Dry Orgasm without Aneros

So it seems that I’ve reached a place in my journey where it’s possible to have p-waves without the device inserted. I don’t know if anyone else has been able to experience this, but whenever I close my eyes and start to relax, I feel it building now. If I let it go, it will go pretty far. No super yet, but dry ones for sure.

It’s just more evidence that the Aneros helps teach you to something you were always capable of. The pleasure comes from some internal source, not from an external stimulus. Learning to relax is the key.

I did NOT Expect this when I started my journey!

I have been on the journey for almost a year now, and have been achieving incredible super-orgasms of amazing heights and depth, always evolving, sometimes in giant leaps, and sometimes in gradual crawls. I was no stranger to Aless sessions and mind-blowing Super Orgasms, but recently I discovered new levels of communion with an endless orgasm-energy.

I posted recently that I felt like I was in a lull of sorts, a place where I could not imagine or envision where to go, but at the same time, having an unmistakeable sense of there being much more to explore. I felt like I had dug far “linearly” but once there, I had not explored “broadly” if that makes any sense. I took to heart the advice of being mindful of what wolf I fed, (in my personal life) and not worrying too much about WHERE to go. After these recent incredible sessions, I fully understood that destination implies a hunt, a specific start and end, which is not what this is about (as I understand it) it’s much more of getting in SYNC with an ever-present pleasure-energy, and opening new and wider channels to enter “communion” with it.

Music triggering an orgasm?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate sub to ask this, but curious if anyone else has experienced a full body/emotional orgasm resulting from listening to music? I actually haven’t tried this yet with the aneros in, but several times just hitting a hash oil pen and listening to some tunes, I am able to elicit this type of bodily response. The first time it was like a wave of pleasure rolling up my body and felt similar to a penile ejaculation. I remember being sexually aroused that time. Other times it is a flurry of emotion and sensation of extreme peace and warmth and sexual arousal is the last thing on my mind. Last night I was literally brought to tears by this sensation and felt stress/anxiety melt away, extreme happiness yet sadness at same time. I smoke fairly regularly and it always helps my aneros sessions, but weed by itself usually makes me more anxious if I don’t have something to distract myself. It’s not all music either, only particular songs with melodic/euphoric guitar solos/riffs that build to a crescendo. I’m sure a lot of it is the weed but this is a new experience since starting prostate play so I’m inclined to think that has something to do with it as well.

Aneros recommendation

So I have a Helix Syn which I great enjoy but I’ve been thinking of getting another aneros product to vary things? Is that a good idea? I’ve considering the Progasm Jr and the helix trident. Any recommendations or thoughts? I’m wondering what people’s experiences are? I personally want something that’s aggressive when it comes to prostate stimulation.

What lube do you use on you Aneros sessions?

Please only answer if you’ve had an orgasm with it.

I haven’t had an orgasm yet and I think my lube is not good because I saw a video online where a guy was using an Aneros and it was moving in and out, so I guess my lube (Astroglide) is not that slipery. I have the Helix Trident and the Progasm and none of them moves inside me. Thanks in advance.

The Journey So Far

So I have a MGX Trident and I’ve used it maybe a dozen times over the last 6 months or so. I figured I’d share what I’ve learned in case anyone out there can benefit from it.

For lube, I use only olive oil. It’s a bit expensive, but I know it’s safe to eat and I feel like if you’re going to stick stuff up your butt, it should probably meet that minimal criterion. To help get things going I use a standard 10cc syringe (without a needle of course) and put about 4ccs of olive oil right up in there. Then slowly work the Aneros in and out 2 or 3 times until everything is nice and slippery.

Then I just relax and basically try to do beginners yoga meditation. Close your eyes. Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 10 seconds. Then relax your bladder and bowels. Just relax them, do not “bear down”. Never clench any muscles or exert any force anywhere. Your only goal should be to find more and more muscles that can be relaxed. It’s slow to get it started, but after about 45 minutes I start to have two distinct types of orgasms.

The first kind is centred on the tip of the penis. There will be a lot of tingling and generally good feelings down there. Sometimes I get slightly hard (briefly) and sometimes there are contractions that stimulate a few drops of precum or urine (or both?) to come out, but never an actual ejaculation. So these orgasms have no ejaculatory refractory period and will occur repeatedly. People here sometimes call them “dry orgasms”.

Pleasure, emotions and healing

Hi everyone. Long time lurker and even longer time aneros user here. Even after years still no orgasm from aneros use, but not discouraged yet. My personal life experiences during the past couple of years have provoked me to ask a couple of questions:

1) After achieving your first aneros orgasms, did your life change in any way? Mainly interested in changes about your emotional state, your character, spirituality, etc.
2) Did you have any strong emotional struggles during times when you were still unable to orgasm from aneros use?
3) Those of you, who are still unable to orgasm from aneros, are you having any strong emotional struggles at the moment?

The reason I’m asking is because I have sort of “come out of the closet” during the last two years, not about my sexuality, but about my mental health issues. While searching for answers I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff regarding not only mental blocks, but how they connect to physical blocks as well. Humans are both physical and psychological beings, and these aspects don’t function separately, rather they work together. Thus, problems in the mind manifest in the body as well.

In Reichian psychology, the ability to orgasm fully, with involuntary sounds and convulsions, is seen as our natural gift, which is later supressed by trauma. The inability to achieve orgasms like this can lead to neuroses and sickness. Aneros, with it’s ability to produce such orgasms, could then be seen as a potential tool for healing.

Just a few questions..

Hello all, I just have a few questions I hope some of you can answer.

1. Is the aneros supposed to slide/glide in and out of the anus, or move up and down with the contractions? I personally feel like the aneros is stuck in place and that it is the muscles and prostate that is rubbing against the toy rather than the toy rubbing against the prostate, if that makes sense. Am I using to little lube? Or subconsciously clenching my muscles? I try to stay as relaxed as possible down there, but i tend to tense up, especially when then penis gets hard.

2. Is the prostate supposed to swell and stay swelled throughout the session? Or will it just swell while climaxing/getting close to orgasm? When things starts to feel good I can feel the prostate swelling (and my penis will also get rock hard) but I dont really now if this is an orgasm or I am just getting close. But honestly it feels more frustrating than pleasureable because it feels like im getting close to something but I dont know what, and i dont know how to push myself over the edge or if Im already there.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave your thoughts.