Hip action while massaging?

How many of you find that getting your hips rocking or undulating with Aneros inserted is the key to success? I don’t normally aim to put them in motion but I did today and it seemed to have a very positive effect which seemed to allow me to contract my pelvic muscles firmer and with more of a rhythm and purpose. Feeling like I may have unlocked a vital component to take me a step closer towards Super-O. Orgasms were top notch today.

Hfwo without any pleasure

I’ve been practicing prostate play sporadically for over 10 years, mainly with Aneros products. I’ve had some success, but nothing close to a super-o or the intensity of a traditional penile orgasm.

I’ve tried every technique you can think of, but every session seems to have the same results – little to no pleasure for the entire session, but still always end with an ejaculation.
Just before the ejaculation however, my heart often starts to race and I feel some sort of buildup, always in the penis, for just a couple of seconds before the release. It doesn’t matter if I am totally relaxed, holding a contraction or pushing out. The ejaculation seems inevitable.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I leak quite a lot of precum and I’m always very horny during the sessions. I think I’m in the right mindset, just trying to focus on the sensations and not forcing anything, without any expectations and enjoying every session for what it is. But now my motivation to continue starts to fail.

Does anyone have the same problem? What am I doing wrong?

A-Less need some help…

So I’ve been exploring mindgasm and A-less for a few weeks now. Around 2 weeks ago i felt like i was making good progress. I had a few moments where i would get p waves and my dick would get hard by using involuntaries, but i never seemed to reach a super o stage

Then i came across this link – https://community.aneros.com/forum/general-discussion/how-to-have-a-less-orgasms-almost-instantly-male-vagus-nerve-orgasms/

I had an amazing experience but i still wasn’t able to reach a super o.

Since that session I’ve been unable to get any pleasurable feelings. No p waves, no involuntaries, nothing.

I haven’t jerked off in a few days now and I’ve been working on meditation but nothing seems to work now. I really can’t get a toy and i don’t have access to weed or THC.

Any advice would be appreciated

My session

Since a few days im really into my toys…spring in the air or something.
Last nights I had my MGX as a weapon of choice.
The session goes like this. Lube MGX up with waterbased…cause got all syn versions.
Start on my side with one leg bend to my body and other one stretched.

Slide the toy inside and as a yogi focus on my breathing.
In no time my pc muscles pull the MGX out…the autofuck modus is on.
What follows is a rush never ending of P-orgasms with an intensity I can influence by change position in a kind of doggy style or flat on my back.

This tsunami of P-orgasms treat me till I want to sleep… P-play is like a drug addiction.
When asleep the MGX is still inside me…but as a good 50+ male awake in the night to pee.

Back in bed I turn the page by pull the MGX out and insert again but with the tip pointing to my back.
In this way the curve of the MGX pull a gently
force on my prostate….this works soooo good.

My orgasme are not dry anymore in this setting.
The autofuck modus works again but now gentle flows of precum complete the orgasme.

Still not super O’s but this kind of orgasms are treasures.
During the day I feel my prostate sizzling…craving for more.
Coming night….im gonna check in with my Progasm…its not a pleaser for me like the MGX but I can finish the session with old school jerking and fell asleep satisfied.

What just happened? Holy Crap!

Hi all,

I decided 2 days ago to order 2 aneros (I had 0 experience with prostate stimulation) I choose the Helis Trident and Helix Trident Syn. Yesterday I recieved them and tested them later that night.

I didn’t expect too much from it. After a nicely hot shower I lubed what was needed and inserted the Helix Trident Syn. I started playing around with the muscles around it but came to the realisation that I felt nothing… So I took it out and found out I inserted it the wrong way… I twisted it around and reinserted it as intended (The head didn’t point up to the belly but down to the back…).

Immediately I felt a difference, it was pretty nice, not painful and more ticklish. So I started playing around with the muscles, within 2 minutes I suddenly felt I didn’t had to do anything, my body started to move the aneros by itself. About 20 seconds later I started to feel my whole body tensioning and spasming. I was short on breath and feels like a orgasm? It was way more intens, I had 0 control over my body and everything just happened. It took about 2 minutes before I came back and had a chance to relax a bit. It didn’t take too long (note: less then 5 minutes…) though before my body started the whole routine over again.

How much pressure on prostate and aneros tab?

Still trying to master this thing and would like communities advice and feedback. So pwaves are happening and aneros is slamming the prostate. You get two results

1. Need to pee feeling due to pressure on bladder
2. Your prostate is so pushed you get hfwo or milking effect

Theoretically you wanna avoid this and let the toy gently massage you until it just continues to massage you on and on to build the orgasm so how much pressure do you need when trying for super o? I feel like if the toy gets sucked in and starts pressing the prostate hard it feels super good but moving away from dry orgasm and super o. Any thoughts and advice on this situation? Thanks!

sensation not as good as before

So I’ve been on this journey for few years and I had my first Super o accidentally while aneros plugged in and sleeping. Woke up and got that full body buzz vibration all over but after that could not replicate the same feeling. However with different models, lube, sessions and edibles I can now regularly get strong pwaves and hfo wet or dry. The issue is that the prostate does not feel as good as before. At first it was like shock tingling feeling whenever prostate was massaged. Now it just feels like meh but only get really exciting when nipple play is involved. The prostate vibrates but maybe I’m used to it? And is not that pleasurable. Anyone lese having this issue? I feel like pwaves are coming and going but cannot build up to have constant orgasm state like when super o happened. Any tips or advice? Thanks.

Prostate orgasms with Helix Syn V

I finally achived dry prostate orgasms with my helix syn v with the help of poppers. They feel like a traditional orgasm but can vary from 10-30 seconds. Not much of a refractory period. They feel great. Had I smoked weed I am almost certain I wouldve had a super o. I cant smoke weed due to work. None the less I am satisfied and happy that after 9 years Im able to do this. Btw the helix syn was turned off the whole time. I have the progasm, jr, helix trident and the syn. Progasm will be used next. Now that I can get dry prostate Os I know what to look for. Clenching lightly didnt do anything for me. Clenching regular or hard made it happen. Also go slow. Dont squeeze quickly. Another thing that attributed to my overnight succsess was doing kegels for 4 hours straight for a whole week. Welcome me to the club!

Comparing to drugs

The first time when I had my successful super-O, I knew it right away. It was a constant dopamine rush for about 2 hours. Then I realized it would feel the same with drugs like cocaine and meth although I’ve never tried. I wonder what differences they make in terms of intensity, amount of dopamine released and actual time you feel the rush for. Has anyone here tried the both and tell the difference? I have no interest of trying the drugs though. I’m happy enough with Aneros for now.

It finally happened! I had a super-o.

Deep down I knew it was going to come soon, my sessions this week have been on a different level to anything I’ve had before. I posted the other day about strange feelings and sensations and it felt like my body was slowly tuning up to what happened today.

I did a few things differently- the first was lots of foreplay after pre-lubing that bordered on teasing. Playing with my nipples, teasing my ass and caressing my body for a good half an hour whilst paying attention to all the little feelings in my body, feeling my prostate swell and p-waves gently slide across me. I was so relaxed but incredibly horny and knew it was time to play.

Laid on my back, feet flat on the bed, I slid my helix in and it felt great just to have it inside me. Small involuntary contractions happened pretty quickly and so did the p-waves. I breathed deeply to relax myself and increase arousal.

All of my sessions are usually done with the ‘do nothing’ method but today felt different so I started with some light contractions and held them for 10-15 seconds each. This kicked off stronger involuntaries and after 15-20 mins developed in to some mini-orgasms that swept across my torso.