I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely and sensibly becomes second nature.

My first attempt with these crazy looking sounds was a bit of a non-starter, I was rushed for time and sounding or come to think of it a session with Aneros’s is never good when rushed. I had pleasurable sensations but nothing too dramatic, my second attempt was a completely different affair.

This was a long and protected session lasting almost three hours, I’ve recently purchased a VR headset, an Oculus Quest 2 if anyones interested. You’re able to download 6K VR porn directly to the device, therefore not relying on Wi-Fi when out on business, particularly handy for the likes of me especially when I’m in the back of beyond. I have to say the optical quality is really good and once engrossed in the glory of the scene its easy to get sucked into it (pun intended) anyway I digress….

When it comes to sounding I’d say I was fairly experienced by working my way from a basic set of Rosebuds to a set of ‘J’ curved Van Buren sounds, up to this moment in time they have given me the most rewards. I should really explain that once past the initial squeamishness of the physical act of sticking metal rods deep into your dick there’s a world of deep and dark wonders to behold from sounding, and let me tell you it gets easier with practice. Just remember to never force anything and keep everything super clean, start slow and do your homework before diving in.

Spiral in the journey and thoughts

I suppose I started out with the wrong mindset just as many do… I thought prostate massage was as easy as rubbing one out.

Boy was I wrong.

I’ve been at it for about a month and I’ve already spent more than intended on various toys. I suppose my thought pattern was along the lines of making it easier. One could even say cheating…

I bought a dildo. Nothing special, just 5 insert able inches of artificial veiny goodness. I thought if I could coax an orgasm I might have a better idea of what to look for. Whether I was unable or unwilling to fuck myself hard enough is hard to tell. Out of a handful of uses, once I was pounding away until I just couldn’t, I pulled it out, and the sensations of all those veins coming out caused body wide tingles and I just had to sit there a minute as I felt a wave of peace pass over my body. Otherwise, I generally feel like the dildo just gapes me for another toy.

The toy it prepared me for most would be the first massager I purchased. A vibrating massager that also has a thumping motion. I originally ordered this online without taking the time to consider the most important thing… Circumference. That’s what led me to Aneros. I felt a need to open up a bit to better utilize the vibrator. Once, this vibrating massager had me on the cusp of something amazing. I was in thump mode and had the smallest amount of precum. Literally just enough to fill my cock to the tip… But I lost it. Didn’t go over the edge or anything. Maybe I focused too much?


Hi there i am about 10 months in on my journey no orgasms as yet but plenty of pwaves and involuntary contractions.
Whenever is sit down now on the perineum area i start to mildly throb and pulsate in that area which is pleasant,i just wonder how those sensations play out the longer you use Aneros , does your body become used to these sensations and they calm down or is it hectic from here on in.

Pumped Up Nipples

I just had a great weekend, my wife was at home so lots of sex. You’d think this have curtailed my lust for an Aneros session with my favourite Eupho Syn Trident, well you’d be wrong!

I’m on a health and fitness programme just now which means healthy eating and lots of exercise. I drove my good lady to work this morning then had a hour long spinning and weights session, I watch porn whilst on the bike, it helps me pass the time and I find the act of getting breathless, hot and sweaty a bit of a turn on. Post session I had a long shower, shaved my cock and balls and generally took my time warming down, I couldn’t resist having a bit of sexy fun with the shower head so I positioned the flow so it tickled and bounced off my asshole and balls, I then turned around and blasted the head of my dick with the strongest and moist intense flow, it was almost too much to take but by God it felt fantastic!

I douched after my shower and made myself comfortable on the bed, I lubed up and inserted the Eupho, then just relaxed. To Begin with there wasn’t much happening, and tbh I thought the session was going to be a dud, after all that does happen. Half an hour later and I’m starting to feel the most gentle of whisper from my prostate, a very feint buzz, this was a sign to persist and plough on, next of all my legs started to shake, followed by my butt, my prostate was now starting to buzz.

Another new toy

I’ve noticed over time that my prostate has changed in the kinds of stimulation it responds to. For a while it responded very well to my Eupho Syn Trident. Then it seemed to prefer the MGX Syn Trident. Every once in a while it liked my Helix Syn Trident.

