Recognizing a prostate orgasm?

I’ve had an Aneros — one of the basic models — for years now, but I’ve generally only used it when I’m doing things with my wife. I finally decided “What the hell” and tried giving the HFO a shot.

Until last night, I’ve not had much luck. I’ve been practicing my muscle control but it’s still very difficult for me to clench in a gradual and controlled fashion. It feels nice, but it doesn’t do much beyond that. Plus, for some reason it’s sometimes difficult for me to remain hard when I’m being penetrated: I have to be *very* turned on for that, and concentrating on the aneros makes it difficult to maintain that level of arousal.

But last night, I put it in early and left it in place for an hour or two ahead of time. We had some pot last night, and I was feeling nice and relaxed, and was in just the right mind space to keep myself good and hard. And then something happened. I was convulsing a little, making noises that I don’t normally make, but it didn’t feel…orgasmic. It felt really good, but not nearly at the level of a full-blown orgasm. Nor was it as satisfying as a regular orgasm, not by a long shot.

So, not sure. Am I on the right track, do you think? And what can I do to achieve something better?

Wife was out

Knew my wife was out. I got in lubed up aneros. Normally I lay on the bed, but this lifted one leg on to bed a slide it in. Straight away per cum shot out. (This never normally happens) it was very thick thicker than normal. I have to eat it felt Possessed the more I moved it the more came out, the urge to eat more cum, took over me. I put leg down and I could feel small orgasms and more cum it was thicker and sweeter than normal, then a large amount came out enough to fill my hand I had to eat it, taste it, it was like heaven. Not like an orgasm when I Masturbate. I stopped but wanted more. I am still so horny. I feel like I need a bigger one. My cum was ver thick. Does this happen to other people.



How many guys follow a specific routine leading up to aneros sessions? Lately for me it’s been to insert an nJoy large plug at least an hour before I start and continue to go about business letting the plug warm me up. It also helps me evacuate any lingering bowels for some reason. I then take it out and typically will hit a THC pen, take a hot shower and edge for a bit in the shower, followed up with some casual porn viewing and maybe more edging. At this point I’ll insert the aneros and watch a little tv while I let it settle, then watch more porn but not touch myself at all. I’ll start to get involuntaries about 30 min in at most and at that point I’ll turn porn off and put in some wireless ear buds and listen to some binaural beats. I’ve been doing this for the past couple sessions with some moderate success. Oddly enough the best time has been when I was laying in bed next to my wife.

What have you found works and doesn’t work in terms of routine?

First Time [Probable] Prostate Sensation: Holy Cow, What Just Happened?

I… I am simply trying to grasp what happened. Sorry this is long but I need to type this out.

Introduction. Bought an Aneros years ago. Couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it properly. Put it away for a few years, brought it back out every once in awhile to try again but still, no luck. About 2 months ago I decided to really put some effort into it, really practice, so I started placing it in during the later evening and just relaxing. Vaping some weed, sitting on the couch and just letting myself be.

Then for the first time ever, after about an hour or so, I felt something. Something different. It didn’t feel good per se, but it was a sensation in a region of my body I never had felt before. The first few times I did this, I thought, “I’m just high, this is all in my head. I’m pretending this sensation is there.” But with more times just sitting there with it in and high, it started pinpointing it more. One night, I had dozed off with it in, and suddenly woke up to something pulsing underneath. It was pleasurable, and I suddenly realized that this was not in my head. Went and sat on my bed and just let it happen. It felt good, but I didn’t feel rushed. You know how when you’re stimulating your penis, and it feels so damn good, but if you stop, it just feels… wrong somehow? Like it’s almost upsetting, you HAVE to keep going or you’re the experience will not be worth it? You just NEED to keep going? This sensation is different. It’s like, and I’m synesthetic so bare with me here, penile sensation is sharp, pointed and linear: it demands more and more. But this new sensation? It felt more circular, spherical, like a soft bubble floating up from the depths and pushing my insides. I didn’t care if it increased, it just felt really nice. For years I had never understood how my wife (and other women) could say that sex felt great *even if they didn’t orgasm*. It just didn’t make sense! How could you not want to finish? Doesn’t it make you feel antsy, almost angry if you don’t?

Questions from wife looking to buy for hubby

First- thank you gentlemen for the videos and descriptions, I literally can’t get through a single post without getting off, it’s super fucking hot.
I stumbled upon this sub while I was trying to find the language to describe to my husband the feelings I get when I have multiple back to back orgasms, and the warm glowing orb and waves of intense pleasure that you talk about seems about right. I desperately want my husband to experience this. We are not new to anal at all, and while it’s been amazing, I feel like there is definitely room to grow and explore. So my questions: 1) what model should I get? He really loves the fullness/stretching sensation and definitely gravitates towards large toys. 2) is it worth it to get multiple models? Do they provide different types of orgasms or are they more you might need to try different styles to mesh with your specific anatomy? 3) do any of you use this with a partner? I obviously plan to give him several hours of alone time to explore whenever he needs it, but he’s always preferred I be the person penetrating him as femdom is his kink. It almost seems being alone might be needed to get in the right headspace, but do some of you enjoy using it while being lightly stimulated by someone else (like maybe gently sucking his nipples or nibbling his ears or toes)? 4) any tips? Dirty talk that gets you going? Something you wish you’d have done? I really just want to send him to heaven. Thanks dudes!

