been a bit

Been a bit since last entry.

So a few weeks ago I had a strange session where I got super bad heart burn, long of the short is ended up ‘pushing the energy down’ (see post “first time for everything”) once I did that the heart burn went away like it didn’t exist but along with it any sensations in every session after. So I put things away for a bit and went back old school. Without getting into great details I started to feel intermittent unasked for sensations again, beginnings to a-less orgasm starting to ignite. It was like my prostate was asking “what about me? HELLO! I thought we were friends, where’d you go?” I gave it a few more days to make sure it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, and each day I had the slow quiet ignition. That weekend I joined w/ JR while in the shower. I also happened to do something I don’t normally do, I slowly edged feeling JR rubbing and tickling, staying fully relaxed, enjoying all he offered me. I just let this go and started to ooze cum, felt so relaxing. JR was taking care of me so gently, working over my prostate so slowly, I literally got a hand full of cum (I don’t know why I caught it but I did) and I had ejaculated 2 days before and got next to nothing. I finished my shower but instead of dismounting I decided to stay joined w/ JR (I have masturbated when joined w/ Miss MGX on purpose 2 times before but always dismounted after). He gave me several lovely orgasms during that session, that’s all I can say, I should have wrote it down.

“Helix Trident – My New-Found Friend!”

My! What a session this morning with the Helix Trident! But I need to back-up first to the beginning….

I have been sleeping without wearing a “chastity cup” for the past week. Is it helping me to sleep better? Perhaps, but I am still awakened by some extremely-strong night-time erections (NPTs). One this morning was extremely arousing. I decided to retreat to my comfortable sofa and just chill with some relaxing music for a while. I was not wearing anything but PJs. After a while, I began to meditate and fantasize. And my erection switched “on” as if by magic! What caused the “switch” to be thrown? I believe it was when I began to fantasize about having a prostate procedure this morning in the hospital. When I contemplated this upcoming activity, my cock sprung into action! I could not stop another extremely hard erection from developing! And before long, I “knew” the rest of the fantasy was in store for me! Here it is…..

I am being prepared for a “procedure” on my prostate this morning and the prep will consist of two “phases”. The first is that I need to refrain from any kind of masturbation for a full two-hour period by wearing a hard-cup athletic supporter. I was given a Mueller jockstrap with FlexShield cup to wear and I put it on.

What a day!

I no sooner finished writing my last entry, then I was having more of these sensations! I think, from what I’ve read in the descriptions that these weren’t Super-O’s, but rather dry orgasms. With little effort, I was having these Aless moments all afternoon. I even had to knock off practicing kegels in the car because I could feel one starting to come on. The last thing I needed was to start curling up in a ball behind the wheel and drifting off the road into a tree! I was pretty excited though, because I was heading to the post office to pick up my newly arrived Helix.
When I got there, I was disappointed to find out that the delivery would be delayed due to weather! I was all set to get back home and shove that thing in me and tap into all of this sexual energy that was still roiling around inside! So instead, I decided to go home and “put up” with my Progasm, my new friend for almost two weeks.
I lubed up and put her in and even while I was doing my breathing, I was getting tingles, telling me that I was ready within just a few minutes. I immediately started into my newfound exercises and it wasn’t long before I was curling up tight as a sow bug and the experience was even better than Aless. I was still having trouble keeping the massive Progasm in, but despite readjusting after every shakedown, I was still able to bring on the feelings!
I had an inspiration after several moaning sweaty tingly sessions. Exploring with my fingers, I found that the Progasm was not all the way in past the second bump. I spread my cheeks with one hand and found that it went in and seated perfectly near the top and felt just fine! Then I relaxed and breathed normally, feeling actions from my prostate and and ass. Then suddenly, things changed. The p-tab started tap-dancing on my perineum, and I could feel my prostate vibrating against the Progasm. I started curling up again, but this time it was different. I wasn’t bouncing in the same way, but more shaking. It felt different, although strongly similar. My moaning sounded different too. A lot more shaking in my voice as the shaking in my body was so pronounced. I was curling up in a ball, but now with my eyes closed, I was seeing green spots, and I had gone completely deaf. My arm, which had been under my pillow supporting my head, was suddenly out and flopping against the pillow repeatedly. I was completely lost and having the time of my life! And then, just as it was ebbing, I felt the p-tab going crazy again, prostate buzzing and I was all set! Then the damn thing popped right out.
Sonuvabitch! More kegels in the daily planner. The problem is that when I’m in a highly charged sexual state like today, doing kegels just sets me off. But I will power through if it means I can get waves of Super-O’s! Yes waiter, I’ll start with some kegels, then for my entree, some more kegels, then for desert, even more kegels!
I finished the session off just after that, feeling really good! Still highly charged, but feeling pretty peaceful!

Exciting progress!

