An amazing 4 days

I’ve had my MGX Syn Trident since early August and have been having 1 or two sessions per week for a little over an hour just exploring and trying some of the tips I’ve read online. I couldn’t get any prostate Os but I liked keeping the Aneros in while doing my regular masturbation. Those sessions felt really nice but I knew I was missing something.

I thought I was getting the rewiring going even with the traditional masturbation with an Aneros inside but this past Friday, I decided to really focus and make a concerted effort to try a session free of penis touching. I took two gummies and as I was pre-gaming with some porn, I could feel this warm tightness in my pelvic area that I’ve never felt before. Them all of a sudden this wave of pleasure came over me and everything stopped. My breathing halted. My body couldn’t move. I focused solely on what I was feeling and BOOM there was this explosion of pleasure that came over me. I had felt an orgasm before but this was different. I could feel it emanating from my pelvic region but I could also feel it all over my body. I thought I ejaculated in my pants but I was totally dry. I knew it wasn’t a Super-O but it was definitely my first P-wave. If this is what a P-wave feels like, I can’t wait for a Super-O.

Feel like I’m at a bit of an impasse with this thing

So I’ve had a Helix Syn V for about a year now, I’ve not really used it consistently the whole time, but when I did I used it for a few sessions, had some mild tingles but then left it.

Recently however, I bought a magic wand rechargeable and have basically swapped to having all of my penile orgasms with it. Basically, I now hold the wand to the glans and flex my pelvic floor to cum. It’s definitely an improvement, I find myself having better orgasms with it and often find myself orgasming with or without porn (I sometimes cum whilst browsing for a video), which I think is a general improvement in comparison to how I used to be, spending half an hour browsing all kinds of porn until I found something I either liked or was close enough for me to cum to.

I recently found the Helix and thought “aw yeah let’s give it a go”.

There’s a noticeable difference in the strength of the sensations now I’ve sorta ‘reprogrammed’ to the idea of vibrations and contractions being linked to orgasms and not friction and movement. I find myself more able to have p waves and if I focus on the feeling I can often get to the point of precum leakage, I’ve even had a few dry orgasms with it but haven’t really felt anything I’d consider mind blowing or life altering, but I can feel the potential.


Hi, 37M here, struggling with Aneros for two years now (I have eupho, helix and progasm).

I have managed to learn to have a lot of intense P-waves that start as soon as I put an aneros in, and I had what I think that were a few prostate orgasms, but reading other people descriptions I suppose that they were in the range of the less intense ones. Obviously, I have never experienced a super O nor anything that resembles it.

Having a well toned pelvic floor, and having achieved what I think that its a good control of it, I have a few questions now that I’m an advanced but not succesful user:

1. Does anybody here feel dizzy when using Aneros? Is not a very heavy feeling, but I always feel a little dizzy when using it.
2. I don’t know why, but I usually don’t feel anything in the pelvis when having pleasure. The P-waves start in my stomach and go to my head.
3. I don’t usually get hard and, when I get hard, it seems to be problematic for me because I lose the feelings, I suppose that it’s because Aneros moves from its place or something like that.
4. In this thread lot of people say that a good way to know that u’re in place I seeing precum. I usually feel pleasure, but i don’t see precum very often. Should I try to target with my Aneros to the spot that produces it?
5. Heavy closing your eyes and looking upwards make a boost in your p-waves? In my case it does, but it’s like they are “bad p-waves”. They make me tense and the next one is less intense than before. I usually can’t control it at some point.

Shift your focus!


For quite some time now I try to reach that elusive Super-O. I felt some pleasure here and there and had some p-waves but nothing earth shattering so far. Today I was kinda frustrated about another dud session, when I read the following quote in the aneros forum: “Pleasure is where attention is”. This made me think: I always felt the pleasure generated by the aneros in the general penis area. Maybe this was because my center of attention was very much penile focused? Penile pleasure waves are easily induced, so why not try to induce pleasure waves from the prostate? I mean, it’s a prostate massager after all, right?

So I had another aneros session with the intend to actually shift my focus from my penis to the spot, where the aneros makes contact with the prostate. At first nothing much happened. The penis sent some pleasure waves as always, but I tried to ignore them. I tried to even feel the tiniest sensations in my butt. After some time I felt some warmth at the spot where the aneros makes contact. Then, all of the sudden, holy fucking cow!!!, this sensation changed. It suddenly became pleasureable and pleasure was groing very deep inside of me. And not only that. It felt like a very substantial type of pleasure that felt like it could grow into a Super-O very easily. Compared to the pleasure induced by penile attention, which only feels like you are on the brink of a normal boring orgasm but dies down very easily, this one felt warm and fuzzy and lovely and like it could spread across your whole body. When I have p-waves in my penis, they die down easily when I get an errection, but the prostate centered p-waves weren’t affected by my errection at all (which, by the way, emerged much more rarely with the mentioned prostate pleasure than with the penile pleasure).

