Hi all. Familiar story for me with use of the aneros line. Picked it up and put it down off and on for years. Only about 6 months ago did I get serious about training and practicing enough to create pleasure. That lit the spark and I’ve been feeling some very nice sensations though nothing mind blowing.

Tonight’s session though was a different story. I used my Syn Trident on my back with feet flat and did the usual relaxation and doing nothing at first. I’ve just started to really work on PC muscle strengthening so though I’d give some tug-o-war a try tonight.

The usual nice fluttering took place but then a VERY slow change started to take place. I held the toy in the middle of a slight kegel contraction and almost imperceptibly slowly I began to feel the toy draw up. Once it felt it was as high as it could go I could feel my body closing in on it. Next, again extremely slowly, my abdominal muscles began to contract. I held everything in the region of the Aneros steady. The abdominal contraction continued to build until I was in a full ab crunch (hard) and my ass was off the bed. My body has clamped down extremely hard on the Aneros. After two minutes my body slowly relaxed from this contraction and after 30 seconds (and catching my breath) another ramp up ab crunch came. This cycle repeated for probably 30-40 minutes.

To Progasm Or not to Progasm?

A little about me and my experiences. I am a 21 year old straight male who has always been curious about prostate play since seeing women perform it on guys in Porn. About two years ago I bought my first aneros product, which was the helix syn Trident. I’ve been using it often on for the past two years, but I just don’t really feel like it does anything for me, I’ve had a couple of dry orgasms here and there, and some nice pleasurable P waves. But it just doesn’t really feel like it’s hitting anything. I had purchased a vice 2 about a year back halfway through my journey with all of this. And Ive been reading a lot of posts on here about people switching from smaller toys such as the helix that I have, to a Progasm.

I was reading about how some people would warm up with smaller toys and then use the bigger toys to finish off. So I decided to try this last night, I started out with my normal helix and I used it for about an hour. And then I got up took it out. Took a piss made sure that everything was ready to go and I was comfortable. And then I inserted the vice two. I was actually very surprised as how full it felt. However it didn’t really feel like it was still hitting my prostate. I started doing some contractions, I even turned on the vibrations but I really wasn’t getting anything out of it. I turned on the vibrations and started to watch some porn. I was focusing as much as I could on the toy while watching the porn. My thought process behind this was may be if I was more aroused with the porn my prostate would grow and Vice Two would hit it better. I eventually ended up turning off the vibrations because that just was uncomfortable.

Lube choice for “sleepovers”?

Hi – I want to try sleeping with my helix in. Am I ok to use a lube-shooter with the helix slathered up with a hybrid lube such as sliquid silk or should I use a silicone or oil/based lube instead for this kind of extended insertion?

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Is Progasm good?

I was wondering if the progasm is good or not I’m currently using the helix trident syn (I think) and it’s not doing much for me I know that these things take time but I’m just experimenting right now anyway so would y’all recommend the progasm and what is the difference between it and the jr

Just a horny therapy for me and you:)

Hi, its a first part my aneros diary and im starting feel a little strange and awkward because this things are very intimate for me and i think i shuld have kept it a secret, but without this intrigue my life will be incomplete:)

I dont want to immediately talk about my orgasms and how i got to them, but just thought about what i can tell about it makes my nipples harder and tinkle “there”.

Today i wanted to regin on webcam site and start tell about my aneros adventure, about sound instructions which makes me horny for a session, about the way im on…

When i opend page with men on webcam site it was shoched for me, assfucking on camera, sucking dildos and uninteresting handjob, nothing besides indifference and some disgust, not a drop of enthusiasm (I am for girls, but the girls there did not make any impression on me).

It feels like my arousal mechanisms have changed, its center has also changed in my head.

If you are interested traveling in the halls of my mind, you can support this post and ask some questions:)

Sorry for my English level, but is a good practice for me too

Thanks, your K.

Something good happened NSWF

I am 21 years old and have been using Aneros off and on for a bout 2 years. Today I popped in my helix And just sat back and relaxed. After about 30 minuets of me contracting my PC muscles I began to get hard and I felt this really nice feeling in my prostate. It felt like the Aneros was hitting it right in the perfect spot! I grew harder and hard and began leaking pre-Cum. It felt like I was being kicked in the prostate or like a stroking was happing. I was saying “don’t stop, don’t stop, keep fucking me, I think I might cum.” It felt like I was building really quickly to an orgasm. I was holding onto the head board and fist bumping each time the toy hit my prostate. After about 2-5 minuets of this sustained pleasure my body took a very fast and sudden drop off of pleasure and I felt super relieved, like I had had an orgasm. I was laying in my bed doing slight contractions after whatever the hell just happened. And I even contemplated taking the toy I’m just going to the store. I felt very satisfied. I took the toy out and didn’t even bother masturbating, because I just felt so satisfied. What the hell did I just experience? This is the first time in two years that I’ve ever had something like this happened to me! Also more tips and tricks are helpful for me to use the toys! Always learning.

Sucking in too much

Sometimes when I put the aneros in ( I use the Progasm) I feel like it goes in too much. When this happens the prongs of the Progasm press into me hard, making it in comfortable. Once it’s in for a while I am able to relax and it gets better but I would prefer it not to happen at all Does anyone have any tips so this doesn’t happen?

Do you feel your prostate activating when stroking?

Recently got into this habit of letting the PC floor going as wild as it want.

At first it helped engaging back to back, dry orgasms, i had to stop completely or only rub the shaft to stay in that zone. At this point i would only stroke to find the spot or when my penis needed blood flow to get fully hard again.

It sort of got boring and i don’t think i could’ve reach any leg shaking p-orgasm without toys. So i redirected my focus over stimulating the head and shaft again.

Now the weird thing almost any spasms or throbbing can easily tickle those deep spongy squeezes i could only feel during dry orgasm before.

When going up and down the shaft while the automatic reflexes are still in action it growls for dozens of strokes until a stronger automatic reflexes takes over to pushes more precum, like the spasms are constantly present to some degree and feels delightful. The deep squeezes usually comes again after one breathing cycle or less.

I’m curious if you guys work like that too. Do you think it’s possible to reach a p-gasm with no toy?