Riding the Rail

I have had a blog on and off for 14 years. My blogs have been both here and in other forums and on Word Press. Between all 4 blogs I had 10,000 subscribers and 800 pages (single space) of 600 + entries. That 14 year written log was a weekly diary of my sex life, what I was thinking, doing and feeling during that entire time. It also inspired a complete erotic novel and 2 others that are in the works.

That written record has been incredibly useful to me now as a tool to read and reflect on where I have been, what experiences I had and what I learned. All of the times, dates and details I have written here in this latest blog came from that written record. The timeline nature of this blog and the perspective that I am offering in these entries is a summary of lessons learned. In the context of all the entries I came to realization that my 9th year was a turning point in my journey.

Relearn, Rewiring for 2019

I decided to make an effort to relearn/rewire my prostate orgasm this year
Due to stress and hectic life, I have noticed I started to get lazy to prime myself for a good session
Instead, I getting more frequent having my prostate massaged together with penile stimulation
This caused some quick and fast intense super-T and slowly corrupted my previous learning about ‘pure’ prostate orgasm
I have tried all of the aneros models that I could but the sensation without penile stimulation slowly diminished until I could not longer bring myself to super-O without stroking.

I started to miss full body orgasm that caused me to spasm and convulse recently and could not wait to reawaken my prostate again! So, from now on, no more penile stim while my prostate being rubbed

Session 6-Success!

I know that I decided to take a break for a few days from the Progasm, but here it was the next day and I was getting a little worked up. Reading other experiences made me to eager, what can I say? So I ran through the usual evening rituals, and decided to try Astro Glide Anal Gel for a change, instead of the Vaseline. Erotic stimulation, then insertion. Relax for a few minutes, then start exercising, working the anal and lower abs and rectum as well. Deep sobbing or ragged belly breathing for about 20 minutes. Then I lay back in the dark, no other stimulation aside from simple fantasies running through my head. I had one wave start, but I wasn’t able to keep it going. Aside from a few minor starts that quickly died, it was not a dud at all, as it’s all learning, but there were no fireworks. No worries. Learn from it and move on, right? The session had lasted about two and a half hours, and it was time to clean up and go to bed.
With my Progasm safely tucked away in her own little bed, (what a great storage box they send!) I laid down as usual on my stomach and prepared to drift off. After I lay there for about 15 minutes, fantasizing bemusedly about introducing a girlfriend to my Aneros tool box, I felt a little wave just barely starting. For a laugh, I decided to contract my rectum a little and see what would happen. Holy Cow! It started to build. I had my legs pretty much together and one arm tucked under my pillow as I always do. I figured that it would start to fade as it usually does when I’m on my stomach. It didn’t fade. The more I contracted, the more it built up. My arms and legs were starting to shake a little, and the more I squeezed, the more I shook. If I eased off, they would ease off too, so I would contract more and it would hit harder. You couldn’t have fit a sheet of paper between my ass cheeks. Then my legs were bouncing off the sheets and then my whole pelvis bucked a couple of times. I could feel moisture seeping out of the edge of my eyes. My penis and balls felt like they were swollen to an enormous size. I kept up with the contractions as long as possible, panting shallow breaths. I probably should have stopped contracting and shallow breathing to see if it would build, but since it’s early days yet, I just wanted to enjoy it! I think it went on for at least five minutes and I felt I had to ease off and give my glutes a break. I sat up on the side of the bed, wiped the small tears from my eyes, and started chuckling and saying Wow, over and over. After about five minutes, I returned to my usual sleep position, but, just out of curiosity, I started contractions again and it right away started building up again! Not to hips bucking off the bed, but leg shaking and that same all enveloping feeling of tingle and well being. I could sense a deeper primal power throughout my body again. When I couldn’t carry on, again I let it subside and rested for about two minutes. Then again and again, four more times, resting in between. By the fifth time, my muscles were pretty much done, and I finally gave up. Now I don’t know if the first one was a Super-O or the even the other ones, but my reading has indicated that the shaking will subside and I’ll learn much more. The coolest thing is whatever it was, it was A-less!
The next day as I driving around, doing errands, I was practicing my kegels, I could feel sensations building up, and I couldn’t help but wonder just how well my re-wiring is going!