I noticed a pattern. It started with liking gentle subtle stimulation like with the Eupho. Over time it seems to respond to more direct stimulation. I’ve had my Progasm for a while, but it’s never really done much for me. My guess is that while my body is liking more direct stimulation, the Progasm is so large that it can’t move around much. I thought that getting the Progasm Junior would give me the best of both: fullness and mobility.

I ordered the Progasm Junior when it was on sale. It came in the mail yesterday, and I was anxious to try it. I started the session with my MGX, and it was nice. I soon found out that it was a warm up for the main event. So I inserted the Progasm Junior. It was awkward at first. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. It’s very different from my other ones. I find the the “do nothing” method works well for me. I insert my toys, start playing with my nipples, and let my body take over. It seemed like my body didn’t know what to do with it at first. Finally, I could feel the warmth and tingling in my prostate. I could feel this sensation all over my body that I don’t think I’ve ever felt. It was waves of pleasure. I could feel the tip milking my prostate, and it was heavenly. I actually thought it would make me ejaculate. It felt like my prostate was expanding and contracting. I focused intently on the sensations and it magnified them. I really enjoyed feeling it all coming on. It felt like it was going deeper and deeper. My dick got so hard. It was an amazing experience. I’m thinking about trying again tonight.

First time Peridise user

While I did try to original Aneros about 20 years ago, I hadn’t used and wasn’t interested sexually in my backside for many years (blame ongoing hemorrhoids). In recent years I’ve gotten back into light anal stimulation and prostate play. I’m married, but bisexual with several close bimarried friends who have expanded my horizons or pleasures.
With Covid lockdown I haven’t played all year and needless to say quite horny and was online chatting with similar bimarried guy. He was telling me about his Aneros collection and all the P Orgasms he enjoys. He then told me about the Peridise model when I mentioned my hemorrhoids had recently come back. After reading on here I decided to get the beginner set which arrived 4 days ago. In the week I was waiting for them, I started back with kegels and trying to really focus on anal and prostate sensations.
Once my Peridise arrived, I quickly had to try the larger one. What I like is that I can insert and put my boxer briefs and jeans back on and work from my home office. After several hours my calls were over and I lean d back in my chair for 30 minutes. I explored the feeling, first doing some kegels, then letting the Peridise move with involuntary movements in my anal cavity. I had several mini-Os with the first session and the second similar session the next day. Nothing big, but really nice waves of pleasure for several minutes each time, spreading from the opening of my anus into the cavity and up to my prostate.
I’ve also tried while stationary cycling since my saddle has cutout in the middle and back. Once again, mild miniOs waves, very enjoyable, but nothing huge.
Last night, I decided to leave the smaller Peridise in all night (9 hours). I did wake up several times with warm pleasurable sensations in my prostate and anal area. No, I didn’t wake up having orgasms or my body thrashing around the bed, but each time I woke up, I did several kegels which then caused involuntary movement in my ass and mini waves of pleasure, from my anal opening up inside until those waves reached my prostate. Several times I though maybe I’d go into bigger orgasms, but that didn’t happen. My nipples have always been wired to my penis and balls, so I’ve always engaged them in sex, from solo masturbation to active sessions with partners. But I’m just several days with Peridise. My nipples are getting hard without touching them, but just from the Peridise induced stimulation. If possible, my nipples are even more sensitive now, and had to be more gentle in fingering them. But now my nipples are already required to my prostate and playing with them makes my prostate swell and throb! I never had a big orgasm last night, but probably had 5-6 times I woke up and had those mini waves of pleasure. I’ll try again tonight and see if things go further.

Its oh so quiet

I’m back home after living in solitude for almost a month, if you read my previous blogs you’ll read about the remote cabin Ive been staying in and my epic adventures with my family of Aneros’s.
Since I’ve returned I’ve had a few sessions and they have been pretty much duds, nothing anywhere like when I was away, this to me proves the importance of being in the right frame of mind, to be free of distractions and wayward thoughts. During one of my recent sessions I did experience some p-waves but nothing like as before, no mind blowing super-o’s or weird and wonderful visions.
I know things will improve and the feelings will return, after all this isn’t the first time things have gone away like this. I’ve learned to listen for the whisper from my prostate, she’ll let me know when its time to play……………patience is the key.

