My Journey

I bought my first Aneros about 3 months ago. I have two questions. I originally purchased a Helix Trident and recently purchased a Progasm. I have not had a super-o yet, but I feel like I am close. I have tried most of the positions that people discuss. My favorite positions are on my back with my knees bent and a pillow under the small of my back, on my left side with one knee bent, and doggie position with my arms on a chair. All three positions work for me and have their advantages. I am married and 67 years old, so it is not easy to find times to use them. My wife does not know about them. I end up using them about once or twice a week, but I feel like I am getting addicted to them. I think about them often and want to use them more and more. Is this unusual? When I am using them, they give me great pleasure, and I have a hard time stopping. My sessions usually last 2 – 2.5 hours. The feelings around my prostate are very warm and pleasurable. It is pretty easy for me to get to uncontrollable shaking, mostly mild, but sometimes more. This brings me to my other question. I have tried the do nothing method, but I always end up shaking, and I cannot control it. Sometimes I try to stop, but the shaking soon resumes, and I do enjoy it. Should I try to focus more on stopping the shaking? I am worried that the shaking may be holding me back from a super-o that I would love to achieve. Thanks in advance for your advice. I really like the blogs!

Aless Extraordinaire

My last full Aneros session was on Feb 25 in anticipation of a sigmoidoscopy procedure scheduled for March 4th. I’ve been riding on the Aless wagon ever since. This hiatus gave me a chance to try new ways of achieving prostate pleasures including the use of reverse Kegels and other methods.

Last night, my Aless session involved rubbing my perineum vigorously while diddling my nipples coupled with deep diaphragm breathing. Towards the end, I fully engaged my penis for an extended period of edging and then reverted back to my perineum/nipple play. I was very surprised as to how pleasurable the entire experience was.

After doing this for a few hours, I retired to bed (at midnight). As I lay in bed beside me very sound asleep wife, I was enjoying the tingling of my prostate area. Not asleep yet but drifting, suddenly, a massive wave of pleasure engulfed my entire body. This was undoubtedly an orgasm but not an earth-shattering one. It was more like calm seas but it lasted several minutes. The feeling then subsided only to return several minutes later but with even less intensity.

This had happened several times before but I was never sure if they were in my dreams or reality. Last night, however, confirmed that they are real and very pleasurable. So parts of my body could be asleep while others are busy at work!

Life is truly wonderful.

Aneros Sessions on BPH Medication

I am 57 years old, married and a long time user of Aneros devices and other prostate devices. My marriage is sexless, has been that way for many years, and I’m quite happy that way.

My Aneros journey began in 2001 when I ordered a device through High Island Health, a sister company of Aneros. As I understand it, HIH caters to the health side, Aneros to the sensual side.

I ordered the device from HIH after having issues due to lack of sexual outlet (my wife and I had decided to go sexless a few months before), leading to prostate congestion and a medical visit for the later. My new doctor put me on Flomax for 2 weeks and also suggested I take a look at the HIH website as there was beginning to be some anecdotal evidence in the medical community that the devices could be helpful.

The classic device was helpful, and I added several other Aneros products including a Helix and an original type Progasm.

Back in 2019 my doctor decided to put me on Avodart – initially a trial, but with the intent it would be permanent if things went well. She had done a routine DRE and felt I was now old enough, and my prostate large enough, to warrant some significant medical intervention. She also put me on Flomax for 3 months. Later I tried Rapaflo, and back to Flomax.

Pumped Up Nipples

I just had a great weekend, my wife was at home so lots of sex. You’d think this have curtailed my lust for an Aneros session with my favourite Eupho Syn Trident, well you’d be wrong!

I’m on a health and fitness programme just now which means healthy eating and lots of exercise. I drove my good lady to work this morning then had a hour long spinning and weights session, I watch porn whilst on the bike, it helps me pass the time and I find the act of getting breathless, hot and sweaty a bit of a turn on. Post session I had a long shower, shaved my cock and balls and generally took my time warming down, I couldn’t resist having a bit of sexy fun with the shower head so I positioned the flow so it tickled and bounced off my asshole and balls, I then turned around and blasted the head of my dick with the strongest and moist intense flow, it was almost too much to take but by God it felt fantastic!

I douched after my shower and made myself comfortable on the bed, I lubed up and inserted the Eupho, then just relaxed. To Begin with there wasn’t much happening, and tbh I thought the session was going to be a dud, after all that does happen. Half an hour later and I’m starting to feel the most gentle of whisper from my prostate, a very feint buzz, this was a sign to persist and plough on, next of all my legs started to shake, followed by my butt, my prostate was now starting to buzz.


Well after buying an original model al.ost 10 years ago and not having much success I discovered the Aneros website and started my education. Read all of the Wiki and some blogs I started on my journey. After a months I achieved a supueO.. originally I would have session by myself they were pleasant but not orgasmic. I decided to share my interest with my wife.she was very enthusiastic. Today we had our first session and what an orgasm. Wished I had educated myself earlier didn’t no what I was missing.

Prograsm ICE ride ; the sweetness of nipple diddling

Hi guys,

After an erotic night with bouts of nipple diddling, I rose at my usual time at 5 o’clock. After showering, shaving, and dressing, I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get an extra-large coffee mocha around 6 a.m. returning to have an early breakfast at 7 a.m. Then I had an Aneros session with Progasm ICE which lasted close to 25 minutes. I just love the silky feel of the Progasm ICE which has given me sweet. powerful Aless since then today.

