Incorporating a partner

I’ve been really intrigued by prostate play ever since I heard about the possibilities. My girlfriend is pretty uneasy about anything anal but after talking about it for a while she’s willing to try anything that doesn’t involve bare hands in the butt.

I was interested in something from Aneros after I heard the Sex with Emily episode about it, but from what I can tell those kind of work on their own from pelvic contractions. I feel like my big fantasy is for her to have complete control to “give” me these crazy orgasms. Does anyone have any ideas or relevant experiences?

Aneros in while having sex?

I’ve had an aneros helix for a while. I’ve been close to a shaking full body feeling, but never achieved the super-o that everyone describes.

For the most part, it’s just sitting in my drawer. Been with my girlfriend for a while, and never really mentioned any anal play until the last week and she’s down. During foreplay she massaged my taint and lightly brushed my bunghole, and it really got me going.

I know the aneros is for a solo meditative session, but Has anyone had the aneros inserted during sex?

My first big anal orgasm, helped by my Progasm Ice, but still having trouble using the toy by itself to get an orgasm

So I just had what I perceived to be an unbelievably huge anal orgasm. I’ve been an Aneros user for over a year now, and I know this is probably sacrilegious but mainly just using my Helix Syn as a buttplug. I adore my Helix Syn but it never quite did the trick in terms of hitting my p-spot, but it feels great to have in and I love using it when having sex with my girlfriend.

Since investing in a Helix Syn I’ve become more accustomed to anal play in general, using vibrating butt plugs of various sizes and even some dildos. So far as anal play goes the furthest to a prostate/anal orgasm I’ve found has been using a silicone dildo (around 6 inches long and 4.5 around). I’ve found by basically coating it in good lube and pushing it in and out works a treat, great internal sensations and I can hit my prostate well. I’ve had what I thought was close to an anal orgasm using this fairly standard method before but nothing mind blowing, until this evening.

“Some Reflections On NoFap”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I kind of backed-into this “NoFap*” thing by wanting to extend my semen retention run (SR) and eliminate the dreaded “blue-balls”. I also wanted to experience another wet dream. It all seems to be working. Let me explain…..

Semen Retention
I am currently at Day 11 of SR and not feeling any blue balls. Yes, I should have had them by now and that usually meant that I would have a strong need to ejaculate. I am getting close to that time (Day 12) when I experienced my last wet dream and I am looking forward to another one any day now.

NoFap Technique (So-called Hard Mode or “Monkmode” (No PMO, no sex, no stimulating media at all. That generally means cutting out all social media, most tv, movies, video games, whatever else might convey sexualized or suggestive material)).

There are a couple of things which I am doing differently in NoFap that I haven’t done before. They include the PMO* rules:
• No porn. This is a critical component of NoFap PMO*. Absolutely no viewing, “teasing”, “sneaking” or even thinking about porn is allowed at any time.
• No masturbation (including edging) at any time. This one is harder than it looks. It includes NO TOUCHING (except for normal hygiene). For me, this also includes any form of touching my cock/balls/package through my jeans. While showering, it includes no playing-around with the slippery soap “down-there”. Anything that can cause me to precum may induce blue-balls and trigger masturbation and ejaculation and so it should be avoided.
• No orgasm (except for a wet dream). This is a TO (usually caused by masturbation).

Session 6-Success!

I know that I decided to take a break for a few days from the Progasm, but here it was the next day and I was getting a little worked up. Reading other experiences made me to eager, what can I say? So I ran through the usual evening rituals, and decided to try Astro Glide Anal Gel for a change, instead of the Vaseline. Erotic stimulation, then insertion. Relax for a few minutes, then start exercising, working the anal and lower abs and rectum as well. Deep sobbing or ragged belly breathing for about 20 minutes. Then I lay back in the dark, no other stimulation aside from simple fantasies running through my head. I had one wave start, but I wasn’t able to keep it going. Aside from a few minor starts that quickly died, it was not a dud at all, as it’s all learning, but there were no fireworks. No worries. Learn from it and move on, right? The session had lasted about two and a half hours, and it was time to clean up and go to bed.
With my Progasm safely tucked away in her own little bed, (what a great storage box they send!) I laid down as usual on my stomach and prepared to drift off. After I lay there for about 15 minutes, fantasizing bemusedly about introducing a girlfriend to my Aneros tool box, I felt a little wave just barely starting. For a laugh, I decided to contract my rectum a little and see what would happen. Holy Cow! It started to build. I had my legs pretty much together and one arm tucked under my pillow as I always do. I figured that it would start to fade as it usually does when I’m on my stomach. It didn’t fade. The more I contracted, the more it built up. My arms and legs were starting to shake a little, and the more I squeezed, the more I shook. If I eased off, they would ease off too, so I would contract more and it would hit harder. You couldn’t have fit a sheet of paper between my ass cheeks. Then my legs were bouncing off the sheets and then my whole pelvis bucked a couple of times. I could feel moisture seeping out of the edge of my eyes. My penis and balls felt like they were swollen to an enormous size. I kept up with the contractions as long as possible, panting shallow breaths. I probably should have stopped contracting and shallow breathing to see if it would build, but since it’s early days yet, I just wanted to enjoy it! I think it went on for at least five minutes and I felt I had to ease off and give my glutes a break. I sat up on the side of the bed, wiped the small tears from my eyes, and started chuckling and saying Wow, over and over. After about five minutes, I returned to my usual sleep position, but, just out of curiosity, I started contractions again and it right away started building up again! Not to hips bucking off the bed, but leg shaking and that same all enveloping feeling of tingle and well being. I could sense a deeper primal power throughout my body again. When I couldn’t carry on, again I let it subside and rested for about two minutes. Then again and again, four more times, resting in between. By the fifth time, my muscles were pretty much done, and I finally gave up. Now I don’t know if the first one was a Super-O or the even the other ones, but my reading has indicated that the shaking will subside and I’ll learn much more. The coolest thing is whatever it was, it was A-less!
The next day as I driving around, doing errands, I was practicing my kegels, I could feel sensations building up, and I couldn’t help but wonder just how well my re-wiring is going!

