Aneros model for penetrative sex – other than the progasm

I currently own the progasm model, and only use it for foreplay and penetrative sex with my wife (i use the Njoy Wand for dedicated prostate sessions).

Using the progasm has brought my sexual awareness and sensation to another level … The head of my cock and prostate seem to connected and radiates to my entire body. But there are a couple of drawbacks – orgasms aren’t consistently great, and i sometimes lose my hardon, probably due to the size of the toy.

For those who use aneros toys for penetrative sex, which model do you recommend and/or use?

Major progress!

I’ve been playing with the Aneros for about a year, reading in and learning a lot from these forums, but have never contributed. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, but after yesterday’s amazing session, I just have to share a few useful things I learned. 

First, some background. Before yesterday, I’d had a lot of great sensations, some involuntaries, but no dry or prostate orgasms. Most sessions ended with a sort of supercharged penile orgasm, sometimes HFWO (always a thrill.) Yesterday was my first truly mindblowing, holy shit experience. Here are few reasons I think it was successful. 

The house was empty. Especially during the pandemic, I almost never have time totally to myself. Yesterday, my wife was out of town, and kids were busy all afternoon. I had the house to myself and could really relax and let go, with no time pressure at all. 

Smoked weed. I took three or four deep hits off the vape. It helped a lot, in terms of relaxing and really feeling my body. 

Edged. In the days before the session, I’d watched a good amount of porn, so I was already super turned on and ready to go. 

Exercised. Before starting, I did several sets of pushups, and some long, deliberate yoga poses, with deep stretches and very slow, very deep breathing. It made my body feel alive and really got the blood flowing. Then I got in bed, on my back with knees up, and inserted the Helix. Almost immediately, I started feeling a tickling and a warmth spreading through my pelvis. Within minutes, the first in a seemingly endless series of mini-Os, which had me moaning, stomach clenching, thrashing. 

24 yr old male First post, would like some outside feed back on my prostate/anal orgasm journey


Im gonna try and keep this shorted possible, but will make other detailed posts about my journey later on. So i’ve been experimenting with anal for about 2 years. I started with Aneros and since i’ve gotten 6 other models, a dildo to ride, a pure wand a hismith sex machine. Early on in my journey with the Aneros Helix, i think i’ve had some p-waves whereas i would feel strong sensations that would originate from my pc muscles and then spread throughout my body. For a while this was all that would happen, which was amplified when combined with nipple play. Then a big milestone (in my opinion) happened. During a few of my sessions, whenever I felt a big wave coming i also felt like i might ejaculate (which is not what i’m going for, i want dry orgasms) i would stop, scared i would cum or lose my self in please, but one day , during a session i let it happened because why not? If i ejaculate id get an amazing orgasm, so it’s a win. so I let myself go and too my pleasurable surprise, i squirted! it was clear and it was a lot ALOT. Like i thought i peed but it wasn’t and it was sooooo pleasurable (idk if i’d say orgasm tho) but i was laughing so much after out of pleasure. i believe this happened a total of 5-6 times in my journey.

Straight bros using Aneros – experience & tips ?


I have been exploring with the Aneros MGM for almost a month now. I’ve had approx 4 sessions, never got to the super O but definitely improved relaxation, middle/lower muscle contraction and now I get to have pretty good hands free orgasm.

One thing that is still difficult for me is keeping focus / arousal thougths. I can watch porn and get super hard, then when I put the Aneros, I go soft – I usually like to have sexual thoughts related to the feeling I’m getting but here, its a bit tricky lol. I’m mostly straight (a bit curious/bi with experiences in the past but never anal). So far I’ve gotten aroused thinking of m4mw thoughts but get confused/overwhelmed with other thoughts forcing theur way in my head…

Question for straight guy:
1) what is your trick to get horny while having Aneros in your butt ?
2) any tips on how to maximize pleasure ? (Do you do it when wife/girlfriend is home ?) – I smoke weed before and it helps, but I get sooo in my head and start overthinking. I know prostate play is physical and has nothing to do with sexual orientation…but would like to hear a straight’s opinion on this.
3) how did you get to relax mode ? I’m trying Mindgasm, but everytime, I start focusing to much on technique and movement as if I’m in a yoga class or something lol 😅
4) how the hell can people keep both pc muscle and anal muscle contracted for more than 30 sec ? When I do, after 30 sec, I’m no longer sure if both are contracted at all or contracted as strong… and when I force my self to keep them contracted, my body starts shivering (not in a good way, lol it shivers just like when you go for a 2 min planking exercise – like my body wants it to stop) – also not sure what is 20%, 50% , 100% – I mean, should I go strong until it really hurt to consider a 100% level contraction ?

