how does the Vice 2 fair without the vibes on? [never owned a Aneros, looking for some general advice]


I’d consider myself somewhat experienced with butt stuff, but I only have one dedicated prostate toy, a [Tantus Prostate Play]( I’m looking to buy my first Aneros, but I’m at a crossroads because I enjoy using my prostate toys with and without vibes.

So, the Vice 2 is appealing for me since it has vibrations, but how does it fair as far as Aneros toys go without the vibes? Is it satisfying to use in the standard ‘clenching’ style that Aneros’ are known for? That’s really where my initial interest in Aneros came from, but if it can do both well then that’s rather appealing for me. If it can’t, then maybe something else would be better for me?

My next choice would probably the be Progasm for that more ‘full’ feeling, but I’m also open to suggestions. It might help to mention that I’ve always found my Tantus Prostate Play to be a bit too…. aggressive? It’s not so much the size as it is the tip, I think. I do enjoy feeling ‘full’, but I’m starting to think that might always be as necessary as I may think it is, so I’m becoming increasingly indecisive as I type this.

Appreciate any advice!

How a dry orgasm should feel – how is it different than an ejaculation orgasm.

I’ve never tried aneros, but I’m planning to get one. I keep flexing my PC muscles for training and for sexual pleasure, and I tried some anal toys for prostate orgasm. I always get to a point where it feels very-very nice, my body is in tension, I feel that I’m near the point of no return, but I always had to finish myself manually, because “the big O” never comes (pun not intended). So, what should I feel, what is a dry orgasm, and how it’s different from the ejac orgasm – will there be that pulsating feeling, or something will happen elsewhere in my body? Thanks for your answers!

Aneros different models and super Os

This will be a question for all aneros users who **have** super Os or dry prostate orgasms.

I am a user with no problems on having prostate pleasure. After inserting my aneros, I start feeling pleasure almost immediately from the prostate stimulation.
I also have moments where I feel pleasure that starts from my prostate and it goes in waves to all my body. That makes me think I am in the verge of a super O but never realy had one. Or even a dry orgasm, by that matter.
When my prostate is really stimulated, I get really aroused and I can have a normal ejeculatory orgasm if I want to, withou touching myself.
At this point, there is a question that pops in my mind: what if other aneros model would be more suited for me? We are all anatomically slightly different. But at the some time, maybe this is just me thinking that there is some kind of magical shortcut, other models wouldn’t make a difference and the key for having a super O is to keep doing what I am doing.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask: people who have super Os, dry orgasms, what model do you use? Do you have different models? Can you achieve super Os with one model and not with other or do you think it makes no difference?
I’m just curious, thanks in advance.

Looking for some insight

Long time lurker here. I have been using prostate massagers consistently for the last year. Originally I was using the Lelo Hugo until about two weeks ago when I purchased the helix syn trident and a Vice 2 after I felt like I plateaued with the Hugo.

With this new purchase, I am also trying something new: not finishing with a traditional orgasm after each session.

I have pretty much had sessions daily for the last nine days with the Vice 2 and/or the helix syn trident.

I am having amazing sensations and feel closer and closer each session and am really enjoying these new toys.

My question really comes down to this: after each session, or after the buildup after all of these sessions I still have no desire for a traditional orgasm.

Are the sessions satisfying that urge? Is something else happening? Is milking the prostate replacing the need to ejaculate? Just looking for some insight or anyone with a similar scenario

Thanks all

Prostate moves away on arousal?

So, I wrote about this already in the Aneros-forum but I want to make sure I get as much attention as possible because I never read about this. To not spam I just short it down here:

I used my fingers to play (after another of those “15mins and then the feelings die down” session) and from the start I had probs to reach it with my 7,5cm long fingers around that “edge” (probably the bone?) though I eventually did. First I thought my fingers slipped off the prostate but after I came by normal masturbation I noticed the prostate was alot “depper down”, I had to press really hard in to barely touch it. I think it moved away to this position:

So, is this normal under arousal? I never read about that. Do I need to see for whatever reason a doc? And ofcourse: is there a Aneros that will still work?

Thanks guys. 🙂

Pedaling My Prostate

I’d been experimenting with my Aneros using a combination of the relaxing and alternating clenches/kegels methods for about a month. Usually I would do this while listening to a Nimja erotic hypnosis I learned about on this subreddit. So thanks for that recommendation

Along the way, had experienced some great P-waves that – over a long session – could leave me feeling as sweaty and glowing as great sex with a man and I noticed that these would often be aided by either shifting my weight from leg to leg or pushing into a pillow.

Thinking about those motions, I realized there was an activity that created them automatically: riding an exercise bike. So i inserted the Aneros and set about my workout.

Happy surprise – the rhythmic motion of the legs and pressure of the seat created a gentle, constant stimulation that left me with several intense P-wave moments over the course of a little over an hour.

As with most of my sessions, I prefer to finish with an ejaculatory orgasm, and I’ll tell you: by the time I got off the bike I was so hot and bothered, it was moments before I was ready to blow.

It’s definitely a departure from more “stillness” related methods but if you are looking for a more active, different kind of meditative state in which to ride that pony, give it a try. 🚲😊💦

One step forwards, two steps back? [Question]

Ive been using my aneros helix syn for around a month now, maybe more, and have had a few sessions when I can. My first couple sessions I feel like were the best. I never got to the part where my body started trembling or anything or any mind blowing sensations, I did however feel what I guess you could call mini-orgasms originating from my prostate. Ive had these a couple times but have never had anything better than them. Lately I seem not to be getting any of them at all though anymore. I have also been told to just lay back and do nothing, this quite literally does nothing for me however and I can only seem to have these mini orgasms when I do strong contractions and try and bring the aneros further in and push it harder against my prostate. I feel like I have no idea what to actually do now with so many people saying to do this or that, so im coming here as a last ditch effort.

Any tips on how I can move forward and make progress? Im all ears to anything, and I know I will have loads of free time coming up so I have time to prepare.

Prostate Orgasms are Real

I’ve had pleasure before and it was very novel and different but not overwhelming or that intense and wondered if that was the “orgasm” people talk about. Last night I had two or more super O’s and they were very, very strong orgasms. O M G. When you have it you’ll know…

It seems like there was a lower level of orgasm that is centered on the prostate, and that feels good and all and is worthwhile in itself. Maybe multiple kinds – I identified one where my asshole area in particular feels warm and pleasurable, and a different feeling where it is more internal in the prostate, or maybe these are the same it is hard to tell. And in general during these “lower level” pleasurable prostate feelings it is sort of hard to differentiate between a high level of arousal and orgasming. But then during one of these my arousal went even higher and the cumming feeling sort of raised up and surrounded myself and I had a full body, much more intense, extremely distinct orgasm. Complete with the feeling of inevitability and pressure release of sorts, which was largely missing from the “lower level” orgasms.

My ejaculatory orgasm I have at the end of sessions still fees more intense, and it is like a combination of prostate and penis orgasm, but it is different. In other ways the super o / prostate orgasm is more overwhelming and pleasurable despite being less intense if that makes sense. And it lasts much longer.

Using Aneros While Sleeping, Triggering Out of Body Experience

After 2 hours of sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night. I prepped up, put the aneros in. Playing erotic audio and doing one hour session. After that I just went sleep with aneros on.

After a few moments, maybe between sleep, the prostate zing, and suddenly triggering out of body experience. Only lasted for a few seconds while I also half unconscious. After that I dozed off to sleep and dreams.

I will try this again and see what might happens.

Anyone has this kind of experience?