Extra good session today!

Had not had a session in over a week until yesterday when I had some time. Not a peep out of my prostate for the whole week. Nipples even lost their sensitivity. Yesterday was a good session but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, like an ignored girlfriend, that little nudge yesterday was like throwing gas on a flame. Spent the morning having NUMEROUS Aless O’s just playing with my re-awakened nipples. This got my prostate all hot and ready. What a session! What sensations! Some of the most intense SO’s yet.

Taking a break really seems to improve things! I highly recommend it!


my personal experiment. good strides made

This is a recreation of my original document and may not contain all info but will try as best as possible to not leave anything out. My computer decided to do an update and for some reason deleted the entire saved file. I also don’t claim to be a story writer so expressing my sensations will be lacking. I will endever to try to make strides in the future, for now this is just to get it down before forgetting things

I have just finished a 21 day SR and found it do do nothing for me. I don’t feel any more feisty but that is to be expected since I have nothing to get excited about. This is going to be the documentation of a 7 day experiment of using only the aneros product, either helix or mgx, no masturbation, edging or stimulation of the sweet spot. I want all stimulation to be from prostate massage either internal w/ said tool or external from deep tissue massage. I will use massage of the sweet spot to get things going if needed when using one of the tools only. each session will be about 1 hour long or there about and do nothing sessions.
EDIT. I really pushed the time on Fri, Sat & Sun. having gone several hours.

“An Intergalactic Sexual Fantasy”

Background: I slept in my SD Ultra Pro Carbon “chastity cup” and awoke early AM. I wanted to listen to some erotic tracks. What I found on YouTube was “Deep In Your Mind | Deep House Set | Winter 2017 Mixed By Johnny M” and it was about an hour-plus long. So I went to lie-down and started listening. Before long, I seemed to have fallen-into a most unusual fantasy! Here it is as best as I can recall….


I am traveling in outer space. It is about 1000 years in the future and I am waking-up from suspended animation. I am wearing a “device” around my groin. I have no idea what it is or what it is used for. I am not alone in the spacecraft (there are other men and other women).

Now here is the essence of this fantasy: since I was in suspended animation, most all of my memory is non-existent. Only my body remained intact. But I don’t even know anything about sex or my “man-parts”. I begin to watch and listen to an introductory “male” video that tried to explain it all. Several important elements were presented to me. Included were “This is your penis”, “Your erection explained”, “Here is what you do when you get aroused” and so on. I had absolutely no idea what a penis was or even what it looked like! I couldn’t see it; I couldn’t feel it. What was it? What was it used for? I had no idea. [Of course, I really did not lose my memory, but in the fantasy it seemed very real.] [I found out later that the “device” was used to collect my expelled “fluids” following the long journey.]

Important question

I’ve been using the program and syn consistently for 6 months while I’ve been single. I recently got a girlfriend and have had problems maintaining an erection. In past relationships before I used the massagers I never had this problem. Is this a direct correlation or might it be something else?

Another Wild Ride with my Bad Boy – Awesome Progasm Ice and Aless session

Had an awesome ride with my Progasm Ice this morning, more than one hour of pure bliss and even another half hour of fine Aless afterwards. As my better half left home early in the morning to meet a girl friend for doing sports, I had set the alarm to use the time. After having had a boulder movement I took my enema bulb to clean myself thoroughly. After three times I felt quite safe. Then I lubed up my P. Ice with a first layer of vaseline and a little amount of coconut oil on top.

While inserting I remembered a forum tip to somehow dig it in. I tried some digging motions and indeed the toy seemed to snap in and to be clenched in a perfect and safe position. Even doing stairs felt easy. Having shot the toy through the bathroom on first try I nevertheless took some kitchen paper and put on the panties as a “safety belt”. On my bed I layed out a silicon mat and a towel on top, then I layed down myself on my stomach.

The Progasm gives me a quite filling sensation, quite near the real thing, so I opened myself wide to give it enough space to rumble, dragging my left knee up near my shoulder.

Remembering my own words

[…] But even our always present subconsciousness must be soothed to let the gland take over, […]