Physical and mental relaxation after sessions (x-post from /r/ProstatePlay)

Set up a throwaway just to post this as I don’t want my main account history linking to some NSFW stuff.

I’ve recently got into using the Aneros. I’m still not making much headway towards reaching pgasms *but* I’m getting used to the feelings. I end things in the conventional way … and the feelings are definitely amplified.

The one thing I have noticed so far is that I seem to be nicely relaxed for hours after a session.

My theory is that it kicks off a really great endorphin boost that is simply more powerful than what would be achieved through sex.

Important context: I suffer from mild occasional anxiety and depression. So mental health can be a struggle for me at times. But when I use this thing, I feel kind of blissed out and physically relaxed for the rest of the day. Hard to describe, but it’s a nice feeling.

Anyone else connect with what I’m talking about? Pretty sure it’s more than placebo

Am I going in the right direction?

So I recently bought the Aneros Helix Syn Trident (the one that had the best ratings for newbies) and I just got to try it out for the first time this morning. I do have a little experience with this kind of stuff, that being using my fingers a couple of times and some… household objects.

I ran a bath, lubed up and got it in no problem. People weren’t lying when they said once you get it in a little bit the Aneros will do the rest. I laid back and just kinda relaxed for a few mins.

After that I tried flexing my pc muscles (the one that you use to stop peeing) as well as my sphincter. Basically after about an hour and a half, I got my pc muscles to twitch a bunch. Kind of reminded me of heavy raindrops on a roof or like someone was tapping it. I tried to hold it as well as clench and release in a rhythm. At one point it did start feeling like something was building up but I just couldn’t hold strongly enough to continue.

I eventually moved to my bedroom because I was sick of the tub and laid on my bed. This time I was able to put a pillow under my back like many suggest. Again, after maybe half an hour I started to feel like something was building but again, couldn’t keep going.

Pedaling My Prostate

I’d been experimenting with my Aneros using a combination of the relaxing and alternating clenches/kegels methods for about a month. Usually I would do this while listening to a Nimja erotic hypnosis I learned about on this subreddit. So thanks for that recommendation

Along the way, had experienced some great P-waves that – over a long session – could leave me feeling as sweaty and glowing as great sex with a man and I noticed that these would often be aided by either shifting my weight from leg to leg or pushing into a pillow.

Thinking about those motions, I realized there was an activity that created them automatically: riding an exercise bike. So i inserted the Aneros and set about my workout.

Happy surprise – the rhythmic motion of the legs and pressure of the seat created a gentle, constant stimulation that left me with several intense P-wave moments over the course of a little over an hour.

As with most of my sessions, I prefer to finish with an ejaculatory orgasm, and I’ll tell you: by the time I got off the bike I was so hot and bothered, it was moments before I was ready to blow.

It’s definitely a departure from more “stillness” related methods but if you are looking for a more active, different kind of meditative state in which to ride that pony, give it a try. 🚲😊💦

Prostate Orgasms are Real

I’ve had pleasure before and it was very novel and different but not overwhelming or that intense and wondered if that was the “orgasm” people talk about. Last night I had two or more super O’s and they were very, very strong orgasms. O M G. When you have it you’ll know…

It seems like there was a lower level of orgasm that is centered on the prostate, and that feels good and all and is worthwhile in itself. Maybe multiple kinds – I identified one where my asshole area in particular feels warm and pleasurable, and a different feeling where it is more internal in the prostate, or maybe these are the same it is hard to tell. And in general during these “lower level” pleasurable prostate feelings it is sort of hard to differentiate between a high level of arousal and orgasming. But then during one of these my arousal went even higher and the cumming feeling sort of raised up and surrounded myself and I had a full body, much more intense, extremely distinct orgasm. Complete with the feeling of inevitability and pressure release of sorts, which was largely missing from the “lower level” orgasms.

My ejaculatory orgasm I have at the end of sessions still fees more intense, and it is like a combination of prostate and penis orgasm, but it is different. In other ways the super o / prostate orgasm is more overwhelming and pleasurable despite being less intense if that makes sense. And it lasts much longer.

