Helix Syn Trident is too big for me… is there another model that works?

I’m completely new to this so please bear with me…

I ordered and just received the Helix Syn Trident after seeing it being recommended as beginner friendly. But I was surprised to see the size. My wife tried inserting her index finger and even that was painful, so I’m not sure how I can fit this inside of me. I’ve suffered from an anal fissure in the past so I don’t want to risk re-tearing it.

Is there another model that could work for me? Or can the Helix Syn Trident fit inside me if I’m patient enough with it?

Sex with aneros

I had sex with my wife for the first time with the aneros inserted. I didn’t tell her Bc I don’t know how she would react.

The sex was great. It allowed me to last longer, I don’t know how that happened. I had able to fuck her hard and fast and concentrate on squeezing my ass in between trusts in her.

Any advice on using the eneros for sex with a woman?

Just ordered my first Aneros – Helix Syn Trident!

Hey guys! For years I’ve been fascinated (okay, more like obsessed) with the idea of getting an Aneros toy to experience what I hope to be the bliss of prostate play. Besides the fact that I’ve never had the guts to share this with my wife, it was always the cost that held me back from taking that first step. Well gentlemen, today I found the Helix Syn Trident on sale at Lovehoney at 20% off and I couldn’t resist! If only my wife knew what’s about to land on our doorstep tomorrow. This should be interesting 😉[Helix Syn Trident (Lovehoney)](https://www.lovehoney.com/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/p/aneros-helix-syn-trident-silicone-prostate-massager/a24600g74478.html)

My recent discoveries leading to HFDO, and the surprising results of am “upgrade” to a Progasm

Tldr, recently finally figured out some Aneros secrets and upgraded to a larger model that rocked me, but I still wouldn’t necessarily replace the smaller one, it wasn’t necessarily better, but a good difference.

The following was a lot voice to text trying to explain what I was feeling so I could use it as a guide later on, but when editing to make sense of it, I realized it was journalistic and informative, so I thought I would share.

A quick about me, I bought the Aneros Trident (MGX) many years ago after seeing a post on Reddit about the male gspot, and it seemed legit, so I ordered one. I enjoyed using it, bought a slew of different toys, found one kind of U shaped silicone toy that worked one time for a cum spurting, black out and wake up after, crazy prostate orgasm many years ago and my journey since then has been some good jerking off or sex sessions with some anal attention, and have not been able to find that magic again. It was a lot of intense rubbing, and after that all my attempts left me feeling like I had been pushing too hard, or not getting there and feeling like I was no longer interested and stopping.

My wife and I occasionally indulge in some pegging, and that’s kind of where my revitalized Aneros journey began anew.

Session turned into pegging

My wife and I recently got a new bed, which made it possible to use the restraints more effectively like stirrups, legs up and out, ass elevated. Tonight, I put on my chastity device and jockstrap, and lubed up my helix syn. I got warmed up and then moved to my Maximus. I was leaking and throbbing, to the point I could feel the device going in and out on its own.

So I think, I’m all warmed up. Maybe this could be a good time to invite my wife to peg me. We’ve done it once, but she was having a hard time assuming that role. She came in and put it on. Though she felt a little awkward, she wanted to try. Once I turned the light off, she started getting into a rhythm and I was able to angle so she was hitting my prostate. I was leaking perfume.

I reached over to let myself out of my chastity device. She kept pounding me, faster now that she started getting into it hearing me moaning. I came so fast, shooting all over my chest, hitting my neck, and the pillow next to me.

She said she thought that was awesome and something she really enjoyed doing. Pretty awesome.

First time user

First time i used my aneros, my wife was present. She could not get enough of the precum that constantly leaked… I had an AMAZING, knee weakening, body shuddering, “don’t mind the words coming out of my mouth” orgasm while using the aneros while having vaginal sex. I am wondering if the “no touch” orgasm alone would compare…. anyone have any input on this ?

Percussion massager + aneros progasm = home run

So we recently got one of those percussion gun massagers that are actually pretty good for massaging. Anyway, today was a the day my wife was too be my slave, and a sports massage was on the table. I put the aneros and usually about 30 to 45 minutes before actual play time for warm up. During that 30 to 45 minutes time we either play video games or take time to massage or whatever.

As stated earlier, today I wanted to be massaged as yesterday was a pretty hard workout. So she worked on my legs and my upper and lower back and every time she would get close to my ass cheeks the aneros would vibrate violently on my prostate… it was going to make me come up off the bed!!! She saw my reaction and slowly adjusted the angle and intensity. In 10 minutes i was almost mush, she flip me over kept the same intensity with the massager and slowly jacked me off, I was done in less than 5 minutes and the orgasm was every bit of a 10

Experience after sex with wife

So I just got the helix last week and I am completely new to this prostate massage business. I had a couple decent sessions this week, the second one I think I might have reached prostate orgasm, although I’m not sure if I can distinguish it correctly (it felt really damn good). Anyway tonight I told my wife about this and then we had sex while I had the Aneros in my ass. Once I knew she was satisfied I let myself cum and had a fantastic regular orgasm which absolutely drained me! My wife went to the shower as I just relaxed on the bed, so I thought I would do some Kegels for the sport of it, not expecting anything. Within a minute or two I was already trembling. By the time my wife got back from her shower I was going wild and I told her to get over and hold me tight! She didn’t know what the hell was happening but we shared the experience. I was feeling this full body tingling sensation for probably ten minutes or more and it was incredible. Can anyone tell me if this is the actual Super-O I keep hearing about or am I getting close or what stage am I at? Anyway, for those of you learning this like I am, maybe this is helpful.

Thanks for listening, I don’t know who else to tell!