What the hell is an “involuntary”, and what’s a “p-wave”?

On the “involuntary” thing, what are we talking about here? Is it when you tire our your PC muscle till it trembles, thereby causing the Aneros to sort of wiggle and flutter? Is it like when you sneeze or cough, or have a traditional orgasm with the aneros in, and your PC muscle just does a sharp squeeze on its own that makes you gasp?

And what’s a “p wave”? I sometimes get these moments where, out of nowhere, my heartbeat speeds up, I get all warm, and it feels like something amazing is about to happen….then it fades and I don’t know where it went. Is that what everyone’s talking about?

I mean, if the “involuntary” thing is just tiring out the muscle till it shakes, I find that feels good, but it’s annoying to get to and it goes nowhere because I can’t keep it up for very long. And how do I make what I described as a “p wave” happen more?! It feels amazing when it does, but it’s only happened a couple times, and then out of absolutely nowhere.

Do Nothing. How much nothing is the right amount?

So I’ve been trying the Do Nothing method a lot lately and I’ve had some great results, but I know there’s more, and I also know that I’m constantly over analyzing what’s happening while it’s happening because I’m not sure what contractions I should let happen versus which ones I should be fighting.

For me once the pleasure starts to build at all a number of different things start going on. My PC muscles will try to clench as well as my anus, my left leg/butt tenses up, and my hips start to thrust more and more forward. These are all somewhat involuntary in that they just happen automatically, but I can try to fight them off and relax. But I don’t know if I should.

A lot of the advice is to surrender to the experience, which to me means that I should let these things happen. But a lot of advice also advocates being totally relaxed, which to me means that I should try to keep my body from tensing at all. I’m ver confused.

Is there some tensing up that’s ok? Or should I fight to keep every muscle relaxed? What’s the right way to do this?

Aneros with Mindgasm

Hi guys

So I’ve taken everyone’s advice and subscribed to mindgasm. I’d already tried the first three lessons, and because of things I’ve done in the past I found the base and PC muscles pretty easy to separate. Then the Top muscle…

When I do what it sounds like I’m supposed to do I kind if get it. I’ve been trying for the last few nights, and I do feel like I’ve got a good control of it (not long but definitely there). Tonight I was going to try again, without Aneros but I seemed to be getting some sensations so I thought “Ah feck it. What harm can it do?” so in went my Trident. I then continued my exercises and, not sure if nature took over but I found myself hard (not the issue). I also naturally gravitated to both my Base and PC muscles being flexed, and just doing the top. So my questions are a) am I doing it right, and b) when flexing my top should THAT be where all my main sensations are (almost like it’s being thrusted, or masturbated but v..e..r..y slowly and gently). And very pleasurable it was too, with a couple of gasps and ‘Oh my God!”s. Twice my stomach contracted then my head fell back on the pillow! Sadly no precum or anything but it felt like it was. (But I’m not chasing the orgasm; I’m letting it chase me)

Newbie – 4th session P waves

Hi thanks guys for a very informative group.Just got my Helix Syn V. First impression was “is this going to fit okay”. Not a problem. First two sessions short then a long 3 hour session after mindgasm lesson still just a few tiny good feelings. Then tonight went thru the motions and after a while decided to do it in the doggy position got into a rythm of 30 slow thrusts and a 30 second hold and release. Felt like bubbles forming in my anus and then a great feeling and its subsides. Same routine same result Happened about 14 times, had vibrate on low setting. During session had plenty of legs and hands shaking uncontrollably and after the session (Is this a good sign ?). As soon as I thought about my swimsuit fetish the perineum tab woke up and gave me a tingling feeling starting another wave .Any idea if this is a good indicator and any tips on going beyond the good feelings .Pc muscles are still very weak but excercising 3 x a day. both muscles. With good feelings and waves do i just relax or should I thrust and hold to retain the good vibes.

Have been prescribed viagra but have not used it yet will be keen to see if it enhances my journey.

Your thoughts would be appreciated

Unintentionally have more success A-less. How to make it repeatable?

Anyone else have this happen to them? I had a more powerful orgasm aless basically out of nowhere than I have ever had when using either of my aneros.