The last few days were not achieving much. A few little buzzes but nothing at all like I’d been experiencing last weekend. So I went back to then and determined what had worked and also did some more reading. In the Archives, Rumel had a post called Instructions. After reading it thoroughly, I realized I was getting in too much of a hurry. And after posting a question about my Progasm popping out, BigGlansDC reminded me that I have to keep working on the kegels. So I did my usual routine and got into bed did 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises. Before I was finished, I had become used to the Progasm being in place and could no longer feel it being there. Then I started about 20-30 anal contractions as per the instructions. And then, onto the next stage of doing hard deep contractions and holding them through several breaths, until my pelvis and upper legs started to shake. I did at least 30 of these and then began to relax, but remembering what BigGlansDC had said about kegels, I remembered to keep a little contraction going, just enough to hold the Progasm in. As I do more kegels through the day, every day, I’m hoping to get to the point where I don’t even realize that I’m doing a small contraction to hold it in place. When I get to that point, I’ll be able to take that focus away and give it to my prostate sensations.
Well, wow! It wasn’t long before I could feel contractions happening all on their own! This peristalsis was rocking that Progasm all by itself, leaving me with nothing to do but face and embrace the oncoming wave.
I could feel a wave of energy emanating from my prostate/pelvis upwards through my abdomen. My package felt felt like it was wet, and indeed, I could feel true wet coming from the tip of my penis. As I relaxed even more, I forced myself to keep breathing, and ended up panting. As the wave moved through my chest, I could feel another wave starting in my head. When it was pretty much all consuming, I lost sense of everything around me. My eyelids were flickering. I could hear the inside of my mouth making a sound like pop rocks fizzing, but without the taste or feeling. My head felt like it was turning to see things around me, but my head wasn’t moving and my eyes weren’t seeing. This went for at least 2 minutes. When it began to ease, I refocused my mind, so to speak, on my prostate and I could feel the wave coming again. Again with the wetness, both real and imagined. Again with everything. This happened 4 times in total, and then 2 or 3 times to a lesser degree. After about 5 minutes, I started contractions again, and again I felt it start up. I did this cycle about 3 times, and although the second and third cycles were good, they weren’t quite as good as the first.
I found that inhaling in deep in the abdomen, and finishing my exhale quickly would start the wave and then I could focus on it and where it was coming from. Almost like pulling something that was already moving.
I had promised myself last week that I would let today be my day to have a T.O., but I’m not sure if want to do that. Although I do get horny again pretty quickly afterwards. Part of me wants to keep this up. I’ll have another session tonight and see what I feel like. Then I may hold off a few days until my Helix Syn finally arrives.

Dressing up my cock in cellophane (Day 5) : Super hot Aneros session II, Wednesday February 6

Hi guys,

I just love dressing up my cock in cellophane for the sheer adventure of it. So does my penis and my scrotum. Today I dressed up my cock in cellophane and stuff my package along with my ball sack into my Jockey H pouch briefs pretty much the whole day until early nightfall when I dressed up afresh in cellophane and stuffed in my BIKE CUP jocks before donning sweats for my night in bed tonight.

This morning just before sunrise I had another hot Aneros session again with my trusty MGX, Progasm Junior, Maximus, and Progasm Black Ice which lasted for an hour. My dressed up cock and my BIKE CUP jock launched me into a very fine session. However I pay close attention to the massage action of my four Aneros models that the massage action does not get out of hand.

I came from my Aneros session invigorated, enjoying thoroughly my Aless today along with my nipple diddling and Kegels. Take care.

Dressing my cock up in cellophane (Day 4) : delicate, sublime, yet profound urogenital sensations

Hi guys,

I am having lots of erotic fun dressing my cock up in cellophane these days. The cellophane containers in which my store-brought muffins come in have the thinness of the latex of sexual condoms. Condoms that men wear over the cocks for sexual intercourse have this thinness of latex material to not detract too much from the sexual sweetness of sexual contact with their sexual partners, whether female or male.

When I was in college in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, I bought a couple condoms out of curiosity, mostly to experience their sensation of my circumcised cock. You’d rolled down a condom your cock shaft to its base. The condom at its base had a sort of elastic to keep the condom in place during intercourse. Also the condom had a reservoir or a small balloon which extended a tenth an inch beyond the glans for your ejaculated semen. Some guys told me that wearing a condom over your cock felt like wearing a raincoat. Yeah, the condom lessened the sweetness of sexual contact, but not by much. But also wearing a condom for sexual intercourse guards against unwanted pregnancy in females and venereal disease. Hence they are called prophylactics.

The cellophane containers that I wear over my cock have a slight resemblance to wearing a condom. My cock certainly loves their feel. They have enhanced the sweetness of my Aless and Kegels for sure.

An Unexpected Surprise!

