First HFO! (27y/o)

Well, it’s been about 6 months using my aneros, and today I finally got my first hands free orgasm! (Of course the day after I spend $150 on the aneros website because of Black Friday to try out other products, haha) Didn’t cum, but there was enough precum to completely soak through my sweats, and it felt so great! I was starting to think it was all just make-believe.

I only made it to one orgasm, then a couple more close calls before I just jerked off. Overall the whole session was about 45 minutes. I just have the attention span of a squirrel, and got so excited after the first one I couldn’t relax.

I’m not typically a nipple person, but I was rubbing my nipple and watching a Himeros porn (a website that has more sensual gay porn, which to me helped keep me turned on much more). I was wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt, which is abnormal for me, and lying on my stomach. I think this just helped me to not think of my dick so much while I was watching the porn, and focus on my feelings.

I welcome any other tips if you’ve got them!

So I had another Super Dry – O… question about intesity levels

Hi guys I wanna share my strange week to you guys^^”.

I am doing kegels now regulary and even tried this big squeeze technique from [](
I cant do it regulary but its getting better..

Wendsday I was doing some kegels in my office during lunch time (i have a workplace for me alone) and then i thought ok lets try the big squeeze… and holy what a orgasmic rush for 1 minute. I could alteast control my voice, i really wanted to moan xD. My pc muscle and sphincter where fluttering like hell and it just got stronger to the point where i felt in my whole body.

Then after that i had a aneros sessions after work and had another super long dry o for idk how long. I was rock hard all the time and felt it pumping nonstop.

Here comes my question about the intensity. I am using kinda tha aneros atleast every night before bedtime because it feels good and its a good way to relax before sleeping.

Is it to much? Because the Super Dry – O was long and but intenstiy on a scale maybe 6/10(?).
Could the intensity higher if i would maybe take a break^^?

And 1 last question: Is there way to archieve the Wet O after unlocking the Dry-O’s. I just wanna experience alteast 1 but i believe the Dry Os are better because you do it frequently^^”

Should I “hump” or lay still

I recently purchased a Trident Helix Syn after lurking in r/aneros for some time. Everyone talks about laying still but on my second attempt I was getting impatient with little or no sensation from slow kegels. So while laying on my side I started a little rhythmic humping motion.

After a short while I started to feel warm and couldn’t help but moan a little as my body slightly shook. I kept at it but it dissipated. I relaxed for a few minutes and tried the motion again with feet on the bed while lifting my hips and was able to reproduce, this time muscles in my legs twitching like they would during a strenuous workout.

I didn’t cum but later on I put a vibrating bullet against the aneros and after a little while had a long pop.

Is that the sensation I’m going for? It seems lying still is the recommended approach, am I missing out on the bigger sensation?

Finally getting somewhere very good.. Helix Syn

After trying on and off for several years with a progasm ice I purchased a Helix Syn (thought it would be a bit small in comparison) after lurking here and reading a good bit about rewiring relaxation and not expecting too much (not difficult given prior lack of success)… I can now say my prostate is both rewired and very much awake.. 50yrs old and can’t believe I’ve had my first set of prostate orgasms today.. about 13+ of them in 90mins.. holy mother of god.. I can still feel my prostate and perineum twitching gently… Making a habit of allocating 30+ min per day over the last 2 weeks and just trying what felt good while listening to some relaxing music (no porn – I found it distracting and made me want to focus on my penis) seemed to work for me initially lying face down legs apart, but by the end of todays session I was coming lying on my side on my back and still when I stood up at the end.. this is very addictive…
Pardon my formatting (it’s poor) but if you are struggling keep going and you’ll find the way to push that button for you.. I’ve still to reach the mystical super O but if I can bag orgasms like this morning again I’ll die a happy man (all dry rolling sparking twitching joyous spasms)… Thanks to all the helpful posters on this forum who provided insight and experiences.
Last thing – for me gently tightening the muscles used to stop piss and then very gently doing anal contractions connected the Aneros to my prostate perfectly. Your mileage may vary, but too aggressive contractions seemed to feel good but not get me there….

i think i need something bigger

so last week, i got my helix syn. ive only used it about 3 times and it just doesnt hit my prostate the way i want it to. i want a decent amount of pressure simply having it in, and doing the pc exerises increase the pleaseure. the helix syn only barely touches and there really isnt any pressure. i know that i still need to practice with the exercises and with the toy itself, but its simply too hard to relax fully. even though im pretty young, i feel like im just too emotionally unstable to really let myself go and relax all the way. before i got the aneros i used a 6in makeshift toy and it hit my spot way better. but because of its shape and being plastic, it would start to hurt. once i start getting the pleasure going, im able to relax a lot more. i can only do about 2-3hr sessions so its been a struggle so far. do you think an upgrade would be good and if so, what are some good toys including and excluding the aneros lines for a resonable price(around $40-$70).

My journey and nice progress this week

Hello everyone,
ive been reading so much usefull stuff here and decided i post my journey too. And sorry for my bad english and spelling sometimes, im trying my best 😉

It started at 1st ocotober (how times flies lol) with a prograsm which was obivous a bad choice for myself. After reading more stuff i got the Eupho Trident Classic, with this toy i got some “results” it was nice but nothing “wow”.

