Blissful Erotic Hypnosis Pushed To Next Level By Re-Wiring

Hi folks, I’m just back from an hour long visit to “my secret garden“. And this time I was overwhelmed how transcendental this erotic hypnosis session has become since re-wiring seems to have been completed. After an hour of bliss I’m still feeling vibes of arousal spreading throughout my body, when only typing about that experience. Shibby’s seductive female voice again teasingly led me to the very center of my personal sexual wishes where I met my deepest desires materializing because “it’s where they live and where they are waiting only for me”. Whoever sometimes wanted to “find himself” should give this audio file a try, only be aware it’s nsfw!

If you like to try some hypnosis but prefer a male voice Nimja’s files may find your interest, although they aren’t as easy to access as Shibby’s are. On his page you first have to choose some genres on the upper left or a certain play list on the upper right side, then click on the refresh button. Some of the files then listed below aren’t accessible without becoming a patreon (those files are marked orange and with a “P”). Nevertheless there are enough interesting files for free.

May your vibes be with you and give you all the sexual bliss you deserve!

Don’t think becoming flaccid now and then would mean you’re doing wrong, it’s only taking the next run to another hill of bliss. And as we learned with Aneros, ecstasy and bliss don’t need an erection, it may come and go as it likes, join in or leave and come back.

“Relaxing In The Comfort Of A Chastity Cup”

I awoke about midnight with a strong night-time erection. I was only wearing my PJs; I was not wearing a “chastity cup”. Since it takes at least 30 minutes for the erection to subside and since I was awake, I naturally began to get pleasure from lightly caressing my scrotum and erect shaft. I felt myself being drawn ever closer to the PONR. I am now in Day 4 of SR and definitely feel my arousal starting to build.

I did not want to continue this stimulating activity and so I decided to put-on my XO cup. Immediately, I felt a great sense of relief: I was no longer able to masturbate, even if my intention was not to ejaculate. I am now able to more fully “relax” without the temptation and without the guilt.

I thought about the following “word-games” and here is what I discovered:

I decided to look-up the word “prevent” and try the following experiment:

A chastity cup prevents masturbation.
A chastity cup blocks masturbation.
A chastity cup forbids masturbation.
A chastity cup hampers masturbation.
A chastity cup impedes masturbation.
A chastity cup prohibits masturbation.
A chastity cup stops masturbation.
A chastity cup frustrates masturbation.

And on, and on, and on….

Wow! The chastity cup then becomes a great tool in the “fight” against masturbation! It is no wonder then that I have an affinity for this practice of wearing one when I need help! That is why my mind gets great relief while my male package is “protected” this way!

The power found in ordinary (BIKE) jockstraps for sexual arousal (my experience)

Hi guys,

From day one when I had to wear an athletic supporter for 7th grade PE, jockstraps and (later athletic cups) have been central in my life as a male. Our coach we had to get one. It was an integral part of our gym uniform. So after that day, the first day of school, early in September 1963. I went to our town drugstore to purchase one. The pharmacist who waited on me sized me as a boy who was entering puberty and got me a boys sized Johnson & Johnson Athletic Supporter. It came in a smallish box when an naked athlete on the box in nothing but a jockstrap. I popped a boner which oozed precum in my white chinos. I was super turned on and rushed home to try it on in my bedroom. My erection was super hard and precum was oozing big time from the meatus of my Glans. When I slipped on my new jockstrap for the first time, the feeling was electric. I feel in love with the elastic support of the jock mesh pouch, waistband and leg straps. There was no choice but wear my erect penis in the up position, actually 12 o’clock position. It was the comfortable position to wear my pulsating cock with my oozing Glans scrunched against the waistband.

What was this?

Used last night., laying on my back. At abot 90 minutes after doing small contractions My legs started quivering and a had to arch my back, raising torso. While this was happening helix felt like it was moving and expanding on its own. Any ideas what this was?

“Regaining Arousal Through A Regular Jockstrap”

Since I had to end my SR “run” at Day 8 yesterday, I have to regain strength in the arousal department. Having slept in my Mueller “chastity cup” overnight, I obviously couldn’t feel my sensitive package at all through the cup. So this morning, I decided to stash the cup and put-on one of my jockstraps: the Duke track and swim supporter. This jock has a nice, large, supportive pouch that can easily accommodate my flaccid or erect cock and it does so with great support.

