Erections ruining big O

There are people who try out aneros and don’t feel anything and there are others who easily get big Os on the first try. I would guess most people fall in between these two extreme examples. I think I’m someone who doesn’t have any difficulty on feeling pleasure.
A little background about me… I bought an aneros helix some years ago, like, 7 years ago. I tried it and right from the first time, I felt a lot of pleasure from it. To be honest, the pleasure starts right when I let got the aneros and it touchs my prostate when it accomates by itself.
I have a lot of P waves, a lot of what I think people call mini Os. I can control my sphincter and my kegel muscles easily. If I want, I can successively contract those muscles, which lead to a normal but very pleasurable orgasm with ejaculation. I can even get an orgasm without having the aneros inserted and without using my hands, only contracting those muscles (it takes me some minutes to do it).
But the truth is that I never had a big O.
If i didn’t feel anything while using the aneros, I would think “well, I must be doing something wrong”. But I feel a lot of stuff, so, that’s not the case. I even think that maybe there were times when I was really close of getting one but never got it.
So, I stopped using aneros for no particular reason.
Some days ago, out of nowhere, I remembered to go get my aneros. Again, I started having pleasure almost instantly after the insertion. I had a great session. So great that I did it again some days after the first one.
And for the first time, I think I started having a big O. But as the pleasure intensified, only after some seconds I got an erection and it led to an amazing orgasm with ejaculation, but it ended that starting big O.
When I think about it, during a session, each time I have pleasure, I get an erection. I am a person who gets an erection quite easily. But on those videos with people having a big O, they don’t seem to be having an erection and they maintain the focus on their prostate.

I feel not much at all. Is it time to switch toys?

So due to personal reasons I have to throw away my helix syn trident and replace it with something else.

Right now I apparently feel basically nothing on my prostate, and my sessions are absolutely dull. I just lay there waiting to feel something and over the course of an hour I feel maybe one or two pleasurable sensations and the rest of it is just basically me lying with a small thing in my butt that doesn’t feel particularly good or bad.

I have the excuse to switch up my toys, but I don’t know if it’s a matter of just trying a new toy out or just riding the waves.

Yes, I do kegels, no I don’t smoke weed.

What have people done in my situation?

My First Aneros Right Now

Okay so I get the trident syn after work, race home and get in the shower, clean up, start prepping,

I’ve been working kegels about a week and done some fingering around in the past. I’ve read every story on here I could.

I get it in, frustrated about everything, my girlfriend, job, depression, everything. I can’t concentrate so I get up go have a toke, come back in after a walk, and now I’m taking selfies. I’m self conscious and a big boi, but I have a nice butt so I’m here now trying to get all the decent angles of my ass without hiding the rest of me too much (not something I’d normally ever do) singing a completely random song, and my p is on fire all of a sudden. It’s been about 2 hours so far.

I’m having to stop moving a round so I can type this. Every move is a shock in my body rn. And definitely the prostate. If you’re ever unsure just be patient it will show itself.

I’m only about a [3] right now high wise so I’m hoping the thc isn’t too responsible for this. Pleasure level is a [5] as well.

I don’t expect anything more tonight, but it’s a bonus. I found the biggest turn on was reading all of your guys’ stories. It really got my penis out of the scenario and focused on the prostate.

Question: Just bought my first aneros.

Like the title says, I bought the helix syn today (or whatever the red and black one is called) and should be getting it in the mail eventually. I had experimented with prostate play before but could never get *anything* to happen at all. Now that I’ve finally bought it, what are some things you guys think I should know for a beginner? I’m ready to dive into this head first now that I’ll have a proper toy that can do stuff. Should I be watching porn? Should I listen to some erotic audio while watching porn? How long should I hold off on masturbating before using the toy? Should I edge before using it, if so for how long? I just want to be sure I don’t mess up my first experience with it or anything as I will only get the chance to use it very rarely.

Found it, then lost it! Has this ever happened to you?

Last month, I arrived at my first prostate orgasms ever, after a month or two of really working at it. It was amazing, 10 in a row and all dry. The day after I didn’t have to even try to find the spot, my body just knew what to do. I was even having dry orgasms during sex, it was incredible!

Since that time though it’s like I lost it. Had mild success here and there but I’ve had to fight it. Now I went on vacation for Christmas and returned to find that I couldn’t find the spot at all! I don’t seem to be responding like I did, not feeling p-waves and I’m trying to retrace my steps. Earlier on I could even feel p-waves just during the day while a-less, and I’m currently struggling to feel anything at all.

Could I just be out of practice, that I forgot the common signals? I know it wasn’t a fluke, and I know I’m capable now, but I’m admittedly a little frustrated. I have noticed that I haven’t felt my arousal connect properly, and I have to wonder if that’s part of the equation. But how to become physically horny, and not just mentally horny? I’m not sure. I can get excited from penile stimulation obviously, but it’s difficult at the moment to get excited just by thought.

Wisdom and feedback are welcome. Help me reach that peak again!

Frustrated (model help)

I started off with the original MGX and it was ok, but I wasn’t getting the prostate stimulation everyone was describing, so I thought that it might be too small since I can take larger other toys, so I bought the program. That was uncomfortable and didn’t really hit the spot at all.
After reading about the new trident series, I just bought the helix syn and was disappointed by its smaller size. I should have looked better at the measurements.
At the price point of these, I don’t want to keep buying different ones. I like the feeling I get from my MGX but the p tab digs into my skin and hurts.
Any recommendations?
I’m 6’ 215lbs

is a aneros worth it compared to what i allready have

i have a normal $40 massager, which i am still trying to figure out how to use and i only managed to recently find the prostate, but ive never been able to have the experience i did then that 1 time i used my hand and fluked it, after that i havent been able to get the same result with the massager or my hand, its a normal prostate massager

so my question is, is a Aneros likely to help me achieve a prostate orgasm/massage? and would it be much easier then the one i was useing? (note my current one is manual and requires hand movement)

How long did it take for you to feel pleasure?

I’ve started to take the butt training seriously now. Been on and off for 2 months due to stress and personal issues, but I’ve playing with myself every day for the past 3 days.

I’m still weak and still get frustrated in my sessions and touch my pp, but I’m trying not to.

It doesn’t really feel that good. Sometimes I feel more prostate pleasure from touching my nipples than the thing itself!

I feel mild, mild pangs of pleasure.

At the start it felt intense but not pleasurable. Shaking, waves going through my body to my face, but not really pleasure.

Now it feels more like localized, kind of mild pleasure. It doesn’t really feel like much.

I feel weird because I think about inserting things into my butt 24/7 but I’m almost never in the mood for it. Even when I feel butt horny the setup and knowing my sessions don’t really satisfy me get in the way.

I just am finding it soooo hard not to get frustrated. Being a bottom slut (I’m not really a slut) conflicts with the anhedonia I feel from it has been messing with me.

Thank you Helix Syn

Bought an Aneros Helix a few days ago and (after escaping family) finally had a chance to play (I had a 4 day load built up). I’ve never had much luck in past attempts at a prostate orgasm, but the aneros seems to hit my spot exactly. Played for 25 mins or so (porn, nipple play, and poppers helped), then I felt the feeling build. This is about as close as I’ve gotten in the past, but tonight I kept working. Suddenly, BAM! My cock erupted on it’s own, and I felt no loss in my horniness. I rested a minute then kept going. The next waves came quicker. In all, I had about 4 great orgasms before I tapped out. Absolutely amaxing! Going to try for more than 4 next time!