Finally- After 10 Years!

Just wanted to write this all down before I forget it, while it’s still fresh in my mind. 10 years of Aneros use, most models used. I always got some “nice” feelings, some movement, but nothing earthshaking like so many describe here. It always felt like a piece of the puzzle was never quite connecting.

This all changed with a vibrating toy I bought and some ganja (which is legal in my state). I bought a Thrusting + Vibrating prostate massager online, about as big as the Progasm. Smoked some weed, not crazy stoned, but nicely buzzed and inserted this toy. I didn’t care for the thrusting motion- found it uncomfortable, but once I turned on only the vibration- HOLY FUCK.

It began as a pleasureable tickle, but soon I recognized some of the same feelings from my Aneros sessions. The muscles of my anus soon sucked this toy in until it started to grind into me all the while the buzzing vibration was tickling my prostate. Oh My God, it felt exquisite/divine/gorgeous. The feelings kept building in intensity as the toy stroked across my prostate and touched in me in places I didn’t know existed. I literally had to take a pillow and clamp it down hard over my mouth to mute my screams.

The High Island Health 950 has been rocking my world!

Why doesn’t Aneros sell this model!?

Ok so for anyone that doesn’t know, High Island Health is the sister/parent company of Aneros. They only make 2 prostate massagers which are both shorter than any Aneros model.

Well a week ago I decided that I would buy the 950 since I had heard great reviews about it, and I have long suspected that my prostate is closer to my anus than most Aneros toys are designed for. And holy hell this toy has completely changed the game for me. I feel like I’ve gone from constantly feeling like I was right on the edge of orgasm to constantly being in a state of orgasm. No joke. My body is doing things I’ve never experienced before. I’m writhing in pleasure most of the time and my hips are bucking like crazy. And it hardly seems to matter what position I’m in. In fact, during my 2nd session with it I got the craziest urge to change positions from my side to being in all fours like if I was in missionary position, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have crazy strong orgasms as soon as I switched. I’ve never felt the urge to fully change positions before but it was like my body was telling me what to do.

Any models that accommodate sitting down? No experience with prostate massagers/plugs.

I’ve been lurking in this sub for a while and want to finally get around to buying an aneros prostate massager. I’ve been recently looking into the MGX and Helix trident but they don’t look all that comfortable during the seated position.

I also read around in the sub that people actually clip the forks that remain outside your body, so I’d rather buy the right toy from the get go.

I have three questions:

1. Are there any aneros massagers that can be used whilst sitting down (i.e. on a desk chair)

2. What position do you usually use for your Aneros trident massagers? Do you lay down on your belly, or..?

3. I’m a 5ft 5in male so quite short. Do I need a smaller device or are the toys a one-size-fits-all solution?

PVC or Silicone?

Hello everyone,

I am about to take the plunge and will buy my very first prostate massager! I’ve decided to go with the Trident Helix. The other 3 options were appealing but the helix’s main selling point is its mobility, which after lurking around this sub seems to be important to achieving prostate orgasms. I thought about buying the Maximus as feeling fuller is rather enjoyable to me, but at the cost of mobility I think either the Eupho or Helix are better, hence my choice for the Helix.

One last question remains however: Silicone or PVC? Silicone is both cheaper and softer, but has that silicone smell and doesn’t increase mobility. On the other hand, PVC is more expensive and harder but is easier to move around your prostate.

Which do you prefer?

“Rewiring” help

Hi! I’ve been on a journey to discover my prostate and the pleasure it can bring me , and I had some questions,

Whenever i’m playing with a prostate massager, a dildo, any anal toy really , should i not finish myself by jerking off since i can only cum that way right now?

I’ll be playing with a toy for a while and always end up jerking off to end the “session”, i was wondering if abstaining from jerking off and using my toys even though i might not cum in the end would help this “rewiring”

Tldr: can i jerk off when playing with my prostate or nah

Eupho for newbie?

I’m looking to buy my first toy and the slimmer profile for the eupho is appealing. Should I just get one recommended for beginners like the helix? Or maybe the tempo is the best way forward. To be frank, my main concern is insertion, since I’ve only used my finger thus far. (Also, I know its ill-advised but do you think it is in the realm of possibility to not use lubricant and just water to slip a prostate massager in instead? If so, which material/design would the best for this function? )

I am a beginner, I need some advice

I bought prostate massager from amazon last week and started to use it.

I had only 4 sessions so far.

First session was all about how to use the toy and feel it in my anal. After first session, I started to get some infos from here.