Blood in urine?

Has anyone experienced blood in their urine after ejaculation following aneros session?

My wife and I just had sex, me with aneros in sitting on couch and her riding reverse basically sitting on me. She is BBW and had all her weight down on me. After I felt urge to pee but couldn’t quite, tried to squeeze a drop when I noticed the blood.

Fuck Water Lubricant Review

Every one of us that plays with our prostate needs lube. Lube can be a slippery subject literally and figuratively. What matters for lube is that is slippery, stays where it’s meant to be and is safe. This is where Fuck Water comes in. It’s a water based hybrid, meaning it contains a small concentration of silicone. Meaning it’s safe of silicone toys. The disclaimer by the manufacturer says it’s safe just be sure to test it on a small area to be sure. My wife and I have used this on silicone toys and not had any issues.
I really have to give my wife credit as she bought this stuff. But we both like it and were impressed by it.
Here is what we like. It’s not a full blown gel lube but it definitely has more consistency than a lot of lubes so it stays put on where you need it. This stuff is seriously slippery, and it only takes a little. Especially when using the aneros toys. It doesn’t dry out or get sticky. It comes in a variety of sizes as well.
We have used this lube for quite a bit of bedroom activity. Vaginal sex, no irritation or discomfort for either one of us. We did anal the other night, and the same thing. I will say it made anal more comfortable for her and took only a small amount. We have used It on toys solo and together. But here what impresses me about it. We used it for pegging, meaning I was receiving a fake dick in the ass. It’s so slippery it made it a breeze for insertion and thrusting. Almost no friction build up left me comfortable while doing so. This stuff is to good not to try.

First time is a charm

Posting for other first timers….: it does not have to take months!!!

Lurking here for some time, married man with kids. I explored manually a few times but felt this was really not getting anywhere. Eventually I figured out that walking into a sex shop and buying an Aneros would probably be worth it and would certainly save me the embarrassment from receiving a « special package at home » that I can’t explain to anyone: it ain’t Christmas time yet. Went ahead did It. Also bought a douche following « unexpected results » after manual stimulation. I don’t have alone time often: 5 kids, one wife. But I did this weekend (with only the younger kids around, I waited until bed time). Timing seemed right.

Prepped, showered, and got started. First I put it in backwards and ended up stimulating opposite to the prostate but switched it. Not much although I could feel that there was something to be discovered. Not particularly exciting aside from the novelty and like many others, I am not into gay sex and I had to overcome the « shame ». Well, let me tell you, it was worth it.

What happened is that after 30 minutes I though this wasn’t working so I smoked some weed (legal here). Not much, just a few puffs. I don’t smoke often, only a few times a year. Went back to my room.

When you’re so tired you awaken a monster!

The wife and I had a day to ourselves. We went to the Zoo…then had a bite to eat an nice spot and then did a little light shopping at the outlet mall. On our way back home I decided to fill up on gas. I was soooo beat from the son. I was standing there watching the gas pump run when a short whisper from my butt occurred. It had been a week since my last session. The wife would be home this entire weekend so chances of doing anything were slim.

We picked up something to eat close to home and then had dinner at the house. I was dead ass tired.I popped a THC pill to help me relax a bit and I started to doze off.

40 mins later I opened my eyes to intense waves pulsing through my body. My wife was still up watching TV on the couch across from me. My toes were tingling. The pleasure was mounting. It became so intense I was gripping the couch fabric under me trying not to move or make a sound. This went on for about an hour. Then the wife kissed me and went to bed.

I dashed over to my computer desk door and got the helix syn trident out. Lubed it up and in it went. Went to wash the excess lube off my hands and I literally thought I was going to shoot all over the kitchen. I scrambled back to the couch and laid down. The helix syn gently rubbed my prostate. The pleasure was magnificent. This went on for about 2 hours…with small breaks in between.

Weed or mushrooms?

A lot going on right now mentally, so my first thought was ask Reddit.

Wife took kids to in laws and I just grew mushrooms and just got my brand new aneros progasm.

Done solo buttstuff before, but first aneros and am excited to use.

Quick version is I got all prepped, ate mushrooms, ready to go. Then wife came home way early. Then she gets stung in the eye walking in the house. So she’s freaking out and I’m on shrooms just wanted to stick my new toy up on ass.


(Really hard to type. Shrooms working too well)

In my attempt to salvage something (even if not assplay), I figured I’d ask a question and hopefully learn something.

My question: for my first time ever using an aneros, should I use weed or mushrooms or nothing? Why/why not?

Then after I get accustomed to using this thing, same question: should I use weed or mushrooms or nothing? Why/why not

Thanks everyone. That took way too long to type on mushrooms. Now I’m going to go enjoy them as much as possible.