Starting out on the journey…

I literally got here in the strangest of ways. It started with a stop at a sex shop to purchase a pocket pussy. I decided to buy one of those $25 special wands on the side because I’ve put little objects in my butt while beating off before. Got home, used it while spanking, whatever. I felt like it wasn’t enough or there had to be more. Jumped online but didn’t do my homework so you know I then made my 2nd mistake (of sorts) and bought my first prostate massager. I’ll spare the details but it has a few pretty neat features and is a bit big. After purchasing this thing online I actually started doing my homework. Started looking at how some are aimed at beginners and others are aimed at more experienced only to discover my incoming toy is a bit large. Up until now, my experiences haven’t been anything more than my finger, maybe a sharpie, or that new wand so I knew I needed something a bit more friendly to start out.

This is where Aneros comes into my life. Reading several “best of” articles, I see the Helix time and time again and it’s being touted as a good product, and good for newbies such as myself. I ran back to the sex shop with the helix on my phone for verification, they were sold out, but their sister store had some Aneros products, but just not the Helix. I was committed. All that reading about butt play with amazing orgasms beyond what I had known, the drive into the city, and now this… So I bought the DeVice and once again did it without looking at dimensions.

5-Year Anniversary

I haven’t blogged much lately but I’m compelled to do so tonight.
It was 5 years ago today that I inserted my first prostate massager; my Helix Syn (Classic of course). Within the same year, I added my Progasm Ice and a few more since.

My journey has been nothing short of spectacular! It has completely changed my life and I’m a better man and husband for it. Prostate play has given me alternate avenues to deal with my sexless marriage without compromising my vows.

Although I’ve not joined the Elite Super-O Club yet, every single Aneros, Aless, edging and ruined sessions I experience are exactly that, a GREAT experience.

I’ve learned so much about myself and men sexuality since that day. I’m thankful to Aneros and to all my friends whom have helped and inspired me. I can’t name them all but guys like @bigglansdc, @goldenboy and @sowithoutaneros stand out as they played major roles in my progress. I’m grateful to them all.
I look forward to the next 5 years and beyond.

Anal pleasures

Dear blog,

I have focused too much on my penis lately while trying to milk myself. Bringing myself to the edge of cumming is very pleasurable indeed, but I have failed to remain on the right side of the edge and my sessions have every time ended with an ejaculative orgasm. I really want to avoid the post-orgasmic prolactin increase in my body and I have now decided to focus on anal pleasures instead. Here are some notes from two very pleasurable sessions.

Immediately when I woke up one morning a few weeks ago I knew what I wanted, anal pleasure. After getting washed and ready I chose my favorite prostate massager the Nexus Ultra Si, which fits my anatomy perfectly. Before insertion I carefully massaged my anus with my finger and I felt from the beginning that this will be a great session. The insertion of the massager went smoothly and I had my first anal orgasm within seconds. I was so aroused! I ignored my penis completely throughout the session and I was greately rewarded. The anal orgasms were simply breathtaking! During that session I primarily focused on the anal sensations and not the prostate.

Anal pleasures – Part II – Tempo surprise

Dear blog,

Monday was an Orgasm Day! I woke up early in the morning, because I had planned a morning session for a special reason. I’m very interested in buying the Njoy Pfun plug and I read a lot of reviews. Some users think it is not big enough and that it has a tendency to slip out. Earlier on I have had the same problem of small and medium size prostate massagers slipping out. Now I have become used to bigger toys like the big ball end of the Njoy Pure wand and the Nexus Excel. Note to myself, I must retry the Progasm, which has been unused for a while because it did not feel comfortable inside me. Anyway, I chose the Nexus Ultra Si for the session, because it is of similar size as the Pfun plug and I had a test run. If I could hold on to it throughout the whole session I would order the Pfun plug. To my great joy my sphincter has now become strong enough to hold on to medium size toys even during quite strong contractions. I had a nice session and the Ultra Si delivered many pleasurable orgasms. I did the seven chakra points orgasm pattern and I reached a high orgasm plateau of full body orgasms. It was a really awesome Monday morning session, what a way to start a week!

Multi-Orgasmic Bliss – Part V

Friday! I finished my job early at my home office and I turned off the computer and my work phone. I had been horny all day waiting for the next session playing with my prostate. It was a horniness deep inside and I felt that my prostate really wanted some attention after four days of rest.

