A Few Days with Aless…Helix Syn Trident…and THC

So my Aless has been on fire the last couple of days. Mostly due to the THC I am taking for my shoulder and plantar. I’ve come to a point on my journey where if I take THC…its a guaranteed couple of hours of Super-Os.

I sat on my couch basking in the feeling and my anus basically engulfing my prostate. My wife sleeping to the right of me…one of my best friends to the left of me. I retired to the bedroom. The minute I did that my aless took over. I had a massive super-O and at that point I had to introduce the helix syn trident. The next 30 mins is a blur but I remember screaming into the pillow. The intensity was soooo much I think I passed out. I just remember waking up 3 hours later with basically a dry aneros in my ass and fairly sober. I popped it out and went back to the living room where my wife and friend were now watching TV. Once they retired to go sleep I stayed on the couch and did a few Aless contractions. Things went back to the intense level and the energy was swirling so much I went to my computer desk squeezed some silicon lube into my left hand and proceeded to release all of that tension.

“Who Are We? Just Play The Game!”

[This blog was inspired by an Aneros member]

While listening to some erotic chillout this morning, I began to dwell on this topic. And the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense to me. So I’d like to share it…..

We as men share a unique role in this world. We are the sex who (for lack of better words) penetrates, thrusts and ejaculates. It really it that simple! But along the way, we have developed many other ways, other ‘tools’ if you will, to cultivate and ‘grow’ our manhood, our ‘maleness’, our sexuality. Among these are ways well-known to Aneros members such as myself. I am referring to the practices of semen retention (SR), NoFap ® and Aneros prostate massage. Of course, there are others and one which I endorse and promote is the use of ‘chastity cups’.

Now what do all of these have in common? It really is quite simple, IMO. All of these activities are designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, not only for ourselves but in the general scheme of things, our male ‘vision’ of the world. (Our female counterparts share their own ‘vision’ that is (thank goodness!) completely different from our own). Together, we can make a new world (literally).

How To Play The Game
As I continued to meditate, it became clear to me that all of these sexual activities are entirely and always under our direct control. Here are some examples….

Cheating on my Aneros toys

I know it’s been a good Long while since I have posted. I’m very patiently waiting for the vice 2 to be available for order. I’m actually very excited for this toy to be out. More appropriately I’m ready for this toy to be in and nuzzled up to my prostate for a couple of reasons, I have never tried the vice but have always wanted to and thanks to the Lelo Loki and Bruno my prostate has gotten some very new treatment with vibrating massagers. Honestly both these massagers are something every prostate pleasure man should want in their toy box. The Loki to me is what the rabbit is to my wife. It’s big, it’s bad and it will make me drip, dribble, moan and cum buckets. Put it in her skilled and oh my. The Bruno is smaller more wearable and throw some kegals in and look out. Hopefully all the vibrations don’t ruin the Aneros models for me.

Anyone here with depression using aneros?

I recently started Lexapro for mild depression and anxiety and unfortunately after the first week I definitely noticed decreased libido. I don’t have trouble getting hard but it’s definitely a struggle to orgasm. Even masturbation hasn’t held the same appeal and I began to notice a loss in actual physically pleasurable sensation. Last night I inserted my aneros before sex with my wife and definitely seemed like it brought things back to a baseline for me. In other words, the aneros didn’t add anything on top of the regular sex like p waves or super O but definitely enhanced penile sensations and I was able to orgasm much quicker then the few times before without it.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Have I Entered A So-Called NoFap “Flatline”?

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Currently, I am at Day 7 of SR and Day 40 of NoFap “P” (no Porn). I still ejaculate (me or my wife) to control the blue-balls. My night-time erections (NPTs) are still quite strong and persistent. But one aspect which seems to have changed is my libido throughout the day. Let me explain…..

The NoFap “Flatline”
Thanks to “Fapstronaut Maz20” for this concise discussion about the “flatline”—-

“Flatline is just the “limbo” state wherein (1) you’ve done NoFap/no-pmo long enough to be weaned away from it, but (2) at the same time, for whatever reason not compelled to gratify your sex drive otherwise by having actual sex.

*Edit — more background if necessary:
The purpose of nofap/no-pmo is to orient/reorient your sex drive to pursue actual sex instead of PMO.

To put it shorty, the problem with PMO is that it is technically “a” way of (somewhat) gratifying the sex drive. But, it is not “the” way 😉

Or, to put it more detail — sane people are generally aware of what is make-believe and what is not. Same with PMO — consciously, you know it’s not real. But, subconsciously (and sex drive is somewhat a subconscious thing anyway), pmo can have quite the “hallucinogenic” effect on your sex drive here — really blurring what is perceived as real, triggering things that should really only be triggered from actual sex (and/or the pursuit of it, etc…), thus ultimately “disorienting” you from it.

“All-Around Abstinence”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Technically, I have been practicing NoFap for about 30 days now. To be more accurate, I have abstained from watching porn (and not listening to binaural beats) for 30 days. I have had only a couple of ejaculations during that time, mostly to control my blue-balls. My last ejaculation was initiated by my wife, so I am able to continue the PMO NoFap journey.