Rewiring and Awakening

We all talk of rewiring as a milestone, and it is but there is more than rewiring in this journey I am on. I believe that there is another milestone that follows rewiring, that milestone I call sexual awakening. Following awakening there is an ongoing process of discovery and evolution in which the true nature of my sexuality and sexual response is revealed to me. Being a research kind of guy, I have spent the last ten years reading the forums and blogs with my perception in mind and I believe I am just recognizing a process we all are experiencing. Our posts reinforce my thought.

Rewiring for me (one year into Aneros) sensitized my brain to sexual pleasure, connected my brain to my sexual pleasure organs, it introduced me to sexual pleasure organs I didn’t know I had and it altered my sensory and perceptive ability. With that under my belt the next 7 years were spent in a learning process; reading, experimenting, testing myself, writing and talking with peers. That 7 year time span was an evolutionary process that culminated in year nine with my awakening.

Awakening for me was acknowledgement of my sexuality in all its dimensions. Awakening gave me the courage to exercise my sexual proclivities that I uncovered in the seven years prior. Beyond the discovery of new and unexpected dimensions to my sexuality, awakening removed the subconscious stigma I had imposed on myself for aspects of my sexuality I was either ashamed of or afraid to admit or acknowledge. I know now that I feared the ramifications of admitting them to myself. My attraction to cocks and sex with men is one of these proclivities and my exhibitionist tendencies is another.

“Advice To Newbies?”

I have been in my Aneros journey for about 3 years now. What have I learned? I think the one thing that comes to mind now is that I can honestly say that there is no guarantee of success with Aneros! Even after these three years, I have not experienced a single Super-O since the “original” ones when I was being re-wired. That is okay with me although it is a bit perplexing.

I have had some really great sessions but they are not at the same “caliber” as the earlier ones. Why is that? I can’t honestly answer that, but does that mean that I will stop trying? Heck, no!

Now, where does that leave my “advice” to newbies? Aneros is indeed a very “personal” journey and there really is no guarantee of success. But there will be times (in sessions) that will be extremely pleasurable. It is just that (at least for me now) that pleasure is fleeting. Some sessions will be great, others will be ho-hum. Do I stop as a result of one (or two) lackluster sessions? Of course not!

My lifelong archetypal fascination with jockstraps and athletic cups

Hi guys,

We here in DC have entered upon several weeks of excessively bitter and cold weather along with blustery winds. Meteorologists have given us this forecast to sweep away prospects of mild temps and sunny days. In fact, after some years of mild winters, a cold, blustery and snowy winter is long overdue. I am so grateful for guys who use the Aneros and are outspoken of their experiences, among them @goldenboy who loves wearing jocks and “chastity” cups to bed many nights as well as for his Aneros sessions. He believes that wearing a jock and cup for sessions restrains him from teaching his manhood. However, I enjoy very much how a jock and cup revs up the delicious, sexual feelings of my sessions while keeping my roving hands off my manhood! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The jock and cup also helps me to focus on my sessions.

For some reason all this cold, blustery weather along outspoken, candid view of guys on Aneros Forum and Blog sections have made me horny, randy, and HARD!!!

Guys familiar with my Aneros blog here know of my intense jock and cup fetish. This fetish began for sure in my puberty and adolescence when our gym class teachers/coaches told us boys that we had to get a jockstrap for gym class. It was an essential part of our uniform. I enjoyed the elastic feel of my jockstrap how it supported my cock and balls and kept them in place. Plus my the mesh pouch of my jockstrap caressed and even massaged my scrotum, cock, and especially my Glans. Slipping on that jockstrap for the first time was a sexual awakening for me.

“It’s Not All Physical!”

I have noticed lately that not all sexual arousal has to originate from physical touch. For example, while wearing a “chastity cup” this morning, I began to develop an erection while browsing some personal hygiene things online. And I began to think: Is there indeed a mental “component” to sexual arousal in addition to the more obvious physical one? And I believe the answer has to be a resounding “Yes!” Let me explore this further….

What is it that enables our sexual thoughts to “communicate” with our bodies? And are we males “hard-wired” for this response? This is intriguing! Does it mean that (as related to Aneros) we need to be in the “right” frame-of-mind to achieve good results from a session? I believe that most of us here would answer this in the affirmative.