Then after more studying this reddit, i got myself the Helix Trident classic on 1st November and this is where i got better results.

1. I needed to learn to completly relax and kinda embrace these feelings. I was just rushing things and not enjoing the moment. I think everyone needs to learn this lesson^^
2. After 2 weeks my prostata really awakend and had so many good times and nice feelings.
Stomach/pelvic area got warm, sometimes a rush and in between dry orgasms with alot of precum lol
3. And started doing Kegel excercises since 2 weeks (srsly guys do it)

I’m Stuck, But I’d Like to Offer My Progress.

Hi there, I’m a lurker but I’ve decided to share my progress in hopes of getting some advice in what to do next in order to progress. This could also help others too.

So far the most successful method I’ve done is this:

1.) Put it in and relax completely, not even PC contractions. Remember to breathe deeply and with each exhale let go of all tension.

2.) I keep doing it until it feels like I don’t have a toy up my butt. I heard some get a sort of “tickle” in that general area. I don’t get a tickle but more of a noticeable change in feeling.

3.) Now this is when I start playing with my PC muscles. For me, I keep the same rhythm of breathing deeply and slowly, with each inhale I slowly contract then hold. Then with each exhale I slowly relax. After doing this 10-20 times I’ll relax from a contraction and start getting mild involuntary contractions.

4.) Once I get there I just hold the level of contraction that started the involuntaries. I found that playing with my nipples here had great results.

5.) Now here’s where I’m stuck. Once I’m holding that contraction the involuntaries start to feel better and better. The problem is that once they get to a certain point, my PC muscles start contracting like crazy, and I don’t know whether to just let it happen or to try and relax back down to the point that started them. I’ve tried both, and the feelings never got any better. I’m yet to have a prostate orgasm, that I’m sure of.

And after 7 years I think I’m getting somewhere 😁

So I had some free time and wass like “ah what the heck” lets just chill and see what happens. No high hopes as it never works. Just relax and enjoy it for what It is.

So I did…..

I set a timer for 45 mins and id stop there.

I lubed up and popped my Helix Syn in to place and layed on my bed. Completely naked and placed my feet up on the wall with my knees at around 90 degrees. Just relaxed for a while taking slow deep breaths.

After I got fully comfortable I slowly started squeeze my PC muscles and holding them for as long as I could as I relaxed I exhaled. I repeated this cycle having a good couple of breaths between squeezing. Eventually I started to feel a subtle warming right behind the pubic bone.

The best way I can describe it and I’m sure you’ll all know. That initial feeling where you’re like “oh, if carry on like this im going to cum” feeling.

It slowly grew and slowly went away. So I squeezeed again. It it came back.

I had a brief moment where It away went completely. But I stayed with it and It came back again this time every time I felt like it was as much of a warming feeling I was going to get I would squeeze again. And then relax.

My recent discoveries leading to HFDO, and the surprising results of am “upgrade” to a Progasm

Tldr, recently finally figured out some Aneros secrets and upgraded to a larger model that rocked me, but I still wouldn’t necessarily replace the smaller one, it wasn’t necessarily better, but a good difference.

The following was a lot voice to text trying to explain what I was feeling so I could use it as a guide later on, but when editing to make sense of it, I realized it was journalistic and informative, so I thought I would share.

A quick about me, I bought the Aneros Trident (MGX) many years ago after seeing a post on Reddit about the male gspot, and it seemed legit, so I ordered one. I enjoyed using it, bought a slew of different toys, found one kind of U shaped silicone toy that worked one time for a cum spurting, black out and wake up after, crazy prostate orgasm many years ago and my journey since then has been some good jerking off or sex sessions with some anal attention, and have not been able to find that magic again. It was a lot of intense rubbing, and after that all my attempts left me feeling like I had been pushing too hard, or not getting there and feeling like I was no longer interested and stopping.

My wife and I occasionally indulge in some pegging, and that’s kind of where my revitalized Aneros journey began anew.

3rd session – was I on the right track?

Just had my third aneros session, with a progasm. Yeah I know it’s not the best for a beginner but I liked the size of it. Anyway, my first two sessions nothing happened at all and I didn’t even know if it was hitting my prostate or not, so I was a bit disappointed and maybe thought it wasn’t the right one for me, I was also aware that there’s a common experience of not feeling anything. So this time I did a bit more reading and tried to take it as slow as possible. I was on my side originally as it says in the user guide and just started flexing as slowly as possible. I was just relaxing and taking my time with it, then suddenly I was getting a rush of adrenaline, my dick was getting hard and my breathing was getting faster, and I started getting some horny thoughts. It was exciting but it subsided. It happened again and subsided. Next I laid on my front, and managed to get that feeling again, but my body was starting to convulse almost on its own and I started thrusting as well. I wanted to chase that feeling again, it felt like a buildup to an orgasm but nothing happened in the end. Interestingly enough I didn’t get any fluid or precum from my dick throughout the entire session, or the “pee” feeling, I got up and had a piss halfway through but didn’t know if that had anything to do with the session. Would like to know your thoughts and if this is what it’s supposed to feel like.