Started using a cock ring during my sessions.

So maybe about a month and a half ago I decided to use a silicone cock ring during one of my sessions, and it has changed everything. For whatever reason it has made everything much more intense. I put the ring on around my cock and balls and it fits quite snug and feels pretty great all on it’s own, but then I pop in my Progasm and take a few hits of my vape pen and settle in for the ride.

I usually watch porn music videos during my sessions. Something about the quick edits and music really works for me. I post a lot of my favorites over on r/goonfuel so feel free to look through my post history if you’re curious. Anyway, I don’t know why, but the cock ring makes it much easier for me to feel my prostate being stimulated. That extra bit of pressure around the base of my dick and around my balls is just enough sensation to enhance the pleasure I’m getting from my Progasm rubbing my prostate.

Winners of the aneros for life drawing?

There was this contest on the website for aneros models..past present and future.
Did they even post that there was a winner? Did we even hit the day for the drawing itself.
The contest page, when it was up, never loaded the terms and conditions. Maybe a mobile thing though
Anyone got a clue?

Progasm Problem

I broke the tab the pressed on the butt crevice (not the tab that rests against the perineum), I wanted to know, what could I use to sand down the broken nub of the tap,
should i use some kind of sandpaper or something? or cover it with modeling clay as a kind of cap on the nub of that broken tab?

Unexpected Greatness

Today i experienced my first wet hfo wich was very surprising because i didnt intend on having such an intense session today.

To be fair i was having a great day finally started to get some shit in my life on track and work was good. hit the gym right after work and figured i´d take a shower with the aneros inserted (was quite pleasurable and gives you a change to clean it properly right after).

However nothing great happened there but a bit later i though i´d do some relaxing work with the aneros in but after inserting i could only focus on it hitting that spot. This i didnt expect because i had a session the day before and finished the normal way, lying on the bed one leg bent and up just enjoying the feelings with some tropical house playing. (the calm beats help me focus on the pulsing feelings they often synchronise with the music) After having some great sensations this way i was starting to think there might be more to come so i got out of the bed

Then i stood in front of my desk leaning on it with some porn playing in front of me and i stared to leak but way more than i had ever done.

At this point i used some thechniques from the mindgasm series.

For some reason wachting precum drip out of me makes me extremely horny so this built the sensation.

Ejaculation with orgasm?

I’ve been practicing with the aneros helix and separating orgasm from ejaculation. I don’t really have time to dedicate to have session, so I’m essentially edging with the helix, pretty much 15-20 minutes in the shower. I’ll start with the aneros in and relax as a wash my body, then breath and focus on PC muscles. When I have ~ 5 minutes left I’ll start to rub my dick, while focusing on breathing and sensation. It feels great and I’ll often feel like I’m close to the edge without getting fully erect. The sensations are inside of me, not necessarily in my dick. A few times I’ve stopped just short of the point of no return(PONR), I’ve then felt muscle contractions similar to an ejaculation and produced fluid similar to ejaculate. It’s felt good but nothing like an orgasm, and I can keep masturbating and quickly get to the PONR in a minute. What’s going on here?

I know general theory is no touching of the penis, but I’m experimenting owning to time constraints. Anyone have similar experiences or successes?

Feel 20 years younger!

Wifey and kiddos gone for the afternoon.
Felt the impromptu call for an aneros session.

Backstory, dealing with a very difficult DeadBedroom situation at home. What to do?

Absolutely brilliant session on all levels — still trembling after a long steam shower and an hour later. Total new lease on life!

Wish I could tell my pals — alas, some subjects seem taboo. Posting here amongst guys who get it.😎

Drugs are not mandatory

I am reading a lot about people not wanting to use drugs, or that cannot / are not allowed to use drugs.

It can be very frustrating to read about other people’s success while using drugs, when you cannot get them, don’t want to use them or whatever. I myself use drugs, so who am I to make this post, but here are things to note:

Do you need drugs to achieve prostate orgasms? No

Then why use them? It helps

Is it the only solution to achieve a definite super-o? No

I have once luckily achieved an orgasm while using drugs, but never since and I am still using drugs. The problem with me is that I did not want to listen too much on what experienced users say, and thought to myself: “My precious LSD will lead the way”.

It’s been 3/4 of a year since my orgasm and I am just now really starting to understand how to definitely achieve an orgasm. I cannot say what leads to an orgasm (just yet), but I can say that it takes way more than drugs to be successful with the toy. It is more important to be open minded, patient and dedicated.