Tight pelvic floor ruining sessions.

I feel like the more relaxed my pelvic floor muscles are the better it feels but sadly I can never relax those properly, even after 1 hour of laying down with binaural beats belly breathing the whole body relaxed EXCEPT my pelvic floor, I feel like it’s never entirely relaxed (throughout the day neither) and this issue also causes me to have erection problems in normal life too. Seems I did this to myself by sitting by my PC for the last 15 years for 15 hours a day and subconciously holding pee much of the time due to focus on gaming, very sad.

Any idea on this? Anyone else feels the same during their session? Any advice is highly appreciated too. Thanks!

Breakthrough for me

A lot of this is about relaxing, there’s no doubt about it. Unfortunately, that’s something I’ve always had trouble with. I’d heard weed can do wonders for the process, but I’d never tried it due to the legality. I recently stumbled across delta 8 THC, which is federally legal in the United States. Having never tried THC before, I leaned on the cautious side and only did a half dose of the tincture. The package said it takes 2 hours to kick in, so I just sat back and waited. As though by clockwork, 2 hours hit and my whole body loosened. And when I tell you I had tingles like never before, I’m not kidding. I then slid in my helix (which was almost a challenge with how engorged I’d become inside) and holy fuck. It was like the toy had a mind of its own and I could just lay back and take it. It was like I was being fucked I’m the best way possible. I turned on the porn and things were incredible until about an hour in my high began to peak and I could not stay focused enough to stay horny. It was almost frustrating, but I had to call it at that point. Lack of focus and sleepiness are the two downsides the delta 8 that I’ve found. But other than that, no complaints. After leaving the tincture in my hot car and ruining the batch, I’ve decided to order [HHC](https://www.binoidcbd.com/?ref=CbrnmULLlPUAH), which is supposed to be less in my head and more in my body. If anyone has any tips or stories, I’d love to hear. If anyone wants to give the D8 or HHC a try, the code JOYRIDE takes off 10% and is a comically fitting name considering our application. Use responsibly, especially if you’re new to it like me.

Ive been working with aneros and expeiranced something weird.

So. I did aneros session. It was great, i was horny, super relaxed and warm under the blanket but also kinda sleepy. At first me being sleepy was annoying but later i used that for my advantage and felt something super insane. So i was doing breathing and just enjoyed little sensations (cos i was sleepy) and suddenly i would get into sleeping state for a short moment then kinda wake up again (after maybe couple minutes) and suddenly i get very sensitive to the sensations which almost led me somewhere. I dont know but i wake up then i focus and suddenly feel this weird pleasure deep in my soul that did “reps”. It felt like blackhole was trying to suck me in but it did it with too much force so i was sent back into the stellar space. Anyone experianced something like this?

What did I get into?

So… here is the story. I’ve played around with traditional dildo type toys… have gotten some “sensations” but I was usually pretty disappointed in any kind of results.

Last week – I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Helix trident syn (I think… the black non vibrating one) and while i was waiting for that to arrive – i ordered the progasm. I actually received the progasm first.. and was excited to try it out. I inserted – and was surprised to find that it did NOT readily slip out. – I used it for about 90 minutes – but nothing really.. a couple “ooh.. what was that? ” then gone away.

A couple days later my Helix arrives. I find myself with a rare “day by myself” and I figure I’m gonna try this out.

I inserting the Helix. Nothing special. I lay on my back.. slowly doing some contractions. It feels ok… but I feel that I’m just not relaxed enough.

I flip over to lay on my stomach. Flacid- pushed downward where my pelvis is against the bed. I seperate my legs a little- but angle my legs like I’m kinda pigeon toed – opening up my ass a little.

I quickly find out that if I pull the helix into my core – and hold it – it will eventually lose “its grip” and like a worn out fatigued muscle – it kinda “flutters” back to relaxed. This starts some sensations

HFDO from external anus stimulation

In my last session I had an elevated heart rate from running around the house right before laying down to play. So I decided to take it real slow to give myself some time to relax.

