“Therapeutic Prostate Massage or Sensual, Erotic and Pleasurable Prostate Massage?”

[My friends, Ron and Bill are fictitious. They are used here to prove a point.]

I have two friends, Ron and Bill to whom I recommended Aneros prostate massage. Ron uses his massager to control his BPH symptoms and he tells me that it does a great job! Bill, on the other hand, doesn’t have BPH but uses his prostate massager to achieve wonderful, sensual anal and prostate pleasure. Which one is using his prostate massager correctly?


The answer: They both are! Prostate massage is an activity that can have therapeutic benefits (such as control of BPH symptoms) as well as sensual, sexual “side-effects”. Thanks to @rumel for an important clarification that both aspects of prostate massage are valid. We are free to interpret our prostate massages any way we like.

Using prostate massage for therapeutic purposes is beneficial to me. I have seen a marked reduction in my BPH symptoms since performing almost daily sessions for 3-4 days now with my HIH 950 massager. Just last night, I didn’t get up once!

This morning, following the recommended “routine” of 15 minutes “do-nothing” followed by 30 cycles of slow PC contractions/releases, I began to get a feeling like I was going to ejaculate. I kept performing some PC contractions when all of a sudden, I began to “cycle” the massager very quickly. It seemed like it was on “automatic-pilot” and I really didn’t have any control over what was happening. But it felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop. This went on for perhaps another 15-20 minutes. It was time to get up so I ended this nice session to get ready for the day.

“Still Breaking A Rule”

I had a good session with the Helix Trident (#3) but in hindsight, I am still breaking a rule. I did have a very powerful erection at the start of the session, so I knew I would be feeling something. But, even though I had nice p-waves galore, somehow I felt that I “expected” more out of this session and that led to a shortfall. I felt disappointed in the session.


I know better than to “expect” results with any given prostate massager. Kudos to @rumel for clarifying to @sfs about possible separation of prostate massage for therapeutic relief as well as for pleasurable sensations. It really is how you look at it; after all, it is all prostate massage and really can’t be separated thus. So even thought I can “artificially” separate the two (therapeutic massage with the HIH 950 and pleasurable massage with all others), they are all stimulating my prostate and will have exactly the same result. So have I walked around a large circle, only to end-up right where I started? Intriguing….


PS Slight change of subject for this blog without starting a new one…

Eupho Trident impressions

I recently purchased a Eupho Trident after owning a Helix Syn, Lelo Hugo, Nexus Revo Intense, Njoy pure wand and a few others.

I am pretty experienced with the Helix, as it was my first toy purchase. My first session with the Eupho was the best experience that I have ever had with a prostate massager. It just seemed to hit the spot and jump around so much more than my Helix Syn ever could. Nothing I have used in the past has ever worked this well. My sessions usually end in hands free wet orgasms, which is how the first one went. My second immediate session ended in a dry orgasm that lasted minutes and felt incredible.

I’ve never experienced this before and just can’t get over how incredible this is.
My Helix Syn now seems as if it just doesn’t work correctly by comparison. I’ve had some great Helix sessions, but nothing Ike this. The Eupho flutters around so much easier. The material of the Trident seems less grippy than the Syn, so that could be a contributing factor as well.

I was on the fence to purchase a Eupho for so long. I really wish that I bought one a long time ago. I can’t recommend it enough.

“This Eupho Session Hit The Mark!”

This “double” session started-out with the MGX. I was wearing my SD Ultra Carbon “chastity cup” and waking up in the middle of the night, felt ready for a “rebound” session after a disappointing one with the Helix Trident. I was not disappointed this time around. Let me explain…


This MGX session was a little different than most. For one thing, my body pulled it in quite deeply and I never really felt it moving. I didn’t notice the anal canal stimulation as much as that in my prostate. But the p-waves were plentiful and so I kept it up for about 40 minutes. When it was over, I thought that would be it for this session. No Dry-Os but that was okay. It felt good nonetheless.


Was I completely wrong! Of course, “mother nature” called and following that, being quite “empty” and cleaned-out, my body just felt “ready” for another session! I selected the Eupho Classic since I had not ridden it in a while.

OMG! The Eupho found it’s mark quite easily and (inspired by GGringo’s blog) I fell-into his world of Dry-O’s! I counted no fewer than three, in fairly rapid succession. Curiously, I felt an erection coming on about the time the orgasm “peaked”. It convulsed my body briefly each time, followed by a brief erection, then I felt a “pump” from within my prostate! Then the erection subsided as quickly as it appeared. This went on for a total of three “cycles”! I knew that the Eupho was hitting the mark because the feelings were so definite. There is a good deal more movement with the Eupho and it took advantage of me in this session. I have not felt this way during a session in a long time. I give the Eupho high marks for its ability to “hit the target”.

