Orgasms changed mid sessions

So I was having a session last night and something interesting happened. My orgasms took on a totally different form than they normally do. Usually I get the intense sensation of being about to cum and then orgasm accompanied by an intense, prolonged contraction of the PC and anal muscles. They don’t pulse like they do with traditional orgasm, they just hold tight without letting up at all. The pleasure is focused entirely around my crotch and can come from different areas as the orgasm rolls into multiples, but it’s all centered around my crotch.

Then, last night I decided that I would try to fight against the contractions and try to keep the muscles unclenched because I’ve heard people say to relax into the orgasm. This is nearly impossible and I can only keep it up for a few moments before the sensations become too much and my body clenches up. When I fight to stay unclenched I’ll usually get a crazy vibration through my body and vision that isnt pleasurable, just a crazy intense sensation. But I kept at it and tried more and more to keep the muscles as unclenched as possible (I won’t say “relaxed” because there’s nothing relaxing about this, it’s hard as hell to keep my body from writhing and clenching). A few times the sensations built and faded away which was a little disappointing because I felt like I was missing out on some orgasms. But then something changed and I started having orgasms again, but this time there was no central focal point. My crotch was no longer the focus of the orgasm and instead it was like my whole body was orgasming. It was really strange honestly. Not having an area of focus was weird and I didn’t know what to think. Like, I can’t tell if the orgasms were as good or better or worse than the others I normally get. It was just very strange and interesting. I was still writhing around and shaking like a man possessed, but the orgasms had a totally different feel to them since the pleasure was hardly in my crotch at all.

Haircut Mini-O

I’ve been amped up with arousal for a week and today I went in for a haircut at a place that washes hair while in a massage chair. The woman cutting my hair was slender with nice blond hair and a great ass. I was kind of buzzing with sexual energy throughout the haircut but when she reached forward to remove the drape her hair went across my shoulders and women’s hair really turns me on. I visualized for and instant that she was back there preparing to peg me! We went to the wash stations in the back and I sat in the chair which has a vibrating seat, reclined and relaxed. Hot towel on my face, luxurious scalp massage, the vibrating chair, the thought of the hair stylist pegging my ass all converged into a Mini-O. Legs shaking and penis pulsating in time with my PC contractions. I kind of had to fight to keep from flipping over into a full blown Super-O. The wash over, I walked back to the styling chair with a stupid grin. Luckily the pre-cum soaking my underwear had not made an appearance through my shorts.

P-waves at work

I was at work mindlessly typing up work orders and held some PC tension for a bit and started moving towards a Mini-O. Pulled myself back from the brink though because my coworker was right there, haha. Probably a bit hard to explain had I kept pushing!

Aneros MGX fits snugly in me.

Hello! So I’ve recently started using toys. In initial couple of sessions the toy would cause involuntary contractions but now it seems to fit snugly in me. It doesn’t move much although with arousal i get hard and leak some precum. The lack of movement wouldn’t allow me to do contractions of my pc/sphincter it just feels uncomfortable.

I do relax alot so that isn’t the problem. Should I change positions? (I currently lie on my back with knees up) or should I change the lube? (I use a liquid based lube).

Please help me out!

Success and The Regret (Re-Posted)

After several years of using Aneros, I have started to have regular prostate pleasure, and every nth time, I would get to a dry orgasm, a mental orgasm, or even a SuperO. It was always difficult to find time for sessions, but I slowly and surely built upon each session to keep progressing. The first time I had a SuperO, I was on the couch in the living room after coming back from college. It seemed to transition from a dry orgasm into a screaming orgasm that I could not believe was happening. I lay there exhausted afterwards and felt that I have found something amazing to have in my life. My partner was never interested in trying, so I stopped talking about it afterwards. I kept going, and taking notes from each solo session. I also became more open to trying other toys, nipple stimulation, and manual prostate massage. I wanted to try everything over the years that followed.

My only regret in my journey was never having experienced a HFWO, not from sex with my partner, from Aneros or from manual prostate play. I guess it is not meant to be, but I have surely kept trying and it seemed sometimes that I would come so close. I rode the edge of what seemed to be a near ejaculatory event through anal sex, Warpmymind hypnosis, manual nipple play, using a dildo, an nJoy wand, a fucking machine, eStim, and a Theragun.

Was this a p-gasm, p-wave, just involuntary contractions, etc.?

I just had a really long session with my Helix Syn using great tips and lessons from this subreddit and Mindgasm (respectively), and while it was good to practice separating out the PC vs. sphincter, I wasn’t getting anything like an involuntary spasm. After a long while, I started doing random contractions, trying out different positions, etc.

I decided to just give up and jack off to finish. Maybe it was either getting hard or just relaxing after that decision, but I suddenly felt like I was about to have a wet cum. For a few mins I was left in a state where my PC muscles were contracting as if I was dry cumming and it felt amazing, like I was on the brink of ejaculation from edging. I tried keeping this up but eventually it passed the point of no return and I ejaculated.

While I’ve read about all the things (title) and super O’s, I’m not sure what I just experienced. Was it just involuntary contractions, or one of the other things mentioned in this sub?

How to separate sphincter and pc muscle?

I can distinguish the two but how do you separate the two? I mainly find it hard to not flex my pc when flexing my sphincter or releasing one after holding both.

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what your PC muscle actually is.

So, I had fun coaching a newbie.

But I think the thing that isn’t quite explained right is that the PC muscle is the same muscle you try to make your boner dance when you’re hard.
That’s what you want to do, thinking of it pushing DOWN onto the toy. And more is not always better. Sometimes a 35% hard flex is better than a 75% push.

The thing is I was trying to have the toy hit it…

The spincter isn’t really all that important in movement, until the involuntaries come. Try flexing LIGHTLY. That might be what you need to take you to the edge. “

Helix Syn V

So I’ve been dabbling in prostate play for awhile. Recently picked up the Syn V. I’ve tried it a few times, attempting with and without the vibrations and I just don’t get that much pleasure. Nor sure if it’s too small or I’m not using my PC muscles proper but it just doesn’t seem to do it.

Any suggestions on different positions, whether you use vibration or not, use of patterns or techniques would be great.


Weed Strains

Hi all I have recently started using a helix trident,due to the slow progress I have also tried weed for a few sessions. Weed is great makes things more relaxed and makes my pc muscles more sensitive. I was able to experience a lot of tingling and muscle spasms in my legs and abdomen but not not really what I’m looking for.
Currently have Banana Kush is this any good for what I’m trying to do? What weed strains are the best for arousal and pleasure? How does it make you feel?