After calming down and relaxing a bit I decided to continue but keep it slow. I lubed up a finger and started slowly stimulating my butthole with circular motions. Immediately I noticed p-waves spreading so I pursued it for a few minutes and was rewarded with several back to back dry orgasms.

These orgasms were triggered by the external anal stimulus, but centered in the prostate. They felt identical to the smaller (non-superO) HFDOs that I get with the aneros inserted.

Has anyone else been able to reliably orgasm from external anal stimulation alone?

Changing it up

So recently I had an idea that has really helped me have some better sessions. One of those cheap makeup mirrors are great for checking out what’s going on down there or back there. Incorporated a pretty good flash light on a foot stool when in low light to act as a limited spot light. Fantastic for evaluating level of clench whether you are really relaxing or not. Watching your pulse move your chosen device can be pretty hot. It’s pretty cheap to buy and most homes already have them I am sure.

Great session today!

Was really excited to start my session this morning. I typically use THC during my sessions and last week I got an eight of Gorilla glue buds. I did a lot of reading about this particular strain and was both encouraged and anxious. The strain description sounds fantastic for prostate play with intense body high and relaxation but it’s also described as a very potent strain. I did my usual preparation and got to business. I took it slow, one hit on my bud vaporizer and then let it set in to see what happens. Very pleasant calm high set in and I inserted my Helix Syn V. I was rewarded with pleasure waves within minutes. After a pleasant time with the Helix my hole was hungry to be filled. I teased myself with the head of my 8.5 inch girthy dildo and soft flesh eventually yielded to soft silicone and my innards got the filling it desired. The very best feeling occurred after removal. My gaping hole collapsed and I got the most delicious device-less orgasm! Next came the Progasm Jr and oh man was it hitting. I am normally not very vocal during my sessions but the Jr coaxed moans as I thrashed around my bed. Overall a very good session!

Tried out the MGX I forgot I owned

I’m putting it out there now. If you’re a beginner MGX is the one.

I just carefully prepared myself and popped in my MGX and relaxed. Once comfy I put the palms of my feet together and relaxed my legs outwards onto stacks of cushions. That was so I didn’t feel I had to support them. This helped me relax completely.

Then I popped on some relaxing tracks from Mindgasm and just breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe so that your lower stomach inflates (around your belly button). I’ve seen it mentioned in other posts before, I think it has a funny way of putting rhythmic pressure on the prostate against the MGX.

As for your mind I try and focus on the slightest sensations (which were definitely there). However, I have a very active mind that likes to wander. So instead I love to mentally visualise the toy inside me and that helps occupy my mind while also staying on topic.

Roll on 45 mins and I’m fully groaning away. It feels like you shouldn’t bit trust me. If it feels good and felt right just let it out. I got up to a point where my hole was twitching away like mad and had to pop the MGX back in a few times but this really didn’t set me back. I was flying high.

Session music

So not related to any techniques or anything but I wondered if people use music during their session? I know binaural beats have been mentioned on here and I have tried those but I prefer to not wear headphones if possible and I have a particular favourite album that I love to listen to during my sessions. It’s called “Orchid” by an artist called Ishq and I guess it’s kind of new age type relaxation music but I find it is a bit more upbeat and with lots more going on than you’d usually get in that genre. I find bits of it very mildly erotic but I don’t imagine it was written to be that way. I’m still on the journey rather than having had outright success but my sessions seem to be getting better and better and I’m just really enjoying whatever each one brings me now rather than chasing a super O


Where should I focus on when relaxing, I’ve heard some people said to focus on prostate exclusively while some other said to focus on other sensation such as chest, abdominal and legs.

I kinda can’t do the second one cuz I don’t really know what I’m looking for. Do yall have any descriptor that might help?, like is it similar to a chill, tickle etc

Thanks in advance