Peridise – I finally get it.

Like, *fuck.* I have no issues with having prostate orgasms with my other aneros toys. I’ve even had a couple with no toys, but I definitely prefer to have the toys. But, I digress.

I was bored, surfing porn on Reddit on my couch. I don’t like toys while sitting, but decided to get the peridise because it doesn’t have the tabs. Popped it in, sat back down and went back to porn.

After about 15 minutes, my body started auto-fucking me with the toy. Felt *really* good. I was surprised! I’ve never had much success with it before. Another 10 minutes or so, and I decide it’s time to go lie down and play this proper.

So I get relaxed, on my side, and the auto-fucking doubles down on me. I feel like someone is jerking off my entire spinal cord. Like, *fuck*, you guys. I love my aneros sessions, but this was so alien to me. Similar, but also so different. My cock started throbbing through the auto-fucking, my calves quivering, and I swear it was steady going for like, 12 minutes solid.

It wasn’t like a prostate orgasm, where they can layer over each other, weave in and out and do fancy tricks. This was one thing, long, and fairly linear. I don’t honestly know if this can layer, how this works.

But holy fuck, I cannot *wait* to explore this even deeper.

Got an Eupho Syn a week ago… was that a Super-O already?

Hi. So I got my first Aneros (Eupho Syn, actually I bought a Helix Syn and they sent me this instead but I don’t really care) about a week ago.

*Note: I had prostate play experience before, but only using my own fingers.*

The first session was, well, okay, ending with a sorta hands-free penile orgasm (no penis touching, but a lot of nipple stimulation). Felt good, but not really better than a regular orgasm. This was about 4 days ago.

Yesterday I decided to try again. I was a lot more relaxed from the start as, well, this wasn’t that much of a new thing anymore. I decided to lay on my back and raise my pelvis a bit. I could clearly feel the Eupho touching my prostate and started doing some slow contractions to get the things going. I felt like I was leaking but there was no precum in sight. Nonetheless, it felt wonderful so I’ve begun steadily speeding the contractions up.

And, well, it hit me. I’ve been riding what definitely was a dry prostate orgasm, resonating through my entire body, for dunno how long exactly, but definitely more than a minute. I didn’t ejaculate and still felt I could continue, but didn’t manage to do it, probably because the fake need to pee sensation was replaced by a real need to pee, so I just finished off with a regular penile orgasm (also a very strong one).

Can I “Jump-Start” My Exit From Flatline?

Currently, I am at day 6 of SR and 84 days of NoFap ® PMO. I am thinking I should be ‘exiting’ a flatline soon. Is there a way that I can try to hasten the exit? This is what I explored this morning. Let me explain…..

I had a great therapeutic session with the HIH 950. Lasting about 25 minutes, I had put-on my rarely-used Bike hard cup. It just felt right so I proceeded. This was a good, therapeutic session. I followed instructions to the max: relax for about 10 minutes then finish-up with about 30 or 40 anal contractions. When this session was over, I felt energized and empowered to take-on the day.

Exit Flatline?
I continued to wear my Bike cup for a while this morning, but then I got an urge to switch to my “Duke” swimmer’s jockstrap. What effect would this have? I was curious. Fortunately, I did not experience an immediate erection like I thought I would. Rather, the regular jockstrap felt good. I am able to ‘feel’ my package through the mesh. Do I feel any different? Well, yes and no. Physically, I don’t feel any different. But mentally, I am quite prepared for an impending erection and the feelings that accompany it. (This could be analogous to foreplay before sex).

Have I *Hacked* My Prostate?

After a couple years of on-again-off-again aneros toying, I’ve finally felt good about being consistent in using it.

About once or twice a week I’ve been “pop it in and relax routine” with some fun results. I can consistently get p-waves and the occasional rush of pleasure people speak of. After relaxing, I sit upright in my comfy computer chair and watch some porn with some nipple play. Lately, maybe a half hour of nipple play and aneros flexing has me TO-ing like crazy.

For the first time tonight I tried the same routine without the aneros: no dick touching, some nipple play, and some flexing while watching porn… 15 minutes later I blew a load.

TL;DR: Consistent use has me hands-free orgasming without the aneros

Has anyone else been able to initiate aneros-esque prostate pleasure without using it?

The Nipple Diddling Kegeling Connection

Hi guys,

[I posted this entry on Aneros Forum a few days ago. Since it has not has any responses, it may be slightly off topic. So I post it here as a blog entry]

With cold weather far back in the distance and summer weather now upon us in DC, I find myself sleep many nights mostly buck naked on top my bed wearing many nights a jock and cup. A jock and cup, at least for me, holds my junk comfortably in the still of the night. During the colder months however (September to April or May), I’ll sleep underneath my blankets and wearing sweats to keep myself warm. Sleeping buck naked and wearing a jock and cup gives me the freedom as an aging naked man. It makes me feel young again!

