Recovery from a food illness and surviving the heatwave here

Hi guys,

Saturday morning I ate some tainted ground beef that made me violently sick overnight Saturday and all day Sunday. I suspected that I suffered a case of food poisoning. My body reacted with bouts of vomiting and diarrhea throughout the night. I was glad when dawn arrived. But I suffered runs of diarrhea throughout Sunday. Sunday evening near sunset I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get medicine to put a prompt end to the diarrhea and fast next day Monday. While I felt better afterward, I had to deal with episodes of hiccups however. I discovered a few days ago that meditation is useful for alleviating the hiccups.

The DC area has had a brutal heatwave the last three days. Tomorrow night Monday it will end for sure with the arrival of a cold front accompanied by thunderstorms.

Last night I wore m BIKE CUP Support Unit to bed and slept like a baby. Last weekend’s illness caused me to not wear my jocks and cups and caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. But wearing a jock and cup to bed marks an important step in my recovery.

It is now 97 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors at 3 p.m. We are supposed to reach 98 degrees.

So now I have donned my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit and am wearing it underneath a pair of camouflage cargo shorts along with a UA T-shirt. I enjoy Kegeling in my jock and cup along with diddling my nipples. This uncanny combination is so sweet and consoling.

I got the Super O four times tonight

So, I’ve been messing around with my aneros for years. I remember laying in my bunk in my freshman dorm, with my toy inside of me as my roommate toss and turned in his sleep. But I got nothing!! I tried over and over and over again for the past 9 years. I pick up the toy when I was feeling adventurous, only to put it back in the drawer for a couple more months. About a year ago I finally gave up.

Until recently, I stumbled upon this subreddit and decided to give it another go. I bought a Program towards the middle of May. That night after work I was so excited I unboxed it and suck it directly in. I think the excitement got me to my first p wave. I am beginning to twitch, and breath heavy. My whole body headed up and I was filled with a how! Then I started moaning (and voice recording – kind of want to post), and the convulsions became involuntary. IT HAD FINALLY HAPPENED!! I just had my first Super O.

I’ve had a few p waves but no Super O’s until tonight. But I started to learn how to control my PC muscles and that was the game changer.

I stuck in my Helix. I instantly started to feel contact. But this time I wasn’t touching my dick. My mind started to wander, but I brought it back to the my sense of touch. My prostate sensations were almost unbearable, it actually felt like it was stinging. But I was determined so I let my my wander to the old spank bank.

How much movement?

Hey guys,

I have a Eupho Trident and Helix Trident/Helix Trident Syn. Haven’t had much luck getting any real pleasure from them, and I’m trying to figure out why. I’ve been reading people referring to the aneros as “dancing” once the involuntary contractions hit (which I still haven’t been able to trigger yet…).

So my question is, exactly how much movement does the aneros have when you guys contract? I noticed that even with a lot of lube (silicone), the toy does not move in and out when I contract as if something or someone was controlling it. That said, I definitely do feel it pressing against my prostate whenever I contract, but that’s just because my muscles push everything in. The toy doesn’t move independent to the anus, if that makes sense?

The thing is, I have fairly large internal hemorrhoids, so my guess is that is stopping the “movement”? It’s either that or there’s no actual movement beyond what I described of the contractions pushing everything in?

Helix too small?

So I took the plunge on a aneros and picked up the Helix Trident a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit I really did enjoy it the first couple of times, no orgasm but definitely mass amount of p-waves.

I learned my PC and anal muscles needed some exercising so I have spent my time with it focusing on kegals and building up the muscles around the area.

I had issues with it slipping out when I would get right on the edge but focusing on keep my anal sphincter tight has helped. My problem is focusing on that muscle ruins the experience, yet it seems to pop out when I get ‘close’ in the positions that feel the best if I’m not squeezing to hold it in. The position that feel best for me are mainly doggy and on my back legs straight up or bent with a pillow under the small of my back.

I also noticed that the aneros doesn’t seem to “fill” me. I can feel lots of space between the toy and my prostate. I do play with larger toys from time to time so I’m wondering if maybe I’m just to “stretched” for the Helix?

Anyone else figure out they just needed the XL model and that solved their issues? Will the bigger ones stay in more firmly or do I need to just keep at it and eventually it will become like autopilot?

Can you forget your Penis? I struggle.