Help to choose my 3rd Aneros

Hello people of the interwebs,

i need help to decide my 3rd Aneros, i would love to get some input form you guys 🙂

What i already have:

PROGASM: first one i bought years ago. I like the feeling, but it seems to be very fixed in place. I feel kind of “full” with it (even if i can take WAY bigger toys usually), so not much movement i can induce. Needs some affort to keep it in, which can be annoying

HELIX SYN TRIDENT: have it for a couple of month now, love it overall. gives me nice feelings. Easy to keep in, easy to move with my muscles down there. Overall very fun and the reason i started investing more and more time into playing with my prostate.

– LELO HUGO: kinda like Progasm but vibrating, very strong, alsmost overkill i would say. I enjoy it a lot tho

Further information:

I recently got into mindgasm which helps a ton to get deeper into prostate play. I never got to any HFD/WO nor Super-O or anything, just nice feelings during long sessions. I feel like i make progress due to the mindgasm sessions tho.

My thoughts:

– maybe the Progasm jr.? I really like the overall shape of the Progasm, it just seems to be a tiny bit to big/fixed to move around


Hi mates! I’ve been trying to reach the super O or HFDOs with the Aneros, however I am only able to reach wet orgasms with refractory periods, how can I change this? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you all!

Super-O mindset?

I’ve been doing prostate play on and off over many years, without getting to the Super-O. Except once. I had been doing a session, initially without much success. At a certain point I dozed off, and as the toy got caught up in an involuntary contraction, something special happened. My prostate was sending waves of pleasure along my spine towards my head. That lasted a few minutes. Heavenly. Not full body shaking, just these highly pleasurable waves. This was over 10 years ago, and I’ve been unable to reproduce that sensation ever since.

Generally, I’m quite impatient (waiting in line is torture) and I have a very active and analytical mind. I’ve tried to go into hypnotic trance for a long time, using different files, but without any success. Even an IRL session with a certified hypnotist (just for helping me to relax) went nowhere. It would seem that I’m just unable to “let go”. Also, it takes a long time for me to fall asleep at night (30-60 minutes on average).

Where am I going with this? I’m wondering if I’m “doing it wrong” somehow. I’m not expecting a miracle solution, but I’d be interested if there are other people like me out there, and if they were able to “get there” somehow. What did you do to relax? Did you use a specific technique?

First Super O

Finally had my first super O last night and it was intense, and I owe it all to marijuana. I recently got into weed and it has really helped me make progress. My 3rd time pairing my sessions with weed, I started having my first HFDO’s; it was also my first time using coconut oil as lube. I was using my Helix Syn V and had it at the lowest intensity, 2nd pattern. The weed heightened the sensation and really helped me focus directly on the pleasure coming from my prostate, which led to some dry O’s. The day after this session, I felt like my prostate was craving more, which was a new feeling for me. I decided to go with it and have another session, this time without weed. Instead of chasing an orgasm, I decided to focus on staying relaxed and really focus on the feelings coming from my prostate. I felt more in touch with it than I had before using weed. I had a couple more sessions like this over the week where I would just focus on getting in touch with my prostate and identify the feelings it was giving. But then last night I decided to pair my session with weed again now that I was more in touch with my prostate. I used my Helix Syn V again with the same settings, and let it go for 40 mins to wake up my prostate while I watched a show on Hulu. After this I took some hits off my weed pen and started to focus on the feelings. Pretty soon I could feel the pleasure building and I had a dry orgasm that before it could end chained into a 2nd dry orgasm that was even stronger. Several mintues later this happened again, I had 3 dry orgasms that chained into each other and grew in intensity each time. I was in heaven, and while it was happening I was thinking that maybe these were Super O’s. But then the 3rd dry O chained into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was gripping the back of my couch with all my strength as my body convulsed uncontrollably, just lost in the pleasure that just seemed to keep growing. It lasted for what felt like minutes as I just kept convulsing, moaning, and whimpering uncontrollably. I was flaccid during the dry O’s, but at some point during the super O I got rock hard and starting cumming so hard it felt like I was peeing cum. When it all faded I just lay there breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened. People always say you will know without a doubt when you have a super O, and they are 100% right. After a couple minutes of recovery from my super O, I kept going and had a couple more dry orgasms that I could tell would build up into another super O if I stuck with it, but my body felt so tired so I just jacked off for 2 more regular orgasms cause I was still horny. The whole session was about 2 and half hours and I had 6 or 7 dry orgasms, 2 normal orgasms, and a super orgasm. I removed the aneros and it felt like my prostate was buzzing for a while afterwards, and my legs felt trembly and shakey for the rest of the night. It was an amazing experience unlike anything I ever imagined and I can’t wait for my next session. So happy to have made so much progress so fast.

Caffeine and prostate play?

Does anyone here have experience in whether consuming caffeine before a session increases the pleasure or chances of having a super O? I see a lot of people with anecdotes about THC, claiming it completely changed their success rate and it only makes sense that caffeine or nicotine would improve the chances as well. Afterall they are all psychoactive chemicals.