My Journey

I bought my first Aneros about 3 months ago. I have two questions. I originally purchased a Helix Trident and recently purchased a Progasm. I have not had a super-o yet, but I feel like I am close. I have tried most of the positions that people discuss. My favorite positions are on my back with my knees bent and a pillow under the small of my back, on my left side with one knee bent, and doggie position with my arms on a chair. All three positions work for me and have their advantages. I am married and 67 years old, so it is not easy to find times to use them. My wife does not know about them. I end up using them about once or twice a week, but I feel like I am getting addicted to them. I think about them often and want to use them more and more. Is this unusual? When I am using them, they give me great pleasure, and I have a hard time stopping. My sessions usually last 2 – 2.5 hours. The feelings around my prostate are very warm and pleasurable. It is pretty easy for me to get to uncontrollable shaking, mostly mild, but sometimes more. This brings me to my other question. I have tried the do nothing method, but I always end up shaking, and I cannot control it. Sometimes I try to stop, but the shaking soon resumes, and I do enjoy it. Should I try to focus more on stopping the shaking? I am worried that the shaking may be holding me back from a super-o that I would love to achieve. Thanks in advance for your advice. I really like the blogs!

Extraordinary session with Traditional Aneros MGX!!!

Hi guys,

After an erotic night of off and on nipple diddling, my pump was primed for a session with my traditional Aneros MGX, perhaps my most favorite Aneros model, along with my traditional Aneros Helix and Program ICE right up there in satisfaction and sexual pleasure! First, I rode MGX for about fifteen minutes in the 7 o’clock hour near sunrise. However, I had a hankering to have an additional ride with MGX several hours later at 11:30 a.m. after arriving back from our neighborhood 7 Eleven with a delicious large cup of their mocha. My second session lasted a good twenty minutes. This time I concentrated on anal contractions and Kegels done in a leisurely, relaxed fashion. The Aneros Directions for Use recommends this approach. My prostate right now is exultant from this workout. It is purring in my Aless right now.

However, now I reflect on my intimate nipple and prostate connection. Most of my life I did not realize that my nipples are a treasure trove of eroticism until the Aneros came into my life at age 62 when I began working with the Aneros. My nipples really came alive in the weeks and months after my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 when I experienced my first Super-O’s and MMO’s. In early January 2017, I suffered a hip injury which required that I live in a rehab facility about six weeks. Lack of privacy there denied me of autoeroticism and my Aneros sessions. It was there as I recuperated that I could experience sexual pleasure through diddling my nipples. When I finally returned home in mid March 2017, I now had the privacy to resume my Aneros sessions and nightly nipple diddling in bed.

Aless Extraordinaire

My last full Aneros session was on Feb 25 in anticipation of a sigmoidoscopy procedure scheduled for March 4th. I’ve been riding on the Aless wagon ever since. This hiatus gave me a chance to try new ways of achieving prostate pleasures including the use of reverse Kegels and other methods.

Last night, my Aless session involved rubbing my perineum vigorously while diddling my nipples coupled with deep diaphragm breathing. Towards the end, I fully engaged my penis for an extended period of edging and then reverted back to my perineum/nipple play. I was very surprised as to how pleasurable the entire experience was.

After doing this for a few hours, I retired to bed (at midnight). As I lay in bed beside me very sound asleep wife, I was enjoying the tingling of my prostate area. Not asleep yet but drifting, suddenly, a massive wave of pleasure engulfed my entire body. This was undoubtedly an orgasm but not an earth-shattering one. It was more like calm seas but it lasted several minutes. The feeling then subsided only to return several minutes later but with even less intensity.

This had happened several times before but I was never sure if they were in my dreams or reality. Last night, however, confirmed that they are real and very pleasurable. So parts of my body could be asleep while others are busy at work!

Life is truly wonderful.

