Huuuuuge Progress… but not quite there yet…

I just had the best session I’ve ever had in my two years with the Aneros. I don’t know, I was just having a session and playing with it. Doing soft contractions, then letting go and letting the toy rub and press on my prostate. It felt really good, and I was playing with my nipples (They’ve slowly become more sensitive and make my prostate tingle). While I was just enjoying myself, relaxing, suddenly something happened. Something clicked and everything just became to quiet, my prostate became extremely sensitive (just thinking about it is making me horny). It felt like my toy had grew larger inside me. I could hear my heart, and it felt like I was on the verge of a really strong orgasm (from my ass). I felt the p-waves coming from my prostate. It felt sooo good, it was almost frightening. I did my best to relax, and not contract or anything. Just letting my body do it’s thing and enjoy it. So many times it felt like I was just right there, but couldn’t quite get myself over the edge in to bliss. Eventually the moment passed and I was felt so good. I was still squeezing down involuntarily and my prostate was buzzing (Even now as I type this it’s still tingling).

Is that what it’s like when you’re gonna get a super o? Does anyone have any advice on what I could do in that moment that can help send me over the edge? Any help is appreciated, I’m truly excited for the next time I have the time for a session. Sheeesh… that was amazing!

I rather suck at this.

After that one warmish maybe-P-wave incident, nothing much has happened since then. That was about 7 sessions ago give-or-take.

I just lie there, relaxed, breathing diaphragmatically, trying to keep my mind clear, and listening for any sensation down there. Nada. Not a peep of involuntary movement. By the time my 60 minute timer is up I’m usually starting to doze off. 😑

I tried to do as described in [this thread]( from the Aneros forums, but the only part of my body that responds is my balls now, so that’s no use.

I gotta change something up. I’ve gone over the Wiki a fair bit but I find it’s a bit scant on what you should do at what level, and I’m clearly still a newbie.

Can anyone recommend some changes I can implement that might make things move along a bit more, or at least make them more interesting? So little is happening I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something very wrong with how I’m approaching using my Aneros.

I know you’re not supposed to expect anything, but let’s be real, before you start you should at least make sure the way you intend to practice is conducive to something *possibly* happening.


[PS: My sole Aneros is a Helix Syn Trident]

Just had a full body orgasm – several infact – here are concrete steps that worked for me

Ok, so I’m not gonna go into backstory or yadda yadda, this will just be a step-by-step of what happened to me and maybe what might happen to you. I’ll go into some grody details, but I think they’re necessary, read at your leisure:

**So, step one**: Make sure you eat food that won’t gove you the “runs”. Stay away from prunes and beans and stuff like that. I ate cereal for dinner – because that’s how I roll – and a rye sourdough bread sandwich. (Grody details ahead) I went to the bathroom right before going to bed and I felt like I didn’t get all of it out, but it felt solid, plus it actually kind of already pushed on my prostate (Grody details over).

**Step two:** Get a LOT of Lube and insert your toy of choice. I used an Aneros Helix Syn Trident, but use what you have, or get the toy I used.

**Step three:** Relax. And I know you’re thinking “yeah I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work”. No no no, you need to RELAX.
Personally I have a Really hard time to just “stop thinking about things, but I relaxed my body, and then – because I’ve been watching Sexplenations on youtube – I decided to use a trick Dr. Doe is telling women: Distract yourself – read a book or something. I actually found that it helped me relax More counterintuitively enough.
I think it’s like when you’re trying to remember a dream; if you think about the dream, you’re pushing the dream away. Instead if you try to think of basically **Anything else**, the dream might return to you.
Personally I thought about a story I’m thinking about writing; I thought about the characters, their relationships, their height, what kind of pet they would have, what the city they live in is like. Think about something pleasant that makes you feel good and content.

Something just clicked

I was planning on making a post today about this problem I’ve had just about all year. During Aneros sessions I could vaguely feel the toy touching my prostate, but not that beautiful butt buzz I used to always get. Curiously, I could feel many of the secondary effects of the Aneros, but not the direct contact with the prostate that I love so much. I have been able to have occasional full bodied orgasms of varying intensity, but my prostate was never tingling, it was always more of a dull feeling that, while I could identify it, wasn’t as overwhelmingly pleasurable as I have experienced in the past.

