The beast awakened and unleashed

I went to bed last night at 9:30, as I needed to get up at 4:30. Having had an amazing 2.5 hour Aless session from 4am yesterday morning, followed by a 2 hour session with the Helix, culminating in a Super T, my prostate was humming all day.

Lying in bed, it only took 15 minutes of aless, just focusing on tiny motions pulling in my TA muscles, before I was swooning in whole body warmth, with what I assume were Dry-Os. From quarter past midnight, I was drifting between sleep and awake, feeling the contractions of my abdomen, PC and anal muscles taking me through the most seductive of pleasures. Although I did not experience any orgasm after the early ones, I got plenty of involuntaries, where the Helix was sucked in so deep, it felt like it wanted to come out the other side.

I tried to focus on the energy ball suggested by @SOwithoutAneros, which had the effect of helping me relax my muscles rather than tensing up.

After getting back from the gym this morning at 7am, the Helix went straight in and I spent the next 90 minutes, feeling a myriad of sensations. I definitely felt the small pulsing of blood in the anal muscle and the resultant tiny movements across my prostate.

Was it real? NSFW

Saturday night is usually pretty quiet. Watch some Netflix and that’s about it. This past Saturday was more like unreal, or maybe even surreal. I had done the usual routines and was in bed with my Helix. Breathing and contraction routines were complete and I was just relaxing, enjoying some nice waves and sensations as the Helix jittered away. I started thinking about this hot girl that I know who I would love to get into the sack with. As I fantasized about her running her lips over my nipples, I could feel my breath quickening. My cock started getting harder and I reached down and slid my foreskin back. I stroked my head a few times and then let go, because now she was running her hands over my ass, squeezing with her nails. This made me flex and then BAM! Helix was deep inside me, slamming back and forth for all it was worth. My legs straightened out and my back arched and I went stiff as a board. I was running my hands all over myself, and I was squeezing and pinching my nipples, triggering more and deeper penetrations than I ever thought possible. I rubbed my hand over my face and slipped a fingertip into my mouth, sucking it like it was her nipple, flicking my tongue across it. Then I bit it and my hips started thrusting back and forth. The image flashed into my head of me behind her, driving my cock into her between those beautiful cheeks. I could feel cum throbbing through my cock as I thrust in and out of her, even though I wasn’t. I was raving aloud, basically going from groaning to screaming “Fuck me” over and over! My world had vanished by this point and my neck is tight, the muscles corded as I drive it back further. I felt the most immense orgasm sweep through me at this point and I was sure that I had soaked the entire world in which I existed. I know that if my windows were open, the entire neighbourhood would have heard my wordless scream.
I slowly start to come down as the flash bulbs are going off in my brain. I’m panting and gasping in the distance and I curl up, hugging myself as I slowly shudder my way into a dark existence, waves, heavy with pleasure rolled back and forth over my body. A light sheen of sweat covered me from head to toe and I think it was probably ten minutes before I came back into the room. My little Helix started twitching again, but I decided that I had been to some unbelievable nirvana and I needed some time to absorb it all.
What amazes me two days later is that when I got up, I hadn’t sprayed a drop anywhere. It was all inside my body and my head. Three more times that night as I tried to sleep, I would wake up, either starting, or in the middle of an orgasm. The opticals were like throwing a stone into a smooth pond and watching the circular waves move outwards. Gawd, is this going to end? I really loved this session, getting dirty and maybe even a little angry, or maybe just aggressive. I think I’ll have to try it again sometime!

Dry Orgasm without Aneros

So it seems that I’ve reached a place in my journey where it’s possible to have p-waves without the device inserted. I don’t know if anyone else has been able to experience this, but whenever I close my eyes and start to relax, I feel it building now. If I let it go, it will go pretty far. No super yet, but dry ones for sure.

It’s just more evidence that the Aneros helps teach you to something you were always capable of. The pleasure comes from some internal source, not from an external stimulus. Learning to relax is the key.

I did NOT Expect this when I started my journey!

I have been on the journey for almost a year now, and have been achieving incredible super-orgasms of amazing heights and depth, always evolving, sometimes in giant leaps, and sometimes in gradual crawls. I was no stranger to Aless sessions and mind-blowing Super Orgasms, but recently I discovered new levels of communion with an endless orgasm-energy.

