I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely and sensibly becomes second nature.

My first attempt with these crazy looking sounds was a bit of a non-starter, I was rushed for time and sounding or come to think of it a session with Aneros’s is never good when rushed. I had pleasurable sensations but nothing too dramatic, my second attempt was a completely different affair.

This was a long and protected session lasting almost three hours, I’ve recently purchased a VR headset, an Oculus Quest 2 if anyones interested. You’re able to download 6K VR porn directly to the device, therefore not relying on Wi-Fi when out on business, particularly handy for the likes of me especially when I’m in the back of beyond. I have to say the optical quality is really good and once engrossed in the glory of the scene its easy to get sucked into it (pun intended) anyway I digress….

When it comes to sounding I’d say I was fairly experienced by working my way from a basic set of Rosebuds to a set of ‘J’ curved Van Buren sounds, up to this moment in time they have given me the most rewards. I should really explain that once past the initial squeamishness of the physical act of sticking metal rods deep into your dick there’s a world of deep and dark wonders to behold from sounding, and let me tell you it gets easier with practice. Just remember to never force anything and keep everything super clean, start slow and do your homework before diving in.

Sounding takes me to new depths

Following on from the success as per my previous blog entry, I decided a cheeky Saturday morning session with my shiny new Guyon sounds was in order.

As with Aneros devices it takes time for a session of prostate play to rev-up and get fired up, from early on in this session i was experiencing nice pleasurable sensations, this was caused by the bend of the sound gently applying pressure directly on to my prostate, resulting in a nice warm glow from deep within. An hour or so into the session I started to get the pre-orgasm shakes, my legs began to quiver and my stomach muscles began to tighten, this built in intensity, I was playing with the sound with my hand, rocking it back and fore and from side to side, I noticed I got a ‘buzz’ if I gently levered the sound upwards towards my belly ( I was sitting on the bed propped up by pillows with my back to the headboard) I took a pillow, folded it and used this as a support to lift the sound up and hold it in the optimum position, I could tell when it was positioned correctly as my prostate wound tell me so! I reclined back and rode the sensations, some nipple diddling put me over the edge and a wave of lustful pleasure washed over me, I felt like I was floating, like an out of body experience but merged with an head blowing orgasm, I held this as long as I could, I know it lasted for minuets as I had porn on in the back ground and I could tell it was lasting for minuets and not seconds. As time went on I almost passed out but held it and held it until it faded away. What an incredible head blowing orgasm, my longest I’ve ever experienced in my life, it wasn’t long before the second wave crashed over me, this time not lasting as long but of equal pleasure. At no time during this mega-orgasm did I touch my cock or even think about ejaculating, all my my thoughts and concentration were solely focused on my prostate.

8 to 10 minuet orgasms, how?

It’s been awhile since my last post, life has been kinda busy but finally I’m away for a few days away on a business trip and what do trips away make? That’s right guys, time on my own to play!

As most of may already. know I’m a huge fan of not only time spent with my collection of Aneros’s but of urethral sounding and latterly that’s where I’ve been concentrating my efforts.

On my previous blog entry I was singing the praises of my news purchases a shiny set of Guyon sounds, I have to say I’m totally and utterly in love with these amazing instruments, I shall explain….

These sounds are designed for medical use but have one major plus point, when inserted they pass directly through the center of your prostate, and we all know there lies the core of the deepest and most powerful sensations known to man!

Like all kinks that involve medical toys there is an element of risk, it’s imperative you do your homework before shoving things down your dick, serious damage can be inflicted by the foolhardy and uneducated. Always play safe and never rush or force things. With sounding initially there will be a level discomfort and a possibility of some bleeding but with experience these soon go away and a world of pleasure awaits. After almost a year of sounding I never suffer pain or discomfort.

Want to know what sounding feels like?

