First session

I hipecyall don’t mind – I am going to use this account to document my aneros/prostate play journey. I will post mostly to my profile but when I have a break thru or questions, I will go ahead and put in r/aneros.

A little about me: 47 years old, married for 17. I am a complete newb to solo prostate play. My wife has tried to stimulate my prostate with a finger and a toy before, but I’ve never felt anything but uncomfortable. The last time she tried, I googled why I’m not getting anything good, and eventually found Aneros and that’s why I’m here.

I purchased the Helix Syn Trident and finally had the opportunity to try it last night. I asked my wife for some “alone time” where I wouldn’t be disturbed. I took a quick shower to clean up and then a nice, long, hot bath to relax. I hopped in bed, lubed up, and worked the Aneros in…slowly. when it inserted, it felt completely fine…not uncomfortable at all, but I knew it was there.

I put on my headphones and listened to mindgasm – the first lesson. It went great! I definitely had involuntary contractions as I flexed my base – like my hip and thigh muscles were pulsing, in addition to my PC muscles. I enjoyed it so much I went to the second. lesson two was about vibrating the sweet spot -I was able to do that once but could not repeat it.

Oh. My. God.

So I had a plan for last night. Me and my wife were about to get high and have some sensual slow sex with music and candles. Before we went outside to vape, I had an idea and put my Eupho syn in. I was gonna watch her masturbate and try to get some pleasure from my aneros, because my main problem during the sessions is that I don’t seem to get aroused enough, so I figured is she is there moaning next to me, it would work better.
So we went outside to vape, and after about 5 minutes my Eupho started moving very slightly, I had a feeling that I had to go to the bedroom and lay down until she makes a cup of tea. While I was waiting I had a 1 minute long extremly powerful P wave. What happened after was beyond anything I could ever imagine.. at this point I must say, I have never been higher from weed before.
So we were laying next to each other, me naked, her in smoking hot but simple black lingerine, and I couldn’t stop cumming for the next hour🤩. When I felt I could have a hwfo, she started stroking my cock, and I had 3 or 4 mindblowing dry orgasms… my whole body was shaking, I was completly out of mind.. she was using her toy, and we even came together at the same time while just laying next to each other. Finally We had sex with the eupho still in and came togehter (her squirting like crazy) , but that normal orgasm wasnt even close to what I experienced earlyer. Usally she cums 5-6 times, but last night I almost felt selfish for having an hour and half long orgasmic madness. And the mini O’s aless after…came 5-6 times by just laying there watching netflix.Best fucking night of my life.

Best model for partnered sex?

My wife and I have dabbled with prostate play but I have never experienced anything beyond a mild discomfort. I did some searching and found the aneros – I think this is something I would really try, for both personal exploration and partnered sex.

Is there a model better than others for sex?

New toys arrived

I purchased the Helix Syn V, the Progasm, and the Peridise set. They arrived yesterday. My wife and I had some “fun time” scheduled for last night so it was the perfect timing for their arrival. I already had the Helix Syn, the Eupho, and Maximus.

I unboxed them and I gulped when I saw the size of the Progasm. My wife did too. I washed them, lubed up the Progasm, and inserted it. Luckily, I still had lube inside me from the Helix Syn I had in just before these came. I’m not real sure how I feel about the Progasm, yet. I know I was already pleasurably swelling back there from the Helix. I kept it in about 15-20 minutes and decided that I would start with that one on another day.

After I took it out, I put in the smaller Peridise. As I held it in my hand, I could not help but think that this thing will not do much. Oh my! I was wrong. I understand what everyone means about what it does to you, even though it is so small. For me, it seems to “flutter” around while it’s in. It tickles my prostate and the entire area, but in an erotic way. Thinking about it, as I write this, I find myself working my PC muscles and getting turned on from memory alone. I, like so many others, underestimated that toy.

New Ones OTW

My wife has cultivated a sincere interest in my anal play. She is really open to exploring things with me. She asked a lot of questions tonight while we were in the hot tub. Many were about the Aneros products I have; what it’s like wearing them, how they feel, what do they do, how long do I keep them in, how often do I put one in, and many other questions. When I told her the positive things that I’ve experienced since beginning this, she was super glad I did. Prostate play has given me a much stronger urine flow, a much harder erection (like I am a teenager again), and more powerful ejaculations and orgasms.

I just ordered the Helix Syn V, the Progasm Classic, and the Peridise set. I have the Helix Syn, Eupho, and Maximus. Looking forward to the new ones arriving!

