Aneros Alternatives?

So I first started getting into prostate play about 6 months ago and got a vibrating prostate massager soon after that. I dont like the massager because of the noise from vibrating and how it numbs my prostate. I’ve been thinking about getting an aneros but the cheapest option I can find is $50. I was wondering if there are any aneros alternatives that are cheaper and are still relatively good quality

Rotating Prostate Massagers?

I have been using aneros (various models) for 8 years.

I never had super O but had some dry os although they’re super rare for me. I suspect my low sex drive is the reason why most of the time nothing happens to me (I use the do nothing method almost every time).

I have hfwos occasionally when things get intense (paradoxically intense many times doesn’t necessarily mean pleasurable). I have premature ejaculation and I think even with the penis not being touched it may have an impact here.

I also have the njoy pure wand and I don’t get much from it, I feel the contact with the prostate but it’s not very pleasurable. I had a lot more success with aneros (I don’t know why).

So I’ve been thinking that maybe a more proactive (but relaxing) toy could help, something like those rotating head’s prostate massagers. I don’t think they will be successful than the aneros but I think I’ll try.

My question is if any of you uses / used this rotating toys what kind of orgasms do you get from it? (Dry or Wet)

And if you tried different models what is your favourite?

I am looking to get dry os more frequently but if it is mainly to get wet orgasms then it doesn’t interest me much (despite the pleasure of wet prostate stimulation orgasms).

Do taller people have their prostate up higher?

Hi there I’m kinda curious because I myself am pretty tall at 205cm (6,9 F) and have recently bought a aneros progasm.
And I really like the feeling of walking with it, but it does not seem to hit my prostate in any position (standing or laying down), but I am able to hit my prostate with bigger dildo’s for example. So I know what I’m supposed to feel but the progasm doesnt do much for me while using it.

Could it be that I’m to tall for the progasm? And if so are there any bigger or longer prostate massagers on the market?

Is too much lube a problem for anyone else?

I have a Progasm. It was my first prostate massager.

Every post I have ever read on any anal play always starts with something to the effect “Apply plenty of lube early and often.”

I find if I use very much lube I can’t keep the Progasm in position. When I exert very much pressure it tries to squirt out. Even when it stays inside it isn’t in the correct position and there doesn’t seem to have enough friction against the prostate.

If I take it out and wipe off most of the lube it works much better.

Would a different style of Aneros be better? Maybe the Maximus Trident which has a narrower neck?

Is it possible my prostate is too far away to feel anything?

Hey. I’m 6′ tall and I have the Helix Classic. All white plastic one. I’ve had this thing for years, but I often go months without using it. I mostly use it when I need help going to the bathroom. Anyway, I bought it for sexual purposes and I just can’t get it going. I know the advice always says to relax, but when I sit with my knees bent, I can’t feel anything. I can manually “suck” it in and make it feel contact with my prostate, but then I’m just 100% flexing and that gets tiring very fast.

That being said, when I have tried things with manual effort I did think ONCE I got very close to orgasm but then I lost it because it was an active mental process. I think I woke myself out of the trance thinking about cumming. Anyway, I know I CAN feel SOMETHING, I just can’t feel much when it’s in. I do feel more when its in and I’m standing though, but then I’m standing.

It’s supposed to rub against me on it’s own isnt’ it? My butt doesn’t “automatically move it around and pull it in” as I’ve seen comments say. I have also had versions of somewhat sitting on it so it presses against me, but that just feels like extra pressure as well. I would like an anal orgasm first and foremost, whether it be from a prostate massager or other anal toy. The issue is my hole is very small. So I’m sure there are longer ones that are ALSO wider, but are there any toys that are small but longer? I’m open to buying another. I just have not managed to get it to work.

HOURS of ecstasy, the rumors are true

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Long post. Reading some of the user posts here helped me, so maybe this will help someone. It’s also a way to process the experience for me.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of prostate play for about a month now and, truth be told, I took everything I read with a grain of salt. I assumed some men might achieve these waves of pleasure and super-Os, but most would need years of practice and even then, maybe not experience as amazing as some made it sound. Well after some time on Sunday, I can say I’m a true believer.

