Helix Syn Trident sold out. How about Progasm Jr?

Thanks for all the info, tips and reviews in this group. I’m buying my first aneros now.

PROBLEM: The Helix Syn Trident seems to be the most recommended for beginners, at aneros and most other places. But it’s sold out or not being shipped to my country on amazon.com. At the aneros website I could buy it but they’re charging $35 (non US) shipping! At amazon.co.uk it’s also expensive.

DILEMMA: How about the Progasm Jr? Is it similarly good for a total beginner like me? (BTW I’m skinny too, 30″ waist.) Or should I pay the extra money for the more recommended Helix Syn Trident?

how does the Vice 2 fair without the vibes on? [never owned a Aneros, looking for some general advice]


I’d consider myself somewhat experienced with butt stuff, but I only have one dedicated prostate toy, a [Tantus Prostate Play](https://www.tantusinc.com/products/prostate-play). I’m looking to buy my first Aneros, but I’m at a crossroads because I enjoy using my prostate toys with and without vibes.

So, the Vice 2 is appealing for me since it has vibrations, but how does it fair as far as Aneros toys go without the vibes? Is it satisfying to use in the standard ‘clenching’ style that Aneros’ are known for? That’s really where my initial interest in Aneros came from, but if it can do both well then that’s rather appealing for me. If it can’t, then maybe something else would be better for me?

My next choice would probably the be Progasm for that more ‘full’ feeling, but I’m also open to suggestions. It might help to mention that I’ve always found my Tantus Prostate Play to be a bit too…. aggressive? It’s not so much the size as it is the tip, I think. I do enjoy feeling ‘full’, but I’m starting to think that might always be as necessary as I may think it is, so I’m becoming increasingly indecisive as I type this.

Appreciate any advice!

Aneros repelling lube?

Got my aneros a couple months ago, have been trying to use it every now and then but I noticed a problem. On the main body part of it closer towards the tip there’s a spot where if I put lube it will just dry up. I don’t really know how to explain it. I will cover the entire toy in lube and notice this small dry patch, I will then specifically try and apply lube to it and I can see the lube literally disappear in front of my eyes in the particular spot on the toy. Any idea what this is or what’s might be causing it?

Beginner wondering what’s going on.

I recently bought the helix syn trident and the first 2 times using it, I really didn’t feel much after about 2 hours of use. Then this third time I used it, I started to feel a sort of buildup towards a tightness inside at about 1 hour of use and it felt good, but then it slowly started to fade. I did this about 4 times in 1 hour with the same results, although the last one did feel the best. I’m happy cause it’s progress and even if this is all I feel, I’m all for it! Just wanted to know where I’m at. Is this normal? What’s next? Thank you.

Physical and mental relaxation after sessions (x-post from /r/ProstatePlay)

Set up a throwaway just to post this as I don’t want my main account history linking to some NSFW stuff.

I’ve recently got into using the Aneros. I’m still not making much headway towards reaching pgasms *but* I’m getting used to the feelings. I end things in the conventional way … and the feelings are definitely amplified.

The one thing I have noticed so far is that I seem to be nicely relaxed for hours after a session.

My theory is that it kicks off a really great endorphin boost that is simply more powerful than what would be achieved through sex.

Important context: I suffer from mild occasional anxiety and depression. So mental health can be a struggle for me at times. But when I use this thing, I feel kind of blissed out and physically relaxed for the rest of the day. Hard to describe, but it’s a nice feeling.

Anyone else connect with what I’m talking about? Pretty sure it’s more than placebo

Am I going in the right direction?

So I recently bought the Aneros Helix Syn Trident (the one that had the best ratings for newbies) and I just got to try it out for the first time this morning. I do have a little experience with this kind of stuff, that being using my fingers a couple of times and some… household objects.

I ran a bath, lubed up and got it in no problem. People weren’t lying when they said once you get it in a little bit the Aneros will do the rest. I laid back and just kinda relaxed for a few mins.

After that I tried flexing my pc muscles (the one that you use to stop peeing) as well as my sphincter. Basically after about an hour and a half, I got my pc muscles to twitch a bunch. Kind of reminded me of heavy raindrops on a roof or like someone was tapping it. I tried to hold it as well as clench and release in a rhythm. At one point it did start feeling like something was building up but I just couldn’t hold strongly enough to continue.

I eventually moved to my bedroom because I was sick of the tub and laid on my bed. This time I was able to put a pillow under my back like many suggest. Again, after maybe half an hour I started to feel like something was building but again, couldn’t keep going.

How a dry orgasm should feel – how is it different than an ejaculation orgasm.

I’ve never tried aneros, but I’m planning to get one. I keep flexing my PC muscles for training and for sexual pleasure, and I tried some anal toys for prostate orgasm. I always get to a point where it feels very-very nice, my body is in tension, I feel that I’m near the point of no return, but I always had to finish myself manually, because “the big O” never comes (pun not intended). So, what should I feel, what is a dry orgasm, and how it’s different from the ejac orgasm – will there be that pulsating feeling, or something will happen elsewhere in my body? Thanks for your answers!

Some advice needed please!

Hello guys,

so i just had my first prolonged session with an aneros (ca. 40 minutes) after reading the wall of text in some comments here and the wiki and i am incredibly exited because i could really feel *something* happening. It was slight but it was my first try after all. (ended because i came frome my dick rubbing on the blanket…. go figure)

My Question;

it seems i cannot “decouple” my sphincter and pc muscle. No matter how hard i try it feels like i move either both at the same time or none. Is it crucial for success to be able to control them seperately? If so, does anyone have any tipps on how i would be able to train myself? On this specific issue i could not find any threads/advice yet.

Thanks in advance for your time!

10 days later – bit anxious and shaky no more contractions

Hi All –

So if anyone followed my last post, its about 10 days since i used the ANEROS for the first time.

10 days later i am still very anxious and have this nervous shakily feeling. The anal contractions have subsided.

Do you think the general feeling of anxiety i am having now has anything to do with the ANEROS or all in my mind?