To vibe or not to vibe? SynV/Vice 2 without vibration. Worth it for the shape?

I tried a couple of vibrating toys, and I just get numb and ruin my session. Got the SynV as all my aneros toys gets me to super-o land, and figured the shape might help, it did not. So I tried the SynV just as a normal aneros, and it’s amazing! Just a bigger helix, so now I don’t regret all that money at all! Does anyone think the Vice 2 would do the same? Worth buying one just for the shape?

Vice 2 Cleaning

Recently purchased the Vice 2 and I’m loving it so far.

I did run into an issue while cleaning it. The device seems to hold a smell that I can’t get rid of.

After my last session, I immediately washed with anti-bacterial toy cleaner (Fleshlight Fleshwash), followed by another wash with dawn dish soap and hot water.

The toy continued to have this faint foul smell.

Today, i took a clorox bleach wipe and wiped it down very well. This seemed to help a little but it still has the faintest bit of smell on it.

Any suggestions for what else I could try?

Is this normal with the vice 2?

Ive purchased the Aneros Prelude and have been taking Metamucil to ensure I get really clean before my next session.

This is definitely is a buzzkill and takes away from the experience.

What did I just experience? is there a name for this?

My wife and I used the Aneros vice together for the first time. I felt that it was different from when we were making out because I was incredibly turned on and so hard. The pulses just seemed to hit harder. So after a while of making out and her using her own vibrator on herself and cumming, she mounted me and slowly started riding me.

This also felt different as when she moved, it didn’t really feel like the pleasure was coming from my penis but from my entire pelvis. we kissed and she moved up and down very, very slowly. many times i stopped her when I wanted to extend the pleasure. Finally I felt it building and building until the pleasure washed over me. I felt that I was orgasming a few seconds before I felt my cock pulsing inside her. only after a few seconds did i feel my cock pulsing which signaled an ejaculation. I felt intense pleasure in my body and legs and an orgasm that felt better than any i’ve had before and lasted equally long. maybe close to 30 seconds. Afterwards, it didn’t stop abruptly like an orgasm usually does but faded.

Should I get the Vice 2 or something else?

Been using the One Two Punch from Zero Tolerance for the last year and it seems to heat up excessively over 10-15 min of use (can be quite painful tbh). At what point for you all does it start to heat up like this (if ever)?

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Vice 2 thoughts

Got my Vice just before going on vacation and I’ve tried it the last 2 nights and I wish I would have bought it years ago! It feels so comfortable and I started having orgasms with it right away. I typically use program 1 but #17 is also fantastic! It goes in again tonight, edibles, full sensation, and good vibes. My kind of party!

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Drunk purchased the Vice last night and looking for any tips/tricks from those that have success with it, your favorite patterns, etc. Looking forward to it!

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Hi, I’m Forrest, Product and Business Development Director of Aneros || High Island Health. In honor of Prostate Health and Cancer Awareness Month I’ll be hosting an AMA here this Thursday, September 7th. I will be LIVE starting at 2:00 pm E.S.T. to discuss all things Aneros. See you there!

My relationship with Aneros began in 2002 as a customer, when I purchased my first Aneros device, the MGX Classic. The impact for me was nothing short of life-changing, turning around a decades-old health condition while revealing a powerful new orgasmic experience I later called the “Super O”. After a series of productive conversations with the owners of the company, I was invited to become their sole product tester. This gradually morphed into being made a consultant for the development of new products. Soon after I helped them launch the Aneros forum where I chronicled my own personal journey into the multi-orgasmic realm. Some years later I helped compile the Aneros WIKI comprised of terms drawn in large part from my several thousand posts and threads. Between 2003 and 2012, I mentored hundreds of men helping them transition to new levels of sensual awareness through prostate massage. During the same period, I attended public and industry trade expos in the U.S. and Europe, as the company’s expert on the use of their devices. I’ve also appeared on dozens of poscasts and radio programs In 2016, I became Aneros’ director of Product and Business development where I supervised the creation and launch of the awarding winning Trident Series, the Trident Syn Series, the VICE 2, the Prelude and the Helix Syn V.
Proof I am who I say: [email protected]

How do you use your Vice 2?

I have one arriving in approximately 3 hours and I am FAR too excited. Mainly intrigued just to see what the vibrations are like and if they have any effect on me. My expectations are fairly low but I love the bigger models so I’m excited for that more than the vibrations.

I’m curious to see how other users get the best out of theirs.

I think I’m going to use the Maximus/Progasm to get myself in to a good place and then see what the Vice is like 🙂

Tips on how to enjoy the Peridise more?

I do own a Helix Syn V, Progasm and Vice 2. They’re all great and in my upper tier echelon of prostate toys. However, there’s one Aneros product on which the lightbulb has yet to switch on: the Peridise.

I added the Peridise set as a cart-topper when I bought the above. As I did my homework on my future purchase, I read nothing but glowing reviews on the Peridise and, while small, these things could pack a wallop.

Unfortunately, so far, I can’t say I felt it.

I get that the effect is subtle, has nothing to do with the prostate and involves muscles contraction. However, despite producing a bit of pre-cum leakage, I can’t really say so far these get me started as effectively as, say, any of my “mid-tier” plugs.

I tried doing several grips, patterns, and speeds of contractions. I tried the “passive” approach, just letting it there. Some sessions went for hours. I do get something should I half-ass try to push it or pull it (no pun intended), without the toy actually moving in or out, but manual play isn’t supposed to be part of the game, when it come to the Peridise.

So what can I do to enjoy these more? Any tips on how get the most out of the Peridise?