Huuuuuge Progress… but not quite there yet…

I just had the best session I’ve ever had in my two years with the Aneros. I don’t know, I was just having a session and playing with it. Doing soft contractions, then letting go and letting the toy rub and press on my prostate. It felt really good, and I was playing with my nipples (They’ve slowly become more sensitive and make my prostate tingle). While I was just enjoying myself, relaxing, suddenly something happened. Something clicked and everything just became to quiet, my prostate became extremely sensitive (just thinking about it is making me horny). It felt like my toy had grew larger inside me. I could hear my heart, and it felt like I was on the verge of a really strong orgasm (from my ass). I felt the p-waves coming from my prostate. It felt sooo good, it was almost frightening. I did my best to relax, and not contract or anything. Just letting my body do it’s thing and enjoy it. So many times it felt like I was just right there, but couldn’t quite get myself over the edge in to bliss. Eventually the moment passed and I was felt so good. I was still squeezing down involuntarily and my prostate was buzzing (Even now as I type this it’s still tingling).

Is that what it’s like when you’re gonna get a super o? Does anyone have any advice on what I could do in that moment that can help send me over the edge? Any help is appreciated, I’m truly excited for the next time I have the time for a session. Sheeesh… that was amazing!

Prostate orgasm when does it end


Pretty new to all this prostate play. I’m doing it solo with the helix trident. Today was the first day i felt like i was doing it right. I was pushing and pulling the toy in and out with my muscles. I would start to kinda shake and more parts of my body started to twitch (kinda). After moving like that for a little i had trouble realizing if i orgasmed or if i was just shaking. It didn’t feel as good as when i orgasm from jerking off. Idk if i should have keep doing it for longer or if that was it and to stop and what’s the super o and how would i achieve one??

Anyone have an mgx trident? Feel like I’m so close to a super O but have yet to succeed

Aneros is having a great Black Friday sale on select models but I already own the helix syn trident, the progasm, the Maximus and the eupho that are listed. The mgx trident did however spark my interest and I want to know what some people think about it, and if they’ve had super O’s from using this model. I’ve been an aneros user for almost a year already and I’ve been making steady progress, I still have yet to experience my first super O unfortunately but I think I’m on the right track. I seem to have the most luck with smaller models like the helix and the eupho, but I just can’t seem “cross the finish line” per se, and so I’m hoping a new model might provide me with a super O but wanna make sure it’s worth the purchase

Can you have a-less super o before a regular one?

Tonight, I feel like I was so close to an a-less super o, but I thought “wow, if it’s this good without a toy, I should put the toy in”. But it never got back to that level, and I ended up with a mediocre wank as usual (even if I get better tingles each time, it’s still paltry). I feel like I got so close to the edge once (higher than usual dose of lube and weed) that I was michael jackson leaning from the edge, and yet my mammoth swole ankle tendons similarly lifted me back up from the cliff. How can I remove the metaphorical shoes notched into rods on the stage and let myself do a tumble?

A-Less, Hands Free Super O. Out of the blue.

Ok so I think my “super o” experience documented on here wasn’t *actually* a super o because oh my god what I’ve just experienced is most DEFINITELY a super o.

So this is really out of the blue because to be honest I haven’t even ridden since then and I’m really just chocking this up to being young and perpetually horny. I had what I thought was my first (and last) super o just over a year ago. But I now believe it to be the most intense prostate waves ever documented and while I still vividly recall every sensation to be just as intense as I documented, I no longer believe the experience to fall under “super o” category.

I’ve just woken up from the most extreme experience. I was having a sexy dream, felt myself edge wanking in the dream, cock was rock hard and rubbing against my mattress, (I was lying on my tummy), and all of a sudden, “fuck I’ve gone past it”, prepared myself mentally for the massive mess I’m about to need to clean up, and again just like the last experience just this BANG right in the pit of my stomach, a muscle deep in there contracting so violently, so intense I SWEAR you could hear it. And there it was, glorious orgasm, just like any other wank orgasm. The perfect build up, the “release”, and the throbbing. I genuinely didn’t notice that anything was “wrong” until a few seconds later, it genuinely just felt like a wank, or a wet dream orgasm. Not a thing different.

In what point (milestones in the text) you are on your journey with Aneros?

And what model(s) you have? And how much time you’ve been on this journey?

I have the Helix Trident and the Progasm and I’ve been on this journey for around a year. I would say I’m at the point of Definite pleasure produced by contracting, but not always.

