Using a back massager to relax lead me to the Super O – IF YOU SIT IN A CHAIR ALL DAY READ THIS

If you sit all day and don’t have an active stretching or exercise routine (pretty much most of us in COVID) chances are you have some soreness or tightness around the pelvic region. Whether its’s your hips, glutes, or even lower back, tension in these areas can make it very difficult to relax.

After 5 years of trying (from 2014 onward) with only a few minor successes, a few weeks after regularly using a pressure point massager (the one I used is linked below but they all pretty much do the same thing) to loosen and work those areas I starting having consistent P-waves, leading up to my first SuperO a few days later. This was autumn of 2019. Now I am able to reach SuperO with some consistency, and recently had my first A-less SuperO.

Once I put two and two together I was absolutely astounded. It seems so obvious now that I think about it in hind sight.

Currently, my routine consists of inserting Aneros and spending at least 10-15min loosening up my hips while I get use to the toy. Personally, I find it most effective to stretch and actively move the point I am massaging. If you are especially sore this might hurt, so please be gentle.

I hope you are able to find this useful, please feel free to comment / reach out with questions and I will be happy to respond.

Massager I Use: [](

aneros success, possible orgasm?

I got the aneros around a month ago and I’ve been trying it on and off. The lessons on mindgasm helped me get some light contractions but it felt like I hit a wall. After trying it with weed after around 30 minutes I felt waves of pleasure that seemed to build up and then wash over me. It happened multiple times in a row and seemed to get better and better each time until I was just overwhelmed and stopped holding it with my pc and sphincter muscles. Was this a p-orgasm?

Muscle spasms in the leg but nothing big yet

I’ve been using the helix syn for around 2 weeks and just got the progasm and used it for the first time. I think a week or so ago I got what I think was a p-wave but I’m not sure. Other than that I haven’t really had anything else. However something I found interesting was that the muscles in my legs spasm a lot when I have them in and sometimes when I don’t. Other than that, nothing else really happens with me. I’m probably doing something wrong but hopefully there’ll be more to come in the future because I’ve enjoyed it so far!

Full body burning/tingling sensation

So yesterday I had a session and I’m not quite sure what I should think of it. Basically I was laying on my bed, feet flat on the bed, and Helix trident syn in. After some flexing and some erotic audio, I started to get the muscle twitching going, which did not feel super nice yet.

Then at some point a tingling/burning sensation started in my pelvis and soon covered my entire body. I was shaking quite strongly by then. But again, no pleasurable sensations, it was just… Interesting. I tried to keep it going, but failed after 20 minutes or so.

Was this a p wave? Has someone experienced something like this before?

Every Toy is “different”

I will agree that while learning one toy may train you better than another. Though I don’t think there’s a magic Aneros. Everyone will learn differently. I now own every non-sub model minus the ProJr. For me starting off I never got anything from the progasm or helix. I got pretty good progress with the MGX, and it’s the toy that nearly got me there. However (again, this is just me) the Tempo is what accelerated my learning. After a few sessions with the tempo, I was really in control of my muscles and my mind.

After working with the Tempo I went back to the Progasm and BAM, orgasms. Then I went back to the MGX, bam, orgasms. I’m still a bit hit or miss on the helix. Bottom line, once required, nearly any toy will work.

It they’re all different. The MGX seems “traditional” to me (this is why it and and helix are recommended for beginners). First you feel the toy itself. Then you feel some prostate tickles, then some build up, the some minor shakes, and then more and more and more. The orgasms feel a kin to traditional orgasms. Very pelvic focused, very bursty. Again, that’s what I feel.

The tempo builds up and up and up and up, but only a few times have I orgasmed by it. The pressure gets so heavy and constant but I never go over. This is when I’ll switch to Another model to push it over the edge.

My newest toy

I posted the other day about my new toy, the D Thang silicone dildo from Blush Novelties, and how my first few sessions were so amazing.