I posted recently that I felt like I was in a lull of sorts, a place where I could not imagine or envision where to go, but at the same time, having an unmistakeable sense of there being much more to explore. I felt like I had dug far “linearly” but once there, I had not explored “broadly” if that makes any sense. I took to heart the advice of being mindful of what wolf I fed, (in my personal life) and not worrying too much about WHERE to go. After these recent incredible sessions, I fully understood that destination implies a hunt, a specific start and end, which is not what this is about (as I understand it) it’s much more of getting in SYNC with an ever-present pleasure-energy, and opening new and wider channels to enter “communion” with it.

been a bit

Been a bit since last entry.

So a few weeks ago I had a strange session where I got super bad heart burn, long of the short is ended up ‘pushing the energy down’ (see post “first time for everything”) once I did that the heart burn went away like it didn’t exist but along with it any sensations in every session after. So I put things away for a bit and went back old school. Without getting into great details I started to feel intermittent unasked for sensations again, beginnings to a-less orgasm starting to ignite. It was like my prostate was asking “what about me? HELLO! I thought we were friends, where’d you go?” I gave it a few more days to make sure it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, and each day I had the slow quiet ignition. That weekend I joined w/ JR while in the shower. I also happened to do something I don’t normally do, I slowly edged feeling JR rubbing and tickling, staying fully relaxed, enjoying all he offered me. I just let this go and started to ooze cum, felt so relaxing. JR was taking care of me so gently, working over my prostate so slowly, I literally got a hand full of cum (I don’t know why I caught it but I did) and I had ejaculated 2 days before and got next to nothing. I finished my shower but instead of dismounting I decided to stay joined w/ JR (I have masturbated when joined w/ Miss MGX on purpose 2 times before but always dismounted after). He gave me several lovely orgasms during that session, that’s all I can say, I should have wrote it down.

“Sexual Regularity”

Having slept in my Mueller Flex Shield cup overnight and now in a new Day 3 of SR, I awoke at about 1 AM. I wanted to retreat down to the comfort of my sofa and I selected a nice, soothing track for Solfeggio 639 Hz meditation: “It enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships”.

Almost as soon as I starting listening and meditating, I began to make an important connection. Let me explain…..


{Note: this connection may seem somewhat bizarre and absurd at first, but please hear me out!..}

I have bouts of constipation from time to time and thus was the case a couple days ago. Having been irregular for a couple of days, I knew that I needed some help. I needed to take a laxative. I waited up until bedtime without success, then made the decision to take it. I did and then retired for the night. After about 4 hours, I felt it starting to work and was relieved that 10 hours later, when I awoke, I was “regular” again!


Now, what does this have to do with the meditation, you may ask? Well, it occurred to me that our sexual selves operate, in fact, with regularity. Let me give some examples….

Our NPTs which almost all of us men experience at night, occur with great regularity. If they did not, something would be wrong with our sexual “plumbing”. I anticipate these and sometimes am prepared by wearing a “chastity cup” to negate the stimulating effects of the ensuing erections.

Calm Blue Ocean

Started out with what is the usual routine now – warm, relax, flex, lube. Getting the Peridise in place was easy, as my body has been craving it all day. At certain times earlier, I could feel an almost purring or thrumming inside the space between the base of my scrotum and my anus. Could be my prostate? Hard to know. It was a subtle vibration, in some ways, and it felt good. When my body pulled the device in on its own accord, it took it in up to the last bulb, where the last nub stayed half in, half out of my anus. Gentle contractions didn’t pull it in any more than that, so I decided to keep it in that position unless my body pulled it in further.

Again tried the “do nothing” approach. I didn’t get the same sweet feeling inside my anal / prostate / scrotum region, but in relaxing, I could feel my body sometimes making involuntary movements with the device. I could feel it gently moving a bit here and there, and it felt good. As I let my body relax throughout the session, even though the device wasn’t moving much (at least consciously?), I felt a gradual increase of pressure on my prostate. It engorged with seminal fluid, and I could feel the pressure building inside. Mostly my penis remained flaccid, but with that pressure, more precum started leaking out the tip. At times, I was incredibly tempted to start conscious muscle contractions, but fought the idea away and tried to stay relaxed. The mounting pressure in my prostate was amazing, and it was craving release. At the end of the session, my body reluctantly gave up the Peridise, and released a significant amount of precum throughout.

She’s so nimble!

