Progasm jr does nothing to me !

Bought last week the Progasm jr…had great expactations for it.
Im totally addicted to the MGX and Eupho.
So level up for something more…read good things here about the Progasm jr

First session felt good with nice pressure on my prostate and the full feeling….but no auto fuck sessions like the Eupho and MGX.

The second night again…nothing….at the end I simple felt asleep with the Progasm jr in me.
Not even get awake by P-waves or mini O’s wich happens with the Eupho and MGX.

What’s wrong or…is it the mindset ?

I’m still very new to prostate play. Twice now while using my helix syn V, my legs have started shaking. Except I didn’t feel any new pleasure.

Honestly, I don’t remember the exact details of my session. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. I know it’s recommended to completely avoid penile stimulation, but eventually, I just got super horny and HAD to touch myself. I unlocked myself from my chastity cage, started edging, and my legs started shaking a little bit. It was kinda hot, except I didn’t really feel any new pleasure. Also, I should mention that I did turn the vibrator on at the lowest setting near that point.

For my next session, I’m going to try and get to that same point, but once I get there, I can’t touch.

Anyone Else Missing Shipment / PSA

First a PSA: Hopefully I am the only one this happened to, but when I ordered two items direct from Aneros (over $75) on Black Friday I selected one of two option for shipping: USPS first class, hoping that this would mean my purchase would arrive within a faster 1-5 biz day window for $6.50. Not only am I on day 15 (11 biz days) w/o delivery, but Aneros has been little to no help to this point.

In the single response I’ve received from Aneros, the company made a VERY revealing statement:

“We believe there may be a bit of confusion here as USPS First Class is our standard shipping option which qualifies as free for orders over $75. Since the original order is above $75, we will be refunding the $6.50 as the selection was rendered redundant by the offer of free shipping.”

I appreciate that they issued the refund, but who else may have made this error? Why is that even an option if my cart total exceeded $75? Aneros isn’t exactly a small time Etsy player here. Again, this should be an automatic function and in the age of digital retailing it makes no sense why it isn’t.

I responded in part by suggesting they look in to this. If I am the complete outlier, ok, bad on me. But this was Black Friday, I’m guessing there were A LOT of purchases as these discounts are rare. It hard to imagine that I’m the only one who made this mistake and if it happened at a large scale that could mean significant free money for the company.

Trouble Sensing Prostate Stimulation with Aneros Devices

Hey fellow enthusiasts!

I’ve been exploring the exciting realm of prostate play with my trusty Aneros devices, the Progasm Jr and the MGX. While I have made some progress, I’m having a bit of trouble and could use some guidance from the experienced members of this community. I hope you can lend me your expertise in my journey towards achieving the elusive Super O.

Here’s my situation: I can definitely feel the presence of both devices against what I assume is my prostate, but only when I’m standing or inserting them. To my surprise, the sensation seemingly disappears when I sit or lay down. It’s quite perplexing and frustrating, preventing me from fully experiencing the potential pleasure that these devices can offer.

I’m aware that everyone’s anatomy and experiences differ, but I was wondering if any of you have encountered a similar issue? What could be causing this sudden loss of sensation when I’m in a sitting or lying down position? Is it a matter of positioning or technique?

I’ve experimented with various positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and arousal levels, but haven’t found the solution yet. It feels like I’m missing out on the full potential of the Super O because achieving it while standing or inserting the devices manually doesn’t seem to be the ultimate goal.

So, could you please share your insights, tips, or any suggestions that might help me overcome this hurdle? Perhaps you’ve experienced this before and found a way to overcome it?

Seeking Advice: Persistent New Sensations Following Recent Session


I’m not exactly a newbie to Prostate and Anal Play – I’ve owned a variety of toys for years and partake in solo sessions about 2-3 times per month. I’ve experienced lots of pleasant sensations – but mostly limited to what you’d call ‘Mini-O’s’. I have yet to experience anything more than that, like a ‘Dry-O’, ‘Prostate-O’ or a ‘Super-O’.

