First time results…. a bit meh

So, I used my newly arrived Helix Syn Trident for the first time (put a condom on, used plenty of waterbased lube and laid down, waited some minutes and started lightly contracting the muscles.
First prob: aside from a rather good control of the kegel-muscles I somewhat can’t do those rectal contractions alone as it seems. So, it still kinda worked, I layed down, legs and knees in a 90° angle up with the feet flat on the bed. I felt like my dick was oozing precum though it was flaccid and laying in a different position than it felt, so I guess that’s a good thing? Them a trembling like I’m cold started, though it was 24°C in the room. I kept the contraction of the muscles at about 3/4 as I did read and it felt like that my penis swelled somehow, but it was still flaccid.

Sadly, I just moved the feet around while I was shaking slightly and I lost the feeling kinda directly. I tried it again, this time flat on the bed, it was way more difficult. Then I added a pillow under my ass and tried both, flat lying and with the legs angled up…. but nothing really worked. Could it that the Trident is a bit too short for me? I noticed it’s arms are not “snug”, only the tips are touching the skin slightly, so the toy is ~1cm out. Is that normal? If I press it all the way in I feel some kind of pressure. Not sure if that would be better? I tried holding it inside though it neither worked, surprise.

Am I close?

So I had a session yesterday and it was extremely pleasurable. I was moving my Aneros Progasm with my anal sphyncter for about an hour and it made me feel like I was about to ejaculate (don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to feel). I was really aroused, but I wasn’t relaxed. The point is that the more aroused, the less relaxed I become. However, I didn’t ejaculate (which is not my goal) neither had an orgasm. Have any of you had an orgasm without being relaxed? I always go to a peak and then go down again with no sucess. I can’t go beyond that point. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Soreness from Helix

I’ve been using the regular helix for about the past 9 months or so. I’ve had about two or three sessions with really good success. About a month ago I had the best session yet and I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since. There was about a 10 day period where I’d try a session in bed before falling asleep. I typically use silicone lube.

During that 10 day stretch I noticed some soreness/slight tingliness/stingy sensation near my sphincter area. I assumed it was from over using so I took a break for a week.

Next session I got the same sensation. It almost feels like it’s a struggle for the aneros to glide up and down my rectum despite always using plenty of lube. The sensation goes away when I take the aneros out.

At this point it’s almost distracting and I feel like takes away from my concentration.

I’m wondering if a) i need to try a different model, and b) if my rectum is just absorbing the lube too fast? I typically reapply lube at least once in the middle of the session. Also I’m wondering if I’m contracting TOO hard.

How to get support from aneros website?

I bought a toy from the aneros website two month ago, and I haven’t heard from them since. They just run away with a 100$ of mine.

Did anyone had the experience of talking with aneros support? I send then email and opened tickets on their website, and they ignored all of them.

I would buy from Amazon which I trust but they didn’t ship it internationally. So I went to buy directly from the scammers..

Now I just feel cheated out of my money by this scammy website, and got no one to get help from.

So here I decided to try Reddit.

Any advice for this situation will be appreciated!

Erections ruining big O

There are people who try out aneros and don’t feel anything and there are others who easily get big Os on the first try. I would guess most people fall in between these two extreme examples. I think I’m someone who doesn’t have any difficulty on feeling pleasure.
A little background about me… I bought an aneros helix some years ago, like, 7 years ago. I tried it and right from the first time, I felt a lot of pleasure from it. To be honest, the pleasure starts right when I let got the aneros and it touchs my prostate when it accomates by itself.
I have a lot of P waves, a lot of what I think people call mini Os. I can control my sphincter and my kegel muscles easily. If I want, I can successively contract those muscles, which lead to a normal but very pleasurable orgasm with ejaculation. I can even get an orgasm without having the aneros inserted and without using my hands, only contracting those muscles (it takes me some minutes to do it).
But the truth is that I never had a big O.
If i didn’t feel anything while using the aneros, I would think “well, I must be doing something wrong”. But I feel a lot of stuff, so, that’s not the case. I even think that maybe there were times when I was really close of getting one but never got it.
So, I stopped using aneros for no particular reason.
Some days ago, out of nowhere, I remembered to go get my aneros. Again, I started having pleasure almost instantly after the insertion. I had a great session. So great that I did it again some days after the first one.
And for the first time, I think I started having a big O. But as the pleasure intensified, only after some seconds I got an erection and it led to an amazing orgasm with ejaculation, but it ended that starting big O.
When I think about it, during a session, each time I have pleasure, I get an erection. I am a person who gets an erection quite easily. But on those videos with people having a big O, they don’t seem to be having an erection and they maintain the focus on their prostate.

Did I reach it?

Last night I thought fuck it, I haven’t had any progress with this in like a year, I’ll try it again. I smoked a bit of weed and stuck the aneros helix syn in, stuck an hour long porn video on and just had a go. 5 minutes in and all of a sudden my body started to twitch and I got strong tingly sensations all through my body, it felt so odd but really amazing. It last for a good 30 seconds to a minute. Was this a super-o or close?

I so want to just have another go already and try reach it again. What’s the time you’d recommend between each session? I did jerk to finish off last night which I’m not sure affects anything.

Multimode Super O

Try this:

Lube up a Helix and send it in. Lie down and relax. Widen your ass hole. Let the Helix roam free.

Cue up this audio track and poke in your earbuds


Bring this video full screen


Diddle your nipples.

If this doesn’t bring you to bliss, you are trying to hard.