Can someone describe their successful session for me pls

It’s just that I’ve been on this journey for like three months now and I still can’t tell if I’ve gotten a pwave or not.

I just wanna cross reference with y’all on what I’m suppose to look for

I’ve been trying to meditate during each session with varying success, mainly my adhd preventing me from focusing for more than 10 minutes, my thoughts keeps drifting.

And even if I think I’m doing something, the sensation I do feel feel like a singular dot pleasure /pressure laser focused on my prostate, beside that I’ve haven’t encounter any other sensation.
Thanks in advance

HFDO from external anus stimulation

In my last session I had an elevated heart rate from running around the house right before laying down to play. So I decided to take it real slow to give myself some time to relax.

After calming down and relaxing a bit I decided to continue but keep it slow. I lubed up a finger and started slowly stimulating my butthole with circular motions. Immediately I noticed p-waves spreading so I pursued it for a few minutes and was rewarded with several back to back dry orgasms.

These orgasms were triggered by the external anal stimulus, but centered in the prostate. They felt identical to the smaller (non-superO) HFDOs that I get with the aneros inserted.

Has anyone else been able to reliably orgasm from external anal stimulation alone?

Great session today!

Was really excited to start my session this morning. I typically use THC during my sessions and last week I got an eight of Gorilla glue buds. I did a lot of reading about this particular strain and was both encouraged and anxious. The strain description sounds fantastic for prostate play with intense body high and relaxation but it’s also described as a very potent strain. I did my usual preparation and got to business. I took it slow, one hit on my bud vaporizer and then let it set in to see what happens. Very pleasant calm high set in and I inserted my Helix Syn V. I was rewarded with pleasure waves within minutes. After a pleasant time with the Helix my hole was hungry to be filled. I teased myself with the head of my 8.5 inch girthy dildo and soft flesh eventually yielded to soft silicone and my innards got the filling it desired. The very best feeling occurred after removal. My gaping hole collapsed and I got the most delicious device-less orgasm! Next came the Progasm Jr and oh man was it hitting. I am normally not very vocal during my sessions but the Jr coaxed moans as I thrashed around my bed. Overall a very good session!

Confirming My Status as an Unwilling Aneros Simp

I do not play that “brand loyalty” bullshit. At all. With any corporation or product. If I like a product but the company switches-up or does something I don’t like, then I switch-up where my money goes next. Easy. I do this consistently w/ every single thing I’ve spent money on.

Except this one. Fuck you, Aneros.

I threw down some bread to try the RocksOff Naughty Boy after deciding the Rude Boy was gonna be too big. Wanted a different kind of hands-on p-play experience and my $7 stainless steel anal hook can be a bit too hard for the odd occasion. I also acquired the 2-piece Peridise set while I was in the spending mood.

For context, vibrators have not done much for me in the past, and I REALLY gave them a good try. They just feel ticklish and make my prostate numb. After my relatively recent success using my massage gun for perineal pleasure, I figured I’d revisit them to see if my biology changed at all.

Nope. Lowest setting resulted in the familiar disappointing numbness, but I leaked more than I remember other vibrators doing. Going higher made no difference. Leaving it on high and sitting around for 15mis made no difference. It did feel good on the perineum, but only in a teasing sort of way. Nothing like the rapid kneading of the massage gun. Using it w/ vibration off felt nice, but I didn’t cum at all. Will revisit another time. Definitely jumped the gun on the vibrator part.

A bit frustrated: Can’t get beyond the “tingling stage”

I’ve been using a Progasm Jr and recently a Helix Syn for approx. 2 years now. Nothing much happened until some months ago where I started to get P-waves and tingles pretty much every time I use the toy. There where several instances where I got intense shivers, heart racing and the feeling of an immense pleasure incoming, so intense it made me even afraid. When it happened for the first time, my prostate tingled for two days which made me pretty anxious.

Also, I’m so far that I can basically alway cause P-Waves/tingles just with thinking about it, like a mental switch, and it’s almost as strong as with the toy in.

But that’s it – I never feel I can get beyond this stage. Is it the toy? I feel that they Syn works better for me than the Progasm Jr, so I thought about maybe getting another model, but there seems to be no consensus on which one.

Something I have also tried is stimulating the toy from the outside with a Magic Wand. It feels amazing and very tingly, but it’s just “constant pleasure”, but not like it would lead to climax. I can control both muscles independently, but “do nothing” worked best for me so far.

The “dry” feeling from a wet orgasm

Just had a rather weird wet orgasm. I was giving my self some edging after my last session (it failed, not leading to a dry orgasm as usual). During edging (with the massager still in) I constantly feel those pleasure waves you will normally get right before you’re about to cum. And suddenly it comes to me that maybe these waves and P-waves are the same thing or at least share some similar natures. So I tried to create these waves as much as possible. I paused stroking whenever I felt the waves occurring rather than pausing at the edge of cumming (as the word “edging” suggests). After several rounds of it, I decided to cum, and I did.

