Aneros recommendation

So I have a Helix Syn which I great enjoy but I’ve been thinking of getting another aneros product to vary things? Is that a good idea? I’ve considering the Progasm Jr and the helix trident. Any recommendations or thoughts? I’m wondering what people’s experiences are? I personally want something that’s aggressive when it comes to prostate stimulation.

Dressing up my cock in cellophane (Day 5) : Super hot Aneros session II, Wednesday February 6

Hi guys,

I just love dressing up my cock in cellophane for the sheer adventure of it. So does my penis and my scrotum. Today I dressed up my cock in cellophane and stuff my package along with my ball sack into my Jockey H pouch briefs pretty much the whole day until early nightfall when I dressed up afresh in cellophane and stuffed in my BIKE CUP jocks before donning sweats for my night in bed tonight.

This morning just before sunrise I had another hot Aneros session again with my trusty MGX, Progasm Junior, Maximus, and Progasm Black Ice which lasted for an hour. My dressed up cock and my BIKE CUP jock launched me into a very fine session. However I pay close attention to the massage action of my four Aneros models that the massage action does not get out of hand.

I came from my Aneros session invigorated, enjoying thoroughly my Aless today along with my nipple diddling and Kegels. Take care.

Dressing up my cock in cellophane (Day 3) : Super hot Aneros session, Monday February 4

Hi guys,

Yesterday afternoon Sunday near sunset, I changed from my casual clothing into sweats which I wear to bed most winter nights. I also dressed up my cock using a good eight cellophane “sleeves” for a nice snug feeling in my cup jock pouch. Then I went to bed where I did a fair amount of nipple diddling and Kegeling all night long. I slept like a baby though and then woke up fairly refreshed from an Aneros session which I had for an hour around sunrise.

I used successively the following models: MGX, Progasm Junior, Maximus, and Progasm Black ICE. The session was a very hot session, in fact stellar.

What impressed me about this morning’s session was that I did hardly nothing, but rather lay back and just let each Aneros model plow my anal canal and massage my prostate rather forcefully. It left me with a rather lively Aless during which each model was working away. It is now 4:30 p.m. in the late afternoon approaching sunset as I type this. I enjoy engaging my active Aless by intermittent Kegels which produce lots of pleasure.

Later on tonight before I go to bed, I am hankering to dress my cock up with cellophane before stuffing my cock and balls in my BIKE jock and cup. Take care!

Update at 9 p.m. Just dressed up my cock in cellophane and placed my enshrouded manhood in my jock cup pouch in my sweats. Feels real good too! Approaching my bedtime. Feels nice and cozy down there! 🙂

Dressing up my cock up in cellophane ; Aneros session for Saturday February 2

Hi guys,

A couple days ago I made major discovery in how to improve upon my Aneros sessions, Aless, and also my engagement with the Kegels and diddling my nipples. Dress up my cock in cellophane.

Let me explain. For the last couple years or so, I would purchase muffins from the grocery that would come in cellophane containers. I began collecting these containers to the point that I have two bags of the them now. They come in handy for containing cum soaked napkins for disposal after my now infrequent bate sessions.

A couple days ago I discovered another use for them. I dress my cock in one, then another, then another one or two of them. They fit my cock perfectly. My cock in this configuration looks like a penis dressed in a condom ready for sexual intercourse. My dressed cock certainly looks erotic. Then I stuff my cock in the up position in my favorite jock and cup. This has enhanced much more the absolute sweetness and power of my diddling and Kegeling sessions whether at night in bed or in the daytime.

I haven’t worn my cock using condoms yet. But I may soon. You could dress up your dick in this fashion using also an ordinary jockstrap or a pouch brief. I think non-lubricated condoms will do fine.

Bringing my Progasm Black Ice out of retirement, sessions for January 27 & 29

Hi guys,

Our latest Arctic Vortex blast of winter cold arrived yesterday afternoon with the latest blast of blustery, cold air arriving this afternoon as I write this. Tomorrow early Thursday morning we shall have a low of 9 F.

However, I had sessions early Sunday morning just before sunrise and the same time yesterday morning Tuesday. I was horned for those sessions. Sunday I used MGX, Progasm Junior, and Maximus. Yesterday morning I added Progasm Black ICE which I brought out of a two/three year retirement.

Whenever I have a session, my psyche and body are longing for my Aneros models. This longing which verges on the sexual is what I mean by my being horned!

Now I just lie on my towel on my bed with two very slim chair cushions for my butt. Whenever I insert any of my Aneros models, a surge of anal pleasure that is irresistible. Also I wear a jock and cup like @goldenboy for most of my sessions, not so much to keep my hands off my cock, but rather the jock and cup (as intensely erotic items) enhance many fold my pleasure as I let each of my models work their magic on my anal musculature and prostate.

Nowadays my sessions leave me with exquisitely pleasant Aless. My Aless has a beat about it as though my Aneros models are still working away. Take care.

