So extremely close! Need advice

Ive been using aneros products for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve made lots of progress and crossed a lot of milestones such as involuntaries and lots of very pleasurable (no super O’s yet) feelings. I currently own 4 aneros models, the helix syn, maximus, eupho and progasm. Every time I have a session I seem to get just before the point of explosion, but I have yet to tip over and experience the amazing feelings that accompany a super O. I’ve read the wiki countless times and seem to have the best sessions with my helix syn and eupho, but I just can’t seem to “cross the finish line”. Any advice from experienced users would be extremely helpful ! Ive tried everything from the do nothing and relax method to incorporating various contractions and both have given me amazing wonderful sessions that last hours, perhaps I just need a little more practice but I’d still love to hear any feedback

Not sure what it was but it was good

Had a session this morning that culminated in what felt like a ball of pleasurable energy roaming all over my body with each contraction. No binaural beats this time, although they’ve been very helpful, just a bit of weed. Not sure if it’s quite as earth-shattering as what people describe the super-o as, but it went on for a fairly long time and it felt really good. Maybe it was a p-wave? Whatever.

Body is heavily shaking, but no feelings of pleasure or bliss

Hi Guys , i need Some advice
Some months ago, I got my first Aneros Helix Syn. And I have been playing with it approximately once every week. Untill Now I’ve several times reached the point where my whole body was heavily shaking involuntarily as described by many guys as part of the Super O. So I’m pleased with that, however I have no pleasurable feelings when this occurs, no feelings of bliss. Will this grow in time, or am I something doing wrong?
Please advice.

Aneros Super o’s with or without a cage.

Do people find it easier with a cage on or off?

Does the sight of your erect penis become a distraction or a turn or.

Or does being locked up help you concentrate on what you’re feeling or does it hinder you as your cant get hard?

I ask because I’m slowly working to getting handsfree orgasms with an aneros. Currently just small sensation with bit of a build up. But I currently do that while locked up and wanted to see if people find it easier being locked up or free.

Got the Super-O, I’m not doing this again(CPPS)…but here’s the link I read that got me there.

I started using the aneros because I had problems with my prostate and had CPPS. I read a few people with prostatitis use the aneros to massage the prostate and relax the surrounding muscles. At first it seems to help a good bit then I got a plateau of it not providing relief to my pain or helping me urinate less often. But I kept using it because I had some feelings that were extremely relaxing like I had taken a benzo.

I started to get a little bit confident that I could handle a supero so I tried going for it. Nothing I was trying was working until I read this thread yesterday and… it…happened… It was like nothing I’ve ever felt. It was extremely euphoric and I don’t remember anything except for the pleasure. Then the pain came in and that snapped me right out of it. Having really bad pain today and worse urination problems.

Best of luck to all you healthy people looking for it!

Tall guys – what model?

I’m 6’1” and I’ve had some positive results with the helix syn trident but nothing close to what the super o gets described as. A few dry o’s and some small p-waves. I’m wondering if my height would have anything to do with it, as I’ve seen some minor anecdotes that agree with me. So what models do you tall people use? And what’s the general sentiment on the helix syn trident as a whole?

Trying the Maximus Trident tonight

So I have the Progasm and Helix Syn. Maximus Trident arrived a few days ago and tonight will be my first session.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks to try out? Any position that did the trick for you? A lot of lube or a small amount. Porn or no porn? I know some like to listen to ambient sounds, links would be appreciated.

Basically I’m looking for what made you go over the edge and achieve the much coveted super o.

Kind regards

How I achieved Multiple, non-ejaculating Orgasms

**I recently achieved the Super O and I want to share how I did it.**

When it occurred it was an hour of 2-3 minute orgasms spread about 4-5 minutes apart (round about) with some periods that just felt like they would not end, until it did finally (and weirdly…abruptly. It was like my ass said “ok..enough”)

**First some important information.**

It will typically take many many sessions to get there. For me, it was a 3 year journey of first finding the right toy (one that fits, doesn’t hurt and is easy to put in), the right lube (for me again, coconut oil seems to work best), and the right mindset.

Mindset being the most important one. You are basically creating an orgasm with your mind here. The aneros helps it along, but once you get it, you will notice you can do it without one up your ass so always know this is coming from you thinking about it and making it occur.

You need at **least** 2 and a half hours for a proper session where you will not be interrupted. This does not include prep time.

For Prep, you need to ensure your bowels are voided and clean, you don’t have to urinate and you have plenty of lube, toys and available materials at arm’s reach.

You need a good toy that does not hurt and feels comfortable up your ass.