“An Intergalactic Sexual Fantasy”

Background: I slept in my SD Ultra Pro Carbon “chastity cup” and awoke early AM. I wanted to listen to some erotic tracks. What I found on YouTube was “Deep In Your Mind | Deep House Set | Winter 2017 Mixed By Johnny M” and it was about an hour-plus long. So I went to lie-down and started listening. Before long, I seemed to have fallen-into a most unusual fantasy! Here it is as best as I can recall….


I am traveling in outer space. It is about 1000 years in the future and I am waking-up from suspended animation. I am wearing a “device” around my groin. I have no idea what it is or what it is used for. I am not alone in the spacecraft (there are other men and other women).

Now here is the essence of this fantasy: since I was in suspended animation, most all of my memory is non-existent. Only my body remained intact. But I don’t even know anything about sex or my “man-parts”. I begin to watch and listen to an introductory “male” video that tried to explain it all. Several important elements were presented to me. Included were “This is your penis”, “Your erection explained”, “Here is what you do when you get aroused” and so on. I had absolutely no idea what a penis was or even what it looked like! I couldn’t see it; I couldn’t feel it. What was it? What was it used for? I had no idea. [Of course, I really did not lose my memory, but in the fantasy it seemed very real.] [I found out later that the “device” was used to collect my expelled “fluids” following the long journey.]

Important question

I’ve been using the program and syn consistently for 6 months while I’ve been single. I recently got a girlfriend and have had problems maintaining an erection. In past relationships before I used the massagers I never had this problem. Is this a direct correlation or might it be something else?

Another Wild Ride with my Bad Boy – Awesome Progasm Ice and Aless session

Had an awesome ride with my Progasm Ice this morning, more than one hour of pure bliss and even another half hour of fine Aless afterwards. As my better half left home early in the morning to meet a girl friend for doing sports, I had set the alarm to use the time. After having had a boulder movement I took my enema bulb to clean myself thoroughly. After three times I felt quite safe. Then I lubed up my P. Ice with a first layer of vaseline and a little amount of coconut oil on top.

While inserting I remembered a forum tip to somehow dig it in. I tried some digging motions and indeed the toy seemed to snap in and to be clenched in a perfect and safe position. Even doing stairs felt easy. Having shot the toy through the bathroom on first try I nevertheless took some kitchen paper and put on the panties as a “safety belt”. On my bed I layed out a silicon mat and a towel on top, then I layed down myself on my stomach.

The Progasm gives me a quite filling sensation, quite near the real thing, so I opened myself wide to give it enough space to rumble, dragging my left knee up near my shoulder.

Remembering my own words

[…] But even our always present subconsciousness must be soothed to let the gland take over, […]

where to begin

so I have experimented off and on as well as included my girlfriend but lately find myself doing more on my own. I have been interested and curious in an Aneros product but am unsure which to get and where to start. I was very interested in the tempo but after finding this sub I am curious about the helix. Any advice or suggestions?

Got back into my rythym…

I don’t usually do these because I always forget to respond back, but we’ll see how it goes.

I haven’t been using my aneros for a long time due to being busy with my new job and relationship issues.

Finally I have had time to properly sit down, properly aroused, and use my helix as best as I know how.

It’s been several months since I have used my toy and I’ve been using my aneros on and off for 6 years without ever having a super o, but have definitely had a good amount of dry orgasms and just as many dud sessions as well.

I didn’t have a super-o this time, but I think I had a slightly-wet dry orgasm (a little precum and my whole ass and body and chest felt amazing.

I had this realization in this sessions that I’ve never had before though, which is the reason for this post. I haven’t masturbated in like a week at this point, and I really wanted to feel release, and at that point I realized that I have to treat the incoming pleasure I receive as if it is satisfying me like my penis does, and the feelings in my ass started to feel so much more pleasurable, full/satisfying, and just amazing; so much that I was involuntarily moaning and gasping: something I typically don’t do.

Let’s talk about nips

So it’s been some time since my last aneroid session sadly. I’d been making great progress and then unfortunately temporarily moved into a place where I can’t really be loud. No nose for me = no aneroid risking. Last time it became impossible for me to be quiet. So. No butt stuff.


In the past months, my nipple sensitivity has EXPLODED. I mean, oof. My girlfriend touches them and I’m fully unable to stay still, it’s so foreign and strange and powerful.

My question: is this nipple exploration at all helping my prostate become “awake” enough in the meantime until I’m ready to get in there again? Will I potentially be more responsive to prostate play if I keep engaging my nips? Any insight?

“I Want My Cock Inside You: An Erotic Fantasy”

[Readers: this is going to get quite graphic. That was the nature of this fantasy.]

I wanted a regular “solo” surfing session but I got a lot more. Let me explain……

I switched to my silky trunk shorts for this session and I had my safety towel in place. This surfing session started out like others and I am listening to erotic lounge music. I have a hard erection and am feeling wonderful early this morning. It is about 3:30 AM. So I am starting to surf, I have started the gentle tantric massage of all my manhood and am feeling quite aroused. I was not expecting a fantasy but I am falling-into it, quite unexpectedly.


“An SR Temptation”

I am in a new Day 8 of SR and as expected, I awoke with an extremely hard erection (way beyond 90 degrees!) Anyway, I decided to listen to some erotic music. It took a while, but I finally settled on “Erotic Affairs Porn Lounge Sensations (FULL ALBUM)” on YouTube. It was a full hour and thirty minutes and was perfect for this relaxing, erotic session.

I am beyond my boost in testosterone from Day 7 and I am really feeling it. As I begin to listen, I am falling-into a fantasy. My lover (girlfriend?) knows that I am practicing semen retention and she is “teasing” me. She begins to caress my firm balls through my red silky boxers and gently makes her way up to the shaft of my very erect cock. I warn her to stay away from the underside near the frenulum. But she gently pushes on it and squeezes it ever so sweetly. She keeps doing this while the music is playing and I am getting more and more aroused.

Finally, she whispers in my ear: “I just want the head of your glistening cock in me!” By this time, I am starting to leak precum and she sees that I could easily penetrate her. But I resist, because I know that if I penetrate her with only the head, I could easily cum within her with just a few strokes. So I maintain my resolve and say “No!” She continues…”Fuck me” she says. “Cum within me”. I can hardly hold-back. Now she has positioned herself on top of me and starts to straddle my erect, glistening cock. She makes contact with my head and I feel the sensation of starting to glide within her. She is wet too. It was so easy….

Waves of Pleasure

The beginning of my relationship with my Progasm has similarities to that of having a new girlfriend – it is flirtatious, exciting, gives butterflies and at the end of the date you are left wanting more. Last night I had what experienced Aneros users would probably call a “mini-o” at least 6 or 7 times, each one more intense that the last.
The wife is away on a business trip so that gave the opportunity for a prolonged session. This time I begin by lying on my side with one leg straight and the other bent as described in the leaflet. Immediately I felt my heart rate increase and my breathing becoming heavier. This last several minutes after which I was rock hard and leaking precum. Over the next hour I had these waves at least twice more, each one more intense.
At this point I decided to relube. As I removed I experienced a significant amount of leakage. It is certainly a new experience to have cum dribbling when soft. I reinserted and then rode the waves of the pleasure 3 more times, with the last the most intense and oh-so close to a major release. I finished my session and although I was still leaking, I did not ejeculate – I just didn’t feel the need.
I settled down to sleep only to be woken suddenly about an hour later. My heart was pounding, my breathing was changing to moaning and was having anal contractions. I rode this for what felt several minutes before coming back down again.
As this is only my second session, the Progasm has exceeded any expectations I had, and the best of it is there is more to come.