Experience after sex with wife

So I just got the helix last week and I am completely new to this prostate massage business. I had a couple decent sessions this week, the second one I think I might have reached prostate orgasm, although I’m not sure if I can distinguish it correctly (it felt really damn good). Anyway tonight I told my wife about this and then we had sex while I had the Aneros in my ass. Once I knew she was satisfied I let myself cum and had a fantastic regular orgasm which absolutely drained me! My wife went to the shower as I just relaxed on the bed, so I thought I would do some Kegels for the sport of it, not expecting anything. Within a minute or two I was already trembling. By the time my wife got back from her shower I was going wild and I told her to get over and hold me tight! She didn’t know what the hell was happening but we shared the experience. I was feeling this full body tingling sensation for probably ten minutes or more and it was incredible. Can anyone tell me if this is the actual Super-O I keep hearing about or am I getting close or what stage am I at? Anyway, for those of you learning this like I am, maybe this is helpful.

Thanks for listening, I don’t know who else to tell!

J Lube!!!

Not sure how many of you are familiar with J Lube but it does wonders with Aneros. I make a full batch of j lube ( around 1L) and pump two full syringes inside my ass before playing with my Aneros. It keeps slick and always lubricated. Your Aneros will dance inside you and make it easier for Super O’s

Almost there … aaand it’s gone.

I am a bit frustrated. User of an Helix once every 1-2 weeks since.. 2 years? All tridents. Note I am quite a thin person (136 lbs) per 5 foot 8. I usually need to do something like 2h of session. My best position seems to be on my back, with a pillow below, On the side i loose track soon.

Here’s what I usually do: I get there, empty out, wait, relax, get aroused and pull the helix syn in. Start breathing deep, after a few minutes, also with my stomach. I tend to feel the pressure as need to pee. After a few minutes when I exhale i can feel something happening, like a bit when you did something wrong as a kid and you got something sinking in your stomach, but pleasurable.

After a while, I would get to a point where it starts feeling quite good very few seconds. Those sensation come and go. Some precum.. Then my dick would get hard and things starts to go south, as i usually don’t get contact with my prostate anymore. I move position and i manage to get it again.

At this point (say, 30 mins in) I usually need to start some contractions (I am trying to Kegel these days) but in general i try the Tug of War technique. Nothing, would change from the above scheme. I can go slow, I can go fast i still get some of those erections, some of those good feelings but then things die out.

Always a HFWO

Hello everyone, relatively new user here (couple months) with some success, but I always seem to end up ending a session with a HFWO. I have the MGX Trident. There has been one instance where I feel like I made great progress, I was listening to the kinkyshibby audio for aneros (I can link below if needed, unsure how to link in post on mobile) after reading some other comments recommending it. Got about 50 minutes in and my entire body started to shake and I got pins and needles all over. Started to orgasm hard, definitely felt more than a normal orgasm, and it started out with me not cumming, but eventually after most of the pumps some cum did come out and I had to deal with the refractory period. It seems that every session I have I end up with a HFWO, and a normal refractory period. Does anyone else experience this and does anyone know of any tips to lead towards a HFO and Super-O? Thanks for your time!

Using a back massager to relax lead me to the Super O – IF YOU SIT IN A CHAIR ALL DAY READ THIS

If you sit all day and don’t have an active stretching or exercise routine (pretty much most of us in COVID) chances are you have some soreness or tightness around the pelvic region. Whether its’s your hips, glutes, or even lower back, tension in these areas can make it very difficult to relax.

After 5 years of trying (from 2014 onward) with only a few minor successes, a few weeks after regularly using a pressure point massager (the one I used is linked below but they all pretty much do the same thing) to loosen and work those areas I starting having consistent P-waves, leading up to my first SuperO a few days later. This was autumn of 2019. Now I am able to reach SuperO with some consistency, and recently had my first A-less SuperO.

Once I put two and two together I was absolutely astounded. It seems so obvious now that I think about it in hind sight.

Currently, my routine consists of inserting Aneros and spending at least 10-15min loosening up my hips while I get use to the toy. Personally, I find it most effective to stretch and actively move the point I am massaging. If you are especially sore this might hurt, so please be gentle.

I hope you are able to find this useful, please feel free to comment / reach out with questions and I will be happy to respond.

Massager I Use: [https://www.amazon.com/Thera-Cane-MAX-Trigger-Massager/dp/B00IRM2KJW](https://www.amazon.com/Thera-Cane-MAX-Trigger-Massager/dp/B00IRM2KJW)

Muscle Tension or “Buildup”?


I can get to a point where I feel a sort of swelling, or even numbness, with the Aneros, primarily when I focus on holding the contraction of my PC muscles (I kinda just let the anus do its own thing–maybe an adjustment here or there if I’m not feeling much). Is this a feeling I should be chasing? The reason I ask is because it isn’t very pleasurable, and I worry that what I’m feeling is simply muscle strain. Perhaps this “burning sensation” will become pleasurable as the rewiring process continues, or I should focus less on the sensation itself and more on arousal amplification? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Is it really that good?

So I’ve been pretty frustrated with my prostate sessions. I’ve never used a Aneros product before but after reading a bunch on here and on the wiki I’m thinking of going for the Helix syn trident, is this the right toy for a Aneros first timer?

From what I understand this is a more passive kind of toy where you don’t have to do anything?
I’ve used regular dildo’s and the njoy pure wand before without any results so I’m pretty desperate in finding something that works.

So is the helix syn trident going to help me on my journey? Does it really feel as good as everyone is saying?

I’m very sceptical of ever achieving a p orgasm so I hope this will help me.

About to have house to myself – what would you do?

Having a family makes it difficult to have regular aneros sessions. Luckily I’m about to have the house to myself for a couple days this weekend. What would your routine be leading up to and during the aneros session in this scenario in order to maximize results? Here is what I have planned for now:

*abstain from orgasm starting today.
*edge as much as possible between now and whatever day I decide to try a session
*exercise, drink water, basically try to do a mini cleanse to clear out my bowels
*wear butt plugs to acclimate my rectum/sphincter

day of:
*edge like crazy, psych myself up and really get my libido going
*eat light meals/snacks and hydrate
*maybe smoke a little weed or do some shrooms
*get going with some porn, maybe break out my bad dragon sleeve and some dildos
*insert aneros followed by some meditation, maybe with some binaural beats playing
*keep expectations low and see where things go

What would your routine look like in a similar situation?


Nearly five months ,no orgasm’s as yet but nice feelings ,and sitting at times with pressure on my perineum feels erotic. I get a lot of clamping going on during a session and sometimes that is a little uncomfortable,is that normal ? I do maybe 3 sessions a week normally 1 and half hours each time sometimes 2 hours ,is this too much ?