Suggestions for someone who’s used the Aneros for more than a decade…

Hi Folks,

I’ve used the Aneros (MGX, Helix, Eupho, Maximus, Progasm & Perdise) on and off for over a decade now. Though they can give me interesting sensations (rapid heartbeat, heavy breathing, spasms in my extremities, some sensual feelings and thoughts) I’ve never experienced some of the lovely testimonials that so many post here and on the Aneros site: Pleasure Waves, Mini-O’s, Dry, Wet, Super etc. I don’t know what these feel like, but it sure would be nice to at least get a little taste of what others are getting to experience. I really have tried so many different ideas that get bounced around out there: smoking weed (which I don’t like), fish oil, sleeping with it in, contractions, do nothing, breathing, watching porn, erotic hypnosis etc. None of which seem to do much…

Sadly, I can only describe the Aneros experience as just kind of bland. It ultimately starts off somewhat erotic with the initial insertion and then falls off. After an hour of having a piece of plastic stuck up my rear, I just get bored and clean up.

I know we’re not supposed to have “expectations”, but it’s hard when you read about other’s experiences that sound so fun! My only expectation at this point is that my session will just be bland and nothing out of the ordinary will happen. Honestly, I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling, what sensations to focus on and how to enhance them.

“A Different Perspective”

[This blog was inspired by @BigGlansDC]

I was lying in bed this morning and began to think about (of all things): jockstraps! Here is what I remember.

Fascination with Jockstraps
I’m sure I’m not alone in my thoughts here. In puberty, I began to have wet dreams in bed (at first, I didn’t know what they were but I remember that they made a mess!) I don’t remember now how many I had but I’m sure there were more than just a couple.


Fast-forward to junior high school. I remember we had to take physical education class. Part of the required attire was a jockstrap. I had never worn one before but I’m sure that’s when my ‘fetish’ for these pieces of male athletic equipment started. There was something ‘naughty’ but sweet about wearing one. The feeling of the soft knit pouch against my malehood, the tight waist, the open back, and the erections I experienced while wearing it. And later-on when I started masturbating, I remember putting it on just for the sensations of the pouch against my swollen member. I remember turning and wearing the strap ‘backwards’ and crossing the leg straps around my scrotum for added stimulation. I did this practically all the time while masturbating.

One year, we had to take a swimming class as part of our physical education curriculum. Much to my surprise (and delight) we had to wear a swimmer’s jockstrap under our bathing suits. Oh yeah, the delight of swimming with the girls wearing our jocks!

Eupho Classic, Wow! Monday morning session, November 19

Hi guys,

According to our Aneros glossary in our Wiki, “butt buzz is persistent, even insistent energy in your anus, rectum, prostate, perineum, scrotum/testicles area, sometimes experienced spontaneously apart from an Aneros session. Faint to mild muscle spasms leading to an orgasm my occur.” I’ll add that this sweet energy is also localized in the root of my penis. Also in recent weeks, I have had butt buzz abundantly in times of my Aless.

Butt buzz (at least recently) like Aless has been a continuous experience for me often lurking in the background, but emerges in the foreground in surprising ways and times. This was my experience at church yesterday and all throughout the afternoon. However, I enjoy engaging my Aless and butt buzz directly in bed at night through diddling and gentle Kegels while wearing my jocks and cups. Absolute sweetness.

Early this morning I had a session which lasted about 1.25 hours in which I used Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE.

I was amazed at how my anal musculature gripped my Eupho Classic. I really enjoyed this feeling as I relaxed fully, a technique that I have settled into in the last month or so in my sessions. The Eupho prepared me nicely for my other three Aneros models.

I decided to take my time with this morning’s session as I endeavored to savor the action of my four models. Also I must say that it was a heavy duty session which wore me out.

A smooth operator.

