Ordered my first Aneros product

Delivery should be later this week, but due to plans on the weekend I likely won’t be able to get a session in until next week. I actually ordered 2 products, the Helix Syn and the Progasm.

Has anybody here used an Aneros while getting a bj or hj from their wife/partner?

Great device-less session last night.

Great device-less session last night.

Upon recommendation from a friend I got a strain of bud called Jilly Bean and took two hits of it last night. Let the high kick in and then did a contraction and was immediately hit with pleasure waves. I felt as if every cell in my body was a erogenous zone, spectacularly sensual! Tweaked my nipples a bit and had a nipple orgasm. Overall a 2 hour session with just contractions and orgasms. At one point it felt like I could control individual muscle fibers in my sphincter and gently caress my prostate with them. Strongest device-less session I’ve ever had!

An amazing 4 days

I’ve had my MGX Syn Trident since early August and have been having 1 or two sessions per week for a little over an hour just exploring and trying some of the tips I’ve read online. I couldn’t get any prostate Os but I liked keeping the Aneros in while doing my regular masturbation. Those sessions felt really nice but I knew I was missing something.

I thought I was getting the rewiring going even with the traditional masturbation with an Aneros inside but this past Friday, I decided to really focus and make a concerted effort to try a session free of penis touching. I took two gummies and as I was pre-gaming with some porn, I could feel this warm tightness in my pelvic area that I’ve never felt before. Them all of a sudden this wave of pleasure came over me and everything stopped. My breathing halted. My body couldn’t move. I focused solely on what I was feeling and BOOM there was this explosion of pleasure that came over me. I had felt an orgasm before but this was different. I could feel it emanating from my pelvic region but I could also feel it all over my body. I thought I ejaculated in my pants but I was totally dry. I knew it wasn’t a Super-O but it was definitely my first P-wave. If this is what a P-wave feels like, I can’t wait for a Super-O.

Feel like I’m at a bit of an impasse with this thing

So I’ve had a Helix Syn V for about a year now, I’ve not really used it consistently the whole time, but when I did I used it for a few sessions, had some mild tingles but then left it.

Recently however, I bought a magic wand rechargeable and have basically swapped to having all of my penile orgasms with it. Basically, I now hold the wand to the glans and flex my pelvic floor to cum. It’s definitely an improvement, I find myself having better orgasms with it and often find myself orgasming with or without porn (I sometimes cum whilst browsing for a video), which I think is a general improvement in comparison to how I used to be, spending half an hour browsing all kinds of porn until I found something I either liked or was close enough for me to cum to.

I recently found the Helix and thought “aw yeah let’s give it a go”.

There’s a noticeable difference in the strength of the sensations now I’ve sorta ‘reprogrammed’ to the idea of vibrations and contractions being linked to orgasms and not friction and movement. I find myself more able to have p waves and if I focus on the feeling I can often get to the point of precum leakage, I’ve even had a few dry orgasms with it but haven’t really felt anything I’d consider mind blowing or life altering, but I can feel the potential.


Anyone with multiple aneros have you noticed more or less precum during sessions with different models?

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Question about progress

28M here been using Aneros for years now. Feel like I’m making some progress but not sure if it’s going in the right direction.

I usually start off on my back with legs relaxed until I feel pleasure building which is usually accompanied by getting really hard. Then I turn over and end up on all fours and do hip rocking with contractions.

It feels amazing and I’m able to have a HFWO but I only want a HFDO. I have tried stopping right before the HFWO hits and it feels great the first few times but then all sensations go away.

What should I be doing differently?

Actively Voluntarily Pounding The Prostate using The PC Muscle

in about two days, I will get the house to myself for one week. The last time was one year ago. I remember for two days I am using the aneros helix trident and pc muscle actively pounding my prostate. In one day I could have 8 hours in three session. So two days is 16 hours of prostate pounding. At the end of the day two, I could feel that my prostate stimulated so much that a little nudge would get me a little bit of pleasure feeling. At the last 30 minutes of the season, I feel calm orgasmic happy feeling, maybe this is what people called calm seas orgasm.

Anybody got experiences on this?