Long time listener, first time caller

So I’ve been a user for a long time, with mixed results. When I first started out, I hadn’t learned that brute force contractions did not lead one to the path of the SO or anything even near that. Instead, I’d basically wear my MGX or Helix and masturbate furiously while my ass enjoyed a little tickle. I then gave up, took a hot lover with a huge cock and let him work his magic on me instead. I hadn’t yet figured out that Aneros was a great complement to a sex life, not a replacement.

Fast forward to now. I’m older, hopefully wiser but still struggle with my journey. For a while it was HFWO because I was jerking around too much in ecstasy, then it was not being able to relax, then focusing too much, etc. Most recently I’ve taken up smoking pot and it’s had the best results yet with my Maximus as a guide. I’ve learned that a little pot, plus some focus on just riding the wave has really helped me reach a good place where I have some amazing waves of pleasure, dry Os, etc. Eupho has also been a good tool. I’ve learned to love my body, my ass, etc.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that it just takes a lot of patience and kindness to one’s self. As cliched as it sounds, it really is about the journey, not the destination.

Need some advice on the “do nothing” method

So, hiya everyone. I’ve been chasing the aneros dream for a couple weeks now, and whilst I’ve definitely had some nice feelings, I’ve never truly had anything above a small p-wave.

After reading through here the “do nothing” method has been mentioned a lot and I figured I should try it. But even though I’ve read so much about it I just cant warp my head around it. Like, does do nothing mean not doing manual contractions at all? Literally just lying there and relaxing your anal muscles completely? During my sessions I’m manually contracting constantly and making the aneros “pound” into me, which I’m starting to realise maybe I shouldn’t do.

I’d love to hear your methods for achieving these dry and super-o’s, because am willing to try anything at this point!

My experience so far…

So, I jumped on the prostate bandwagon a few months ago and started with the Helix Syn. Had a few good sessions with it but wasn’t getting anywhere close to what I was reading about. Turns out…I was too impatient.

I ordered the Helix Trident Syn last week and I have had a few sessions with it. I like it SO much better than the Syn. That extra strength in the P-tab really helps.

The other night I was having a session and I had my first hands-free ejaculation. Not a Super-O or even a dry orgasm, but hands-free nonetheless. That was a pretty big step. I had the Trident in and I had used extra lube. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I had my dick tucked between my legs and my legs were squeezed closed. This goes against the “relax and it will come to you” but it felt so good.

I also had quite a few large muscle shakes. The feelings grew and grew and then I came. It was pretty intense but not my ultimate goal. Still, I had managed to do something I’d never done before so that was a good session.

Today, I put on my chastity cage and sat around doing some work. I started feeling horny and just paid attention to my prostate. I have found that I can get some great feelings without the Aneros if I concentrate enough so I tried doing that.

2:18 and I wanted more

I had woken up with some pleasurable feelings in my prostate and started to encourage them, but decided that I needed sleep. I lubed up an popped in the Maximum and then lay back down to sleep. What followed for the next 5 hours until the alarm went off at 7:30 was blissful state of sleep and wakefulness, with waves of pleasure and orgasms, one big one where my prostate seems to roll itself 360 degrees inside me.

Finally at 7:30 I snoozed the alarm and let another 20 minutes of orgasms continue before I had to get up, so finished off with an ejaculation.

Wow! As has been said in the forums, every session is different. I’ve not yet learnt how to say no to more orgasms without finishing myself off with a wet one. Master it I will 🙂

Just had my first p-wave in a long time.

I have been trying prostate play for a long time, maybe 3 years. Over all this time I have only experienced one p wave and that was towards the end of the first year, until this morning. I woke up super early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to do some relaxed prostate play for a bit. I pop in my helix syn and browse reddit out of boredom. Then it hit, out of no where, I wasn’t doing contractions I was just reading stuff. I got that tingly feeling in my lower stomach and thighs, my back arched, and I shook. I nearly pulled a muscle in my back because of it. I want it again so bad but don’t think I’ll get much more good feeling out of it today.

Minor Progress (I think)

2019-03-11 Length: 125 min.

Listened to 1st HypnAerosession MP3 for relaxation and contractions. Afterwards listened to about 20 minutes of 2nd MP3 attempting to relax. Unexpected difficulties due to frequent gas caused by taking enema about 30 minutes before session. Relaxation of any desirable length impossible due to the frequent gas and tensing required to keep HT in place during gas release. This excess gas feeling continued rest of the day and into the next day. This demonstrates that, for me, it will be better for me to delay my sessions rather than consider an enema.