One thing about wearing a “regular” jockstrap (as all guys know) is that it is possible to tease and caress your package through the pouch of the jock. I just can’t keep my hands to myself! Naturally, I began doing this this morning. There is something about stimulating your package through a jockstrap pouch that at least for me is especially arousing. Perhaps it is the “teasing” way that the jock pouch covers my package but allows “playing” as much as I want through it. I can see and feel the curves, bulges and bumps of my masculine package but not see the actual articles. The pouch enables a full-blown erection to occur without much embarrassment either. The erection feels so good through a pair of mesh nylon basketball shorts like I am wearing now. In fact, I feel that arousal building right down to my prostate.

hemophilia. bruising. and kegels. and deathgrip.

testing testing. i guess i added a visitor message asking if it was the blog function necause this is my first post and i have no idea what i am doing here. first post. much delayed.
so yeah there was something about doing kegels somewhere, and i am a hemophiliac and i think, well, i don’t know for certain but maybe it was the kegels, but now my hole is seriously bluepurplebruised, and hurts like ohholyeverlovingmotheroffuck, hurts to sit, hurts in the restroom, ow. anyone else ever have this as an issue, bruising yourself doing kegels??

i bought the helix syn when i discovered that my housesitting gig was extended somewhat indefinitely. there was no internet unless i used my phone which makes internet hella expensive, so, first thing i did when the gig was extended was i bought the device and that was most of the internet for me.

no internet is magical. and freed up time for experimentation.

but yeah, do your kegels, or so they say. can kegels wreck your ass?

anyway, lots of play with the thing, for the duration of my gig, another 7 weeks.
and now back around people and can’t play with the thing for awhile because walls are thin, but, kegels.

“Importance Of Focus In Sessions”

Lately, all of my Aneros sessions have one focus: they are necessary for me to help my prostate “heal” after my recent procedure. These daily prostate massage sessions were ordered by my urologist for a minimum of about one week. I am mostly using my HIH 950 prostate massager for this purpose and I find it to be quite arousing and beneficial in the healing process.


Of course, my prostate is in perfect condition and there are no doctor-ordered sessions for me! So this “therapy” is a fantasy! But isn’t this a dishonest approach to my Aneros sessions? By taking this approach, I have a defined focus for all my sessions this week. Rather than aiming for as much prostate pleasure as possible from my sessions (which is always nice), this specific focus takes away the “pleasurable” aspect of prostate massage and puts it aside for a while. Of course, when the prostate gets massaged, a guy undoubtedly knows it! I am no exception! And these therapeutic massage sessions for me are every bit as stimulating as ones intended solely for the pleasures they can provide.


I need everyone’s input please!

Hi Team,

Let me start out by saying I am 31 years old and I’m straight, but I’ve always been curious with my back door, but where I am from, it’s not really acceptable to do so. I guess that would mean I am basically bi, just unable to act on urges.

I been using aneros products on and off for about 1 1/2 – 2 years. I started with a Progasm ice (black), however after about 6 months the Ptab broke off and so did my hunger.

About 6 months after I purchased another progasm ice, this time it was the clear one. I always wanted to expand on my collection to experiance new sensations. When the trident line came out, I saw my chance and expanded to Helix, Maximus and Eupho (all trident), and wow I am glad that I did. I am also a huge advocate of the ‘do nothing technique.

I have a couple of questions about experiances some of you may/may not have had, what happens to you etc. I’ve tried searching, but alas here I am.

Whenever I have a session, once I have inserted the device, my muscles start pulling it in and out straight away. I’m not complaining, it feels great, but I have only read that it takes 10 – 15 mins of contractions for this to occur..? – I know everyone is different, but does this happen for anyone else?

The aftermath of a Super O?

It’s been around 2 days since my first Super O, and every ten minutes or so since, I get a shooting sensation of gasmic bliss up my bum. It shoots from my prostate to my tummy, leaves a slight sensation of butterflies, like I’ve just gone over a small drop in a car. it lasts nano seconds each time. Are these (A-less) P waves?