Second session – Well that was different!

After my fist session felt good but underwhelming, I did some reading and was determined to try this in a different way. The first time I basically put the plug in after I was already hard and jerked off as I usually do. This time I tried to get myself into the right head space first, getting myself hornny without actually touching myself. Then I progressed to lightly playing with my ass and balls before putting the Aneros in.

I laid flat on my back, and focused on using my pelvic floor muscles to manipulate it. It felt good but didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. I experimented with breathing and flexing different muscles until I found that by lifting my hips and contracting my lower abs, kind of a humping the air motion, combined with using the muscle I use to stop peeing, I could get what I thi k were P-waves going. At this point I was totally soft.

As I started to feel it build, I played with my balls while my hand just kind of rested on my cock. At that point I started to feel myself get hard and the pleasure was really ramping up. I never got fully hard, but I did have a wet orgasm with some muscle and body spasms. It felt awesome in a totally different way than I am used to.

A New Level; The Wonderful World of Dry-Os!

Well, after twenty six months less a few days, my journey has escalated to a new level last night; I believe I have experienced a dry-O for the first time.  It might not even be one as this is a new feeling for me but I have been reading too many forum entries to consider it something else.

Before outlining details of that session, I will mention that I had a great session Wednesday night featuring my Helix Syn for the entire session. At the end of the two and a half hour session, I retired to bed but once again, my prostate was in no mood for sleeping. I was in full orgasmic state for the entire night.

I had planned another session for Wednesday night but wondered about success since I was tired from lack of sleep the night before. I proceeded, first with my Eupho-Syn for about an hour and then pulled it out to give myself a fifteen minutes break (had an Aless which felt great). 

Next, I inserted my Maximus for the rest of my session.  My position was flat on my back, knees up, ankles to my butt for about twenty minutes and then I crossed one leg over the other (one foot in the air) squeezing the massager closer to my prostate. I like this position when I’m hungry for more aggressiveness in my session. This works great specially with my bigger units such as the Maximus and the Progasm Ice.

This Helix Trident Session Was A Dud! I “Broke” A Couple Of Rules

Well! In my eagerness to have another session with the Helix Trident (the house was empty for about 2 hours this afternoon) I violated my “cardinal” rule for Aneros sessions: Be Aroused! I had worn my Bike “chastity cup” for about an hour beforehand while doing some yard work outside. But when I came in, I still had a very flaccid cock. I wanted to do another session with the Trident and see what it could accomplish. So I started the session still wearing the “cup” but nothing else. After about 10 minutes, although I did have some nice involuntary movements from the Trident, I was not feeling anything in my prostate. It felt “dead to the world!” I even took off the “cup” and buck-naked, attempted several different positions on the bed, hoping for some arousal and some prostate orgasms. I got none. About the only thing I got out of this session was just a fraction of a drop of precum!

Morale: The best Aneros sessions start out with an honest arousal!

PS I think I broke another “implied rule”: If most of your sessions are in the evening, then don’t do a session during the day and vice-versa. Virtually 100% of my sessions now are in the late evening/early morning hours while I am more greatly aroused. I should have learned my lesson by now. Touche’


Newbie confused with the muscle spasms

I just got the Helix Trident, and have been using it for a few days. From my (limited) understanding, the relaxation of the muscles is what is supposed to build up to the super-o. And during the build-up, the muscles are supposed to involuntarily move. I had a recent session where I did have involuntary muscle spasms, but they were due to/during the contraction of my PC muscles. I think the muscles were too tired and my body started shaking all over. Is this normal?

Advice for people whose prostate is more frontal?

I finally had my first dry prostate orgasm a couple days ago. I did it by holding the toy with my right hand and manipulating it to angle more forward, i.e. a sharper angle towards the stomach side of my body. A few subtle slow pulses like this felt really good, and I kept going until I felt something a lot like a traditional orgasm building and it hit me and felt amazing, and I didn’t ejaculate. It was awesome.

Anyway, question is how to make the toys work better for me if they don’t seem to touch my prostate as-is? Does anyone adjust them so the toy pushes forward more? I feel like I’ve read people doing the opposite, when it pushes too hard. Help!