Did I get my first Super O? What’s next?

Hey I think I might’ve had my first super o but I’m not entirely sure. I am using the Aneros Helix Syn V. So I was listening to the audios and this happened multiple times were I was riding a wave and body was shaking and i started thrusting uncontrollably. One of the craziest feelings I’ve ever had and not sure if that was an orgasm or not. But when I was shaking and thrusting it felt so good and doing contractions during this wave made it so much better. On the last orgasms it felt like I was about to cum while thrusting and shaking so hard where I can’t even control. So close to moaning as well. Thrusting definitely made it feel so much better. When I tell you I was just humping uncontrollably I couldn’t even stop. And this happened for each super O in a matter of an hour. Is that normal?

Unfortunately after a few of these happening I snapped out of it and was not able to actually have a wet orgasm but definitely was a dry orgasm. And got tired so I went to stroking and eventually cummed then. Should I have kept on going until I cummed? I want to try and get a HFWO next . What could I try and do differently? I was listening to erotic audio during this.

To vibe or not to vibe? SynV/Vice 2 without vibration. Worth it for the shape?

I tried a couple of vibrating toys, and I just get numb and ruin my session. Got the SynV as all my aneros toys gets me to super-o land, and figured the shape might help, it did not. So I tried the SynV just as a normal aneros, and it’s amazing! Just a bigger helix, so now I don’t regret all that money at all! Does anyone think the Vice 2 would do the same? Worth buying one just for the shape?

Trouble Sensing Prostate Stimulation with Aneros Devices

Hey fellow enthusiasts!

I’ve been exploring the exciting realm of prostate play with my trusty Aneros devices, the Progasm Jr and the MGX. While I have made some progress, I’m having a bit of trouble and could use some guidance from the experienced members of this community. I hope you can lend me your expertise in my journey towards achieving the elusive Super O.

Here’s my situation: I can definitely feel the presence of both devices against what I assume is my prostate, but only when I’m standing or inserting them. To my surprise, the sensation seemingly disappears when I sit or lay down. It’s quite perplexing and frustrating, preventing me from fully experiencing the potential pleasure that these devices can offer.

I’m aware that everyone’s anatomy and experiences differ, but I was wondering if any of you have encountered a similar issue? What could be causing this sudden loss of sensation when I’m in a sitting or lying down position? Is it a matter of positioning or technique?

I’ve experimented with various positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and arousal levels, but haven’t found the solution yet. It feels like I’m missing out on the full potential of the Super O because achieving it while standing or inserting the devices manually doesn’t seem to be the ultimate goal.

So, could you please share your insights, tips, or any suggestions that might help me overcome this hurdle? Perhaps you’ve experienced this before and found a way to overcome it?

Will I get an nice orgasm one day ?

Hi everyone, im writing this cause it seems like im stuck. But otherwise I don’t think so. It’s maybe my 30th session. I had the Aneros MGX syn but it wasn’t really good for me. One week ago, I bought the aneros eupho (plastic). I tried it and it hit way better. The first session I got good small waves on my body. The second (two days ago) my thighs trembled and it was fucking amazing. It wasn’t an orgasm but it contracted like never before. I controlably and uncontrolably shook my belly and legs. It was so good I couldn’t help but jerk of while the aneros was in. I had an orgasm like never before. I didn’t feel it on the cock but instead it was inside like in my prostate or I don’t know. I will continue to explore and hope it’ll be better. I was a bit discouraged with my old device so im a bit sceptic about having anal/prostate/super orgasm.

Any tips ?

Another question: sometimes I have like uncontrolable spasms of my body. It’s pleasurable but strange. Does this appens to any of you ?

Today I had my first super-o since August

Some backstory: was having semi regular super-o’s every 2-4 sessions earlier this year. My last one was on August 26th roughly 20 sessions ago (I keep a log!)

I wouldn’t say I was in a rut since I had some really nice orgasms in that time but I wasn’t hitting the heights from before and I was a little sad/disappointed.

I don’t know how exactly but this morning I knew I was gonna have a super-o before I started playing, I’ve been so horny this week and today was finally my chance to play.

I pampered myself a bit before the session, did some manscaping so I’m nice and smooth. My diet has also been really good for the last fortnight and I’ve been keeping really well hydrated. I’ve been doing all this to aid my Aneros playtime.

