“Relax, It’s Only Chastity!”

No session last night. But I awoke around 12:30 AM with a stiff one. I decided to wear my XO “chastity cup” —- and that got me thinking…..

The “chastity cups” I wear could be interpreted as a piece of erotic fetishism. Yes, they cradle and caress my manly “package” with authority: they could be considered to be ultra-sexy. However, in reality, in my case, they are nothing more than a means to an end. That is, they prevent me from enjoying the pleasures of male masturbation. Do I need this? I believe I do. Without it, I am prone to my wandering hands’ eagerness for pleasure and gratification. And an erection within the cup only adds to the temptation.

Just relaxing into the satisfying feeling of chastity is rewarding enough for me. If I can keep my head where it belongs, I can endure the reality of night-time erections (NPTs). But the added pressure of a testosterone boost (I am now again in Day 7 of SR) does take my “chastity game” to a new dimension! It’s like trying to ignore an itch—-it needs to be scratched! The same way with a sexual urge. It can be ignored, but only up to a point. Eventually, that itch just has to be scratched! What is my sexual “strength” to ignore the itch? I am tested almost daily!

Reality Check
The subconscious mind stores everything you ever did in life. Here is a definition:

“Sorry, Guy, Your Cock Is Off-Limits But Your Prostate Is Not!”

I had my annual urological checkup yesterday. Having had a PSA blood test 2-weeks ago, I always am a little apprehensive until I hear the number. Well, I’m happy to report that my PSA was again quite low (1.7)! My urologist also performed a thorough DRE and said my prostate is in fine shape! What a relief! I celebrated with a nice dinner out with my wife!

I had a nice session early this morning. I thought I would select the HIH 950 but instead went with the SGX. It was a good choice: right from the start, I began to experience anal contractions (almost like an anal orgasm). I am again wearing my Mueller “chastity cup” — I had a brief respite this week due to some groin irritation caused by a flare-up of a skin tag. That seems to have cleared-up and I am again placing my cock “off-limits” but not my prostate! And while relaxing this morning, just chilling, I began to dwell more on this topic…..

I began to meditate on the fact the quite a few of us Aneros men have issues with sex in the usual sense. I am no exception. But that does not mean that we guys cannot obtain sexual pleasure and relief. It’s just that we do it another way. Let me explain…..

Interesting night

Had an ok session last night. Was getting small shots of bliss, no orgasm, maybe a couple small small ones.
On my side at one point and I had a few involuntary PC contractions, I assume, which were very powerful and involved my abs as well. That was new. Felt like my heartbeat kicked them.
I pulled the plug and went to sleep only to be awoken three times to very hard erections with major contractions. I can almost tell time by my boners during the night.
Last one was about 4:00 AM. I started wanking and it felt like a whopper brewing, but lost my fire and no TO. which is ok because I was not disposed to dealing with what was building up to be a firehose of an ejaculation.
Going to have to leave off for the weekend, I think. Short trip to take care of some business.
Definite progress though.


New to prostate massage/Helix Syn

I’ve been interested in the idea of prostate play/massage for a while, but have never tried it. I’m 39 and married, but my wife is extremely conservative in the bedroom – unfortunately.

So, wanting to try it, since I have to go it alone, I bought the Helix Syn. I read a lot of comments and suggestions on here about what to do before I started. I had to wait until I knew I had the house to myself for a while since I can’t do it with my wife home.

I got naked in our bedroom, put on some porn, laid down on the bed and started. I lubed my finger and started to massage in and around my anus. Then I lubed up the Syn and slowly inserted it. My penis was flaccid at this point, but I didn’t touch it. I just tried to relax.

I started tightening and relaxing my muscles, trying to feel some sort of pleasure. I did this for close to an hour. My penis barely got hard, and I finally caved and masturbated to finish. Every once in awhile, it would feel like the Syn was sliding out, but it wasn’t.

I guess what I’m asking is what should I be feeling? Am I doing something wrong? I was hoping for this incredible experience – physically and emotionally. Should I lower my expectations? Should I look for other toys? Thanks for reading. Any help you can give a first-timer would be great.

Eupho use during sex!

