Allergy Season?

I was using my Helix Syn V one day & I sneezed without a warning & the massager flew out at the same time. It pays to hold it in when sneezing!

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A slight problem?

So, i have been trying to have a prostatitis orgasm for years with hardly any luck. I recently talked to someone about it to get advice. I was asked if I am able too feel were my prostate is located. And come to think of it no, I cannot really. I have searched with fingers for a while in the passed. Never found it. However, I never really thought about it. I did mention that, I have a spot right near the entrance. It’s squishy, like a sponge, and slightly divided in. He told me, my prostate is hiding.

What he tole me, is to use my abs when I’m doing p play. Jason anyone heard of this before? This b explains so much.

On a side note, I don’t really pre anything. I think that maybe why. Any notes, ideas or questions lllet me know.

I will say i do remember, a long while ago, I squirted when playing with that spot. I think a bunck of pre or senimal fluid came out. I did this with my fingers.

I would love to hear people’s feedback on this matter 😊🙂

Best Lube For Aneros Syn?

Hello, I am currently using this lube:

I find that it does not last very long and I feel like I constantly have to take my aneros out and re-apply lube.

While this may be off topic of the lube choice, I feel like after inserting, I get sensations for about 10 minutes and then loose all feeling, not sure if this is due to the lube drying out and the toy not moving or if it is just me.

Need help, where to start

So I got myself an aneros because I wanted to experiment with prostate play and I know it takes super long for your body to adapt but I’m not sure where to actually start. I got a non vibrating plastic one and it says to put it in but within 30 min I get bored and take it out because I have a hard time focusing. I can’t use weed so that’s off the table. What approaches can I take?

Tight pelvic floor ruining sessions.

I feel like the more relaxed my pelvic floor muscles are the better it feels but sadly I can never relax those properly, even after 1 hour of laying down with binaural beats belly breathing the whole body relaxed EXCEPT my pelvic floor, I feel like it’s never entirely relaxed (throughout the day neither) and this issue also causes me to have erection problems in normal life too. Seems I did this to myself by sitting by my PC for the last 15 years for 15 hours a day and subconciously holding pee much of the time due to focus on gaming, very sad.

Any idea on this? Anyone else feels the same during their session? Any advice is highly appreciated too. Thanks!

Woo! Peridise on its way!

After months of trying to obtain the peridise set for a reasonable price I finally managed it! Can’t wait for them to arrive

Anyone got any experience or advice with them?

Breakthrough for me

A lot of this is about relaxing, there’s no doubt about it. Unfortunately, that’s something I’ve always had trouble with. I’d heard weed can do wonders for the process, but I’d never tried it due to the legality. I recently stumbled across delta 8 THC, which is federally legal in the United States. Having never tried THC before, I leaned on the cautious side and only did a half dose of the tincture. The package said it takes 2 hours to kick in, so I just sat back and waited. As though by clockwork, 2 hours hit and my whole body loosened. And when I tell you I had tingles like never before, I’m not kidding. I then slid in my helix (which was almost a challenge with how engorged I’d become inside) and holy fuck. It was like the toy had a mind of its own and I could just lay back and take it. It was like I was being fucked I’m the best way possible. I turned on the porn and things were incredible until about an hour in my high began to peak and I could not stay focused enough to stay horny. It was almost frustrating, but I had to call it at that point. Lack of focus and sleepiness are the two downsides the delta 8 that I’ve found. But other than that, no complaints. After leaving the tincture in my hot car and ruining the batch, I’ve decided to order [HHC](, which is supposed to be less in my head and more in my body. If anyone has any tips or stories, I’d love to hear. If anyone wants to give the D8 or HHC a try, the code JOYRIDE takes off 10% and is a comically fitting name considering our application. Use responsibly, especially if you’re new to it like me.

How to use a Helix Syn V on my man

I (42 F) bought my boyfriend (46 M) a Helix Syn V for his birthday. He loves prostate play. He’s also talked generally about trying some light fem dom bondage.

He’s tied my up and used toys on me before and it blew my mind.

I’m looking for ideas on how to introduce him to his birthday present. I’d like for him to be blindfolded and at least partially restrained.

What would be a good position to have him restrained in?

Any other suggestions on making this his best birthday ever?

Problems having normal orgasms?

So, I’m in a kinda relationship and since a few weeks she and me are having sex.
I noticed something weird: before I started using Aneros-toys I just had to tighten the kegelmuscles and I was on my way to a normal wet orgasm. Recently I noticed that, especially if somebody else is source of the stimulation, another set of muscles tighten up, but that way I can’t cum. First time I thought “oh hey, maybe this helps with a dry-o” but sadly it just ends in frustrating her that I haven’t cum in 10mins or more. So if thats because of the rewiring I’m stuck in between now?

Aneros Vice 2 vs Helix Syn V while sitting down.

I’ve been toying with anal toys for almost 7 years, but only truly delved for past 3 years or so. All these time, I thought
1. Vibrating is better than manual
2. Girth is better the bigger
for the longest time – up until I tried Aneros Helix Syn Trident, and experienced a true Super O. Previously, regular penis masturbation with anal toy was only way to achieve orgasm. I thought Super O and other hands-free orgasm were purely mental, and thus out of my reach. I was beyond happy.

However, now that I know what my prostate likes, I’m split/confused as to what to buy: Aneros Vice 2 vs Helix Syn V, especially while sitting down. I now know that size isn’t important to my Super O, and have been enjoying lack of residual pain at my anus after insertion and play. And I’ve been told that stronger vibration doesn’t necessarily make anal play happy for long, as they get numb.

If I’m not married to size nor greater vibration, should I get Helix Syn V or Vice 2? Does stronger vibration and remote make critical difference in solo play? Or am I asking a wrong question?

Thank you in advance.