I have been an avid nipple diddler certainly after I had my major Aneros breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with attainment of Super-O and MMO capability. What impresses me most about my Aneros journey is now being able to just relax and just the Super-O’s and MMO’s come to me.

“After All, It’s Just For Prostate Therapy!”

I am only at Day 2 of SR but at Day 80 of NoFap ® PMO. Last night, before retiring for bed, I had a strong urge to “sleep” in one of my ‘chastity cups’. So I selected my XO ProCup and nestled-in; so relaxing and comforting! During the night, as I expected, I felt the distinct pressure of the NPT erections against the cup. But I remained in chastity and slept comfortably through the night.

Earlier this morning, I awoke and upon visiting the lavatory, I had a symptom or two of BPH: start & stop stream and a somewhat weak stream. I think I ‘visited’ about three times quickly in succession. I checked and it had been 5 days since my last ‘therapeutic’ prostate massage session, so I knew it was time.

I selected my HelixTrident for this session and lubed-up with SSG. I went to lie-down on my side and just relax. I knew the Helix was contacting my prostate right from the start and I began to experience some involuntary contractions. I did a couple of strong anal/PC contractions and could definitely feel its effect. At one point, my entire body reacted with a strong, explosive contraction. I honestly didn’t feel any erections building, but I knew that this ‘therapy’ was going to be effective.

Beginning my tenth year in my Aneros journey

Hi guys,

Earlier this morning shortly after sunrise I began my tenth year in my Aneros journey.

I had gotten my first Aneros tools in late December 2011. They were Helix Classic, MGX Classic, and Progasm Classic. Then I got Helix Syn in March 2012 when it first came out. They all looked scary because I had to use them in anal play for them to massage my prostate. It took me three months to surmount this fright. I took my maiden voyage with Helix Syn early Sunday evening June 3, 2012. Anal play was not the scary as I had thought then, but it took four years before I could to relax and enjoy my Aneros tools. It was in mid September 2016 that I achieved my first Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s which I could let them to me both in sessions and outside of sessions in Aless, particularly in night in bed.

This morning I used in tandem my most favorite models currently: MGX, Helix Syn, and Progasm ICE. I really enjoyed this morning getting out of bed with Helix Syn inserted and letting that model autofuck me while diddling my nipples.

Take care.

First time

Had an amazing first time. I’d read lots of the blog entries, and thank you all for the guidance. Started with an enema and a shower. Lubed up with Marksman and Swiss Navy waterbased lube. Was alone in the house after a long, long drive. Still wired, but tired. After the shower, got on top of bed after watching and listening to porn. Put the Helix in with no trouble at all and concentrated on deep breathing. Got very very relaxed and must have fallen asleep for a few. When I woke up, I started contacting and wave after wave after wave washed over me. I convulsed and moaned for about 20 or so minutes. All in all, a phenomenal time.

Couch time

Been enjoying these experiences for 18 months. No Super O yet but some fantastic feelings. This time I spent the first 15 minutes laying on the couch on my right side with the Trident inserted and did no Kegels. I focused on just relaxing and enjoying every little movement started to occur without making strong contractions. The trident begin sliding across my prostate. My prostate started convulsing ever so slightly. I just rode the waves of pleasure. I started to feel like I was leaking pre cum from my cock. I have a hypospadias cock so the wetness was sliding down my shaft underneath. Always enjoy tasting my pre cum. After a few minutes it felt like I had to pee. I really had to go. It seems like this was a mix of urine an prostatic fluid. Once I settled back onto the couch it took a few minutes to reactivate the same sensations. 20 minutes later I had the strong sensation of needing to pee again. I did not cum but enjoyed the experience.

what was this?

Was this a possible out of body experience?

I spent the day surrounded by my Imperial cock ring. I have gotten so used to wearing it that I forget it’s even there. I also wore my Master around my balls feeling the wonderful tug every time I would walk. There is something about the feeling of all that weight pulling and swinging between my legs, the tingling it creates pulling on the muscles and tubes, hell I’m getting hard thinking about it writing this a day later.

I got myself setup before bed with Large. I got in bed on my right side with the lower leg straight and upper leg drawn up, adjusted the twins to let them hang freely than started hugging a pillow. Gently I flexed and fell into a a bit of a trance feeling each subtle movement when everything fell into place. I could feel my pulse in my anus and my prostate was throbbing in sync. I could feel the tip gliding over what felt like a bump with each movement, and each ride up and down this bump increased the pleasure. I slowed my flexing when the pleasure reached a good level to allow my body to take over. Every beat of my heart would cause large to move and tickle me in this one special spot. For 1.5 hours I rode wave after wave of orgasms. As each peak would start to wane I would flex a few times to bring it back up, I was in an endless loop of pleasure. If it wasn’t for the fact that my shoulder was starting to get sore from the position I was in I think I might still be riding this wave of pleasure.