Mistakes to lookout for? Better models?

I’ve had the Helix for about 2 months and only realize realize my mistake. Every time I used it, it felt like it was pushing into me and would start to feel good after a while, but could get sore if I clenched too much. Progress was really slow.

But in the past 2 weeks, with my increased muscular control and strength, when flexing my sphincter, I felt it rotate backwards and suddenly slide in deeper. Turns out I’ve been just jabbing the front of my anal cavity for the past 2 months, and only getting pleasure by happenstance of trying different things.

But even now, I have to keep clenching my sphincter really hard to keep in place, otherwise it slides down and rotates forward to start jabbing me again.

I just got an Njoy pure wand and found my prostate. Got a bunch of dry orgasms from it. How deep I have to insert it is quite a bit longer than the insertable depth of the Helix. The Helix is is only rated for 3.5″ when flush (tabs completely useless). I’m having to insert the Njoy 4+”.

I’m assuming the Helix is not deep enough for me. And most of the models are 3.5″. The bulk of the longer models are also much bigger in general. My only option might be to buy them all and see what works… /sigh

Are there any other issues to look out for?

How to fall into trance listening to shibby’s audio while using aneros?

I’ve tried a few of shibby’s audio during my sessions using aneros and it is hard to fall into deep trance. She really do have sweet sexy voice but i was hoping that listening to her can induce involuntary contraction of my ass on the aneros. While listening to her audio, i fully relax my body and practice ‘do nothing’ technique. Anybody have any idea on this? Tq.

What the hell is an “involuntary”, and what’s a “p-wave”?

On the “involuntary” thing, what are we talking about here? Is it when you tire our your PC muscle till it trembles, thereby causing the Aneros to sort of wiggle and flutter? Is it like when you sneeze or cough, or have a traditional orgasm with the aneros in, and your PC muscle just does a sharp squeeze on its own that makes you gasp?

And what’s a “p wave”? I sometimes get these moments where, out of nowhere, my heartbeat speeds up, I get all warm, and it feels like something amazing is about to happen….then it fades and I don’t know where it went. Is that what everyone’s talking about?

I mean, if the “involuntary” thing is just tiring out the muscle till it shakes, I find that feels good, but it’s annoying to get to and it goes nowhere because I can’t keep it up for very long. And how do I make what I described as a “p wave” happen more?! It feels amazing when it does, but it’s only happened a couple times, and then out of absolutely nowhere.

Newbie looking for advice

So recently I’ve decided to take the plunge. I got my aneros syn trident a week ago and have made good progress so far. After my 6th session I noticed I’ve got a problem on my hands. I’m often getting distracted by a building erection whenever my involuntaries go from prodding my prostate, to a small build up of pleasure. I feel like whenever I’m getting close to a p wave or any thing close to pleasure, my dick seems to ruin things for me.

I’m wondering if there’s any tips and tricks to getting around this issue.

Is variety the spice of life?

For those with multiple aneros models, do you use multiple per session or do you usually stick with one the whole way through? If you switch up, which order works best for you? If you stick with one, do you use them in like a session order (ex: Monday – Eupho, Fri -progasm, etc.)? Just curious on what gets people there.

How much should I focus on breathing?

I’m having a hard time focusing on breathing and the aneros at the same time. Also not entirely sure what I should be doing to achieve the “quivering-wave… almost as if one is sobbing” described in the breathing section of the getting started page on the aneros wiki.

New to the aneros and need some advice

I bought the aneros prograsm because I thought that the size would work for me – and it indeed does! The size seems perfect for me, very filling, I don’t feel I bought the wrong one as I’m experienced in anal play. I just seem to have trouble with the clenching process. My first session wasn’t perfect, but I don’t at all go in with high expectations I just relaxed and did a few contractions. I am just wanting some beginner advice, how long to wait and how much effort I should put into the contractions. Are there any positions which are particularly magical? For me the knees down and lying down seems most effective, but I’d like to try others. Would love to hear if given that my first session was ok (but I had to kind of vibrate the thing with my hand, and rub my dick a bit, so a more conventional orgasm) that it is possible for me to get there?

Lack of sleep

Hi There lately the prostate has been so active particularly at night sleep has been difficult,i am sure a lot of you guys find the same thing,i wonder how you guys cope with a raging prostate when trying to sleep ,i would love some feedback.

Euphos Syn – push/pull

Hey, I’m somewhat new to all of this. I bought a Euphos Syn a few weeks ago and have used it probably 10 times. I love it but I get the most pleasure and stimulation when I manually push/pull it almost all the way out. Is this something that just takes time to find different sensations or should I look into a larger model? I definitely want to expand my collection eventually.

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My prostate isn’t sensitive. What can I do?

I’ve had a lot of experience with anal play but I’ve had very little sensation from prostate massaging. Most of my experience has been with large toys trying to achieve the full feeling. Is there a specific aneros model you’d recommend for someone like me with a very insensitive prostate? Any other tips and tricks to increase sensitivity?