Super 0 the next level

So I’ve been meaning to make a post about this advanced technique for quite a while, because its seriously just so good I had to share. I’ve started mucking around with prostate masturbation maybe 12 months ago, and read up as much as I could in the search for the magical Super O. I started with the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, and have added so much along the way and haven’t looked back since. I also have an Aneros Progasm, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which I prefer, they’re both different but equally amazing. This post is to share the precise steps and techniques I use to achieve the most ridiculous mind blowing Super O’s to date. There is what I consider to be an absolute game changer below, I hope others try it and let me know if it works as well for you. Please note my technique also includes the use of marijuana which may not be legal in your state or country so please disregard if that is the case. This list of items used is at the bottom for quick reference.
I start by clearing my schedule, turning off my phone, and making sure I wont be interrupted for at least two hours, and preferably more. This is a marathon not a race!
You must take a dump beforehand, and then douche until properly clean. Don’t skip this step! I like to wait at least half an hour afterwards before attempting anything further with my ass, to ensure my sphincter is relaxed again.
During which time I get set up, which I’ll admit is extensive, but so worth it. I’ll put a towel on the bed to ensure it stays clean. Room temperature must be pleasant. I play white noise (or pink noise, its better) on loop through a speaker, it helps with concentration.
I get the toys I plan to use out, along with the suitable lube/s. For the Helix Syn Trident I use an oil based lube as you cant use silicone lube and it lasts far longer than water based. For any non-silicone toy I use silicone lube, it’s the best and no reapplication. I put maybe 5ml into a lube syringe.
Other items I get ready are porn on the bedroom tv, and, the game changer: a little handheld EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine with two adhesive pads. I discovered this when I was using it for a sore shoulder, and I put two and two together when I thought “hang on, if the key to prostate orgasms and specifically Super O’s is to reach a point where your PC muscles are contracting involuntarily, and the EMS makes muscles contract involuntarily, then surely I could incorporate this into the process?” I saw there were other anal e-stim toys out there, but I wanted to be able to use e-stim with an Aneros toy and PC muscle contraction.
Ok so on with the process…
I like to smoke a bit of weed (read earlier legal disclaimer) but I don’t smoke regularly so doesn’t take much to get a good buzz on. The reason for this is weed is brilliant for concentrating on certain physical sensations and blocking out distractions and preventing your mind wandering. So yeah, I have a few tokes, turn on the pink noise, chuck the porn on and jump into bed.
Its important to do this next, as any lube will stop them from sticking – I put one EMS pad in the top of my butt crack, and the other one behind my balls on the perineum. These locations will make the EMS stimulate and contract the PC muscles.
I don’t know if its because I’m straight, but as soon as anything goes into my ass I have no chance of getting a hard on, so I have to make sure I’m hard beforehand as your prostate is mostly engorged and open to stimulation when you’re aroused.
I lie on my side with my top leg towards my chest, then lube up my ass and the lube syringe, insert it and push the lube at around the depth of my prostate. If it feels good you know you’re on the right track!
I lube up a finger and slide it in, then a second, keeping the pace and stretching slow because I’ve found staying relaxed is key. Then I lube either the Helix Syn Trident or the Progasm – the Trident if I want subtle and gentle tapping, or Progasm if I want more intense pressure and pushing on the prostate. I’d say I’ve had more intense Super O’s with the Trident, to the point of nearly passing out. Actually I’ve had nearly as good with the Progasm, so I couldn’t choose just one. I slide the toy in slowly, enjoying it. If my sphincter contracts during insertion I know I’ve gone too fast. It helps to tilt the Progasm forward for easy insertion.
I then lie on my stomach, it works best for me but I’ve also had amazing Super O’s on my side. Still no luck on my back, I think gravity makes the toy fall away from my prostate. I relax for a while, tuning out to my breathing and the pink noise for a bit.
Then I start to change my focus to whats happening in and around my ass, the perineum tabs, and the toy resting against my prostate. Its an exercise in subtlety, concentration, and patience. The slightest movement of my PC muscles are what I want at this stage, slowly contracting and releasing every maybe 10 seconds. Because of the weed I’m very focused on the prostate touch. At this stage I like to contract lightly and very smoothly, then as I’m allowing it to relax just as smoothly, hold it just before its fully relaxed, like at a level 1 instead of letting it go to zero. I do this on repeat for a while, and each time it feels even better then I stop the contraction and relax before starting the contraction again because it builds the amazing feeling more each time. I’ve found this is the best and most consistent way of getting the involuntary contractions to start.
At this stage I turn on the EMS to its lowest setting. I’ve tried all the settings and the one I have found by the far the best, is one that smoothly and quickly pulses for 10 seconds then stops for 5 seconds. On the lowest setting it is barely noticeable, but its there.
After a minute I increase it to level 2, and its now sending electro buzzes through my PC muscles. But its enough that I can still mostly control my own muscle contractions, with some involuntary contractions starting to happen alongside the on-off electro stimulation. Its borderline taking over though, and each manual contraction is starting to get taken over by involuntary contraction to the point where its hard to stop them if you really try. Patience!
As it gets more difficult I am starting to shake involuntarily too. I turn it up to level 3, and now I’m at the point where I try to prevent involuntary contractions each time the machine stims for 10 seconds, but by halfway my PC muscles are contracting by themselves and I cant stop it. I try to prevent it but its impossible. Now my body shakes are more frequent too. My prostate is aching and I can so clearly feel the toy and its bumps sliding over my prostate.
Level 4 on the machine is where it all happens for me. The EMS machine causes completely involuntary contractions which squeezes the toy into my prostate strongly, for 10 seconds, and for the 5 seconds its stopped my PC muscles stay contracted entirely on their own until the machine runs for the next 10 seconds. At this point I’m starting a mind and body melting Super O, and I’m a shaking and moaning mess, with non-stop contractions and that beautiful feeling you get in your lower stomach right before you cum, sometimes spreading throughout your entire body. The difference is this can go on for several minutes, relentlessly keeping you at that point of internal orgasm and not letting up. The longest I have kept going for was around 25 minutes and could go no further, I eventually came so hard I nearly passed out and was a zombie for the rest of the day.
Anyway let me know if you do try this and what you think. I hope it works for you as well as it does for me.