At the same time, I have greatly scaled-back my Aneros sessions. I had one a few days ago (one in about 2 weeks). I selected the HelixTrident and although it was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes), it certainly packed-a-punch! The H-T had me moaning almost right from the start! There is no doubt in my mind that my prostate “remembers” all the nuances that an Aneros prostate massager can yield. No doubt about it!

Nights Are Better
One thing that I am noticing about NoFap is the presence of more spontaneous erections, and quite stimulating ones at night in bed. Of course, the NPTs must continue as they always do. But a few that have woken me up seem to take me very close to the edge of a wet dream. I could probably initiate an ejaculation through some body twists and thrusts into the bed. But instead, I usually intercept the PONR arousal in time by putting on one of my ‘chastity cups’: these always help to quell the erection, at least temporarily, and allow me to get some more sleep.

Musings and Tempo

Over the last 5 weeks away, I’ve been travelling overseas and, during that time, along the Aneros road, learning about my different friends, Helix, Maximus and MGX. Eupho got to hold the fort at home.

It’s been a mind blowing road so far and although I dabled with Tantra, some 30 years ago, I would have liked to have discovered the Aneros ‘training wheels’, which have rewired me in an amazing way.

Seeing my wife for the first time in 5 weeks, our sex was pretty magical. I reaquainted myself with the Eupho while she was out in the morning and I found new pleasures within minutes, which set me up with that familiar buzz all day long. I had bought my wife a new Lelo wand, so in the afternoon we got to try that out. Apart from the fun that generated, I also found that my orgasms were more intense and I was able to last longer before ejaculation. In addition, I had a beautiful dry-O with my wife lightly tonguing my frenulum. What was most apparent was that the ability to relax into the sensations made the feelings far more intense and I could understand that the mental connection with my wife is a major factor in feeling. Before, it was always more physical.

“Controlled Horniness”

[Thanks to @HereByAccident for inspiring this blog!]
[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

The topic presented was the apparent ‘cycle’ of horniness caused by semen retention (SR). I practice SR all the time now and wanted to offer my experience. Here it is…..

Semen Retention 101
Basic to the practice of SR is the NoFap acceptance of no ‘MO’, that is no masturbation (including edging) and no orgasm (ejaculation). If you can accomplish this, then you are well on your way!

But here is the ‘rub’: with each passing day in SR, a guy will typically get hornier. It isn’t because he WANTS to, it is because he HAS to. The male’s natural biology is such that if he does not ejaculate within a given period of time, he may eventually experience a wet dream. (I have experienced one recently and hope to have another one soon). The night-time erections (called NPTs) which all healthy guys experience each and every night will present an opportunity for him to achieve his release of semen through very hard, stimulating and long-lasting erections (perhaps 3-5 or more, each lasting 30-60 minutes: that’s a lot of erections, guys!) It is for this reason that I typically put-on a ‘chastity cup’ to help control that urge to masturbate and thus remain compliant to ‘no MO’.

“Coming Back Into The Fold”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I have ended my absence of Aneros sessions to see if I could extend my NoFap ‘streak’. I got as far as 11 days. My old nemesis, blue-balls, did me in again! But I did have an interesting ‘journey’. Here are some details…..

NoFap Porn (P) Abstinence
I have abstained from porn for the past 22 days. There are some benefits. One seems to be more random erections throughout the day. I have experienced them. My night-time erections are just as strong as ever and I am quenching some of them by wearing a ‘chastity cup’ in the early morning hours. I thought I was building-up to another wet dream. Oh well……

Theoretically, I can continue PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) abstinence while on NoFap; it’s just that I need to rub-one-out every 10 days or so (or have my wife give me a handjob) to keep the blue-balls under control. I’m not getting prolonged pleasure from this, although I must admit I do like the feeling!* I still am not edging at all.

Blue Balls
I cannot seem to progress more than 10-12 days of SR without a good case of blue-balls. However, two things I have tried (recently) are ice packs and, just today, cool-to-cold showers. The showers seem to cause an almost immediate erection, but they do ease the discomfort, if for a while. Perhaps I’ll continue them; no harm here.

Long time since my last entry

Been a very long time since my last entry. Some really good some really bad.

I have been going through lots of stress at work for the last 2 months so my sessions have been lacking explosiveness and full body involvement but felt good none the less. It didn’t matter if I was joined with Miss Helix, her best friend Miss Mgx or my boy Progasm Jr. I did take some solace in feeling Jr snuggled up against me, filling me and sometimes making slow love to me even if there was not much in the way of pleasurable sensations. Miss Helix didn’t really want to play in my current state but Miss mgx tried like hell to make me feel better.

I ended up loosing my job 2 weeks ago and had to get another but once this happened almost all the stress I had been under dissipated. A few days later after loosing my job I joined up with Jr, he gave me a night full of wonderful full body orgasms for several hours. My head swimming in bliss, my body tingling like a vibrator and my cock straining for release that never happened even though it felt like I had cum a gallon but not a drop came out. I was relived to return back to this place of intense pleasure that I hadn’t been able to reach for what seemed like decades.