Did I reach it?

Last night I thought fuck it, I haven’t had any progress with this in like a year, I’ll try it again. I smoked a bit of weed and stuck the aneros helix syn in, stuck an hour long porn video on and just had a go. 5 minutes in and all of a sudden my body started to twitch and I got strong tingly sensations all through my body, it felt so odd but really amazing. It last for a good 30 seconds to a minute. Was this a super-o or close?

I so want to just have another go already and try reach it again. What’s the time you’d recommend between each session? I did jerk to finish off last night which I’m not sure affects anything.

Multimode Super O

Try this:

Lube up a Helix and send it in. Lie down and relax. Widen your ass hole. Let the Helix roam free.

Cue up this audio track and poke in your earbuds


Bring this video full screen


Diddle your nipples.

If this doesn’t bring you to bliss, you are trying to hard.

Finally hit a super O

And sweet Jesus, it has not stopped for the past hour and a half easy. I got bored waiting on a game with some friends, said to hell with it and figured I would try some passive practice—they finally come online and I can still keep going, no fuss no muss. They all each had their own thing to do. *Not that I’ve been complaining.*

See, here’s the thing about me—when it comes to using an Aneros, my goal has more or less entirely been trying to get as much precum going as possible. Not sure why, but there it is. For me, it’s about seeing it—knowing how much there is—and so I got creative. *Found an old condom, slapped that thing on.*

Cue an hour and a half later with a filled condom about the size of a large walnut, I’d say? Something finally snapped and the tiny bit of clear exploded into a ball of milky off-white because, well, *y’know.*

But here’s the thing: I haven’t even done anything beyond sit and just let something in me pulsate against the Aneros (a Helix Syn, I think mine is?) and my body’s just gone off the rails. I’m building up my towns as the Vampire Counts in Total War: Warhammer and every twenty minutes or so my dong just goes off like a faucet. To quote Joey Diaz: *it’s tremendous.*

Difference between super o and dry orgasms?

So I’ve reached a point I can have things that seem like orgasms through my dick, and it feels pretty nice but somewhat underwhelming compared to what everyone hyped it up to be. My penis goes kinda numb and I get a decent amount of pleasure. I think this is the dry orgasm? I can have multiple in each session. Anyways, I can now do it without the aneros after some practice, but is the super o different?

The Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O

Taken from the Aneros forum, from user CaveOfMystery… With all the problems inherent to their forums, I thought this should exist outside the forum, lest it should disappear one day… Enjoy and good luck:

The purpose of this post is hopefully to help a few people who are not getting the results they hoped for with their Aneros. By no means will these techniques necessarily guarantee you a Super-O, but they may help you on your journey.

I bought my Aneros models a couple of years ago (Eupho and Helix) and during that time they were a point of curiosity but nothing more. I didn’t do a whole lot with them, and I didn’t really do deep reading on either device. The few times I used them, they provided some interesting sensations, Super-Ts, and the like, but nothing close to a Super-O. In fact I pretty much thought a Super-O was a Super-T. I did do some reading in the forums, but when I read the accounts of the Super-Os, I thought they were impossible exaggerations designed to hype an overpriced piece of plastic. Boy was I WRONG.

Recently I’ve revisited these devices with incredible results. This time I went through and read everything, the Wiki, forum posts, etc. I took note of the advice and set off to see if I could get these doohickeys to fulfill their ultimate purpose… The Super-O.

Does p-waves count as prostate orgasm?

I’ve been a user for two years. These days I can feel series of p-waves, pleasurable like the orgasmic feeling before ejaculation… about 70% though they are very short followed by mild orgasmic feelings…. I stay like this for two hours or so…

However I don’t feel that very strong strong orgasmic feeling yet…. how can I achieve super o ? And did I achieve prostate orgasm yet ?