Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions.

In my quest for a better way to strengthen my pelvic floor ie. kegel exercises, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article about the Levator Prostatae Muscle. In males it’s the most medial fibers of the levator ani (pubococcygeus) muscle. It extends from the pubis into the fascia of the prostate. Yes!

With a little practice and attention to the sensation, have learned how to isolate this muscle and contract it while relaxing all other muscles in my pelvic aria.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions, LPMC as I’m calling it, is when this muscle is repetitively contracted or “pulled”, my pelvis rotates ever so slightly and I can feel my prostate being lifted just a bit. Along with proper breathing, the feeling I get is like a pair of small, silk gloved hands caressing the sides of my prostate. Oh, Yes! And with this imagery in mind, the white gloves, after a while, I “come” to an incredibly sweet and trembling orgasm. Possibly the best ever. And then comes the wave of dopamine that completely washes over my body. Oh, yees! And now I need a nap.

The beauty of this is that it’s hands free, no ejaculation, no clean up, no cover up and no refractory period. All the fun, no baggage. My only draw back, at this point, is like any other muscle, it gets exhausted after a while and I need a little rest. However, I’ve been able to orgasm seven times in a three day period, so…

Complete beginner

Hello all, as the title says complete beginner here. I’m looking for something to stimulate the prostate primarily during partnered intercourse with my wife. Having never experimented with anything more than a finger in and around the anus should I look into an Aneros trident, peridise, or a small plug (b-vibe, or Maude cone)? I’m concerned a trident or other aneros products would hinder positions and mobility during intercourse. Thanks in advance.

Mind blowing sex with the wife!

I decided to pregame while waiting for the wife. Got myself super horny, lubed up, inserted and relaxed. Got the the blood flowing, face got flush. Then comes in the wife in lace. I have my seamless PA ring in, normally she makes me take out the jewelry.

Took care of her so she’ll take care of me. All with my aneros in, start pounding, and good god my climax was mind blowing. Lasted well over a minute, aneros shot out, I was in too much heaven to control or care.

If you haven’t tried it. Put it in the bucket list.

I think I was close, was I close?

so I started to become intrested in prostate stuff, I’ve never seen anyone say they hated their prostate orgasm, so I told myself why the hell not. So I got the helix syn trident, prograsm, recently the new vibrating one. It’s been a fun journey, the Helix syn is fun to use with the wife.

Today happened, I’m like 2 weeks with no orgasm (on purpose), wife is taking a nap, I had that feeling, so I went and got my V, and SAT IN MY CHAIR. I noticed a difference right away, since I’m normally always on my back or side. I had so much more forceful control with just being able to grind my hips. Fastforward like 50 mins into it, and I get my first ever involuntary muscle contractions ( I think ).

It felt like a balloon filling and then it would suddenly pop with a very fast but intense flood of pressure. The filling part lasted like a min, while the pop was a fraction of a second. Not what I thought muscle contractions would feel like, hence why I’m questioning it.

I’m at this point, focusing on staying relaxed (really fucking hard at this point ) and…….. my battery dies. But not all is lost, I sit in my chair for half an hour just processing what happened, and as I stood up, I felt like I was going to fall over any moment. I felt super light and my body was shaking. So I felt like I was really close, like am I on the right track here???

Best Feeling Ever!

First post. M/30’s/ been at this for a few years.

Pretty sure yesterday was my first Super O! I’d just finished work and had 2 hours to myself. I’d been thinking about my alone time all day and had gotten myself REALLY REALLY horny at this point. Got home, took a long, hot shower, had a few 💨 of 🍃, and just relaxed for 15 listening to lofi. Before I even started with my helix I could tell this was going to be different. My prostate was intensely tingling SOOO much just after a few puffs – not sure why 🍃 does this to me but it does! I started doing aless rolling movements just thinking about putting it in. Got rock hard but ignored it. Lightly pressed helix in halfway….ass swallowed the rest like a hoover!

Two minutes after insertion and BOOOOM massive tingling began crawling up my spine and out to my fingertips and toes. I felt vibrations in my stomach. I could do nothing but lay in the middle of the bed try to be as still as possible and moan. Didn’t want to lose this feeling! Kept as still as possible because it kept getting stronger and stronger and STRONGER! Felt like I was nothing…I didn’t exist…🤤 did rolling contractions super slow at about 30-35% pressure…completely lost track of time and just focused on feeling every little tiny difference when I was rolling my contractions. My whole body felt like the tickle feeling when you hit your elbow on something but it was a VEEEEEERY VEEEERY good feeling — not painful at all but BEST feeling for 90+ mins straight…best way I can describe it! Like static all over my body if that makes sense. Had to stop when wife called. If she didn’t call in that moment not sure how long I would have gone. I was catatonic. The feeling definitely started in my prostate and went out from there to my toes and fingertips. I can still feel it the next day. Can’t stop thinking about it and can’t wait for the next session!

Advice on first model for experienced user.

I’ve been wanting to buy an aneros for a long time now, but because of the price and my financial situation I would only be purchasing one.
With so many models I am unsure of what model to purchase.

At the moment I am leaning toward the progasm as I enjoy larger sized objects, but I’m concerned it may not be as good for the g spot stimulation in comparison to something like the helix for example.

I am looking for something I can use solo and practice for prostate orgasm entirely hands free, I enjoy a fuller feeling of something a bit thicker, I do have a lot of experience with butt stuff in general as I have cheaper prostate stimulators and I occasionally do pegging with my wife.

If anyone could help me with a recommendation that would be great

Squirted for the first time! Any sort of training to do it more frequently?

