Technique issues on first use

Just had my first go at it. Wasn’t really planning to have a proper sesh. I was just trying to see if I could get it in place and maybe get any sensation out of my prostate at all.

I’ve got the Helix Trident Syn. Surprisingly no trouble getting it in as deep as it could go, but unfortunately it slips out very pretty often thereafter. Am I supposed to hold it in the whole time with my anus muscles? Do I just have a huge rectum? D:

Haven’t been able to find the “sweet spot” for the P-Tab. 🙁 Feels pretty much the same all the way up and down the perineum.

Not sure if I had the head at the correct depth. Surely everyone’s prostate isn’t at the same depth? I wasn’t able to feel much of internally. Most of the sensation was coming from the anus, even when doing Kegels.

Gotta admit though it’s kinda novel just sitting there even if I’m doing it wrong lol

Just had a full body orgasm – several infact – here are concrete steps that worked for me

Ok, so I’m not gonna go into backstory or yadda yadda, this will just be a step-by-step of what happened to me and maybe what might happen to you. I’ll go into some grody details, but I think they’re necessary, read at your leisure:

**So, step one**: Make sure you eat food that won’t gove you the “runs”. Stay away from prunes and beans and stuff like that. I ate cereal for dinner – because that’s how I roll – and a rye sourdough bread sandwich. (Grody details ahead) I went to the bathroom right before going to bed and I felt like I didn’t get all of it out, but it felt solid, plus it actually kind of already pushed on my prostate (Grody details over).

**Step two:** Get a LOT of Lube and insert your toy of choice. I used an Aneros Helix Syn Trident, but use what you have, or get the toy I used.

**Step three:** Relax. And I know you’re thinking “yeah I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work”. No no no, you need to RELAX.
Personally I have a Really hard time to just “stop thinking about things, but I relaxed my body, and then – because I’ve been watching Sexplenations on youtube – I decided to use a trick Dr. Doe is telling women: Distract yourself – read a book or something. I actually found that it helped me relax More counterintuitively enough.
I think it’s like when you’re trying to remember a dream; if you think about the dream, you’re pushing the dream away. Instead if you try to think of basically **Anything else**, the dream might return to you.
Personally I thought about a story I’m thinking about writing; I thought about the characters, their relationships, their height, what kind of pet they would have, what the city they live in is like. Think about something pleasant that makes you feel good and content.

Something just clicked

I was planning on making a post today about this problem I’ve had just about all year. During Aneros sessions I could vaguely feel the toy touching my prostate, but not that beautiful butt buzz I used to always get. Curiously, I could feel many of the secondary effects of the Aneros, but not the direct contact with the prostate that I love so much. I have been able to have occasional full bodied orgasms of varying intensity, but my prostate was never tingling, it was always more of a dull feeling that, while I could identify it, wasn’t as overwhelmingly pleasurable as I have experienced in the past.

Last night I had an amazing session. I had a difricult time relaxing at first, but once I did my butt started to tingle and buzz. I felt my anal canal *deeply* relax. I reached many dry orgasms and had one or two wonderful full bodied orgasms where I could feel warm pleasure radiating out from my prostate all across my body. I felt very contented and complete. It’s like I’ve been missing something for a long time and now I’m finally whole again.

It’s crazy how things can all of a sudden “click”! My butt has been buzzing all day which hasn’t happened in a really long time.

Is the Aneros Vice worth it?


i thought about buying some new prostate massager which can vibrate, so since i already own the helix and the progasm, it seems like a good idea, because i want it to be hands free and a good fit. I saw that the vice 2 is already out but it is 50€ more expensive than the first one so i think i dont want to buy the new version. Anyway, are the vibrations on the vice good? Are they strong enough? How loud is it? Would you recommend it? Any other preferably similar priced options?

Thanks for any help and recommendatios.

A-Less, Hands Free Super O. Out of the blue.

Ok so I think my “super o” experience documented on here wasn’t *actually* a super o because oh my god what I’ve just experienced is most DEFINITELY a super o.

So this is really out of the blue because to be honest I haven’t even ridden since then and I’m really just chocking this up to being young and perpetually horny. I had what I thought was my first (and last) super o just over a year ago. But I now believe it to be the most intense prostate waves ever documented and while I still vividly recall every sensation to be just as intense as I documented, I no longer believe the experience to fall under “super o” category.

I’ve just woken up from the most extreme experience. I was having a sexy dream, felt myself edge wanking in the dream, cock was rock hard and rubbing against my mattress, (I was lying on my tummy), and all of a sudden, “fuck I’ve gone past it”, prepared myself mentally for the massive mess I’m about to need to clean up, and again just like the last experience just this BANG right in the pit of my stomach, a muscle deep in there contracting so violently, so intense I SWEAR you could hear it. And there it was, glorious orgasm, just like any other wank orgasm. The perfect build up, the “release”, and the throbbing. I genuinely didn’t notice that anything was “wrong” until a few seconds later, it genuinely just felt like a wank, or a wet dream orgasm. Not a thing different.

Has anyone on here ever used a Blush Impressions N5 for prostate stimulation? That is what I using and am wondering if an Aneros product would do a better job.

I love my N5 it feels great having something that feels so filling and also has strong vibrations, but I have never gotten a pure prostate orgasm from it, I always jerk off and have orgasms that feel way better than had it just had penile stimulation by itself. But I really want to have a pure prostate orgasm wondering if buying an Aneros would be a good idea

Can’t not ejaculate.

I’ve been using prostate massagers for about 6 months now usually once or twice a week and also been using dildos and other insertables for many years. When using a prostate massager I squeeze and hold my pc muscles and eventually get involuntary contractions and focus on my anus and prostate and the feelings coming from them. All of that is great and feels good but I eventually just get a penile ejaculatory orgasm that isn’t much different from a traditional one. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a phase and if I keep going should I be able to over come this?

PSA: Aneros is doing a giveaway on their forum site

So if you go to the [Aneros Forum](, they have this message hovering on the thread: “It’s been two years since the release of the original Trident Series! ANEROS wants to thank you for the support. Submit a review of your favorite Trident device in this thread and be entered to win any ANEROS product of your choice! Or you can email, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). (Please keep review to 300 words or fewer)”

Good luck y’all

Don’t feel anything. Any advice?

So got my Helix Syn Trident last week and just had my second session. But I am not really feeling anything yet.. I know you got this list of milestones to reach for and I think I am at the point where the Aneros feels comfortably all around. I actually sometimes Don’t even feel it’s inside.. is this normal?

Anyway I tried it for about an hour. Just trying to relax, doing some kegel exercises etc. But it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. I am dripping some precum but that’s it. After an hour I got bored and just finished it the normal way. 😛

so howw long does it take to actually feel some form of pleasure from it? Am I doing something wrong?

Weekend sessions = Progress!

Tried various different positions to maximize movement and it’s seemed to have helped. Keeping my feet up against a wall seems to be the best, or having my feet resting on a box off the bed works as well (someone had also posted about having their feet over the couch as well, haven’t tried that). A few things to note:

– I think I’ve actually “located” my prostate, it’s taken some time to figure out the spot to hit. Now it feels like I can ride that for much longer
– Breathing is key as it provides that “come here” motion
– Mini-O happened I think? It definitely felt like I climaxed but without ejaculating. No involuntary shakes but felt damn good
– Porn with more audio and “more vanilla” is much more stimulating
– Still trying to find the best spot for the p-tab, suggestions?
– THC does wonders but I wish that I could smoke it mid session vs before (since the recent reports of vape pens, I’ve gone back to regular bud)

My session on Saturday was probably the peak, and today I feel like I can still feel that buzzing.