I have personally blocked a certain user

Hello guys.

As you may have noticed over the past few days, there has been a certain user on this sub who’s “feedback” leaves something to be desired.

On a personal level this user has weaponized my history of addiction against me (quote: “You are addicted” Quote: “You are obsessed’). I shared that history openly and without shame on this sub in the understanding that we respect each other and support each other. and i thank those of you that stood up to this users comments by downvoting him in such instances.

He has also been threatening (Quote: “You have been warned, I am watching!”)

He has also been sexist and misogynistic (Quote: “You would write great chick-Lit”)

On a general level he has been trying to scare other users with something called “Kundalini Syndrome”, which, as far as i can tell, is something to do with the East Indian Mystical Tradition. This sub is about the Aneros Prostate Massager and Prostate Orgasms and has nothing at all to do with ones spiritual awakening.

Do not get me wrong, i am not discounting the truth of “Kundalini Syndrome” or of any spiritual practice. we are all entitled to believe whatever we choose. But, to state it again clearly for the record: THIS SUB IS ABOUT ANEROS PROSTATE MASSAGE AND PROSTATE ORGASMS.

Just bought a Helix trident and have no idea what i’m doing. Any tips to put me on the right track?

So I just bought the helix trident and tried it out this evening. I Got some nice water based lube and got cleaned up and smoked some potent weed and then did some experimenting. i’ve messed with putting stuff in my butt but this is the first prostate massager i’ve ever used so I didn’t know what I was doing but I did my best to find it.

I flipped on my side and inserted it and then sat on my back and tried doing some contractions but wasn’t really getting anywhere. I then sat up a little bit with my tailbone on the floor and used my arms to prop myself halfway up to push the toy a little further in and then I started contracting again and it started feeling really good but then I got tired. I tried using the mindgasm site for timing on flexing my muscles but it only lasted 5 minutes and my goal is to achieve some waves eventually so I assume that may take a lot longer.
Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Not getting the most out of my progasm

Hi lovely folks of reddit,

Roughly a couple weeks ago, I bought the Aneros Progasm. This is my first prostate massager and I am having a hard time getting it working effectively. I have used it pretty much everyday, for a duration ranging from 15mn to an hour and a half.

While it does feel nice, I feel like it is not always hitting the right spot, nor is it stimulating it “hard enough”. I have tried various positions and upon contracting the muscles, none feel as good as when I just slightly moving it by hand or just even walkikg around with it.

Am I doing something wrong ? Any tips on how to get that intense pleasure hands free ?

Can I Have a Penile Orgasm as a Finish to my First Aneros Session?

Hello everyone, I’ve lurked here for a while but after all the rave I’ve seen over these prostate massagers and the severe lack of physical contact I’ve had with others because of COVID. I kind of went all out though and got two tenga fleshlights in addition to the aneros Helix Trident and some lube. They all came in today, and as you can imagine, I’m very eager to test out the aneros and the tenga, especially since I’ve gone about 4 or so days without jacking off. Additionally, these are my very first sex toys, so I’ve been antsy all day to be able to give them a spin.

I was planning on popping in the aneros for about an hour, or whatever feels right to me, and just relaxing with it in while not doing anything with my penis. To finish off the session though, I really wanted to use my new fleshlight along with the aneros. Will this impede me in rewiring if I finish off my aneros sessions in this way? Is this something that’s okay to do, but only once in a while?

My goal is to eventual be able to reach a Super-O with just the aneros, and so I didn’t want to lengthen this process more than necessary. I understand from what I’ve read here and on the official aneros forum that the best results come when expectations aren’t present, which is why I wanted to use the helix for about an hour or however I can manage to take before I absolutely need to use the tenga. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

“Disappointing” HFWO during second session


So I (M25) bought an Aneros (Helix Trident) and received it yesterday. While I was waiting for its arrival, I checked a lot of the posts here on reddit to understand what it could do and how to “correctly” use it.

My first time was yesterday, and I think it was a decent first time. Got some satisfying “tingles” within my ass, feeling like pleasing sparkles, don’t really know how to describe it. Also got a lot of erections, as the new sensations of that unexplored territory were turning me on (+ i didn’t jerk off for like 10 days). Not much but I wasn’t expecting some major breakthroughs for session 1.
I tried again tonight. At first I was annoyed by the sporadic erections because they were distracting me. At some point I just decided to “accept” them and i could enter a better relaxation. At this time, tingles/sparkles appeared again. Then, I could feel a pleasing spot (in the ass) that I definitely know gave me sexual pleasure in the past and that i already tried to trigger before I knew all the prostate massagers’ benefits. As my penis was a bit “pumping” on its own, i let the feeling of the pleasing spot getting stronger and stronger and then … I came. Like a regular orgasm but with my feelings focused on the spot (i’m pretty sure it’s the prostate) and not the penis. Since I was not expecting that, I was like “wtf, this is it ?” and checked the towel underneath that was definitely wet.

Helix syn vs Euphro for beginner

I’m a guy who struggle as a bottom (mostly stress and bad experiences which now cause panic and a feel of pain during the penetration).
After talking to many people I’ve decided to work on myself with a prostate massager, and I’ve heard that aneros are the best in the market.

The thing is, I’m not sure what to get. The website suggests the helix syn for beginners but someone in another subreddit told me that the Euphro might be better because it’s more slender and the beginning.

What do you think and recommend?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Keep going (motivation if you’re still chasing an O)

Hi guys,

Ive had an aneros helix syn for about 9 months and used it probably about 9 times or so. Used a cheaper prostate massager before with no results.

I’ll be honest I have had mixed results. Sometimes it feels great and responsive, other times ive not felt much at all. I’ve also got a small 6 inch dildo which I have had some great results with and naturally I thought maybe my prostate is located ‘deeper’ inside me that the aneros can’t reach.

Last weekend, I had a bath, relaxed, smoked a bit of weed and put on [this](https://soundgasm.net/u/kinkyshibby/F4M-Super-O-SLUT-HypnosisProstate-PlayHFOAnerosFdomSpankingStereoBinauralsTrainingConditioningLong). I lubed myself up, prepared myself and just went with it. About 50 mins in I started feeling something building within. My heart rate increased, my legs started cramping and I began bucking my hips (and moaning like a bitch). I was quite high and, the closest I can think of is it felt like I was having a panic attack but the best possible version. I was completely out of control and couldn’t believe my body was reacting this way.

I tried to breathe through and ride it out but it came and went. Over the course of 70 mins I had another few waves of this but never felt like I was going to have a dry O (but got very close).

I ended up riding my dildo and cumming from traditional masturbation but it felt fucking incredible.

Full bladder hits prostate better than Aneros or any other toy I’ve tried, is there something I’m missing?

I’ve tried

* Prostate wands
* Prostate vibrators
* Prostate massagers (moving/stroking model $$$)
* Prostate plugs (EG Aneros)

The longest orgasm I ever achieved was using a full bladder, some soft gentle weight resting above the bladder to rock it, and an Estim pad to lock the kegel exercise muscles.

Cost way less than all the backdoor toys I’ve tried to date.

Is my prostate just too high/low/far from the intestinal wall or something? I know it can vary between guys.

Need some advice.

Hi I am fairly new to butt play. So far I’ve used the B Vibe Snug Plug 2 which is 1.2″ and the Ubberime Splendid Medium dildo 1.5″. I am looking for a prostate massager specifically so I can have both hands free. Someone suggested the Njoy Pfun massager. They said they got a super O from only that toy. I’m still interested in Aneros just because they are so well known. I’m really having trouble making my mind up. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks