Rewired weirdly?

My rewiring seems to have started about 6months back.
I think it was around the corner as i started kegel exercices, the routine didn’t stick for longer than a couple months (maybe averaging 20 minutes sessions every 2 or 3 days).I started to notice the dry orgasm came much easier, spending what felt like half of my 30~60min sessions in and out of the zone, barely even stroking just to get there again. The feelings are amazing but it genuinely turned a bit boring, so ended up going back at stroking it more ordinarily.

I’m not sure how the transition happened, but since then i became totally uncapable of doing these full-on dry orgasms with intention. Instead it’s like having mini “manual” dry orgasms. My prostate floor became almost permanently active in some ways but it’s like i sort of got used to it.The usual dry orgasm sensation are all here, the inside sponge squeezing feelings, the liquid flowing through the shaft and the spasms, just to a slightly milder degree.The dry orgasm sensations comes anywhere from every 5-10 strokes up to sometimes stay for dozens and dozens of slow strokes in a row.

The one issue i’m facing right now and trying to correct a little bit is the fact that I only need to be fully hard for it get going instantly, like the very first dick spasm reaches the prostate and everything. It feels very good however my session’s overall duration have been impacted and this surely wasn’t the original goal.

Vibrator vs non-vibrator for first toy

I’m about to buy my first prostate toy and have narrowed it down to either the Helix Syn Trident or the Helix Syn V. I like the idea of a smaller toy. I tried a p-spot toy once before and it hurt quite a bit.

I’ve used my finger in to massage my prostate before and pressure felt good so I think the non-vibrating would be ok. But I also like the feel of a vibrator right on my butthole while I masturbate sometimes.

I’ve read a lot that vibrations on the prostate don’t do much for many people so I’m not sure it’s worth the extra money that I’ll not enjoy.

Has anyone been through this and can share some thoughts?

Anyone notice different kind of sensations?

I sometimes get very short lived but intense p waves. Its like a big ripple that comes from the prostate/perineum and sometimes my dick will contract like im ejaculating but its dry every time besides the little bit of precum that drools out. They are intense enough that I will involuntarily make noise or grunt.

Other times I will have a whooshing like feeling over my entire pelvic region that feels similar to edging but its whole body. Im breathing really hard and im just in pure bliss for about 5 minutes or so. Whole body tingles and I feel stimulation in my brain.

Sometimes I will get both sensations in a session. Usually starts with the dry contractions then it moves into the whooshing full body pleasure.

I know the terminology is subjective, but what would you call these sensations?

I guess any sort of pleasant sensation would be a p wave, but are sustained pwaves dry orgasms? Would you say a super o is just a highly pleasurable dry orgasm with a longer duration.

I had an amazing session last night and today I woke up its all I can think about.

Pure wand knockoff and a 950

Had a great session today! I had ordered a Plusone Arc dual vibrating massager yesterday and was anticipating its arrival all morning. Had a decent session first thing in the morning and it wasn’t much to write home about. After lunch I had a second session that was much better. Used my usual array of tools and had some good Mini-Os. I then got the message that the new toy was at the door. Dashed out and grabbed it and went straight back to the session. I lubed it up and started with the big end. Remarkable feelings! I drug it back and forth against my prostate and could feel good contact. Got the feel for it and then got the urge to use the HIH 950. I hadn’t tried it in a long time and certainly not after I got rewired. Inserted it and was immediately overwhelmed with a Super-O! I then got super horny and decided to finish with a traditional orgasm. The traditional was amazing. I tried to remove the 950 when I came down and to my surprise my body wouldn’t let me remove it. Well OK body, have your own way. I tried to come down some more but was again treated to a Super-O. I had never had results with the 950 so I was pretty shocked by its performance today. Sorry if this rambles a bit, still coming down from the session. Haha

Something Different

So I’ve been playing seriously now for a few months with reasonable success. What I believe to be dry orgasms, p-waves and the like. My dry orgasms seem to be this pressure that starts in my prostate and then just snaps to these really strong abdominal spasms.

I haven’t had sex for a few weeks and have been really run down of late so haven’t been playing much. I woke up this morning with a naughty urge and thought some special cuddles might be worth a shot. I was surprised when my wife took a rain check until after she showered but gave me a blow job instead. I was even more surprised when I started having the same abdominal spasms when I was coming from the blow job!

She was asking what was happening but didn’t have the guts to tell her the truth.

The High Island Health 950 has been rocking my world!

Why doesn’t Aneros sell this model!?

Ok so for anyone that doesn’t know, High Island Health is the sister/parent company of Aneros. They only make 2 prostate massagers which are both shorter than any Aneros model.

Well a week ago I decided that I would buy the 950 since I had heard great reviews about it, and I have long suspected that my prostate is closer to my anus than most Aneros toys are designed for. And holy hell this toy has completely changed the game for me. I feel like I’ve gone from constantly feeling like I was right on the edge of orgasm to constantly being in a state of orgasm. No joke. My body is doing things I’ve never experienced before. I’m writhing in pleasure most of the time and my hips are bucking like crazy. And it hardly seems to matter what position I’m in. In fact, during my 2nd session with it I got the craziest urge to change positions from my side to being in all fours like if I was in missionary position, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have crazy strong orgasms as soon as I switched. I’ve never felt the urge to fully change positions before but it was like my body was telling me what to do.

Where to go from here?

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Aneros Helix Syn and MGX syn for a couple of months, I usually get what I’m guessing would be p-waves in the first 30 mins, something like a warm full body fuzzy feeling, like “ooh this feels nice, lets stay here for a while” with involuntaries coming afterwards.

Two questions though, I’m not physically feeling the prostate contact with either toy, is this normal or would a size change help?

Secondly would be, involuntaries themselves aren’t that pleasurable, feeling like muscle contractions that seem more like a distraction from the wave’s feelings. After a while they peter out and that’s pretty much the end of the session.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

I think im very close to having a super-O

In todays session I think I had two dry orgasms or mild super-O’s. The first one was very intense, it was pretty late to my session and I just was scrolling some porn and doing some light contractions on my aneros and then something happened and my whole body startet shakin and waves of pleasure from my prostate. It lasted couple of minutes. What do you guys do to end the session? In a wet orgasm? How do you even have a wet orgasm with aneros? 🙂

Any models that accommodate sitting down? No experience with prostate massagers/plugs.

I’ve been lurking in this sub for a while and want to finally get around to buying an aneros prostate massager. I’ve been recently looking into the MGX and Helix trident but they don’t look all that comfortable during the seated position.

I also read around in the sub that people actually clip the forks that remain outside your body, so I’d rather buy the right toy from the get go.

I have three questions:

1. Are there any aneros massagers that can be used whilst sitting down (i.e. on a desk chair)

2. What position do you usually use for your Aneros trident massagers? Do you lay down on your belly, or..?

3. I’m a 5ft 5in male so quite short. Do I need a smaller device or are the toys a one-size-fits-all solution?

PVC or Silicone?

Hello everyone,

I am about to take the plunge and will buy my very first prostate massager! I’ve decided to go with the Trident Helix. The other 3 options were appealing but the helix’s main selling point is its mobility, which after lurking around this sub seems to be important to achieving prostate orgasms. I thought about buying the Maximus as feeling fuller is rather enjoyable to me, but at the cost of mobility I think either the Eupho or Helix are better, hence my choice for the Helix.

One last question remains however: Silicone or PVC? Silicone is both cheaper and softer, but has that silicone smell and doesn’t increase mobility. On the other hand, PVC is more expensive and harder but is easier to move around your prostate.

Which do you prefer?