Starting out on the journey…

I literally got here in the strangest of ways. It started with a stop at a sex shop to purchase a pocket pussy. I decided to buy one of those $25 special wands on the side because I’ve put little objects in my butt while beating off before. Got home, used it while spanking, whatever. I felt like it wasn’t enough or there had to be more. Jumped online but didn’t do my homework so you know I then made my 2nd mistake (of sorts) and bought my first prostate massager. I’ll spare the details but it has a few pretty neat features and is a bit big. After purchasing this thing online I actually started doing my homework. Started looking at how some are aimed at beginners and others are aimed at more experienced only to discover my incoming toy is a bit large. Up until now, my experiences haven’t been anything more than my finger, maybe a sharpie, or that new wand so I knew I needed something a bit more friendly to start out.

This is where Aneros comes into my life. Reading several “best of” articles, I see the Helix time and time again and it’s being touted as a good product, and good for newbies such as myself. I ran back to the sex shop with the helix on my phone for verification, they were sold out, but their sister store had some Aneros products, but just not the Helix. I was committed. All that reading about butt play with amazing orgasms beyond what I had known, the drive into the city, and now this… So I bought the DeVice and once again did it without looking at dimensions.


I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely and sensibly becomes second nature.

My first attempt with these crazy looking sounds was a bit of a non-starter, I was rushed for time and sounding or come to think of it a session with Aneros’s is never good when rushed. I had pleasurable sensations but nothing too dramatic, my second attempt was a completely different affair.

This was a long and protected session lasting almost three hours, I’ve recently purchased a VR headset, an Oculus Quest 2 if anyones interested. You’re able to download 6K VR porn directly to the device, therefore not relying on Wi-Fi when out on business, particularly handy for the likes of me especially when I’m in the back of beyond. I have to say the optical quality is really good and once engrossed in the glory of the scene its easy to get sucked into it (pun intended) anyway I digress….

When it comes to sounding I’d say I was fairly experienced by working my way from a basic set of Rosebuds to a set of ‘J’ curved Van Buren sounds, up to this moment in time they have given me the most rewards. I should really explain that once past the initial squeamishness of the physical act of sticking metal rods deep into your dick there’s a world of deep and dark wonders to behold from sounding, and let me tell you it gets easier with practice. Just remember to never force anything and keep everything super clean, start slow and do your homework before diving in.

Sounding takes me to new depths

Following on from the success as per my previous blog entry, I decided a cheeky Saturday morning session with my shiny new Guyon sounds was in order.

As with Aneros devices it takes time for a session of prostate play to rev-up and get fired up, from early on in this session i was experiencing nice pleasurable sensations, this was caused by the bend of the sound gently applying pressure directly on to my prostate, resulting in a nice warm glow from deep within. An hour or so into the session I started to get the pre-orgasm shakes, my legs began to quiver and my stomach muscles began to tighten, this built in intensity, I was playing with the sound with my hand, rocking it back and fore and from side to side, I noticed I got a ‘buzz’ if I gently levered the sound upwards towards my belly ( I was sitting on the bed propped up by pillows with my back to the headboard) I took a pillow, folded it and used this as a support to lift the sound up and hold it in the optimum position, I could tell when it was positioned correctly as my prostate wound tell me so! I reclined back and rode the sensations, some nipple diddling put me over the edge and a wave of lustful pleasure washed over me, I felt like I was floating, like an out of body experience but merged with an head blowing orgasm, I held this as long as I could, I know it lasted for minuets as I had porn on in the back ground and I could tell it was lasting for minuets and not seconds. As time went on I almost passed out but held it and held it until it faded away. What an incredible head blowing orgasm, my longest I’ve ever experienced in my life, it wasn’t long before the second wave crashed over me, this time not lasting as long but of equal pleasure. At no time during this mega-orgasm did I touch my cock or even think about ejaculating, all my my thoughts and concentration were solely focused on my prostate.

Spiral in the journey and thoughts

I suppose I started out with the wrong mindset just as many do… I thought prostate massage was as easy as rubbing one out.

Boy was I wrong.

