“All-Around Abstinence”

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Technically, I have been practicing NoFap for about 30 days now. To be more accurate, I have abstained from watching porn (and not listening to binaural beats) for 30 days. I have had only a couple of ejaculations during that time, mostly to control my blue-balls. My last ejaculation was initiated by my wife, so I am able to continue the PMO NoFap journey.

At the same time, I have greatly scaled-back my Aneros sessions. I had one a few days ago (one in about 2 weeks). I selected the HelixTrident and although it was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes), it certainly packed-a-punch! The H-T had me moaning almost right from the start! There is no doubt in my mind that my prostate “remembers” all the nuances that an Aneros prostate massager can yield. No doubt about it!

Nights Are Better
One thing that I am noticing about NoFap is the presence of more spontaneous erections, and quite stimulating ones at night in bed. Of course, the NPTs must continue as they always do. But a few that have woken me up seem to take me very close to the edge of a wet dream. I could probably initiate an ejaculation through some body twists and thrusts into the bed. But instead, I usually intercept the PONR arousal in time by putting on one of my ‘chastity cups’: these always help to quell the erection, at least temporarily, and allow me to get some more sleep.

Musings and Tempo

Over the last 5 weeks away, I’ve been travelling overseas and, during that time, along the Aneros road, learning about my different friends, Helix, Maximus and MGX. Eupho got to hold the fort at home.

It’s been a mind blowing road so far and although I dabled with Tantra, some 30 years ago, I would have liked to have discovered the Aneros ‘training wheels’, which have rewired me in an amazing way.

Seeing my wife for the first time in 5 weeks, our sex was pretty magical. I reaquainted myself with the Eupho while she was out in the morning and I found new pleasures within minutes, which set me up with that familiar buzz all day long. I had bought my wife a new Lelo wand, so in the afternoon we got to try that out. Apart from the fun that generated, I also found that my orgasms were more intense and I was able to last longer before ejaculation. In addition, I had a beautiful dry-O with my wife lightly tonguing my frenulum. What was most apparent was that the ability to relax into the sensations made the feelings far more intense and I could understand that the mental connection with my wife is a major factor in feeling. Before, it was always more physical.

“Controlled Horniness”

[Thanks to @HereByAccident for inspiring this blog!]
[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

The topic presented was the apparent ‘cycle’ of horniness caused by semen retention (SR). I practice SR all the time now and wanted to offer my experience. Here it is…..

Semen Retention 101
Basic to the practice of SR is the NoFap acceptance of no ‘MO’, that is no masturbation (including edging) and no orgasm (ejaculation). If you can accomplish this, then you are well on your way!

But here is the ‘rub’: with each passing day in SR, a guy will typically get hornier. It isn’t because he WANTS to, it is because he HAS to. The male’s natural biology is such that if he does not ejaculate within a given period of time, he may eventually experience a wet dream. (I have experienced one recently and hope to have another one soon). The night-time erections (called NPTs) which all healthy guys experience each and every night will present an opportunity for him to achieve his release of semen through very hard, stimulating and long-lasting erections (perhaps 3-5 or more, each lasting 30-60 minutes: that’s a lot of erections, guys!) It is for this reason that I typically put-on a ‘chastity cup’ to help control that urge to masturbate and thus remain compliant to ‘no MO’.

“Coming Back Into The Fold”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I have ended my absence of Aneros sessions to see if I could extend my NoFap ‘streak’. I got as far as 11 days. My old nemesis, blue-balls, did me in again! But I did have an interesting ‘journey’. Here are some details…..

NoFap Porn (P) Abstinence
I have abstained from porn for the past 22 days. There are some benefits. One seems to be more random erections throughout the day. I have experienced them. My night-time erections are just as strong as ever and I am quenching some of them by wearing a ‘chastity cup’ in the early morning hours. I thought I was building-up to another wet dream. Oh well……

Theoretically, I can continue PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) abstinence while on NoFap; it’s just that I need to rub-one-out every 10 days or so (or have my wife give me a handjob) to keep the blue-balls under control. I’m not getting prolonged pleasure from this, although I must admit I do like the feeling!* I still am not edging at all.

Blue Balls
I cannot seem to progress more than 10-12 days of SR without a good case of blue-balls. However, two things I have tried (recently) are ice packs and, just today, cool-to-cold showers. The showers seem to cause an almost immediate erection, but they do ease the discomfort, if for a while. Perhaps I’ll continue them; no harm here.

Long time since my last entry

Been a very long time since my last entry. Some really good some really bad.

I have been going through lots of stress at work for the last 2 months so my sessions have been lacking explosiveness and full body involvement but felt good none the less. It didn’t matter if I was joined with Miss Helix, her best friend Miss Mgx or my boy Progasm Jr. I did take some solace in feeling Jr snuggled up against me, filling me and sometimes making slow love to me even if there was not much in the way of pleasurable sensations. Miss Helix didn’t really want to play in my current state but Miss mgx tried like hell to make me feel better.

