“Imagine This!”

I am in Day 4 of SR and in need of a session. I selected my HIH 950 because it always gives me a good ride. This morning’s session was no different. An explanation…..

I am wearing my SafeTGard supporter with a Mueller FlexShield cup (instead of the CageCup). Before I start this session, I have fallen-into a fantasy, of sorts. I have developed a sense of amnesia and really don’t know what my cock is used for! (I don’t know the details of my sexual self). I don’t even know that I have a prostate! But I am told that it should feel very nice and so I allow the stimulator entry.


It wasn’t too long that I am now feeling a nice “tickle” down-there and that feeling only got better and better. I squirm around on the bed, moan a little and feel something liquid coming out of my cock. It feels so good!


After about 30 minutes, I am told that this stimulation session had ended and that the massager would be removed.

This was a good session because it cleared my mind of everything! No expectations, no disappointments, nothing! My prostate was a “blank page” upon which could be written anything. This seems to be a good technique to use when wanting to remove all expectations from an Aneros session! It worked for me! It may work for you!


“Male Chastity Explained: Absence of Touch”

This blog was almost a “no-brainer”. But as I dwelt on it, it became more in focus and I continued the meditation. Here is where it led me…..


I am only in Day 3 of SR (again) and decided to sleep in my silky boxers with contour pouch (also known as a codpiece). I began to think: why do I need to wear a “chastity cup” at all? I only have to make sure that I don’t start to play with my package through the silk. However, in my case, that was easier said than done, especially when a little bit of play resulted in an erection.

What did I do then? I decided to put-on my XO “chastity cup” on TOP of the silky boxers! This combination felt good but it also prevented me from fondling my male package. This meditation then continued to develop quite vividly….


Why does a male chastity device work? Why would a male want to wear one? Why would he allow another person (keyholder) to allow or deny him access?

What do a chastity cage and chastity “cup” have in common? The answer is quite simple! They both prevent a male from touching his cock!

Trying it tonight ! (Helix Syn)

Thank you to everyone on this subreddit for all the reviews and recommendations, i finally got an aneros and am planning on using it tonight.

I have light experience with anal play with fingering but nothing that felt like woah good.
I’m planning on smoking a lil weed, using a lot of lube and haven’t cum in about ten days.

Was wondering if you guys had any more tips tricks or advice for the best session possible ! Thanks again!

“Slow Edging Masturbation Session”

I slept in my SD Ultra Pro Carbon Cup overnight and awoke with a strong night-time erection. Now in Day 3 of SR, I didn’t want to have an Aneros session. What did I do then? I took-off the cup and put on a pair of silky Perry Ellis boxers with a contour pouch. I could see and feel my package through the thin fabric. And I started what was to become a 25-minute “slow edging” session!

As nice as an Aneros session is, and I long for another Super-O, this slow edging session proved to me what being a male is all about: ejaculation! Let me explain….

I began this “session” with every intention to ejaculate. I know it is only Day 3 but something told me that I needed to ejaculate. So I began to tickle, fondle and caress my swollen member, especially the frenulum. My scrotum and perineum were getting very sensitive too. As I continued, I looked for a wet spot on the boxers and when I saw it, I removed them.

I continued with the slow edging, ramping-up very slowly to the PONR. There was no rush. I began to fantasize about sexual intercourse and how it would feel to penetrate. I would throw any ED to the wind! As I was getting closer to the inevitable ejaculation, I could feel and see my testicles start to pull-upward into my body; that is a sure sign that an ejaculation is imminent.


What have you found to be the most effective position in achieving a super o or just hands free orgasm?

Its been a couple years for me but I always laid on my right side with pillows in between my legs while watching porn on my laptop. Some sessions were better than others but I never had complete privacy so my anxiety was always a little too high.

I have a hotel room all to myself next week and I just ordered the Maximus Trident so I want to try and get that earth shattering super O.

“I Gave This Session Plenty Of Time And It Paid Off!”

I am only in Day 2 of SR and slept without a “chastity cup”. I awoke about 1:30 AM not especially aroused. But I had a desire for a session with Helix Trident. So before too long, I embarked. I put-on my SafeTGard Cage Cup for added protection.

This session started out the usual way and I honestly didn’t expect too much from it. Was I wrong! It seemed the longer it went on, the more “body movement” the Helix elicited from me and with each new position, a greater pleasure developed. The H-T has a way of initiating auto-f**k and I could definitely feel the lateral movement. Did I experience any MMOs? Not sure now, but this fairly long (~45 minute) session certainly had me moaning. Then, yes, I think I did experience some “mild” MMOs. I am now feeling the after-effects of nice Aless.

I realize that I do not necessarily need to be aroused to have a great Aneros session. All I need is the proper mindset, which I had during this nice session! Even in the quiet moments, the Helix Trident is making proper contact with my prostate and no matter what else happens in the session, that simple fact can make the difference between a ho-hum session and one that can transport me to nirvana!


Progasm and helix at the same time

It has been almost a week since my last session. During my last session, I hit a point of arousal I had never felt. And got pleasure from my progasm in a way I have yet to experiance. I started with the progasm. Then went to the helix. The amount of movement i get from the helix after the progasm is wonderful. Then I had a very aroused idea. What if I could get the Progasm to move like the helix? I began to crave some size up there. I popped the helix out and slid the progasm in. It still did not move the way i wanted. And then I had a thought. I Needed to go bigger and back to the progasm. I wondered. Will they both fit? What will it feel like? I decided I was going to try. I started with the trident in moved it over and slid the progasm in right beside. This was the most I had ever had in my ass. But it felt so good! I did some light kegals for about 20 minutes. Dripping precum immediately and in great amount. After about 20 minutes I went down to just the progasm. I could tell the difference. It danced and moved and autofucked me like my trident. The movement and sensations better than before. Due to its design my prostate was getting squarely contacted. It was not long before i began to dribble prostate fluid and was taken to handsfree orgasm bliss.
Since this session I have had a deep inside level of arousal. I can feel my prostate begging for more. And in a few hours, its going to get more.