Progasm jr does nothing to me !

Bought last week the Progasm jr…had great expactations for it.
Im totally addicted to the MGX and Eupho.
So level up for something more…read good things here about the Progasm jr

First session felt good with nice pressure on my prostate and the full feeling….but no auto fuck sessions like the Eupho and MGX.

The second night again…nothing….at the end I simple felt asleep with the Progasm jr in me.
Not even get awake by P-waves or mini O’s wich happens with the Eupho and MGX.

What’s wrong or…is it the mindset ?

Physical Soreness After a Session?

I have been having Aneros sessions for 4.5 years and I have struggled for most of that time. I have never had a prostate orgasm, but over the past month I have been making some progress…having some good sessions with stronger p-waves and I feel like I’m building toward something.

My question is…I had a pretty good session with my Helix Trident and I am experiencing more soreness than I have in the past. Yesterday evening, my hips and legs felt stiff and sore. This morning, my neck and shoulder were achy. I’m wondering if this might be the result of a good session or just general achiness from something else.

Does anyone else get physically sore after a good Aneros session?

Different aneros in one session?

Anyone ever switch Aneros during a session? I start to feel good with small aneros but I hit a wall. Not sure if it is too small so I switc to progasm during session but usually lose the pleasure waves after. Anyone else?

Today I had my first super-o since August

Some backstory: was having semi regular super-o’s every 2-4 sessions earlier this year. My last one was on August 26th roughly 20 sessions ago (I keep a log!)

I wouldn’t say I was in a rut since I had some really nice orgasms in that time but I wasn’t hitting the heights from before and I was a little sad/disappointed.

I don’t know how exactly but this morning I knew I was gonna have a super-o before I started playing, I’ve been so horny this week and today was finally my chance to play.

I pampered myself a bit before the session, did some manscaping so I’m nice and smooth. My diet has also been really good for the last fortnight and I’ve been keeping really well hydrated. I’ve been doing all this to aid my Aneros playtime.

I also changed rooms today, I usually play in the bedroom but today I went for the lounge in front of the French doors, sun warming my skin. It all added to it.

10 mins after inserting my helix sun I was dripping precum and my body was teasing me with extremely strong p waves. Prostate orgasms, anal orgasms, dry orgasms followed for about two hours until it ascended to super o territory 😉 and then away I went. Body completely gripped in pleasure for about hour or so while I rode orgasm after orgasm.

Looking for some help

Hello all, first I would like to thank this community. There is so much support and encouragement no matter what point of the journey you are on. I feel like I’ve read every post, tip, trick, and story out there. I am jealous but hopeful that I will eventually get to the fable super O.

This whole thing has opened me up to a world of new feeling that I never thought possible. My main problem is that I get more out of an Aless session then one using a toy. I just don’t seem to feel the direct feedback from the aneros on my prostate.

Straight male but I am no stranger to butt play. and as long as I have been jerking off I have been putting things in my ass. I get excited by the thought of anal play.

2 years ago I ordered a helix trident and started out with mindgasm lessons, and that really helped me to identify and target the muscles and have a strong control over them. I have been doing kegels for many years and consider my pelvic floor to be strong.

Help me differentiate all these types of orgasms I can achieve?

Hello, I hope your day isn’t going too bad so far?

With an njoy, I get on par to what people describe as a super o and I need help to check what I’m understanding wrong about this thing as a whole?

With the njoy I can get these orgasms if you even want to call them that Which have an infinite limitless peak build up to them. So I can just build up this peak indefinitely The only limit is if I can’t take it anymore or I get tired. It causes me to scream, shout, shake, and yeah it’s just an infinite build up I’ve had session go as long as 3 hours

So if you want something that’s instant gratification and similar or on par with what everyone describes as a super o… which to me it basically sounds the same Apart from it breaks every rule of

Don’t force / rush an orgasm lol

With the njoy I can.

Could this be a different type of orgasm the aneros user chases? Maybe. But in a sense I think a super o is a personal thing. Everything I get above sounds the same as what people who get super os get?

I have videos on my profile While not the most intense sessions it shows a tiny tiny glimpse of how my session go

My first super-o

I’ve had my progasm for a couple years now but just recently had the house to myself and decided to get high and try it and I finally got it figured out.

