Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr?


After some time experimenting with prostate stimulation, I’ve decided to expand my Aneros collection. Although I have yet to achieve the elusive super O, I still very much enjoy the sessions; and I do like the hands free aspect. I already have the helix synth, but would like a change.
(For the record I have the njoy pure wand, getting no pleasure from it whatsoever).

The question is whether to get the Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr.
From the pictures, they don’t seem too different in size so I’m curious to hear if anyone have experiences regarding those models.
In will also pick up the Trident Eupho to see if a smaller model might be more appropriate for me.
Hoping for some input.

Thanks for reading.

HOLY SH*T! Aneros Progasm Jr. 😝

Still buzzing now an hour later after that AMAZING session.


So im an 18 year old guy and I have always been curious about anal play. Last year, I finally gave in and decided to experiment on different anal plugs etc. until i found out about the SUPER-O and aneros…

So i decided to browse my local sex stores online(New Zealand btw) and found a 50% off sale on the Aneros Progasm. 2 days later i recieved the package and went straight to action.

I lubed up and forced this bad boy in (this was by far the biggest thing i have put up my ass) Also I had no educational experience whatsover on how to achieve prostate orgasms, all i knew was it should be a plug and play kinda thing and it will send you straight to orgasm heaven right?? Well, after session after session of failure i finally gave up… Out of frustration I threw away my progasm (I know its stupid) and decided to stay away from anal play for a while.

A year later here i am now. Again i gave in and decided to give Aneros another shot so i bought an Aneros Porgasm JR. I have browsed all the forums and read on all of the techniques to give myself a confidence boost that this time it might work. I realised from experimentation through my fingers that my prostate was far lower than expected.

Am I two timing my Aneros devices?

Well I couldn’t resist another “flirtation” as per my previous blog. Almost identical results, although not quite as much fluid produced. What I began to think about and what prompted this follow up is that an Aneros session for me tends to follow the same ritual. It will take place at the end of the day as I settle down for the night when the house is quiet. Once settled down with my chosen device I lie and relax and concentrate on the sensations as they come and go. But with these last two experiences I have been distracted whilst busy showering etc, but still the stimulation was building without the need to focus, concentrate or relax. Although the results were not as strong as with my Progasm Jr or Eupho Trident it was still enough to leave me buzzing for hours afterwards. I came out of the shower feeling totally energised and ready for the day, a nice hot shower alone is invigorating in itself as I am sure you will agree, but the added buzz that followed that short time of pleasure was fabulous. Makes me think my prostate is a bit of a slut and doesn’t care who he sleeps with or when.

20-minute continuous orgasm

Hello r/aneros,

I’ve commented in here a couple times but never posted. Tl;dr at end.

Last night I had a crazy 20-minute orgasm after a 3-hour session with my progasm jr.

I started at 10pm. The first two hours didn’t really feel that good, but I’ve had things arise really late in the past and I just wasn’t satisfied with where I was. This was with and without porn. I thought about smoking weed again but I can’t because of a job interview process.

I then remembered that a lot of people describe the process as having to be “re-wired,” to map the sensations to pleasure centers of the brain. And I pulled out my stash of magic mushrooms. There are studies conducted that show that mushrooms allow your brain to form new neural connections, and I thought, “if my brain needs to be re-wired, maybe this will help.”

So I took one tiny cap at 12am (too much and it kills my libido plus I won’t sleep for hours). I felt the shroom cap hit me. As the feeling washed over me, I felt a deep relaxation in my hips and legs, I was able to put my focus outside of myself, and my prostate started tingling very lightly. It felt good. Not mind-blowing. I watched some porn and squirmed around on my bed for about an hour.

