“A New Direction For My Sessions?”

This blog post is not related to any particular session lately. Rather, my sessions seem to be taking a different direction. Let me explain…..


The past two sessions have been good. I generally start aroused and wearing a “chastity cup”. Nothing new there. But lately, my sessions have been shorter and less eventful. My most recent one with the SGX was only about 20 minutes long. But in that time I had one quite large full-body contraction (was it an orgasm?) I am beginning to think so. That one large contraction came on the heels of a basically do-nothing approach to the session. This session with the SGX started out very nice and relaxing. But before long, I could feel it starting to “tickle” my prostate which started to swell.


I believe that the key to enjoyment of my sessions lately is to just relax into them and have no expectations. And if the session is short and only filled with one orgasm, then that should be good enough for me! I should not try to lengthen it or expect multiple orgasms. Perhaps when my body is ready, it will give me another Super-O! It will probably build-up out of a “do-nothing” start! But until then, I will just savor the sessions as they come and enjoy every brief moment of them!

27 days, no ejaculation. How did I get here?

This hasn’t been an all out effort to avoid ejaculation at all. Once I got past around the 15-16 day mark when the urge was very very strong, I seemed get over the worst and since then it has become fairly easy with no great urge. Worryingly easy in fact. Unlike previous times of extended SR when it became almost unbearable. During Aneros sessions, erections present themselves but the urge to ejaculate is not strong. The satisfaction from the Aneros seems to be sufficient to keep me distracted. But an ejaculation is still something to enjoy and I am beginning to ask myself whether eventually I might lose the urge completely if I ignore any more prompts. Somehow I doubt it. But, just in case, I think the time is right to unplug the dam!

MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic are so awesome! Session for Friday April 20

Hi guys,

I believe that my Aneros sessions are a type of weight training. Many years ago during my long career at a university in my neighborhood I used to work out several times a week at its field house. First I spend an hour or so doing weight training, then run several laps on the race track in the gym, and then end swimming in the Olympic size pool located adjacent to the men’s showers and locker room. I am glad that I did this type of athletic activity. It boosted my work life at the university. It always uplifting to see all sorts of men doing their routines and then in the nude in the showers and locker room, ages 18 into their old age.

I learned very early from the gym athletic trainers and from fellow athletes that weight training is most effective if you space days off from weight training sessions. The same is true with Aneros sessions. Think of your prostate and anal tract as muscles. They need days off to rest from the rigor Aneros weight training that occurs in sessions. My working outs at the university field house always made me good both physically and emotionally. This happens when those “feel good” endorphins that a good gym work out releases in your body and your psyche. The seem is true from my Aneros sessions I have now. Not only are endorphins released but there is the electric pleasure of Alessness for hours after a session.

“Random Thoughts”

Well, I’m in-between sessions and have some “free-time” in the house today. So I thought I would put-down some thoughts that have crossed my mind lately. In no particular order….


The “feelings” of Dry-O’s, P-waves and the like are almost impossible to describe! For example, how would you describe a delicious steak? “Tastes like a good steak”! So how would you describe a prostate orgasm? “You’ll know it when you feel it”! Of course! But what does it FEEL like? Uh….kind of hard to describe, isn’t it? When guys ask about prostate massage, it seems that the only thing to say is to try-it! Once you “feel it”—-you’ll know! The feeling is truly indescribable!


There is something magical, mystical about Aless. It seems to come at infrequent intervals, but when it is there, you will KNOW IT! What a great feeling! I’m glad I’m a male!


There is something about wearing a male “cup jockstrap” that goes right to the core of my sexuality. I don’t know if it is a fetish or what, but that feeling of “enveloping” my most private male parts is a huge turn-on for me!


If I “visualize” what an Aneros massager is going to do to my prostate, it turns me on even more! Just looking at the shape of the massager while it is lubed-up and ready-to-go in can almost trigger an orgasm just waiting for that moment!


Out of a relationship, into a new journey

I’ve been using an aneros since I turned 18. I’m turning 25 this year, and I think only now have I really understood my body and how it responds to the prostate and the aneros. I’ve used a good amount over the years but I had long stints of no anal play. I’ve had a ton of dud sessions but I’ve had a ton of amazing sessions where I learn so much about myself but also life kind of. I have never yet had a super o, but I feel like I have small dry wave like orgasms, but I feel like I am getting closer.

I’ve been in a relationship for nearly 4 years, but we broke up a couple months ago. Before that I was single for a year and in a 3 year long relationship before that. Way too long for a young person. I’m not going to go into details, but I think only just now have I been realizing that I need and WANT to be able to do what I want more often. I feel so free and able to do whatever I want. Especially since I don’t want kids. I have also come to the realization that I am bisexual. All of these things together have really put a hamper on my aneros use. For months I would jerk off like normal. I’ve always wanted my prostate and ass to be my only source of pleasure. Because I am single now, I feel like I can be me now and I can do what I want.

“Never-Ending Helix Pleasure//Tease & Cum”

This session happened two nights ago; a very busy day yesterday prevented me from blogging this until now..


I was in Day 10 of SR and wore my Mueller “chastity cup” overnight. I awoke about 2 AM (I believe) with a huge erection; I knew I wanted a session with the Helix Trident. Prep was easy and before long, I started the session.