I wanted to expand on that post, because I’ve had a couple more awesome sessions since. Here’s how the last sessions went down…

I start off by setting up the dildo for action. I like to be in doggie position when riding the dildo, so I use a small plastic cooler to position the dildo away from the wall so that my legs can go to either side and the dildo is at anus height. The suction cup sticks to the plastic surface like its welded on. I put a cushion just in front of the cooler for my knees, then place a laundry basket upside down in front of the cushion, with a pillow on top. This allows me to rest my torso on top of the laundry basket/pillow while riding the dildo in perfect comfort. I lubed up the shaft of the dildo with coconut oil and then sat down in my recliner to warm up with a couple of Aneros toys.

After the dildo was ready, I smoked a little weed, and loaded a good dose of poppers into my sippy-cup delivery system. Last session began with my MGXTrident, then the Progasm Ice. I relaxed with the MGX until the first couple p-waves happen, then gave it a little assist with a hit of poppers. This led to some nice mini-Os, and I knew I was ready for the dildo. BTW, during this warm-up, looking over at the 6″ dildo glistening in wait really builds the arousal.

First Hands Free Wet Orgasm

Just had my first hands free orgasm tonight and holy shit it was incredible! Easily one of the best orgasms of my life! I was laying there for like a good 10-15 minutes post nut, just trying to gather my thoughts of what just happened. I guess what tripped me out was the fact that I have only used the aneros less than 5 times, and I already achieved a handsfree wet orgasm. So I am by no means a pro at this, but here are a few tips that I follow that helped me achieve this….

1.) Warm up your ass and get yourself in the mood.
(I try and work up to 2 fingers before I slide the toy inside.)

2.) Take a nice hot bath/shower to relax yourself.

3.) Get rid of all expectations. Just go in with the mindset of imma relax and if anything happens, well than that’s a plus. (It’s all about mindset!!!)

4.) BREATHE!!! Make sure you take nice big breaths to help you stay relaxed and focused. (Even during P Waves and Dry Orgasms)

5.) Don’t over do it with the Kegels. This is completely subjective and it works for me, but I personally just let the toy do all the work. I will however, do some light Kegels to get things going but after that, I let the aneros do what it does. Basically, don’t be doing non stop Kegels and wonder why you’re not feeling anything. Let the toy do its thing.

Sleeping while in use

So after reading a handful of posts here saying how people have slept with their aneros toy in and woken up in the middle of pleasure waves that lead to an intense orgasm, I wanted to try it for myself since I’ve been rather unsuccessful with my aneros doing much of anything for me so far.

So before I went to bed last night I pre-lubed 3ml with the aneros suggested water based lube and then also coated the toy, inserted, and went to bed.

3 hours later I woke up and was feeling rather sore, especially on the p tab and k tab, and it seems as if most of the lube had dried out. No real pleasure at all aside from the realization that I had in fact had something in my ass for 3 hours which mentally turned me on a bit I guess.

How do people go a full 8 hours of sleep with this in and simultaneously not only feel discomfort but also reach orgasm? I had a very different experience. But truth be told when it’s lubed I hardly feel any sensations from the toy itself anyways so maybe my butt is just broken.

Can achieve aless orgasms, no luck yet with aneros in though

I’ve been experimenting with prostate play for several months now, and have had an aneros for a couple of weeks. So far I have had plenty of interesting, inconsistent, p-wave sensations during sessions with the aneros in, but nothing that I would describe as anywhere near an orgasm. I usually try for an hour or so with just relaxation/contractions but eventually I’ll give in and start stimulating my penis. At this point, I have explosive wet orgasms — and these alone are worth it — but I am still trying to achieve that super O.

But then… the other night I was backpacking with my girlfriend, she was sound asleep next to me in the tent, but I was having a hard time falling asleep. so I started breathing and doing contractions, it didn’t take long at all, maybe 10 or 15 minutes and I was feeling waves of pleasure, my muscles were shaking, and I had to do everything in my power to not moan out loud or wake up my girlfriend. I continued for nearly an hour, cresting to waves of pleasure and cutting it short just before it felt like I was about to lose control. It was amazing! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I went outside the tent and rubbed one out very quick. After that, I fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.