Honestly I can say I have been a serious user of the Aneros products for several years and still struggle to forget about my Penis during my sessions, and to not have expectations of orgasmic bliss. Early in my experiences I struggled complete a session without grabbing my penis and giving it some good old jacking fun. I struggled with expecting some amazing crazy full bodied orgasm only to end up blowing my load all over my naked body.

Focus on what my prostate is feeling. It took a while. And many different methods of experimenting until I got it. Focus on the prostate sensations in the mid section and the feeling of the prostate being touched. Focus on that, not the penis, not the erection that you may or may not have. The only sensation you should be looking for in your penis is, does it feel like it’s leaking. And if so your on the right track.

Long Journey

I started this adventure in 2008 Did not go well for me first five years and threw 2 devices away, However i kept getting called back. I think it is official that the last three years have been worth the wait. The last 6 months have been my most rewarding. I now have the time and the patience to relax and enjoy and have learned so many things along the way good and bad. My typical session now is 45 mins to a hour, i can have up to 3 pleasurable events during that time. mini o’s, o’s, maybe super o’s not sure how to label but i have learned it does not matter it all feels good. i can end every session with a very pleasurable HFWO if i want to and usually do about every two weeks. I have not had to touch my cock to come in months but i did the other day just for old times sake. Still felt good by the way. I am also now having great success with a-less sessions wich are great if you have limited time or privacy issues. Today i was feeling the urge but had to leave in about 30 mins. i had to get changed to go out so i decided to lay on the bed naked and give it a try. the room was warm but the ac was on and the ceiling fan was blowing just right stimulating my skin and genital area. I have developed good nipple stimulation techniques and with in minutes the pleasure was building. today was a little different though i was having very quick but strong uncontrollable contractions or twitches like a orgasmic contraction but only one at a time and spaced out every ten seconds or so. My cock got very hard but I did not feel like i was going to cum. The spasms kept happening short and quick hard to explain. I new I was short on time so I think that was in the back of my mind. had to stop but I have to say was probably one of the most unusual and enjoyable sessions to date. No tsure if I was on to something that could have been even more amazing if I had had the time to continue, but I guess that is what will get me back the next time. This is definitly a mind set and once you can realize that and enjoy whats happening it all seems easy. so glad I had the desire to keep at it for so long, I think the best is yet to Cum.

Im not sure if I’m Fou any of this right but my libido and stamina is amazingly different.

Did I get the right aneros:
nope , too big. I started with the progasm ice

Am I doing keegels correctly?

I’m not sure🤔
I don’t even know how to spell keegels. I just clench and unclench rhythmically for an hour. Last night I did it for two hours. I love it when those muscles down there get fatigued and warm and tight.

Have I gotten a super O?

Nope , not in the first 3 weeks. But it’s like I’m drawing into some other energy source that buzzes through me long after a session or keegel exercise.

Are my erections better?
Rock hard. And lasts longer. I had sex once and didn’t even finish and still really enjoyed it a lot. It’s like I was deriving my pleasure from a deeper source. I was then able to enjoy my wife a lot more.

I think if I have the time and space and privacy that most fathers/ husbands don’t have in my bracket of life that I can achieve a super O. But that’s not even why I like this now. It started off as my main goal but the journey is so much more enriching.

Because my sex drive is fixed, and more controlled than ever before I’m finding different ways to be ensnared by my wife because I can stay at a low – mid level of sexual hunger for a longer period of time. And through that season of ‘hunger’ I get to lust and day dream about my wife’s skin and hair and ….. I can go on about her forever.

Trying to push over the edge

I’ve been using my helix pretty regularly for the past two months every couple days and I’ve gotten to the point where I can start feeling what I assume are P waves around every other session. It feels like that feeling like I’m about to cum but I feel it in my perineum, balls and dick, and my inner thighs.

I feel like I’m so close when I feel these waves I just can’t go over the edge and then the feelings go away. Is this supposed to feel like you reach an end point or does the feeling just get stronger and stronger and that’s basically it?

Play the long game and you will never regret it

Aneros may feel like a waste of money for a couple of weeks and maybe even months. I am the most impatient man in the world but I wanted to find deep depths of male sexuality and buy did the helix and then eupho provide that. To have the legal control it believes will make you be able to control your climax so precisely with chicks and docs and all found new exciting prospects this wonder has lead me to.

Be patient you will get there don’t expect anything enjoy every thing these toys can reach that nothing else can.

You will then end up being able to find deep pleasure even without. (I discovered this in my office chair and it got awkward but hot and messy with myself!)