Next step after Helix Trident.

Well, now I’m going to purchase my second Aneros. I’ve only had one, the Helix Trident. With that toy I’ve had great sessions and joy, but also lately it was leaving me sore and with some discomfort on my low area. I think it is a bit too big.

Few moths ago I was planning to purchase the Progasm Jr. but I definitely won’t because I don’t think bigger is better at least in my case. At first maybe I don’t notice heavily the prostate but when I get aroused, my prostate grows much bigger? And I feel like there’s no enough room. And I don’t want to injure myself.

So the two Aneros that I am considering is the Eupho, or the MGX, one of them. I feel I should’ve started with the MGX but anyways the helix has been fun anyways. It’s just that I haven’t achieved great experiences, and just once I was near of what we call a “calm sea climax”, nothing more.

My Helix is not a syn version, and I’ve been thinking that, on a Syn version the P-tab will probably hurt less on my taint. With my Helix it ends up hurting after a couple of hours. And I don’t want to damage my pudendum nerves, which go through the perineum. I’ve read that Syn versions are made of a rubber coating, and the P-tab is flexible so it bounces and it doesnt hurt as much. I love the texture of the regular Helix, but anyway, I think maybe it is time to try a Syn version.

Huuuuuge Progress… but not quite there yet…

I just had the best session I’ve ever had in my two years with the Aneros. I don’t know, I was just having a session and playing with it. Doing soft contractions, then letting go and letting the toy rub and press on my prostate. It felt really good, and I was playing with my nipples (They’ve slowly become more sensitive and make my prostate tingle). While I was just enjoying myself, relaxing, suddenly something happened. Something clicked and everything just became to quiet, my prostate became extremely sensitive (just thinking about it is making me horny). It felt like my toy had grew larger inside me. I could hear my heart, and it felt like I was on the verge of a really strong orgasm (from my ass). I felt the p-waves coming from my prostate. It felt sooo good, it was almost frightening. I did my best to relax, and not contract or anything. Just letting my body do it’s thing and enjoy it. So many times it felt like I was just right there, but couldn’t quite get myself over the edge in to bliss. Eventually the moment passed and I was felt so good. I was still squeezing down involuntarily and my prostate was buzzing (Even now as I type this it’s still tingling).

Is that what it’s like when you’re gonna get a super o? Does anyone have any advice on what I could do in that moment that can help send me over the edge? Any help is appreciated, I’m truly excited for the next time I have the time for a session. Sheeesh… that was amazing!

Should I totally abstain from ejaculating?

Some background: I just got my first Aneros toy over the weekend (Aneros Helix Trident) and used it twice with minimal results, though my lower body began to shake uncontrollably the first time, so I’m taking that as a good start.

I already have some prior experience with prostate stimulation. I’ve had some really intense pleasure waves just from fingering myself. They were way more intense than regular orgasms, and longer lasting. However my fingering sessions are very hit or miss. Around 70% to 80% of the time nothing happens and I give up after 30-ish minutes. Hence why I decided to get an Aneros.

So as I begin my Aneros journey, my theory is that if I lay off from touching my dick for the foreseeable future and only receive stimulation exclusively from my prostate, it’ll do a better job at “rewiring” me so that my odds go up from my current hit-or-miss situation. That means not jacking off during, after, or even in between sessions on off days– at least for a week or two.

Am I overthinking this? Should I masturbate like usual in between Aneros sessions? I’m currently planning on doing 2-3 times a week as suggested. Thanks for the feedback.

Prostate orgasm when does it end


Pretty new to all this prostate play. I’m doing it solo with the helix trident. Today was the first day i felt like i was doing it right. I was pushing and pulling the toy in and out with my muscles. I would start to kinda shake and more parts of my body started to twitch (kinda). After moving like that for a little i had trouble realizing if i orgasmed or if i was just shaking. It didn’t feel as good as when i orgasm from jerking off. Idk if i should have keep doing it for longer or if that was it and to stop and what’s the super o and how would i achieve one??

Porn to wake up the prostate?? 🤔

I was hanging out in the Aneros official chat and getting some tips from people, and one guy suggested that the reason I can’t get my prostate to wake up is because I’m using it a setting so far removed from where the vast majority of my sexual activity has been in the past, which is, y’know, in front of a computer screen, sitting in a computer chair. 😓 Nearly all my aneros sessions have been lying down, eyes closed.

I guess the idea is to use your old sexual habits to build a “bridge” of sorts and arouse the prostate. Once the prostate starts finally making some noise, you burn the bridge and do the kinds of sessions you originally wanted to.

I’m trying to quit porn but I relapsed to give this a go. I’d really like my aneros to do fucking *anything* lol. 😅 But yeah it didn’t work for me on my first go, which isn’t saying much, since nothing does. Might work for you!

I’ll probably give it one more shot then it’s back to the drawing board again.

