How long did it take you to achieve prostate orgasms?

Following my last poll, which quite a few people participated in, I thought I’d follow up with one or two more. Again, apologies for the goal driven nature of these polls, but I think a lot of us are interested to know a bit more in depth about our community and what using an aneros/other toys looks like for more experienced users.

So as a follow up – if you are able to have prostate orgasms, regardless of the variety, how long did it take you to get to the point where you were able to have them? Feel free to go into more detail below.

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1 Year In: More Questions than Answers.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a while and just wanted to share my experience so far with Aneros. I purchased my Helix a year ago and my journey started soon after. I’ll be honest, the first month was…. disappointing. After reading so much I just got caught up in the idea of the Super-O and never got so much as a flutter of pleasure (I had involuntaries and some other feelings of warmth etc). After that I turned to relaxing and clearing my mind and things have gotten substantially better. Here are a few mile stones.

1. My first “breathless moment” (December 2019)
2. A 10 mins of out of body experience (Jan 2019)
3. My first involuntary moan (March 2019)

Kinda fell off the wagon after that, trying to work towards using more often when I feel the call.

Most of my sessions start with slipping in my helix, letting it find its spot and then using the do nothing approach. I always find the familiar pattern of: arousal and aneros movement, erection, pulsing erection, loss of erection, pressure in prostate, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’s very nice and lets me have big regular Os after the session but I’m looking for tips. I think my biggest thing is finding the state of arousal and not being to nervous about the Super-O (normally my heart is pounding).

Was this my first P-wave?

So I’ve been using the aneros for maybe a little under a year now, and the past month or more I have been seemingly stuck with little progress being made. Today I used it, was just laying back listening to some relaxing music, had the involuntary contractions going. All of a sudden I felt some sort of building in my pelvis, felt a bit good and then it began to spread throughout my body slowly and then as soon as it came on it was gone. I tried relaxing more to see if I could get it to happen again but had no luck, and the session after then died down and I couldn’t get anywhere. Is this what people call a p-wave? I don’t remember feeling this before, and honestly I hope it is because I was getting frustrated with no progress being made.

If it was any advice on what to do for my next session? I’m still not even sure what I’m doing and I’m kind of just contracting all sorts of muscles because of what I’ve heard on here.

First time, some soreness afterwards.

I had my first session with the Aneros Helix on Monday. Before then the only thing I have ever had up my rectum is a urologist’s finger when she checked my prostate two years ago.

It is now Thursday (3 days later). And I do still feel a hint of soreness. The anal sphincter was very very tight. I did my best to relax, breathe deeply, and become aroused to insert. It still took approximately 25 minutes of gently coaxing before it finally popped in. I also used plenty of lube. Once it was in it felt absolutely amazing. But it did take some time to get the girthiest part of the toy through the anal sphincter.

My question is if I should be concerned about some residual soreness 3 days later? I wouldn’t say I have *pain*, that is too strong a word. But it certainly feels like something slightly thicker than a finger passed through. I feel it a bit more following a bowel movement as well. I assume maybe the tissues are just slightly irritated and the muscles got a bit of a workout? It really is very mild. I would say on a scale of 1 to 100 it is a 2 or 3. But even so, I want to make sure I am safe about continuing this.

Next one to get?

Hey guys! I’m looking for opinions on what I should get next. I’ve definitely been enjoying my Helix Syn Trident as a long term wearing option that keeps me wanting more the whole time I am wearing it, especially while climbing stairs. What I’ve found though is that I really prefer to have more pressure than was the Helix can provide. I started doing some PC action with my Loki turned off and got leg shaking good pleasure way more easily.

Given that discovery, I’ve been contemplating getting a Maximus to hit the spot better. I think the main issue I have with getting .ore out of the Helix is length. My prostate is just a little deeper than where the necked down region is. The best pleasure I get from the Helix is when I sit on something and kind of grind a little bit. It pushes it a little further in and I can use my PC muscles from there.

So, anal only shaking orgasms… is there more?

Hi! I’m pretty in tune with all things anal. I do pegging semi often, usual dildo play, and of course I’ve got my Aneros Progasm. As such, I was surprised to hear how hard some dudes have it getting a hands free orgasm. I’d had them before but the Aneros definitely upped the sensation. Now I’m at a point where I barely get halfway through a video before I’m exploding. 7 mins is my ‘record’.

Is this good? Have I become enlightened? Or am I actually at a ‘first step’ and there’s a whole lot more to learn and experience?

I’m a bit into the sissy community and hear things about ‘sissygasms’ being different from a prostate orgasm, but apart from ‘kegels’ im not sure what I’m aiming for! What is the next step after incredibly strong prostate orgasms?

I can’t feel my prostate anymore… help (no medical issue i think)

I am going to explain my experience with my aneros and some points that may be related to my issue (around 6 months of Helix usage usage).

– During my first 2 session I feeled my Helix touching my prostate right at the insertion. The tip was right on it. At the start I didn’t achieve anything but it’s absolutly normal.

– After that it was a little bit better at each session. I was ending each session with a standard penile orgasm. It’s maybe the reason why I can’t feel it anymore.

– 2 months ago i did [a post]( asking about a pleasant sensation.

– 1 week after hat I had some good time with a dildo session.

– After this session I had less and less pleasure with my Helix and now I can’t even feel the tip touching my prostate anymore.

Even with a 10 days of restraining to touch myself I got zero prostate sensation. Now I try to restain myself again, but I don’t know if i can get pleasure again.

Di someone experience that or have an idea about it ?

Quick question

Quick question guys, I have recently been using the helix, I used to have a eupho and had no avail, however with the helix Ive noticed I get amazing feeling that feel abit like a release of energy, they feel great, I’m wondering if this is the super I we all desire or if this is just the build up.

I tend to get a feeling of needing to tense alot, and then lots of pleasure through my body and then that feeling when you have a random shiver you need to get rid of, similar to this.

Had my best session ever

I had the best session I’ve ever had last Saturday. I hadn’t cum in at least a week because I was too busy (I have trouble going more than 3 days without cumming so this definitely had something to do with it). Cleaned up in the shower and fingered myself while playing with my nipples to get going. Dried off and lubed up, then slipped my MGX in and laid down on my back. Normally I do best when on my stomach but decided to try facing up this time. I did a few very light PC contractions, this time taking extra care to keep my rectal muscles relaxed, and off to the fucking races. The pleasure ramped up to a steady 8/10 and stayed there for about 15 minutes. My ass had a mind of its own and pleasure was cascading through my whole body. Then I started touching my nipples again, and that was it, pleasure at 11/10 and just a constant pulse everywhere I touched. Balls, inner thigh, nipples, arms, chest, belly, everywhere felt like it was on fire. Not sure if this was a super-o or not but it felt fucking amazing. Then my boyfriend came home and fucked me until I came handsfree