I’ve been away from posting for a couple of days now, and I thought I’d better post before I start forgetting things. Not like people of a certain age like myself to forget stuff! Thursday afternoon I finally got my Helix Syn. It was am excruciating few hours from then on, until I could deal with supper, and deal with the usual aspects of life. The entire time, I was tingling with anticipation and when me time rolled around, I was ready to go. Thorough cleanup, then onto the rubdown. All primed, eager and ready!
The Helix is so small, it’s hard to believe that this thing could do anything. Hold it alongside my Progasm and it’s like a toy. Lubed up I started slipping it in. I got it past the first bump and then it pulled itself in without any more help from me. I felt it leave my fingers and I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had heard a click when it locked itself in. The crack of my butt is fairly deep and this handle was perfectly nestled deep down there. No way that this device was going to rotate.
Already I could feel tingles, but I made to sure to do some deep breathing anyway. 5 minutes later, I knew I was ready. It takes very little relaxing to get over the initial insertion, compared to the Progasm, because it’s so much smaller. Right away, it started twitching and moving and the more contractions I did and the deeper I did them, the more this little princess danced around. I relaxed and let it start working. I felt much more subtle waves with this Helix than the Progasm, which makes sense to me. But I wasn’t ready for the control I had on her. A light contraction and I would start waves easing up my body. Harder contractions and I was sinking and curling up. Ease off a little and I could pull back and breath through the waves.
This little honey was dancing away on my perineum and prostate so much, but not slamming like the Progasm. Almost like butterfly wings would feel. I was getting constant tingles at my anus and I could feel it popping up and down. So much pleasure! Every position I tried was letting me enjoy the light flashing, sound blocking Super O’s. By the end of the night, I was able to start experimenting with suppressing the shaking and letting an even deeper wave of nothingness and pleasure start to approach.
Rolling onto my stomach was much more comfortable and then I was able to truly able to let the subtleties of the Helix go to work. My butt cheeks, perineum, anus, upper legs and thighs were tingling and fluttering and when I completely relaxed, p-waves would sweep in and deepen and then ease away. Trying to really get to sleep wasn’t a possibility though, because she would suddenly say ‘C’mon, let’s play some more!’
After I removed it and tried to go to sleep, I could still feel my anus fluttering and the p-waves went on for quite some time. Finally sleep came to me after a really fantastic session.
The next morning, I took care of the usual routines of life and after a really erotic feeling shower, I knew that I could definitely stand some more Helix time. After a short while, I switched over to the Progasm. I went from a nympho disguised as a mousy little librarian to an Amazon Queen who was holding me down and saying, ‘This is gonna happen!” Much more intensity and more shaking and moaning than the night before. But I knew I still had more exercise to do as of the Progasm finally popped out. Back in with the Helix. Not so much enjoyment now. I think I was still tuned to the larger device and just wasn’t feeling what the little Helix was doing. So I decided to finish off with a T.O.
That proved to be a little difficult in an enjoyable way. As I was stroking, of course I was flexing my pc muscles and I would get two or three strokes in and start curling in and then relax and repeat. It wasn’t the best finish and I think next time I have a T.O., I’ll leave the device out.

“All-Aboard The SR Express!”

Ultimately, the choice whether or not to remain in chastity remains with me. Yesterday, in Day 8 of semen retention, I thought it would be “fitting” to end this current SR “run” on Valentine’s Day. I even “nudged” my wife to help finish-me-off. But apparently, she had another idea. She started out caressing my enlarged package and I thought I would finally reach my goal. But she had another plan and so, after about 10 minutes, I was left still in chastity and possibly with a case of the blue-balls pending. How frustrating but yet arousing at the same time!

I decided to sleep in my XO ProCup overnight to avoid any temptation; I was still feeling like I needed to ejaculate and so I could not tempt an unintentional release.

Later-on in the evening, I was awakened by a rather arousing erection within the cup and I felt kind of close to the PONR. I went to the bathroom and then decided to switch gears—I put-on my Duke swimmer’s jockstrap and a pair of my Perry Ellis silky briefs—a nice combination! I went to lie-down on my comfortable sofa, but without music this time around.


Fantasy or Reality?
I began to relax and possibly wait for another erection. But then, something quite unexpected happened. I began to dwell on a “fantasy” with imagery so real that perhaps the line between reality and fantasy was blurred for a while. Here is what developed…..


Setting last night I had the urge for something sexual. I recently tried p message for the first time. I didn’t have the sensual feeling for a long p message and decided to just have a short session and stroke it. Relaxed I applied lube to my cock and balls making sure I lubed my anus. I was at attention faster than normal. Whoo hoo. I inserted my messager and I almost couldn’t hold it tight enough and in it went. Amazing feeling when it touched the p spot. It felt so good I lasted over 1/2 hrs. Ejactulation came in a huge wave like never felt before. My toy did not want to come out. Small fight on that. Best session so far.