Experience after sex with wife

So I just got the helix last week and I am completely new to this prostate massage business. I had a couple decent sessions this week, the second one I think I might have reached prostate orgasm, although I’m not sure if I can distinguish it correctly (it felt really damn good). Anyway tonight I told my wife about this and then we had sex while I had the Aneros in my ass. Once I knew she was satisfied I let myself cum and had a fantastic regular orgasm which absolutely drained me! My wife went to the shower as I just relaxed on the bed, so I thought I would do some Kegels for the sport of it, not expecting anything. Within a minute or two I was already trembling. By the time my wife got back from her shower I was going wild and I told her to get over and hold me tight! She didn’t know what the hell was happening but we shared the experience. I was feeling this full body tingling sensation for probably ten minutes or more and it was incredible. Can anyone tell me if this is the actual Super-O I keep hearing about or am I getting close or what stage am I at? Anyway, for those of you learning this like I am, maybe this is helpful.

Thanks for listening, I don’t know who else to tell!

Almost there … aaand it’s gone.

I am a bit frustrated. User of an Helix once every 1-2 weeks since.. 2 years? All tridents. Note I am quite a thin person (136 lbs) per 5 foot 8. I usually need to do something like 2h of session. My best position seems to be on my back, with a pillow below, On the side i loose track soon.

Here’s what I usually do: I get there, empty out, wait, relax, get aroused and pull the helix syn in. Start breathing deep, after a few minutes, also with my stomach. I tend to feel the pressure as need to pee. After a few minutes when I exhale i can feel something happening, like a bit when you did something wrong as a kid and you got something sinking in your stomach, but pleasurable.

After a while, I would get to a point where it starts feeling quite good very few seconds. Those sensation come and go. Some precum.. Then my dick would get hard and things starts to go south, as i usually don’t get contact with my prostate anymore. I move position and i manage to get it again.

At this point (say, 30 mins in) I usually need to start some contractions (I am trying to Kegel these days) but in general i try the Tug of War technique. Nothing, would change from the above scheme. I can go slow, I can go fast i still get some of those erections, some of those good feelings but then things die out.

Is it really that good?

So I’ve been pretty frustrated with my prostate sessions. I’ve never used a Aneros product before but after reading a bunch on here and on the wiki I’m thinking of going for the Helix syn trident, is this the right toy for a Aneros first timer?

From what I understand this is a more passive kind of toy where you don’t have to do anything?
I’ve used regular dildo’s and the njoy pure wand before without any results so I’m pretty desperate in finding something that works.

So is the helix syn trident going to help me on my journey? Does it really feel as good as everyone is saying?

I’m very sceptical of ever achieving a p orgasm so I hope this will help me.

What to do when you feel like youve hit a wall?

Ive been using my aneros on and off for probably over half a year now, but have been using it much more frequently in recent months. Lately the biggest progress ive made is getting to the point of my legs start shaking, but thats it, I dont feel anything when they do shake or anything that makes it more of an annoyance. People have told me to keep at it, that its normal not to feel anything, and to just keep doing the usual because things will slowly improve.

That was maybe 5 sessions ago with no improvements so far, if anything the only improvement I had was slightly changing my position so theres more pressure on the prostate, or at least I think thats what is happening. I did get a very mild amount of some feeling today, that felt like a sort of warmth coming from my prostate, but I dont think it was anything noteworthy as it only lasted for about 10 seconds and then wouldnt come back.

Im almost starting to believe a lot of the stories are exaggeration or something because it seems the *majority* of users are in the same boat as me or have had very little happen to them. Right now my aneros is feeling like an expensive piece of plastic, I wish I could get better results or know that im actually making progress but im just frustrated at this point because its taking up hours of my day each time I do it. Any tips on how I can keep making progress?

Prostate sensitive after Aneros?

One of the things I’m most curious to discover is if after playing quite frequently with my Aneros, how does that change anal sex? Do you guys have any stories to share? I’ve become more of an Aneros users during the pandemic and only achieved my super Os a couple days ago. Since then I haven’t had anal sex with anybody but still very curious to know how anal feels like after becoming a pro with Aneros.

Anyone ?

Every Toy is “different”

I will agree that while learning one toy may train you better than another. Though I don’t think there’s a magic Aneros. Everyone will learn differently. I now own every non-sub model minus the ProJr. For me starting off I never got anything from the progasm or helix. I got pretty good progress with the MGX, and it’s the toy that nearly got me there. However (again, this is just me) the Tempo is what accelerated my learning. After a few sessions with the tempo, I was really in control of my muscles and my mind.

After working with the Tempo I went back to the Progasm and BAM, orgasms. Then I went back to the MGX, bam, orgasms. I’m still a bit hit or miss on the helix. Bottom line, once required, nearly any toy will work.

It they’re all different. The MGX seems “traditional” to me (this is why it and and helix are recommended for beginners). First you feel the toy itself. Then you feel some prostate tickles, then some build up, the some minor shakes, and then more and more and more. The orgasms feel a kin to traditional orgasms. Very pelvic focused, very bursty. Again, that’s what I feel.

The tempo builds up and up and up and up, but only a few times have I orgasmed by it. The pressure gets so heavy and constant but I never go over. This is when I’ll switch to Another model to push it over the edge.

My newest toy

I posted the other day about my new toy, the D Thang silicone dildo from Blush Novelties, and how my first few sessions were so amazing.


I wanted to expand on that post, because I’ve had a couple more awesome sessions since. Here’s how the last sessions went down…

I start off by setting up the dildo for action. I like to be in doggie position when riding the dildo, so I use a small plastic cooler to position the dildo away from the wall so that my legs can go to either side and the dildo is at anus height. The suction cup sticks to the plastic surface like its welded on. I put a cushion just in front of the cooler for my knees, then place a laundry basket upside down in front of the cushion, with a pillow on top. This allows me to rest my torso on top of the laundry basket/pillow while riding the dildo in perfect comfort. I lubed up the shaft of the dildo with coconut oil and then sat down in my recliner to warm up with a couple of Aneros toys.

After the dildo was ready, I smoked a little weed, and loaded a good dose of poppers into my sippy-cup delivery system. Last session began with my MGXTrident, then the Progasm Ice. I relaxed with the MGX until the first couple p-waves happen, then gave it a little assist with a hit of poppers. This led to some nice mini-Os, and I knew I was ready for the dildo. BTW, during this warm-up, looking over at the 6″ dildo glistening in wait really builds the arousal.

Idea for getting results

Curious if anyone wants to try this simple idea to see if it produces results…

Instead of focusing on arousal and horniness, clear your head of everything and focus all your mind on simply trying to feel the toy inside you. No exercises or techniques. Just breathe and try picturing the toy in your mind’s eye and practice feeling the tiny sensations.

You know the feeling you get when you notice you are going to sneeze soon? I’m talking the first tiny tickle where you’re not even sure if it’s there until it builds up. If you try to force it, you will often short circuit the sneeze before it happens. Same with your prostate!

Try blowing air on your wrist gently. Can you feel it? That tiny sensation is the key!

My idea is that all you need to do to open the floodgates is learn to focus on that tiny sensation inside you that is no more than a light breeze blowing across your arm hairs. If you learn to focus on that tiny sensation you will level up. That tiny sensation wants to be appreciated and will dance for you until you explode!

I hope this is not just a personal method that works for me and some of you get better results! Good luck and fantastic voyage to you all!