My Second Tryst Part 4

My anal orgasms were fluttering and melting away in pleasant gentle pulsing spasms as I trembled in quiet arousal. As they faded, I remained on my back on the rumpled bed savoring the sweet anguish of orgasmic after glow. The Tempo was still inside me pressing gently on my prostate; it was passively provoking my prostate sending lingering sexy chills up my spine. He had lain down next to me, his skin was warm on mine. I put my arm around him and drew him to me; as I did I looked down at his penis which was fully erect.

Mine was laying on my belly semi erect pointing due north as was his. The experience of looking at two erect cocks laying side by side was unusual for me to say the least. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever been given the chance to gaze at; it was mesmerizing. I love cocks. I love cock heads, I love how an erect penis looks and feels and I love to watch them ejaculate. Most of all though I love to suck and taunt cock heads with my tongue as the tip of my tongue parts the delicate slit at the tip, toying with it. I love to trace the rigid crown that defines a well sculpted corona with my tongue until it swells and erupts his ejaculate.

My Second Tryst Part 3

Part 3
In my first hookup with a man two years earlier we were both nervous. At that time I was not really at ease with my morphing sexuality. However, two years had passed between my first tryst and this one. During that time, I grew to be more comfortable with who I was becoming sexually. I was getting more at ease with my changing desires and my anal orgasmic response; as I relaxed into my rewired “new sexuality”, a desire for male intimacy infiltrated my psyche. The desire to kiss a male sex partner became an expression of my libido and a must do in my menu of sex acts with any man and this one that evening in particular. Kissing had always been a cornerstone in my foreplay with women and that night it would be no different.

The key that opened the door to this new world that night was that I had cast aside my shame, and given into my limbic desire. My own admission to myself was feeding my libido. Revealing it openly and unabashedly to an attractive and very desirable male sex partner was feeding his libido in equal measure; his cock was stone hard. It was profoundly arousing. The excitement and lack of shame I felt kissing a hot naked man in foreplay was flying in the face of the social taboo that had governed me in my past; that excitement was forging my cock to iron. Kissing him on the lips was a big deal; however kissing him in bed in foreplay was beyond a big deal. All of this was having a profound impact on me.

Upgrade to Aneros?

Hi. I bought the Spark Ignition PRV-03 about half a year ago, and it’s hasn’t been that great. I bought it mostly because it was cheap, and I was just starting out. The times I’ve gotten the furthest, I haven’t used it.

Now I’m thinking about getting the Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

What do you guys think? Is there a big difference between the two? How would they compare?

Riding P-wave for first time [M31]

Today I think I have been able to ride a p-wave for the first time during a couple of minutes and it hasn’t been amazing.

I had been masturbating for some minutes around reddit when I felt the urge to go and get my aneros helix syn.

As for lube I use the tenga hole real lotion, it is my favourite. Today I had raised one leg, placing the feet on top of the toilet when I inserted the aneros, and thanks to the position it hit the spot quickly and I started having some involuntary contractions which I was helping a bit with some light clenching. Then I started feeling a p-wave coming and I tried to focus on the feelings.

Normally I enjoy nipple massaging, I managed to rewire for that many years ago, and I tried it, but I found it was making me loose focus on the wave. I have been like this for a couple of minutes and finished with a whole body shiver.

It felt great, and it’s become a milestone on my rewiring process. For the reference I got my aneros in 2020.

Need of feedback

I take any advices and I will take them as a grain of salt so please feel free and ask me whatever you have on your mind

I bought the MGX Syn trident the small version. 2 days ago it arrived and it was my first time to insert anything behind the back door so it was scary but now I am used to it I highly recommend coconut oil because it also mitigates the odor.

Until the point of insertion I was abstaining from ejaculation for 2 weeks as I have been told that one should abstain from ejaculation minimum 3 days in order to make progress

When it was inside I have felt nothing and I was watching some porn to get my arousal going but still I have felt nothing

Furthermore I felt in despair because I was contracting my muscles up to the point where my D was twitching and try to maintain it but still I felt nothing

I will take some weed end of the month and try it again but before that I really want to try with my normal perception so please help me by asking questions or giving me instructions with reasoning behind it please

Is this normal?

I’ve been using a aneros on and off for a while with some nice progress, but last night was by best session by many times over. I could feel it hitting my prostate like a boxer working speed bag. Today when I went to the restroom there was what looked like a massive load of seminal fluid in the toilet that came out of my rectum. I’m straight, so I know it wasn’t someone else that left it there… it’s it possible for the prostate to drain into your colon? It’s possible it was lube because I use a generous amount of water-based in a syringe, but I’ve been doing it a while and have ever seen anything like it before (and this was at least 12 hours later). I’m a little concerned.

Bondage and lingerie to get arroused

I see a lot of movies with guys having their cock and balls bound, wearing a thong and/or other lingerie while playing with their Aneros or other dildo. I find that watching and dressing up myself is very hot and use this during my own sessions. I feel submissive at that point.

My questions for this group:

1. My cock and balls are bound tight and this is a very pleasant feeling. But doesn’t this counteract my goal of a prostate orgasm, in which touching my cock shifts my focus? and do you guys also have this need?
2. A thong and other lingerie is hot, but also seems unnecessary or maybe excessive to achieve my goal. What do you guys think? Is this normal (trying to figure out my preferences).

Regards, M

Your age?

I’m 65, and I’ve been at it regularly for a few months now, with my progasm. If you’re able to pgasm, how old are you? When did you get your first one?

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Dry prostate orgasms (help)

have already experencied handsfree wet orgasms by prostate play, but I’m looking for dry prostate ones..

After reading a lot I decided to do the basics: abstain from cum several days before a session, relax my whole body, forget about my dick, try the do nothing method + some slight pc and anal contractions.. and I had the best session so far! Very pleasurable, horny as*, and after a while I felt things getting very intense to a point where I called a “climax”, when I felt a very subtle contraction centered in the prostate, but that was all.. this repeated for 3 more times (and were getting even more intense), but I couldnt manage to feel a full on orgasm.

Here are my questions:

1- do dry orgasms usually start like this for begginers? Very subtle “peak” feelings. If so, they get stronger with time and practice?

2- do you feel strong pelvic contractions when you have a dry orgasm? Like in a regular penile wet one. I ask this because I have yet to find dry orgasm videos with regular perineum throbbing..

Thanks a lot!

My Second Tryst

Part 2
With my eyes closed I grasped the head of my erect cock; it felt hot and smooth in my hand. Anticipation of sucking his penis had forged mine to iron hardness. I love sucking cocks and swallowing rich creamy semen. Placing my middle finger in the sulcus underneath my cock head I began to gently massage it. I did not rub hard enough to encourage ejaculation but rather just firm enough to edge myself and keep it rigid. The deep cleft that sculpts my crown was slippery from my profuse precum. Aneros practice has increased my precum flow manifold. I was pleased I was already hard for him, I wanted it to be erect, or at least firm when he saw it in person the first time. I am relatively large erect. I like showing my size to male and female partners when I am aroused; I like to flaunt my sexuality as I am an exhibitionist at heart. My fingertip began to make little circles in my cleft as I slowly swung my pelvis back and forth. I imagined I was dancing in an erotic performance for spectators; as I saidf I am a closeted exhibitionist. Looking in the mirror over the desk I opened my eyes to admire the lewd dance I was doing and the sexy image I made. I imagined that he was watching the lewd show of my sexuality. The thought of him in particular watching me made my cock ache with need. Ever since rewiring, mental imagery has played a huge role in my prostate orgasm sessions and my arousal.