That’s it. Just thought I’d post this here incase anyone else is struggling and wants to try a different approach.

Progasm first time

So I ordered a progasm ice and it arrived a few days ago. I will start by saying I have plenty of experience with anal in general and have no problem finding my spot and putting on pressure with an njoy wand. I first tried my progasm in the morning after waking up so probably not the best time. The problem i’m having is the progasm ice does not seem to reach my prostate or it does not seem to pressure it enough as I dont seem to be feeling it on my spot when doing kegals. Could too many kegals over years make the muscles too strong. I have no idea but I really didnt feel it hit my spot at all.

Doesn’t have the proper bend/angle to stimulate prostate.

I purchased the Eupho Syn…(I think it’s ridiculous how there’s so many different models), and i can’t get it to rest on my prostate. It just seems like it’s not bent enough. If I manually roll it forward, as to put pressure on my P, I can feel it strongly. But when i try it hands free I don’t feel anything. Maybe my prostate is more towards the front than normal. I wanted some strong sensations but this is just a plug. It doesn’t stimulate my prostate AT ALL…And how the hell do they charge $60 for this… Does anyone know of a prostate massager that actually stimulates the prostate?

My story so far. Haven’t achieved HFO or P-gasm yet. Any advice is welcomed

So this is my story. I will sum It up because it is the first time I post on this subreddit.

I bought an Aneros Helix Trident to start practicing. Some people has, since then, told me to buy toys that cost hundreds, and I won’t spend that much money. But I purchased my Aneros Helix Trident for 35 bucks and I’m willing to buy a new one, either the Progasm Jr., or the Eupho Trident. Please, all the nJoy Wand crew, don’t try it, I wont spend that amount of money. Also I want my hands free, as for me is not confortable to manipulate the toy while trying to enjoy.

That being said, this has been my experience so far with the Helix Trident. I’ve been practicing since April-may, and I have had pleasurable sessions… that always leave me sore. They usually last 1 to 1,5h, and I try to not be harsh with my kegerator movements… But it doesn’t get me to the great sensations, and I can’t empty my prostate properly, so I end up pretty uncomfortable unless I masturbate afterwards. But even then, the soreness is there for some days…

Aside from the inside soreness, there’s this pressure of the p-tab that, after long sessions, ends up hurting me on my perineum. I’m not sure if I should, with heat, try to move this p-tab to not press so heavily on my perineum. Also I’m afraid that pressure will damage my nerves and take away sensitivity of my penis. I’ve already experienced a bit of sensitivity loss in my penis, so… Should I modify the p-tab?

Technique issues on first use

Just had my first go at it. Wasn’t really planning to have a proper sesh. I was just trying to see if I could get it in place and maybe get any sensation out of my prostate at all.

I’ve got the Helix Trident Syn. Surprisingly no trouble getting it in as deep as it could go, but unfortunately it slips out very pretty often thereafter. Am I supposed to hold it in the whole time with my anus muscles? Do I just have a huge rectum? D:

Haven’t been able to find the “sweet spot” for the P-Tab. 🙁 Feels pretty much the same all the way up and down the perineum.

Not sure if I had the head at the correct depth. Surely everyone’s prostate isn’t at the same depth? I wasn’t able to feel much of internally. Most of the sensation was coming from the anus, even when doing Kegels.

Gotta admit though it’s kinda novel just sitting there even if I’m doing it wrong lol

Just had a full body orgasm – several infact – here are concrete steps that worked for me

Ok, so I’m not gonna go into backstory or yadda yadda, this will just be a step-by-step of what happened to me and maybe what might happen to you. I’ll go into some grody details, but I think they’re necessary, read at your leisure:

**So, step one**: Make sure you eat food that won’t gove you the “runs”. Stay away from prunes and beans and stuff like that. I ate cereal for dinner – because that’s how I roll – and a rye sourdough bread sandwich. (Grody details ahead) I went to the bathroom right before going to bed and I felt like I didn’t get all of it out, but it felt solid, plus it actually kind of already pushed on my prostate (Grody details over).

**Step two:** Get a LOT of Lube and insert your toy of choice. I used an Aneros Helix Syn Trident, but use what you have, or get the toy I used.

**Step three:** Relax. And I know you’re thinking “yeah I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work”. No no no, you need to RELAX.
Personally I have a Really hard time to just “stop thinking about things, but I relaxed my body, and then – because I’ve been watching Sexplenations on youtube – I decided to use a trick Dr. Doe is telling women: Distract yourself – read a book or something. I actually found that it helped me relax More counterintuitively enough.
I think it’s like when you’re trying to remember a dream; if you think about the dream, you’re pushing the dream away. Instead if you try to think of basically **Anything else**, the dream might return to you.
Personally I thought about a story I’m thinking about writing; I thought about the characters, their relationships, their height, what kind of pet they would have, what the city they live in is like. Think about something pleasant that makes you feel good and content.