Like the title states, I had a massive squirting orgasm a couple nights ago. My wife and kids were out of town visiting family, so I cleaned up, smoked a little weed, slipped in my eupho, and listened to a mindgasm training session. Everything felt amazing, then out of nowhere, I felt an orgasm building, with the simultaneous “need to pee” sensation. As the orgasm peaked, the audio told me to relax, and as I did, a second orgasm washed over me and I felt fluid endlessly coming out of me, and it just got more intense. When I finally finished up my session, and went to clean up, I noticed it was clear, thick, and slippery with no smell. It soaked my entire pelvic region and through several layers of towels. It had to have been at least a cup or more. It was absolutely amazing!

Anyway, on to my question. Is there any guided audio or training sessions or anything explicitly for encouraging male squirting? I would love to get better at this, and do it more frequently.


This Saturday was different. It started at 0300 as two feral cats conducted loud diplomatic negotiations under our bedroom window.
This causing my wife and I to be awake well before her 0600 shift was due to start. Thanks cats I thought.
So as my wife left for work I had about 7 hours of free time in which I’d usually go for a Progasm session. This morning I meditated for an hour and went back to sleep for an hour… in my dreams I was moaning like a little bitch in heat with a Progasm screwing me over – woke up with a slightly sore throat and a fuzzy afterglow feeling… not sure but it felt like I’d had PGASMS while sleeping – that warm buzzy afterglow effect was in play.
On a whim I decided to do something different and grabbed my Eupho being a toy I’d never really got on with. Some gentle nipple play (several nipple gasms ensued) wow.. Ok lube the F*&! out of Eupho and insert gently.
Breath slow.. gentle… on back knees up feet flat.. breath.. what the holy hell? Super O – like a roaring wave of pleasure… and yet it felt sublimely gentle, like this wave had been teased out of me… it wasn’t the sledgehammer a Progasm sometimes is, no contractions needed just effortless gently starting building to a surge of pleasure over and over and over… after 30 mins of this I thought I’ll try the Progasm… still having orgasms and shaking I inserted the Progasm (more lube) – OK instant sledgehammer spasming Super O seeing colours and feeling like I’d left my body… carried on with the Progasm for 20 min then started to feel a little tired back there… removed. Cleaned up. Went and had cup of tea and vape (not weed) realised as I sat on the deck outside that ripples of pleasure were still happening.. put tea down.. ALESS super O and another and another… suddenly thought shit neigbours could see me. Staggered back indoors.
Ok. Time out. But prostate says NO. Lurch back to bed shaking and moaning (still Aless) go back to Eupho.
What followed was 90 mins of the most exquisite pleasure I’ve ever had.. I was one energised moaning and at one point singing ball of constant full body orgasm every cell in my body rang and I could feel myself rippling around the Eupho.
Exhaustion and dehydration finally called an end… drank a bottle of water and tried to pee (difficult with a swollen prostate).
Got dressed (took 5 mins because still shaking) went outside in the sun with my vape and felt my body blend into a wall of slow pulsing energy – just sublime.
Curled up back in bed to try and cool down… and just blissed out in a sea of ALESS orgasms and pleasure waves for another two hours then slept for an hour.
Later on having calmed down enough to be slightly rational I mowed the lawns. And wound up having more ALESS Wave orgasms while pushing a mower…. these carried on with decreasing frequency all day.. they got soft enough and gentle enough that they weren’t noticeable to anyone.
So a toy that I never got on with just turned me into a total space junkie without weed or indeed any great effort.
It’s gentle enough that my prostate doesn’t tire out and just about perfect for long sessions (for me). I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Hope others weekends are going as well or better….. just wanted to share what has been an almost religious experience for me.

Wow! What just happened? Unintentional Aless?

TLDR at the end.

M 28. Long time lurker of this sub. Throwaway account obviously. Been using my helix syn on and off for a few years now, but the past few months I have been making some pretty substantial progress.

Yesterday morning I had the house to myself and decided to have a session before starting the day. It was pretty uneventful to be honest. Small p waves but I could tell I wasn’t in the right mindset. I was chasing the feeling, not letting it happen. Getting better at that but still it takes some focus. Even though I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to end my sessions without finishing with a traditional orgasm I couldn’t help myself. I edged with my syn still inserted and had a pretty decent traditional orgasm. I cleaned up and went about my day hoping my next session would be more eventful without my cock involved.

I get home from the gym last night and popped a weed gummy to relax and watch tv, nothing out of the ordinary for me. Watch some tv with the wife and have a good evening. I pick up a little around the house and it’s time to go to bed. My wife had gone to bed already and fell asleep while I was picking up and putting dishes away. At this point I’m not horny in the slightest, just a little high. I lay down in bed and about 30 seconds later I feel my prostate tingle and my pc muscle contracts involuntarily. This gets my attention.

Semen Retention

Going on my second week w/o cumming…super turned up, pretty much all the time at this point. My wife and I usually have great sex about once a week with teasing and play inbetween (she knows about my pgasms and how to bring me to them with external petting and stimulation), but we had family in town and I knew this past weekend was a no go. Nipple play and aless sessions are CRAZY intense right now. I’m usually good for about 5-7 days and then I’m just out of my mind and end up cumming. This is usually a pretty good formula and timeframe for a great sex life. I occasionally have the chance to make it last longer, that time of the month, family visits, travel, etc…
My question for the pros is…does this intensity keep ratcheting up the longer you go w/o ejaculating or does you body adjust and it sort of plateaus or goes in the opposite direction? I’ve heard of abstaining leading to wet dreams and hfwo, just wondering where to go from here.