I believe that there is more at work here than meets the eye. For example, how do I feel about myself as a male? Do I see myself as a super-stud, ready to take-on any available female? Perhaps in my younger days, but probably not now as an older man. So what attributes would I possess now to embrace my male hood? I think that “Aneros knowledge” plays a part here. I am more “in-tune” with my sexual self now (post-Aneros) than at any other time in my life. I am always exploring how my body reacts sexually to different stimuli; in essence, how aroused I can become.

It’s Complicated

My first Aneros arrived fourteen years ago this week. I remember it well. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting anxiously. I had been lurking in the forums (which was all we had here at the time, there was no chat yet). I asked questions occasionally but mainly I read in wonderment until I got brave enough to mail for my MGX.

The seven year mark was a very easy milestone to remember as well as it was the year that I exercised my post rewiring curiosity about M- M sex. As this post says , it was complicated. I have posted this narrative once before on my last blog and I was not sure if I was going to post it again, but it was such a milestone in my Aneros Journey, the story is incomplete without including it. I post it also for all the “curious” guys in the forum who wonder themselves.

In my post rewiring world the sexual man that I was was bent in an arc that surprised me beyond my wildest dreams. In my adolescence I would purchase nudist magazines in Times Square in the “dirty magazine” shops to see both men and women nude. I always had a fascination with nudity of both sexes. Post rewiring this inclination amplified tenfold. Beyond my voyeuristic tendencies rewiring expanded my own exhibitionistic tendencies. My sexual bravado had evolved exponentially. When I joined here that January, Artform told me about Dicknet; he was a member. Dicknet was a forum for guys to share intimate pictures and chat about their sexual proclivities in a chat room and in personal messages. Art and I spent many hours chatting there about many personal things beyond our cocks and sex.

The Beat Goes On

So looking back to my 7th year of Aneros practice, I can say Aneros made me into a new man. In January 2012, I was 59 years old with the sex drive I had at 30, but I was wiser, more self aware and more patient. When I say I was a new man, my outlook on sex and sexual pleasure had become very open and enlightened. I can objectively say I was made to be a more sensual man. My outlook on life and sexual pleasure became more Zen like. Although my home life was very conventional my career was always just a little outside the box; Aneros made my sex life a little outside the box just as my career was. I really had a more laid back attitude towards success and traditional achievement than my peers and I had a deeper more convoluted attitude towards sex than my friends and acquaintances. I came to enjoy life and my sex life as a result of my shifted mental state.

As for sex, in my seventh year I took the leap to explore male – male sexual exploration with a very safe guy I met on line in a very safe forum. We met once. Like me he was a married – curious guy, but he was 20 years younger than I. It was both our first times. We spent a weekend together in a hotel. That will be another entry.

Sixth Year Milestone

In the summer of my sixth year, mid way to my seventh year of Aneros the nature of my need for sexual pleasure and my response to arousal had shifted totally as a result of rewiring. Arousing images and fantasies still coaxed my penis to erection but at the same time a sexy woman or male penis porn or an erotic dream or writing my erotica would make my anus tingle and twinge and make my nipples erect.

However as much as rewiring bent my sexuality in an arc that I never would have predicted it also enhanced my sex practices and expanded my existing desires and proclivities.

My sex life began in reality when I was 19; from that date on it was focused solely on penis in vagina sex and masturbation. When I met my wife and we became intimate my prurient focus added oral sex on her. For both of us the most intense and pleasurable orgasms we both have occur during oral sex, whether it is me on her or her on me or in 69. Aside from rewiring and my orgasms I absolutely love my wife’s pussy. Licking her slot, suckling her clit or massaging her G spot with a finger it’s all good for me. Likewise I love to be sucked; the visual turn on is a huge influence on my orgasm and ejaculation. Fucking has been and still is a way for me to feel close to my wife. Like many women she loves it because she loves the fullness that penetration with my large penis provides. She loves the lurching tug of my shaft inside her and the swelling contracting action of my cock head that accompanies pumping of my ejaculate inside her. Having her juice my penis as I embrace her provides a visceral bond that is not available through any other means.