Prostate Edging

So I had a couple of my best sessions recently. One with my helix and the other with my progasm ice. Both sessions came after what I am going to describe as prostate edging for sake of a better term. Maybe coincidence, but in both cases, I had a couple of short sessions 2 days in a row before a normal session which is for me is usually a couple of hours. These short sessions were probably 45 minutes or so and things were going good with some great sensation and waves of pleasure building but just had to call them short because of things came up that wouldn’t allow me to go for the full time I would have liked to. These short sessions though left the prostate buzzing and wanting more. Then comes the full session the next day and wow, awesome session right from the start. I am now considering if I should do more of these short prostate edging sessions as part of my routine because it sure seems getting the prostate buzzing and wanting more is resulting in some phenomenal rides! Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Looking for reccomendations on next toy

Hey r/aneros! I’m planning to buy myself another toy and I’m hoping to crowd-source some input from you good people to help me decide on a model.

I would describe myself on the early side of intermediate, I’ve been using aneros for about 2-3 years and over the last year my progress has been moving more steadily forward. I’m starting to achieve better and better sensations including pleasure waves, mini-os and involuntaries/muscle spasms.

I have 3 toys at the moment; Helix Syn, Progasm Ice and Eupho Trident.

Most of the time I use the Helix Syn, which I find to be the most comfortable. It feels fuller, I get good sensations and I can ride it for longer. I find that the eupho is more mobile, and I’ve had a few great sessions (in fact probably my best sessions) with it, but they seem to be fewer and further between because of the small size. As if I need to be really in the zone to make the eupho work for me. It also feels uncomfortable after riding for a while. The prograsm is too big for me, moves very little and not very comfortable.

I’m thinking about a model from the Trident Syn line, and I’m trying to decide between Helix, Maximus or Eupho. Has anyone had a similar experience to me, and can recommend a toy that works for them?


Holy fucking shit!

A got my helix trident last week, played with it a couple times, had some really great orgasms jerking off with it in me. I enjoy anal toys generally but this is my first time really going for the prostate.

Tonight I smoke some weed, put it in, and lay on my tummy on the couch. I’m enjoying it inside me, pushing and pulling my muscles, feeling some nice sensations. I take a good deep sniff of poppers, and start to figure out how to manipulate it inside me. I find one spot that really opens my eyes. I take another hit of poppers, and things get hazy here.

I’m still lying on my couch, an hour plus later. The toy is stimulating my prostate (I assume) with every tiny flick or twitch. I lost count of how many times I’ve hit my poppers, but every time I do I start having waves of what feel like multiple dry orgasms centered inside me (p-waves?). A couple even had me shaking! I haven’t stimulated my cock at all and it’s mostly stayed soft. I don’t normally like nipple play but touching them during the waves is electric.

Ideally I’ll lay off the poppers and try to get here (and beyond) on my own, but I never thought I’d feel something this amazing in just a couple days. I had my doubts about the little $55 hunk of plastic, but it’s proven itself tonight.

Massager too big?

Hello reddit. Newbie here . I have the aneros “DeVice” and im getting mild sensations from having it fully inserted. But today just after a regular session i tried to get it halfway in and pointed at the prostate and when it hit i felt the urge to pee . I started moving it up and down the prostate and the feeling increased . Then a transparent fluid started dripping from my cock . It was not like ejaculate but like watery thing. My question is : is this model just too big for me , or is my prostate just shallower . Also is it ok to finish a session ( even without p-waves , super o and etc) with normal ejaculatory orgasm . Thanks guys 😉

Was this my first P-wave?

So I’ve been using the aneros for maybe a little under a year now, and the past month or more I have been seemingly stuck with little progress being made. Today I used it, was just laying back listening to some relaxing music, had the involuntary contractions going. All of a sudden I felt some sort of building in my pelvis, felt a bit good and then it began to spread throughout my body slowly and then as soon as it came on it was gone. I tried relaxing more to see if I could get it to happen again but had no luck, and the session after then died down and I couldn’t get anywhere. Is this what people call a p-wave? I don’t remember feeling this before, and honestly I hope it is because I was getting frustrated with no progress being made.

If it was any advice on what to do for my next session? I’m still not even sure what I’m doing and I’m kind of just contracting all sorts of muscles because of what I’ve heard on here.

I think I had an orgasm but I don’t know why exactly happened. And I’ll be in I think I have a Super T!!!

Hey guys.

The last night I had a section for about 2 hours it was nice and relaxing. (Quick that background it’s been a stressful week at work. Plus I haven’t worked one out in a couple days.) So got myself ready and started meditating and relaxing. Fast forward a bit. I had a P wave and felt really good. Fast forward a bit more. I have another one. Shortly after that I was really really really relaxed and I f—ing fell asleep.

This wasn’t the end though I’m woke up about 10 minutes later. Reliance crap I fell asleep. In started back at it. This is where it gets odd for me.

When I was stretching and yawning. I began to start shaking. Not the shaking with stretching. I was shaking!!! The first thought was what the hell’s going on. And this field okay. Then it stop.

So what’s that orgasms!!!???

Then near the end I change position to downward dog and it felt really nice. I moved mine ass in a rocking motion and it felt really good. Then picked up the motion a little bit more. It started feeling really good. Then I realized you might cuming???

After having this feeling of cuming.” I’m like okay that felt really freaking good.” Then it felt like I had with a wave of pleasure which knock me mentally on my ass. I had to literally lay down. Fast forward a bit. I started to clean up and I am looked at the towel I had underneath me. There was a good bit cum.

(Finally) Achieved a HFWO! How to progress to dry-O’s?

Hey guys! Been an aneros user for about 3 months. Started with the Helix Syn Trident, then progressed to the Progasm Jr 3 weeks ago. The Progasm Jr was the one that finally brought me over the edge. The build up and everything was soooo goooooooood, but I was honestly thinking I was going to achieve a Dry-O, or perhaps even a super orgasm! Unfortunately, I got this sensation of cum spurting out and lo and behold – it did. A bit disappointed I had to stop the session there, since after 5 minutes after I came and was still riding some p-waves, I just wasn’t horny anymore.

I can’t really remember what I did differently to achieve the HFWO, but I was doing it mostly how I usually did it, except this time I edged for a week. I got myself super horny and put on some porn before I put the Progasm in. The moment I put the progasm in, I knew my body was in for a treat since I immediately started to feel good and started to moan. Usually I would try to relax, but the feelings were already making my ass contract immediately after insertion, so I did some light kegel exercises for about 2 minutes, then I just made the toy do the work since it was already doing a fine job inside me. I think the one thing I did differently this time was to find a contraction that felt good and rode the wave, keeping the contraction there. 50 minutes later, I feel something building up, my lower half shaking. I start to feel that “point of no return” feel in my prostate (or cock), and thats when I had the wet orgasm.

Not able to reach point of release

I made some great progress today, I smoked some weed and played around for a few hours. The feelings were simply amazing, I’ve never felt anything like this before, I feel like I go to another dimension of pleasure. The buildup is incredible, and I am always able to get to a point of insane tension and p-waves, however I’m unable to go over that ‘edge’, and there is no release as with a normal orgasm. It’s quite frustrating because I am always at the point just before orgasm, and it’s like having to stop just before you cum during a regular orgasm but 100x stronger. Anyone also experienced this, and how did you get over the edge?