Super O with Progasm

This was only my second Super O after 4 months since the first one. Took me about 45 minutes. I usually get a lot of involuntaries that turn into mini O’s. This time I was concentrating on not giving in to the involuntaries so that the pleasure would build up and turn into a Super O. Well it worked and at least 3 times with a short resting period in between. I was shaking like a leaf after the third one.

I was moving the toy with my pc muscles and the Progasm was hitting on exactly the right spot until I reached orgasm. I got rock hard each time which I don’t usually get from p play and they were all dry.

I’ve been having more sessions than usual this week, maybe this has something to do with it.

Although I was having sort of a dry spell the last four months I never felt frustrated and just enjoyed the mini O’s I was getting and it was well worth the wait. I think that there’s no guarantee of reaching a Super O every session and that it’s important to enjoy whatever you get in a given session.

What was that?

Ok, so I’m slowly on my journey of awakening, with good progress in each session. During the last session, pleasure built up to a new high. I got to a place where I had the very real sensation that my legs and hips were swaying side-to-side as if I was lying sideways on the shore of a wave pool, each crashing wave, and each withdrawing wave moving my entire lower body by many feet in either direction.
I haven’t read this described in other posts, but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced the same.
I don’t think I have experienced any p-waves yet,(unless that was it,) but I was amazed that it continued for several minutes since I seem to lose any increasing pleasure anytime I get a new sensation. This time, however, my realization of this new sensation didn’t stop upon my realizing it was there, even though it did break my concentration when I realized it was happening.
Eventually, I did lose forward progress, but it blew my mind that this sensation occurred, and this has really opened my mind that prostate pleasure is on a whole other level of experience than I had imagined would be possible.
Can’t wait for a chance to have another session!

Nipple awakening and a wall…

I have been experimenting with alternative orgasms for about two years now. It started with wanting to cum from anal, then learning and experimenting with aneros toys (and my purewand) trying to achieve higher levels of orgasm for longer periods and multiple times per session. I have amazing feelings, up to and including what I would consider multiple prostate orgasms (not what I would consider super-Os). Along with continuing success in both those realms I discovered the joys of masturbating with my nipples to (originally) enhance the prostate experience, but more and more I find myself having sessions where I don’t even grab any toys and focus only on my nipples.

I have fantastic feelings from toying with my nips, achieving multiple (2-3) non-ejaculatory orgasms that are accompanied by torrents of precum. The feelings I get are super pleasurable, and I enjoy them for enjoyments sake, but want to break through the barrier to having ejaculatory orgasms through nipples only as a way to happily end my sessions. I seem to get tense as I am peaking which causes my fingers to lose fine control and either the loss of rhythm, loss of concentration, or just trying too hard gets in the way of going over the edge.

I want to see whats on the other side! Anyone have any advice on pushing through the wall to actually cumming from nipple stimulation alone?? Also open to just hearing others experiences with nipple stimulation to motivate myself and others to keep on playin!


I haven’t gotten to a super-o yet, but I think I realized something interesting and was wondering if others have experienced the same.

I started using Aneros about 3 years ago. I started with the basic advice: relax and do kegels. I could feel it hitting my prostate, which felt good, but it never escalated into anything.

Then I did some reading, and found what seemed to be two contradictory techniques. One was the “do nothing” technique, which didn’t work for me, and is honestly a pretty frustrating set of instructions unless you are one of the lucky people for whom it actually works. The other was the technique that focuses on the two-different-muscle-group kegel contractions. After some practice I was able to get muscle spasms going pretty reliably, but I ran into a dilemma. Maintaining the spasms required concentration and slowly made my whole body tense up. This did not sound like the effortless, out-of-control experience it was supposed to be.

Then I tried combining the strategies: getting the spasms started, then mentally backing off and “letting the aneros do its thing.” When I did this, the spasms would keep going on their own, for a bit, but they always slowed down and came to a stop when left to their own devices.

The fastest way to a Super O (it’s simple, I promise)

Hi there, so first of all, this is not one of those posts which tells you of a certain technique. My advice is general. I believe it is more effective and would work for majority of struggling users here. It is a simple one, but not easy.

Let me preface by describing my journey. I’ve been using aneros for 2 years and few month now. But only very recently I managed to git my first super O’s. And they have been worthy. Only very recently I’ve realized what has been hindering me.

So first of all, let’s think about what an aneros session is? The way I see it, it is an intimate session with yourself, with your mind. The toy is just a tool to bring awareness. The more awareness you have, the better.

What has been the biggest distractor for me and my progress? It’s porn. Watching porn (or even listening to it) during the session completely destroys any awareness or concentration, so it will never be able to help (unless you are already super rewired, maybe).

But the problem is porn itself. Even if you watch it before the session to get aroused, it takes your brain into an overdrive, which stays during the session. That means your own brain will probably be unable to create “free flow” of fantasies and mental images that actually lead to the super O. At least for me, when the brain starts streaming images of arousing things, my body and my mind seem to align in the same frequency, which starts the super O’s. I also think that porn makes you over-aroused which basically means you block yourself from non-penile orgasms. It’s like peeing with a boner. Very difficult. If you want to feel the flow, you need to be in a natural state.

Lots of newbies here, I love it! Read this:

Love seeing so many of you exploring the magical prostate side. Hope my experience can help some of you to achieve the famous super Os:

It took me about 1 full year to achieve it, but one thing you guys need to keep in mind is that super Os are part of a process. Call it rewiring if you want, I just don’t stick to the labels. You guys definitely need to pay attention to how your body responds to it. The phases, such as shaken legs, tense pelvic area, deep involuntary breathing are all paths to the super O. I see a lot of you saying here: “oh, I think I’ve gotten there!” There’s no “I think”. When you get to get a super O, trust me, you and your whole body will know.

