How do you boost your arousal during a session?

For me, the best results I’ve had is when I’ve been really horny.

I find porn too distracting though, and simply abstaining doesn’t really do a lot to raise my horniness.

My wife has headed out for the evening and left the knickers that she wore today on my pillow for my session – hopefully smelling them will boost me into the zone.

Anyone else tried this?


Hi All,

I tried searching the community but i didn’t find anything.

So where am I now? I bought the helix syn and played with it, mostly while watching porn and doing mindgasms. I also do kegels during the day. I also do them at night just to feel the sensation. This is my 4th week playing. In my second week i had an evening where i had 2 nice glowing feelings in my bladder region that emanated further. At that point i felt my pelvic region clench. After that i had similar feelings but much lighter if i do not use the toy and just clench at 30%. Using the toy i now seem to lose any succes. Very weird. I also started using a douche before play and i use coconut oil as lube. Nipple play doesn’t seem to do anything but hearing porn does. What i also did was stop masturbating and that is quite nice to be honest. I just have sex with my wife and anal play the other times. The periods in between the sex are now more fun as i get hornier the longer it takes and that helps the anal play. And if the periods are shorter, we have more sex 😀 win win. Also never did anal things before this and I do not use cannabis, poppers etc etc. Just want to be able to do it without.

So what are my questions.

Strugling? Hear me out!

So first of all Im not a native english speaker so let me know if something isn’t clear.
Last night I had my first 20 second lasting Super O, thansfully for 2 things:

I didn’t wait for days without ejaculating, actually the night before I had 2 great sexy times with my wife. I didn’t use weed or anything either.
I had my aneros toys for about 2 years and I had some minor sucess wich I tough was Super O’s, but boy I was so wrong. thing is the reason why I couldnt achive the Super o earlier, is because I was misleaded by the most common advice: to squeez your PC muscle try to do the same movement as you stop urinating. If you do this, and you are a newbie you will end up lifting and moving your dick as you are trying to pull it back to your body.
My experience is, that the area between your balls and asshole is the best to pay attention to. If you do the squeeze right ( I imagine it as I’m closing the gap between where my 2 legs are attached behind my balls) your penis shouldn’t move. It sounds weird as the muscles are connected but you only need a very slight squeeze here.
2. If you find out how to use your PC muscles the right way, your miracle weapon is you spinchter muscle. I belive, If you learn to squeeze your PC, it really turns your toy to the right direction, but sphincter muscle “pushes” the aneros’s tip to your prostate.

I used Sildenafil (generic Viagra) for the first time, and it blew my mind.

So pretty much just what the title says. I ordered Sildenafil from one of those online suppliers you hear on podcast commercials a couple weeks ago for funsies, and I decided to use it during a session with my Lovense Edge 2. What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

So a little backstory, I’ve been playing with my prostate for nearly fifteen years now at this point. I’ve mainly used Aneros toys during that time, specifically their Progasm model (hence my username.) A few years back I got an nJoy Pure Wand and then recently I purchased a Lovense Edge 2. My sessions usually consist of one of those toys, a silicone cock ring that I stretch around my cock and balls, nipple stimulation, and a few tokes of weed or an edible of some kind. Once I have all of that ready, I like to pop on Goon videos or Porn Music Videos on SpankBang and sit back on my couch with my feet on the coffee table, knees bent, and legs slightly spread. This has been my go-to for a few years now, and I’ve been able to have consistent Super-Os using that strategy.

New to this

So I’m new to prostate play, and I want to get an aneros of some variation. I figured the more experienced people on this subreddit would be as good of a place as any to ask some questions.

Any starting aneros to suggest, not a total stranger to things in the ass.

Does (and forgive me if I’m naive) prostate play have any side effects or dangers? I still want to be able to function normally with my wife. I didn’t know if the re-wiring changed that negatively or if it was a positive or a non-factor.

Any specific lube to use?

And advice would be helpful

I am getting there slowly

I have been in to anal toy play only have the odd total body orgasm from prostate.
I am having strong orgasms. I love my own cum with anal play it’s thicker.
On Sunday I had and hour to kill and got my Aneros out and slowly inserted I love when my ass grabs it and pulls in deep it makes me moan, this normally push out 1st pre cum out. I have to taste. I start slowly gripping and grinding to my prostate ( my cock never gets hard when anal play). About 10 minutes in I can slowly feel the pleasure building. I then felt a rush of pleasure and hands free cum. I managed to catch and straight in to mouth. The taste blows me mind. Normally I have had enough and lose the feeling because I have cum. This time it never went away. I wanted more now wanting to have someone’s cock in my mouth I needed cum so bad I thought let carry on a bit to see if could get another. 15 minutes of fantasies of me been used sucking and been fucked felt like my ass grip so tight and another hands free my shock as a big load of cum again managed to eat it all. My ass was having spasms the feeling that normally going after sex has not gone away. I am waiting for wife to go out so I can do again. I still want to suck a guy I and craving cum so bad. Still trying to find someone I can try with that will feel comfortable with. I can’t wait if anyone in Uk can help me. Looking forward to next time.

