Aneros different models and super Os

This will be a question for all aneros users who **have** super Os or dry prostate orgasms.

I am a user with no problems on having prostate pleasure. After inserting my aneros, I start feeling pleasure almost immediately from the prostate stimulation.
I also have moments where I feel pleasure that starts from my prostate and it goes in waves to all my body. That makes me think I am in the verge of a super O but never realy had one. Or even a dry orgasm, by that matter.
When my prostate is really stimulated, I get really aroused and I can have a normal ejeculatory orgasm if I want to, withou touching myself.
At this point, there is a question that pops in my mind: what if other aneros model would be more suited for me? We are all anatomically slightly different. But at the some time, maybe this is just me thinking that there is some kind of magical shortcut, other models wouldn’t make a difference and the key for having a super O is to keep doing what I am doing.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask: people who have super Os, dry orgasms, what model do you use? Do you have different models? Can you achieve super Os with one model and not with other or do you think it makes no difference?
I’m just curious, thanks in advance.

Prostate Orgasms are Real

I’ve had pleasure before and it was very novel and different but not overwhelming or that intense and wondered if that was the “orgasm” people talk about. Last night I had two or more super O’s and they were very, very strong orgasms. O M G. When you have it you’ll know…

It seems like there was a lower level of orgasm that is centered on the prostate, and that feels good and all and is worthwhile in itself. Maybe multiple kinds – I identified one where my asshole area in particular feels warm and pleasurable, and a different feeling where it is more internal in the prostate, or maybe these are the same it is hard to tell. And in general during these “lower level” pleasurable prostate feelings it is sort of hard to differentiate between a high level of arousal and orgasming. But then during one of these my arousal went even higher and the cumming feeling sort of raised up and surrounded myself and I had a full body, much more intense, extremely distinct orgasm. Complete with the feeling of inevitability and pressure release of sorts, which was largely missing from the “lower level” orgasms.

My ejaculatory orgasm I have at the end of sessions still fees more intense, and it is like a combination of prostate and penis orgasm, but it is different. In other ways the super o / prostate orgasm is more overwhelming and pleasurable despite being less intense if that makes sense. And it lasts much longer.

14 month Journey… but tonight was the first Hands Free Super O

It’s been one hell of a journey. I didn’t think I would ever get there and at times have been on the brink of throwing it away and giving up! I likely tried a minimum of 2 to 5 times a month each month for that long! I had some weed tonight though…. not the first time with weed to at least try to achieve, but on weed just the same. I can’t describe what happened except to say that my whole body lost control, and the waves of pleasure just about put me through the roof. Largest spasms of my life, and dry like they say…. I didn’t think it was possible.

It was like I was just in a whole other world…. I relaxed more and more and more in my recliner gently girating my hips and flexing around the toy. All of a sudden I was slowly shaking…. and I couldn’t control it. Then it was like my whole body exploded as I was shaking violently. I spent the session strongly concentrating on the feeling of my Helix Syn rubbing on my prostate…. and I mean strongly concentrating on just feeling the rubbing only without thinking about having a wet orgasm…. all I can say is OMG. I ended the evening with three Super O’s tonight…. I just kept having more after the first one. Shit I’m getting horny just typing this out right now. I might have to go start all over again!

I think I was on the verge of super o

I began to feel series of orgasmic sensations increasing significantly in strength from the prostate area, and spreading across the area widely…. Very pleasurable

Later I lost it but when I cum with masturbation to finish the session, I noticed that wet orgasm pleasure was less than the dry orgasm build up I had. So definitely dry orgasm is more pleasurable…. Can’t imagine how super o pleasure will be

Ive been trying for about two years now. Hopefully I reach super o this year

2 body shaking moments of pleasure but no super O.

Had a good session today where it felt very pleasant from the start and in about 20 minutes I was able to get full body chills and uncontrollable muscle spasms and body shaking, twice, lasting at least 20-30 seconds each. It felt so amazing but it was more the response to the pleasure building, I still wasn’t able to achieve a super O. Note- I have achieved a super O only 3 times in having my aneros helix for over a year.

My path to Super-O


1. Avoid jerking off watching porn
2. Let go of control
3. Size of toy may not matter that much

Hi there, since a few weeks I got the point I can reliably summon Super-Os. So I thought it is a good idea to share what worked and what did not for me.

Like many of us, I read tons of guides, some of which were contradicting others and kept me confused. Moreover many guides are written by experts who already achieved Super-O and are somewhat harder to interpret by people who are in the beginning of the journey. I hope this will be useful.


### Jan

Received Lelo Bruno. Manual toys are oldschool and cool kids should get battery powered toys, right?

### Feb

Had around 5 sessions with Bruno while watching regular porn in front of the PC. No luck. Jerking off with vibrator in did somewhat improve orgasm but nothing to write home about. Realized I needed to research more and there is not going to be a delayed gratification thing, again.

### March

Got MGX trident. Tried steps from the wiki (breathing, contractions, CaveOfMystery method, donothing). Absolutely no pleasant sensations whatsoever. I did notice sometimes during exhale combined with some very specific PC contraction there was a “feeling”. It was not pleasurable but not unpleasant either. Motivated by some progress, decided to help my prostate awake by ordering another gadget. We all know ordering stuff online is the way for the win.

Did I reach it?

Last night I thought fuck it, I haven’t had any progress with this in like a year, I’ll try it again. I smoked a bit of weed and stuck the aneros helix syn in, stuck an hour long porn video on and just had a go. 5 minutes in and all of a sudden my body started to twitch and I got strong tingly sensations all through my body, it felt so odd but really amazing. It last for a good 30 seconds to a minute. Was this a super-o or close?

I so want to just have another go already and try reach it again. What’s the time you’d recommend between each session? I did jerk to finish off last night which I’m not sure affects anything.