Right type of shea butter?

Hi for those of you who use shea butter in wondering if got the right kind. I got the sky organics organic shea butter. Is this the right kind? I ask because it says it’s for external use only.

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Brand new user milestone ?

I am brand new to the world of anal play as a whole but have been curious and researching it over the last few years. About 2 weeks ago I decided to finally purchase a Helix Trident and have had 5 or 6 sessions. I am having a good experience so far, and just wanted to compare the path my progress is taking to the average, and maybe get some tips or method critiques. I had been practicing mindfulness meditation and targeting specific muscle groups to relax already so a lot of the principles were familiar to me. It’s taken some getting used to having something up there but I feel like im adjusting well. I feel that “need to pee” and do nothing for a while as I relax my muscles entirely and breathe steadily and deeply. I can envision it sitting there and feel the pressure it provides. In today’s session I decided to slowly, with as little force as possible, flex to a certain point

And today’s session, for the first time, yielded involuntary contractions! It was an interesting feeling but pleasurable, they were rapid and steady instead of “bursty” like i was expecting from what I had read, and if I flexed to a specific strength and held it like that I could keep it going. It was exciting, I have read that that is a sign of progress! Should I be striving for that and to keep it going for as long as possible, or just stay mindful and let it do its thing, relax after a little while, then do it again etc?


Does mindgasm website really work? or are they just gimmick, like i have to pay to some random dude online and what if it doesn’t work.
Share you thoughts and experience if it was success.

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Rewired weirdly?

My rewiring seems to have started about 6months back.
I think it was around the corner as i started kegel exercices, the routine didn’t stick for longer than a couple months (maybe averaging 20 minutes sessions every 2 or 3 days).I started to notice the dry orgasm came much easier, spending what felt like half of my 30~60min sessions in and out of the zone, barely even stroking just to get there again. The feelings are amazing but it genuinely turned a bit boring, so ended up going back at stroking it more ordinarily.

I’m not sure how the transition happened, but since then i became totally uncapable of doing these full-on dry orgasms with intention. Instead it’s like having mini “manual” dry orgasms. My prostate floor became almost permanently active in some ways but it’s like i sort of got used to it.The usual dry orgasm sensation are all here, the inside sponge squeezing feelings, the liquid flowing through the shaft and the spasms, just to a slightly milder degree.The dry orgasm sensations comes anywhere from every 5-10 strokes up to sometimes stay for dozens and dozens of slow strokes in a row.

The one issue i’m facing right now and trying to correct a little bit is the fact that I only need to be fully hard for it get going instantly, like the very first dick spasm reaches the prostate and everything. It feels very good however my session’s overall duration have been impacted and this surely wasn’t the original goal.

Extraordinary evening for a newbie

I am a newbie, posted here earlier. Just received my first Aneros . Had a bit of a play yesterday but tonight – OMG.

Wanted to share for feedback, see if anyone else has gone through this rite of passage (pun intended!)/

So something happened tonight. Mild involuntary anal contractions lead to massive body shaking originating from the groin and pelvis area. If anyone had saw me, they might have thought I was possessed. Serious shakes.

Although I allowed plenty of time, I had to cut short as people were due back in the house.

Although it was a wonderful experience, I am not sure I had an orgasm of any kind. My cock was not erect at any point, no ejaculation. The shakes caused my cock to repeatedly slap my abdomen.

I had cum earlier during the day, I did wonder what might have happened if I had not. If I had no time pressures, I would have continued to see what would happen next. I did not want to stop.

I can’t wait to try again.

Vibrator vs non-vibrator for first toy

I’m about to buy my first prostate toy and have narrowed it down to either the Helix Syn Trident or the Helix Syn V. I like the idea of a smaller toy. I tried a p-spot toy once before and it hurt quite a bit.

I’ve used my finger in to massage my prostate before and pressure felt good so I think the non-vibrating would be ok. But I also like the feel of a vibrator right on my butthole while I masturbate sometimes.

I’ve read a lot that vibrations on the prostate don’t do much for many people so I’m not sure it’s worth the extra money that I’ll not enjoy.

Has anyone been through this and can share some thoughts?

Anyone notice different kind of sensations?

I sometimes get very short lived but intense p waves. Its like a big ripple that comes from the prostate/perineum and sometimes my dick will contract like im ejaculating but its dry every time besides the little bit of precum that drools out. They are intense enough that I will involuntarily make noise or grunt.

Other times I will have a whooshing like feeling over my entire pelvic region that feels similar to edging but its whole body. Im breathing really hard and im just in pure bliss for about 5 minutes or so. Whole body tingles and I feel stimulation in my brain.

Sometimes I will get both sensations in a session. Usually starts with the dry contractions then it moves into the whooshing full body pleasure.

I know the terminology is subjective, but what would you call these sensations?

I guess any sort of pleasant sensation would be a p wave, but are sustained pwaves dry orgasms? Would you say a super o is just a highly pleasurable dry orgasm with a longer duration.

I had an amazing session last night and today I woke up its all I can think about.

Three firsts for me

Had another great session today during which three different things happened:

1. I had a calm seas during urination. I occasionally like urine play and I usually have a absorbent bed pad laid down. I had to urinate and did not want to make a trip to the bathroom. It’s sort of hard to disregard the training and wet the bed and that keeps a very pleasant tension as you try to start the flow. I relaxed into it and let the stream go. During this I was suspended in a very pleasant calm seas orgasm. The pulsation after the flow stopped pushed me just a bit further. I cleaned up from that and continued my session leading to the second happening.

2. I had a Super-O while fantasizing about a Trans person at work. I’ve considered myself hetero my whole life but something happened last week that made me ponder. This person is Asian and I’m not sure if they are male to female or female to male. They (their preferred pronoun) have breasts and a very soft gentle face but also some male characteristics, male figure and legs. They came up last week and asked us what we were doing. We were preparing a section of conveyor belt. When they approached I was overcome with butterflies! I wanted to fuck and be fucked by them. I used that fantasy during this session and it propelled me into a brutally pleasant Super-O.

Are there any male podcast/mindgasm audios?

Hey there, I want to start listening to podcast stuff, but I can’t find any male audios and being gay I feel like they would be more helpful. Would really appreciate any pointers! Thank you 🙂

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