Tight pelvic floor ruining sessions.

I feel like the more relaxed my pelvic floor muscles are the better it feels but sadly I can never relax those properly, even after 1 hour of laying down with binaural beats belly breathing the whole body relaxed EXCEPT my pelvic floor, I feel like it’s never entirely relaxed (throughout the day neither) and this issue also causes me to have erection problems in normal life too. Seems I did this to myself by sitting by my PC for the last 15 years for 15 hours a day and subconciously holding pee much of the time due to focus on gaming, very sad.

Any idea on this? Anyone else feels the same during their session? Any advice is highly appreciated too. Thanks!

All I can do is a wet coregasm / need help!

I have been using my aneros helyx syn trident (forgot exact name) for 3 years now but mostly just to boost my penile orgasms strenth. Couple months back I first managed to have a handsfree orgasm with aneros massager inside but only by flexing legs straight and crossed and abs as if I were doing crunches half reps as it stimulated my prostate (cant do it without flexing, too weak pc muscles I guess). Today I discovered this subreddit and would love to hear advices on how to reach what you boys call dry orgasm and super orgasm. By now I always thought only the type I can do (I believe they call it coregasm) that I practiced 3 years to achieve existed, omg.

Hello and thank you!

separating the floor and pc muscles

hey all! i posted a while back asking about any tips on the process of separating the two muscle groups, but should’ve been more specific.

for those of you that had to consciously gain control of both groups independently, was it gradual, or kind of sudden? does control come with strength?

i feel kind of stuck in that aspect and am not sure if i’m on the right track

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New to prostate massagers, any advice?

I just got a prostate massager like a couple days agos and I don’t really know how to use them. Ive been listening to mindgasm lately but can’t understand how I can use what I learned from mindgasm and implement it with my massager. I have a couple questions to ask.

What muscle should I use when iserting the massager, the PC muscle or the base?

How do I stay relaxed and concentrate when doing prostate play?

I can’t separate sphincter and PC muscles…

I know which one is which but for me they both activate at the same time. If I imagine trying to stop my urine stream I automatically clench my sphincter. What’s the best way to go about this?

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WTF! WTF! WTF did I do

So first time poster. Long time no enthusiast. Well I have some questions that I wish someone could help me with.
1. Can someone explain what “p-waves” feel like?
2. How do I stop them? This is explained in the long post below.
3. What does a dry orgasm feel like and what’s the difference between them and pwaves? I had and incredible experience yesterday and not sure exactly what I was feeling?
4. What is an Aless orgasm?

I have been experimenting for years with prostate massage and never managed to have anything really happen until a few months ago. I was playing around and had my first HFWO which sent me searching for that feeling aLong story short. The other day I was reading through a bunch of post and saw a lot of post about Mindgasm and aneros. So I thought what the hell could it hurt. So down loaded the app and started listening and fallowing along. Now this is with out any device because i was at work. As I progressed through I started feeling the butterfly’s in and around my p spot and I started leaking precum like crazy. So much so I soaked through my jeans. I can’t explain the pleasure. That evening I would periodically work my pc muscle and I kept kept feeling these waves of pleasure that would resonate from my prostate through my body like a bell being struck. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. So far everything was amazing until I tried to go to bed. I could not sleep these waves of pleasure took over and I couldn’t stop them. I was leaking like a faucet again and thought what the hell did I do? Can I turn this off? Do I even want to turn it off? So I went to where I could be more discreet and figured I’d see where this would go. And let me tell you. It went. I had wave after wave of bliss fallowed my moments of peacefulness. Might I add this is all without a device. Just relaxing breathing and working the pc. After 2 hours of this I couldn’t take it anymore. The feelings were so strong I thought if I kept going I would wake up the hole house. So I finish my self off in the traditional handed approach and I exploded like never before. I can’t explain how cum there was.
What did I do to myself?

Night Session!

Last night went to bed late because of late dinner.
Couldn’t get asleep with loaded stomach so decided to kill time with a Eupho Syn session.
Lubed up and lay on my side and upper leg bent. Relaxed with deep presleep breathing pwaves appear.

I got in the mood now…pulled out my Eupho and slide it in again but with the tip pointing to my back….this gives me a tender but firm pressure on my prostate.
Normaly i can sleep on my stomach in this set up.

But not last night…i felt my prostate had a nice interaction with Aneros.
I felt the toy pressed out while pc muscles pulled it back.
Had to turn on my side again to avoid penis contact with my matras and spoil the moment.

From that moment i felt like had to pee and precum pumped out of my glans with a tremendous orgasm.
I cleaned up but let the Eupho inside felt asleep.

How much is too much? Can you strain your PC muscles?

I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough recently thanks to edibles and had 5 night sessions in a row where I experienced pure bliss. I’d take some edibles, 2x10mg, and put the Aneros in (either Eupho or Helix Trident) and also vape some THC and let the sensations build and build until I get involuntaries. Then I’d start doing some of the Mindgasm techniques like eternal wave until they started getting stronger. Once at a decent level, I’d also take some poppers and just take it all in. I’d go for maybe 2-3 hours just listening to some porn or Mindgasm and had the most pleasure I’ve ever had while hunting super Os (but I don’t think any super Os).

On the 6th night, I tried again the same way. I had different edibles because I had to buy more and the previous ones weren’t available, but I couldn’t get anything going and ended up stopping after less than an hour.

On the 7th night, I was craving the feeling and tried again but same deal, and on and on to today which is the 10th night since my breakthrough.

I think I wore out my muscles down there after continuous sessions. What does an exhausted PC (and associated) muscle(s) feel like? Because I don’t feel weak or strained or tired down there. Do you just become kind of unresponsive when trying to do contractions? In the post-bliss sessions where nothing really happened, I could still do contractions and the eternal wave etc but not for long, and got no involuntaries.

How to use Peredise?

How are people using the peredise set? I’m a newbie and have read that the small one is more “advanced” so mostly wear the large one during the day. It’s nice because I can get a little pleasure from it while working at my desk and feel warmed up later for a real session with a larger toy.

I’ve read that people will use this toy to “train” and strengthen their pc muscles but haven’t seen any explanation on how to do so.

Do you use your peredise for a full session? Is it more of a warm up toy? Or do you keep it in for longer parts of the day like I do?

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First time having multiple Super O’s – arousal is important!

I had my first Super-O about a month ago now and I’ve been able to achieve a Super O once in every two to three or more sessions I’d say. This week I’ve had a lot of free time and have been having 3-4 hour sessions every single day and it’s been amazing. So many different orgasms and feelings! I’ve been experimenting with different ways of preparing and changing things up in my sessions just to see how it is. Last nights was the best by a long way.

It’s been 10 days since I ejaculated and I can easily arouse myself to a fairly intense level. I often just dive straight in to my sessions but really took my time last night. Gave myself 90 mins to prep my body, which included pre-lubing, relaxing and reading a book until my mind was too distracted 🙂 then another 30-40 minutes of arousing and teasing myself. I touched my body, did PC/kegel exercises, teased myself with my progasm and it was great. It’s rare for me to pre-cum but I was lovely and wet and it was at that point I just *had* to start.

Laid on the floor with my legs on the bed, sort of like a Z shape. Inserted my Progasm and just relaxed… really savoured everything. The way it felt inside me, how good it felt to finally have what I was craving. Involuntaries started quickly, and then p-waves, and then my first prostate orgasm. I’d say this was within the first 15 mins. An hour or so went by that was filled with intense p-waves, a few prostate orgasms and a dry orgasm.