Erectile Dysfunction After Aneros Use

It’s been close to a year since I stopped using Aneros, but then I Iearned to achieve aless, and kept up that for a few months more. After some time of using Aneros, I started having issues getting a regular erection…whether from masturbation or sex. Like, even when I’d finish a session jerking off, I’d just be pulling on my limp-ish dick till I came. My dick stopped responding in the bedroom, and it was a really hard time for the wife and me. I tried to find folks with similar stories, and it seems this was a pretty rare side effect. I did read one guy’s journey where he had to stop cold turkey and essentially force himself to jerk off every day until things got back to normal for him.

Talked to the doctor about it, who prescribed me Viagra to “get things kick started again.” It helped in the bedroom, and really boosted my confidence. The first time I realized we could have regular sex without the drugs, I deluded myself into thinking I could dabble with prostate play again. I would aless, often, mostly on the toilet. I mean, I guess it was aless, but seems different than how other folks describe their experience. I would position the bidet right at my asshole and start squeezing the area in my lower abdomen right between my dick and belly button. The first releases would cause spasms that forced out the contents of my bowels and bladder. Such a sweet release. As I kept it up, further contractions would cause my dick to get half hard, and start leaking precum. I’d be squeezing and shaking like crazy, sometimes forcing out ejaculate. Being scared of losing my erectile performance again, I’d be sure to end these sessions by jerking off, using my cum or precum as lube.

The Eupho undid me

I’ve had the Helix Syn for a few weeks. It is wonderful! I’ve had some amazing pleasure with it but nothing like what happened when I inserted the Eupho today.

I woke up, showered and cleaned up, put in the Helix, and went to have breakfast. I did some shopping at the grocery store. I couldn’t help but wonder if the reason why the people were staring at me was because of the perpetual smile I had or what?

I left and decided to go to the local adult store to buy the Eupho I saw in there last week. I didn’t buy it then because it honestly looked too small. But, I came to these posts and saw so many people rave about it. Those who have it, all mentioned something to the effect of not letting the size fool you. I gave in.

I don’t know what happened…

Okay. First time poster here. (anywhere really) But I just tried by aneros for the first time since I had surgery down south of the border. I had only tried it a couple times before then, both with my wife, and couldn’t quite get comfortable with it.

4 months later, today, I get a wild hair in my derriere to give it a try by myself, sans wife, and see where things go.

Short back story: I have a bit of anxiety, obsessive compulsive features but I maintain and thrive in a successful life, generally without others knowing. A lot of this anxiety, lately, has focused around bodily sensations, heart rate, random pains, etc. I have worked hard to rid myself of those obsessions (by tackling/eliminating the compulsive side) with great success. I am also an avid meditator. Over 2000 days now. This will make sense in the story, I swear.

So. The Aneros. I do all the pre-game work getting everything at the border prepared for a full invasion, lay down, and storm the beaches…gently. The ship has docked, the torpedo has hit its target, the….okay I have the aneros in my butt right where it is supposed to be.

I throw on some great headphones, a good meditation track on repeat, and just lay on the ground with gentle little gyrations but otherwise very little to no movement. Just a bit of waiting.

Why oh why!

If you ever want an example of expectations ruining a session just ask me.

Every time I have the house to myself for a few days and primed for a good rogering I’m always disappointed. I was so ready today I couldn’t help my wife leave quick enough. Then proceeded to have the most shit session on record.

Hopefully the next few days are better.

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Heart rate and stress peaks on Garmin device during Aneros Trident session

I just had the most amazing sessions with my Aneros Trident inserted, while leaning back in my office chair in my home office. I used my nipples to raise the tempo and it was heaven.

The vibes were strongest I have had to date – not sure if p-waves, o or super – but they were fantastic.

My resting heart rate is normally around 50 bpm, according to my Garmin fitness device but it was up around 100 (max 105) while I was having fun – for about 15mins.

I could not scream – like I wanted – as my wife was downstairs. However, I was shaking like a leaf and could hear the device moving. It was like having a prolonged orgasmic experience.

I dribbled quite a lot of pre-cum and the stress monitor on my Garmin showed the highest it has been in weeks with a peak of nearly 100 versus a weekly average of 27 over the last year.

I stopped to write this and then tried to see if I could repeat the fun and sure enough <5mins later my heart rate peaked again at 108 bpm and I was shuddering like mad. I am not sure if I will be able to wipe the smile off my face.

Would love to hear if others have monitored progress with a fitness device and what the results were.