I’ve been at it for about a month and I’ve already spent more than intended on various toys. I suppose my thought pattern was along the lines of making it easier. One could even say cheating…

I bought a dildo. Nothing special, just 5 insert able inches of artificial veiny goodness. I thought if I could coax an orgasm I might have a better idea of what to look for. Whether I was unable or unwilling to fuck myself hard enough is hard to tell. Out of a handful of uses, once I was pounding away until I just couldn’t, I pulled it out, and the sensations of all those veins coming out caused body wide tingles and I just had to sit there a minute as I felt a wave of peace pass over my body. Otherwise, I generally feel like the dildo just gapes me for another toy.

The toy it prepared me for most would be the first massager I purchased. A vibrating massager that also has a thumping motion. I originally ordered this online without taking the time to consider the most important thing… Circumference. That’s what led me to Aneros. I felt a need to open up a bit to better utilize the vibrator. Once, this vibrating massager had me on the cusp of something amazing. I was in thump mode and had the smallest amount of precum. Literally just enough to fill my cock to the tip… But I lost it. Didn’t go over the edge or anything. Maybe I focused too much?

Fun With New Progasm

Yesterday I got the new 20th anniversary edition Progasm in black ice. I read that it had been modified to trident specifications. I compared it to my old one. They looked the same to me, but I knew the changes were probably too subtle to notice. I relaxed my mind. I lubed up myself and the progasm. I inserted it and took several minutes to breathe and relax. I have found that the “do nothing” method seems to work best for me. After I started playing with my nipples, I could feel my sphincter and anal cavity tingling and contracting. I could just barely feel the progasm moving and twitching. Then the movements became more pronounced. I could feel it moving and my insides tingling. It wasn’t anything mind blowing just yet, but it was a pleasant prelude for what was to come.

The fireworks really started on the third orgasm. I started playing with my nipples. I could feel the muscles contracting. As the progasm got pulled in further and further, I felt this rising sensation in my body that’s so difficult to describe. Then I could feel the head of the progasm really massaging my prostate, and it was heavenly. My whole body felt it. The muscled contractions became stronger and more rapid. It almost felt too good. My body felt so warm and light. I almost felt like my body would start floating. I had a few more orgasms similar to that, but each one was different.

Aneros Sessions on BPH Medication

I am 57 years old, married and a long time user of Aneros devices and other prostate devices. My marriage is sexless, has been that way for many years, and I’m quite happy that way.

My Aneros journey began in 2001 when I ordered a device through High Island Health, a sister company of Aneros. As I understand it, HIH caters to the health side, Aneros to the sensual side.

I ordered the device from HIH after having issues due to lack of sexual outlet (my wife and I had decided to go sexless a few months before), leading to prostate congestion and a medical visit for the later. My new doctor put me on Flomax for 2 weeks and also suggested I take a look at the HIH website as there was beginning to be some anecdotal evidence in the medical community that the devices could be helpful.

The classic device was helpful, and I added several other Aneros products including a Helix and an original type Progasm.

Back in 2019 my doctor decided to put me on Avodart – initially a trial, but with the intent it would be permanent if things went well. She had done a routine DRE and felt I was now old enough, and my prostate large enough, to warrant some significant medical intervention. She also put me on Flomax for 3 months. Later I tried Rapaflo, and back to Flomax.

8 to 10 minuet orgasms, how?

It’s been awhile since my last post, life has been kinda busy but finally I’m away for a few days away on a business trip and what do trips away make? That’s right guys, time on my own to play!

As most of may already. know I’m a huge fan of not only time spent with my collection of Aneros’s but of urethral sounding and latterly that’s where I’ve been concentrating my efforts.

On my previous blog entry I was singing the praises of my news purchases a shiny set of Guyon sounds, I have to say I’m totally and utterly in love with these amazing instruments, I shall explain….

These sounds are designed for medical use but have one major plus point, when inserted they pass directly through the center of your prostate, and we all know there lies the core of the deepest and most powerful sensations known to man!

Like all kinks that involve medical toys there is an element of risk, it’s imperative you do your homework before shoving things down your dick, serious damage can be inflicted by the foolhardy and uneducated. Always play safe and never rush or force things. With sounding initially there will be a level discomfort and a possibility of some bleeding but with experience these soon go away and a world of pleasure awaits. After almost a year of sounding I never suffer pain or discomfort.

Want to know what sounding feels like?