Next day, second session, I took edible (25mg works best for me), used douche and rinse it around 3-4 times and took hot shower. After couple hours, it started to kick in and I got really relaxed. I injected anal lube and used my finger. It felt good even just rubbing it with my finger. And I inserted my toy and started to find prostate. It took a while but I was able to find it. It was tickling at the beginning, so I just let it tickles. This feeling was gradually getting bigger and it felt totally different than stroking dick and cum. It was amazing.

I rest one day and tried again next two days. One with edible and one without it. During these two sessions, I was not able to even get to “tickling” part.

Am I doing this too often? Maybe prostate needs a rest after one or two sessions?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Orgasm after radical prostatectomy

This is my first blog ever. I had nerve sparing radical prostatectomy about 2.5 years ago. A great deal of time is spent talking about erections, but I was at a loss when it came to information on pleasure and orgasm. The only results I got from Cialis or Viagra was partial erections while urinating while sitting down, for a few days following. I also tried pumps but was not a big fan. Through it all my wife has been supportive, but I was left feeling that she was more on the sidelines waiting for me to figure it out leaving me frustrated and unjustifiably angry with her. The stress on our marriage has been extreme. I was given very little support from my doctor other than erection pills, penis injections or surgery to put a pump in my testicle sac to pump up an erection. Nothing addressed sexual pleasure other than being told the only kind of orgasm I could have would be a dry orgasm. “WTF” does that even mean.
After 2 years of trying, failing, and doing my own research to address the fact that there seemed to be some correlation between my erections and stimulation of the internal nerves that were spared during the surgery. I researched prostate massagers to if any might stimulate the spared nerves even though the prostate was removed. I discussed the possibility of benefit with my doctor’s office and had a very difficult discussion with my wife. I was so relieved when she responded that she loved me and would work with me to figure it out. I settled on the Helix Syn V and Progasm. I found the Progasm comfortable enough to wear while slept. Within a week or so of leaving it in all night every night I started getting erections while peeing sitting down even though I hadn’t taken any erection medication.
I have been able to give my wife orgasms without having an erection, but I was denied any form of physical pleasure myself. One night lying in bed on my stomach facing away from my wife, my legs spread and the Progasm inside me, I asked her to roll over and put her leg over mine. When she did I my body responded and did it ever. Every muscle in my body was contracting, my toes curled, I started panting and maybe even whimpering. This built up for several minutes until I was able to catch my breath and relax, but not for long before I started to blast off again. I not sure but I think this rolling orgasm lasted more than 30 minutes. We were traveling the next day and that night it happened again. So much of my frustration and anger was feeling that sexual pleasure was something that I would never experience again. I can honestly say that I have never had an orgasm as intense or satisfying. Any more my wife can roll over and rub my ankle and get me fired up. I feel the sensations when on my own but never to the extent as I do when my wife is with me.
At this point I’m looking for some counseling. I’m still frustrated with the medical community for their lack of help finding quality of life solutions for their patients. I shouldn’t have had to spend the amount of time I did in pornography to find medical information that the medical community is to squeamish to talk about. Grow up already!

which aneros do I buy?

I started out this morning thinking, fuck it I’m getting a prostate massager. After lots of research the only question I have is which aneros do I get? I know it’s probably different for everyone but I’m probably only ever buying one so I need it to be “fool proof” I’m 6’3 if that makes any difference what so ever lol

Just recieved my first anal toy in the mail 2 hours ago and am here after trying it.

I just got the Helix Syn V.. I am straight, struggle with pleasure and the Helix Syn Trident was recommended; saw the vibrating option and went with it… why not.

I masturbate with a folded pillow between my legs and never have been able to stay hard or ejaculated with my hand or any other method known to myself.

This implies with sex I’ve had with women also! (I can stay hard and have sex for hours though never get an erge to orgasm.)

It wasn’t charged so cannot say that I know what it’s like with it vibrating though found it pretty disappointing? I have never put anything into myself before; used water-based warming lube and put it in.

I got an erection from putting it in then slowly grinded against my pillow (I usually squeeze my legs together and clench my arse as I thrust). I can’t say I felt any stimulation from it and felt like I just had something between my butt cheeks, the rest of the toy that was in me felt barely recognisable?

Am I doing something wrong..? pretty disappointed with the product atm..

I tried it for a solid hour and didn’t get myself off (that’s normal for me) I tend to struggle with my pillow for an hour + to orgasm.

Edit: what would also be the best way to store the prostate massager? I have just cleaned it and placed it back into the red box it had came in; would that be suitable storage for it?