Cleanest way to lube?

Does anyone have any slick methods for lubing? It would be so nice to have a quick and easy way that doesn’t leave me worrying about dripping or having to take the Aneros out to re-lube. Thank you so much.

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My Super-O experience and tips

I’m typing this mere minutes after having the most intense orgasm of my life, even now my body is twitching and contracting in pleasure able aftershocks. It started as a normal session, I decided to up my dose of weed for this one and hadn’t ejaculated in the last 3 days. I watched porn for an hour beforehand then listened to asmr with my aneros in, getting the tug-o-war started. I kept clenching too hard so decided to try and keep my clench at a constant 80% after taking a whiff of amyl. This time I came, dry, the waves emanating from my P-spot and added sensitivity helped after that. I came another 6-8 times repeating that method, each getting more pleasurable. Then the 9th or 10th time I switched to a dildo and when i felt the special spot with it i rubbed it firmly, thrusting a centimetre at a time. I orgasmed, but this time when I felt the start of orgasm rack me it happened not once but 5-6 times, rapidly. Then I couldn’t do anything but writhe on my bed as multiple orgasms flooded my body, it felt like my entire body was orgasming, like fireworks of pleasure bursting everywhere, bouncing around. I was convulsing for a good 30+ seconds and then ley there twitching, still feeling the pleasure echo through me. I then finished my self of with masturbation and came for another minute, cum pouring out my dick, feeling like I’m peeing cum it was the best I’d ever felt from masturbation too.

Kinda frustrated now

I do have successful aneros orgasms and orgasms from playing with the njoy wand but it just ends up making me super horny afterwards and I inevitably end up jerking off to release all that sexual energy.

I started prostate play partly because I dont want to ejaculate from penis orgssm anymore (not as satisfying), but the horniness after a session just makes it difficult to not jerk off.

Any advice on either having a session and end up not being ballsy horny after it?

An amazing session today

It’s been several weeks since my last really memorable session. Work, family visits, more work, no time until recently to devote to p-spot play. I had some free alone time today, so I decided to go all out. Began with my supplement stack, about an hour before, then 30 mg of THC gummy. Got the room ready while waiting for the buzz to build by laying out my Aneros toys, and setting up my 6” dildo for doggie style. Layed out some towels, turned down the lights and brought up some light porn images on my iPad. Finally, got my popper supply ready for using the sock method, and inserted a coconut oil suppository up my rectum.

First in was my Eupho trident, but it wasn’t doing much for me, so I swapped in my old standby Mr. MGX. Right away I felt my prostate fire up. I waited for a bit of a build-up before taking my first popper hit from the sock, and was pushed over into a series of strong orgasm almost immediately. I kept this up for about 10 minutes, then made my move to doggie style on my dildo. It was all set up on the floor so I could kneel in front of it while resting my torso on a padded stool. As the tip slipped in I took another deep hit from the popper sock. This dildo has a prostate friendly curve that lets me put pressure fight on the spot. I just kept the pressure steady, and was literally screaming into the pillow for several minutes, enjoying my first super-O in weeks.

Njoy Wand?

Well. My journey w aneros has been…say…uneventful. Has anyone switched to njoy and experienced p waves and super o’s? It’s quite expensive so want to get this groups reaction or maybe it’s just me. I’m just not wired for this

Kegel exercises

What should I be doing to train my muscles daily? Should I be doing long holds or quick bursts? PC or sphincter muscle or both?

Weird thing happened while jerking off

So i was jerking off to help to try and get some sleep but I was doing it passively instead of going as fast as I can.

And my core started convulsing and I felt my prostate contract and even had some tiny p waves as I was doing this.

Has anything like this happened to you before?

A real difference with knock offs?

I’ve got some other massager. It’s ok… probably wouldn’t buy it again. It’s shaped pretty similar to a aneros, so I have a hard time believing it’d be worth the money to go with the real McCoy. Thoughts? Encouragements?

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Do any of you have any good ways to treat hemorrhoids? I just got a new Aneros, and I want to use it ASAP. In the meantime, I’m gonna take a hot bath.

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