Looking forward to me time

Slowly building till Monday morning when get the house to my still for couple of hours. It started last Tuesday I got an hour with progasm ice. I found that’s the best one so far. Tuesday hour and half, it build up very small p waves and one that built up but can’t get over the edge like I can’t let go.
It builds and builds I want to explode so bad. There is pre cum every time I get a small p wave the pleasure is nice and I crave more. Have about 3 little p waves each time pre cum.
Just tense up and can’t get over the edge.

I had a super-o last night, and I’m still buzzing

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Had an incredible session last night. My fiancee went to bed early, so I decided to grab my Progasm and get to business. I started by eating a pot brownie I had been saving in the freezer for a while. It usually takes ~30 or 40 minutes for edibles to kick in for me, so in the mean time, I lubed up and got comfy on the couch.

Once I was all situated, I got on PornHub and started searching through some porn music videos. I find that these work extremely well for me. Something about the quick cuts, and the driving beats really get me going. Anyway, I started getting some p-waves pretty quickly and decided to start some light contractions. I must have timed it perfectly, because the brownie I ate felt like it was beginning to kick in just as the pleasure was beginning to mount.

This is when I decided to take it a little further. I grabbed my vape pen and took one big hit off it. This sent me to the moon. I had a bit of a coughing fit for about thirty seconds, but as soon as that calmed down, it was back to the porn. I decided to use PornHub’s wonderful cast feature, and send that video to my 65′ TV. I repositioned myself for a better viewing angle and started to rub my nipples. Good god was that a good idea. Before I knew it my hips were gyrating and my Progasm was pumping away. It felt so fucking incredible.

My experience with the Super-O and Prostate Orgasms

Alright, this will probably turn into a longer post but this afternoon I can definitively say I had a Super-O for the first time, and it was 100% worth it!! 😍Probably started playing with the helix syn about a year ago on and off, with most regular use recently due to covid and having a lot of free time on my hands. Spent a lot of time reading people’s experiences and the different methods to try and replicate what works and doesn’t, but now I feel I have enough experience that it’s worth sharing my thoughts.

A. Ymmv. As had been said before everyone is different and will experience it differently. Your journey might be very different from mine and that’s ok. Few key thoughts: goal is to just play and feel around, and stay relaxed. Arousal is in it of itself arousing. It is this low-level arousal that builds into a pgasm and Super-O. Fantasies and porn are great to kick start the process and get aroused but you need to let your body become aroused.

B. To begin to gain experience I used a combination of the do-nothing and kegel/reverse kegel methods. Doing one or the other yield different results and will feel different, at least at first. I would say explore one, explore the other, explore a combination. Do what works best for you. And to tone your muscles stronger voluntary contractions can be helpful but it will be the lighter (and barely fluttering/twitching) contractions that build into orgasms.

Another “Best Session Ever!”

I find it so amazing that, once rewired, my sessions seem to get better and better. After each session I find myself thinking that it just couldn’t possibly get any more amazing, and then the next session blows me away. Yesterday was a case in point.

After a warm shower and clean-up I start my sessions with my supplement stack. About an hour prior I take Horny Goat Weed, L-Argenine, and Yohimbe. I spend the next hour building arousal with some porn videos and a little light fapping, while smoking a bowl or two of good weed. Then I pre-lube with a couple of home-made coconut oil suppositories.

I have a pair of really nice suction cup dildos, small (4.5″) and large (6.5″) with prostate positive curves and bulbous heads. Yesterday I decided to warm up with the small size. I placed it on a chair and rode it while watching some m/f anal porn, and for the first time had three mini-orgasms from my little friend. Each O was accompanied by big droplets of precum, and the sight of them dripping off my cock onto the floor had me ready for the main event.

I moved to the bed and inserted my Eupho Trident. I like to switch between my various Aneros models during my sessions, and usually start with the Eupho, then move up in size to the Helix, and finally the Programs Ice or the nJoy pFun. Yesterday the Eupho started giving me p-waves within a minute or two.

Helix doesnt have enough movement. Eupho vs Tempo?

Bought a helix trident and have made some head way, but after some experimentation, I think I need a thinner toy with more movement. It is just to bulbous and doesnt have enough movement imo. I think tempo‘s stainless steel will feel awesome and the thin base will allow great movement.

I have read that the eupho is slimmer then the helix and that it moves more.

The only time I have had a p wave was with a plug that had no p tab. The p tab seems to not really matter for me and that is was is making me lean towards the tempo. I also like how small it is.

What do you recommend?

Post Orgasm Handjob with Aneros is AMAZING.

