The First Night

Decided to recant my first night of Super-Os as part of my blog. Hope you all enjoy reading:

Well. I just had my first Super O and then I followed it up with 20+ more over the next 5 hours.

And all Anerosless!!!

Mind you today I started the day with the Helix Syn and the Progasm session before I left for my flight to Atlanta. About 6 months into my journey and I was getting pwaves and like micro mini Os. Just some light pulsating and I can feel the in-voluntaries but up to this point nothing more than 10-15 secs. Nothing changed with this morning session.

For the last 4 days I have been reading and practicing the exercises from The MultiOrgasmic Man. No jacking off for 4 days…Sharpening the Knife every morning. 300+ Kegels a day. Using Cool Draw starting on the 3rd day.

I get on the plane and as I am on there I decide to do some kegels. I was shooting for 100. I got to about 50 and something strange happened. I was getting the pulsating I get with the Aneros but this was without. I stopped….did a few Cool Draws and then I was done.

I met up with my friends and we got to the vacation home. All was well. We were just enjoying each others company. After Dinner we went home and I lay down on the couch. I fell asleep. Woke up like 30 mins later and decided let me finish today’s kegels.

An Interesting Physical Connection.

So. Ive been noticing in my sessions that my toungue seems to be connected to my Prostate in some way. When I start my sessions in Aless my toungue flexes and moves as if I am licking or holding my prostate in my mouth.

I decided to use this as a platform to generate some pleasure and oh boy it did. I also figured out it was everything in my mouth except my teeth. My lips…parts of my toungue and the upper part of my throught. I could use my lips to kind of bite into my prostate. This makes me instant rock hard. And then i lick my prostate ever so gently like its an ice cream. The sensations this has given me the last few days have been incredible.

You all should try it. Your prostate is a never ending scoop of ice cream.

SR, Leaking and a Morning Session with the Eupho Trident

So I am now on day 11 of my SR journey. I am out of my mind horny and my prostate beats like a second heart for the past 3 days. My previous SR record was 8 days so I now know that after 8 things change drastically.

For the past 3 days I have also leaked precum/ejaculate at just random times during the day complete involuntarily and all in non-aroused states. The first two times I was at work in meetings and I just felt myself start to leak. When it first happened I literally wanted the ground to swallow me because I was wearing khakis and I feared things would come through. I originally thought it was piss but when I went to the restroom my underwear was stuck to my cock slit and there was great old white mess in my pouch. The second time it happened. I sat there with an evil grin. Today it happened for a third consecutive day as I was doing a number 2 in the bathroom. As I passed crap out of me…my cock leaked precum and even cum from it. I was completely soft…and hadnt even touched my member but as I contracted my rectum…more and more of it leaked out. This turned me on to no end.

1000 Kegels and the Eupho Arrived

Over the past 48 hours I have completed 1000 kegels. 500 per day specifically. Those sessions have led to some awesome PWaves. My Eupho Trident arrived yesterday and I was very eager to take it for a spin. I woke up this morning, lubed up and stuck it in. Two things happened. I got to a Super-O just as fast as with my Aless sessions and my time in between dry-Os and Super-Os was less than any other Aneros model. I love how this thing bounced around and kissed my prostate. Gave me such an energized feeling heading into the office.

While in the office I had an all day training which meant I could close my door. Every hour in this training I had a dry orgasm. Just doing kegels and feeling that wave.

After work I went and attended a hockey game and sitting right there in the cold arena focusing on the pleasure from doing kegels…I had the fattest and wettest dry orgasm I’ve ever had in front of people. No one knew…but I got up to make sure I didnt cum all over myself…it felt like I did but when I checked my cock…dry as a whistle.

The best part was when I came home tonight. I laid down on the couch and I could already tell I was super aroused. I played with both of my nipples and noticed my prostate was responding to the nipple play. For the next 3 hours I averaged a Super-O every 20 mins and I had one last over 10 mins. It was amazing.

End of Weekend Aless

This journey is so interesting. It’s a continuous learning experience. Earlier today I read through the following thread:

I decided I would try a few things in my aless session before going to bed. I didnt think I would get anything I would want to write about. I am more than a month removed from my first super-O and I wouldnt call myself an expert but I do believe me and my body are on the right wavelength.

Tonight we became even closer.

Typically my aless generated Super-Os come with either a kissing motion, a rubbing motion or a light touching motion. Tonight…it felt like I was being penetrated. I focused on this and the super-O I got from it felt sooo overwhelming with love. But it felt like an imaginary aneros was in my ass and it was moving.

The other new feeling I got was that once I had generated this penetrating feeling that then turned into a hand and I felt a lite stroke at the base of my penis within my body. It felt awesomely weird.

After a busy Work Week…Weekend Explosion!

So this week has been rather crazy. I failed in the early part of the week at my normally weekly SR. I ended up getting carried away on Tuesday and decided to ejaculate only 2 days in. So with that reset I decided to also give my prostate a break. 2 days in with just diving into my work tasks butt buzz and Aless were pretty much sustaining me. Friday I had a full on fight session with my prostate not to go jumping over the deep end into a Super-O. So here comes the weekend.

I woke up and cuddled with my wife before she went to work. Raging morning wood poking her back which I ignored because I wanted to see what the remaining time in the day would bring. I laid in bed just lightly kegeling. I felt a warm tingling up my spine…that immediately transformed into the shortest but mind numbing orgasm I’ve ever felt. It literally was maybe 2 seconds…enough for two kegels…but it left me trembling.

