How do I start feeling new sensations?

I’m pretty new to Aneros, just got the Helix Syn Trident and have been using it for about a month, but I have felt nothing different than a piece of plastic inside me. I have always had trouble getting pleasure from my prostate (something tells me that it’s just impossible due to my genetics or something) and was hoping to turn things around when I bought the Aneros.

I have tried everything, porn consumption, positions, the do-nothing method, different
kegel intensities. I have read every success story and tip regarding prostate play that you can imagine, but whenever I use my own, it just feels like somethings inside me. It’s not really a “foreign” feeling, it’s just something in there that’s not bad- or good-feeling. And I know it’s touching my prostate because when I masturbate normally, it feels much better. Is there any way to make sure that the proper movement is being created on the prostate from my contractions?

I’m not sure what to do now, I want to keep trying but every session has been a dud. Does anyone have any tips to make this experience more like it should? To make at least SOME feelings occur instead of just existing?

Thanks guys

Peridise vs Tempo

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for the help many of you offered in my last posts!

I’ve thinking about getting the peridise kit but it’s not as cheap or easy to find here in Canada as it is in USA. I’ve been looking for them these days but the only store selling aneros products in my city doesn’t have the peridise nor the tempo. I took a look online this weekend expecting a good price since it’s cybermonday tomorrow and I just found the tempo at 60$CAD with free shipping instead of 111$, which seem to be quite a good price. The best I can get for the peridise is 30$CAD. The peridise seemed to me as a more interesting product since everyone seem to enjoy more the smallest one, compared to the bigger which is the same size as the tempo. Is the stainless steel such an advantage that it counterbalances the bigger size?

I already own the helix syn and the progasm ice. I can take bigger toys but I’m still a beginner with aneros toys. I’ve managed to get dry Os with both, but I tend to have a harder time getting them with the helix, while the progasm can make me cum too fast (too fast like it I didn’t get any dry Os and I’m forced to stop the session).

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Physical exercices, health and aneros

Hello folks! A frequent comment I’ve noticed in multiples posts on this subreddit and on the aneros’ forums is the fact that aneros usage can be a spiritual and meditative experience in addition to being a prostate health tool and a sex toy. In this context, I feel like having a good physical and mental health is quite important thing we want to success reaching any goals with the aneros (HFWO, multiples DO, super Os, etc.).

COVID-19 have been rough on most of us. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’m exercising less than I was. Working most of the time from home, I’m not riding my bike as much as I was and I’ve been eating more sweets to manage my boredom. I’ve been vaping weed more than before, even though my consumption is always limited to late evenings. On the other hand, I took the habit of walking at least 30 minutes everyday since march, but I feel it’s still not enough and may explain some of my difficulties “mastering” the aneros, as I sometime get anxious during some of my sessions, which can ruin the experience.

So I had another Super Dry – O… question about intesity levels

Hi guys I wanna share my strange week to you guys^^”.

I am doing kegels now regulary and even tried this big squeeze technique from [](
I cant do it regulary but its getting better..

Wendsday I was doing some kegels in my office during lunch time (i have a workplace for me alone) and then i thought ok lets try the big squeeze… and holy what a orgasmic rush for 1 minute. I could alteast control my voice, i really wanted to moan xD. My pc muscle and sphincter where fluttering like hell and it just got stronger to the point where i felt in my whole body.

Then after that i had a aneros sessions after work and had another super long dry o for idk how long. I was rock hard all the time and felt it pumping nonstop.

Here comes my question about the intensity. I am using kinda tha aneros atleast every night before bedtime because it feels good and its a good way to relax before sleeping.

Is it to much? Because the Super Dry – O was long and but intenstiy on a scale maybe 6/10(?).
Could the intensity higher if i would maybe take a break^^?

And 1 last question: Is there way to archieve the Wet O after unlocking the Dry-O’s. I just wanna experience alteast 1 but i believe the Dry Os are better because you do it frequently^^”

Estim prostate orgasm and Traditional aneros orgasms

Hey there guys, I was curious about one thing. I’ve just ordered and estim plug out of curiosity (had to choose between nipple/cock/prostate estim and decided to go with the plug because I try to abstain from porn and traditional masturbation) and I was just wondering if anyone here tried them both.

What are the differences and similarities? I believe an estim plug kinda does the job for you and the orgasm (if you even reach it) may be more facile than the prize you get from working your way to it, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions without having experienced neither of those.

Would an estim plug affect my progress and make me lazy in practicing without this kind of aid? What are your experiences?


Differences between estim prostate orgasms and traditional aneros orgasms

Does anyone else watch porn while using the aneros?

I have seen a bunch of people say not to watch porn during your session. However my mind seems to wander a lot especially after a while of using my aneros. I found that keeping a video going on my phone and looking at it to get to close to what I think is a prostate orgasm and as I see feel myself drifting off to be helpful. Does anyone else do this? I have only tried once and it seemed to be helpful but I am not sure if I will be hitting a wall that allows for prostate orgasms but not a super o. Although if I continued I feel like I might have had a super o.

This session was the first in a while that I even watched porn before, normally I just get aroused with breathing and nipple play.

How do I increase my arousal enough to use the Aneros, rather than vice versa?

I know this is a strange question, but I’ve gotten a lot of advice saying I need to be moderately aroused before inserting the Aneros inside me.

Problem is, I think I am so focused on achieving pleasure and proving to myself that I can get there with a prostate toy, that it’s more like a “mission” to experience pleasure, rather than just enjoying the moment. So this leads to me beginning every session without any real arousal, just watching porn to increase it during. This, instead of being aroused already, and masturbating for the release instead of simply the boredom or pleasure.

So is there any way to escape this mindset and make myself aroused enough to masturbate, instead of vice versa? Do I abstain for a few days, watch more porn?

Thanks guys

Should I “hump” or lay still

I recently purchased a Trident Helix Syn after lurking in r/aneros for some time. Everyone talks about laying still but on my second attempt I was getting impatient with little or no sensation from slow kegels. So while laying on my side I started a little rhythmic humping motion.

After a short while I started to feel warm and couldn’t help but moan a little as my body slightly shook. I kept at it but it dissipated. I relaxed for a few minutes and tried the motion again with feet on the bed while lifting my hips and was able to reproduce, this time muscles in my legs twitching like they would during a strenuous workout.

I didn’t cum but later on I put a vibrating bullet against the aneros and after a little while had a long pop.

Is that the sensation I’m going for? It seems lying still is the recommended approach, am I missing out on the bigger sensation?

Has anyone had bacterial growth on their aneros ? Left marks.

Unfortunately, twice, some white bacteria grew on my aneros while it was stored. Both times, It was the handle that had growth on it, the second time it was worse as it extended part way through the stem. I was quite surprised when it initially happened and when it happened the second time as I thoroughly wash my toys with soap and water and let them air dry before storing. I stored it in the container it came with – after the first bacteria growth – I washed the container with soap and water to clean that. (Clearly that didn’t work). Somehow – I think the bacteria left its marks on the toy which the boiling didn’t take care of. Is there anything I can do to deal with that ? (There’s a pic of the tip of the toy for reference – is this safe for use ?

These are pics after boiling today for the first time. I’ve only used the aneros a handful of times since I got it in August.

(There’s also pics of my plugs there – which somehow after boiling came out with what looks like dust on them – if you know anything about that please let me know. I posted more info on that on a thread at r/sextoys as I thought they’d know more. If you’re curious to know more – [link]( )

Thanks for any advice!