Multiple dry Os

I finally managed to get my hands on a Lelo Hugo and its been 3/3 great multiple dry O sessions from the start!

While I have alot to speak about my new toy, I won’t be going into too much detail on the Hugo and risk turning it into an advertisement haha. It has been a very successful prostate massager for me, but more ingerestingly, I would like to post about how I got to the point of multiple dry orgasms because for most people, cranking up the vibrations alone isn’t the only factor in reaching prostate orgasms.

I haven’t achieved any dry Os from a vibrating prostate massager before this but I can identify a few factors that have helped bring me over to orgasm territory.

Firstly, I managed to purchase on of those full body stockings that encapsulates the entire body and face. It feels great!

With the prostate massager turned on, and the suit encasing my entire body, I begin fantasizing about a domina trapping me and only allowing me to escape once I cum.

With the mind set, I beging rubbing my nipples and the rest follows. It works every time…hehe.

Within the hour, I had over 10 dry orgasms. Checking every now and then for a wet spot because I’m pretty sure I ejaclated but there was none. The last orgasm came late, the Hugo was vibrating on a high setting and I was rubbing my nipples for 30 seconds but nothing was happening. Within the next few seconds, the orgasm came.

“Just Do What Is Needed”

Now in Day 4 of SR. Woke up about 3 AM with a very stiff erection. I again put-on my SD Ultra Pro Carbon cup; it felt so good! I decided to listen to some nice, soothing jazz tracks.

“Listening Session”
While listening, I began to “meditate”. What came to mind first was that professional baseball players generally need to wear a hard cup when they play. No doubt about it—-they need the protection the cup offers them. And the SD Ultra Pro is a great cup! They don’t think twice about it—they do what is needed to play the game!

And one-by-one, I began to dwell on many other things that one must do because it is needed.


[Note: this may get somewhat graphic, but that is what I remember….]

Most guys (horny or not) need to masturbate and/or have sex periodically to expel semen. Otherwise, they will need a wet dream to accomplish it. The unlucky ones (like me) will also experience ‘blue-balls’ if they wait too long.

Guys who want a baby need to ejaculate into a receptive v****a. Often, more than one ejaculation is needed.

Guys who want to keep their prostates healthy need to internally stimulate it through the anus and rectum. They will need an Aneros prostate massager for this.

Guys who are into male chastity play (like me) need to limit access to their cocks so they can’t masturbate and ejaculate.

Is the Utimi prostate massager good?

Hey, my boyfriend wanted me to give him a massage while he had a prostate massager in. I had heard about the aneros before and thought thats what he had but its not, its the Utimi prostate massager (found here: []( Is this massager inferior to the aneros or do they basically do the same thing.

In other words, would he ever be able to have a super o with this toy

my journey so far

Encouraged by, decided to blog my own journey, even if only for my future reference.

Can’t remember now how I came to knowing about Aneros let alone buying one, perhaps during one of the tumblr porn surfing sessions. Anyway, have had the Helix Syn for a while but really started to use it regularly a few months before.

I am not new to anal play and even had a kind of anal orgasm once, back when I was a teenager (33 now), and used prostate massagers for fun with my wife and alone, but never really new about the possibility of Super-O and “rewiring” until recently. I’ve heard about involuntary contractions and the intense prostate pleasure, but never found them, and voluntary contractions would get me aroused but my muscles got tired quickly and it ruined the experience.

Finding the wiki got me really excited so I decided to give the whole thing another go. I would wake up early, when the family was still sleeping, which would give me about two hours of almost-private time in the living room, the best I could have in the circumstances. I would take a shower, use coconut oil as the lube and started doing the contractions.

At this very time, I got interested in male kegels (unrelated to Aneros) and got pretty good at feeling and controlling my PC muscles. That definitely helped with the aneros sessions.

An Interesting “Virtual” Edging Session

Yesterday, I had a few hours to myself in the house. I was only at Day 4 of SR so the possibility of an ejaculation was remote. Nevertheless, I decided to try my hand at ‘’. I selected a “long” session with a ‘cum choice’ to be selected by the program. I started the program…..

“Virtual” Session
I started watching the screens. Green for edge, Red for stop! So simple! I watched and watched…..But I did not touch!


Yes, this was a long edging session, perhaps 25 minutes total. What I noticed while watching was most unusual. I began to feel a “stirring” deep down in my groin with every “Green” screen! It was almost as if I were actually edging my cock! There seemed to be an internal “switch” in my brain that released a ‘nearer-to-cum’ attitude with every “Green” screen. Similarly, every “Red” screen seemed to stop the virtual stroking. And when the end of the session came, the screen changed to a bright Green “Cum” screen! Oh, how I wish this were reality!

Implication to Aneros
After this “virtual” session was over, it seemed that I was quite “prostate-horny”. I had about another hour alone. So I decided on a “real” Aneros session, this time with the Eupho Classic.

