Pre-gaming goes super

So I’m currently sat fownstairs, home alone chilling out and beginning to tense my prostate before heading, I intended, to bed to live up, insert my Helix Syn and hope to have a great session. Had one great super-o experience, everything since has been either disappointing or, like, knocking on the door and peeking in but not actually getting there, which has been ok and not-nothing, but naturally a little disappointing.

Anyway, not sure what’s different tonight, except for I’m high on an edible after a quiet week weed-wise, and have gotten myself markedly more aroused through simply browsing forums and tensing lightly. But I kept going, and to my complete surprise was able to (without having decided I was going to try) bring myself to (what I currently believe to be a) super-o. Started with a light sensation which I could quite tell if it was a p-wave, though persistence confirmed it and I kept going. One full, and a second at least mini-O, all without any external anal stimulation whatsoever and no device. So that’s a milestone I wasn’t expecting for a while out of no where.

Anyway, the question occurred to me – and I love that this community is interactive when I ask those questions that just pique my interest – what do people do in that case? Do people have preferences for just maintaining that session without moving and getting the massager; or do you rather level up to toy?

Does being overweight play a roll.

I purchased one to experiment with this different type of orgasm however i think me being overweight is causing problems. Also at time of purchase I was addicted to porn and masturbated every day . I feel that could cause issues as well. Im on nofap so im not doing any experimentation for a while. Will being at a healthier weight help me?

Session 4

Today’s session was better than Monday’s, but still not quite as good as either of the first two. I think the main reason these last two have not been as good is my level of arousal. I think I must have been more aroused the first two times. I was more aroused today than on Monday, and that helped, but I was also tired. I went to bed late last night, I woke up early this morning, and I exercised more than usual. So I think I was a bit drained as well, which offset some of my arousal.

I did a couple things differently this time:
– I used an eye mask to keep out the daylight. That was helpful. I did see light, but more a “seeing stars” kind of light due to the stimulation I was getting from my Aneros in the more intense bits.
– I warmed the lube and Aneros beforehand. That made things more comfortable in the beginning

I began my session more relaxed than on Monday. This was probably partially just because I was tired, but I also avoided thinking about work or other stress-inducing topics and generally tried to remain relaxed an mellow from the time I took my post-workout shower and the time I began my session. This helped me get “in the zone” more quickly. I was able to shut out the outside world and focus on what my body was feeling. The eye mask helped with this as well.

“Two Great Sessions Even At SR Day 3!”

I am only at SR Day 3 but took a chance at not one but two sessions today. One, early morning and the other about mid-day. Here is what happened in each…..

Session #1
I wore my Safe-T-Gard strap with Mueller cup overnight. This first session was with the HIH 950, one of my favorites. I lubed-up generously with Slippery Stuff Gel and got started. Almost from the beginning, I had a strong sense that I was going to ejaculate. I had a lot of fluid (possibly precum?) and distinctly felt that if I continued this session longer, I would have a HFWO. But I stopped-short of that. Instead, I decided to retreat to my comfortable sofa and put on some nice tracks. I selected one on YouTube and when I awoke, I was listening to “Music for the Soul @Enigmatic Mix” and it was incredibly stimulating! Before I knew it, it was about 2-1/2 hours later than when I started! Several times during the “session” I developed a strong erection within the Mueller cup and again, it honestly felt like I would ejaculate.

New mindset for Session #1: Instead of the usual “male chastity cup” I developed a new mindset. My urologist wants to prep me for a procedure and I am to wear a jockstrap/cup for two nights prior to my procedure. This morning ended the second night. I don’t know what this “prep” was supposed to do but it worked!

What Is Success?

In my previous post, I talked a little bit about how I define success. The session I was describing was not, in fact, all that pleasurable. And yet, I consider it a success anyway. Why is that? What does “success” mean, and how do we define the criteria for achieving it?

I began learning to play the violin almost 2 years ago. At first I learned quickly, because there were many “easy” basic things to learn. Progress felt quick and natural. But before long, my seemingly rapid development slowed. I hit a plateau. I couldn’t get my hands and arms to behave. I practiced the same tunes and exercises over and over and made the same mistakes each time. I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. In fact, at times it seemed I was moving backward! And so I became very discouraged and frustrated.

Around this time, I read a book called Brain Rules For Baby. There is also a book by the same author called Brain Rules which is more geared toward adults. I read and highly recommend both. The author, John Medina, is a developmental molecular biologist, so the content is science- and data-based, but the books are very accessible and easy to read.

Session 3

I started my session this morning after exercising, bathing, and practicing my violin. I also checked my work email and went over the more important messages to make my life easier when I got to work. That may have been a mistake, which I’ll get into later.

I lubed up, shooting a little Shibari in as pre-lubrication and applying a dab of Boy Butter H2O on the Helix to ease insertion. I mentioned in an earlier post that I might try this. I’m not sure that the results have been affected by any of the three methods of lubrication I’ve tried. Mobility of the Aneros did not seem limited in any of them. Granted, I have only tried each method once, so it’s hardly scientific. I may try each again and figure out which I prefer.

One thing I think I may try next time is warming the lube and/or the Aneros. The lube was pretty cold and it gave me a bit of a crampy feeling until it reached an equilibrium temperature with my body. Not the most pleasant sensation, and I’d prefer to avoid it in the future. It might have decreased my level of arousal somewhat, and that’s not helpful.

I laid on my back on a towel on my bed, naked except for the glans cover I’ve been using. I thought about foregoing its use this time, but it really does keep the (potential) mess contained, and it helps prevent stimulation to my glans that might be distracting. So I think I’ll probably just continue to use it for the foreseeable future. I pulled the covers over me because the bedroom was cold and tried to relax.

Wiki page alternative?

It seems like the [wiki page]( seemed to have covered a lot of aneros and prostate play in general. The page seems to be inactive now, and having searched some older posts on the subreddit, a lot of users recommended it as a good overall guide.

Is there an alternative to this page, or another source that can be used?

Apologies if I missed an obvious post answering my question. Thanks

“I Was All Set To Ejaculate, So What Happened?”

I am currently in Day 9 of SR and quite horny. I slept in my SafeTGard jock (with Mueller cup) the past two nights. Early this morning, I “danced-around” the PONR with a strong erection within the cup. I thought that perhaps I should end this SR string and just ejaculate; it would feel amazingly good! So I went down to my comfortable sofa and tried to find an ejaculation binaural that fit my mood. I was ready to cum.

Believe it or not, I could not find a track that fit my mood! I searched for a good 5 minutes but to no avail. So instead, I settled on some nice sex music which I am listening to as I type this blog. The cup stayed on throughout. Taking it off now would just be too tempting.
What happened? I’m not entirely sure at this point. It seems that although I had every intention to ejaculate this morning, my body told me otherwise! I don’t have a hint of blue-balls so this ejaculation is not really required. Can I go farther? I guess the answer is “yes”.
Am I disappointed? Of course, but in hindsight, I remain in chastity and that only helps to ramp-up my arousal level. With this higher level of semen retention, I can feel the effects right down to my prostate.
When will I be ready? Ah, that is the question for which there is no answer right now. I’ll just have to make my way through the next day or so and see what develops. I do know that wearing the “chastity cup” solidly for the past two nights certainly has helped keep me chaste!