Last night I had an amazing session. I had a difricult time relaxing at first, but once I did my butt started to tingle and buzz. I felt my anal canal *deeply* relax. I reached many dry orgasms and had one or two wonderful full bodied orgasms where I could feel warm pleasure radiating out from my prostate all across my body. I felt very contented and complete. It’s like I’ve been missing something for a long time and now I’m finally whole again.

It’s crazy how things can all of a sudden “click”! My butt has been buzzing all day which hasn’t happened in a really long time.

Don’t feel anything. Any advice?

So got my Helix Syn Trident last week and just had my second session. But I am not really feeling anything yet.. I know you got this list of milestones to reach for and I think I am at the point where the Aneros feels comfortably all around. I actually sometimes Don’t even feel it’s inside.. is this normal?

Anyway I tried it for about an hour. Just trying to relax, doing some kegel exercises etc. But it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. I am dripping some precum but that’s it. After an hour I got bored and just finished it the normal way. 😛

so howw long does it take to actually feel some form of pleasure from it? Am I doing something wrong?

Lessons learned, never use soap

I bought my first aneros, though I have used cheap anal vibrators in the past with no pleasure despite extracting pre-cum (and a flaccid dick). However, when I inserted this aneros for the first time, I did not even feel it slide in and I actually felt full body pleasure that people talk about and got a rock hard penis without touching myself…for about 10 seconds

I made a stupid mistake I had previously read about and touched my penis for a couple strokes and shakes. Big mistake, because the pleasures left me. Since I was in the shower, I took it out, washed it off, rubbed it with soap for lube…and put it back in………yeeeaaa no. Worst thing I could have done! My ass stung like I ate a bowl of chili peppers the previous day.

The worst part is, ever since then, maybe three weeks ago, each time I put it in, I haven’t felt pleasure and if anything, a lingering burning sensation.

What can I do to earn back the trust of my body? I know it takes a lot of relaxation, but I am wondering what I might be able to do in addition to that?

My Body notices — But I dont!

Ok so I’ve been getting into prostate stimulation for about a year and a half now.
Only recently have I gotten to the point where i get “the shakes”. I’ve gotten it with an Aneros, as well as with other toys.
I actually shake pretty violently, and I’m pretty sure I had a full body orgasm at one point.
I say “pretty sure”, because i started shaking more and more, until I shook really violently and then it kind of subsided.
The problem is, I didn’t feel any pleasure!
It was like my body was moving ahead of me and having a grand old time, but my brain didn’t send out any pleasure stimulants.
Does anyone recognize this, and what do you suggest I do? I’m worried my prostate is “broken” in the way where I don’t feel the pleasure everyone else is feeling. Or maybe I’m just impatient/not relaxed enough/not focusing on the right thing?I’d appreciate any advice!

First Time [Probable] Prostate Sensation: Holy Cow, What Just Happened?

I… I am simply trying to grasp what happened. Sorry this is long but I need to type this out.

Introduction. Bought an Aneros years ago. Couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it properly. Put it away for a few years, brought it back out every once in awhile to try again but still, no luck. About 2 months ago I decided to really put some effort into it, really practice, so I started placing it in during the later evening and just relaxing. Vaping some weed, sitting on the couch and just letting myself be.

Then for the first time ever, after about an hour or so, I felt something. Something different. It didn’t feel good per se, but it was a sensation in a region of my body I never had felt before. The first few times I did this, I thought, “I’m just high, this is all in my head. I’m pretending this sensation is there.” But with more times just sitting there with it in and high, it started pinpointing it more. One night, I had dozed off with it in, and suddenly woke up to something pulsing underneath. It was pleasurable, and I suddenly realized that this was not in my head. Went and sat on my bed and just let it happen. It felt good, but I didn’t feel rushed. You know how when you’re stimulating your penis, and it feels so damn good, but if you stop, it just feels… wrong somehow? Like it’s almost upsetting, you HAVE to keep going or you’re the experience will not be worth it? You just NEED to keep going? This sensation is different. It’s like, and I’m synesthetic so bare with me here, penile sensation is sharp, pointed and linear: it demands more and more. But this new sensation? It felt more circular, spherical, like a soft bubble floating up from the depths and pushing my insides. I didn’t care if it increased, it just felt really nice. For years I had never understood how my wife (and other women) could say that sex felt great *even if they didn’t orgasm*. It just didn’t make sense! How could you not want to finish? Doesn’t it make you feel antsy, almost angry if you don’t?