HFWO Question

HFWO (Hands Free Wet Orgasm) for those that don’t know the acronym.

I have the MGX Trident model. I’ve felt some p-waves here and there, but it always ends in a HFWO with a rock hard dick. I don’t touch my dick at all when I have a solo session, and the end result always seems to be this.

My question is will a different aneros model do me any good as in different results super-o, etc?

I think I want to try the new Helix Syn Trident, but afraid of the same results.

My first big anal orgasm, helped by my Progasm Ice, but still having trouble using the toy by itself to get an orgasm

So I just had what I perceived to be an unbelievably huge anal orgasm. I’ve been an Aneros user for over a year now, and I know this is probably sacrilegious but mainly just using my Helix Syn as a buttplug. I adore my Helix Syn but it never quite did the trick in terms of hitting my p-spot, but it feels great to have in and I love using it when having sex with my girlfriend.

Since investing in a Helix Syn I’ve become more accustomed to anal play in general, using vibrating butt plugs of various sizes and even some dildos. So far as anal play goes the furthest to a prostate/anal orgasm I’ve found has been using a silicone dildo (around 6 inches long and 4.5 around). I’ve found by basically coating it in good lube and pushing it in and out works a treat, great internal sensations and I can hit my prostate well. I’ve had what I thought was close to an anal orgasm using this fairly standard method before but nothing mind blowing, until this evening.

Have I *Hacked* My Prostate?

After a couple years of on-again-off-again aneros toying, I’ve finally felt good about being consistent in using it.

About once or twice a week I’ve been “pop it in and relax routine” with some fun results. I can consistently get p-waves and the occasional rush of pleasure people speak of. After relaxing, I sit upright in my comfy computer chair and watch some porn with some nipple play. Lately, maybe a half hour of nipple play and aneros flexing has me TO-ing like crazy.

For the first time tonight I tried the same routine without the aneros: no dick touching, some nipple play, and some flexing while watching porn… 15 minutes later I blew a load.

TL;DR: Consistent use has me hands-free orgasming without the aneros

Has anyone else been able to initiate aneros-esque prostate pleasure without using it?

“Who Are We? Just Play The Game!”

[This blog was inspired by an Aneros member]

While listening to some erotic chillout this morning, I began to dwell on this topic. And the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense to me. So I’d like to share it…..

We as men share a unique role in this world. We are the sex who (for lack of better words) penetrates, thrusts and ejaculates. It really it that simple! But along the way, we have developed many other ways, other ‘tools’ if you will, to cultivate and ‘grow’ our manhood, our ‘maleness’, our sexuality. Among these are ways well-known to Aneros members such as myself. I am referring to the practices of semen retention (SR), NoFap ® and Aneros prostate massage. Of course, there are others and one which I endorse and promote is the use of ‘chastity cups’.

Now what do all of these have in common? It really is quite simple, IMO. All of these activities are designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, not only for ourselves but in the general scheme of things, our male ‘vision’ of the world. (Our female counterparts share their own ‘vision’ that is (thank goodness!) completely different from our own). Together, we can make a new world (literally).

How To Play The Game
As I continued to meditate, it became clear to me that all of these sexual activities are entirely and always under our direct control. Here are some examples….

Finally getting somewhere

Had a session tonight and idk what I did differently but I did my usual routine with aneros, I just put it in, on my back knees bent and put on some porn. After a bit of kegels to get movement going I started to feel the feeling like I was going to cum hands free but it never came and I kind of stopped chasing after it if you will and just enjoyed it. It just kept building and building when finally my legs started feeling tingly and warm and it spread down my arms all while I was having this intense feeling like I reached orgasm but with more pleasure.

