This had to be a Super-O

I’m convinced this had to be a Super-O.

So I decided to have a session to kill a bit of time. I was already in the mood so I decided to get ready.

This time, I decided to go back to the original way I was trying to have SuperOs, laying face down with a gap around by dick area so to avoid short-circuiting. I laid there, thought about some things that aroused me, and just tried to keep a gentle squeeze, and if my body responded with a tighter squeeze I tried to push it back out a bit and maintain the softer contraction.

Then in my mind my fantasy was growing, soon my brain was fully on it and the Aneros would move in and out on it’s own. I was still trying to hold the squeeze, and I was so I felt very subtle movements that kept hitting my prostate and sending amazing tingly warm feelings to the head of my dick.

The more absorbed by my fantasy I was, the more turned on I got. I was already playing with my nipples and was really feeling good. Shortly after I began screaming with pleasure.

Next thing I know, I couldn’t perceive the world any more. I thought I was far away from my body, but my prostate and dick felt like they were 20 times their size. I could not comprehend reality anymore. It was almost like I was on mind altering drugs! It wasn’t just my body, I honestly thought I was in some sort of black hole, but I could not comprehend where I was anymore. I can’t explain it, but holy shit it felt amazing.

Discovering edging and aless

Okay WOW.
as i posted on the forum I recently read again the multi orgasmic man, actually its the first time that I read it after starting using the aneros.

I decided to start edging again and this time it seems that I really got the hang of it and i found myself edging 2-3 times a day for three days straight.
On the third day I had an unplanned opportunity for a session and boy, I sure as hell needed this session.
I was already started to feel for the first time aless sensations and I couldn’t wait to slip the aneros in.
Apparently I was too exited because i had to have 10 minutes to get in the zone and relax, when I did the I could feel the aneros buzzing like never before and for the first time i think i got my mini o 30 minutes to the session. I planned the session not to be more than 45 minutes but I was so into the new sensation that I wanted to see what would happen next.
as soon as I reached the time limit i put on myself it felt like my head opened up and I had the feeling of spinning in space I started to breath heavily, whole body shaking soon followed, I could feel myself climbing the arousal ladder but i reached a point where i got stuck and then slide down.
A bit disappointed I concluded my session after 1.5 hour from the start. I pulled out the Aneros but my arousel was so high that i had to ejaculate, so I did and it was the most intense penile orgasm of my life.

A “Fearless” Edging Session

[Sorry, the expletives are necessary to convey the true feeling of this session.]

Well, I am into a new Day 10 of SR. Guys, I don’t know what got into me this morning. I was relaxing on the sofa in the early AM and listening to a favorite “lucid wet dream” binaural at very low volume. They are very low, pulsating tones and they feel good. I still had a small towel beneath my night boxers just in case. Anyway, I was just laying there and it suddenly hit me: I want to do a “real” edging session. Not a pussy-foot, beat-around-the bush session. But a real, no-holds-barred, so what if I ejaculate, “fearless” one. But what if I come? “F**K it!” I thought to myself. If I go off, what the f**k? I’ll never know the feeling unless I try. So I embarked on this very risky “mission”. At first, I was timidly stroking and caressing my scrotum like I have done many times before. But the intensity and the techniques changed quickly as I got further into this session. The scrotal strokes became more sweeping and faster. The erect penis was being engaged more and more. I was stroking it from every direction, side-to-side, up-and-down, round-and-round. The base, the shaft, the head. And even my nipples became absorbed in the action. I felt my head and it was starting to get wet. But I didn’t stop there. I continued stroking and getting closer to the PONR. It didn’t matter, I was fearless and, as I said before, F**K the consequence! At this point, I had an “attitude”.

First MMO

I feel like a wet noodle while I am writing this. I can honestly say I just had my first MMO session. Three to be exact. First one was very mild dry O contractions, Second one more intense, leg trembling strong dry O contractions full erection. Third one i was all over the place rocking back and forth started as dry O finished wet O. The session started out slow thought it was going to be a dud, but I had the time and the privacy so I stayed with it. I did need to do some light touching of the tip of my cock and nipple stim to get things started but once it was going not much cock contact at all. There was some down time between O’s and just a little rub of the tip got things going again. unbelievable! should sleep good tonight.

Thursday morning session, 8/25/16 ; Oh, the sweetness and power found in Aneros sessions, Aless and the Kegels!

Hi guys,

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post, I engaged with my Aless along with several sets of Kegels that felt more and more pleasurable as I continued to do them, along with sheer sexual power. This happened on a city bus on a way for business that I would hope would continue for much of the day, but didn’t. So I arrived back home before 10 a.m. and sat immobilized at my PC dazed just thinking what happened on the bus and occasionally performing sets of Kegels.

Last night, I went to bed at the usual hour and slept reasonably well. However, I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. and listened to programs on my walkman radio. I also did more sets of Kegels of many types and was getting more and more turned by them.

Finally I had an early morning session at 5:30 a.m. this morning with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Ivory which lasted about 1.25 hours. MGX really performed well this morning, especially when I laid on my right side and let him do his own thing. MGX massaged my anal canal/musculature and prostate in amazing new ways. When I withdrew MGX, I had a delicious, plump, semi-hardon! Maximus and Progasm Ivory also performed well, but they seemed anticlimactic compared to MGX. I engaged Progasm Ivory in several sets of direct Kegels which caused a copious ooze of precum from my dick Glans meatus!

Tuesday morning session “quickie” 8/23/2016 ; Kegels do work! Yeah, especially with Aless! *

Hi guys,

Last night we had a low of 64 here, so different from weeks of heat and humidity, when we have lows in the 70’s even low 80’s in high summer here. So I slept reasonably last night, but even if these days the sun rises at 6:30 a.m., I get up early because I live the life of a disciplined retired scholar/librarian.

