in the past it will greatly be appreciated if you can spread some insight.

Helix Syn not long enough?

So tonight I gave a go at my helix syn with little to no success. trying for at least 30 minutes with slightly different variations of breathing, positions and muscle movement. My girlfriend gave me her womanizer duo to try instead. I managed to hit the spot perfectly with it and had an orgasm. I clamped the length of the dildo portion and compared it to the aneros. I found that the aneros is about half an inch short of hitting the spot. Is my prostate just deeper in or is the movement just too delicate and requires more hardwiring?

Finally had multiple P orgasms. Here’s how

I’ve wasted a lot of time with dildos and other large objects. Last night was my third time using the “aneros syn helix” and I had multiple hands free orgasms the likes of which I haven’t had since I was a child.

I started the session with weed and lube. Unlike my normal routine of constantly pounding my prostate with the largest dildo that will fit inside me, I decided to take things slow with the aneros. I put it inside me and laid on my back on my bed. I did keggels until I got tired which wasn’t long. It felt good but i wanted more. I laid on my stomach and flexed my butt and eventually started to twerk. Felt good but still wasn’t enough.

Finally here’s what sent me over the edge. I positioned my self at the corner of my bed so that my stomach was flat on the bed and my legs where hanging off at a 100 degree angle. I started to thrust against the bed and was immediately greeted by a wave of pleasure.
I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

The more I began to thrust the more I felt a glow begging to form inside of me. Instead of chasing the feeling and trying to force the toy against my prostate I just relaxed. I let go of every muscle in my body except for my legs. I decided that whatever happens, happens.

Random involuntaries all day long and near aless orgasms

Lately after my sessions, I will get involuntaries, twitches, and quivers at random. If I am sitting down, all I have to do is slowly rock my legs side to side and barely contract my pc and the involuntaries will start.

They are very pleasurable and feel similar to that warm and tingly feeling that you get in your taint when having sex. I almost instantly get an erection and its fucking awesome.

I have yet to have a super o yet, but I already feel an across the board increase in my sexual satisfaction. Stronger libido, stronger erections, stronger orgasms and I am more in tune with my body. I have never been more sexually satisfied in my life.

Early this morning, I had a 40 minute session and even though I didnt orgasm, I find myself very clear and zen after my sessions. Even If I never have the super o, its been a clear positive to my sexual satisfaction.

Not to tute our own horns, but there are very few people on the planet that understand this and their bodies at the level we do. Shit, even the scientific community doesnt even understand it. I know prostate play has been around for a long time, but it feels cool to be on the cutting edge of something that people are apprehensive to. Its like being the first wave of people who got blowjobs in history before it became a standard sexual act.

What do dry orgasms/super Os feel like?

I’m trying to figure out whether I experienced dry orgasms/super Os or just p waves. The past few days I’ve been having multihour sessions with and without the Aneros. The most intense sensations I’ve gotten have felt like a mix of pleasure, a sort of pins and needles/itch feeling, and an “I’m about to ejaculate” feeling, but without the typical release of ejaculation. These sensations slowly pulse on and off with greater strength, and as they peak, my whole body gets a wash of warmth. The intense pleasure is mainly confined to my pelvic area, but the “pins and needles” feelings sometimes run up and down my body like electricity is running through me. After the sensations peak, they die down into a small “buzzing” sensation in my prostate that eventually vanishes. At the end, I still feel super aroused and the pleasurable sensations start again after a random interval where I’m just relaxed.

Is this a typical super O, or are there other sensations people usually have?

Am I going right?

Im having trouble with my aneros session. I dont know if Im doing right so I want some advices. Sorry for my english since Im not from english speaking country.

Anyways perhaps like other guys in this forum I stuck my mgx in my ass with plenty of lubes first. Then stay relaxed until I get comfortable with my toy. After that I squeeze my pc muscle at up to 70% of my limit with concentration. The concentration on the toy and the prostate. I maintain the squeeze until I shiver. I feel some.. some kind of wave like Im burning and thats all. Thats it. Nothing happens after that.

I also tried the do nothing method. Sometimes I feel the same feeling like I mentioned before. But most of the time I feel nothing. Well umm the forums in my country they say dont have any expectation for reaching any orgasms so I struggle really hard not to expect good feelings.

The question is I dont know if Im following the right path. And want to know whether guys who reached dry orgasm state had same trouble like Im struggling now or not. Thx for reading.

p.s Weed sounds interesting but its illegal at here.

Nothing without nipple stimulation

Heey, so I started my journey almost a year ago with a Helix trident & I feel like I’ve been making progress. There have been times where I feel like I was close to something big. However, I recently noticed that if I don’t stimulate my nipples, I don’t feel anything down there. I’ve tried contracting & releasing muscles, but I don’t feel anything. As soon as I start playing with my nipples it feels good down there. While it feels good, it feels like most of the stimulation comes from playing with my nipples & not contractions. Also, it feels like the Aneros is just short of hitting the right spot, like it’s just below where it should be.

I’ve never been able to locate my prostate with a finger & I’m not sure if I ever hit it with the Aneros.

Not sure what to do. I’ve been thinking about getting a different model. Any advice is appreciated!