Best Super-O’s to date

Sessions of late have been good but nothing mind blowing, super-o’s have been achieved (and appreciated) and I’ve been left feeling satisfied, but nothing as amazing as the sessions I had in November of last year.

On the other hand yesterdays session was something very different.
After a particularly strenuous workout/weights session I decided to have a session with my trusty eupho syn trident, I went through my usual routine of douching, showering and setting the scene, everything was done in a relaxed and controlled manner, taking time not to rush things and keep calm and relaxed.

I lay on my back on the bed and inserted the device, then did nothing, I just lay there and chilled-out, I watched some soft-core porn to help my mind drift away from everyday thoughts. After about twenty minutes I could feel the device gently nuzzling my prostate, the most subtle and lightest of sensation, a gentle tickling. I know from experience that this is the start of good things to come. I rode the sensations whilst gently and gingerly contracting my PC muscles, the tickling developed into a buzz and began to radiate throughout my pelvis, my thighs and butt began to quiver and shake. It’s at this stage that I start to pull the device deeper into me by contracting my sphincter, not too hard, just enough to put a small amount of pressure from the eupho directly onto my prostate, this is when the magic happened. Up until this point I’d not touched my nipples, as I started to strum them with my finger nails I could feel the build up to my first super-o. My body from tip to toe became rigid and I let out a massive yawn, then the shakes and quivers began, I was transported into the mysterious world of the prostate orgasm, vivid visions of lingerie clad girls flashed before my eyes, swirling whirlpools of colours and the most glorious warm feeling overwhelmed me. All the time this is happening I’m gently holding the device in the sweet spot, using my sphincter to control its precise position. I’ve absolutely no idea how long the orgasm lasted but eventually it faded away, I lay there in the afterglow just floating in my thoughts, feeling totally at one with the world.

Progasm Ice – Round Two

Session two with my shiny new Progasm Ice was a day after the first (see blog below).

I started off pretty much as I always do, douche, shower, software porn, relax on the bed in a warm room.
From the moment of insertion I could feel the pressure on my prostate, this got me thinking, what would happen if I started spinster and PC muscle contractions way sooner than I normally do? So thats what I did, ten to fifteen minuets after inserting the device to be precise.

To get to the stage of my muscles fluttering I have to hold both sets of muscles for a good thirty seconds to a minuet, then hold for as long as I can, that seems to be my trigger, I then concentrate on the slowest and most controlled relaxation of those muscles as I possibly can, that seems to do the trick and thats when fluttering sensations starts, I repeat this until my pelvis is buzzing and feels like its burning deep inside!

Fast forward 15-20 mins and I could feel the first P-waves start, so I continue with the contractions, about twenty minuets later I can feel my first Super-O developing, I now know how to ride that sensation and amplify it by applying just the right amount of pressure and control.
The first Super-O was delicious, the second was by far the best I’ve EVER had, it lasted for ages, I totally lost track of time, I seemed to be able to hold it and control it at will. I’ve subsequently noticed from information from my smart watch that during the Super-O my pulse rate went from 64 – 160 and back down again, that shows how intense it was.

What a home Cumming!

I got home late last night form a business trip, whilst away I was hoping for some nice relaxed sessions with my growing family of Aneros’s.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan because my work colleagues were placed on the same floor of the hotel. I tried a few sessions but couldn’t get to a Super-O, I had lots of lovely sensations and the sessions were enjoyable, in the end I resorted to my second favourite pass time, sounding!

