Action starts when falling asleep! Help!

I’ve been practising for a few years with hardly any results. Started with Mindgasm and apart from one session when I got the alternating muscle contractions (which caused me to panic & lose it!) I’ve had no results at all. I recently tried the 20m relaxing, 10m breathing/contractions, 10m holding a low contraction & then doing nothing. I’ve got a strong rolling contraction going on but nothing happens, nothing pleasurable as such. Until I fall asleep it seems! I wake up with my heart racing & strong contractions that stop as I wake up. The other night I woke up in a state of bliss, felt like I was floating – but again, I lost it as I gradually woke up.

Any ideas what to do next? How do I stay awake during this! I’m guessing it’s a relaxation thing but I’m not sure what to do next. I’m already so relaxed I’m falling asleep!! ☺️

Thanks in advance…

question about being mindfull/mindset

So, I’m reading about being mindfull and stuff, but nobody tells me how to do it?
I having hard times with guided meditations. Music-only seems to get me more relaxed but still not anywhere near of what is needed for prostate pleasure using any Aneros toy.

I also noticed bigger doesn’t seem to be doing it better. With the Progasm and the Maximus I noticed if I start to get somewhere it won’t stay in even while holding a pillow between my legs or wearing pants. I also got a Squarepegs MilkIt, but it didn’t do much aside of being almost impossible to insert thanks to the squishyness. It was pressed out kinda soon, too. Sitting on it didn’t felt that good, too.

What’s a good way for that mindfullnes? Any good stuff on youtube or elsewhere I should try?

First time with the Progasm Ice – wow.

I have had the most incredible session this morning. I started off with my Helix Syn to warm myself up for the progasm, I was a little anxious about the size and girth. I’d only planned to use the Helix for half an hour or so until I was properly warmed up but 3 hours later… oops. I was just so relaxed I didn’t want to move, my session was really nice and had a lot of good feelings but nothing ground breaking.

Eventually I sort of came round from my relaxed state and took out the helix, lubed up the progasm which made me very horny all on its own. I love how big and girth it is, it feels so sleek too and I ended up stroking it as if it were my cock. I laid back and pushed it against me, it felt soo big. After a little pushing and more relaxing it eventually slid inside me, but definitely didn’t slip in the way the helix does, this big boy was stretching me and it felt amazing. Feeling it go all the way in was so sexy to me, cold, girthy, slippery goodness filling me up, I was incredibly horny. When it hit my prostate it just felt amazing. I relaxed back and started some deep breathing. First impressions were that I was really going to have to work hard to fully relax around it, I was finding it more difficult now.

For successful users: What are your favorite aneros models?

I was curious to know from other successful aneros users: What are your top/favorite aneros models? What I mean by other successful users is: Aneros users that can achieve dry orgasms/super O’s, consistently. I think this is very valuable information and I’m surprised there are no polls for this!

I don’t want to discourage newbs from posting their experiences on this forum in any way, just gather specific data in this post out of curiosity, which I think can be useful for everyone.

I’ve tried different models including the Progasm, Helix, MGX, SGX, Epho, Maximus, over the course of 15 years, if they have been out that long I can’t remember exactly. I have always prefered the trident versions over the softer models, and now I only own the trident versions.

For me, the MGX trident has always been hands down my favorite model because of how consistently I get dry O’s from it. It’s really surprising to me because it’s almost never mentioned in the forums and it looks so basic compared to the other models you wouldn’t think it would do much.

I am considering trying some other models like the peridise which I keep seeing praised over and over.

tips for someone who feels like they’re really close to prostate O, but just can’t seem to “get there”

For a bit of context, i’ve been using aneros devices off and on for a couple of years now (bought my first model roughly 4 to 5 years ago).

There wasn’t too much to be felt pleasure-wise which basically led to a pattern of me picking it up for a little and then putting it back down when I didn’t feel like any real progress was being made.

I picked it up once again around late 2021 with the intention of practicing more frequently. I would have sessions maybe once a week or so but increased that to 3-4 per week over the past 4-5 months up to now. In that time i’ve made great progress but just can’t seem to get over the hump or make it to the next milestone if you will.

