New nipple diddling applied to Thursday November 8 Aneros session!

Hi guys,

Some guys have suggested recently a nipple diddling technique on our forum. In the diddling technique what you do is place your left fingers upon your right nipple and vice versa, your right fingers upon your left nipple. Somehow this technique really revs up the effect of nipple diddling.

I first used this technique upon myself when I went to bed Wednesday night. It really felt good as I wore my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. My diddling felt real good, my jock and cup felt real good, and my prostate and anal musculature felt real good especially when I Kegeled!

Actually what I was I doing throughout the night until when I rose the next morning was engaging my body in foreplay. I was making out with myself.

I was really horny when I came to my Aneros session Thursday morning. I used yesterday the “do nothing” approach and just let MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE do all the work and work their magic on me. Oh yes, my gentle, deft nipple diddling and occasional Kegels revved up the sweet Aneros pleasure.

Composed while sweetly diddling myself early Friday morning. Take care!

Helix classic hurts my taint

So I was really curious about this thing, and decided to give it a try and bought a Helix classic a while back. I tried to use it a few times, but each time at about 10 minutes in the pressure on my taint/grundle/gooch whatever you wanna call it, hurt so much! Like if it was flatter or wider, or made of something squishy, or preferably both, it wouldn’t have hurt so much. But it was like a sharp pressure that became unbearable for me after a while, and I gave up using it.

Fast forward to today, and I want to give it another chance but I know it’s just going to hurt. Should I get the Helix Syn? I know it’s coated in silicone, so it might be better. But I found the part that makes contact with your taint in the classic Helix is really thin, so I’m worried the Helix Syn will hurt also because its a lot of pressure on a very small surface area.

Is there something else I should try instead that won’t give me the same problem, or should the Helix Syn make a big difference (and is the difference worth 100 bucks)? I was looking at the Aneros Vice, the part that contacts the taint looks much wider and I think that would be a lot more comfortable. But I’ve never had an orgasm from my prostate before, and understand that aneros purists may argue that you shouldn’t use something with vibration.

Some History

I first heard of the fabled hands-free orgasm about 10 years ago while chatting on IRC. An eccentric guy I chatted with occasionally claimed that he could have orgasms while receiving anal sex from his partner without any stimulation to his penis, and then afterward could come again while fucking his boyfriend. He took this magical ability for granted, seeming very surprised that I could not accomplish the same feat.

I tried to get him to explain how it worked, but the best he could manage was a vague description of “pushing” somehow while being penetrated. I honestly wasn’t sure he wasn’t just making things up. It seemed too good to be true. Everyone knows that guys can only come once and that they have to wait out the refactory period before they can have another orgasm, right? And climaxing without touching your cock is a fantasy acted out in porn but seldom found in the real world, isn’t it?

That’s what I thought anyway at the time. I dismissed his stories as unrealistic after being unable to get even close to what he described. But I never forgot those stories or the subtle hunger I had to experience those things.

Different Product

Being experienced with prostate play and vibrating massagers, I didn’t know what to expect out of this inexpensive device. $26.99. This guy packs a wallop or power and vibrations. It lays right on my prostate gland and hits just right. I like the large bulbous head. It assist in keeping the device in place. Throughout my entire session, I didn’t have to adjust or push it in once after the initial inserting. It may look a little intimidating to a beginner.Different combinations of positions I was laying and experimenting with the different setting of the pulses has me in spasms in just a few minutes.
The remote works well and I really like that feature about this product.
Not sure about the placement of the ring however this was my first session. I may find the niche with practice and I will be practicing 🙂
My choice of lube was coconut oil which worked well.
I have an Aneros Vice that that I love that has a very similar effect.
The motor and the battery seem strong. I also love the USB charging feature.
This first ride resulted in an intense ejaculation and great satisfaction.
I would recommend this item to any guy that is looking to expand his horizons and intensify his orgasms.

the Vice or the Helix?

Can’t decide between the two.

Relatively new to everything. Don’t want to buy a Helix only to realize I should have gotten a Vice for the vibrations.

Which should I get to ensure longevity of usage? I’m leaning towards the Vice but it’s almost triple the price of the Helix. The price itself isn’t a deterrent. I’m mainly concerned with the difference between the two.

Also, does Aneros ship these in discreet packaging? I can’t have an obvious sex toy sitting on my doorstep all day while I am at work. I live in a neighborhood with lots of children and foot traffic.

Let’s talk hands-free ejaculation! (with a side-order of drugs, and maybe some stimulation-but-not-fapping)

Been using the progasm and vice (without the vibe) for going on three years. I think i’ve explored a huge range of ‘orgasms’ and still discovering new things. There’s something really compelling to me about a session that ends in ejaclation, and I’ve managed to achieve it completely hands free, but it’s still really inconsistent.

Doing a bit of reading, lots of things seem to contribute to the experience.. not coming for a while, light stimulation, drugs, etc. Personally around day 3 or 4 the urge or feeling of ‘almost there’ to ejaculate starts to ramp up, but i’ve been able to hands-free ejaculate as short as two days from my last ejaculate. Another post mentions cupping the balls at the base of the penis has led to ejaculation, and I’ve experienced this too.

I find porn and a bit of weed to help immensely, but I’m wondering what other techniques or drugs might help. Another post mentions a ‘pre-workout’ pill leading to some amazing super-o (no ejaculation). I’m guessing this has a bunch of caffeine and maybe some pseudo-ephedrine like stimulant. This kinda lit an idea in my head, as i’ve been able to ejaculate more frequently in the mornings, which correlates to having had a few cups of coffee.

So.. all you ejaculators out there? What’s your recipe?