Physical exercices, health and aneros

Hello folks! A frequent comment I’ve noticed in multiples posts on this subreddit and on the aneros’ forums is the fact that aneros usage can be a spiritual and meditative experience in addition to being a prostate health tool and a sex toy. In this context, I feel like having a good physical and mental health is quite important thing we want to success reaching any goals with the aneros (HFWO, multiples DO, super Os, etc.).

COVID-19 have been rough on most of us. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’m exercising less than I was. Working most of the time from home, I’m not riding my bike as much as I was and I’ve been eating more sweets to manage my boredom. I’ve been vaping weed more than before, even though my consumption is always limited to late evenings. On the other hand, I took the habit of walking at least 30 minutes everyday since march, but I feel it’s still not enough and may explain some of my difficulties “mastering” the aneros, as I sometime get anxious during some of my sessions, which can ruin the experience.

Does anyone else watch porn while using the aneros?

I have seen a bunch of people say not to watch porn during your session. However my mind seems to wander a lot especially after a while of using my aneros. I found that keeping a video going on my phone and looking at it to get to close to what I think is a prostate orgasm and as I see feel myself drifting off to be helpful. Does anyone else do this? I have only tried once and it seemed to be helpful but I am not sure if I will be hitting a wall that allows for prostate orgasms but not a super o. Although if I continued I feel like I might have had a super o.

This session was the first in a while that I even watched porn before, normally I just get aroused with breathing and nipple play.

Finally getting somewhere very good.. Helix Syn

After trying on and off for several years with a progasm ice I purchased a Helix Syn (thought it would be a bit small in comparison) after lurking here and reading a good bit about rewiring relaxation and not expecting too much (not difficult given prior lack of success)… I can now say my prostate is both rewired and very much awake.. 50yrs old and can’t believe I’ve had my first set of prostate orgasms today.. about 13+ of them in 90mins.. holy mother of god.. I can still feel my prostate and perineum twitching gently… Making a habit of allocating 30+ min per day over the last 2 weeks and just trying what felt good while listening to some relaxing music (no porn – I found it distracting and made me want to focus on my penis) seemed to work for me initially lying face down legs apart, but by the end of todays session I was coming lying on my side on my back and still when I stood up at the end.. this is very addictive…
Pardon my formatting (it’s poor) but if you are struggling keep going and you’ll find the way to push that button for you.. I’ve still to reach the mystical super O but if I can bag orgasms like this morning again I’ll die a happy man (all dry rolling sparking twitching joyous spasms)… Thanks to all the helpful posters on this forum who provided insight and experiences.
Last thing – for me gently tightening the muscles used to stop piss and then very gently doing anal contractions connected the Aneros to my prostate perfectly. Your mileage may vary, but too aggressive contractions seemed to feel good but not get me there….

I Think I’m Making Progress

I’ve gotten to the point where I EASILY get a lot of involuntary contractions but with little to no pleasure. I’ve been in that phase for a VERY long time which frustrates me. It’s weird, because even though I’m not really feeling pleasure, I still precum a lot during it.

Recently read a post about someone who used the p-tab to wiggle the aneros back and forth very fast which lead them to their super o experience. So I tried the same.

Inserted aneros and started wiggling the p-tab back and forth while rubbing my nipples (I’ve always played with my nipples since my very first fap). Felt pleasurable. Then I proceeded to let the aneros do its own thing without the wiggling or nipple play. Got to the involuntaries again as usual with a ton more precum, but this time, I felt a faint pleasure building. You know the point just before regular orgasm where you feel the fluid/pressure begin to build in your penis? It’s just before the point of no return. I felt that coming on… then it faded. Then I got to that point a few more times, then it faded again. Then finally I hit the point where I was feeling no pleasure at all cause my prostate felt on fire/tired/exhausted.

So I ended it there. Thoughts?

For my gay boys… Super Os replacing meaningless causal sex?

Speaking for myself… I’m a 31yo gay man who has been very sexual throughout my lifetime. I love sex. Love being a bottom and get compliments from every single man who has fucked my ass before. Some of them said it’s shaped to get docked down, stuff like that.

