Tons of involuntary contractions, but no pleasure…

I’ve been using aneros for awhile on and off. I have absolutely no issue getting the aneros to move pm its own, and the contractions can be quite intense and rapid. Hard and rapid and subtle and rapid…

But I feel no “waves of pleasure” washing over me… even when the aneros is dancing inside me. It’s pleasant I guess… but nothing noteworthy. And after about an hour of this, my prostate juat feels “worn out”…

What’s going on?

Not sure what it was but it was good

Had a session this morning that culminated in what felt like a ball of pleasurable energy roaming all over my body with each contraction. No binaural beats this time, although they’ve been very helpful, just a bit of weed. Not sure if it’s quite as earth-shattering as what people describe the super-o as, but it went on for a fairly long time and it felt really good. Maybe it was a p-wave? Whatever.

Tall guys – what model?

I’m 6’1” and I’ve had some positive results with the helix syn trident but nothing close to what the super o gets described as. A few dry o’s and some small p-waves. I’m wondering if my height would have anything to do with it, as I’ve seen some minor anecdotes that agree with me. So what models do you tall people use? And what’s the general sentiment on the helix syn trident as a whole?

Bed not firm enough?

I was wondering if my bed (Tempurpedic) is too soft and restricting movement of the toy? I’ve tried adding a few pillows underneath my lower back to elevate a bit more, and it seems to help. I pretty certain I’ve rode a p-wave before but it doesn’t last for longer than a minute or two. I’m not sure if it’s me trying too hard once it happens, or some external factors.

Spontaneous sessions are better?

Does anyone else notice that an Aneros session seems to be miles better if you decide upon it spontaneously?

If I’m aroused and decide to have a session on a whim, it always seems to be great and easier to get p-waves going right away.

On the other hand, if I decide I’m going to have a session on a certain night and I’m very aware of it, it suddenly feels less “exciting” and the routine nature of it doesn’t put me in the mood.

I guess most sexual things are better when they’re spontaneous, but just curious if anyone else notices this?

Penis position while in a session.

Hi all.

I have read a lot about how to position your body and legs 🦵🏻 and all, but nowhere is there a topic as to WHAT to do with your penis. I have a foreskin and every time i get a p-wave, i feel like it is ruined by my foreskin because of the tiny movements it causes.

Also the positioning. Where the flip should it go and in what position 🤨? BeCause every time i want to start on my side etc it touches the bed and immediate i have a huge erection that disturbs my session.

Also using Progasm and Helix Syn.

TL;DR : Where and whAt should i do with my penis position.

Thanks all, and many wonderful Super – O’s for everyone!!!

I got the Super O four times tonight

So, I’ve been messing around with my aneros for years. I remember laying in my bunk in my freshman dorm, with my toy inside of me as my roommate toss and turned in his sleep. But I got nothing!! I tried over and over and over again for the past 9 years. I pick up the toy when I was feeling adventurous, only to put it back in the drawer for a couple more months. About a year ago I finally gave up.

Until recently, I stumbled upon this subreddit and decided to give it another go. I bought a Program towards the middle of May. That night after work I was so excited I unboxed it and suck it directly in. I think the excitement got me to my first p wave. I am beginning to twitch, and breath heavy. My whole body headed up and I was filled with a how! Then I started moaning (and voice recording – kind of want to post), and the convulsions became involuntary. IT HAD FINALLY HAPPENED!! I just had my first Super O.

I’ve had a few p waves but no Super O’s until tonight. But I started to learn how to control my PC muscles and that was the game changer.

I stuck in my Helix. I instantly started to feel contact. But this time I wasn’t touching my dick. My mind started to wander, but I brought it back to the my sense of touch. My prostate sensations were almost unbearable, it actually felt like it was stinging. But I was determined so I let my my wander to the old spank bank.

Helix too small?

So I took the plunge on a aneros and picked up the Helix Trident a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit I really did enjoy it the first couple of times, no orgasm but definitely mass amount of p-waves.

I learned my PC and anal muscles needed some exercising so I have spent my time with it focusing on kegals and building up the muscles around the area.

I had issues with it slipping out when I would get right on the edge but focusing on keep my anal sphincter tight has helped. My problem is focusing on that muscle ruins the experience, yet it seems to pop out when I get ‘close’ in the positions that feel the best if I’m not squeezing to hold it in. The position that feel best for me are mainly doggy and on my back legs straight up or bent with a pillow under the small of my back.

I also noticed that the aneros doesn’t seem to “fill” me. I can feel lots of space between the toy and my prostate. I do play with larger toys from time to time so I’m wondering if maybe I’m just to “stretched” for the Helix?

Anyone else figure out they just needed the XL model and that solved their issues? Will the bigger ones stay in more firmly or do I need to just keep at it and eventually it will become like autopilot?

Trying to push over the edge

I’ve been using my helix pretty regularly for the past two months every couple days and I’ve gotten to the point where I can start feeling what I assume are P waves around every other session. It feels like that feeling like I’m about to cum but I feel it in my perineum, balls and dick, and my inner thighs.

I feel like I’m so close when I feel these waves I just can’t go over the edge and then the feelings go away. Is this supposed to feel like you reach an end point or does the feeling just get stronger and stronger and that’s basically it?

Need some advice

I am quite familiar with anal play, and have been doing so 2-3 times most of the weeks during the last 6 or so years.

I have been able to get (what i believe is) anal orgasms with manual stimulation. Yes they are good, but not mindblowing. It feels like you are pushing out with your entire body. It was not long ago i got my first.

Anyhow, i have been playing with the aneros for about a year, maybe more. It is always my foreplay to anal sessions nowadays. I have had some p-waves every now and then, where i do feel good, and feel a pressure in my stomach (a bit higher than the prostate, i believe).

I have been trying different teqhniques for a prostate orgasm, but no luck. I dont seem to get a lot of contractions going on. Neither with manual or static stimulation. Fast strokes, slow strokes, shallow, deep. My prostate/asshole just wont start the unvolentaries. Binaural beats, porn, no porn, instructionals and so on.

And yes, i am trying my absolute best to relax. I also believe i do manage to do this.

Any pointers for a guy who have plateued after trying anything i can think off and more? It would be much appreciated.