I got myself cleaned and lube while I waited for the high to hit. I laid on my back in bed and popped the progasm in. I was excited and started edging but I was determined to cum from the aneros. I stopped edging and started listening to some GoneWildAudio until the high hit. After an hour of listening, I was getting some sensation that I would classify as p-waves but realized I was chasing the orgasm.

I was able to calm myself down and focus on my breathing and after another 30 minutes I could really feel it building up. After some trial and error, I was able to ride that feeling until I started convulsing and moaning uncontrollably. This was stronger than any orgasm I’ve ever had several times over, all while I was completely soft. After what felt like minutes the orgasm finally subsided and I realized, at some point I started holding my breath. I gasped and was still caught somewhere between super-o and p-wave. I shut my eyes, regained my focus and it happened again! Just as intense as the first and lasted at least as long. The pleasure coming from my prostate was unbelieveable.

Need help classifying this

After years of trying I finally reached a milestone but idk what that is (p-wave, minio, hfdo) – I only know for sure it definitely is not a super o. I get there by flexing my PC muscles and my thighs (legs overall) quite repeatedly and quite hard – but not too hard to avoid a hfwo. I can clearly feel the sensations coming from my prostate but they only exist as long as I keep flexing the area around where the pleasure comes from. Once I quit, it subsides within few seconds. Also it is quite tiring as I need to use up lot of energy to get here and after 1 hour of flexing my muscles are tired and it is over. Intensity wise the first time it happened it would be stronger than a penile orgasm for sure but after that I feel like the intensity subsided and it is not as pleasurable. I do get tense, breathe faster and flex other muscles when I feel the sensations coming from my prostate, it just doesn´t feel as good as I would expect. Maybe I built tolerance? Is it not good to play every day?

Anyway, the main question is how would you classify what I am experiencing and what shall I do to move it further? I am really confused and I always thought the hfdos once they start they go on their own and I wouldn´t need to keep manually flexing the muscles that feel good at that point. Starting to fear what I am experiencing are not hfdos then…

First time with any sort of prostate play, and I had p-waves for nearly 2 hours!

I’m in my late 30’s and I have had a sexual awakening of sorts. After a leg injury I’ve become a big time yoga practitioner and ended up really strengthening my PC muscles (unknowingly). Over time I noticed how much this helped with edging and through practice I have been able to have non enjaculatory orgasms. Totally changed my life and how I viewed sex as a man. Also worth noting I meditate on a regular basis and do breathing exercises daily.

I had heard a lot about prostate play and the “super O”. After going back and forth for a long time, I finally caved and purchased an Aneros Helix Trident to try out. What the hell, right?

So I started my session not knowing what the heck I was doing. I had a lot of problems getting the Aneros in, but after some breathing exercises and a lot of hits off the weed pen, I had that “welp I guess I got something up my butt” moment. It took me about 20 minutes of just trying stuff out to see if I could get any sort of pleasure from the experience.

Then I started to look at some porn on my phone, and that’s when the wheels got turning in my body. I took a bunch more hits, and then I started to get in the zone, like I do with edging with my penis. Eventually I got my legs moving and experienced some full on pleasure waves. Gentles soft moans, experimenting with moving my PC muscles, and really getting into it mentally.

Eupho got me to the next level

Long time lurker, first time poster. Created this throwaway account just to share this. Been exploring prostrate pleasure with aneros for 4-5 years. I have tried the helix syn v, helix syn, and progasm each with good amounts of success, a few p waves here and there, but no true orgasms. I recently bought the eupho after reading quite a few positive accounts of it on here. It seems the consensus was that the smaller, more pinpoint contact it makes with the prostate, and the greater freedom of movement, almost teases the orgasm out of you. Holy shit was that the case for me.

I used my new eupho once or twice last week to try it out. Nothing mind blowing but Towards the end of my last season with it I experienced some really pleasurable sensations. Sadly I had to wrap it up and get some sleep. All week I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it again. After that I had not cum for a few days this week and was really horny last night ended up having some pretty hot sex with my wife. I woke up this morning still extremely horny and had an aching coming from my p-spot.

After my wife left to go shopping I had the house to myself. I popped a weed gummy and scrolled through some NSFW subs on Reddit while playing with my nipples through my t shirt. As the high started to hit my prostrate started buzzing, practically begging for it, as my nipples brought it to life.