Involuntaries… what now?

I can usually trigger the involuntary movements pretty easily with a few *flex and holds* however once the involuntary movements start I am not quite sure what to do next. Here’s what I have tried:
1. Maintain the flex – Requires a lot of concentration, some pleasurable sensations to start but they generally fade and I restart the process again
2. Relax the flex – Involuntaries stop and I have to flex harder again to restart
3. Flex harder – Involuntaries get stronger and it feels like the aneros is fucking me but muscles become fatigued

*Flex and hold* = contracting my PC and sphincter muscles at same time and holding the flex

Multi-HFO Via Nipple Stimulation! How to have 10,20, 30, 40 or more orgasms:


So many out there usually most likely use dildos or vibrators inside the anus, or something like an Aneros to trigger Hands Free Orgasms, some may use Erotic ASMR hypno audios to trigger HFO dry orgasms.One method is as powerful those (and doesn’t require an enema), is self done Nipple stimulation! One can achieve 20, 30, 40 shuddering body orgasms with no ejaculation. I average 20~45 orgasms myself, they are sooo good, jacking off just doesn’t compare IMO!

To begin to ‘rewire’ one’s brain to get sensitive nipple that induce pleasure wave and dry orgasms, is via relaxation.Laying on your back with legs somewhat bent at the knee feet on resting on the bed is the best position for this!

The mental component is just as important as the physical

I’ve been giving this a good bit of thought lately, and just this morning, in the middle of a wonderful multi orgasmic session I was interrupted. Even though I was still lying in bed with my Aneros toy inserted, the interruption broke my concentration and focus, and I immediately stopped orgasming. No sooner did the distraction end, I was able to get back in the proper head space immediately and start orgasming again. The presence of the toy was immaterial to my response while I wasn’t focused on the pleasure. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sex with aneros

I had sex with my wife for the first time with the aneros inserted. I didn’t tell her Bc I don’t know how she would react.

The sex was great. It allowed me to last longer, I don’t know how that happened. I had able to fuck her hard and fast and concentrate on squeezing my ass in between trusts in her.

Any advice on using the eneros for sex with a woman?

Progasm Ice: success on the first try!

Hey everyone!

I decided yesterday to buy the progasm to try something different, since I had little success with the Helix Syn. I thought that maybe a bigger and harder toy could do the try but I was a little apprehensive as the toy is labeled for experienced users. Well, I’m glad I didn’t stopped because of that.

So, yesterday night I thought I could at least try it to feel the difference with the helix syn. I was not expecting much to be honest: the toy seems to be less movable than the helix, I had a penile orgasm while having sex with my partner the day before and I wasn’t aroused at all. But being impatient, I decided to stick it in and went vaping some weed while sitting in my sofa. At first I was surprised how smooth and comfortable the progasm is even though it’s made of hard plastic (the size didn’t bothered me as I was wearing a quite bigger toy for a few hours before putting the progasm). But as soon as I sitted, I felt one of the tab pressing quite hard on the skin. While I was vaping I couldn’t stop feeling a bit of pain from that tab, something I was not quite a fan of. After that, I decided to start a binaural beat videos, lie down on my sofa and get a warm blanket on me like I do usually when I try to play with the helix syn (with an emphasis on *trying* as I’m still learning the technique to get these Os coming). At first I didn’t felt much difference from the helix but after 20minutes, I decided I would trust my lower body a little while contracting my base muscle and I started rubbing my nipples through my clothes, something I’m trying to combine with the aneros. I tried concentrating at first on my prostate but I thought I could try something else as it never worked for me. I placed my attention instead on the little pleasure I had from my nipples and I resisted stopping, something I tend to do when I play with them since it feels more like tickling than anything else…

Experience with psilocybin?

Anyone have good experiences with aneros and psilocybin mushrooms? Weed used to work well for me but after a while I lost concentration and get inundated with negative thought patterns. Mushrooms on the other hand really seem to free my mind and dissolve all the stress in my body. Haven’t tried an aneros session while tripping though!

Your Mileage May Vary

So I had another aneros session last night. Fourth? Fifth, I think. I had some interesting involuntary shivering (legs, belly, etc) as if cold or feverish in my second session, and again in the next. But the fourth session didn’t really go anywhere and neither did last nights.

