Not sure what it was but it was good

Had a session this morning that culminated in what felt like a ball of pleasurable energy roaming all over my body with each contraction. No binaural beats this time, although they’ve been very helpful, just a bit of weed. Not sure if it’s quite as earth-shattering as what people describe the super-o as, but it went on for a fairly long time and it felt really good. Maybe it was a p-wave? Whatever.

Came very hard HFO, but maybe my legs were rubbing my dick?

Used an Aneros Syn and FINALLY had something happen.

Was listening to sexy audio from /r/gonewildaudio. Things must have been great because I finally came without touching my dick and it was insane.

Looking back… I think I had a boner and my legs were kinda rubbing it. So, not a true prostate orgasm? Either way it was incredible and I want more.

Body is heavily shaking, but no feelings of pleasure or bliss

Hi Guys , i need Some advice
Some months ago, I got my first Aneros Helix Syn. And I have been playing with it approximately once every week. Untill Now I’ve several times reached the point where my whole body was heavily shaking involuntarily as described by many guys as part of the Super O. So I’m pleased with that, however I have no pleasurable feelings when this occurs, no feelings of bliss. Will this grow in time, or am I something doing wrong?
Please advice.

As a beginner, I reached some small milestones today.

* No internal discomfort when relaxed
* No internal discomfort when contracted
* Definite leaking produced by contracting

I know this is not much as compared to the veterans who can have multiple super-os without the Aneros on a whim but this is coming (pun intended) from a guy who used to feel pain in my internal sphincter muscles upon insertion and contraction. I was quite horny today (where you know who will have a great penile orgasm) and I used a lot of Silicon lube (my toy was dripping with it). Lets see when I can start feeling pleasure from doing nothing method.

Hands free wet orgasm

Hey all,

Any advice on how to stop having wet orgasms? I have been using the aneros for little over a year now. I do not touch my dick at all during sessions. And I can even receive pleasure without the toy inserted.

Wet orgasms are still pleasurable, but I was hoping to figure out the key to dry orgasms? Any advice would be much appreciated! I typically just do the “do nothing method.” Anyone else have this problem?


Aneros Super o’s with or without a cage.

Do people find it easier with a cage on or off?

Does the sight of your erect penis become a distraction or a turn or.

Or does being locked up help you concentrate on what you’re feeling or does it hinder you as your cant get hard?

I ask because I’m slowly working to getting handsfree orgasms with an aneros. Currently just small sensation with bit of a build up. But I currently do that while locked up and wanted to see if people find it easier being locked up or free.

Aneros removal

Anyone else dread the removal part of using the aneros? Every single time when I’m done, I always hate taking it out. Unlike when putting it in, my sphincter involuntarily pushes it out really hard halfway through and it’s rather uncomfortable. I’ve used it maybe 20 times and it’s like that every time.

Anyone else have this problem and is there a trick to prevent it from happening?