Looking for my first

I’m looking for a recommendation of what my first Aneros should be and from where.

It’s currently Friday night and I’d love to get it by early in the week next week so I’m trying to see my options on where to purchase as well. In the past I’ve gotten a couple cheap butt plugs (Anal Fantasy?) and I’ve enjoyed them both, but I’m wanting to take a step up to get a real prostate massager.

I’ve been browsing their website and I’ve been looking at the MGX Trident, any opinions? Or should I go to the older models?

Confused about the meaning of being Aroused to start a session.

We often see tips/advises like this in the same post :

– Clean the slate. ( Relax , meditate or “Put out of your mind all of the thought processes by which you achieve a traditional penile orgasm.”)


– Start your Aneros sessions aroused.

What do they mean by aroused in this case ? Sexually or not aroused ?

I don’t know what to do, i traditionally look at photos , porn video, etc… first to be aroused first and after i do my sessions (some time i lets some selected photos (no video, too distracting), that i love to watch , slideshow on TV while lying on Sofa to help with staying “aroused”). that doesn’t “work” for me any way.

Free Aneros Helix Syn from Amazon

Hey guys,

i just ordered a Aneros Helix Syn from amazon and to be honest, i was not sure about the order so i tried to cancel the order. unfortunately it didnt work, so today i received my package with the aneros helix syn. So far so good, normally its totally easy to send a package back to amazon and you get your money back, so i wanted to print the retoure translucent. It wasnt possible. I began to chat with a guy from the amazon support and asked if there is a possibility to send it back and get my money back. (I ordered it for 48 € which is very cheap here in Germany, normally its about 60-70 €). He told me I dont have to send it back and I’ll also get my money back and can do whatever I want with the Aneros – I can keep it or throw in the trash. I was surprised and felt lucky.
tbh: its the first time something like that happened to me.

SO i opened the Anerox Helix Syn and it was shrik wrapped in a plastic foil. inside there was the typical Aneros Box.
When i opened the Box the Helix was inside, but it was not in a foil or something like that. Is that normal?

Are We Over-Analyzing Our Aneros Sessions’ Experiences?

No session last night. I am only in SR Day 2 but slept in my XO ProCup overnight. What a feeling! This morning, before I got up for the day, I began to think about the “chastity cups” that I wear. They really only consist of 4 “pieces”: waistband, leg straps, pouch and hard cup. But the way they all come together around the male anatomy is nothing short of amazing! That combination seems to go straight to the center of the male libido. While lying in bed, I am again thwarted from fondling or even touching my male package! I can touch all-around the hard plastic “cup” but I can’t do anything else! So frustrating!


A little later-on, I am reading some recent forum posts and, pardon me, but it seems that we Aneros gents are “over-analyzing” our prostates! I am probably just as guilty as the next guy. But hey, after all, what are we doing to our prostates? We have this anatomically-correct piece of plastic that we are inserting you-know-where (lubed, of course) and the rest is up to us. Our bodies’ response is going to happen or it isn’t. And if it doesn’t, well, there is always another time and place.

Hotel Session

Stayed at a hotel in Va a few weeks back after visiting the gym so i could have some alone time and an aneros session. To prepare mysef i gave myself an enema so i was cleaned out. I also shaved my ballsack and trimmed my pubiv hair rather short. I took a shower and covered myself with lavender baby oil which caused my body to glow. I smoked a bit to mellow the mood and also took a V pill. Then with all the lights off i watched some porn fir about an hour. As i did i got a hard on which was very intense. I inserted my helix after lubing it up. The room i was in had a large window adjacent to the bed. The room was on the back of the motel and faced a hill. There was an apartment at the top of the hill which looked down at the room. From the rooms window i looked up and saw a couple in one of the apartment windows. It was dark in my room but i had purposely left the bathroom light on which caused the room to be dimly lit so that anyone looking in could see me lying in the bed. I stood naked in front of the window and saw that the couple were sitting at a table and pointing to the room so i know that they saw me. I has drawn the curtain open which made this possible. Now that i knew i was being watched, i lay down on the bed and began my session. Knowing that i was being watched and i was putting on a show made the session more intense than usual. After about 45 minutes of squeezing and releasing i started to lose control and started shaking for a period of time with each squeeze. As i did i was moaning loudly and i could feel precum oozing out. I guess if you were standing in the hall or where in an adjacent room then you were treated to an iral show as well. At first the shaking was short but as i continued the squeezes and holdings became loner which caused me to shake more violently and for a loner period of time. By now it was getting more difficult to stop and rest and the mini orgasms were so frequent that they flowed into each other. Precum was now oozing out continually. My moanings grew louder and i drifted off into a super O which seemed to last forever until i uncontrollably ejactulated thrusting my hips violently as i did. After finally stopping, i just ly there exhausted! After abor 15 minutes i was able to get up and went over to the window. I saw the couple sitting by the table. The guy saw me and gave me a thumbs up. In his other hand i spied a video camera. I had truly put on a performance for these two! I then slowly closed the curtain!