I’ve never used marijuana before, but I tried an edible before a session, and again before last night’s session. This second time was to confirm my experience the first time. A lot of people swear by this as a help. Not in my experience.

I do have a reaction. My visual imagination gets a lot less inhibited, and I have a lot of interesting visuals going on. I feel light-headed and dizzy, and I find myself unable to concentrate. My stomach feels…odd. Not nauseated, but like I *could* be fairly easily. After a while, I get the munchies.

But it does nothing for my aneros session. And I don’t like the way I feel. Also, while my understanding is that the effects of the edible should only last for a few hours, I find myself intermittently dizzy and disconnected many hours later, and even mildly so occasionally the next day. I don’t really feel like myself again until the second day after.

So, I’m done. I don’t like the way I feel when I use this stuff, and it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I may have better results with poppers. They at least really *are* a short-lived effect, and if not as mind-bending as I expected, do seem useful.

Newbie questions about use outside of arousal.

Context: I’m a mid 20’s hetero male with a very open mind. I do enjoy anal, but never reached more than leaking on occasions (and orgasms via penis stimulation) with dildos/vibrator. Got the Helix Syn two or three weeks ago on a whim after finding a video on the progasm ice in use (you know the one). I read up on most information available on the wiki, forum, and here before starting my journey. This helped a LOT. I love it! Decided to stop my almost daily penile masturbation. I think I’m at “Pleasurable tingling in pelvic regions outside of sessions” going by the listed Milestones.


I understand this is not a butt plug, but would it be counter productive to have it inside when not actively concentrating on being aroused? As stated before I have pleasure and “cravings” for it outside of sessions (while at computer, video games, and watching TV. ie relaxing moments)

Is it bad if I fall asleep with it in?

What would be some expected discomforts to look out for?

Exciting afternoon

Apologies in advance for the lengthy first time post – I’ve been reading other’s experiences for some time and would like to share my own.

I’ve owned a helix for about 5 years and have enjoyed occasional solo sessions, although never feeling like I was progressing to anything like involuntary movement. These sessions always end after an hour or so with me having a very pleasurable orgasm by stimulating my penis. I suppose I’d never really found the time to dedicate trying to develop the techniques suggested by other users.

I also use the helix with my (female) partner. She enjoys watching the pleasure I get from inserting it, and we find it tends to give me a harder erection. It certainly excites me to wear it and know that she knows I’m being stimulated by it. Cumming inside her always feels great with the helix in and it’s enhanced by the feeling of the helix moving while my muscles contract during orgasm.

Lockdown over the past four months has put pay to the solo sessions (everyone at home all day), so I thought I’d dedicate the time to focusing on my pelvic muscles and understanding the feelings in my anus and prostate.Also been following the threads on here and enjoying reading about other’s experiences. Very exciting to read knowing I had to wait to get my helix back inside.I’ve been practicing clenching, holding and releasing my pelvic muscles while lying in bed, sometimes last thing at night, sometimes in the morning, experimenting with different positions. I feel I’ve come to be able to control them a lot more than before, and hold varying levels of clench. I’ve had some very good feelings after 45 minutes or so of playing around where my muscles seem to twitch and I get a warm feeling around my anus/prostate/base of my penis. This has all made me really excited to get the helix back inside.

Am I going right?

Im having trouble with my aneros session. I dont know if Im doing right so I want some advices. Sorry for my english since Im not from english speaking country.

Anyways perhaps like other guys in this forum I stuck my mgx in my ass with plenty of lubes first. Then stay relaxed until I get comfortable with my toy. After that I squeeze my pc muscle at up to 70% of my limit with concentration. The concentration on the toy and the prostate. I maintain the squeeze until I shiver. I feel some.. some kind of wave like Im burning and thats all. Thats it. Nothing happens after that.

I also tried the do nothing method. Sometimes I feel the same feeling like I mentioned before. But most of the time I feel nothing. Well umm the forums in my country they say dont have any expectation for reaching any orgasms so I struggle really hard not to expect good feelings.

The question is I dont know if Im following the right path. And want to know whether guys who reached dry orgasm state had same trouble like Im struggling now or not. Thx for reading.

p.s Weed sounds interesting but its illegal at here.