Question about aneros helix trident

So I have helix trident and eupho trident.
It seems to me that p tab for helix trident usually floats without pressing on perineum and only starts touching when i’m having contractions. With eupho it is different. It always touches and i can feel it quite well. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue. It seems to me that I am not getting the best from my helix model.

The Shipping Isn’t Very Discreet

When you order from the Aneros website, your package will say that it shipped from High Island Health. If you look up High Island Health you’ll see that they make prostate massagers. So if somebody really wants to be nosy they will easily figure out exactly what you ordered. Sure, it doesn’t say “prostate massager” directly on the package but if somebody would be nosy enough to read where your package is from in the first place they’ll be nosy enough to look it up.

Tons of involuntary contractions, but no pleasure…

I’ve been using aneros for awhile on and off. I have absolutely no issue getting the aneros to move pm its own, and the contractions can be quite intense and rapid. Hard and rapid and subtle and rapid…

But I feel no “waves of pleasure” washing over me… even when the aneros is dancing inside me. It’s pleasant I guess… but nothing noteworthy. And after about an hour of this, my prostate juat feels “worn out”…

What’s going on?

Not sure if I’m squirting urine or something else

Hi everyone!

I’m just getting back into using my aneros helix syn after a long break. I’m at the point where I can consistently make myself leak… Something after a long period of contractions. Can’t tell if it’s urine or not (doesn’t smell as bad, iirc).

I’ve also recently tried the “Do nothing” approach and I definitely felt some wave-like feelings throughout my whole body a few times along with almost drifting to sleep from how relaxed I was. Would this new direction be a better advised direction as opposed to sticking with contractions? Maybe I’m squeezing too hard?

Questions from wife looking to buy for hubby

First- thank you gentlemen for the videos and descriptions, I literally can’t get through a single post without getting off, it’s super fucking hot.
I stumbled upon this sub while I was trying to find the language to describe to my husband the feelings I get when I have multiple back to back orgasms, and the warm glowing orb and waves of intense pleasure that you talk about seems about right. I desperately want my husband to experience this. We are not new to anal at all, and while it’s been amazing, I feel like there is definitely room to grow and explore. So my questions: 1) what model should I get? He really loves the fullness/stretching sensation and definitely gravitates towards large toys. 2) is it worth it to get multiple models? Do they provide different types of orgasms or are they more you might need to try different styles to mesh with your specific anatomy? 3) do any of you use this with a partner? I obviously plan to give him several hours of alone time to explore whenever he needs it, but he’s always preferred I be the person penetrating him as femdom is his kink. It almost seems being alone might be needed to get in the right headspace, but do some of you enjoy using it while being lightly stimulated by someone else (like maybe gently sucking his nipples or nibbling his ears or toes)? 4) any tips? Dirty talk that gets you going? Something you wish you’d have done? I really just want to send him to heaven. Thanks dudes!

Thinking of getting an Aneros.

Hi, I have been thinking about purchasing my first Aneros toy and wanted to see what you guys can tell me about them. I am quite experienced with anal play, so it won’t be my first toy. That being said, which model would you guys recommend? I have been leaning towards an Aneros Vice 2 because of its vibrator capabilities, but an Aneros Helix Syn Trident or Aneros Eupho Syn Trident does interest me as well. Also, how fast will shipping be if I order them from the official website? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

About to get my first Aneros!

So, I ordered my first Aneros a couple days ago. Order is processing, should be here by the end of next week. I got a Vice2, which isn’t quite what would be recommended for a newbie, but I’m not inexperienced with anal play alltogether. To prepare, I played a match of Rainbow Six: Siege where each kill I got was a day of nofap, and each death was 2. I finished 8 and 2, so 12 days. Besides 12 days of nofap, is there any advice I should follow to have the most fun for my first time?