Since Aneros claims that the eupho is perfect for use during sex I figured it would be my duty to give it a try. My wife had been asking about sex with the aneros in for a while. So with the addition of the eupho to my collection the time was fitting. Monday night knowing we would be I left the eupho laying on her night stand with a note that said “you can use this on me”. Fast forward to our time in bed together during for play she lubed it up and slipped it inside of me. I immediately got those wonderful pleasure sensations of my aroused and swollen prostate being lightly brushed by the toy. My wife had left my man parts alone during foreplay, she kissed and touched her way down from my neck to my lowers, stopping to kiss and touch around near my penis and balls. Ending up at my ass with her hand, she gently touched my ass hole with her finger, more of a teasing, and teasing my perineum as well. I was well aroused when she put the aneros in. Once it was in she rolled over onto her back legs spread, and that was my hint. Once in her, with some light slow thrusting I could feel the eupho dancing lightly touching my prostate. The pleasure was amazing, not to much but almost to much. The sensation of my penis in the soft, warm and wet environment combined with the leaking sensation the movement of the eupho was giving was amazing. After a few minutes she wanted to take a ride on top. I wasnt going to stop her. While readjusting I gave a couple light contractions and was oozing. My wife and I like to sometimes sit still with me inside and use kegals on eachother. My wife bearing down on my felt great as always, with her bearing down I threw in a kegal, the sensation was too much. We both released she went to the top of my penis, clamped down, told me to clench and hold. Half way on her decent down I was in trouble, there was no abort action, delay or anyway to get my self from exploding. I could feel the eupho dancing rapidly and my ejaculation reflexes were going. Kissing my prostate with every move of the massager I orgasm-ed. Full bodied, toes curled, eyes closed, I could feel the cum rising up out of me. My wife just kept on going, riding to her own moaning orgasms seconds later. This is defiantly going to become something we throw in from now on.

The beat goes on

Been working at it four nights running with minor events and glute shakes. Trying to get my relaxation on.
Last night was more of the same, nothing mind blowing yet.
I tried on my knees next to the bed and ended up grabbing my cock and got excited till I had a TO. That was rather intense.
Woke up at 4AM with a hard cock and experienced a bit of an aless with some precum.
Today might be interesting because I have the butt buzz.


First time

Tried it for the first time.
Had a relaxing bath and inserted.
Felt full like I needed a poop.
Got out of bath and dried off removed it re lubed an it went in easier.
Getting used to the feeling of having it in!!
Just going to relube it again.
Relived it but had to sit on loo!!
Removed it again and will try again in the next while.
Not unpleasant but the full feeling makes me feel I need the loo.

“My Cock…..Exposed!”

After my TO yesterday, I was wiped-out for about half-a-day. No energy, feeling “blah”. I did rebound by the later afternoon, however. I noticed I had some groin irritation probably caused by my extended wearing of “chastity cups” and so I decided to go “cold-turkey” without them for a few days for improvement.

So I slept last night in nothing but my PJs. Of course, the NPTs woke me up a couple times during the night. What to do? Well, all I could do was roll-over on my side, take some pressure off my cock and “try” to get back to sleep….which I eventually did.

Release from Chastity
Of course, I have trouble keeping my hands off my cock when not in chastity, so the next couple of days will be challenging for me. But I am only in Day 2 of SR again, so I am not anxious in the least to ejaculate again.

This release from chastity will have its pros and its cons. On the pro side, I will be able to enjoy any erections that I experience for the next few days. I will see and feel each one. It may even make for a more romantic “setting” in the bedroom! But on the con side, it may hasten my desire for another ejaculation. And with sufficient arousal, it may provide me with an opportunity to experience the “blue-balls” feeling once again.

Press on Regardless

So, Ive had my helix syn for a few weeks, one of which i had to leave it at home while on vacation with the family and three grandchildren.
Didn’t look to be any opportunities for alone time in 1200 ft cabin.

I’ve been hitting it off and on, with a few minor episodes of goodness.
Twice, I’ve fallen asleep with it, only to wake up at 3 AM having a wonderful time for 10 or 15 seconds.
So I know my wires are capable of working.
No had any success while conscious yet.

Had a few passing episodes at work. so there’s that.

I think my major malfunction is getting my 62 year old body wound up sufficiently to get off to a good start.
I still get erections during sleep, so the plumbing is functioning.

Press on