I ended up loosing my job 2 weeks ago and had to get another but once this happened almost all the stress I had been under dissipated. A few days later after loosing my job I joined up with Jr, he gave me a night full of wonderful full body orgasms for several hours. My head swimming in bliss, my body tingling like a vibrator and my cock straining for release that never happened even though it felt like I had cum a gallon but not a drop came out. I was relived to return back to this place of intense pleasure that I hadn’t been able to reach for what seemed like decades.

“NoFap By The Numbers”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I am progressing with NoFap. It isn’t easy but it does seem to be working. Although I had to “Reset” once so far in Day 12, I have progressed in other areas. Here is my current NoFap “scorecard”:

No P – 20 Days!
No MO – 12 Days, Reset (control blue-balls), 8 Days; Total of 20 days!
No PM (prostate massage) – 8 Days!

Here are other areas within NoFap and my current experiences:

Technically, I masturbate now ONLY to control my blue-balls. In my mind, this is different than just rubbing-one-out just to experience the pleasure of an ejaculation. If I were able, I would continue my NoFap streak much longer. probably for 90 days. But an occasional MB (or handjob) will keep my blue-balls under control and allow me to progress much further in NoFap.

Random Erections
I am developing some random erections throughout the day now; I understand that this is considered a “normal” occurrence while practicing NoFap. One especially strong one occurred yesterday while in the shower! It takes a lot of diligence not to act-out upon these erections!

I don’t believe I have yet encountered the so-called “flatline” while in NoFap. I think it is too early to see any effects in this area. But I will be prepared if/when it happens. I have to be careful, however, not to “test” to see if my “ejaculation apparatus” is still working! My understanding is that quite a few NoFap guys relapse during this phase.

“Some Reflections On NoFap”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I kind of backed-into this “NoFap*” thing by wanting to extend my semen retention run (SR) and eliminate the dreaded “blue-balls”. I also wanted to experience another wet dream. It all seems to be working. Let me explain…..

Semen Retention
I am currently at Day 11 of SR and not feeling any blue balls. Yes, I should have had them by now and that usually meant that I would have a strong need to ejaculate. I am getting close to that time (Day 12) when I experienced my last wet dream and I am looking forward to another one any day now.

NoFap Technique (So-called Hard Mode or “Monkmode” (No PMO, no sex, no stimulating media at all. That generally means cutting out all social media, most tv, movies, video games, whatever else might convey sexualized or suggestive material)).

There are a couple of things which I am doing differently in NoFap that I haven’t done before. They include the PMO* rules:
• No porn. This is a critical component of NoFap PMO*. Absolutely no viewing, “teasing”, “sneaking” or even thinking about porn is allowed at any time.
• No masturbation (including edging) at any time. This one is harder than it looks. It includes NO TOUCHING (except for normal hygiene). For me, this also includes any form of touching my cock/balls/package through my jeans. While showering, it includes no playing-around with the slippery soap “down-there”. Anything that can cause me to precum may induce blue-balls and trigger masturbation and ejaculation and so it should be avoided.
• No orgasm (except for a wet dream). This is a TO (usually caused by masturbation).

Helix did less than peridise for me now

i not sure whether the constant reliance on my wife manual prostate massage has conditioned my prostate to be more aware of her finger instead of my helix. My last 2 helix session were pretty much.. boring. no super-o like what i used to have. A few mini-o and i am done.
My revisit to peridise is another different story. While peridise started less interesting in the beginning, i could have a few superO from it in a single session. Not really sure why.. suspect additional anal pleasure from the peridise helped to bring me to the super O.

New highs.

Things keep getting better. Tired of posting this repeatedly but, it’s the truth. This was my first session in almost a week.

Wife had to be out of the house this morning at 0800. Knowing morning sessions are better for me I took advantage of the opportunity and had some solo fun. Well, this was a session to beat all the others. Amazing where I’m at with SO intensity. I’ve learned to manipulate the Progasm to a small and highly sensitive area and work it back and forth. I had been tightening up and pulling it in further as the O built pulling it off this area but now I’m resisting that impulse and hitting that little spot. I was actually physically exhausted after this session today! I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’d consider today’s intensity with my pulse elevated a good aerobic workout.

Had another twenty minute session this afternoon. Not near as good as this mornings.

Nipple O’s keep getting better too. I’ve learned to stop trying to force them and just let them happen.


Abstinence did play a role in my prostate play quality

I used to brush off that abstinence does not affect the quality/pleasure of my prostate play at all. My mood was the main factor. But recently i discovered that I was wrong. If I tried to have an aneros session or any prostate massage session with my wife on the day that I had a normal orgasm, the quality of the session will go down the drain. It feels empty and i could not have any super-O, or even had a problem achieving mini-O. The only pleasure that I get is the initial high that the aneros slides in and touch my prostate. That feeling diminished fast. So fast that I am bored after 2-3min into the session.