Had multiple orgasms with wife. Five back to back.

I had the most AMAZING sex with my wife yesterday. She was on a work phone call so I put in my aneros progasm about an hour before her call ended and just relaxed that hour and enjoyed the feeling. When she was done with her call, she came in the bedroom, stripped, and got into bed with me. We were them just rubbing each other and I started fingering her. After a few minutes I entered her missionary for a little while, not really thrusting but just slowly moving. I then rolled over and she got on top. She sat on me with my dick inside her but not moving. I could feel the prostate massager doing its job and I was really building up. I was working my PC muscles to move the aneros and then it happened. I have FIVE orgasms back to back. They felt like prostate orgasms. I must have cum for two minutes straight; first time I have done anything like that. It was amazing. After the five orgasms, I rolled her over and came again doggie. I came six times in about 20 minutes. I was completely exhausted and can’t wait to try it again.

Post Orgasm Handjob with Aneros is AMAZING.

As per title, my girlfriend and I decided to try something new over the weekend. Since we’re all open to try new things, she decided that she wanted to play the dominant role for our upcoming session. I was advised to not masturbate and to only edge carefully for the entire week.

Come Saturday night, she tied me on the bed and inserted the Aneros. It felt so good to feel the Aneros massaging my prostate. We played around with some light BDSM (slapping and all). I felt the orgasmic pleasure not just from her and but the Aneros. It was an hour of orgasmic bliss which words can’t describe how awesome it was. I don’t think I’ve achieved super-O during that session due to a different environment/setting but I definitely felt a lot of p-wave through my body.

Towards the end of the session, she put a cock ring on me and ruined my orgasm. Felt unsatisfying but she then decided to wank my cock like there’s no tomorrow. She didn’t stop for almost 5 minutes. It was 5 minutes of pure ecstasy. The intense feeling on my cock head in unbelievable. What makes it even better was that my Aneros is still inside me massaging my prostate. I can feel the intense sensitive feeling on my prostate as the Aneros auto fucks and my prostate. It was surreal. I was left in tears but fret not… they’re tears of joy.

How often is too often?

I recently bought an Aneros Progasm having had no experience to prostate massagers before.

I tried it yesterday and again today. Felt really good, nothing mindblowing yet though.
I would want to use it again tonight, but having read all the recommendations to have a few days between sessions, I’m wondering are there any risks to it?
I don’t mind if I don’t get to experience a super-O yet, I just really don’t want to break my ass.

Hello everyone ^ – ^ that you share from your personal experience

Hello everyone ^ – ^ I have been fond of prostate massagers for a long time, but still I do not understand the technique (appeal) with it, but rather which muscles to compress and which not,whether it should be left completely or not,that you share from your personal experience ? ))

I personally practiced for about 6 years))

ps. sorry translate ^-^

I’m not sure if I’m just too scared or?

I’ve had a knockoff prostate massager for about 6 years (Divine touch by Shots toys) which was great and really got me into the whole prostate massaging thing, then a few months ago I finally got around to purchasing a real Aneros and decided on the Progasm Ice. This really (obviously) kicked things up a gear and with all the practice with a cheap toy, the real massager has taken me to ridiculous levels in such a short space of time. So much so that every time I get a new higher level feeling I think “It can’t get any higher than this” and it always does. However, with the pleasure being that high and still feeling like I have not ever achieved anal orgasm, wet-o or super-O that I think Subconsciously I might be holding myself back out of fear of feeling that much pleasure for some reason. As If I’m going to fall off the bed or scream too loudly or something.
Does anybody experienced remember how they felt mentally before reaching their very first super-o, anxious, excited or otherwise? And how did you overcome any fear? Really appreciate your wealth of knowledge on here. Thank you!

Progasm slight modification, holy shit it works

I have started my journey a year ago, with some good achievements although not very consistent and repeatable. I bought an aneros progasm a couple of months ago, before I have always used vibrating prostate massagers. To be honest, the aneros felt like a chore to use, and even though I could see the potential, I haven’t really had the patient to use it further, so I got back to vibrating massagers.

Some thing that really annoys me is the p-tab that really carves my perineum, and may also be a source of distraction from the main event. I have also suspected that the pressure in the prostate wasn’t right. So yesterday, I decided to use a heat gun to lower the p-tab, like a cm lower.

I decide to give it a go and holy shit, being the p-tab lower allows an angle that hit the prostate with more pressure, and also the p-tab is now pressing just the right amount. I feels really good now, and after 30 minutes of pleasurable build up, I was about to cum. I have stopped because I am saving my energy for a session with my wife and I wasn’t sure about the kind of orgasm that would result, but definitely amazing.

If you have a progasm and is not working for you, this may be the solution. Should you need it I can post an image of the final result.

Looking for some insight

Long time lurker here. I have been using prostate massagers consistently for the last year. Originally I was using the Lelo Hugo until about two weeks ago when I purchased the helix syn trident and a Vice 2 after I felt like I plateaued with the Hugo.

With this new purchase, I am also trying something new: not finishing with a traditional orgasm after each session.

I have pretty much had sessions daily for the last nine days with the Vice 2 and/or the helix syn trident.

I am having amazing sensations and feel closer and closer each session and am really enjoying these new toys.

My question really comes down to this: after each session, or after the buildup after all of these sessions I still have no desire for a traditional orgasm.

Are the sessions satisfying that urge? Is something else happening? Is milking the prostate replacing the need to ejaculate? Just looking for some insight or anyone with a similar scenario

Thanks all

is a aneros worth it compared to what i allready have

i have a normal $40 massager, which i am still trying to figure out how to use and i only managed to recently find the prostate, but ive never been able to have the experience i did then that 1 time i used my hand and fluked it, after that i havent been able to get the same result with the massager or my hand, its a normal prostate massager

so my question is, is a Aneros likely to help me achieve a prostate orgasm/massage? and would it be much easier then the one i was useing? (note my current one is manual and requires hand movement)

One-One chat (narrate our sessions)

Hey guys, I’m looking for a guy or two who is sexually uninhibited and wanting to talk about progasms together. We could count down the hours from our 9-5 until we can lube up and let it take control. We could remind each other to do kegels and talk about skills, tips, tricks, struggles, and how horny we are to ride the O’s.

I’d like to play together and/or separately (catch me up on your session and progress). In my mind I see it go down like this: We stick it in at the same time, do a few exercises together to warm up, talk about how we are feeling, and then branch off. If you or I are switching toys or having a lull catch me up on your session. i.e., let me know how many orgasms you’re having, what toy you’re using, and cheer each other on.

Pictures, videos, or audio calls are not mandatory we could work up to that if you’d like. But for now, I like the idea of being anonymous. Let’s face it, prostate play has a lot of stigma surrounding it. So this would be an outlet for me to just enjoy.

Doesn’t have the proper bend/angle to stimulate prostate.

I purchased the Eupho Syn…(I think it’s ridiculous how there’s so many different models), and i can’t get it to rest on my prostate. It just seems like it’s not bent enough. If I manually roll it forward, as to put pressure on my P, I can feel it strongly. But when i try it hands free I don’t feel anything. Maybe my prostate is more towards the front than normal. I wanted some strong sensations but this is just a plug. It doesn’t stimulate my prostate AT ALL…And how the hell do they charge $60 for this… Does anyone know of a prostate massager that actually stimulates the prostate?