Length 95 min. Listened to 1st HypnAerosession MP3 for about 30 minutes of relaxation followed by 20 minutes of contractions. Switched to thunderstorm sounds of nature for remaining 45 min. mostly relaxing with occasional contraction and holding. Noticed something unexpected about the contractions… During a contraction, after several minutes of relaxation, there was much more sensation if I contracted slowly. After releasing, if I attempted another contraction too close in time, the effect was absent. In all cases, this only occurred on a single contraction after several minutes of relaxing. I would not describe this sensation as a p-wave as I currently understand that term, but at least I noticed something different.

Rumel`s Ruminations – Part III

The following is a copy of the Personal Message I try to send to new Forum members (updated March 3, 2019)
“Hi Guys,:)

Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. There is a wealth of information to be obtained on this website. If you are not familiar with the concept of multiple orgasms (dry-O’s), I encourage you to view these two videos by Dr. Joy Davidson discussing “Ways for Men to Have Multiple Orgasms” (Part 1 & Part 2). While she doesn’t mention the use of Aneros massagers as one of the methods a man may employ, the information presented was accurate and informative for men seeking this level of experience and is completely in line with the techniques we discuss on this Forum everyday.
Additionally, you may find these two videos (Learn to Do a Prostate Massage and Learn all the enjoyable things to do with his Prostate) taken from a DVD video, formerly available on the Aneros website, interesting and informative as well.

Finally, I encourage you to listen to the podcast#9: Prostate Massage & Super Orgasms (Seriously) With Forrest Andrews of Aneros.

“A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….”

[Thanks to the ‘Star Wars’ opening crawl (and to George Lucas and Dan Perri) for the title of this blog post]

According to my blog posts, it has been 11 days since my last session. Why did I wait so long? Well, for one thing, I believe it is the same reason that I practice semen retention (SR). That period of abstinence only makes the sexual event more special, more powerful. Just as withholding ejaculations can make them more potent, withholding Aneros sessions (I believe) can make them better and stronger. Was that the case for this morning’s session? Let me describe the session…..

I selected the HIH 950 for this session, because I really wanted a “therapeutic” prostate massage session. I want to keep my prostate healthy and help with BPH symptoms too. Of course, I knew in advance how the massager would feel pressing against my prostate, but since it has been so long, the anticipation of that feeling became exquisitely erotic. I couldn’t wait. So I lubed-up the 950 with SSG and inserted it quite deeply, making sure that the perineum-tab was pressing firmly against my perineum. I went to lie-down and relax.

A-Less Awakening

Recently I have been having for me good sessions with both of my models. waves of pleasure with what i am now guessing where mini o’s if i had to label. The problem was when things really felt good i would let go and have a hfwo. after a couple sessions like this I was able to control the ejaculation but had to stop and re start. was still able to get back the mini o’s but was definitly still approaching ejaculation orgasm so i would control them. I felt I was making some progress because the sessions and mini o’s felt good and I was able to hold back on ejaculation but was a little dissapointed that the ejaculation response was still running the show. i decided to try some quick a-less sessions recently due to lack of time for prep clean up and privacy issues. Surprisingly they where great, was able to achieve the same results as with the Aneros. Decided to let go on the first time because it was feeling so good and once again hfwo. tried a few more times and was able to have nice short sessions and control the ejaculation but never really let go. Then today happened, Decided to sneak in a a-less session my arousal was high and wanted to give it a go. Things felt different this time I was building to what before was what I am calling a mini o but it went to the next level with no urge to ejaculate. The feelings in my penis where incredible and it was as plump and hard as it could be I would look down and could not believe what was happening. I had no focus on my penis it was just feeling amazing and was as hard as a rock, with every little contraction I thought the head was going to pop off and no urge to ejaculate. at the same time I had a tremendous warm feeling in my whole groin, and pelvic area. I was having orgasmic contractions but not ejaculatory contractions. i was soaking it in and waiting for it to end in a ejaculation, but it just kept going on penis bulging testicles tingling and hanging loose, legs trembling a little now and then, an occasional spastic jerk from the lower abdomen area. I would snap out of it and look around to see what was going on and want more so I just relaxed and it started over again and again. It never really stopped but i could make it more intense by just riding with it. Never even had the urge to ejaculate but i thought for sure I was going to. It finally subsided I think because my body needed a break and I just layed there thinking wow what just happened. Definitly a place I have never been before and look forward to getting back to again soon.
Its hard to stop thinking about it I feel a whole new sensual energy coursing through my body and if I just think about it can almost bring it back. Wow another chapter but a really good one.