My sessions usually last 2 hours and I tend to opt for the “do nothing” method. During a good session I will sometimes experience some very good and strong p-waves, feel pleasure through my body and just genuinely enjoy my sessions from start to finish. I’m still learning the ropes and working on identifying what i’m feeling in each moment but I think I may have had a small anal orgasm during my last session which was pleasant, but I don’t think i’ve had a prostate orgasm yet. During the more intense sessions/waves, my body will start to feel super light almost as if i’m being lifted out of my body but it only lasts for a moment. At first it was scary but now i’m familiar with it and have learned to let go and enjoy. All of what was just mentioned pretty much sums up my sessions lately and I just want to see if there are any changes I could make (mental or physical) to maybe boost my results and take myself to the legendary super O.

Small Peridise is GOAT

For the passed 4 months, despite owning nearly every aneros product, I’ve been juggling between the Eupho Trident and Helix Trident (and the 950 most recently)… trying to find out which ones produced the types or orgasms I liked more.

Sometimes, sessions with the Eupho would eclipse the Helix and vise versa, but I could never really decidedly choose one over the other. For the last 3 nights, I decided to give one of my more neglected toys a try, the smaller peridise.

Not having a perineum handle thing, I wasn’t expecting much… but I was wrong. The last 3 nights in a row produced the most ticklish, tingly, intense and constant orgasms ever. It was unfathomly good… so much so that in the middle of another super-o, I was like “I can’t wait to tell the boys about this one!” Lol. By the end of my session last night (5 hours on and off), I decided not to keep going, not because my body was exhausted from all the toe curling, back arching spasms… but because I’ve never felt so satisfied before in my life.

When I’m in a GOOD session, I test it by playing a game… “try not to moan.” If I can hold back moaning, then the session, while still good, isn’t peak bliss. If I can’t hold back a moan, then that’s when I confirm to myself that this is extremely intense… and once I make that confirmation, I completely let go and the orgasms spike even higher in intensity. It was peak bliss.

Questions about rewiring process as a newbie

I just recently got the program jr as my first aneros toy. I am not a newbie to anal as I have used many standard toys such as, dildos, and vibrators. In general would say I am quite experienced with anal play as I have been doing it for several years. However I have been struggling to rewire and learning to feel with only my prostate and have some questions.

-How long does it take to rewire on average
-Starting out should I be doing anything at all eg. listening to audio, watching porn, etc. or should I just focus on the toy
-During the rewiring process should I edge before sessions
-Does masturbation slow it down
-What am I looking to feel and focus on like everyone says

Excuse any grammatical mistakes as this was written on my phone.

Forgot to add a few things. I have had about 5 or so sessions so far with little to no luck. First 2 sessions felt some good vibes and thats it. I have not been masturbating for about 1 week.

Really good session!

Started off with a good clean out, pre-lubed with Shea butter, and lubed up the Eupho and inserted. Got the Eupho comfortable and situated while I started to vaporize my weed. Vaporizing is a new method for me so I took it slow, 4-5 puffs at a time and then wait about 5 minutes to judge the high. Ended up with probably 20 hits for a perfect mild buzz. Had a lot of O’s, certainly not the strongest ones I’ve had but still good. Had a little kink happen partway through the session; received a call I was expecting from the animal hospital. The lady put me on hold for a while and I was rocked by some really good orgasms with the thought of her coming back on the line. She did indeed come back on when I was mid orgasm but I was able to very rapidly regain my composure. Some real firsts happened too. I managed to get a really serious orgasm from the Edge and some really serious orgasms aless after removing the Edge. Another first happened in the shower after the session. I luxuriously soaped myself up and was rocked by a few aless orgasms. I also managed to find my prostate externally. Rubbing it was rocket sauce for orgasms!

The Eupho undid me

I’ve had the Helix Syn for a few weeks. It is wonderful! I’ve had some amazing pleasure with it but nothing like what happened when I inserted the Eupho today.

I woke up, showered and cleaned up, put in the Helix, and went to have breakfast. I did some shopping at the grocery store. I couldn’t help but wonder if the reason why the people were staring at me was because of the perpetual smile I had or what?

I left and decided to go to the local adult store to buy the Eupho I saw in there last week. I didn’t buy it then because it honestly looked too small. But, I came to these posts and saw so many people rave about it. Those who have it, all mentioned something to the effect of not letting the size fool you. I gave in.