Insertion depth of Aneros

Been using the helix trident for about a month. Get some decent feelings and learning a lot. However it sticks out an inch when inserted. Even when I clench it only pulls it in a little more. I understand we are all slightly different and my personal anatomy plays a factor.
But how deep should I expect the helix trident to stick out in a relaxed or clenched state?
I have read on the forums (when they were working) some guys need a bigger unit. I went with the Helix due to it be recommended beginner model. I like it but want to be sure it is the right one for me. The MGX looks nice but is only .08 inches longer. The Progasm is .68 inches longer but also much bigger throughout, which is slightly concerning. I’m sure it is easily worked up to though.

Side question: Anyone know what’s up with Aneros forums?

Thanks guys for any advice and help!

Do nothing or do light contractions?

Been using the helix syn a few times now with little progress, and it seems the more I ask the more confused I get. People have told me to do light contractions about halfway and hold, though I will do that for 20 minutes and barely feel anything. Others tell me to simply do nothing and let the aneros work its magic, though I’m not sure if that can happen if I do nothing right from the start, and as far as I know the only involuntary contractions I have had only lasted for a few seconds when I started to feel a sort of tingling feeling coming from my prostate (whatever you want to call that). It then subsides and nothing happens. I also noticed if I push the aneros closer towards my stomach when I breath in I get a sort of warm fulling feeling in my stomach, but it’s only very minor and brief because I have to hold my breath and concentrate hard for that to happen. I think I might try the do nothing approach from the start, I just need some relaxing audio or something perhaps. Can anyone give me some tips for someone who is confused as to what I should be doing to make progress?

Recognizing a prostate orgasm?

I’ve had an Aneros — one of the basic models — for years now, but I’ve generally only used it when I’m doing things with my wife. I finally decided “What the hell” and tried giving the HFO a shot.

Until last night, I’ve not had much luck. I’ve been practicing my muscle control but it’s still very difficult for me to clench in a gradual and controlled fashion. It feels nice, but it doesn’t do much beyond that. Plus, for some reason it’s sometimes difficult for me to remain hard when I’m being penetrated: I have to be *very* turned on for that, and concentrating on the aneros makes it difficult to maintain that level of arousal.

But last night, I put it in early and left it in place for an hour or two ahead of time. We had some pot last night, and I was feeling nice and relaxed, and was in just the right mind space to keep myself good and hard. And then something happened. I was convulsing a little, making noises that I don’t normally make, but it didn’t feel…orgasmic. It felt really good, but not nearly at the level of a full-blown orgasm. Nor was it as satisfying as a regular orgasm, not by a long shot.

So, not sure. Am I on the right track, do you think? And what can I do to achieve something better?

Making progress, but still not sure what im doing wrong

I had a session using my aneros helix syn today for around 2 hours. Completely relaxed, I stared to feel things rather quickly, I could feel a light tingling feeling/numbness coming from my prostate and penis. This was on and off rather randomly for an hour and a half I imagine. Eventually I discovered if i pushed the aneros up towards my belly with my muscles and held it there (think this mightve had to do with holding my breath) I could feel a buildup in my prostate and what I thought was in my stomach too. This buildup was slightly stronger than the small feelings I had before and quickly went away. I also put my butt up on a pillow and it didnt seem to become much better.

Im confused to what im doing wrong however. People have told me to relax and just let the aneros do its thing and to not tense up, yet they have also told me to not “do nothing”. I dont know what to do now when i start to feel these sensations building, keep doing the contractions exactly like I am? Try and push the aneros closer against my prostate? Or just stop doing things and let the aneros do what it wants?

14 month Journey… but tonight was the first Hands Free Super O

It’s been one hell of a journey. I didn’t think I would ever get there and at times have been on the brink of throwing it away and giving up! I likely tried a minimum of 2 to 5 times a month each month for that long! I had some weed tonight though…. not the first time with weed to at least try to achieve, but on weed just the same. I can’t describe what happened except to say that my whole body lost control, and the waves of pleasure just about put me through the roof. Largest spasms of my life, and dry like they say…. I didn’t think it was possible.

It was like I was just in a whole other world…. I relaxed more and more and more in my recliner gently girating my hips and flexing around the toy. All of a sudden I was slowly shaking…. and I couldn’t control it. Then it was like my whole body exploded as I was shaking violently. I spent the session strongly concentrating on the feeling of my Helix Syn rubbing on my prostate…. and I mean strongly concentrating on just feeling the rubbing only without thinking about having a wet orgasm…. all I can say is OMG. I ended the evening with three Super O’s tonight…. I just kept having more after the first one. Shit I’m getting horny just typing this out right now. I might have to go start all over again!