My recommendation is: RELAX! insert the Aneros on you and clear your expectations. Clear your mind! Explore (gently) your nipples, forget about porn (it’s often a distraction).

Concentrate on your body and have fun! It may be a long journey but I guarantee, it’s 10000 worth the wait.
Soon your legs will be up, your body will be shaking involuntary and the Aneros will be throwing you around just like there’s a magical energy inside of you ready to burst out.

Enjoy the ride!

My New Helix Syn Trident

I just received my new Helix Syn Trident and Progasm Ice to replace my first two original massagers.
Last night was the night to try the HST and I wanted to share the experience but first, it’s important to describe the packaging and the unit itself. It had been a few years since I last opened up an Aneros massager box and it’s easy to forget about the efforts the company has invested in presenting their products. The attractive package will impress anyone fortunate enough to receive it as a purchase or a gift. It is extremely well made, very colorful and the flap magnet separates it from the average packaged box. Several years ago, I used to store my first 2 units in their original boxes but eventually, with several more toys added to my collection, I keep them all in a hardwood box so the original packaging were chucked.

Pulling out the HST from it’s formed nest, the feel is quite a bit different from it’s HS Classic version; it feel more velvety and maybe a little less fragile compared to the original. When compared side by side, the new one is slightly smaller and shorter. The angle from it’s axis also seems a tad less pronounced. My overall impression while looking at it in my hand was, feels nice but how can a noticeably smaller and less aggressive unit possibly yield better results than the previous company’s flagship version? Intrigued, I was anxious to try it.

A little closer to super o….maybe.

Just finished my session playing with my prostate. I still cannot believe the ‘do nothing’ technique works the best for me. Usually, once i put in my progasm jr, i lie on my back and stay relax while imagining sexy things.

I only concentrate on using my pc muscle, just about 5% to 10% only but very rarely. Usually, i try to get hard rock erection by nipple stimulation and this helps, leading to involuntary contraction on my pc muscle which feels very pleasurable.

That good feelings will intensified until i reach a moment where i feel my ass or my pc muscle or my prostate (i’m not quite sure which one)hug the progasm very thight inside of me and it really does feels good. I can feel precum leaking from my penis, not a lot but it is obvious.

Mostly, i use my imagination of getting sensual blowjob to help me stay rock hard, so that, that pleasurable feeling of my prostate(i guess) squeeze hard my progasm last longer. Usually, i can maintain this for almost 2 hours until i feel tired and stop.

I still have not been able to achieve the glorious super o but i think i am getting closer to it. I can feel this ‘do nothing’ technique might be the best way for me instead of clenching my spinchter muscle. For me, lightly and rarely contracting pc muscle helps me a lot in this journey. And of course, need to be highly aroused.


I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely and sensibly becomes second nature.

My first attempt with these crazy looking sounds was a bit of a non-starter, I was rushed for time and sounding or come to think of it a session with Aneros’s is never good when rushed. I had pleasurable sensations but nothing too dramatic, my second attempt was a completely different affair.

This was a long and protected session lasting almost three hours, I’ve recently purchased a VR headset, an Oculus Quest 2 if anyones interested. You’re able to download 6K VR porn directly to the device, therefore not relying on Wi-Fi when out on business, particularly handy for the likes of me especially when I’m in the back of beyond. I have to say the optical quality is really good and once engrossed in the glory of the scene its easy to get sucked into it (pun intended) anyway I digress….

When it comes to sounding I’d say I was fairly experienced by working my way from a basic set of Rosebuds to a set of ‘J’ curved Van Buren sounds, up to this moment in time they have given me the most rewards. I should really explain that once past the initial squeamishness of the physical act of sticking metal rods deep into your dick there’s a world of deep and dark wonders to behold from sounding, and let me tell you it gets easier with practice. Just remember to never force anything and keep everything super clean, start slow and do your homework before diving in.

Sounding takes me to new depths

Following on from the success as per my previous blog entry, I decided a cheeky Saturday morning session with my shiny new Guyon sounds was in order.

As with Aneros devices it takes time for a session of prostate play to rev-up and get fired up, from early on in this session i was experiencing nice pleasurable sensations, this was caused by the bend of the sound gently applying pressure directly on to my prostate, resulting in a nice warm glow from deep within. An hour or so into the session I started to get the pre-orgasm shakes, my legs began to quiver and my stomach muscles began to tighten, this built in intensity, I was playing with the sound with my hand, rocking it back and fore and from side to side, I noticed I got a ‘buzz’ if I gently levered the sound upwards towards my belly ( I was sitting on the bed propped up by pillows with my back to the headboard) I took a pillow, folded it and used this as a support to lift the sound up and hold it in the optimum position, I could tell when it was positioned correctly as my prostate wound tell me so! I reclined back and rode the sensations, some nipple diddling put me over the edge and a wave of lustful pleasure washed over me, I felt like I was floating, like an out of body experience but merged with an head blowing orgasm, I held this as long as I could, I know it lasted for minuets as I had porn on in the back ground and I could tell it was lasting for minuets and not seconds. As time went on I almost passed out but held it and held it until it faded away. What an incredible head blowing orgasm, my longest I’ve ever experienced in my life, it wasn’t long before the second wave crashed over me, this time not lasting as long but of equal pleasure. At no time during this mega-orgasm did I touch my cock or even think about ejaculating, all my my thoughts and concentration were solely focused on my prostate.