In a recent post I asked about people’s favourite model and which one they simply couldn’t part with. I mentioned that there were a couple that I hadn’t particularly hit it off with. One of these is, or as I should say now, was my MGX Trident. It has lain in my box among the others with only a couple of outings since I bought it. As I was looking at it a few days ago I began to compare its slightly dull and marble-like finish to that of my Progasm Ice and Junior that are highly polished and shiny. Thinking I had nothing to lose I proceeded to smooth the MGX and polish its surface until it too had a nice glossy finish. I tried it out for the first time last night not really knowing if it would make any difference, but by the end of the session I was convinced it had. From the moment of insertion it felt super slippy so I just lay back to await the response. After a few minutes I felt the first anal contraction begin, I always feel this at the start of a session, it’s like my body has acknowledged that the Aneros is there and begins to work with it. That first contraction was long and slow, I thought it would never end. When it did end my anal muscles relaxed and I felt the MGX moving back in the opposite direction. The pressure of the P-tab is the strongest among all my models I think. I was not in control of the contractions and offered no input. Slowly and rhythmically the tool was drawn in and then slid back again, the ridges at the base being felt with each cycle. By now my penis was rigid and spilling so much pre cum that it had began to pool on my stomach and trickle down my side, glad that I had the foresight to protect the bedding. I was anxious to try face down position as it has been quite new discovery for me, it was rather difficult given my arousal but eventually I managed to persuade my penis into a 6.00 o clock position somehow. Once settled, lying nice and comfortable, legs slightly akimbo, the rhythmic feeling of penetration and withdrawal began again. I have experienced the “auto-fxxk” sensation before, but it has always been quite a rapid fire action while this one was slow and gentle. Before long I drifted into a fantasy and scenario, the details of which are best kept to myself I think : ) I am grateful to Monstermash256 for bringing face down sessions to the fore, I am finding it a most relaxing position. The only slight problem for me is that my erections seem to have become quite persistent during a session for some reason. But I have a plan, @goldenboy, if you read this, a strap and cup are on order!
By the way, the other model that I have reservations about is my Maximus Trident. I have given it the same treatment as the MGX, it is also now shiny and polished. I have yet to try it but I will report back when I have.

“Chastity Cup or Edging Device?”

I often tout about the pleasures of wearing a “chastity cup” to bed most nights. Lately, however, I do not wear one when I first get into bed. After sleeping (and dreaming) for a while, I will wake up usually with a hard erection and then I decide to put one on. Last night, only in Day 2 of my SR, I decided to don my SD Ultra Pro Carbon Cup. This one fits snugly but is not too tight. However, this cup is designed differently from my other cups as it cradles and “hugs” my groin like no other cup can.

Edging “Session”
I awoke an hour or two later still wearing the feel-good SD cup. My erection was very strong within the cup and this cup has the nice “benefit” of stimulating my frenulum in just the right spot. Honestly, this edging “session” felt like it lasted a good 40-45 minutes (I didn’t time it). Actually, it would feel good to ejaculate from this stimulation. But alas, I could not effect one. It felt so good trying, thought!

It seems that I actually do perform “edging sessions” and quite often, just not with my hands! They are disguised under the auspices of male chastity play!


Black Friday 2018 Sale?

Left my Euphro in a hotel room. My prostate calls for a new one. My wallet loathes the idea of paying $55+ for a stupid piece of plastic. Dammit.

Anyways thinking Aneros/HIH will have another Black Friday sale this year and wondering if anyone’s heard if this will happen or not.


“An Erection Comes With Strings Attached”

Here I am at Day 7 of SR. I woke up early this morning with a very stiff and stimulating erection. I put on my XO “chastity cup” for some relief. As I went to lie-down back in bed, I began to dwell on the erections that all of us guys experience during the night (known at Nocturnal Penile Tumescence). This is what I thought about……


Importance of Erections
Our erections are nature’s way of reminding us the importance of this “event” in our male lives. An erection is preparing us for ejaculation. Men that want to be fathers need to ejaculate.

Our night-time erections occur every evening without fail. The resulting feelings that accompany the erection are most powerful indeed. It is not just the erection that happens, rather, there are a multitude of additional stimulating feelings and thoughts (attached “strings” if you will) that occur as well. These are all automatic too and are nature’s way of preparing us for the ensuing orgasm (and ejaculation) that is to follow this stimulation.

An erection can be spontaneous and occur at any time of the day or night, without our control. We sometimes must “hide” our erections if they could be embarrassing. Guys know how to accomplish this.


Is the Utimi prostate massager good?

Hey, my boyfriend wanted me to give him a massage while he had a prostate massager in. I had heard about the aneros before and thought thats what he had but its not, its the Utimi prostate massager (found here: []( Is this massager inferior to the aneros or do they basically do the same thing.

In other words, would he ever be able to have a super o with this toy

Deep Aneros “liquid” penetration : early Friday morning session, November 16

Hi guys,

Once again I had a session with my favorite Aneros models, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE this morning. This session happened after four days of excessive cold and two days of rain with snow and ice mixed in yesterday Thursday.

Once again my Aneros tools penetrated deeply and even reached around my prostate and “grabbed” it. But this morning I spent quality time with each of my models. It seemed that they penetrated deeply in “liquid” fashion.

I have had amazing Aless since 6:30 this morning which I am savoring. Take care!