As per title, my girlfriend and I decided to try something new over the weekend. Since we’re all open to try new things, she decided that she wanted to play the dominant role for our upcoming session. I was advised to not masturbate and to only edge carefully for the entire week.

Come Saturday night, she tied me on the bed and inserted the Aneros. It felt so good to feel the Aneros massaging my prostate. We played around with some light BDSM (slapping and all). I felt the orgasmic pleasure not just from her and but the Aneros. It was an hour of orgasmic bliss which words can’t describe how awesome it was. I don’t think I’ve achieved super-O during that session due to a different environment/setting but I definitely felt a lot of p-wave through my body.

Towards the end of the session, she put a cock ring on me and ruined my orgasm. Felt unsatisfying but she then decided to wank my cock like there’s no tomorrow. She didn’t stop for almost 5 minutes. It was 5 minutes of pure ecstasy. The intense feeling on my cock head in unbelievable. What makes it even better was that my Aneros is still inside me massaging my prostate. I can feel the intense sensitive feeling on my prostate as the Aneros auto fucks and my prostate. It was surreal. I was left in tears but fret not… they’re tears of joy.

Unexpected and intense first Aless orgasm – almost overwhelming

(M 66) Last night I was lying in bed and started doing some kegels. I have a Progasm and have been using it almost daily for about a month but I did not have my Progasm inserted.

I started feeling p waves and started playing with my nipples and suddenly I was having an orgasm. It was intense and continued in waves for at least 30 minutes. It was by far the most intense sensation I’ve experienced even with the Progasm inserted!

I fell asleep and awakened about an hour later and started again. This went on off and on most of the night. There were times when I really didn’t actually have any control over it. Just the sheet rubbing on my penis seemed to start it off. I’ve discovered just barely pinching my nipples is like pressing the on button. That will immediately start things going.

Sitting in my recliner right now, I think if I concentrated and played with my nipples it would start a Big O!

Needless to say, I am ecstatic but a little afraid. I really don’t want to start orgasming at the drop of a hat in public and I almost feel that could happen.

Has anyone else experienced an unexpected public orgasm?

How long does it take during your sessions to get significant pleasurable feelings?

I’ve been trying now for a few months and don’t think I’ve made that much progress. I don’t even think I’ve had a p-wave yet (however you define it). I had a session last night that lasted about 2 and a half hours with most of that time nothing was happening. I would get a very mild pleasurable feeling in my prostate that I would rate at like a 1/10 until eventually around the 2 hour mark I started to get better sensations like I could feel something building. This pleasurable feeling was maybe like a 4 or 5 (I would put regular penile orgasm at like a 7 or 8, I’m literally pulling these numbers out of thin air) and only lasted for maybe 10-15 seconds as I could feel the aneros pushing against my prostate. I think I remembered feeling a tingle go up my spine when that first started, probably because absolutely nothing was happening before them. I wish I could keep going past that but I can’t really do sessions for super long, as I can only use the aneros late at night and I usually finish the sessions early in the morning. How long does it usually take all of you in your sessions until you start to get significant pleasurable feelings? I know some of you are also much more experienced than me only using an aneros for 4 months, maybe you remember what it was like when you were a beginner and what helped?

Peridise and tempo, how do you guys use it

I’ve purchased an helix syn, eupho trident, and a progasm classic in the last few weeks. Loving playing when I get some me time. Lots of p waves and mini o s ; at least I think. It feels nice and my prostate and anus tingle and I’m sure I’ve had p waves sitting at work.

I’m interested in getting a peridise. How do you guys use it?

Do you use it in a session or do you wear it during the day when out and about? I’m interested to hear your stories.

Also, does anyone have a tempo which I think is like a metal version of the peridise. How do you use that?

Thanks for your responses in advance

P-waves and Big O without Progasm inserted?

I (61 M) am new to prostate play. In fact I did not know it was a thing until a couple of months ago. I’ve done some anal play with dildos and butt plugs in the past .
.and my wife and I tried pegging. We only did it a couple of times because she wasn’t fond of doing it.

I got a Progasm about 3 week ago. I’ve been using it a couple of hours a night about 4-5 times a week.

I started getting P-waves after the first few days and I think I am getting close to the big O. The last few times my abdomen and legs started contracting on their own and I felt like I was just about to go over the edge. I ended up breathing hard and my heart was racing at the end.

Last night I didn’t insert it but did some contractions anyway. I started getting P-waves and started up the rollercoaster but didn’t get to the top, as before. This went on for 30 minutes. I’m going to try again tonight with the Progasm in place.

Do others experience the Big O without extrinsic stimulation?