Something Different

So I’ve been playing seriously now for a few months with reasonable success. What I believe to be dry orgasms, p-waves and the like. My dry orgasms seem to be this pressure that starts in my prostate and then just snaps to these really strong abdominal spasms.

I haven’t had sex for a few weeks and have been really run down of late so haven’t been playing much. I woke up this morning with a naughty urge and thought some special cuddles might be worth a shot. I was surprised when my wife took a rain check until after she showered but gave me a blow job instead. I was even more surprised when I started having the same abdominal spasms when I was coming from the blow job!

She was asking what was happening but didn’t have the guts to tell her the truth.

Looking to buy my first Aneros, have some questions

Would like some feedback from people that have first hand experience. Not new to p massage, but not had good experiences yet.

I want one that is comfortable to leave in while I’m doing other stuff, shopping, dinner with the wife, etc. would like a vibrating and non vibrating option. Which one would be comfortable for sitting clothed?

Sorry if this has been answered before, but looking through post history didn’t give me what I need. And price is no object.

Hit the Button

I know the prostate isn’t a magic button but by god it felt like one this morning. I must have been having some wicked dreams and got myself pretty aroused overnight.

I woke to find my wife not in bed which means I’ve been snoring during the night and she’s relocated. It not unusual.

Sensing an opportunity I jumped up squirted some lube in and quickly popped my helix in. It sucked into me like a magnet and I felt it slam into my prostate like a hammer. I swear I was starting to dry orgasm before I got back into bed. I continued this way for 40 minutes before I had to get up.

What a great way to start the day.

Orgasm after radical prostatectomy

This is my first blog ever. I had nerve sparing radical prostatectomy about 2.5 years ago. A great deal of time is spent talking about erections, but I was at a loss when it came to information on pleasure and orgasm. The only results I got from Cialis or Viagra was partial erections while urinating while sitting down, for a few days following. I also tried pumps but was not a big fan. Through it all my wife has been supportive, but I was left feeling that she was more on the sidelines waiting for me to figure it out leaving me frustrated and unjustifiably angry with her. The stress on our marriage has been extreme. I was given very little support from my doctor other than erection pills, penis injections or surgery to put a pump in my testicle sac to pump up an erection. Nothing addressed sexual pleasure other than being told the only kind of orgasm I could have would be a dry orgasm. “WTF” does that even mean.
After 2 years of trying, failing, and doing my own research to address the fact that there seemed to be some correlation between my erections and stimulation of the internal nerves that were spared during the surgery. I researched prostate massagers to if any might stimulate the spared nerves even though the prostate was removed. I discussed the possibility of benefit with my doctor’s office and had a very difficult discussion with my wife. I was so relieved when she responded that she loved me and would work with me to figure it out. I settled on the Helix Syn V and Progasm. I found the Progasm comfortable enough to wear while slept. Within a week or so of leaving it in all night every night I started getting erections while peeing sitting down even though I hadn’t taken any erection medication.
I have been able to give my wife orgasms without having an erection, but I was denied any form of physical pleasure myself. One night lying in bed on my stomach facing away from my wife, my legs spread and the Progasm inside me, I asked her to roll over and put her leg over mine. When she did I my body responded and did it ever. Every muscle in my body was contracting, my toes curled, I started panting and maybe even whimpering. This built up for several minutes until I was able to catch my breath and relax, but not for long before I started to blast off again. I not sure but I think this rolling orgasm lasted more than 30 minutes. We were traveling the next day and that night it happened again. So much of my frustration and anger was feeling that sexual pleasure was something that I would never experience again. I can honestly say that I have never had an orgasm as intense or satisfying. Any more my wife can roll over and rub my ankle and get me fired up. I feel the sensations when on my own but never to the extent as I do when my wife is with me.
At this point I’m looking for some counseling. I’m still frustrated with the medical community for their lack of help finding quality of life solutions for their patients. I shouldn’t have had to spend the amount of time I did in pornography to find medical information that the medical community is to squeamish to talk about. Grow up already!