Help, need some tips and technique

Hello, I need some tips and some info to achieve super O. I using Helix Syn. I have a very weird and funny sensation and pleasure, its very difficult to describe the feeling but its abit tingly and warm sensation around my lower stomach area, but it always just stuck there and cant go any further, ended up I need to jerk off to finish my session

what should I do to help improve to achieve prostate orgasm? thanks alot!
(sorry for my English)

Another lube question…

I know there have been a lot of posts about lube but they all kind of say the same thing and don’t really answer my questions. How much is the aneros device supposed to actually move?? Are you supposed to actually feel it moving or is it so subtle that you can’t really feel it? I feel like I’m using a lot of lube but I don’t really feel it moving, even during my best sessions. I’ve never tried a lube launcher, are these worth it? Thanks in advance!

I’m 20 years old and I bought the Aneros about a month ago

I first got the Aneros because I feel like my penis is getting less and less sensitive due to jerking off too much so I want to experiment with prostate orgasms (i heard of it from somewhere). Little did I know, I stumbled upon a tool to get MMO (Im already aware of this from Mantak Chia but I never thought a toy could enhance/facilitate the process)

My first session was great. I felt the peeing sensation and even had a bit of precum.

My second session I dripped a lot of precum while humping something.

My fourth to sixth (session today) have been stagnant.

I want to know if maybe my sphincter and PC muscles are too strong hence it takes forever for them to quiver and tire out?

Ive always had some good feeling, even small orgasms from urinating way before my purchase of the Aneros

Today in my 6th session, I turned on meditation music and tried clenching 60 seconds at a time. But my muscles never seemed to tire out.

I tried the relax and do nothing approach and breathe deeply but I end up losing my grip of the Aneros.

Im not frustrated, I might be chasing the orgasm too hard maybe. But I’m getting increasingly frustrated not just because I cant get to the orgasm, but it seems like my first few sesssions were good and my progress is reversing.

I just… don’t really feel anything from the syn?

So yes, I’m fairly newish at this and prostate stuff. That said, I feel like I ought to feel… something? I pop the helix in and just don’t feel much of anything at all. I’ve tried doing the PC / sphincter flexes and all, and while I still have trouble getting consistent involuntaries, I just feel like this must not be the right shape for me or something. I feel like I ought to feel *something* just to let me know it’s hitting the right spot, right? Do I need to maybe change to a different toy? Or is this really just inexperience?

Rewiring process

I’ve heard this “rewiring” to make yourself used to orgasming through prostate massage. But how do I rewire myself?

Do I just keep using the aneros even though I haven’t achieved orgasms with it yet?

Also does masturbating traditionally ruin the rewiring process?

I’m asking these questions because I feel like my aneros is working well, but maybe I need to build up the rewiring process to be able to achieve anything beyond p waves.

What makes aneros massagers better?

Obviously, they’re better than cheap ones based on the way everyone in the know swears by them but what’s the difference? I have a cheap massager(under $20) but doesn’t really feel like anything. Aneros massagers look the same but are 5x the price. I don’t know how to ask this without sounding like I’m skeptical of aneros lol. I’m not. I’m just curious as to what the difference is?

I’m 10 months in with some very nice pleasure and interesting, new sensations, but no pgasms yet – would really appreciate advice.

Hello everybody!

As the title says, I’ve been at this for almost a year. During that time I’ve learnt that my body is capable of a decent bit more than I ever expected and that is amazing, but I’m wondering where I go from here.

My sessions go like this – I try to get aroused, but I don’t touch my penis beforehand, I use a lube applicator about three times, then use plenty of lube on my toy (eupho syn trident).

I essentially try to follow the do nothing method – conscious clenching doesn’t seem to do much for me. My muscles down there are quite twitchy in response to arousal or even just the presence of the toy, so that usually kicks things off. I try to follow those contractions, I used to let my muscles clamp down, but I realised that was a mistake and killed the sensitivity. So I allow the clench then back off on clamping down, this results in a light teasing of my prostate – building the sensitivity up. It can really feel nice after an hour or more of this. I don’t know if this sounds like I’m interfering with the process, but I feel like I’m actually encouraging a more passive approach ironically, stopping my body trying to clamp down. It definitely feels better to do this, so I feel a bit like following _exactly_ what my body ‘wants’ isn’t necessarily the answer for me.

Need help reaching HFWO

I’ve had a recent success reaching my first HFDO with my firtst Aneros toy, the new Progasm. I think that my HFDO success was obtained because I just stayed as calm as I could and concentrated hard on not clenching my pc muscles as is customary just before reaching PONR in penile orgasm.

Looking forward, I would like to reach a HFWO but I’m not shure how to proceed. I’m afraid if I clench my pc muscles in hope of reaching HFWO instead of HFDO I’ll just ruin everything. Also, can you reach a HFWO while being flaccid? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Seeking Guidance

I’m a newbie to Aneros and to anal pleasure in general, but have been frequently exploring for a few weeks now. I’m in a strange place and I was hoping the wonderful butt sherpas on this sub might be able to guide me forward.

My journey started when my wife and I decided to spice things up with a rimming plug for me last Valentine’s day. After a not very successful session, I gave up and it sat into the box until I decided to try again solo a few weeks back. Who would have thought that actually following all of the advice online (lots of lube, loosen things up first, relax, etc… ) would make such a difference. It felt great and I started using it fairly regularly, but every time it felt a little like something was missing from the experience.

Eventually I pinpointed it to a feeling I was getting when I would sit on the plug and rock/bounce. That would make me feel a bit like I needed to pee, but also *really* good. I started thinking of it as my “pre-cum” button because hitting it would make me leak like a sieve ( I know it was my prostate though). After doing this for a bit, I realized the plug was the wrong tool for the job and determined to explore the feeling further, I purchased a vibrating prostate massager with one of those “come hither” rocking arms (this one to be precise: []( This one felt good, but I found the best feeling was again if I were to turn off the “come hither” motion, and rock/bounce on it myself. Whenever it did that I would get that “needing to pee sensation”, but at this point I’d experienced it enough to differentiate it and it started to feel more like a buildup of pressure similar to a penile orgasm.