“Pre-Lubing Is The Key!”

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Had a great session with HelixTrident very early this morning. One thing I am doing differently these days (last 3 sessions) is to pre-lube. What a difference it makes! Not only eases insertion, but allows the Aneros to ‘move’ effortlessly with just moderate anal/pc contractions. I found that the easiest, most hygienic way is to use a latex exam glove, then apply a generous amount of lube (in my case, Slippery Stuff Gel) on the index finger, and pretend I am getting a DRE from my urologist! That deep insertion not only feels good but allows even the inner sphincter to get slick. And that allows the Aneros (which is also lubed) a most facile entry!

Can’t Say Enough About ‘Chastity Cups’
I was wearing my Mueller cup for this morning’s session and the reason I usually select this model is due to the placement of the leg straps which are quite far-apart. They do not interfere with either the P- or K-tabs of the HelixTrident (or other models). It does not allow me to contact my cock during sessions and I can lie on my side or on my stomach and not have any interference.

new toys

New toys in my box.

I’ve been finding my sessions in the last few weeks to be lacking something. I’m unsure if it is related to the fact that I have a new job or the fact that I’m now working 2nd shift. On the flip side of this I now have a few hours of “ME TIME” that doesn’t involve just being in the shower.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not had just duds, although there has been some, but for the most part my sessions have been just lack luster. Perhaps it’s the fact that since I now have me time time I’m pushing myself to reach the previously acquired pinical levels, or the fact that I’m not used to having me time and I’m unable to let go?, or maybe my body is still getting used to a new normal.

Lately during my sessions I’ve been spending more time being active performing clenching (kegels) trying to increase sensations even though it never got me very far in the beginning, thus I adopted the do nothing approach that has given me several super o’s. So in review of these findings I feel that I need more pressure on my prostate but still retain the do nothing approach. So I purchased the NJOY Pfun Plug. I have used this a hand full of times. What a wonderful piece of kit this is. So smooth and shiny, and incredibly heavy. The first time I went to join with this I was concerned I would have problems getting it in as it is larger than the progasm jr, but because of the shape it slid in so easily. I absolutely adore the cold of the steel at room temp once fully inserted. But all this comes at a price. Because the shaft is not a rapid taper and the fact that it is 3/4# in weight, this thing is almost impossible to keep in when standing. Now to the meaty part.

Anyone tried using delay spray/duration gel to focus on your p spot?

Hey fellow Aneros enthusiasts,

I first started using Aneros products about 7 yrs ago and have amassed a bit of a collection. Have always loved the products and intense sensations they bring. I’ve gotten really good at knowing my body and what I’m feeling, and in fact I now have a mind blowingly awesome hands free orgasm every session. The kicker is, its always a full penile orgasm/session ender, not the elusive prostate/super orgasms which first lured me in. Its like just as things start to get really good I look down and I’m blowing my whole load.

I do feel a lot of penile stimulation during my sessions, and I’m considering getting one of those delay spray numbing gel products to help. In theory I feel like if I make the pleasure in my cock less intense I’ll be able to better focus on whats happening inside me. Has anyone else had a similar experience w Aneros/tried anything similar? Seems like a decent idea to me but I also don’t want to spend too much more on butt toy related stuff that I already have lol.

Anyone here with depression using aneros?

I recently started Lexapro for mild depression and anxiety and unfortunately after the first week I definitely noticed decreased libido. I don’t have trouble getting hard but it’s definitely a struggle to orgasm. Even masturbation hasn’t held the same appeal and I began to notice a loss in actual physically pleasurable sensation. Last night I inserted my aneros before sex with my wife and definitely seemed like it brought things back to a baseline for me. In other words, the aneros didn’t add anything on top of the regular sex like p waves or super O but definitely enhanced penile sensations and I was able to orgasm much quicker then the few times before without it.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

“Chastity Groin Cup: A Fapstronaut’s Friend”

I am surprised that I was unable to find a connection online. While abstaining from PMO in NoFap*, it is easy for me to avoid porn (P). In fact, I have done so for over 60 days already! Yes, I will get urges and a few thoughts remembered, but in general, I am abstaining from porn for the long-haul. I can do that!

The night-time erections are starting to return stronger than during the last ‘flatline’. In fact, I had a couple of automatic, spontaneous erections during the day yesterday that really surprised me. They were so strong that I was starting to leak some precum.

Groin Cups**
Now, what does all this have to do with groin cups you may ask? Well, for me, it is only natural that I control my urge to masturbate and ejaculate (MO) while practicing NoFap. To just “will it” and keep my hands off sometimes is too difficult, especially when the arousal is strong and my SR days are increasing. To counteract the urge, during those times, I find that putting-on an athletic hard cup (groin protection) is the best solution. It doesn’t matter which one I choose, they all will completely prevent me from making contact with my package and that will prevent me from masturbating.

“Yet Another Flatline?”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Stats: SR Day 3 NoFap PMO Day 59. My last SR run ended at Day 9. I wasn’t really feeling the ‘blue-balls’ (yet) but I just wanted to ‘clear the pipes’. I did a weekly prostate massage with my MGX Classic. What an awesome ride! About 30 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed the therapy! I am pre-lubing before insertion and that is making a world of difference in my sessions! I’ll be sure to keep it up!

I still feel the need to prohibit any tendency to masturbate by wearing a cup, usually in the early-morning hours after I awake with an erection. I just find that the hard cup keeps my hands away from my package and, yes, it just feels so good!

Why do I think I am entering yet another so-called flatline? My night time erections are still there but they don’t seem as plentiful, or rather, they are not waking me up like before. I really don’t feel close to the PONR like I have. During the day, I have zero erections. I’m not complaining, but it would be nice to get a little bit of a rise once in a while.