MGX Classic, Progasm Junior, and Maximus : an amazing combo : Sessior for January 24

Hi guys,

Thursday morning, January 24, just around sunrise, I had an amazing sessions with MGX, Progasm Junior, and Maximus which lasted about an hour. All three models performed exquisitely. What impressed me most of this session was that I had to do anything but to relax and the each plow my ass and massage my prostate effortlessly. Yes, I breathed slowly and rhythmically which actually propelled the effortless action of each model as well as add in an occasional Kegel.

Immediately after the session, I had Aless which lasted throughout the day and overnight last night. I wore my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 all night in bed which enhanced the sweetness of my Aless as well as my Kegels.

I hope to have a session with the same models tomorrow Saturday. Take care!

Which model to buy next?

Im currently useing the helix trident as my prostate massager and im pretty happy about my experience but i find it to be a little too small for me so i though about buying either the progasm or the progasm jr. The aneros site says that the eupho is more for the experienced users and since i want a more fuller experience the eupho isnt for me. I heard that inserting the progasm is a bit more challenging than the other models so i think i would go for the progasm jr. What do you guys think?

current findings & updates

Latest updates. Some findings, things I’m going to do different, kind of long.

Got helix all polished up, ultra shiny and as smooth as progasm jr. Going to do a little more to see if I can get that deep glass look, almost there. Joining is so much easier, glides in so smoothly and takes hardly any lube unlike before. I have also changed over to using just straight silicone lube, ‘wet anal’. Only takes .3cc prelube and a drop on the tool spread out to go all night, plus because of the molecular make up it is not absorbed into the skin, molecules are much larger than water based lubes so no drying out or having to reapply on those long sessions. A side benefit is it makes the skin feel smooth and supple even after cleanup.

I think I am starting to get a feel for my rhythm. Whether pre ejac release or full on refractory ejac I have an every other day cycle, ie day 1 nothing, day 2 things start to get moving, day 3 slightly more than nothing but not much, day 4 really picking up, day 5 caries on from day before. day 6 ok but not great, day 7 getting better but seems to plateau but duds seem fewer but not great. So based on these findings and my previous experiment I was going to start doing light pressure releasing, just enough to keep things flowing.

Amazing things happen with Aneros when you are relaxed : Session for January 20, 2016

Hi guys,

This morning Sunday had a rare session because of course, I would be in church. But today I stayed home I had a lingering cold which I didn’t want infect anybody at church and other places. Also shortly before noon today, an front passed through ushering excessively cold air for the next few day.

Fortunately in the seven or eight o’clock I had enough heat in my apartment to enable me to have a session. For some reason, despite my cold and the wintry weather, I have been horny, randy, and HARD, I guess of some very good exchanges and ideas shared in Aneros Forum and the blog section. Last night, I had an ardently erotic night wearing my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 to bed and so I was HORNED for session. I decided to use one of my very favorite MGX and my rediscovered Progasm Junior.

Both models performed exquisitely. All I did was the breath rhythmically and calmly as well as to let my anal musculature work calmly together. MGX has its distinctive ribbed stem which massages the anal canal while the head of MGX massages fully my prostate.

Likewise I let my body do the same thing with Progasm Junior. One beautiful aspect of Progasm Junior are the P and K tabs which “lock” themselves in the area surrounding the anus thus the intensifying the massage action of Progasm Junior. I just relaxed and let both MGX and Progasm Junior their magic on me, each in turn. I have strong yet sweet Aless since then today.

Aneros session with an old buddy, Progasm Junior, January 19 with a major discovery!!!

Hi guys,

After my blog entry on jacking off along with a discussion about my theory of The Male Axis of Sexual Press, I became more horny, randy, and HARD!!! I even beat my meat a bit but realized that I had to save my cum load for my Aneros session at sunrise this morning.

You see @Somebody and @Tommygunn were discussing about the Aneros model, Progasm Junior which has enabled @Somebody have some amazing Aneros experiences, even Super-O’s. Their discussion encouraged me to bring my Progasm Junior out of retirement. I believe that I purchased that model when Aneros began marketing in 2013 or 2014. I have enjoyed my rides with Progasm Junior, but they occurred by my major Aneros breakthrough in mid Septembre 2016 during which began experiencing my first sustained Super-O’s and MMO’s. Since after, I discovered the tactile delight that my nipples have for me. But I had to wait until the first ten weeks of 2017 when I learned nipple diddling in a rehab facility after my hip replacement surgery [after a freak accident] learning to walk again.

I had laid out my favorite Aneros models of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE to use with Progasm Junior this morning, but laid the first three aside instead.

Progasm Junior took over and worked his magic. I just let Progasm Junior worked me over through his massage action. He plowed my anal canal and musculature as he massaged thoroughly my prostate. He was both sweet and powerful in “fuck” action. I just submitted to his ministrations which lasted about thirty minutes.