the Vice or the Helix?

Can’t decide between the two.

Relatively new to everything. Don’t want to buy a Helix only to realize I should have gotten a Vice for the vibrations.

Which should I get to ensure longevity of usage? I’m leaning towards the Vice but it’s almost triple the price of the Helix. The price itself isn’t a deterrent. I’m mainly concerned with the difference between the two.

Also, does Aneros ship these in discreet packaging? I can’t have an obvious sex toy sitting on my doorstep all day while I am at work. I live in a neighborhood with lots of children and foot traffic.

Cleaning-Out My Blog Posts

You may have noticed recently that I “cleaned-out” a lot of my old blog posts. I just felt the time was right to do this and move-on. Of course, there are still plenty of topics (some new and some old) which can be presented, perhaps in a new way.

I’ve done this for two reasons: First, it will help me to get re-established in the Aneros blogs. Second, it may encourage others to “pick up the baton” and post some blogs of their own. I enjoy writing (and reading) the Aneros blogs!


Jocks & Cups, Kegels, Aneros, etc. –> Going deep and Sexual touch!

Hi guys,

Getting my very first BIKE CUP Supporter unit, no. 85 at that sporting goods store on Thursday April 10, 1986 was an event that changed my life. I believe that it was one of the best products that the BIKE Athletic Company manufactured for support, protection, and comfort for athletes competing in contact sports, such as baseball. I ordered actually a lot more of this protect for my burgeoning jock and cup collection for the two or three years it was manufactured.

I wore this jock and cup last night. We have a long stretch of rainy weather the last few days. A couple hours of thunderstorms are scheduled for this afternoon which will usher in a drier stretch of weather. Anyway BIKE CUP Supporter Unit feels like a sock. It is perfect for Kegeling in. I slept like a baby in the early hours before sunrise this morning while it rained cats and dogs outside.

Actually I discovered that I could wear this cup and jock comfortably to bed the very night in 1986 after purchasing it. The elongated, contoured and banana shape of this athletic cup not only scooped my genitalia, but I fell in love who the bottom edge of this cup covered my perineum and even massaged it. It is interesting that I discovered unconsciously that night the Kegel Exercises.

“Crossing The Aneros Bridge”

Many of the posts on Aneros Forums allude to the inability to let-go during prostate massage sessions. I have found that the following “imagery” helps me to let go of that control.

I visualize myself getting ready to cross a bridge over a moat and into a castle. I am told that I cannot bring anything into the castle except a prostate massager and some lube. Everything else must stay outside of the castle. I must clear my mind of any “clutter”. When I feel “ready”, I insert the massager and cross-over the bridge. I am in Aneros Castle!


Therefore, when I cross-over the moat, I am well-prepared for any feelings that may occur during the upcoming session. I am encouraged to fantasize and to visualize what I am feeling. In my opinion, it is important to select a fantasy which “matches” the feeling. For example, in this morning’s session, I once again am in my urologist’s office and being prepared for a prostate exam. I must “retain” the massager for a minimum of 30 minutes. I basically attempted the “do-nothing” technique but with the involuntary contractions developing, that was very hard to do. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to re-position myself but the contractions just followed my current position. All-in-all, a very good session!