First orgasm

I smoked weed. A hybrid that is indica dominant. My prostate was pouncing like it had its own heart beat. The key was to allow myself to feel the pleasure. I each pulse of my prostate felt better and better until I had a dry orgasm. It felt like a regular orgasm in stregnth but the point is that I finally felt a hands free orgasm. Will abstain from masterbation this whole week. I know that will be the key to a super o. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks

My experience, some questions..

Hello guys. Soo i’ve been experimenting with prostate play for about 4-5 months and i think im having a really good progress. I don’t know for you but tor me a-less is far more pleasurable. I enjoy the aneros also, but it seems that with the a-less i can get more in the zone ir you understand me. Is this normal? Am i alone on this side?

The other question is for prostate play veterans:
How would you rank all the orgasm one can have in order of pleasure?
Penile orgasm,Mini-O,Dry orgasm, Prostate wet orgasm, Super-o and et cetera…

Thank you and happy playing 😉

Should I be feeling something? Questions from a beginner

Hi there,

I’ve been really trying to get some results from my Helix Syn. For the past few days, I’ve been spending roughly 30 minutes listening to erotic audio or looking at sexy pictures with it in. I have some issues though:

1. I don’t feel much stimulation from my prostate, it almost feels like the prostate isn’t swollen or the Aneros isn’t reaching far enough. I do feel a very *very* light pressure on my sweet spot, but it’s more of a light tingle.

2. I am having trouble staying aroused. I’m focusing on keeping hands-off during these sessions, which isn’t a problem when I first begin and am getting lubed up. But once I begin focusing more on listening to any sensations from the toy, I start losing arousal pretty quickly.

I don’t think the Aneros is too short, but I’m not getting even a hint of that ‘having to pee feeling’ the prostate makes. I know that you need patience, and won’t be getting Super-O’s Day 1, but it’s kind of disconcerning that I’m barely feeling anything at all.

Is it possible the Helix Syn is too short? And what else can I do to keep up my arousal after I start?

5 MINUTE PGasm!!

My most intense sensations have come from A-Less so this was by far my most successful ride with an actual toy inserted and my god it was good.

I pre lubed and put my MGX Classic in, gave myself 5 minutes or so to “warm up”, laid on my front in my usual sleeping position. Lights off, phone off, blind fold on, ear plugs in. I focus purely on relaxation and internal sensation when I ride instead of getting “horny” as it seems easier.

My rides usually consist of tingles, p waves, getting “close to something big”, autofucking, my heart starting to POUND fast as if it’s *just about to happen*, and then things fading out without much more happening for an hour or so which means I usually end the session with slight dissatisfaction but hope for the next one. I know you’re not supposed to have expectations, and that you should be happy with anything, because yes it all feels good, but those orgasms are TOO good for me to not be slightly disappointed when they don’t happen haha.

But this time, I felt so inspired after my A-Less Super O on Sunday because now I know it can happen. I KNOW that it’s not a one off, or a coincidence, or a hoax now, I KNOW it’s all real, everything you guys write about. It’s finally happening to me, more and more.

I Super-O-ed HARD today!

I Super-O-ed HARD for the first time this morning. And it was completely A-Less!

I was edging all night and I was so horny but on the verge of falling asleep, I started to feel the most subtle tingling in my prostate and out of half instinct, half curiosity I pushed, and out of nowhere it built and built and built to the most intense vibration I’ve ever experienced. I pushed again and BANG! It was like a fucking supernova.

Such an ENORMOUS sensation that engulfed my entire body. I was lying completely still, in silence, too overwhelmed to even open my eyes, but I could SWEAR I was writhing and convulsing and screaming at the top of my lungs. It felt like a mix of the most intense sexual, orgasmic “just-about-to-ejaculate” feeling, mixed with the most intense butterflies, mixed with the most intense shaking, like when you see a wine glass resonate and warp and vibrate with a high pitch frequency. I truly felt like my body was resonating with the universe or something. I’ve never felt anything like it. My hands were the most prominent sensation I remember, almost numb from tingling, my ears went deaf with the sound of the blood rushing to my face, my hands and feet had tingles like you wouldn’t believe. But my tummy… oh my GOD! Instead of “releasing” outward, I was imploding with pleasure, it was so infinitely internal it was jarring. It was the most pleasurable, orgasmic sensation I’ve ever experienced in my life! The only thing I could focus on in order to maintain my connection with my body was the slight throbbing/pumping/contracting that came every now and then from my rectum/prostate.

This is a post I found on aneros genral discussions

Below is the experience I said I would post about a month ago. Please forgive the long delay as school, work, and home life have kept me very, very busy. I’ve been rather lucky to get enough sleep. Ugh… But, I was able to spell check, grammar check, and give a small edit to make things as clear and coherent as possible. I hope this is enjoyable to those who read, and may lend some advice to those who need it. I doubt my pittance of information added will benefit anyone more than what has already been stated by the long time regulars. I do appreciate their help and advice deeply.