A few days ago, a new Aneros buddy, @Poseidon, posed a good question on how to achieve orgasmic nipples through nipple diddling. Through my own experience, when I achieved my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with Super-O’s and MMO’s, I began to open my body up to greater, sweeter, and erotic sensations. The Aneros was originally invented as a a medical device to self-administer prostate massage, I believe, around 2005 by a Japanese urologist. Men by using the Aneros, discovered not only its medical benefits in promoting good prostate health, but also its erotic benefits. with its Forum, blog section, and Wiki was created.

So the prostate is the center of the urogenital region in the male anatomy. An awakened prostate through the Aneros radiates sexual energy and well-being in the male. This energy radiates through his genitals and throughout his entire body.

What a home Cumming!

I got home late last night form a business trip, whilst away I was hoping for some nice relaxed sessions with my growing family of Aneros’s.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan because my work colleagues were placed on the same floor of the hotel. I tried a few sessions but couldn’t get to a Super-O, I had lots of lovely sensations and the sessions were enjoyable, in the end I resorted to my second favourite pass time, sounding!

What happened during this trip made me realise the importance to me of having absolutely no distractions, or for that matter anyone else within earshot. It also dawned on me how vocal I am during my sessions, this is something I wasn’t fully aware of.

I got up this morning and drove my wife to work fully intending to work at home today, my prostate had different ideas! Ok so I can’t really blame my inability to work on my prostate, maybe I did brows a bit of porn and get myself worked up!

Sitting at my desk I could feel a buzz and a warm glow coming from my base of my cock, this was far more concentrated (and difficult to ignore) and intense than normal. It would have been rude not to oblige and bung a Aneros up my ass!

third session, beginnings of real feelings and excitement

So my wife so nicely edged me last night for about an hour, first with conscious stimulation for 10 minutes, letting me show her how to do it with my penis, testicles, nipples and all of that good stuff. Then she edged me for another 45 minutes more “casually”.

Then I went upstairs and inserted the toy, very easy and no muss or fuss.

This time I started to feel my prostate and had the beginnings of orgasmic sensation in nipples and prostate.

I was a little apprehensive as this is my third day in a row, but it seems fine and I am continuing to feel and experience more.

I have realized I can focus more easily on sensation to feel aroused, instead of fantasy. And fantasy can just be thinking of my wife edging me, or about her butt for instance, not about doing anything.

I did feel a bit of discomfort in my descending colon. Eventually I ended the session, feeling more aroused and horny, and I edge a bit more proficiently, stopping at the PONR just to have a ruined orgasm and ejaculate a fairly small amount to regain my erection quality. I remain today (next day) very much aroused all day so far, and feeling incredible, and my wife and I had a nice edging cuddly session today. This is fantasticQ

From the Start

As this is the first entry in my blog it makes perfect sense to start at the beginning.

As a teenager I discovered the delights of anal play, I’m straight but knew there was a world of pleasures to be discovered by probing my ass.
Things started with carrots, courgettes, basically anything I could shove up there that would fit, Vaseline was my lube of choice. Many horny teen sessions were had experimenting whilst searching for pleasure.

Into my twenties and girls had arrived on the scene, although in private a collection of toys were spicing things up, I’ve always had a kinky side to me so I love to experiment, pushing the limits searching for the next sexual high.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m married, my wife is gorgeous, loving and fun but I still have a hidden world of self pleasuring, she kind-of knows what I get up to, as long as she’s satisfied and I look after her, she knows its my ‘private time’ and is happy to go along with it.

My first Aneros arrived on the scene in 2015 when after much researching, reading blogs, forums and reviews I ordered the Helix Syn.
When it arrived I couldn’t believe anything so small could lead to the mysterious ‘Super-O’ I had read so much about.
I knew from the first few sessions this toy was different, in the early sessions my cock would feel bigger and harder the ever before, sessions would always end with Super-T. Occasionally I’d experience sensations beyond my normal range, tightening of my abs, shaking and pleasurable wave-like sensations.

first session and agreement with my wife

In my teen years I masturbated to porn so often, 16 being my record as far as I remember. Sometimes I’d get into the shower and stick a finger up my butt and massage my prostate while I masturbated my penis. That’s the extent of my butt play.

Today, I’m in my early 60s and I had continued to masturbate every day, sometimes twice a day, and I was a compulsive porn user.

But I stopped both masturbation and porn about 8 years ago as I adopted “Tantric” sex with my wife and we were having sex 4 times a week, and I’d cum maybe once in 10 days, inside her mostly.

The tantric sex was good because unlike my best friend and many others my age, we had a lot of sex and I could focus on my perineum relaxation and bring sexual energy into my whole body and have basically half hour whole body Os of a type.

And I see my wife as mega attractive and the greatest woman in the world, which she is, but I really see her that way.

Except after I have ejaculated and then it’s usually depression, loss of feeling in my penis, and loss of interest in my wife.

I have recently realized that “edging” during sex results in fallout that makes an ejaculation necessary, and creates ED if I don’t have an ejaculation.