Progasm Ice – Round Two

Session two with my shiny new Progasm Ice was a day after the first (see blog below).

I started off pretty much as I always do, douche, shower, software porn, relax on the bed in a warm room.
From the moment of insertion I could feel the pressure on my prostate, this got me thinking, what would happen if I started spinster and PC muscle contractions way sooner than I normally do? So thats what I did, ten to fifteen minuets after inserting the device to be precise.

To get to the stage of my muscles fluttering I have to hold both sets of muscles for a good thirty seconds to a minuet, then hold for as long as I can, that seems to be my trigger, I then concentrate on the slowest and most controlled relaxation of those muscles as I possibly can, that seems to do the trick and thats when fluttering sensations starts, I repeat this until my pelvis is buzzing and feels like its burning deep inside!

Fast forward 15-20 mins and I could feel the first P-waves start, so I continue with the contractions, about twenty minuets later I can feel my first Super-O developing, I now know how to ride that sensation and amplify it by applying just the right amount of pressure and control.
The first Super-O was delicious, the second was by far the best I’ve EVER had, it lasted for ages, I totally lost track of time, I seemed to be able to hold it and control it at will. I’ve subsequently noticed from information from my smart watch that during the Super-O my pulse rate went from 64 – 160 and back down again, that shows how intense it was.

Deeper and Deeper

I’ve had a few sessions this week, all being fine but nothing to write home about, p-waves, mini-o’s and so on.

I though for todays session I’d mix things up a little. I’ve not used the Helix syn trident for awhile so after the usual douche and lube I started there, fifteen to twenty minuets in and I’m not getting anything, zilch. I swap out the Helix for the Progasm and lie back and adjust to weird sensations that comes with the bigger size of the Progasm. After half an hour I tentatively try some contractions of my sphincter and P.C muscles, I can feel the direct pressure on my prostate and get a positive reaction, this comes in the form of a warm glowing buzz, again after awhile nothing seems to be happening, so I’m thinking maybe this session will be a dud? After all it happens.

I try one of my favourites the Eupho syn trident, following on from the Progasm this ultra slim device glides in without a problem. I apply light contractions which results in a familiar feeling deep within my core, a sensation that’s hard to describe, its like a dull ache from deep down inside my pelvis.
As I regulate and concentrate on my breathing I find my self inadvertently contracting my sphincter by pulling the contraction forward into my body and rolling it over to my PC muscle in one continuous rolling movement, like its on its own elliptical trajectory, the warm ticking sensation its creating is just delicious, I keep rolling with it until I feel my first Super-O of the day washing over me, time becomes irrelevant, minuets seem like hours as I fall deep world of orgasmic bliss. With a finely tuned subtle contraction I’ve learned that its possible to hold the afterglow of a Super-O and reignite it by very gently reapplying pressure, this I did and one Super-O merged into another.

Ups and Downs

I’ve recently been away on assignment working up to 16 hours per day, feeling mentally and physically tired, even so I’ve still found time for a few sessions with my ever growing collection of Aneros’s.
Unsurprisingly most of the sessions were duds, not a lot to report, hardy even a p-wave. The combination of exhaustion, being in unfamiliar hotels and rushing totally and utterly killed any sensation, what this reiterated to me was the need for a quiet space, somewhere without disturbance, and with time to relax and enjoy the moment.

On returning home I set-to tidying up loose ends, to conclude the assignment, to clear my desk, physically and metaphorically. After doing this I browsed some porn and settled in for a session with the MGX Syn Trident, a douche, shower and total peace and solitude, no distractions whatsoever.

I lubed up my ass and smeared Vaseline on the MGX, inserted it and concentrated on my breathing, in through the mouth for seven seconds, hold for seven and slowly release the exhaled breath. in no time sensations started to build, a delicious dull ache in my groin, gentle shaking and quivering of my legs and a tightening of my abs. Occasionally a p-wave would send shivers from my head to my toes, I started contacting my pc muscles whilst simultaneously attempting to push out the Aneros with my rectal muscles, it didn’t take long for my muscles to fatigue and start to quiver, by now I could feel the gentle pressure applied by the massager on my prostate and it was was buzzing.