Anyone notice different kind of sensations?

I sometimes get very short lived but intense p waves. Its like a big ripple that comes from the prostate/perineum and sometimes my dick will contract like im ejaculating but its dry every time besides the little bit of precum that drools out. They are intense enough that I will involuntarily make noise or grunt.

Other times I will have a whooshing like feeling over my entire pelvic region that feels similar to edging but its whole body. Im breathing really hard and im just in pure bliss for about 5 minutes or so. Whole body tingles and I feel stimulation in my brain.

Sometimes I will get both sensations in a session. Usually starts with the dry contractions then it moves into the whooshing full body pleasure.

I know the terminology is subjective, but what would you call these sensations?

I guess any sort of pleasant sensation would be a p wave, but are sustained pwaves dry orgasms? Would you say a super o is just a highly pleasurable dry orgasm with a longer duration.

I had an amazing session last night and today I woke up its all I can think about.

Three firsts for me

Had another great session today during which three different things happened:

1. I had a calm seas during urination. I occasionally like urine play and I usually have a absorbent bed pad laid down. I had to urinate and did not want to make a trip to the bathroom. It’s sort of hard to disregard the training and wet the bed and that keeps a very pleasant tension as you try to start the flow. I relaxed into it and let the stream go. During this I was suspended in a very pleasant calm seas orgasm. The pulsation after the flow stopped pushed me just a bit further. I cleaned up from that and continued my session leading to the second happening.

2. I had a Super-O while fantasizing about a Trans person at work. I’ve considered myself hetero my whole life but something happened last week that made me ponder. This person is Asian and I’m not sure if they are male to female or female to male. They (their preferred pronoun) have breasts and a very soft gentle face but also some male characteristics, male figure and legs. They came up last week and asked us what we were doing. We were preparing a section of conveyor belt. When they approached I was overcome with butterflies! I wanted to fuck and be fucked by them. I used that fantasy during this session and it propelled me into a brutally pleasant Super-O.

Pure wand knockoff and a 950

Had a great session today! I had ordered a Plusone Arc dual vibrating massager yesterday and was anticipating its arrival all morning. Had a decent session first thing in the morning and it wasn’t much to write home about. After lunch I had a second session that was much better. Used my usual array of tools and had some good Mini-Os. I then got the message that the new toy was at the door. Dashed out and grabbed it and went straight back to the session. I lubed it up and started with the big end. Remarkable feelings! I drug it back and forth against my prostate and could feel good contact. Got the feel for it and then got the urge to use the HIH 950. I hadn’t tried it in a long time and certainly not after I got rewired. Inserted it and was immediately overwhelmed with a Super-O! I then got super horny and decided to finish with a traditional orgasm. The traditional was amazing. I tried to remove the 950 when I came down and to my surprise my body wouldn’t let me remove it. Well OK body, have your own way. I tried to come down some more but was again treated to a Super-O. I had never had results with the 950 so I was pretty shocked by its performance today. Sorry if this rambles a bit, still coming down from the session. Haha

high, horny & anally stimulated

I forgot the last time I came but I think it was about a week and a half ago. I smoked a huge bowl a while ago and slipped in an Aneros. Now I’m laying on the bed writhing in frustrated bliss. I’ve had several non-ejaculatory orgasms and a few Super O’s but I want to cum really bad. Each dry orgasm feels amazing but it also just ramps up my desire as well. This is the most exquisite, maddening type edging. As much as I wanna stroke my cock until I shoot a load, I’m also feeling the desire to go into denial for as long as it takes to shoot from anal only. What do you all think I should do?

Not quite sure what happened..hips rotating (21 male gay)

I have had my aneros (a Progasm) for a few months now, but kind of went off it as I found that when I used it my sessions wouldn’t really go anywhere. However, lately I decided to give it another try, as I had been craving the feeling of it inside me, the point of lying in bed at night and performing random voluntary contractions to remind me of the stimulation of it.

I lubed it up with Boy Butter and inserted it slowly, after teasing my hole with the end of it for a few minutes. Now in general, I would say that I had a good session, but there weren’t any dry orgasms or hfwo. There was a distinct moment where I was watching this gay porno, getting so turned on, that felt like I needed to contract really hard on it, and moving my hips in a circulator motion. There was excitement and definitely some precum, but it wasn’t amounting to anything concret like a dry orgasm or a super orgasm. My main goal is not actually to have a super orgasm, but dry orgasms. There’s a great porn hub video of a guy achieving 36 orgasms and moaning in ecstasy, while he is on all fours and in various different positions. I want the aneros to consume my hole and rewire my brain into craving a new form of sexual ecstasy. I stayed relaxed in the session and focused on thoughts of sex and the videos I was watching, as well as imagining the device inside me – that seemed to be quite a turn on. But I didn’t get anything concrete. I even touched my nipples. It was a good session but I’d love some advice as to how I could maybe have gone further. Also, as a rule, do you avoid taking it out and then putting it back in again? And, lastly, the position of knelling by the bed and arching my body over it appeared to work quite well but I was worried about the device falling out, and my head was not comfortable – I wasn’t sure where to put it essentially. Are there any tips for that position/people who do it that way?

Getting closer

Today I was so close gettin the super-O. I was screaming in to my pillow and my every muscle twitching and flexing like hell and it felt like my head was going to explode. I was just on the edge I could feel it but didnt manage to go over it. Any tips to get over the edge?

I think im very close to having a super-O

In todays session I think I had two dry orgasms or mild super-O’s. The first one was very intense, it was pretty late to my session and I just was scrolling some porn and doing some light contractions on my aneros and then something happened and my whole body startet shakin and waves of pleasure from my prostate. It lasted couple of minutes. What do you guys do to end the session? In a wet orgasm? How do you even have a wet orgasm with aneros? 🙂

Haircut Mini-O

I’ve been amped up with arousal for a week and today I went in for a haircut at a place that washes hair while in a massage chair. The woman cutting my hair was slender with nice blond hair and a great ass. I was kind of buzzing with sexual energy throughout the haircut but when she reached forward to remove the drape her hair went across my shoulders and women’s hair really turns me on. I visualized for and instant that she was back there preparing to peg me! We went to the wash stations in the back and I sat in the chair which has a vibrating seat, reclined and relaxed. Hot towel on my face, luxurious scalp massage, the vibrating chair, the thought of the hair stylist pegging my ass all converged into a Mini-O. Legs shaking and penis pulsating in time with my PC contractions. I kind of had to fight to keep from flipping over into a full blown Super-O. The wash over, I walked back to the styling chair with a stupid grin. Luckily the pre-cum soaking my underwear had not made an appearance through my shorts.

Recent Super-O

My Eupho Trident nestles serenely in my tight slick anus. I relax into it and feel it’s gentle probing, the tip perfectly nuzzled against my eager gland. I visualize my cock surrounded by the beautiful glistening inner labia of a stunningly sexy Latina that I work with. Hot, slick, fantastically beautiful pussy lips envelope my shaft as I slowly glide in and out of her. I hold a reverse kegel for a few moments and I am overwhelmed with a thrashing, moaning Super-O the likes of which I have never experienced before, the Aneros auto-fucking my pulsating hole. What a fantastic experience!