Not sure if I’m squirting urine or something else

Hi everyone!

I’m just getting back into using my aneros helix syn after a long break. I’m at the point where I can consistently make myself leak… Something after a long period of contractions. Can’t tell if it’s urine or not (doesn’t smell as bad, iirc).

I’ve also recently tried the “Do nothing” approach and I definitely felt some wave-like feelings throughout my whole body a few times along with almost drifting to sleep from how relaxed I was. Would this new direction be a better advised direction as opposed to sticking with contractions? Maybe I’m squeezing too hard?

So extremely close! Need advice

Ive been using aneros products for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve made lots of progress and crossed a lot of milestones such as involuntaries and lots of very pleasurable (no super O’s yet) feelings. I currently own 4 aneros models, the helix syn, maximus, eupho and progasm. Every time I have a session I seem to get just before the point of explosion, but I have yet to tip over and experience the amazing feelings that accompany a super O. I’ve read the wiki countless times and seem to have the best sessions with my helix syn and eupho, but I just can’t seem to “cross the finish line”. Any advice from experienced users would be extremely helpful ! Ive tried everything from the do nothing and relax method to incorporating various contractions and both have given me amazing wonderful sessions that last hours, perhaps I just need a little more practice but I’d still love to hear any feedback

As a beginner, I reached some small milestones today.

* No internal discomfort when relaxed
* No internal discomfort when contracted
* Definite leaking produced by contracting

I know this is not much as compared to the veterans who can have multiple super-os without the Aneros on a whim but this is coming (pun intended) from a guy who used to feel pain in my internal sphincter muscles upon insertion and contraction. I was quite horny today (where you know who will have a great penile orgasm) and I used a lot of Silicon lube (my toy was dripping with it). Lets see when I can start feeling pleasure from doing nothing method.

Omg there was me thinking I know what I’m doing. Forget it now the fun has begun!

I was relaxed and thought hey I’m gonna get caged up and have areas through the Aneros forum. Read a few things about breathing techniques and very steady contractions.

So I thought I’m going to give them a try. Popped in my Helix as it’s nice small size and perfect for beginners, so perfect for going truly hands free. And tried out what I had read. And…. nothing…. theres a suprise. So I tried something else it said.

I laid there face down pillow to my chest and head turned off all distractions. Pitch black room complete silence and laid there doing absolutely nothing. The guide said for up to 30 mins however I actually dosed off but! Was then awoken by very gentle feeling inside. I really wouldn’t say anything significant but it was something without me forcing anything. Next I applied the deep gentle breathing techniques and gradually got this swelling feeling part of it was me trying to suddenly get hard in this cage but I could feel there was more and the more breaths I took the stronger it got until….. contraction. All by its self! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling I quickly grabbed my pillow and placed it under my lower back and kept the same breathing techniques and it happened again. I was trying to get more without actually doing anything so I literally imagined as the feeling was growing my prostate was swelling an my Aneros pressing inside me and when I twiched I picture it moving. Seems nuts but was actually really arousing. This kept going for around 30 mins. Build and a few contractions. It felt great. It’s no major story for the group by oh wow it’s big for me. I though I had made progress before, oh boy was it wrong I could feel this was really something. Infant wait tongonfor another ride who knows what nice time might bring?

Tried Aneros for the first time this weekend.

I used plenty of Silicone lube and relaxed myself as much as I could (45-50 mins). I did feel that the toy is touching my prostate though it did not feel pleasurable. The area near my asshole(probably sweet spot) feels pleasurable even though the p-tab doesn’t touch it. Most importantly, left part of inner sphincter muscles hurt when clenching/touching with toy(might have been hurt before but the toy amplified it). Sore/hurt left inner sphincter muscles make me feel tensed. How much time does it take for the hurt inner sphincter muscles to heal?

Got the Super-O, I’m not doing this again(CPPS)…but here’s the link I read that got me there.

I started using the aneros because I had problems with my prostate and had CPPS. I read a few people with prostatitis use the aneros to massage the prostate and relax the surrounding muscles. At first it seems to help a good bit then I got a plateau of it not providing relief to my pain or helping me urinate less often. But I kept using it because I had some feelings that were extremely relaxing like I had taken a benzo.

I started to get a little bit confident that I could handle a supero so I tried going for it. Nothing I was trying was working until I read this thread yesterday and… it…happened… It was like nothing I’ve ever felt. It was extremely euphoric and I don’t remember anything except for the pleasure. Then the pain came in and that snapped me right out of it. Having really bad pain today and worse urination problems.

Best of luck to all you healthy people looking for it!

How I achieved Multiple, non-ejaculating Orgasms

**I recently achieved the Super O and I want to share how I did it.**

When it occurred it was an hour of 2-3 minute orgasms spread about 4-5 minutes apart (round about) with some periods that just felt like they would not end, until it did finally (and weirdly…abruptly. It was like my ass said “ok..enough”)

**First some important information.**

It will typically take many many sessions to get there. For me, it was a 3 year journey of first finding the right toy (one that fits, doesn’t hurt and is easy to put in), the right lube (for me again, coconut oil seems to work best), and the right mindset.

Mindset being the most important one. You are basically creating an orgasm with your mind here. The aneros helps it along, but once you get it, you will notice you can do it without one up your ass so always know this is coming from you thinking about it and making it occur.

You need at **least** 2 and a half hours for a proper session where you will not be interrupted. This does not include prep time.

For Prep, you need to ensure your bowels are voided and clean, you don’t have to urinate and you have plenty of lube, toys and available materials at arm’s reach.

You need a good toy that does not hurt and feels comfortable up your ass.

Breakthrough / anal orgasm

Have had the progasm for not too long. First aneros toy. Have used it 3 or 4 times. Had a break though while just totally relaxing, laying on my back.

I rotated my hips / grinding my butt into the bed. This rotation angled the progasm p tab into my perenium pretty hard. The grinding rubbed the tab back and forth / side to side, and it felt great! This feeling kept growing, to the point where it was sort of out of body / my mind freaking out cause nothing like this has ever happened to me. Kept at it for an hour or so. Really satisfying in a new way.

At no point did I touch my penis / I was not clenching down on my pc muscles. These two things were the main difference between this session and other anal sessions. Im fairly experienced using dildos / other toys. This felt like a very different experience / feeling all together.

Excited to try again / I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble actually feeling something good beyond “yeah im aware of this thing in my butt”.

Prostate orgasm or not ?

Hi guys,last night i’m used the aneros practice contraction and relaxation.

In the process of had sexual excitation,will have something feel a little erection and want to ejaculation.

At the same time start playing my nipples,after a while the feel obvious about ejaculation more and more.

Maintain more than 1 minute or more the want to ejaculation feeling.

The body start involuntary trembling uncontrollable.

Take a break of minutes, repeat the same again contraction,relaxation and slightly touch the nipple.

Happen again want to ejaculate feeling continuede.

This feeling very comfortable, don’t want to stop.

Is this Prostate orgasm or not ?