I find that i go phases where for a week or so my arousal for Prostate/Anal play will be through the roof and I’ll feel like doing it everyday. Then it will pass and i might not engage again for another 3-4 weeks.

Recently I had an evening with a lot of free time and I felt like having a solo session. In typical fashion, the session begins with my Aneros Helix, which I’ll use for maybe 20-30mins, enjoying the sensations. Then I’ll switch to my Aneros Progasm – the larger size gives a nice fuller feeling but usually isn’t as mobile as the Helix.

Then when I feel like the prostate toy portion has fizzled out, I’ll switch over to using some dildos – starting with a 1.5” wide, then a 1.75” and finishing with a 2”. I switch between slow and aggressive with them, depending on what feels good and my stamina.

I pretty much always finish with a traditional ‘O’.

My tip if Aneros isn’t “working”

I’ve used my Aneros for a long time (5-8 years), and while it feels great, especially while jerking with it in, I never got to handsfree territory- until I discovered something:

I folded up a sock into thirds and slid that underneath the perineum tab (like a cushion between it and my perineum), and holy man did that make a difference. I unlocked new levels of pleasure completely hands free🤤

I’m not sure why this works – I think it’s because I’m quite short so my prostate might not be as far in, and/or my prostate and perineum are very sensitive and this helps prevent overstimulation.

Whatever it is, I highly recommend (and experiment with different thicknesses of padding).

Physical Soreness After a Session?

I have been having Aneros sessions for 4.5 years and I have struggled for most of that time. I have never had a prostate orgasm, but over the past month I have been making some progress…having some good sessions with stronger p-waves and I feel like I’m building toward something.

My question is…I had a pretty good session with my Helix Trident and I am experiencing more soreness than I have in the past. Yesterday evening, my hips and legs felt stiff and sore. This morning, my neck and shoulder were achy. I’m wondering if this might be the result of a good session or just general achiness from something else.

Does anyone else get physically sore after a good Aneros session?

How does billing appear on a bank statement?

I’m thinking about taking advantage of the Black Friday sale. I’m an adult, but I have a student bank account which my father has access to. Obviously I’d rather not have him know I’m playing with prostate toys. Does the order appear on a bank statement as something that’s clearly related to Aneros? For instance, I’ve ordered from Peep Show Toys before, and their billing appears as Hamilton Park Electronics, their parent company.

I want my story to be heard, because it helps me to deal with it (My problems following use of Aneros)

(also posted on the officifal forum)

Hey there Aneros Community,let me type my story, because I need a place to put it. I have nobody else to speak because, I feel so ashamed about it. I was too embarrassed about it to bring it up in therapy so far.

When I was younger I got interested in my butt and for a gay guy this is nothing extraordinary. Somehow I stumbled about the topic Aneros and got interested in it. One day I bought Aneros and tried it several times. Then I abandoned all toys I had, since they did not do it for me and I was still living in my familys place, a bad place for secret butt toys.

After moving out I got interested in it again. I bought aneros again and this time it worked. I orgasmed with it. One very long session (+porn) made me panic. After two hours or so I felt sore and dried out – I didn’t drink all the time and stared non stop at the screen. Something didn’t sit right with me and I was wierded out and was disgusted.

I stopped and ejaculated normally and this was a moment of panic. My dick felt so different and I was worried I had damaged it – after such very long time of sexual stimulation. I was afraid to ejaculate, but did it anyways. I was using porn and then I wanted to ejaculate a second time, which I did again on porn.I was so terrified this evening and my prostate wouldn’t stop tingling. It was there all the time. I quit the topic completely and brought the toy to the garbage – again.

Finally found one

Since my original design Euphos Syn disappeared during a house move, I could never find that design again until lastnight when one appeared on Ebay, I snapped it up.

So excited. I have 4 Aneros models and neither have come close to the pleasure that that one gave me, it hit spots the others couldn’t. So excited to use one again. The second time I used the original model I had many prostate orgasms and I even had a HFWO too. The 2nd time was the last time I got to use it. Its been years looking for the old model.