However, the orgasm I had is rather strange: my legs were shaking to the point where they almost became numb. I didn’t have that post-nut clarity filling my mind with emptiness, instead I just have the feeling of wanting more. My brain feels wonky and I even had trouble walking as if I were drunk. I’ve never have these feelings before in my wet orgasms.

My two questions are first, is that pleasure coming edging the same as a P-wave or at least sharing some similarities with it? Second, can those weird feelings I just got considered somewhat “dry-ish” or having some “dry notes” although the orgasm I had was definitely not a dry one?

WTF! WTF! WTF did I do

So first time poster. Long time no enthusiast. Well I have some questions that I wish someone could help me with.
1. Can someone explain what “p-waves” feel like?
2. How do I stop them? This is explained in the long post below.
3. What does a dry orgasm feel like and what’s the difference between them and pwaves? I had and incredible experience yesterday and not sure exactly what I was feeling?
4. What is an Aless orgasm?

I have been experimenting for years with prostate massage and never managed to have anything really happen until a few months ago. I was playing around and had my first HFWO which sent me searching for that feeling aLong story short. The other day I was reading through a bunch of post and saw a lot of post about Mindgasm and aneros. So I thought what the hell could it hurt. So down loaded the app and started listening and fallowing along. Now this is with out any device because i was at work. As I progressed through I started feeling the butterfly’s in and around my p spot and I started leaking precum like crazy. So much so I soaked through my jeans. I can’t explain the pleasure. That evening I would periodically work my pc muscle and I kept kept feeling these waves of pleasure that would resonate from my prostate through my body like a bell being struck. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. So far everything was amazing until I tried to go to bed. I could not sleep these waves of pleasure took over and I couldn’t stop them. I was leaking like a faucet again and thought what the hell did I do? Can I turn this off? Do I even want to turn it off? So I went to where I could be more discreet and figured I’d see where this would go. And let me tell you. It went. I had wave after wave of bliss fallowed my moments of peacefulness. Might I add this is all without a device. Just relaxing breathing and working the pc. After 2 hours of this I couldn’t take it anymore. The feelings were so strong I thought if I kept going I would wake up the hole house. So I finish my self off in the traditional handed approach and I exploded like never before. I can’t explain how cum there was.
What did I do to myself?

Night Session!

Last night went to bed late because of late dinner.
Couldn’t get asleep with loaded stomach so decided to kill time with a Eupho Syn session.
Lubed up and lay on my side and upper leg bent. Relaxed with deep presleep breathing pwaves appear.

I got in the mood now…pulled out my Eupho and slide it in again but with the tip pointing to my back….this gives me a tender but firm pressure on my prostate.
Normaly i can sleep on my stomach in this set up.

But not last night…i felt my prostate had a nice interaction with Aneros.
I felt the toy pressed out while pc muscles pulled it back.
Had to turn on my side again to avoid penis contact with my matras and spoil the moment.

From that moment i felt like had to pee and precum pumped out of my glans with a tremendous orgasm.
I cleaned up but let the Eupho inside felt asleep.

Woke up this morning to an a-less dry orgasm

I’ve been having very regular sessions recently, generally every 2 days if not more. Yesterday I had a 3 hour session in the morning and a 6 hour session in the evening ending at about midnight. At 4am I woke up suddenly with a fast heart beat and that sort of tingling/buzzing feeling in my pelvis and abdomen and noticed I was getting erect. Ripped off my clothes, played with my nipples and wow. Dry orgasm. It felt so amazing to do it without a device inserted and to have a dry orgasm whilst very erect too.

I carried on deep breathing and had some more p-waves and fairly intense pleasure that I couldn’t even pin point. Had the hardest erection I’ve ever had and couldn’t resist some edging which triggered p-waves and some really nice feelings in my legs. Went to sleep soon after 🙂

I’ve been having a lot of a-less feelings outside sessions recently that seem to come on randomly but mainly when I’m tired or falling asleep. I might try actively encouraging them in future. Tip’s appreciated

Great Aless today

Decided to have a rare for me Tuesday session today and since I have to work tomorrow I used CBD instead of THC. The CBD that I have is exceptionally effective at relaxing me so helps, not as good as THC, but helps. Took a couple of turns with various Aneros devices, Edge 2, and my newest dildos (7.5 and 8.5 insertable.) Got some decent P-waves but nothing exceptionally pleasurable. Finished my session and sat in my recliner for a nap and felt my sphincter returning to normal after a good pounding with the larger dildo. The feeling very subtly moved towards pleasure and I relaxed into it while maintaining a very light steady contraction. The pleasure soon blossomed into full body euphoria, a calm seas orgasm! I rode these waves for a good half hour, profoundly thankful for the extended pleasure.