I just had the most wonderful experience. I finished about a two hour session just a few minutes ago. I’m still kind of out of it. It’s almost as if I’m half here, the world in which I type and function in the ways that I am required to, and a world that I just discovered, where everyone seemed connected and focused on the same goals of harmony, pleasure, love, connection. To back track and start from the beginning, or behind as the session actually started (forgive the bum pun), I just wanted to take a nap with my Eupho inserted to get a general feeling of relaxing and letting my body naturally contract with the Eupho inside of itself. In this regard I feel it necessary to say “my body” because I have mentally been forcing contractions the first sessions. While great in and of themselves, it was not my bodies desire to move the Eupho in that sense, it was my own will. The point of my taking a nap was to put my will aside and let my body show me what I’ve been missing.

Ready to give up on the toy – Advice needed

I bought an Aneros Helix Syn Trident about 7 months ago and I must say it is not doing it for me. I respect it and what it has taught me about my prostate but I think all the involuntary shaking is just painful and frustrating. While it has felt good, I have gotten nothing close to the pleasure that everyone talks about on here. It’s as if the strain on my body being so tense and spazzing around is significantly worse than the amount of pleasure I get from the toy. I also get weird bouts of anger while using the toy kind of like a super orgasm but of overwhelming anger, it just pisses me off for no reason lol.

Anyone else experience anything similar? Any advice? I am one more session away from throwing this thing in the trash. Also sorry to anyone who praises the toy I mean no disrespect and I do believe in the positive attributes of it but I’m starting to think that it may just not work for some people.

Side Note: I am no stranger to psychedelics/smoke weed daily and have never experienced any aggression or anger in the slightest. I barely even get angry in my daily life so I am not sure why the Aneros does this to me.

Hypothyroid/ testosterone issues and Aneros

Hi everyone, I’ve been using the helix syn for about 6-8 weeks and I freaking love it. I spent a few weeks self/ jackhammering myself with it and now I’ve been practicing mindgasm probably too regularly so I’m taking a break at the moment. My ass was telling me it’s tired I think lol. Haven’t had the famous super o yet but had plenty of involuntaries and P waves ( I think)I’ve been no nut/ no porn for a while too and only reserve cannabis use for sessions (what I really like is LSD with it) I don’t have a partner for sex atm but for some reason I’ve been very gregarious and have a couple hookups pending after a long time… like 4 years..
Here are my questions: would low testosterone/ having problems with quality of erection make a difference in your prostate health and ability to sustain massage? I have tried it with dick pills and actually it seems to be more pleasurable but also stimulating my dick from the inside and having it get super hard is mentally pleasurable as well. I’m about to get started with hormone therapy and I hope I’m in the right track here.
Also: would having a depressed thyroid function/ and neuropathy in extremities have much of an effect with results? It could be down to hashimitos , other inflammation disease or even parathyroid tumour, which I definitely have. I live in Canada so having a decent doctor actually help you and order tests and keep track of your levels is nearly impossible. They tend to wait until it’s too late. So the tests I need are coming on my own dime and 800$ later. Imagine a doctor telling you that the Lima- bean sized tumour in your neck is “probably fine” and they’ll look at it in a year’s time.
Third: I’ve lost over 100 lbs and now don’t smoke and work out and eat like an athlete but I still have about 80 lbs to go and muscle to build hopefully when my hormones work out better and chronic pain is better. Does being overweight affect the position of the Aneros and what it can hit inside? I think the tabs are hitting in a relatively blubber- free area but not sure how obesity would affect me inside. It feels great but like many, I’m hoping to hit that super O sooner rather than later. I know, I know… it’s a process… I have just received the program jr and the mgx but haven’t tried them yet except for slipping them in a little the other day when my butt told me it was nice but it was tired… kinda wish I got the bigger progasm. Sorry long post.

Hi! 6 months in and my experience so far! (Spoiler alert: I f*ckin luv it)

Hi all.

First off, how the hell is it that not every man on this planet with a prostate isn’t doing this? It should be taught in sex-ed in schools!!!

I started this journey about 6 months ago with a chinese knockoff (which broke) then progressed to the Helix Trident and more recently a progasm.

It has been a learning curve for sure with perhaps the main lesson being that you can’t make grass grow faster by tugging in it. This has taught me that I have to be patient and diligent. As many others have spoken about here, i think the time required is so that the rewiring process does what it needs to do as you move away from the 2D ejaculatory orgasm mindset to the IMAX 3D PGasm mindset.

For me it was the realization that this shiz is real when i got my first PWave after about a month on trying. i was like: “Whoa!, what was THAT???” it felt kinda familiar and i eventually realized that i feel that sensation of contraction and pleasure just BEFORE and during regular ejaculation.

Once i had that truth under my belt, once i knew that the prostate is able to make it’s own distinct sensations OUTSIDE of ejaculation i was off to the races. IT WAS SUDDENLY REAL!

Is the Progasm worth the try? Can you get to the Super-O with it? Currently on Helix Trident Classic…

Hey I’m new to all this, I’ve probably had about 6 sessions with my Helix Trident. I love it. I just go through the motions and have definitely had some intense feelings but no super-o. Just slowly working on it. The problem with my Helix is it feel like I’m so close but it feels like it’s about half an inch too far from my prostate to get over the edge. I love the feeling of fullness and I’m not scared of the size of the Progasm, however I’ve read negative reviews about it not being able to move as much and therefor not feeling as good.

So in short – if I’m not afraid of size, and love the feeling of being full, could the Progasm actually help reach the Super-O?