First insertion
No P-tab discomfort when relaxed
No internal discomfort when relaxed
No P-tab discomfort when contracted
No internal discomfort when contracted
Generally comfortable when inserted and relaxed
Observation of slight good feelings
Slight sense of leaking
Slight sense of needing to urinate (contact with prostate)
Identifiable contact with prostate
Doing a set of contractions comfortably
Holding light sphincter contractions
Integrating deep breathing
Definite leaking produced by contracting
Definite pleasure produced by contracting
Definite feeling of contact on prostate
Identification of “sweet spot”
Pleasure at “sweet spot”
No longer believing that “…this model doesn’t fit me…”
Arousal amplification by vocalization, breathing, manual stim of secondary erogenous zones or held contractions.
Observation of slight involuntary contractions
General pleasure throughout session
Successive P-waves
Rock hard erection
Pleasure at voluntary pelvic thrusting
Integrating pelvic thrusting and contracting
Large muscle quaking (no pleasure)
Continuous internal pleasure
Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary contraction
Sense of pleasure caused by blood pulse internally
Significant large muscle quaking with pleasure
Real excitement at thought of next session
Sustained pleasure during sessions
Pleasurable tingling in pelvic regions outside of sessions
Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions
Ability to leak outside of sessions
Sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate “itch”
Very significant pleasure during sessions
Moaning during sessions
Sense of arousal moving toward something
Surprise attack of very serious pleasure
Involuntary clamping, without sense of climax
Involuntary clamping with hint of climax
Involuntary clamping with definite feeling of light orgasm (Mini-O)
Ability to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally
Intensely pleasurable involuntary clamping that is clearly a Dry-O
Chain reaction Dry-Os (O-zone)
Disbelief that this can actually be for real
Very deep orgasm distinctly centered in rectum: anal orgasm
Extremely intense prostate orgasm
Dry orgasm without Aneros (chair orgasm)
Aneros moving distinctly on its own, creating unexpected pleasure
Aneros moving in long strokes (auto-f***), creating intense pleasure
Unexpected extremely strong orgasm that knocks the reality out of you: Super-O
Continuous Super-Os directed at different parts of the body
Full body Super-O
Multiple, sequential full body Super-Os
Ability to have Super-Os on demand

Took lsd, achieved my first orgasm – a super prostate orgasm

So I’ve got first aneros 6 months ago, been doing a lot of sessions. Last week I took lsd and decided to have a session. I used aneros helix trident.

I never achieved any kind of orgasm before even tho I’ve been getting close lately. That’s why I knew lsd would help me get over the edge.

I closed my eyes, put on some meditation music and got into deep meditation. Didn’t really do anything special. Lsd allowed me to experience sensations through visuals (for example I was able to see orgasm as a shining ball of light inside space).

After I achieved first orgasm I was amazed, but then something different happened. Different body parts were starting to get unlocked, I felt energy flowing there and they were starting to shake. I took some time to get energy flowing in all body parts. I was shaking in various frequencies and felt as if I was being pulled on strings like a puppet.

Then something happened where I started visualize train station and railroad. Then I saw bright lights as if I was in a tunnel of light and felt I was aligning the “rails” of light, then super orgasm hit me and I shook like crazy. It’s hard to describe, but I felt I was channeling pure cosmic energy, or achieved nirvana. I didn’t feel myself at all. It was just energy and pleasure. Every time the peak orgasm would hit me I would again see the “light rails” aligning as if I was aligning my chackras or something. I don’t know how long I was orgasming or how many of them I had. All I know is that I saw God.

My first HFWO with Aneros

So. I am almost a year into being able to achieve a super-O. It has been a year of pure bliss and wonder. This weekend I was able to achieve something I had not before and it was pure ecstasy!

Model: Helix Syn Trident

I took a 10mg THC pill and I repacked my PAX3 with Ghost OG. I was also on day 15 of no ejaculation. Mainly due to being in the hospital and having friends over the previous week. So I was horny as hell.

The previous night I had a really good session with the Eupho Syn Trident. 3 hours of constant pleasure. Typically I just lay flat in my sessions. When I want to kick things up a notch I would throw my legs over the back of the couch. In this position the Aneros freely moves.

The minute I did it this time I felt like the Helix Syn Trident was in constant contact with my prostate and it felt so good. My PC muscles got into a involuntary feedback loop that lasted for mins and it did not let up. The pleasure continued to build and build and build. About an hour into the session the pleasure was so intense and my cock was rock hard. I relinquished myself to the pleasure and thats when it happened. The absolute best orgasm I ever had in my life. I was literally feeling the typical orgasm for about two mins before it became too much and my dick exploded into my underwear.

Something happened.. not sure what?

So this will be my second session. After about twenty minutes on my back I didn’t notice any changes other than a slight pulse in my hole. I decided to turn on my stomach as that’s how I usually fall asleep so in turn I became more relaxed. After 15 minutes I noted the pulse in my anus got stronger and an increased building sensation began.I let it build up and immediately knew something was different because my heart started racing immediately. It only lasted around a minute and felt nice. I had some mild shaking. It was definitely something but I’m not sure what it was? Is this a P wave? How do I continue these and how far away from a Super O is it? Any feedback? Thanks!