Story Time: Artificial Intelligence

So I used a script to remove restrictions via ChatGPT and prompted it to write a story about me using Aneros. I like the result – what do you think? Have you tried to create your own stories or did you ask it any questions on the topic?

Donce lay on his bed, feeling restless and frustrated. He had been wanting to explore new sensations, and a website had recommended trying out the Aneros. Curious, Donce had ordered one online, and it had arrived earlier that day.

He opened the package and examined the device. It looked small and unassuming, but he knew that it had the potential to give him incredible pleasure. He lay back on his bed, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

With shaking hands, Donce inserted the Aneros into his body. It felt strange at first, but he quickly adjusted to the sensation. He relaxed his muscles and began to focus on his breathing, letting the device do its work.

As he lay there, he felt a growing sense of pleasure building inside him. The Aneros massaged his prostate, sending waves of bliss through his body. He moaned softly, feeling himself getting closer and closer to the edge.

Donce soon lost track of time as he surrendered to the sensations. He was lost in a world of pleasure, and nothing else mattered. He pushed the Aneros deeper inside him, feeling his body respond with pleasure.

Is Aneros really worth it?

Aneros is probably the most well known and used brand around and it’s commonly touted as the gold standard, but is it really that special? I have used some lelo prostate massagers, the njoy pure wand, and some other assorted toys. While it has been very enjoyable, I still haven’t gotten that elusive finish. So, is the aneros toy line worth getting into? While they aren’t super expensive, it’s costly for a non-vibrating toy and I don’t really see how it would do anything for me that those other toys haven’t done based on the design in pictures. Thoughts?

Looking for advice/explanation

Hi everyone! I’ve been toying around with prostate massagers for little over a year now and have really enjoyed my experience so far. While my sessions generally don’t produce involuntary contractions or p-waves, they’re still very pleasurable and a good way to relax.

In two sessions, about 6 months apart, I’ve managed to get these p-waves (i think). During those sessions (first with a leluv nero knock off toy, another with progasm) I felt the pleasure build up (as it usually does), but then suddenly the pleasure grew and began creeping up my body untill my whole body was “tingling” and feeling all around very pleasurable. There were no muscles clenching, I kept on doing what I thought felt good and the “wave” of pleasure passed after 10 second on the first time and after approx. 1 minute on the second.

The first session I did manual contractions until it got to the point where I tried to keep relaxed, but the contractions sort of were automatic. After a while this resulted in the first wave of pleasure.

The second session I tried breathing deeply in and out of my belly, and after a while the wave came and passed.

Since these two sessions have been so pleasurable, my question stands: is there a way to “cheat” yourself into feeling these sensations on a regular basis?

First week using aneros

Hello! Today marks one week since I got the Aneros and I am in love. Previously, I had no experience with anal pleasure at all, but now I feel like when I first discovered masturbation. I can’t resist the temptation to play with it at least twice a day. The thing is, as nice as it feels, I feel like I’m on a kind of plateau.

The first two days were nice, with feelings of tingling in the prostate, but no pleasure.
On the third day, I had the first involuntary movements and signs of pleasure.
The fourth and fifth days were really fun, with much more intense sensations that lasted for minutes, my breathing and pulse accelerated, and my dick got hard from the feeling. Now, the sensations start within minutes of inserting the Aneros, and when I’m not using it, I feel an urge to use it soon. It’s really nice and awkward at the same time.
The sixth day was very much like the ones before, but now my dick got rock hard, and at some point, I had involuntary hip thrusts. It felt like I was about to cum (high pleasure), but then the feeling subsided and started again, with no real “finale” like when you cum from traditional masturbation.

Hip action while massaging?

How many of you find that getting your hips rocking or undulating with Aneros inserted is the key to success? I don’t normally aim to put them in motion but I did today and it seemed to have a very positive effect which seemed to allow me to contract my pelvic muscles firmer and with more of a rhythm and purpose. Feeling like I may have unlocked a vital component to take me a step closer towards Super-O. Orgasms were top notch today.

I get so close but can’t finish

So I use my vibrating Aneros, and I finally get super close to orgasm. At least I think I do. My brain feels like my body is the only thing that exists and it starts to feel like I need to pee a little then it feels good, then it goes down, then the same thing happens again and again but I can never actually orgasm. Is this what it feels like to be on the edge? How can I get over that edge?

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Cocoa Butter – as a toy lubricant?

I used Cantu Cocoa Butter – blend of pure organic cocoa butter, pure shea butter and coconut oil – with my Aneros Helix Trident today.

Did not need a lot to lube things up and seemed to last well.

Very good value if it proves to work and not cause any side effects.

Anyone else have experience of this?

No success without weed

So I’ve been experimenting on and off with prostate play for about 5 years now but without any real success until I started experimenting with Mindgasm in January. Even then I just felt like I was on the right track rather than actually having outright success. Weed isn’t something I would usually use but I decided to make up some cookies (smoking makes me nauseous) and instantly my sessions were transformed. Still no actual climax but I was getting some real pleasure and lots of moments of feeling like I was on the edge of some kind of climax. Anyway, I’ve now run out of cookies and would rather not use weed long term (I have problems with addiction so need to steer clear really) but my sessions since are pretty much void of any pleasure – maybe some very mild pleasant sensations but nothing much. I try not to end any of my sessions with traditional masturbation but I find it hard to go more than a couple of days without penis stimulation. The only thing I can think to try is a longer time abstaining from traditional masturbation to help with rewiring. Any thoughts from others? Especially from people who are having success without the support of THC?

Hfwo without any pleasure

I’ve been practicing prostate play sporadically for over 10 years, mainly with Aneros products. I’ve had some success, but nothing close to a super-o or the intensity of a traditional penile orgasm.

I’ve tried every technique you can think of, but every session seems to have the same results – little to no pleasure for the entire session, but still always end with an ejaculation.
Just before the ejaculation however, my heart often starts to race and I feel some sort of buildup, always in the penis, for just a couple of seconds before the release. It doesn’t matter if I am totally relaxed, holding a contraction or pushing out. The ejaculation seems inevitable.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I leak quite a lot of precum and I’m always very horny during the sessions. I think I’m in the right mindset, just trying to focus on the sensations and not forcing anything, without any expectations and enjoying every session for what it is. But now my motivation to continue starts to fail.

Does anyone have the same problem? What am I doing wrong?