Smash Brothers then Smash Prostate

So…I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Brothers the past few days. Never really got into the game but I am liking this one. Mainly because it’s on the Switch and I can take it anywhere in the house. Well I was playing a little bit while doing some light kegels. That led to those kegels producing some nice p-waves. Next thing you know I am putting down the switch and just enjoying the waves.

I decided to kick it up a notch. I lifted up my T-shirt and started playing with both my nipples. My hands were crossed so that opposite hand would handle opposite nipple. Next thing I knew…bam…dry orgasm leading into a super-o then back down to dry orgasm….basically an MMO with a few pretty short Super-Os. It felt like a Thimble just pushing against my prostate…and the more it pushed the more waves radiated outside my body.

I then had a new sensation…it felt like my prostate move to the base of my penis…and yes thats where it is but it felt so much closer to my penis boner. I focused on that feel…diddling my nipples and it felt so good I was whimpering from the pleasure….

…..and as I am writing this….like literally just now…while sitting down. I had dry orgasm that lasted for 2 mins. Felt like a heartbeat getting stronger and stronger in my ass. What an amazing feeling…

Another crazy session

This session was really pleasurable. The Aneros was automatically pushing into my prostate and with every thrust I felt a p-wave emanate from the prostate. Unlike the previous session, this circle of pleasure kept growing bigger with each pulse and eventually spread out through the whole body.

Theres so many kinds and levels of pleasure/orgasms/orgasmic pleasure that it really gets difficult to tell exactly happened during the session.

After awhile I relaxed abit, my penis went flaccid but it felt like the Aneros was so deeply engaged with the prostate, that with each heartbeat I could feel the Aneros tapping on it, it was lightly pleasurable.

The amount of pre-cum was unprecedented, I never had so much pre-cum that it dripped right off the penis! I lightly touched it and it was pleasurably electric, it was so sensitive I pulled away my hand just in case I ejaculated.

The First Night

Decided to recant my first night of Super-Os as part of my blog. Hope you all enjoy reading:

Well. I just had my first Super O and then I followed it up with 20+ more over the next 5 hours.

And all Anerosless!!!

Mind you today I started the day with the Helix Syn and the Progasm session before I left for my flight to Atlanta. About 6 months into my journey and I was getting pwaves and like micro mini Os. Just some light pulsating and I can feel the in-voluntaries but up to this point nothing more than 10-15 secs. Nothing changed with this morning session.

For the last 4 days I have been reading and practicing the exercises from The MultiOrgasmic Man. No jacking off for 4 days…Sharpening the Knife every morning. 300+ Kegels a day. Using Cool Draw starting on the 3rd day.

I get on the plane and as I am on there I decide to do some kegels. I was shooting for 100. I got to about 50 and something strange happened. I was getting the pulsating I get with the Aneros but this was without. I stopped….did a few Cool Draws and then I was done.

I met up with my friends and we got to the vacation home. All was well. We were just enjoying each others company. After Dinner we went home and I lay down on the couch. I fell asleep. Woke up like 30 mins later and decided let me finish today’s kegels.

Chain orgasm and p waves

This session was by far the best one! I’ve been hopping between the various Aneros models and my current favourite is the Helix Syn because it bends well and the silicone feel is soooo good.

It seems like everytime I change the model and come back to the same one, the experience is different but it gets better everytime. Maybe because of the progress being made and the break in between models keeps it from getting boring.

I did the usual nipple circling without touching them directly and had a really good gentle femdom pegging audio running. The helix syn began stroking me nicely and swimming in pleasure, I lost track of exactly what was going on.

All I know is that I was having orgasm(s) for 1-2 mins straight. It could have been a chain of dry Os. Some strong, some weaker, some pulsing slow and some faster. At one point I could feel the aneros thrusting inside of me – autofk as some would term it. Every thrust created this pleasurable warm wave that originated from the prostate and radiated out in a circle from there, up to the belly and down to the thighs. This was my first autofk and first time experiencing p-waves.

I tried some light clenching of the pc muscles but that only seemed to hinder the process. When I fully released the muscles, the pleasure came back. The body seems to know what it’s doing without needing any intervention.

SR, Leaking and a Morning Session with the Eupho Trident

So I am now on day 11 of my SR journey. I am out of my mind horny and my prostate beats like a second heart for the past 3 days. My previous SR record was 8 days so I now know that after 8 things change drastically.

For the past 3 days I have also leaked precum/ejaculate at just random times during the day complete involuntarily and all in non-aroused states. The first two times I was at work in meetings and I just felt myself start to leak. When it first happened I literally wanted the ground to swallow me because I was wearing khakis and I feared things would come through. I originally thought it was piss but when I went to the restroom my underwear was stuck to my cock slit and there was great old white mess in my pouch. The second time it happened. I sat there with an evil grin. Today it happened for a third consecutive day as I was doing a number 2 in the bathroom. As I passed crap out of me…my cock leaked precum and even cum from it. I was completely soft…and hadnt even touched my member but as I contracted my rectum…more and more of it leaked out. This turned me on to no end.