First time trying Aneros Helix Trident – orgasm out of this world

Hi there,

Since I used reddit a lot to figure out how to use the aneros and get some advices on how to make my first time memorable, figured I would share my experience with you.

– I’m a 29yo straight curious male
– together with my wife, we’re pretty much open minded. We’ve been introducing new kinks in the bedroom. I always wanted to experience a prostate orgasm, and she was open to help me achieve this. While we fuck she would rim me with her finger and sometimes put it in. I never really enjoyed her doing it since I myself couldnt enjoy it with my own finger.
– I’ve tried anal play multiple times (by myself): fingers, wife’s rabbit vibrator, benwa balls – I could never fully enjoy prostate play but kept trying occasionally for a year. I did get some enjoyment with benwa balls and finger, but not as amazing as I read on other reddit posts
– I decided to buy a toy that is actually made for my prostate and the guy at the store strongly recommended the Aneros as people claimed to have had 2 hours long orgasm and so on. I was skeptical, but still decided to give it a try.

First time: worth mentioning that I avoided touching the penis as a lot of people suggested. Not sure why so if someone could clarify that would help.

Let me tell you a story all about how…

My concept of orgasm got turned upside down.
I’ve made a few posts in this forum but they’re not a good summation of my Aneros journey so I’ll try to sum it all up here and I’ll start with this morning..
Wake up at 0350 with not much sleep and a 60+ hour work week just finished feeling a bit wrecked from it all. Not a lot to do at this time of day so thought I’ll have 3 or 4 drags on a joint and have a go at an Aneros session and given the above and the fact I had sex two nights ago I wasn’t expecting much from it.
Was I ever wrong.
20mins into the session and I’m at maybe my fifth pgasm and I can feel myself melting into the joy coming from my prostate and sphincter area with escalating waves of pleasure pouring out into my thighs groin and abdomen.

Prostate stimulation and ejaculation

A little bit of background: I have been doing prostate play for about 3 years, mostly with toys and my wife’s fingering. However, I never experienced prostate orgasm that does not invove ejaculation. In other words, I always have had to stimulate penis to be able to cum.

So I was using my toy for solo play today. Instead of just relaxing and flexing, I actively put pressure on the prostate by grinding the head of the toy on it. I’m familiar with the location and feeling of my prostate, so it wasn’t hard to hit the right spot. After about 2 minutes have passed, I started to notice that there was a drop of cum on my penis. However, it was not typical pre-cum that would cone out; it felt as if the pressure on the prostate was “squeezing” sperm out of the prostate, and soon after a heavy drop of sperm actually fell on the ground (I was standing). Although it did not involve an orgasm, I was wondering if it would lead to a typical wet ejaculation orgasm.

My question is that is this how some men ejaculate through prostate play? I have seen men ejaculate only with prostate stimulation, both with and without “p-spot orgasm.” Can this possibly contribute to the conventional p-spot orgasm?

We are gay? Bisex? Straight?


i love the use of aneros and i’m evaluating to buy one (my old is lost).

But my question is:

– if we like the prostatic stimulation, this can be considered to be bisex or gay?

Actually i never used it during sex with my wife, but i admit that i want to ask her to stimulate me or start some game.

Nsfw first major O

So the wife hasn’t cared about me owning the Helix Syn. But had never been interested. She had fun moving it around herself, teasing, talking dirty, and ending up having the craziest O ever.

My body went into borderline convulsions and didn’t have any wet orgasm at all. Which my wife proceeded to blow me for that to happen. But was anti climatic after the anal O.

Helix Syn Trident is too big for me… is there another model that works?

I’m completely new to this so please bear with me…

I ordered and just received the Helix Syn Trident after seeing it being recommended as beginner friendly. But I was surprised to see the size. My wife tried inserting her index finger and even that was painful, so I’m not sure how I can fit this inside of me. I’ve suffered from an anal fissure in the past so I don’t want to risk re-tearing it.

Is there another model that could work for me? Or can the Helix Syn Trident fit inside me if I’m patient enough with it?