I also changed rooms today, I usually play in the bedroom but today I went for the lounge in front of the French doors, sun warming my skin. It all added to it.

10 mins after inserting my helix sun I was dripping precum and my body was teasing me with extremely strong p waves. Prostate orgasms, anal orgasms, dry orgasms followed for about two hours until it ascended to super o territory 😉 and then away I went. Body completely gripped in pleasure for about hour or so while I rode orgasm after orgasm.

Just a tip? Maybe?

The nicest feeling in the world is when your body starts fucking itself with the aneros involuntarily…
I guess my biggest tip.. (at least for me) is to contract the aneros inside until your body starts making you do the “reverse kegel” thing. Then… try and hold the reverse kegel… your body will involuntarily suck it back in. Those involuntary contractions back IN are what sends me to super o territory. At that point its a mind game. . I try and push it out and catch my breath.. and try NOT to orgasm.. . but my body will pull back in and hit the spot, and every time it does, it gets better.

Had a 1 hour session earlier this week. Had a hfdo.. then they started getting closer and closer… eventually overlapping and stacking.

I had to quit, so I pulled the Eupho out.. but by then my prostate had a mind of its own. My body kept contacting my prostate, and it was sensitive enough I kept riding the orgasmic waves for hours. Like super o waves. Eventually I had to catch a couple hours of sleep, so I had to JO to get things to quiet down. (I tried to just ignore it. But it just continued on and on.. even after i stood up and walked to the bathroom) .

Next opportunity will be Friday… we’ll see how this one goes…

Looking for some help

Hello all, first I would like to thank this community. There is so much support and encouragement no matter what point of the journey you are on. I feel like I’ve read every post, tip, trick, and story out there. I am jealous but hopeful that I will eventually get to the fable super O.

This whole thing has opened me up to a world of new feeling that I never thought possible. My main problem is that I get more out of an Aless session then one using a toy. I just don’t seem to feel the direct feedback from the aneros on my prostate.

Straight male but I am no stranger to butt play. and as long as I have been jerking off I have been putting things in my ass. I get excited by the thought of anal play.

2 years ago I ordered a helix trident and started out with mindgasm lessons, and that really helped me to identify and target the muscles and have a strong control over them. I have been doing kegels for many years and consider my pelvic floor to be strong.

Best of posts

I just did a search on top posts and compiled this list of links for what I think is helpful. Will try to do the same on the prostateplay sub when I get time, but others feel free to do it also.







Where to go from here – Stick to the same model or try something new?

I have 3 of them, my original Helix Syn, which I always felt was a tad average to me, then I got the prograsm ice which is good if you want something bulky and direct but it doesn’t have me weak at the knees or anything. Then finally there’s my preferred Eupho Syn Trident which, given its the slimmest toy of the bunch I am surprised its the only toy I want to use

I’ve never had a super O or anything but the way it dances around your prostate feels amazing. Leaving it in for extended use while it caresses you is so fun.

Now I’m curious given what I like and what toys I find meh… are there any recommendations? I remember people talking about getting the standard white versions because they’re less grippy than the silicone versions and move around more as a result? Would it be worth it to buy the normal eupho version for this reason alone or is it a waste of money?

Help me differentiate all these types of orgasms I can achieve?

Hello, I hope your day isn’t going too bad so far?

With an njoy, I get on par to what people describe as a super o and I need help to check what I’m understanding wrong about this thing as a whole?

With the njoy I can get these orgasms if you even want to call them that Which have an infinite limitless peak build up to them. So I can just build up this peak indefinitely The only limit is if I can’t take it anymore or I get tired. It causes me to scream, shout, shake, and yeah it’s just an infinite build up I’ve had session go as long as 3 hours

So if you want something that’s instant gratification and similar or on par with what everyone describes as a super o… which to me it basically sounds the same Apart from it breaks every rule of

Don’t force / rush an orgasm lol

With the njoy I can.

Could this be a different type of orgasm the aneros user chases? Maybe. But in a sense I think a super o is a personal thing. Everything I get above sounds the same as what people who get super os get?

I have videos on my profile While not the most intense sessions it shows a tiny tiny glimpse of how my session go