Am I making good progress?

I’ve used the aneros 3 times so far. The first time it was pretty uncomfortable and I couldn’t really stay relaxed so I just jerked off with the aneros in. Same thing happened the second time. The orgasm definitely was way better with the aneros in though. However, this third time, it started out uncomfortable but quickly it felt as if it wasn’t even in my ass at all. By that I just mean, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but also I didn’t really feel any pleasure from it either. It was like that for about an hour until i just finished off regularly.

Progasm p-tab modification question

A couple days ago I gave my new progasm ice for its first ride and enjoyed it immensely. However, I noticed that the perineum tab on it is nearly a finger’s width away from making contact. It is fully inserted and the rear k-tab applies noticeable pressure. Though I enjoyed my first couple times with it, I cannot help but wonder if I am missing out without the external stimulation.

I have seen people mention that some people modify their aneros in comments here and in the aneros forums, but have not been able to find any with specific examples/descriptions of what was done, why, and or how. So I have a few questions for you fellow pleasure seekers.

Has anybody else encountered this issue with the progasm?
Did it lead you modify it and if so how did you go about doing it?
Were you successful or not in your attempts?
Does anybody have any links to threads that already cover the above? (I can really only go online on mobile so that maybe my issue in finding it)
Any other just general progasm tips or experiences you’d like to share?

Also, thanks so much to all of you that take the time to share your journey. It sure has helped me along in mine.

Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr?


After some time experimenting with prostate stimulation, I’ve decided to expand my Aneros collection. Although I have yet to achieve the elusive super O, I still very much enjoy the sessions; and I do like the hands free aspect. I already have the helix synth, but would like a change.
(For the record I have the njoy pure wand, getting no pleasure from it whatsoever).

The question is whether to get the Trident Maximus or the Progasm jr.
From the pictures, they don’t seem too different in size so I’m curious to hear if anyone have experiences regarding those models.
In will also pick up the Trident Eupho to see if a smaller model might be more appropriate for me.
Hoping for some input.

Thanks for reading.

Getting close?

Last night was a thrill ride. It had been 2-3 days since I last came and decided that was a good time to have a session. I grabbed my helix syn, porn, hash oil pen and I was off to the races. Usual build up of that buzzing but rather than focusing on it I just let things happen while I tried to relax and focused on my breathing. 30 minutes or so in and I’m starting to notice how hypersensitive everything is to the touch, and breathing starts to feel a little more shallow. By this point too my left hand starts to twitch a bit; my hand was on my left thigh as it was spazzing.

When I climaxed, it felt different than the times I had before. Usually when this happens, I’m fully erect and ejaculate. This time, I was fully (or maybe half) flaccid but came buckets. Also after coming, I felt both exhausted but hornier than I did when I started (ended up jerking 2-3 more times last night before going to bed).

How close am I to the P orgasm? Did I just achieve it? Does anyone else ejaculate without being fully erect?

My first time with Aneros

I got a MGX and the first time I used it I was relaxed and listening to some gwa stuff. I felt some heat and it felt preety good. I was grinding on my bed, came, aneros popped out, I washed it then went to sleep. The next day I tried to use my Aneros and I didn’t feel anything and its been like that since I first used it. Am I doing something wrong?

Sleeping with aneros in success? Does it help with “advancement”?

I originally started prostate play a couple of months ago with vibrating toys, but eventually found the aneros line up. I’ve been doing prostate sessions daily for about 2-3 weeks now. Last week, I was exhausted after a late night session and just went to sleep with the progasm in (had been using coconut oil for one of the first times). I woke up still fairly slick and was a bit sore the next day, but nothing too bad. I took a day off and everything was fine.

After, I decided to stay small for a bit and had a similar experience with the helix syn, (where I was tired and decided to just go to sleep with it in). The next day, I noticed that I was very easily arousable via my nipples, and would occasionally feel prostate pleasure throughout the day, without anything inserted.

My questions is whether anyone else has had success advancing their prostate sensitivity by sleeping with a massager in, and if so, what worked best for you?

What did I just feel?

So I just bought my first prostate toy (helix syn), and decided to give it a go tonight. I popped it in, spent a good 10 minutes just getting used to how it felt inside me, and then started messing around with small kegals while listening to some r/gonewildaudio. Probably about 15 minutes later, while I was experimenting with some rapid, 30% strength kegals, I started feeling this wave of… heat? It started in my prostate, and each time I contracted, it radiated further up into my chest through my shoulders. It felt pretty good, but also like it was building up to something bigger, and I think I got too excited and focused too hard, because it was gone around 30 seconds later.

Anyone know if this sounds like any of the big milestones I should be hitting? For the rest of my session I think I was too focused on getting back to that point, so nothing really happened, but I’m definitely excited to try again tomorrow!

Super o acheived!

Tried the do nothing aproach after a warm shower, inserted aneros and laid flat on my back. Focused on all the subtle feelings on my prostate and ass. Also the tingling in my soft dick felt amazing. 20 minutes in I had my first orgasm and a flood of clear sticky precum oozed out my soft cock. Continued to focus on the feelings and began to breathe real slow and deep. With each breath I felt it building up, 20 more minutes and another orgasm except now I was squirting urine had to get up and pee. Settled in for another 30 minutes and now the big finish. I felt a flutter in my rectum that was amazing as the aneros helix syn danced around magically on its own. My cock got warm and felt like I was cumming for a minute straight but nothing came out of my soft cock . Finally I felt the pee urge and started again to flow urine it was so much I got up to pee and this seemed to end the super o. I think had I not needed to pee so bad I could have carried this orgasm for a long time. It was still amazing and cannot believe how great my cock felt for so long while it was soft. Like a never ending traditional orgasm but better .