Monday night, I received a little surprise. My kids are grown up and moved out, so when my wife and I separated, the only custody issue we had was the dog. It was my turn to host the mutt for a few days, so I wasn’t planning anything, as she sleeps on my bed and takes up more than her fair share. Ever notice how dogs do that? Anyway, I got into bed, (the portion I was allowed) and laid down on my stomach to sleep like I always do. I thought I would do some kegels, since I’ve been enjoying the fitness aspect and the knowledge that these exercises will help me with my journey. I had read a couple of entries by BigGlansDC and decided to start with step one and two. I completed the exercise and as usual, played a little movie in my head to drift off to. This time I was thinking about the wood walkway I was going to build in the near future. Suddenly, I felt a little wave starting! So I totally relaxed, and did some slightly deeper breathing. The wave built up, but didn’t turn into anything huge, but just pleasant. What was bigger for me was the fact that my Progasm was safely tucked away in her bed on the dresser, and I had done this with about 3 minutes of kegels. During the day, while I was driving and doing errands, I would do some and I could feel a little flutter in my lower abdomen. It’s day 3 of SR, and I was masturbating at least every other day, sometimes, two or three days in a row. I think that holding off on my TO’s is definitely helping.
So I did a few more contractions, and a few minutes later, I had another one! I’m so overcome that I’m discovering the unleashing of this power after only 7 days!

Dressing up my cock in cellophane (Day 3) : Super hot Aneros session, Monday February 4

Hi guys,

Yesterday afternoon Sunday near sunset, I changed from my casual clothing into sweats which I wear to bed most winter nights. I also dressed up my cock using a good eight cellophane “sleeves” for a nice snug feeling in my cup jock pouch. Then I went to bed where I did a fair amount of nipple diddling and Kegeling all night long. I slept like a baby though and then woke up fairly refreshed from an Aneros session which I had for an hour around sunrise.

I used successively the following models: MGX, Progasm Junior, Maximus, and Progasm Black ICE. The session was a very hot session, in fact stellar.

What impressed me about this morning’s session was that I did hardly nothing, but rather lay back and just let each Aneros model plow my anal canal and massage my prostate rather forcefully. It left me with a rather lively Aless during which each model was working away. It is now 4:30 p.m. in the late afternoon approaching sunset as I type this. I enjoy engaging my active Aless by intermittent Kegels which produce lots of pleasure.

Later on tonight before I go to bed, I am hankering to dress my cock up with cellophane before stuffing my cock and balls in my BIKE jock and cup. Take care!

Update at 9 p.m. Just dressed up my cock in cellophane and placed my enshrouded manhood in my jock cup pouch in my sweats. Feels real good too! Approaching my bedtime. Feels nice and cozy down there! 🙂

Session 6-Success!

I know that I decided to take a break for a few days from the Progasm, but here it was the next day and I was getting a little worked up. Reading other experiences made me to eager, what can I say? So I ran through the usual evening rituals, and decided to try Astro Glide Anal Gel for a change, instead of the Vaseline. Erotic stimulation, then insertion. Relax for a few minutes, then start exercising, working the anal and lower abs and rectum as well. Deep sobbing or ragged belly breathing for about 20 minutes. Then I lay back in the dark, no other stimulation aside from simple fantasies running through my head. I had one wave start, but I wasn’t able to keep it going. Aside from a few minor starts that quickly died, it was not a dud at all, as it’s all learning, but there were no fireworks. No worries. Learn from it and move on, right? The session had lasted about two and a half hours, and it was time to clean up and go to bed.
With my Progasm safely tucked away in her own little bed, (what a great storage box they send!) I laid down as usual on my stomach and prepared to drift off. After I lay there for about 15 minutes, fantasizing bemusedly about introducing a girlfriend to my Aneros tool box, I felt a little wave just barely starting. For a laugh, I decided to contract my rectum a little and see what would happen. Holy Cow! It started to build. I had my legs pretty much together and one arm tucked under my pillow as I always do. I figured that it would start to fade as it usually does when I’m on my stomach. It didn’t fade. The more I contracted, the more it built up. My arms and legs were starting to shake a little, and the more I squeezed, the more I shook. If I eased off, they would ease off too, so I would contract more and it would hit harder. You couldn’t have fit a sheet of paper between my ass cheeks. Then my legs were bouncing off the sheets and then my whole pelvis bucked a couple of times. I could feel moisture seeping out of the edge of my eyes. My penis and balls felt like they were swollen to an enormous size. I kept up with the contractions as long as possible, panting shallow breaths. I probably should have stopped contracting and shallow breathing to see if it would build, but since it’s early days yet, I just wanted to enjoy it! I think it went on for at least five minutes and I felt I had to ease off and give my glutes a break. I sat up on the side of the bed, wiped the small tears from my eyes, and started chuckling and saying Wow, over and over. After about five minutes, I returned to my usual sleep position, but, just out of curiosity, I started contractions again and it right away started building up again! Not to hips bucking off the bed, but leg shaking and that same all enveloping feeling of tingle and well being. I could sense a deeper primal power throughout my body again. When I couldn’t carry on, again I let it subside and rested for about two minutes. Then again and again, four more times, resting in between. By the fifth time, my muscles were pretty much done, and I finally gave up. Now I don’t know if the first one was a Super-O or the even the other ones, but my reading has indicated that the shaking will subside and I’ll learn much more. The coolest thing is whatever it was, it was A-less!
The next day as I driving around, doing errands, I was practicing my kegels, I could feel sensations building up, and I couldn’t help but wonder just how well my re-wiring is going!