Doesn’t have the proper bend/angle to stimulate prostate.

I purchased the Eupho Syn…(I think it’s ridiculous how there’s so many different models), and i can’t get it to rest on my prostate. It just seems like it’s not bent enough. If I manually roll it forward, as to put pressure on my P, I can feel it strongly. But when i try it hands free I don’t feel anything. Maybe my prostate is more towards the front than normal. I wanted some strong sensations but this is just a plug. It doesn’t stimulate my prostate AT ALL…And how the hell do they charge $60 for this… Does anyone know of a prostate massager that actually stimulates the prostate?

Is the Aneros Vice worth it?


i thought about buying some new prostate massager which can vibrate, so since i already own the helix and the progasm, it seems like a good idea, because i want it to be hands free and a good fit. I saw that the vice 2 is already out but it is 50€ more expensive than the first one so i think i dont want to buy the new version. Anyway, are the vibrations on the vice good? Are they strong enough? How loud is it? Would you recommend it? Any other preferably similar priced options?

Thanks for any help and recommendatios.

Can’t not ejaculate.

I’ve been using prostate massagers for about 6 months now usually once or twice a week and also been using dildos and other insertables for many years. When using a prostate massager I squeeze and hold my pc muscles and eventually get involuntary contractions and focus on my anus and prostate and the feelings coming from them. All of that is great and feels good but I eventually just get a penile ejaculatory orgasm that isn’t much different from a traditional one. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a phase and if I keep going should I be able to over come this?

The Shipping Isn’t Very Discreet

When you order from the Aneros website, your package will say that it shipped from High Island Health. If you look up High Island Health you’ll see that they make prostate massagers. So if somebody really wants to be nosy they will easily figure out exactly what you ordered. Sure, it doesn’t say “prostate massager” directly on the package but if somebody would be nosy enough to read where your package is from in the first place they’ll be nosy enough to look it up.

[for sale] toy clearance sale

-located in USA

-shipping not included(i can get a price quote for shipping if you provide your zipcode)

-paypal only

-all prices in USD

-toys are very new, most have been used less 3 times

-non smoking, no drugs

-no pets

selling toys wife and i rarely ever use.

list with pricing:

njoy pure plug (large)- 55

njoy pure plug (medium)- 45

njoy pfun plug- 50

tantus prostate play- 45

tantus p-spot- 35

tantus b-bomb- 20

aneros vice– 100

aneros progasm ice– 55

aneros helix– 45

Temptasia Elvira Silicone Dildo by Blush Novelties- 15

Rocks Off 7 Function Big Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager- 50

NU Sensuelle Homme Pro 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager- 30

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Wait … so can my prostate massager (not aneros, nor shaped like them) help me achieve these Super Os??

So I’ve been playing with a vibrating prostate massager — looks like [this]( I usually watch porn, sitting on a towel over my chair, turn on the vibration, insert and jack off. Definitely a great feeling when I bust my nut.

BUT you guys are talking about a **whole** **different** **experience** — more relaxed experience, hands free, usually with a thinner, non-vibrating device — that slowly builds up to a non-ejaculating orgasm that potential comes in waves. And this requiring practice and patience.

I definitely want to try this but before I buy one of these Aneros models or Peridise, I wonder if I can just use my existing toy but in the recommended manner of lying down, focusing on sensation, and turning off the vibration.

I figure both are designed to hit the p spot, right? I know the Aneros devices are meant to work on their own with only the aid of your anal muscles. But is there a reason that my toy can’t do that same thing or is there a specific design element to the Aneros toys that makes it different.


Helix Syn vs Helix Trident vs Helix Syn Trident

I cannot make up my mind. please help…

My experience so far, 1 Year using chinese’s cheap prostate massager around $8-$10. They have many variations. I bought 6 of them, 1 is broken, 1 is too big, 1 is vibration and the 3 left is usable. I haven’t got mind-boggling sensations yet.

I’m, thinking to get the premium stuff, aneros, but couldn’t decide between: Helix Syn or Helix Trident or Helix Syn Trident

Suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

My Experience Using The Aneros Vice

I picked up the Vice earlier this year since I’d heard good things on a few Reddit forums. I was first introduced to Aneros toys with the Syn Trident but I wanted to get something with a vibrator. Hence why I picked up the Vice.

The Vice is a little different to most vibrating prostate massagers in the sense that the battery powered vibrator slides into the middle of the toy and can be easily removed which has proved very useful for cleaning.

The toy itself has a nice girth to it. It’s not too wide but also wide enough to give me the feeling of fullness I enjoy from anal toys. Add in some vibrations and you’ve got the entire package required for leg-shaking prostate orgasms. The Vice never fails to please.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this prostate massager to anybody whether you’re a complete noob or an experienced prostate player like myself.

I wrote a full review here if you’re interested in reading about my full experience:

“What’s In My PMO Kit?”

I seem to have settled-in to a nice, relaxing sexual routine. This routine does not include any Porn, Masturbation or self-pleasured Orgasm. It can occasionally include an ejaculation to relieve my blue-balls. I now regularly practice semen retention (SR) and usually go about 10 days in-between ejaculations.

I experience some night-time erections (NPTs) now quite regularly. One this morning was quite strong (about 35-40 minutes) and when it ended, I put-on my Mueller cup because it just feels good. Also, while wearing it, I am prevented from masturbation and that is a key component of no PMO. So, that leads me back to my blog title: What’s In My PMO Kit? I ask this not necessarily as a list of kit contents, but rather as a guideline, a credo if-you-will about the current path on which I find myself.

Kit Contents
Of course, my PMO kit would not be complete without some basics: a cup jockstrap or two, a box of tissues for cleaning-up an eventual wet dream and a prostate massager & lube for an occasional session. My sessions now are rather sparse (possibly one every 2 weeks or more frequently if I feel the need. Anything else in the kit? No, that seems about it!

“All-Around Abstinence”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Technically, I have been practicing NoFap for about 30 days now. To be more accurate, I have abstained from watching porn (and not listening to binaural beats) for 30 days. I have had only a couple of ejaculations during that time, mostly to control my blue-balls. My last ejaculation was initiated by my wife, so I am able to continue the PMO NoFap journey.

At the same time, I have greatly scaled-back my Aneros sessions. I had one a few days ago (one in about 2 weeks). I selected the HelixTrident and although it was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes), it certainly packed-a-punch! The H-T had me moaning almost right from the start! There is no doubt in my mind that my prostate “remembers” all the nuances that an Aneros prostate massager can yield. No doubt about it!

Nights Are Better
One thing that I am noticing about NoFap is the presence of more spontaneous erections, and quite stimulating ones at night in bed. Of course, the NPTs must continue as they always do. But a few that have woken me up seem to take me very close to the edge of a wet dream. I could probably initiate an ejaculation through some body twists and thrusts into the bed. But instead, I usually intercept the PONR arousal in time by putting on one of my ‘chastity cups’: these always help to quell the erection, at least temporarily, and allow me to get some more sleep.