As a way of background, I’m 31, gay male, in a long term relationship. Ass play is not something i’m a total stranger to, but it’s never been my cup of tea. I’ve bottomed plenty of times and found the experience to be enjoyable, but topping was always better. (My partner and I are more “sides” and anal sex is kind of rare. I’ve had plenty of anal sex with prior partners to know what i’m missing.) Over the years I’ve bought a couple of dildos and prostate massagers and played with them on and off, but to me they were never better than recieving anal, and the toys would be used a couple times then forgotten about and thrown away.

Aneros vice 2 questions

I have a few questions about the vice 2 and aneros in general.

1) how does the aneros work, cause unlike most p massagers this one seems to just sit their and that’s really it and with the vice 2 it just adds vibrations.

2) how does this P-massager compare to the Nexus Revo stealth or the Loki from LELO.

3) what are some tips and tricks with to try with the vice 2 if I were to get it.

And that’s it really I appreciate all responses to this post and any additional info I should know just let me know 🙂

Also I’m considering the Loki, Revo stealth and the vice 2 as my first prostate massager so if any of you have used any of these please sure your experiences with them.

I taught my body to orgasm at will (almost)

Guys, this is amazing. I’m sitting here typing to you after willing my body into orgasm, thanks to the aneros helix.

I got my toy a few weeks into quarantine and have been using it FREQUENTLY. I’m talking four times a week for up to four hours at a time. The journey I’ve been on has been amazing. With every session I could feel improvement, and I went from one side of the spectrum to another. I began without being able to get the helix in my butthole, but have quickly moved up to aless orgasms. I do use weed to get pretty high beforehand, but I’m going to start training myself to do it sober.

For anyone out there on the fence, please get a prostate massager and work towards the Super-O. Every step has been rewarding for me, and to reach this achievement is astonishing. I can’t believe I still haven’t had the Super-O, how much better can it get?

Had multiple orgasms with wife. Five back to back.

I had the most AMAZING sex with my wife yesterday. She was on a work phone call so I put in my aneros progasm about an hour before her call ended and just relaxed that hour and enjoyed the feeling. When she was done with her call, she came in the bedroom, stripped, and got into bed with me. We were them just rubbing each other and I started fingering her. After a few minutes I entered her missionary for a little while, not really thrusting but just slowly moving. I then rolled over and she got on top. She sat on me with my dick inside her but not moving. I could feel the prostate massager doing its job and I was really building up. I was working my PC muscles to move the aneros and then it happened. I have FIVE orgasms back to back. They felt like prostate orgasms. I must have cum for two minutes straight; first time I have done anything like that. It was amazing. After the five orgasms, I rolled her over and came again doggie. I came six times in about 20 minutes. I was completely exhausted and can’t wait to try it again.

Post Orgasm Handjob with Aneros is AMAZING.

As per title, my girlfriend and I decided to try something new over the weekend. Since we’re all open to try new things, she decided that she wanted to play the dominant role for our upcoming session. I was advised to not masturbate and to only edge carefully for the entire week.

Come Saturday night, she tied me on the bed and inserted the Aneros. It felt so good to feel the Aneros massaging my prostate. We played around with some light BDSM (slapping and all). I felt the orgasmic pleasure not just from her and but the Aneros. It was an hour of orgasmic bliss which words can’t describe how awesome it was. I don’t think I’ve achieved super-O during that session due to a different environment/setting but I definitely felt a lot of p-wave through my body.

Towards the end of the session, she put a cock ring on me and ruined my orgasm. Felt unsatisfying but she then decided to wank my cock like there’s no tomorrow. She didn’t stop for almost 5 minutes. It was 5 minutes of pure ecstasy. The intense feeling on my cock head in unbelievable. What makes it even better was that my Aneros is still inside me massaging my prostate. I can feel the intense sensitive feeling on my prostate as the Aneros auto fucks and my prostate. It was surreal. I was left in tears but fret not… they’re tears of joy.