An overnight of abundant genital and anal activity, June 24-25

Hi guys,

The mid Atlantic this weekend is experiencing excess heat in the mid to upper 90’s. The heatwave will begin to abate somewhat on Tuesday this week. Fortunately I attend a church here which enables Internet distance viewing of its services. I can attend church in the air conditioned comfort of my apartment! 🙂

I enjoy my retirement years spending hours most days in various foreign language translation projects. This activity keeps my mind sharp and promotes my general health. Sometimes I am so engrossed in a translation project that causes me to go without an Aneros session. But that is OK because when I return to Aneros after several days of absence, Aneros is glad to see me! 🙂

Late last Sunday afternoon after a full day at church, I had a session with Progasm Junior, MGX, and Progasm Ivory that was a good session, but not one of my best. Aneros works best with me first thing in the morning when I am refreshed a good night’s rest.

However that night I stay up past my usual bedtime viewing pics of an gay erotic nature on tumblr. I was wearing only briefs and found myself rubbing frenulear delta and flange of my Glans through my briefs. That provided the trigger for a full-fledged masturbation session, my first in five weeks of SR. I ejaculated a copious load of semen and was amazed by the strength of my ejaculatory pulsations of my penile urethra!

When life just gets in the way.

I have been enduring a forced break from any Aneros or associated activity for a couple of weeks now. Some house renovations have been ongoing, none of it smoothly. I don’t get too stressed but find I have been just too preoccupied and distracted to contemplate any sessions. On top of this, I caught some kind of a flu bug that took me down for a few days. All of this has just kind of completely blocked any sensations of arousal or withdrawal I would normally expect after almost two weeks of SR and no sessions. It works but I can’t recommend it. However, I feel a reawakening! I am now bug free and hopefully the work is back on track. I am beginning to savour the thought of a well deserved and long overdue session. Just the thought of which model to choose has got me quite hard and horny. Maybe my Eupho Trident with its sleek lines and nimble ways or, my Progasm Jr that is none of that and quite frankly just f****s me from the word go. So, come Friday, or should that be cum Friday, I shall have to wait and see which one gets the nod.

Back at Day 1

Well, back at day 1 now. I might have just invented the 13 day challenge which I passed with flying colours!
At the last moment last night I decided to use my Progasm Jr instead of the Helix that I had in mind. I find the PJ just gets to work and is quite vigorous, and I felt that was what I needed. Being in such an aroused state meant things got interesting fairly quickly and for a few moments I had the sensation of being auto-f****d. After some wonderful spells of enjoyment I decided I was going to let myself ejaculate. I remembered reading about a method in the old version of instructions and decided to try. Here is an extract with the method.

Note: For best results, bend the knees close to the stomach, squeeze the scrotum between the inner thighs (you can cross your thighs to squeeze more) then stretch your legs so that the penis skin and the scrotum are pulled back toward the base. It seems like the penis itself is stretched out, increasing its hardness and sensitivity. You may feel some pleasurable tautness caused by the stress added to the skin. As you approach orgasm, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles.
Some people have ejaculatory orgasms without penile glans stimulation. Sometimes, just the tension applied to the penile skin will cause ejaculation.

Friday 6.30am. SR Day 13

I composed this blog whilst lying in bed this morning having “endured”, if that’s the right word, two hours of joyous feelings. It seems that my body has decided to take matters into it’s own hands to relieve the pressure if I refuse to use mine. Time and again I have felt that unmistakeable feeling that signals an imminent ejaculation, without any stimulation at all from me. Flacid member, throbbing erect member, lurid fantasies conjured up from nowhere, all combined with dry O”s and a constant flow of pre cum. Had I been using my Helix or Progasm Jr, I would have recorded this as one of my best sessions ever but, it is all taking place without. Just how I have been able to keep myself from caving in and finishing myself off I do not know. I just want the sensations to last. Well, a bit longer anyway.
I know I am heading the blog with the number of days without ejaculating. However I did not set out with the intention of reaching any particular day. I have just done 21 days, prior the the new “count”, which I found much easier than this one. I thought it might be useful to record the day number and the level of horniness or arousal as the days pass. I am wondering if there is an optimum time for retention and the levels of arousal it brings. Maybe my arousal will recede slightly as I pass a certain stage. I am certainly hoping so as it is reaching a crisis point at the moment. I have a date with Madame Helix tonight, maybe she will soothe me. Somehow I doubt it.