Giving into or suppressing leg quivers?

I’m making some good progress in my sessions with my Helix Trident. The position I’ve been using lately is laying on my back, pillow under butt, with knees bent, and feet flat on my bed.

I start to get really relaxed, not really using PC muscles, and just letting the Aneros do it’s thing. At this point my legs will start to have bouts of involuntary quivering for a few seconds. The length of the quivering increases and ramps up in intensity.

Should I be trying to suppress these quivers and try to keep my whole body relaxed? Or should I just give in and let my legs shake wildly in this knees bent position?

I’ve left my legs flat out on my bed before and don’t quiver nearly as much, but I think knees bent lets the Aneros hit my prostate better.


Hi All,

I tried searching the community but i didn’t find anything.

So where am I now? I bought the helix syn and played with it, mostly while watching porn and doing mindgasms. I also do kegels during the day. I also do them at night just to feel the sensation. This is my 4th week playing. In my second week i had an evening where i had 2 nice glowing feelings in my bladder region that emanated further. At that point i felt my pelvic region clench. After that i had similar feelings but much lighter if i do not use the toy and just clench at 30%. Using the toy i now seem to lose any succes. Very weird. I also started using a douche before play and i use coconut oil as lube. Nipple play doesn’t seem to do anything but hearing porn does. What i also did was stop masturbating and that is quite nice to be honest. I just have sex with my wife and anal play the other times. The periods in between the sex are now more fun as i get hornier the longer it takes and that helps the anal play. And if the periods are shorter, we have more sex 😀 win win. Also never did anal things before this and I do not use cannabis, poppers etc etc. Just want to be able to do it without.

So what are my questions.

Tried mindgasm lesson 1, buying aneros soon!

I tried mindgasm lesson 1, I read a lot about aneros and super-o. I relaxed, put on the lesson and followed through. After few mins I was able to find that sweet spot where you clench pc and sphincter slightly and my penis started rocking. This was upto an extent pleasurable. Is it good progress?

Is this light vibration i feel down there p-waves?

Strugling? Hear me out!

So first of all Im not a native english speaker so let me know if something isn’t clear.
Last night I had my first 20 second lasting Super O, thansfully for 2 things:

I didn’t wait for days without ejaculating, actually the night before I had 2 great sexy times with my wife. I didn’t use weed or anything either.
I had my aneros toys for about 2 years and I had some minor sucess wich I tough was Super O’s, but boy I was so wrong. thing is the reason why I couldnt achive the Super o earlier, is because I was misleaded by the most common advice: to squeez your PC muscle try to do the same movement as you stop urinating. If you do this, and you are a newbie you will end up lifting and moving your dick as you are trying to pull it back to your body.
My experience is, that the area between your balls and asshole is the best to pay attention to. If you do the squeeze right ( I imagine it as I’m closing the gap between where my 2 legs are attached behind my balls) your penis shouldn’t move. It sounds weird as the muscles are connected but you only need a very slight squeeze here.
2. If you find out how to use your PC muscles the right way, your miracle weapon is you spinchter muscle. I belive, If you learn to squeeze your PC, it really turns your toy to the right direction, but sphincter muscle “pushes” the aneros’s tip to your prostate.

first Super-O achieved

Thought I’d write down how this process went for me (M39). Maybe it’ll help someone else along. I certainly have benefitted of being able to look up other’s experiences on here.

Got an Aneros (Helix Syn V) roughly 5 months ago, quite randomly read about it on reddit. After the first few sessions found that the ‘stairs climbing/ hip rocking’ method allowed me to start feeling where my prostate was. Usually spent 1-1,5 hours on a session, once or twice a week. The initial 3ish months were interesting, but in general I approached it quite actively. Which led to nice feelings, but not the orgasm build up feeling. The first major roadblock I hit about 1,5 months ago, muscles contracting too hard and ejecting the toy on the run up. I got around this by using a towel wrapped around the butt and holding opposite ends, to prevent the toy from getting ejected. This led to the first session of multiple wet orgasms/squirting? kinda thing. This was a bit of a breakthrough, although it felt I squeezed/forced it out. Too much pressure on the prostate/cowper’s gland. At the end of the session I relaxed and stopped moving and that was the first time I started to feel the hint of an ‘orgasm feeling’, that was totally separate from any anal nerve area sensations.

Program, Maximus or eupho?

I’ve been using a hst for a a few months now and I’ve gotten to the point to where I can almost feel something building up but can’t really hold it if that makes sense. I feel like I have to permanently have my muscles flexed to 50% to even feel anything and don’t really feel anything if I don’t. Have a read a few comments about people in the same boat having more success with some others. So far I’m kind of leaning toward the progasm/maxi because of the “fullness” people have talked about. But I’ve also hear nothing but good things about the eupho and I’ve gotten pretty good control of my pc/sphincter muscles over the last month or two. So I guess I’m just curious what some others think.

Orgasms changed mid sessions

So I was having a session last night and something interesting happened. My orgasms took on a totally different form than they normally do. Usually I get the intense sensation of being about to cum and then orgasm accompanied by an intense, prolonged contraction of the PC and anal muscles. They don’t pulse like they do with traditional orgasm, they just hold tight without letting up at all. The pleasure is focused entirely around my crotch and can come from different areas as the orgasm rolls into multiples, but it’s all centered around my crotch.

Then, last night I decided that I would try to fight against the contractions and try to keep the muscles unclenched because I’ve heard people say to relax into the orgasm. This is nearly impossible and I can only keep it up for a few moments before the sensations become too much and my body clenches up. When I fight to stay unclenched I’ll usually get a crazy vibration through my body and vision that isnt pleasurable, just a crazy intense sensation. But I kept at it and tried more and more to keep the muscles as unclenched as possible (I won’t say “relaxed” because there’s nothing relaxing about this, it’s hard as hell to keep my body from writhing and clenching). A few times the sensations built and faded away which was a little disappointing because I felt like I was missing out on some orgasms. But then something changed and I started having orgasms again, but this time there was no central focal point. My crotch was no longer the focus of the orgasm and instead it was like my whole body was orgasming. It was really strange honestly. Not having an area of focus was weird and I didn’t know what to think. Like, I can’t tell if the orgasms were as good or better or worse than the others I normally get. It was just very strange and interesting. I was still writhing around and shaking like a man possessed, but the orgasms had a totally different feel to them since the pleasure was hardly in my crotch at all.

Haircut Mini-O

I’ve been amped up with arousal for a week and today I went in for a haircut at a place that washes hair while in a massage chair. The woman cutting my hair was slender with nice blond hair and a great ass. I was kind of buzzing with sexual energy throughout the haircut but when she reached forward to remove the drape her hair went across my shoulders and women’s hair really turns me on. I visualized for and instant that she was back there preparing to peg me! We went to the wash stations in the back and I sat in the chair which has a vibrating seat, reclined and relaxed. Hot towel on my face, luxurious scalp massage, the vibrating chair, the thought of the hair stylist pegging my ass all converged into a Mini-O. Legs shaking and penis pulsating in time with my PC contractions. I kind of had to fight to keep from flipping over into a full blown Super-O. The wash over, I walked back to the styling chair with a stupid grin. Luckily the pre-cum soaking my underwear had not made an appearance through my shorts.

P-waves at work

I was at work mindlessly typing up work orders and held some PC tension for a bit and started moving towards a Mini-O. Pulled myself back from the brink though because my coworker was right there, haha. Probably a bit hard to explain had I kept pushing!