Right from the start, the Helix-T took command of my prostate. It was not a “bully” but rather was in charge of taking me where I wanted to be and very quickly. I began lightly moaning almost right away and believe me when I tell you that I was moaning the ENTIRE session! I couldn’t say for sure if they were p-waves or min-o’s but the pleasure that was generated from the Helix-T was unbelievable!

The design of the HelixTrident insures that kegels are not “wasted” — the “in/out” motion cause by the combination of P- and K-tabs insures that the prostate is continuously stimulated. I enjoyed every minute of this session! I took a peek inside the “cup” and—yes—it was wet with prostate fluid. This was a profitable, prostate-milking session!


Has the SGX been discontinued?

I’ve got an MGX classic and helix syn but I find with both that when almost fully inserted there’s a point that feels very pleasurable, but as the go all the way in I lose it completely and I don’t really get much from them.

An SGX sounds like a better fit but I’m struggling to find one here in the UK. Does anyone know if they’ve been discontinued.

Aneros, revisited

It has been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to play with my Progasm. Last time I had it in, I felt as though I’d made good progress towards getting closer to P-waves and a Super O. Due to time restraints and the inability to be alone, I’ve had very little time to experiment. Since reading some of the blogs, however; I have found one thing that really has made a difference: nipple stimulation. All I can say is WOW! My left nipple definitely leads right to my prostate! While using the Progasm, I did have a few moments of feeling something different, and while I was most relaxed in breathing, ambience and relaxing jazz music, those moments that did come left all too soon. I began to think that perhaps the Progasm was too long to be stimulating my prostate. I would always have a non-stop stream of pre-cum and in most cases some prostatic fluid, but it just felt like it wasn’t doing what it should. So after some research, I settled on the Helix Trident. Last friday, I had the afternoon to myself, so went through my usual ritual of flushing my rectum out, filling it with some lube (Sessions is the best!) and then got down to trying out the Helix. In short, I did feel like it was hitting my prostate in all the right places. Being used to the Progasm, the Helix slid in nice and easy; I didn’t even really feel it there until I started contractions with my anal sphincter and Kegels. As usual, pre-cum oozed out almost non-stop, and this time more prostate fluid leaked out as well. With constant nipple stimulation, I got a pretty good and hard erection, and decided to switch to the Progasm Black Ice. Wow, the feeling was different, and it did feel like it overshot the prostate. So after 15 minutes or so with the Ice, I switched back to the Helix. I also decided to lay on my stomach, and thrust my pelvis and flaccid cock into the towel on the bed. About five minutes of doing this, I began to clench my anal sphincter, and could feel the Helix move in and out, rubbing on my prostate. The more I clenched, the better it felt, and although my cock was completely limp, I could feel as if I was building towards an orgasm. Uncertain as to whether or not this would be my first Super-O (which it felt like it would be!), I kept clenching tightly until I could feel my prostate grow, and before I knew it, my fourteen day load of hot semen exploded out of my flaccid cock onto the towel and my belly. The orgasm was amazing, but I really was hoping I would not have ejaculated. I can’t wait to find time to continue my Helix journey. I’d certainly welcome any suggestions, so feel free to respond to my blog. Thanks!

Breaking the Routine & Small Jitters

I’ve been struggling to find time for this post, but a few days ago were a little special. Nothing crazy, but still different.
I had like 3-4 days of no Aneros or masturbation in general, and started an Aneros session kind of early on in the day.
It got pretty nice with some good feelings only building up to like 20% contraption strength or so, I was very in the mood, but got too distracted by my roommate being up and awake. I’ve been thinking if I should tell him about the Aneros stuff, because eventually he’ll most likely find out anyway.
So I quit kind of early on but was still completely in the mood, so I was just browsing porn and stuff as I was waiting for him to go to work.

That’s when it hit me about the tips I got about mixing things up. Aneros has become too much of a routine for me. I was like: “I’m feeling horny, I’m browsing porn, and me having an Aneros in wouldn’t even be noticeable”. So I went for it! This is probably the first time I had the Aneros in while just being in front of the computer since the very first time I used it when I did traditional masturbation at the same time. Now of course, it’s way different this time because I’m actually focusing on breathing and contraptions.

MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE give me stupendous Aless! Session for Monday April 16

Hi guys,

Because of matters I had to attend to over the weekend, I was not able to have an Aneros session this past Saturday or Sunday yesterday. But I was really horned for one. I believe that proficient Aneros users reach a point in their Aneros journey that their well-exercised anal musculature and prostate hunger for the Aneros. It could be called Aneros hunger or horniness. Of course, many proficient Anerosers try to limit their sessions to two or three times a week. Aneros hunger or horniness interacts well with one’s Aless, especially on those days away from the Aneros. That has been my experience over the years, especially when I began to experience Super-O’s and MMO’s on regular basis in my sessions and in my Aless beginning in mid September 2016 when I achieved a major breakthrow. See below:


This morning I arose in the 5 o’clock hour feeling horned for a session. I had worn my Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup to bed last night and slept well. I went out and returned with a Brookie and coffee from our 7 Eleven. My Aneros tools of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE had already been prepped and were rearing to go. I also donned a BIKE jockstraps-Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup for the session.

I took my time with each of my Aneros models. MGX hugs my prostate and thus accentuates the force of my Kegels. I also Kegeled a great deal with Maximus and was richly rewarded with tons of pleasure. The same thing with Progasm ICE. I believe this morning’s session lasted about 1.25 hours.