“There When I Need It The Most”

What is “it”? And where was “it” when it was needed? Of course, I am referring to my “chastity cup” which I wore to bed last night. It was my Mueller Flex Cup, one of my favorites. I am now in Day 6 of semen retention and feeling the effects of increased testosterone. One thing about wearing a cup to bed is the interaction of my erections within the cup: the top of the cup rubs nicely against my erect penis and especially the frenulum; this action almost keeps the erection going for much longer than normal, when, without stimulation, the erection would begin to subside. With stimulation from the cup, an erection can last 30 minutes or longer. And because when I wear a cup all night, I can have an almost constant “stream” of stimulating erections (NPTs that all normal males must experience) when I am aware of them.

Of course, all these erections make me very horny. In fact, without the protection of the cup, by Day 6, I would be so horny that I would need to ejaculate. Since I usually develop blue-balls any day after Day 6, the pressure is mounting for me to ejaculate!

“At Day 7, Anything Can Happen!”

I made it to Day 7 of SR and I slept in my Mueller “chastity cup” overnight. It could be a coincidental T-thing, but I seemed to have multiple erections during the night. Towards morning, I was awakened by the usual “PONR” feeling within the cup. But this time, I felt like I was further-along towards an ejaculation. Somewhere deep in my mind, I knew that an ejaculation was forthcoming. But I didn’t know when and where. I must have stayed in this realm for perhaps 20 minutes or more.

Binaural Listening Session
Still erect within the cup, I wanted to augment the PONR “feeling” by retiring to my comfortable couch and start listening to some binaural beats for orgasm and ejaculation. I was ready for both. The one I selected (and the one that worked) was:

“DOUBLE ORGASM – COME TWICE – Binaural Audio Stimulation – Hands Free Beats + Isochronics Tones”

I listened twice to this 14-minute gem; the first one got me wet with precum and the second one finished me off. I almost didn’t need my hands to finish the job! But towards the end, I was so ready for the ejaculation that I “helped” to accelerate it! Man, it felt ever so good to cum!


Note (from

“Erections depend on testosterone, but the relationship between the two is complex and not fully understood. Some men have healthy erections despite testosterone levels well below the normal range.”

“SGX Classic: It’s An Anal Thing!”

I decided to have a session early this morning with the SGX. This model I believe is no longer available on the Aneros site. I do like it’s smaller size and its performance. Let me explain…..

I lubed-up and started the session. Because the SGX (and the MGX) have a ribbed, tapered stem, these Aneros models stimulate not only the prostate, but the anus. This morning’s session began with some anal “quivering” that was unmistakable. Sort-of like an auto-f**k but concentrated in the anus. And those anal quivers get re-directed up to the prostate through the body of the SGX. What a potent pairing! For a while, I really felt like I was either on the way to a Super-O or a HFWO! There was absolutely no discomfort from either the body, the stem or the P-tab on this massager. I could probably have continued the session for much longer than the actual 25 minutes.

I never discount the size of any of the Aneros prostate massagers. My favorite (and go-to) one now is the HIH 950 which is deceptively small. But don’t let it’s small size fool you! It is quite a capable performer! Next in line is the SGX; designed differently so it stimulates more than just the prostate. As I have noted before, all of the Aneros massagers have their own “signature” —- some provide more (and deeper) direct stimulation of the prostate while others (like the SGX and MGX) also work their magic on the anus. Whatever your preference, there will be an Aneros that will carry you to orgasmic bliss!

“Pleasure Through Abstinence (Sexual Satisfaction Without Sex)”

I had a groin irritation which resulted in me not wearing my “chastity cups” for about 5 days. At the same time, I self-imposed an “abstinence” period from my Aneros prostate massages. This combination proved to be quite formidable for my pelvic pleasure. Let me explain…..

While awake early this morning, I had the urge and “prompting” from my Japanese urologist* that I must wear a groin cup for a period of time to arouse my prostate. I selected my Mueller FlexShield and put it on. Wow! That feeling had been absent for more than a few days and I could not believe the stimulation that I felt! At the time, I did not suspect that an Aneros session was coming, so I just went about my early-morning business as usual, which included breakfast, etc., all while wearing the cup.

When my morning “chores” were completed, I had another “prompt” from my Japanese urologist who insisted that I perform a 15-minute “milking” session with my HIH 950 prostate massager to help alleviate my BPH symptoms. I dutifully lubed-up with SSG and went to lie-down. No sooner did I start to relax that I could not keep the massager “still” within my rectum—-it began to move and quiver entirely on its own! At the same time I began to feel an intense pressure on my prostate and I honestly felt that I was “this-close” to a hands-free wet orgasm! It was that intense, that mesmerizing. I could only lie-there and try to absorb all that I was feeling. After 15 minutes, I felt that I should end this “milking session”. When I took a look inside the cup, I was amazed to see a pool of very clear, non-sticky fluid that had collected at the tip of my penis. I felt much better and knew that, while only in Day 5 of SR, I needed this prostate milking! If it makes any sense, I now feel sexually satisfied without sex! Plus, I don’t have (yippee!) a refractory period!