Ok… let’s move forward. I achieved my first super O about three months ago, which I had addressed in some posts here. YES – It does open a brand new world to you. It’s like cracking that bone you didn’t know you had the power to. Pretty intense stuff

I’m a single man. I used to look for hook ups every time I felt lonely, horny or just in need of some ass fucking. However since my first Super O all that desire for man has gone away… of course I am still super turned on by man. They are trash, but awesome in bed and man x man sex is really incredible. True raw connection

The fact is. No man in the world (and trust me, I’ve been with a lot of them) has ever taken me to the level of pleasure my Aneros does. I achieved super Os during sex with only one man in my life but it wasn’t 10% of what my Aneros provides me.

My recent discoveries leading to HFDO, and the surprising results of am “upgrade” to a Progasm

Tldr, recently finally figured out some Aneros secrets and upgraded to a larger model that rocked me, but I still wouldn’t necessarily replace the smaller one, it wasn’t necessarily better, but a good difference.

The following was a lot voice to text trying to explain what I was feeling so I could use it as a guide later on, but when editing to make sense of it, I realized it was journalistic and informative, so I thought I would share.

A quick about me, I bought the Aneros Trident (MGX) many years ago after seeing a post on Reddit about the male gspot, and it seemed legit, so I ordered one. I enjoyed using it, bought a slew of different toys, found one kind of U shaped silicone toy that worked one time for a cum spurting, black out and wake up after, crazy prostate orgasm many years ago and my journey since then has been some good jerking off or sex sessions with some anal attention, and have not been able to find that magic again. It was a lot of intense rubbing, and after that all my attempts left me feeling like I had been pushing too hard, or not getting there and feeling like I was no longer interested and stopping.

My wife and I occasionally indulge in some pegging, and that’s kind of where my revitalized Aneros journey began anew.

Attempting the super O

So I bought an Aneros Helix Syn Trident and have been using it regularly for about 4 months now. I barely got to use it before August as I was living with my family during quarantine. Anyways, I moved out and started to have some success with the toy allowing myself to be loud and what not. It’s been good and getting better but I don’t think I am very close to the super O. I am super anxious to try it tomorrow as I have been traveling and haven’t cum in 5 days. Five days may not seem like a long time but I usually cum 4-6 times a day so this is huge for me. I am already dripping precum constantly for a day or two so I feel like tomorrow may be the day. Any tips or advice? I’m not going to be upset if it doesn’t happen since it feels amazing with it just in my ass so I’m going into it with a good mindset.

Rush happiness release?

Don’t know if everyone who had gotten a super O experienced the same, but with me, every time I get go get a super O, it comes along with a lot of pleasure, happiness, and ecstasy in a way that I hadn’t felt over years. The energy and happiness boost is so strong that you can’t stop laughing, smiling. Have you guys gotten any similar feelings?

It just feels like nothing else in the world matters. All you can care about is to enjoy that huge rush in happiness that lasts for about 5 min

Psychedelic breakthrough on edibles

A couple of months ago I purchased a Helix Trident to learn how to have a hands free orgasm. I received the Helix on a Tuesday and practiced every morning with the help of . The practice sessions felt amazing but no where near HFO or Super O’s.

On the weekends I will start my day by eating 20mgs of cannabis gummies with my morning coffee. When they kicked in I slipped in the Helix and put on the noise cancelling headphones and got comfortable on the couch.
If you are not familiar with some brilliant individual created a site that teaches you how to control each individual muscle group in your pelvic region using musical ques and a pleasent AI voice.
One of those lessons is called the Big Squeeze where you flex your base and middle muscle at the same time then relax the base slowly then the middle which causes involuntary muscle contractions.
When I was in the middle of the lesson my mind and body took over. I have been blessed to have had psychedelic breakthroughs on numerous substances but never cannabis. There is something about the prostate and cannabis that caused me to have an out of body experience. I understand why the website creator called it Mindgasm. After I came down and relaxed I laughed out loud at what just happened. I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and flexed again. I was instantly right back in. Fractals and colors that were identical to DMT or mushrooms but I could control it. I could not believe it. After my third go I told myself enough is enough.
Since that day I have tried my damnedest to get to that place while sober but just can not get there. I have since purchased the Progasm and Eupho Trident both of which are amazing.
After finishing all five lessons on the website I have become proficient and now listen to music while having a session which adds a whole nother level.