Which prostate toy do i buy?

So uh I managed to save up enough money for an aneros but guess what, my country doesnt allow imports of sex toys and there are only a very few legit websites in my country which sell prostate massagers. Aneros is out of the question for me now and lovense is wayyyy outside my budget 🙁

Would other massagers work as well as the aneros models?

These are the only options I can choose from unfortunately-



Would I still be able to get a pleasurable experience with any of these massagers?

Just ordered one!

For my first time Aneros toy I decided to order the “Progasm Classic” I’ve tried prostate massagers before, but most if not all of them were cheap things that didn’t actually make me “finish my journey” so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, cheap or not, prostate stimulation is nice, I just finally wanted to spring for something fancy and known to be high quality! 😅

Are Aneros toys really all that they’re talked up to be?

Medical Benefits?

I’m new to the forum and came here quite by accident. I’ve been diagnosed and suffer from infrequent yet acute episodes of proctalgia fugax. It’s a very sharp pain in the rectum that is pure agony, but doesn’t usually last more than 20 minutes for me. I may have an episode once every six weeks or so. Proctaliga fugax is thought to be caused by spasms of the rectum and/or the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Anyway, while researching, I ran across a video recommending prostate massage in order to relax pelvic floor muscles. While investigating prostate massagers, I found this Reddit group. Besides the sexual benefits, has anyone experienced a significant medical benefit from an Aneros? I am a straight man and have zero experience in anything anal…except for the occasional fugax flare-up. Could regular prostate massage reduce or eliminate episodes of proctalgia fugax? Or would inserting a device inside me regularly just make things worse?

Next on my list is the Aneros Progasm. Tell me if you have one and what you think

So I’ve been rocking the BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT for a little while now. I do love it for many reasons however, lately I’ve been thinking about my next toy. I was wondering what everyone here thinks about the Progasm or the Helix SYN V?
I love the idea of having a vibrating one but I never have been able to get the same amount of pleasure from any of my non-Aneros prostate massagers.

Shift your focus!


For quite some time now I try to reach that elusive Super-O. I felt some pleasure here and there and had some p-waves but nothing earth shattering so far. Today I was kinda frustrated about another dud session, when I read the following quote in the aneros forum: “Pleasure is where attention is”. This made me think: I always felt the pleasure generated by the aneros in the general penis area. Maybe this was because my center of attention was very much penile focused? Penile pleasure waves are easily induced, so why not try to induce pleasure waves from the prostate? I mean, it’s a prostate massager after all, right?

So I had another aneros session with the intend to actually shift my focus from my penis to the spot, where the aneros makes contact with the prostate. At first nothing much happened. The penis sent some pleasure waves as always, but I tried to ignore them. I tried to even feel the tiniest sensations in my butt. After some time I felt some warmth at the spot where the aneros makes contact. Then, all of the sudden, holy fucking cow!!!, this sensation changed. It suddenly became pleasureable and pleasure was groing very deep inside of me. And not only that. It felt like a very substantial type of pleasure that felt like it could grow into a Super-O very easily. Compared to the pleasure induced by penile attention, which only feels like you are on the brink of a normal boring orgasm but dies down very easily, this one felt warm and fuzzy and lovely and like it could spread across your whole body. When I have p-waves in my penis, they die down easily when I get an errection, but the prostate centered p-waves weren’t affected by my errection at all (which, by the way, emerged much more rarely with the mentioned prostate pleasure than with the penile pleasure).

Plenty Body Shaking Without Aneros, None With Toy In My Ass

When i contract my PC muscles without a prostate massager in my ass, i instantly get heaps of body shaking trembles without any pleasure or arousal

It’s the opposite with an aneros in my ass, where i get zero feeling, shaking or pleasure. Sometimes i might get a flurry of involuntary contractions that are temporary for like 20mins.

How should i proceed with rewiring my prostate? A-less?

I’ve been trying for years and have heaps of anal toys which i love.

Need help with HFO options to play with.

So I have been playing with prostate/anal play for past few months. Some has been solo and just breathing with contractions and feeling things using prostate massagers that vibrate etc (sometimes on sometimes off) as well as curved glass or plugs. Waves of sensations felt and pleasure but no HFO, Super O or anything close.
I can’t find any aneros products at my local stores and can only order online but expensive when I can’t see the size and shapes as well as depths they go. So I am timid about buying the wrong aneros online.
I am not a size queen, but also don’t want anything too small. I like a bit of depth and find that’s where better sensations are. I also feel I don’t want the syn models as the syn toys don’t feel as good to me as smooth toys. I also really need something that doesn’t bulb out too much around the hole area because I am not fond of the feeling of the pressure if it felt like pulling out and putting pressure on Anus from the inside.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? One of the local shops here in Canada had a mega sale on and I was able to get an aneros knock off so I ordered that to try as I don’t have anything like it but truly feel I will need the real deal to get where I wanna go.


Help! £50 budget – which one?!

Hi all, I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times but I’m getting myself lost and struggling to make a decision!

I am looking to buy my first prostate massager, I’m not new to anal play and I’m lucky that my wife pegs me and I use a selection of dildos and plugs, but prostate massage is new to me!

There are several that seem to fall within what I’m looking to spend and all have very positive but also negative reviews, I also appreciate this will be down to personal preference. It seems my choices are…

Aneros progasm junior £40
Aneros progasm ice £45
Aneros helix syn trident silicone £50

Would love some help and guidance! Thanks in advance for your prostate wisdom!

First HFDO?

Hello friends, here I am again. Today I am trying to understand what I’ve felt on my last session (a few hours ago).

First of all, I know that everyone has different experiences with this and nomenclature is just a way to simplify concepts that we are trying to communicate. But I really want to understand what I felt tonight, so I will try to explain.

Recently I started to felt and recognize the p-waves, feeling that pleasure and accepting that my prostate awoke and I started to rewire. Tonight I tried my vibrating prostate massager (it’s like a vice 2) in another position: with my legs more elevated than my body and watching porn. In a certain moment I started to feel some really good vibrations. I decided to (try) not pursue the feeling and continued to enjoy the moment. A few minutes later the sensations started to get really strong and good, and I closed my eyes, not focusing my attention on the porn anymore, to enjoy these sensations.

Then, I (think) felt an orgasm coming up. I remember that I was doing really strong kegels and contractions, holding up really strong and for as much time as I got. In a specific moment, I thought I was ready to orgasm. The feeling was very similar to a penile orgasm, but missing the sensation of ejaculating on the end. I had a few involuntary contractions, like when you have a penile orgasm and the dick moves up alone. When this passed, I was like “no, please, it was too good, come back”. It was like being on the edge of an abyss, just needing to make a leap of faith… and then going back. It felt incomplete, waiting for the feeling of ejaculating and this feeling never arriving.

Experienced bottom trying to get into prostate massagers

Hi there!

So I’ve been looking to treat myself to an aneros toy so I can learn more about my body and what’s going on down there. However, I need some advice on which model to get; I’m no beginner when it comes to anal but I’ve noticed I lack the ability to separate those important muscles.

Should I stick to the recommendation of the helix/mgx or should I take the long route and go for a eupho?