Experienced bottom trying to get into prostate massagers

Hi there!

So I’ve been looking to treat myself to an aneros toy so I can learn more about my body and what’s going on down there. However, I need some advice on which model to get; I’m no beginner when it comes to anal but I’ve noticed I lack the ability to separate those important muscles.

Should I stick to the recommendation of the helix/mgx or should I take the long route and go for a eupho?

New to prostate massagers, any advice?

I just got a prostate massager like a couple days agos and I don’t really know how to use them. Ive been listening to mindgasm lately but can’t understand how I can use what I learned from mindgasm and implement it with my massager. I have a couple questions to ask.

What muscle should I use when iserting the massager, the PC muscle or the base?

How do I stay relaxed and concentrate when doing prostate play?

Some advice for someone new to prostate player (me)

I am a newcomer to prostate stimulation and have been exploring this area through the use of a dildo and a prostate massager ([Link](https://www.lovehoney.com/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/p/lovehoney-high-roller-remote-control-rotating-prostate-massager/a42638g76716.html)). However, I do have a few questions and would welcome any recommendations.

Firstly, despite my best efforts, I am unable to locate my prostate using my fingers alone, although I can locate it when using the massager and dildo. Is this a common experience? Secondly, I have noticed that the sensations I experience during sessions tend to start off quite intense but gradually fade away. I am unsure if this is due to a lack of technique or simply a matter of not having trained my mind enough. I also observe that the intensity of the experience varies from one day to the next, without any clear explanation. While I am aware that achieving a super O or a wet orgasm from prostate stimulation is a challenging process, I would welcome any recommendations for further experimentation.

Furthermore, I plan on purchasing an Aneros tonight, but I am undecided on which model to choose. I used the Aneros tool, which recommended the Helix Syn V. Can you provide any feedback on its efficacy?

Thank you in advance for any insights or suggestions you may have.”

Helix Syn Trident vs Trident MGX

Hi! I want to buy my first prostate massager. I see that the Helix Syn is often reccomended here, but I also saw that the MGX is well reviewed too. I’m looking for the easiest one to have an orgasm with and also the one that « feels » the best, just in term of stimuli.

I’d love to know which one you’d choose, thank you.

Advice needed

I’ve been trying prostate play for a couple of years now and have never really had any significant progress but it feels really good. I rectory started using an aneros prostate massager and so far things seem to be going really well. As I’ve been able to find the time to use this massager, I’ve used it and have amazing contractions and orgasms but all orgasms have resulted with penile stimulation and not hands free. I stay flaccid most of the time and my testicles retract significantly and have a good amount of pre-cum, occasionally becoming 50% erect for a short time and amazing tingling feelings throughout my body sometimes shaking uncontrollably.

Since I’ve started this play, my prostate is constantly telling me it needs attention, all day at work, particularly when sitting down, with fluttering and a warm feeling in my abdomen. I have this sensation that I’m leaking pre-cum but there actually isn’t anything there and overall it’s a great feeling but not something I’m used to, while sitting down and doing daily office work. I sometimes feel the need to grab the arm of my chair and take a deep breathe to let this sensation subside. It’s not an undesirable sensation at all, in fact I’d love to just go into a dark room and intimate a 3 hour session if I could. I also feel some slight contractions in my stomach muscles throughout the day, finding my body occasionally jerking slightly, uncontrollably. My question, is this constant feeling a good sign and normal? I really wish I could find a solid half day to take my time and work on this more for the big O. Thanks for any advice or perspective.

Making some progress but would like to know if anyone can offer advice on how to go further

I’ve been a prostate play fan for about 2 years now and my collection has grown from a single Aneros to 3 Aneros toys, dildos, vibrating prostate massagers and the famous Njoy Pure Wand. However, my question really relates to Aneros massagers as I feel these have the most potential for me to achieve hands free orgasms.

I struggled for AGES to get involuntary contractions but I recently started to get them by focusing more on slowly tightening the sphincter muscle, holding the contraction for 30 seconds and then slowly relaxing. This now creates a lot of quivering which continues even when I fully relax – I consider this to be involuntary contractions. Sometimes this quivering causes what I think are “p-waves”. For me, this is when the scrotum moves (if you know, you know) and my penis gets hard very quickly and my perineum generates a lot of pleasure. This is the best way I can describe it and I’d love if someone could also confirm if this is considered p-waves as it’s just my assumption to what these are.

Whilst this eventually makes my prostate feel quite good, I’m at a loss of where to go now in terms of going for orgasms. I always thought that if I achieved involuntaries then these would lead to hands free, dry orgasms but sadly this hasn’t been the case.

Which/what after Progasm?

[69] M – I have had a Progasm for a couple of years. It was my second prostate massager.
The first I bought at a XXX video arcade/sex toy shop. I think it was called a Pipe Dream.
It was my very first anal toy and it introduced me to anal/prostate play.

I wanted something more and bought a Progasm. loved the Progasm when I got it. I loved the fullness and it did give me pleasure but never an orgasm. I got close several times.

When I use it now it still feels good but nothing like at first.

What other model of Aneros might be a good next step? I am thinking about the Eupho or Eupho Syn.


Is Aneros really worth it?

Aneros is probably the most well known and used brand around and it’s commonly touted as the gold standard, but is it really that special? I have used some lelo prostate massagers, the njoy pure wand, and some other assorted toys. While it has been very enjoyable, I still haven’t gotten that elusive finish. So, is the aneros toy line worth getting into? While they aren’t super expensive, it’s costly for a non-vibrating toy and I don’t really see how it would do anything for me that those other toys haven’t done based on the design in pictures. Thoughts?

Looking for advice/explanation

Hi everyone! I’ve been toying around with prostate massagers for little over a year now and have really enjoyed my experience so far. While my sessions generally don’t produce involuntary contractions or p-waves, they’re still very pleasurable and a good way to relax.

In two sessions, about 6 months apart, I’ve managed to get these p-waves (i think). During those sessions (first with a leluv nero knock off toy, another with progasm) I felt the pleasure build up (as it usually does), but then suddenly the pleasure grew and began creeping up my body untill my whole body was “tingling” and feeling all around very pleasurable. There were no muscles clenching, I kept on doing what I thought felt good and the “wave” of pleasure passed after 10 second on the first time and after approx. 1 minute on the second.

The first session I did manual contractions until it got to the point where I tried to keep relaxed, but the contractions sort of were automatic. After a while this resulted in the first wave of pleasure.

The second session I tried breathing deeply in and out of my belly, and after a while the wave came and passed.

Since these two sessions have been so pleasurable, my question stands: is there a way to “cheat” yourself into feeling these sensations on a regular basis?