3rd time Aneros update, tips needed

So I have an Aneros, I’ll have to look for the model. But throughout the day today, THINKING about using it really got me aroused in the prostate area, like quiver, clutching my knees together.

But when I got home and used it, I was on my back knees bent and I could only feel subtle waves of that sensation. I tried a different position and it felt good kinda lost it. I couldn’t get past that tingling/stretched sensation on my hole🙄 any help?

Kind of specific question

I was wondering how a purchase from the aneros appears on a bank statement? My very conservative father has access to my bank account so Id rather not have him look into the purchase. Any tips on how to keep the purchase as discreet as possible

Tipping over the edge

So after an hour or so I can get the involuntaries going – and I think I can feel the quivers around my that I know if I can just let them take over me, they will lead to something – be it a P-gasm or super o, I don’t know.

Trouble is, as soon as I start to feel those, I lose focus and they’re gone. So HOW do I keep focus, relax and let those involuntaries take over to the point that I go over the edge?

Holding your PC muscle

How long are you able to hold your PC muscle. I only seem to be able to hold it for a couple of seconds. I was reading some tutorial and they said to hold it for 30 seconds. Have you been able to have waves or super o’s without holding it that long? If not, I have a lot of work to do. I may also be holding too hard but I feel like I am not