Yup, it happen — I’d just had sex with my wife and my aneros fell of the bed and the puppy …

Chewed on it for a bit. We didn’t know it fall, wife was like “what is that noise?” That when on for a few minutes before we investigated and found the culprit.

It’s the hard plastic one, so there is no major damage, just some scratches. I think I have two options: use a lighter to smooth out out, or sand it down. Thoughts? What grit sandpaper would I use?


Eupho got me to the next level

Long time lurker, first time poster. Created this throwaway account just to share this. Been exploring prostrate pleasure with aneros for 4-5 years. I have tried the helix syn v, helix syn, and progasm each with good amounts of success, a few p waves here and there, but no true orgasms. I recently bought the eupho after reading quite a few positive accounts of it on here. It seems the consensus was that the smaller, more pinpoint contact it makes with the prostate, and the greater freedom of movement, almost teases the orgasm out of you. Holy shit was that the case for me.

I used my new eupho once or twice last week to try it out. Nothing mind blowing but Towards the end of my last season with it I experienced some really pleasurable sensations. Sadly I had to wrap it up and get some sleep. All week I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it again. After that I had not cum for a few days this week and was really horny last night ended up having some pretty hot sex with my wife. I woke up this morning still extremely horny and had an aching coming from my p-spot.

After my wife left to go shopping I had the house to myself. I popped a weed gummy and scrolled through some NSFW subs on Reddit while playing with my nipples through my t shirt. As the high started to hit my prostrate started buzzing, practically begging for it, as my nipples brought it to life.

What did I just experience? is there a name for this?

My wife and I used the Aneros vice together for the first time. I felt that it was different from when we were making out because I was incredibly turned on and so hard. The pulses just seemed to hit harder. So after a while of making out and her using her own vibrator on herself and cumming, she mounted me and slowly started riding me.

This also felt different as when she moved, it didn’t really feel like the pleasure was coming from my penis but from my entire pelvis. we kissed and she moved up and down very, very slowly. many times i stopped her when I wanted to extend the pleasure. Finally I felt it building and building until the pleasure washed over me. I felt that I was orgasming a few seconds before I felt my cock pulsing inside her. only after a few seconds did i feel my cock pulsing which signaled an ejaculation. I felt intense pleasure in my body and legs and an orgasm that felt better than any i’ve had before and lasted equally long. maybe close to 30 seconds. Afterwards, it didn’t stop abruptly like an orgasm usually does but faded.

Friday Night

I’ve been fully rewired for some time now. I’m lucky enough that I can now have nipple orgasms, dry prostate orgasms, super o’s, all of it.

Tonight I have the house to myself for some relaxation and fun. My wife knows and participates in my adventures, but with her out of town I feel like I can just let loose of all my stress and melt into a nice long session.

Tonight will be my 3rd session over the past 3 days and I’m opting for some THC to really get in the groove.

Thoughts from others that fancy some THC to enhance their sessions?

I have D9 homemade edibles as well as flower. I have considered about 10mg of edibles an hour before play time. Then smoking some flower to level up the high a little as the session unfolds. I’ve never combined edibles with smoking so figured I’d see if anyone here has experience doing so and could offer tips to keep the high just right, without getting too high.

I had a smoke session yesterday and found a very mellow happy place in my mind and body. I had dozens of HFDO’s, pwaves that would go on for 10 mins or so, and 3 Super O’s that were so incredibly intense and long.

Ordered my first Aneros product

Delivery should be later this week, but due to plans on the weekend I likely won’t be able to get a session in until next week. I actually ordered 2 products, the Helix Syn and the Progasm.

Has anybody here used an Aneros while getting a bj or hj from their wife/partner?

A new journey

Sorry if this is a long post but I wanted to share my experience and would welcome any advice…

I’ve been an Aneros user for about 10 years, and have tried the Helix, Helix Trident, MGX, Progasm, Eupho Trident and now have a Maximus.

I’d had occasional pleasant feelings but nothing close to some of the experiences described in this forum. I didn’t bother trying for several years but then read through some of the details and tips provided in this forum recently and decided to try again. Some of the key changes that I’ve tried over the last few weeks..

1. Remove any expectation of an orgasm and just enjoy any good feelings
2. Breathing deeply when you inhale and exhale and using your whole body to do it
3. Big contractions aren’t good – either do nothing or do very gentle contractions
4. Use lots of lube (I’ve been trying boy butter recently and it feels much better and I don’t dry up as quickly).
5. Doing pelvic floor exercises through the day

I’ve had a lot more pleasurable feelings since doing this but last night was quite something else – although I didn’t have what would be described as a Pgasm or Super-O.

My wife and I went to bed and I was feeling a bit horny. She fell asleep so I decided to put the Maximus in and just have a light session and see what happened.

Second HFDO changed me.

A week ago I had my second ever HFDO. It was mostly in my body and was borderline impossible to explain. I just felt electrical surges coursing through my body. Toes to head and back. My ass and prostate were involved but not nearly as much as I expected. Either way I can’t wait to try again. Since then I have had some unexpected side effects.

I’m way hornier. I can’t stop touching my wife, looking at porn, thinking about sex/turn ons.

My penis is definitely less pleasurable. I have a very hard time coming through traditional masturbation. Sex is still amazing and I still love stroking it and watching porn but something’s just different.

My prostate start’s pulsing a lot easier, especially when seated. I can’t wait for my next session.

Any explanations, advice or suggestions are all welcome.

My experiences after 10 years of aneros

Aneros user of about 10 years. Warning: long post ahead. Unfortunately no TL:DR. Tips and tricks section after the wall of text 🙂

While penis-centered sexuality as I learnt it as a teenager is more of a mechanical approach the joy your prostatate can give you requires a more holistic process. For me set and setting are important. Nowadays I rarely have time to use my aneros (job,kids,friends, sports … ) but when the opportunity arises the foreplay / preperation is an important part of the experience.

Throughout the day (s before) I do some PC muscle squeezes which already activate my prostate because it knows whats to come. I like to take a bath or a nice hot shower, do some hair removal around my penis, the balls and the perineum/anus (Sugaring ftw!) so everything is smooth and hairless, give myself a pedicure (soft feet feel amazing 😉 and eventually put on a jockstrap (it feels sexy and keeps the penis out of the way while the anus is accessible) and douche just for the ease of mind. Ill then go about some chores, gardenwork, go for a walk or do some yoga, sometimes with a buttplug in, sometimes without – all in the sexy anticipation of whats to come.

My ProBro’s Dog chewed up my progasm

So Sunday, my probro came over for some fun while his wife and kids were out at the Metropark hiking. He brought his pitbull mix over, which I’m cool with, because he felt like she needed out of the house. We put our costumes on and started watching Andor, and after a few mins ProBro felt a little rowdy and we started making out. One thing leads to another and we decide to start inserting, I put his in and he puts mine in, and it was almost instant. Full body waves hits me and I almost knock my helmet off, and he’s in pure bliss writhing on the couch next to me. Suddenly, as a spasm hits, I tense up and my progasm hits the floor. In no time, the dog grabbed it and started gnawing at it. She effectively destroyed immediately. I didn’t want to bother probro in the middle of his O to tell him that his dog ate my massager. After he came down I told him what happened and he scolded his dog. We cleaned each other up and made out some more before we had sex. By that time he had to get back home to his family. But he said he’d pay for my new progasm. He hasn’t talked to me since it happened though. He won’t return my calls or texts. Should I just go buy another?