At this point I got up and walked the dog. Came inside and took a shower. In the shower I played with myself a little bit. Stroking my soapy cock. I could feel that slow build of sperm waiting to be released. I then left it alone and rinsed off. I put on some lounge clothes…underwear…tshirt…cotton sweats and retreated to the living room. Lightly started kegels again and withing 5 mins I was getting some nice pwaves.

Aless and My Sexual Thermocouple

Thermocouple: a device for measuring temperature, consisting of a length of wire of different metals connected at two points terminating in a bulbous tip, the voltage being developed in the junction will be in proportion to the temperature difference.

By Spring of 2007 my Aneros journey made me feel like a 17th Century Explorer from Spain or Italy of Portugal only instead of the New World I was seeking the New Orgasm. I was in control of my ship, its equipment and the humanity that drove it and most importantly I had confidence in myself. I alsowas aware I was headed somewhere but I wasn’t totally sure what was out there.

I was having a 90% success rate with Super O’s each session. I knew how to make sure I had them but I wasn’t always consistent in the results. Some sessions were deep and intense producing toe curling agonizing ecstasy while other were just meager and ok. Each one was as different as a finger print. I learned that Super O’s were very nuanced and that depending on how you guided them, they could tumble you like a wave on the shore and abandon you or they could caress your brain and transport you to nirvana. I learned that I could get good advice from others on what worked for them but that experimentation of what worked in my own body was essential, even if it went against what others did. I also learned from Senior members here about A Lesses.

Prograsm Ice = Butt Marauder

So I came in from lunch and as I was returning all my family were leaving to go shopping. Wife was already at work and had already completed her midday home trip.

It was just me…the dog…and my prostate.

I started with some Aless. It was fantastic. 2 Super-Os lasting over 5 mins each. I felt all tingly. I decided to retire to the room and get it on with the Helix Syn. It was ok…some good pleasure. A few pwaves. Several times it was moving on its own but it never really hit that spot. My prostate then spoke to me. It said one word….Progasm.

Now some background here. Me and this unit have never seen eye to eye. It’s a lot to put it in. It never feels comfortable. The only time I ever get pleasure from it is if I decided to masturbate (which before I had super-Os I would ALWAYS do and this would ALWAYS be the model I end my sessions with).

Today was different. I lubed it up and while it was still difficult getting that first bulb in…after that it slid right in to place and it kissed my prostate. That was different. I laid down and just took deep breaths. Shortly thereafter it felt like my rectum expanded to allow more of the big boy in. My cock got super soft…unlike any other time…but I felt it…I felt it starting to tingle…it moved like it was shifting…very very small movements…but they were deliberate and to the point. And then it happened…

I thought I had super O’d. Today was something different.

Been fighting something since Thursday. Sore throat, a little weak and some mild sinus stuff. Hadn’t been feeling aroused at all during this time. Woke up this morning feeling a little better and new I’d have some space this afternoon. Started playing with my nipples through the morning and got wound up pretty good. Even had a few Aless mini’O’s. Did this all morning.

This afternoon, when I got my space, I started out with the Progasm lying on my chest, stretched out on the bed. Things took off about like normal, some little O’s after five minutes or so. Things got better, as usual. At an hour and forty-five minutes things had slowed down. I took out the Progasm and inserted the PS-New. This got things going again but not as good as the Progasm had been. After fifteen minutes took a break to pee then I was back to the Progasm. Never fails, after taking a pee things are VERY intense quickly when I get back to my session then they taper off, but don’t stop by no means.

Had some new sensations with the Progasm today. Different “heat” and pressure build up in my groin. This would build and finally involve some of the nerves in my penis which led to some light pulsing like a traditional O, but not ejaculation (I’m never hard during a session). This would build until the heat and pressure seemed to focus to one small point about the size of a pea then WHAM!!! I was surprised I didn’t rip the top off the mattress. Kept getting these about every one to two minutes. Some MUCH better than others but most better than anything I’d had before.

Eupho Classic, Wow again! Saturday morning session, November 24

Hi guys,

It has been absolutely idyllic here at my apartment building during the long Thanksgiving weekend which began in earnest Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. when staff ceased their work day early and left for their Thanksgiving celebrations. So did many of the residents also, most exiting the city for families and friends so far away.

One thing I did notice is that Christmas shopping season starting early last Wednesday. I heard on the news that many Americans are splurging showing their confidence in the economy.

Thursday morning after getting breakfast from the 7 Eleven, I had a session with Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus and Progasm ICE. It was a good session. However yesterday Friday it was bitterly cold outdoors. I dressed warming in the apartment. Early last evening, I dressed in an Under Amour long sleeve shirt, and full sweats. I felt warm, cozy, and began to feel really horny which caused me to attempt a masturbation session before midnight. I gave up and went to bed still feeling really horny.

This morning when I rose at my usual time at 5:30 a.m., I still felt super horny. This horniness embodied my sweet, yet very strong Aless. I worked with my Aless by Kegeling strongly and diddling my nipples. However my Kegels and diddling happen naturally which produces very sweet and powerful Aless. When this all happens, it feels very much an Aneros session, except my Aneros tools are not inserted and working away.