After maybe 20 seconds it went away and yet I could still feel that pleasure waiting to build up again this time though it was a dud and nothing happened. It didn’t feel like a jaw dropping body convulsing orgasm like people say in here but it felt like a stronger regular penile orgasm. Not sure if that was it or it was just a p-wave or whatever it’s called but I can’t wait to try again tomorrow

Couch time

Been enjoying these experiences for 18 months. No Super O yet but some fantastic feelings. This time I spent the first 15 minutes laying on the couch on my right side with the Trident inserted and did no Kegels. I focused on just relaxing and enjoying every little movement started to occur without making strong contractions. The trident begin sliding across my prostate. My prostate started convulsing ever so slightly. I just rode the waves of pleasure. I started to feel like I was leaking pre cum from my cock. I have a hypospadias cock so the wetness was sliding down my shaft underneath. Always enjoy tasting my pre cum. After a few minutes it felt like I had to pee. I really had to go. It seems like this was a mix of urine an prostatic fluid. Once I settled back onto the couch it took a few minutes to reactivate the same sensations. 20 minutes later I had the strong sensation of needing to pee again. I did not cum but enjoyed the experience.

Just felt my first P wave yesterday

So I Aneros got delivered yesterday, I got too excited and used it ASAP, And I got my first P wave but it lasted only for 2 seconds, after that I got nothing, and I tried a second session today and I didn’t get any. My dick is twitching involuntary when I contract sometimes, and I continue and It will intensify, is that good?. Give me tips (I’m Asian sorry for my bad Engurlish)

Anyone here with depression using aneros?

I recently started Lexapro for mild depression and anxiety and unfortunately after the first week I definitely noticed decreased libido. I don’t have trouble getting hard but it’s definitely a struggle to orgasm. Even masturbation hasn’t held the same appeal and I began to notice a loss in actual physically pleasurable sensation. Last night I inserted my aneros before sex with my wife and definitely seemed like it brought things back to a baseline for me. In other words, the aneros didn’t add anything on top of the regular sex like p waves or super O but definitely enhanced penile sensations and I was able to orgasm much quicker then the few times before without it.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Thank you LSD!

Hi! I want to share my story with the Aneros.

I bought the Aneros Helix around two years ago and have used it intermittently since. In the first few weeks I had it, I used it a few times a week, but never actually got much from it. I did have some pleasurable experiences, but I think I never really put in enough time and effort to get further. I think I’ve used it around once per 1-2 months as of late.

The best sessions were after smoking weed, where I definitely got some p-waves at times and felt reasonably good. It finally clicked for me a few days ago after taking a pretty high dose of LSD.

I was a few hours into the LSD-session and decided to have an Aneros session to see how that would be on LSD, and let me tell you I’m so glad I did. It finally clicked for me. I had some really intense pleasure and my body was shaking all over. I lost sense of time (that might’ve been the LSD though) and enjoyed the ride for probably at least two hours. I decided to see how adding a small amount of weed would it, but I wasn’t able to get as much pleasure as I was having on LSD alone, so I stopped a while later.

Not a TO but I came

I have been working on my aneros for about 5 months. With family and kids I usually get 1, maybe 2 sessions a week in. I’ve been making progress. Definitely have an “awakening”. I can feel every inch of the aneros. I can control it pretty good. I have decent control of anal and pc muscles and can get a good pleasurable push pull together. I’ve had mini pleasure waves that leave me panting but they aren’t very long. However all in all I feel every session is getting better and better. I feel good about my progress.

However. Something happened yesterday and I’m confused about it.

I did NOT touch my penis.

I repeat, I did not touch my penis ever during my session. I was doing some PV and anal contractions. Laying on my back. Knees up. Holding. Feeling a nice Rub on my prostate. And very quickly it got more and more intense. I went from limp to rock hard in .00002 seconds. I started involuntary shaking. Then bucking. Breathing heavy. Omg. It was amazing. I had that feeling of before you cum for a good 90seconds. My body was flopping around like a fish. Then all of the sudden it hit a peak and full squirts of cum came out. It left me gasping and exhausted in bed. But. Mentally I was done.