I prepared the session and took off my clothes. I chose the Progasm because I wanted something girthy this time. It filled me up nicely and I just “did” the “do-nothing” and waited for the orgasms to start. They did start, but I felt a little discomfort during the contractions. Finally my ass protested and pushed the Progasm out. What a dud session so far.

Well, I did not want the session to end like that. I chose another girthy prostate massager (of another brand) and I inserted it instead. It seems like this one fits my anal anatomy much better and there was no discomfort anymore. I lied on my back and the massager started autofucking me harder and harder. While orgasming I moaned heavily. Suddenly my nipples craved for attention and I started touching them gently. My orgasms became stronger and stronger and my moaning became louder and louder. The Super-O:s was finally so strong that I was screaming of pleasure!! The next morning my throat was still sore!

Multi-Orgasmic Bliss

I would like to share my Aneros journey so far. I’m 49 and since I was a teenager I have masturbated regularly. During my life I have tried many techniques and sex toys and I have even made my own toys. About 12 years ago I discovered the world of erotic hypnosis and I became more or less hooked on it. I developed the ability to have hands free ejaculatory orgasms almost every session. It’s all about arousal and relaxation of your body and mind at the same time.

I read about male multiple orgasms and I really wanted to experience that too. I started blocking ejaculations but the constant edging and cooling down was too hard for me. I came too easy and I could not separate the orgasm from the ejaculation. About four years ago I got interested in prostate orgasms instead. I came across Aneros and I ordered a Helix Syn. I liked the feeling of having the Helix inside of me and it felt good to do the contraction excercises and massage the prostate. However, when finishing myself off, the pressure on my prostate was too much and the ejaculatory orgasm was even a little uncomfortable. I eventually lost my interest because I had no success of ever being close to a prostate orgasm and my Helix was left in the wardrobe for more than three years until this week.

New Aneros User

Hey everyone, Just dropping my first blog here. I’ve been into prostate play for close to 5 years now, I’m 33 and I’m desperetely waiting for my Aneros Helix Trident massager that arrives tomorrow. I’ve found a few pleasant ways to masturbate but since discovering my interest and love for prostate play because of the amazing pleasures that I have discovered, this has been that greatest discovery in masterbation. I can’t wait to try out my Aneros since this is my first ever prostate massager in the Aneros brand that I’ve ever tried. I’ll love to share my experience as soon as I get this rightly inside me.

Multi-Orgasmic Bliss – Part III

It’s time to sum up the last couple of weeks of experiencing prostate and anal pleasures. It’s been an amazing start on a new journey discovering new aspects of my sexuality.

Two weeks ago, on a dull Wednesday night, I remembered that I had bought an Aneros device a few years ago. Back then I was not mature enough to discover the potential pleasures it could bring. Yes, it did feel nice to have something inside my ass, but I never experienced the strong sexual feelings that I read about in the forum. That Wednesday night two weeks ago I wanted to enhance the feeling of a handsfree (ejaculatory) orgasm and I picked the Helix out from my wardrobe where it has been unused for a few years. When I inserted it, I remembered the nice feeling of having it inside and after a while I could let go and enjoy the handsfree (ejaculatory) orgasm. The prostate massager did enhance the orgasm and I thought that this device will definitely be a part of my autoerotic pleasures from now on. Little did I now, that the very next day I would experience male multiple orgasms for more than an hour!

Rumel’s Ruminations – Part V

Rumel’s Ruminations – Part V

Over the years I have visited and read many information resources which have helped me understand the complex variables associated with prostate orgasms and health, I thought here would be a good place to list some of those resources for the benefit of my fellow Anerosians. In no particular order you might find these worth reading and/or viewing.

Prostate Massage in general :

Prostate 101: The Ins and Outs of Prostate Play! narrated by Forrest Andrews of Aneros.
Prostate Massage 101: Multiple, GIGANTIC, Shaking, Full-Body Orgasms! this link also features a podcast interview with Forrest Andrews of Aneros.
Super-Size Your Orgasm – Podcast with Forrest Andrews
#183 Prostate Toys and Anal Pleasure – With Forrest Andrews Of Aneros
Prostate Health with Dr. John Bergman
The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners
The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on Pleasurable Prostate Massage
Prostate Massage 101: A Guide For Beginners
Anal play for men with Jaiya
Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (I): General Advice and Manual Stimultaion
Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (II): Probes, Prostate Massagers, and Vibrators
Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (III): Dildos and Thrusting
Prostate Massage (I): How I Discovered Prostate Orgasms
Prostate Massage (II): Prostate Orgasms
Bedroom Insider- Prostate Pleasure with Jaiya
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