Had multiple orgasms with wife. Five back to back.

I had the most AMAZING sex with my wife yesterday. She was on a work phone call so I put in my aneros progasm about an hour before her call ended and just relaxed that hour and enjoyed the feeling. When she was done with her call, she came in the bedroom, stripped, and got into bed with me. We were them just rubbing each other and I started fingering her. After a few minutes I entered her missionary for a little while, not really thrusting but just slowly moving. I then rolled over and she got on top. She sat on me with my dick inside her but not moving. I could feel the prostate massager doing its job and I was really building up. I was working my PC muscles to move the aneros and then it happened. I have FIVE orgasms back to back. They felt like prostate orgasms. I must have cum for two minutes straight; first time I have done anything like that. It was amazing. After the five orgasms, I rolled her over and came again doggie. I came six times in about 20 minutes. I was completely exhausted and can’t wait to try it again.

Looking forward to me time

Slowly building till Monday morning when get the house to my still for couple of hours. It started last Tuesday I got an hour with progasm ice. I found that’s the best one so far. Tuesday hour and half, it build up very small p waves and one that built up but can’t get over the edge like I can’t let go.
It builds and builds I want to explode so bad. There is pre cum every time I get a small p wave the pleasure is nice and I crave more. Have about 3 little p waves each time pre cum.
Just tense up and can’t get over the edge.

Ordered Vice 2 – excited 🤤

I first ordered an Eupho Trident and boy did that make me squirm like a floppy noodle 😩 had so much fun never forgetting it, but I wanted to feel filled and wanted a challenge. I then bought a progasm heh I’ve found that challenge. 😳😬

Been playing with it every now and then with fun success. Gotten much better at using my muscles to move the progasm alone, feels amazing. That full pressing feeling of being rubbed is bliss. Each session is unique honestly.

Now I’m eyeing the vibrations from vice2 to play with. Already ordered one. Waiting for it to arrive. So so excited. Been practicing with the progasm meanwhile.

*prostate play montage starts*

I feel nothing

Hey, I’m 24 and I’ve been doing Kegel exercices for something like a month now and I’ve tried a few prostate stimulator for years now (once every fews months) none of them are Aneros because my sexshop does not sell that brand, I hope I can still post here. The few prostate stimulator I have tried have had absolutely zero effect on me, I’ve relaxed my “kegel” muscle (I don’t know the right name) and breathed and focused on the sensations but there were none, or almost none. When I contract the “kegel” muscle and relax it alternatively it feels sort of nice but it doesn’t get better with time, it feels the same after half an hour than it feels after ten minutes and also the muscles are getting tired at that point. I’ve just recently bought poppers and I’ll try it with poppers but I’m getting increasingly disappointed and irritated that it has so little effect. Also there is one toy with the shape of a crab’s claw that I simply cannot put in my ass. It doesn’t get in, I don’t know if it’s because I’m chubby or something or because my ass doesn’t have the right flexibility or shape but it doesn’t fit, a portion of it stays out. But the other toys, the ones that fit I sometimes forget they’re in, that’s how little I feel them, does anyone have advices for a beginner who can’t manage to get anything done? Does anyone knows the next time on the path or something like that? Thank you for reading

Wearing aneros out in public and sleeping with it in

Hi Everyone.

I have used aneros products off and on the last 8 years probably but haven’t in the last 2. Ever since I got married I stopped using it because my wife doesn’t know about how much I like playing with my prostate (she has weird hangups about anal sex in general).

Anyways, I plan on buying one tonight at the local sex store and wearing it after my wife falls asleep. I know that may prevent me from relaxing all the way and letting go, but I want to have something in there at night. Are there any complications from wearing it while you sleep? I know having enough lube is an important thing so it doesn’t dry out. But will I wake up in the middle of the night shaking and groaning from the aneros doing it’s thing?

Also, what is the stance on wearing it out in public? I know it will stay in there, but could it cause any problems and/or embarrassment?

I can’t fucking wait to start using this again!

What to do when your body starts shaking?

I’m actually not sure if this was from me making some new progress with my aneros or if I was just getting cold shivers. Usually the best I would get were some pleasurable feelings in my prostate, maybe around a 2 or a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Today I started getting brief feelings that were around maybe a 5 or 6 that lasted only very briefly, this happened around the same time as my legs and parts of my body started shaking. I literally don’t know if it was from my aneros or because maybe I was cold. Either way I lost the good 5-6 feelings I was having and was back to around 2-3 or lower and the shaking stopped around there as well. After that I couldn’t get back to where I was either and it was like nothing was happening, and this was about 2 hours into the session and I couldn’t keep going much longer. Next time what should I do when the shaking starts if it is indeed being caused by my aneros? Or any tips on how to get there again because that’s never happened to me before and idk if I can get back there, or if it was actually just cold shivers how to get there for the first time?

Pull out or keep it pushed in to the max?

Hi guys,

I’ve had pretty decent success with a little bit of hand assisted motion. Regardless of the toy, I adjust.

My goal is to have the super O or ejaculate release beyond the series of mini-orgasms. I feel like I’m hitting a wall.

My question is this: When the pressure builds to a crescendo, I feel amazing! And the toy gets stuck and no movement is possible.. or at least slightly. But if I take a deep breath … it slips away. What should I do here?

I also play around with pulling the toy out at the top of the mini-orgasm. That gets me flowing and it is a different pleasure – but doesn’t seem to sustain. I thought it might because my wife gets the same pressure build up as she tries to squeeze my dick out. When it finally gets forced out by the power of her vagina, blam, she’s a squirting/cumming machine.

So it would seem to me that maybe pulling out and the sudden release of pressure is a good tactic?

Sorry! Confused!

Helix Trident too small

I purchased my Helix Trident a month ago and have used it a few times over way weekend. From the get go I found the size underwhelming and between sessions found my fingers could consistently hit my prostate directly compared to it.

I ordered my Progasm and it’s just arrived today and seeing the difference in size seems like night and day of what I’ve wanted to enjoy for prostate massages. Excited to use this tomorrow