I decided to have a session this morning because early tomorrow Wednesday I appointment away from the apartment. So I brought out in order my favorite Aneros tools: MGX, Helix Classic, and Maximus. I love the ribbed action of MGX, the direct, fairly aggressive action of Helix Classic, and the penetration that Maximus gives me. This morning I allowed these three models to work for me, although I did perform sets of Kegels on them. The session only lasted about an hour.

The directions for use of either Pro-State Massagers as manufactured by High Island Health, Inc and the Aneros massagers as manufactured by Aneros, Inc. suggest sessions two or three times a week, 20-45 minutes per session.
New Aneros users may require sessions that last even longer. I am try to shorten my sessions gradually. It is difficult to do that when sessions are so laden with desire.

Oh, I so want to get the Classic Aneros from the Original Aneros product line as advertised on #FlashbackFriday on! I wonder if the Classic Aneros model is the first Aneros model so marketed. It is actually the Pro-State PS-New manufactured by High Island Health, Inc. of Houston, TX.

Darwin, Answer This

Having accepted the theory of evolution (anyone who hasn’t should at least try reading Darwin’s book), I’d like someone to answer me this, in evolutionary terms:

– Why is prostate massage so fucking wonderful? For hours on end, with the Aneros in the end, the pleasure continues, like no other. Is this a vestige of the genes that make the female organism?

– If so, is the anersos orgasm anything like the female orgasm? (Try setting up an experiment ot provde that one!)

– Why does getting rewried, getting massaged in the prostrate, make my nipples so sensitive to exstacy, like they never were before? Why does stroking my nipples with my hard middle fingernail cause the groin to spasm in sympathy?

– How is that becoming rewired has created a link between nerves of my face, lips, tongue and lower neck, all coupled to the prostate and penis? Now, I can make my tongue move so it creates a sensation that my dick is being licked.

– When I get things just right, and my shincter beings moving the Aneros in and out on it’s own, why dos that cause an erection and ejactulation.

– What is the evolutionay advantage to such an ocean of orgasms that do not lead to procreation?

I’ll keep enjoying all this without answering these questions, but I’d be entertained by answers.

And if you are a creationist instead, let me know why this is part of the Intelligent Design.

“Back In The Saddle Again”

An unexpected Super-O! Here’s how it happened……

Following the 21-Day Challenge which ended for me on Day 14, I thought I would have a significant refractory period. Perhaps for ejaculation, but apparently not for prostate orgasms! Let me explain……

I awoke fairly early with a rock-hard erection. It honestly felt like I could be headed for an involuntary ejaculation so I placed a towel again beneath my boxers and laid back down. In a little while, I decided to “dose” again on the prostate health binaural which I like. I continued to feel an incredible pulsing in my prostate and continued this for probably 35 minutes or so. I then switched to some relaxing but erotic lounge music. I still had the towel beneath my boxers and it seemed perfectly fine to start a fantasy…….I am with a female companion and she begins to caress all the erogenous parts of my body, especially my underarms, nipples and scrotum. My penis was not particularly aroused at this time. I remember her saying to me that “we have all night” with regard to the tantric cuddling! Since I already had a towel present, I didn’t have to worry about anything! Following about 30 minutes of cuddling, I felt ready and aroused enough to continue this “session” upstairs in my bedroom. Not knowing what to expect, I laid a large towel across the bed, lubed-up the helix, “mounted it” and started this session. I laid down on my right side initially then quickly moved over onto my stomach which felt better. I decided to start this session with a “do-nothing” approach.

Bating and edging preludes ; Awesome Saturday session ; Amazing Aless following!

Hi guys,

I arose just before 6 this morning, Saturday July 19 and have been bating and edging for nearly 2.5 hours! Wow, I guess I am turning into a horny goat! Also during this period of time, I have been during “innumerable” sets of Kegels of various strengths and durations. What I discovered for sure is that the musculature “down there” is certainly elastic! I have to go out in a few minutes to run a couple errands, but hope to continue bating and edging at times later today and I have a session to round out the week! (composed at 8:30 a.m.).

11:03 a.m. Returned from my errands around 10 o’clock, stripped naked, and started bating and edging since then off and on, among other things, like shaving my nuts! 🙂

12:41 p.m. I spent about thirty plus minutes composing an e-mail of helpful information on the Anerosing to an Aneros newbie. Now I am Kegeling in a trusty BIKE no. 10 jock and caressing my erogenous zones in my cargo shorts and UA T-shirt! I savored the Kegels and my caresses all the same during this chat nonetheless. It was just part of my extended foreplay.

3:30 p.m. Aless sweetness revved up many fold after today’s Aneros session which began at 2 p.m. For an hour or so, I chatted with some guys in Aneros chat, especially a hot Texas who uses Helix Classic and Progasm Classic.

Aneros subtlety has power! Friday morning session, 8/19/16

Hi guys,

Early last evening near sunset I tried to have a bate and edging session around 6:30 p.m. But my sexual ardor flagged and so I laid down and took a nap. When I came to, it was already nearly past dusk. I looked out at the sky which was mostly overcast with the lingering fading sunset which let me know that summer is waning. Soon September days will be upon us.

Usually I retire just after 10 p.m., but I stayed up a little longer to hear an evangelical sermon on the radio. I was lying on my futon still dressed in my T-shirt and cargo shorts. During that broadcast, I caressed my chest and abs, and played with my nipples through my T-shirt. It is interesting that such subtle sexual play gets my prostate going! 🙂

I slept well last night, but woke up 4 a.m. to listen to my walk man radio for a while. There was not any news on NPR in the 5 o’clock hour worth hearing, so I decided to have a session! I certainly was horny for one!

This morning I used in order the following Aneros models: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Progasm Jr, and Maximus.