What happened during this trip made me realise the importance to me of having absolutely no distractions, or for that matter anyone else within earshot. It also dawned on me how vocal I am during my sessions, this is something I wasn’t fully aware of.

I got up this morning and drove my wife to work fully intending to work at home today, my prostate had different ideas! Ok so I can’t really blame my inability to work on my prostate, maybe I did brows a bit of porn and get myself worked up!

Sitting at my desk I could feel a buzz and a warm glow coming from my base of my cock, this was far more concentrated (and difficult to ignore) and intense than normal. It would have been rude not to oblige and bung a Aneros up my ass!

Deeper and Deeper

I’ve had a few sessions this week, all being fine but nothing to write home about, p-waves, mini-o’s and so on.

I though for todays session I’d mix things up a little. I’ve not used the Helix syn trident for awhile so after the usual douche and lube I started there, fifteen to twenty minuets in and I’m not getting anything, zilch. I swap out the Helix for the Progasm and lie back and adjust to weird sensations that comes with the bigger size of the Progasm. After half an hour I tentatively try some contractions of my sphincter and P.C muscles, I can feel the direct pressure on my prostate and get a positive reaction, this comes in the form of a warm glowing buzz, again after awhile nothing seems to be happening, so I’m thinking maybe this session will be a dud? After all it happens.

I try one of my favourites the Eupho syn trident, following on from the Progasm this ultra slim device glides in without a problem. I apply light contractions which results in a familiar feeling deep within my core, a sensation that’s hard to describe, its like a dull ache from deep down inside my pelvis.
As I regulate and concentrate on my breathing I find my self inadvertently contracting my sphincter by pulling the contraction forward into my body and rolling it over to my PC muscle in one continuous rolling movement, like its on its own elliptical trajectory, the warm ticking sensation its creating is just delicious, I keep rolling with it until I feel my first Super-O of the day washing over me, time becomes irrelevant, minuets seem like hours as I fall deep world of orgasmic bliss. With a finely tuned subtle contraction I’ve learned that its possible to hold the afterglow of a Super-O and reignite it by very gently reapplying pressure, this I did and one Super-O merged into another.

Opening Pandoras Box – Using mind power.

I’m delighted that I started writing this blog, not just for my own reference but for you the reader to be able to follow me on this amazing journey. Progress in the past few months has astounded me, just when I think things can’t get any better something happens that just blows my socks off. The words below are about something I had no inclination I had the power to perform, these experiences are making me realise we are far more empowered than we dare to think about, that is until we open Pandoras box…..

With no real intention I had my fourth session in a row. I used my fresh homemade lube and the Eupho syn trident, watched some porn and zoned out. It took awhile to get things going but as with my last blog I started to feel a now familiar buzz from my prostate, after a little gentle persuasion this grew to an electrical-type sensation as per my previous session, then came the quivering/shaking legs. This is where things got a whole lot interesting…..

I switch off the porn and lay on my back in the dark, my prostate was gentle buzzing and this feeling was spreading through my groin, the really high frequency but subtle quivers started to grow stronger. I read on the Aneros forum about someone who had learned to move this sensation around his body by the use of his mind alone, so I tried it. Holy crap, it worked, I could move the ‘buzz’ around my body, first to my belly then to my chest, the next bit is really important, I moved it to my head!!! Wowsers, this was literally a mind blowing experience.

Reset and we’re back in business.

I have recently started working again after four blissful months of very little to do except concentrating on my aeros sessions but concern was mounting, after some epic sessions of late my previous three or four sessions had been pretty much duds, enjoyable but nowhere near the intensity I had grown accustomed to, I resigned myself it was a symptom of fatigue.

The situation was beginning to worry me, was this it? Had I peaked? Would I ever experience a super-o again? This is when i decided to take a step back, to take stock and reset. I re-read my blogs which helped me understand what had worked for me just weeks before and the techniques I’d applied to take me to these highest of highs.

I made sure the doors were locked, phones switched off and the room temperature was comfortable, I prepared my MGX Syn Trident with a thin coating of Vaseline, laid out my lube, a towel and logged on to Pornhub. I then had a douche, a long hot shower and a stretch, I could feel a tingling sensation in my prostate like a very dull buzzing, time to get started. After drying off I lay on the bed and browsed some porn (SecretCrush4K is my current go-to) after twenty minuets I lubed up and inserted my MGX. Then breathing exercises and relaxation, letting my mind wonder, to past sexual exploits and encounters. what really fires me up is an memory I have of my ex and her beautiful dripping wet pussy, its hovering just inches above my mouth just willing me to lap up its juices, so vivid are these thoughts I can taste it!