Woke up to find myself having an a-less o

It was weird and wonderful to wake up and find my legs and feet in slo-mo writhing. Hands and arms and pelvis joined in. The wave was gentle but insistent and then ebbed and left me to drop off back to sleep. Better than any adolescent wet dream by far!

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Which one to buy and how to start

I’ve been thinking about getting an aneros for a while, but what finally made me want to really get one was seeing this Asian guy on pornhub that uses it and the way he orgasms while using it looks amazing and being able to orgasm without ejaculation sounds interesting. I’ve used dildos before and a butt plugs so I’m not new to having stuff up there, but I’m not sure which one I should try or what do once it’s inside. Hope you guys can give me some info 🙂

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bending the aneros for better positioning

I have tried and tried for months but I can not get any plesure from my aneros progasm ice outside of a butt plug sensation. I am convinced that if I could get it a little more curved it would sit more correctly and actually touch my prostate.
I have pushed down on the P tab and the sensation is amazing but the presure i have to put on it isn’t sustainable. I was wondering if I could maybe heat it up and bend it slightly.
I just thought I’d check before ruining it with an open flame. Anyone done anything like this?

restarting the journey

Hi. I’ve been looking at this forum for a few weeks now. A bit about myself. I long time ago I discovered the aneros. I bought an original model. The MGX looks like what I got. I enjoyed it on and off but never really committed to the journey. I forgot about it and it ended up in the bottom of a drawer. I just started using it again. Of course I had to go to the website and see what developments have been made since I purchased mine. I am curious about a few things

1. Would a smaller aneros be better? Mine fits me pretty well but sometimes it seems like it gives too much pressure. Also when I pull it out slightly it seems like that is “the spot”. Since I want to enjoy hands free I don’t always want to be adjusting.

2. Does the Kundalini tab add to the experience? Mine has the curly tail/handle.

3. When you were new to the journey like me how spaced out did you keep your sessions? I don’t want to over do it. So far I’ve had one session a week.

I like the look of the eupho trident and was thinking about getting one. Or maybe I should just be patient and work with what I have. Anyway thanks for this forum. I have learned quite a lot from it.

Close to orgasm?

I think I get right on the edge of have a P-gasm but it never happens. Usually, I lay on my side with my feet resting on the bed not on each other. I have my head relaxed facing my laptop watching porn. The best way is light and slow contractions for me. I start to feel sensitive, and it feels so good just relaxing there. I am usually semi hard. I am leaking precum at this point. Then get a super hard erection and starts twitching like crazy. My heart starts to race, and I am having involuntary contractions. Nothing else ever happens. My heart rate eventually drops back. My erection and all the contractions go back to normal. I then do this again and again with in every 10-15 minutes. Nothing happens though. I mean nothing that fills explosive like an orgasm.

I read on aneros forums some people claim the same issues but other guys are saying THAT is the orgasm. And they just get better over time.

Have I really reached an orgasm and just need to continue to get the best feeling? What am I doing wrong? I try not to chase it but idk what to do. Just keep going and just enjoy it for what it is? I never tried to abstain from regular masturbation. Maybe I’ll try that. I am also worried maybe my muscles are not strong enough to orgasm or something.

Intermediate Aneros-er

Hey guys, I’d call myself as an intermediate as the title says, I haven’t had pgasms yet in over a year of trying and I’m looking for some insight if that’s ok.

My average session usually starts with me not letting my body clamp down too much, so the toy kind of tickles my prostate and the sensitivity builds up. That’s leads to good places usually, I’ve felt build up feelings where my heart starts to race and my prostate gets quite sensitive. I also get this feeling of hardness/pressure under my belly button later in sessions, I feel like that grows. I’m not sure if this is my prostate growing, a potentially orgasmic feeling, or if I’m simply pressing my bladder.

I tried a session with weed for the first time last night. Not sure if it helped or hindered, I do get a bit anxious with bud so I’m not sure it helps me with arousal. I didn’t seem to have the body awareness to let the session build up slowly and my body clamped down a lot, the sensitivity did build up eventually though. I had a lot of precum for the first time in a session but I’m not sure if that was because I was basically milking myself with the heavy pressure.

After the first hour, I have to confess to briefly touching my dick a bit to make myself aroused again, this would bring back the good feelings to my prostate but I don’t know if it was a good idea overall.

How to clean white models?

I have an MGX Trident, and I wash it thoroughly before and after each use, but there’s a brown stain that developed that I can’t for the life of me get rid of.
Is there any to remove it without damaging the toy?

what happened to the user “buttscratcher”?

Buttscratcher…. buttmonkey, I forgot his exact username but he was a regular.

He used to post here all the time about his experience and journey. They were very detailed and I really really enjoyed reading them during my own. But now all his posts are deleted for some reason.

Does anyone remember him?

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What women experience during multiple orgasms is their natural biology. But i dont think super Os are anything like those women orgasms. People are playing with their energy. Kundalini is flowing when they are all ecstatic. This energy if blocked will create physical and mental issues. its excess energy which can overactivate any chakra in the the body. Prostate play is dangerous in my opinion.

For a normal life and a normal human being kundalini should stay in mooladhara chakra but playing with our body can move it to other chakras which will cause overactivation of that chakra.