1000 Kegels and the Eupho Arrived

Over the past 48 hours I have completed 1000 kegels. 500 per day specifically. Those sessions have led to some awesome PWaves. My Eupho Trident arrived yesterday and I was very eager to take it for a spin. I woke up this morning, lubed up and stuck it in. Two things happened. I got to a Super-O just as fast as with my Aless sessions and my time in between dry-Os and Super-Os was less than any other Aneros model. I love how this thing bounced around and kissed my prostate. Gave me such an energized feeling heading into the office.

While in the office I had an all day training which meant I could close my door. Every hour in this training I had a dry orgasm. Just doing kegels and feeling that wave.

After work I went and attended a hockey game and sitting right there in the cold arena focusing on the pleasure from doing kegels…I had the fattest and wettest dry orgasm I’ve ever had in front of people. No one knew…but I got up to make sure I didnt cum all over myself…it felt like I did but when I checked my cock…dry as a whistle.

The best part was when I came home tonight. I laid down on the couch and I could already tell I was super aroused. I played with both of my nipples and noticed my prostate was responding to the nipple play. For the next 3 hours I averaged a Super-O every 20 mins and I had one last over 10 mins. It was amazing.

Minor progress after 1 week even if I was cheating

Last night I had a partial brake through. Went to bed with the mgx. I started on my left side. After 30 minutes of do nothing and nothing happening, not even a twitch I decided to roll over on my back. I reached down and started to massage my perineum just above the p-tab. An orgasm started almost immediately than rolled into another more intense than the first. I lost count after 5 as they started to come closer together with out a break between. They just kept coming each getting slightly more intense.

The entire time I was riding these orgasms I was holding different levels of contractions allowing my muscles to involuntarily contract but this was not happening as a feed back loop. I think it was just happening from trying to maintain a set level of contraction.

The last orgasm I remember my body was so fully engulfed that I lost track of time. The one thing that stood out about it was the sudden feeling of a strange sharp pain that exploded from my prostate that caused my belly to clench than start to flutter maybe a dozen times before stopping. This feeling was scary but exhilarating at the same time lasting mere seconds before passing to allow the orgasm feeling to swell even higher before fading off. I believe that this was caused by the mgx sliding along the prostate as it was designed to do to create these feel good feelings. Could this have been the aforementioned p-waves? I looked at the clock to find I had been surfing this session for an hour plus but didn’t want it to stop.

After a busy Work Week…Weekend Explosion!

So this week has been rather crazy. I failed in the early part of the week at my normally weekly SR. I ended up getting carried away on Tuesday and decided to ejaculate only 2 days in. So with that reset I decided to also give my prostate a break. 2 days in with just diving into my work tasks butt buzz and Aless were pretty much sustaining me. Friday I had a full on fight session with my prostate not to go jumping over the deep end into a Super-O. So here comes the weekend.

I woke up and cuddled with my wife before she went to work. Raging morning wood poking her back which I ignored because I wanted to see what the remaining time in the day would bring. I laid in bed just lightly kegeling. I felt a warm tingling up my spine…that immediately transformed into the shortest but mind numbing orgasm I’ve ever felt. It literally was maybe 2 seconds…enough for two kegels…but it left me trembling.

At this point I got up and walked the dog. Came inside and took a shower. In the shower I played with myself a little bit. Stroking my soapy cock. I could feel that slow build of sperm waiting to be released. I then left it alone and rinsed off. I put on some lounge clothes…underwear…tshirt…cotton sweats and retreated to the living room. Lightly started kegels again and withing 5 mins I was getting some nice pwaves.

My Wife – Sex Partner, Aneros Aide and Lover

So by Spring of 2006 this Prostate Orgasm thing was exerting obvious impacts on me that were impossible for my wife to ignore. One of the most intriguing to her was the change in my nipples (rewiring at work). They were darker and were almost always erect when I was naked. Just being naked erected not only my nipples but also my cock. I was impossible for my wife to not notice these changes. Beyond those changes were the increase and change in my ejaculations as mentioned in the previous entry. So one beautiful warm spring morning in April, while we were having a lovely chat and coffee on our back porch, she abruptly changed the subject from gardening plans to my prostate. An awkward turn of topic but very welcome none the less. Her inspiration was noticing and commenting on my nipples earlier that morning; I sleep nude so she keeps track of my anatomy easily.

She knew of Aneros and why I did it. I used prostate massage for health as the rationale when I told her about it a year earlier; she didn’t know about the orgasm part. This was the time to open up, so I did. She was quiet and attentive asking very few questions. When I was done she was surprised and a little hurt. Her angst was over the fact that she was not part of it.