I have been having pretty good sessions lately with my helix syn and progasm. A couple times a week. Each session seems to be better than the last or if I don’t get the same sensations I learn more about my body and what to do/not to do. Overall I’m happy with my progress.

Two days ago though I had a more intense prostate orgasm aless than I’ve ever had with either of my aneros inserted. I had vaped some weed(normal for me) and had a rare night with the house completely to myself. Normally the only alone time is in the early morning before work. I had taken about a week off since my last session and about 4-5 days since my last traditional orgasm. I was sitting on the couch watching sports, not horny at all, and all of a sudden I feel a tingle and a slight warmth radiating from my prostate.

Great experience

Sorry for the long post, but I need to get this out.

Had such an excellent experience last night, culminating in first HFWO.
Started off with a delta-8 edible, when that started to hit I lubed up, inserted my Helix, and listened to some ASMR erotica.
Within probably 5 minutes of laying there “doing nothing” my asshole started spasms and making the Aneros dance and tickle my prostate. Then I felt my world start spinning.
I mean like someone turned off the gravity and I was free floating, it was wild, but I didn’t fight it and just let it go on. My heart was racing, breathing was increased, and I felt warm pulses through my body.
Then my arms/hands starting quivering and that led into full on convulsions of my wrists and hands! It was nuts! But I tried to let it go and not fight. The spasms and twitches worked into my pelvis a little bit and I felt some nice warm tingles in my perineal area, (Are these p-waves??) at this point I hadn’t done any voluntary pelvic contractions. Eventually this subsided and I stammered to the bathroom for a drink of water (cotton mouth).
Slid back into bed for another go round. Popped the headphones back in, relaxed for a minute and then started doing light contractions of my PC muscle. Within a minute or two I was convulsing again, and pumping out precum with a massive erection.
This time every major muscle in my body started started, it was wild, but I let the ASMR voice guide me. Felt like I was falling down a well, which was great!
Now is when it got crazy- I got deep into a trance like state, I was moaning so loud, and my whole body was violently shaking and my cock was flopping all around, to the point I was somewhat concerned for a split second but quickly pushed those thoughts out. This felt incredible and new and different. I’ve approached this point before and always slightly “fought it” so it always died off. But this time I literally tried to disassociate my mind from my body and let my body do whatever it wanted.
It actually worked and the next thing I knew I was cumming like crazy but totally flaccid.
At this point I stopped, which I’m regretting now, do you think it’s possible I could’ve continued it? Also is this a “benchmark” on the journey to super-o and multiple HFDO?

Tips on how to set mental intentions to really relax and clear mind from expectations?

I have been using Aneros for 5+ years but only the last year been really making an effort to work with my mindset, as I understand super-Os are about being in a calm state of mind.
I’ve found Mindgasm to be really helpful and meditative. What I still want to improve, is to really clear my mind from expectations and let my body fully relax. I still find myself mentally being too excited or too eager to the point it becomes forceful: I get a lot of muscle spasms and tend to want to contract my PC muscles hard. It’s like built-up energy that needs release.

What would you say helps you to get in the right place mentally? Do you set any mental intentions before a session, or give yourself mental cues during sessions? What do these sound like?

Unwanted problems with the PC-muscle

Hi all, I’m looking for some advice, as I have some issues that are bothering me. I apologize if this gets a little long, but bear with me please.

I’ve had success with the Aneros before, as well as certain Aless experiences, such as dry full body nipple orgasms by way of nipple stimulation alone. At times I’ve had minor orgasms by way of thought alone, and so while it may sound like I got a good deal going on, which is probably true, after some experimentation many months ago, I feel stuck. Here’s why:

Before, I could do nipple stimulation only and get my body so charged up, that it was only a matter of “hacking the password” for each period of time, figuring out exactly what approach combined with mental aspect that would set me off into orgasmic la-la land at that point. But now this is not happening anymore.

The reason is that I was reading about flexing of the PC-muscle, and I realized I never really did this, unlike many others. So I experimented with this, where I squeezed it, and I don’t think it was too hard, then held for 10-30 seconds at a time, and released it. When I did, I noticed it did generate a surge of mild pleasure in my prostate, but nothing crazy. However, at one point, my PC-muscle went nuts, and just started moving constantly on its own. Initially for the first few days, it would do this when I went to bed in particular, and it caused me loss of sleep, fatigue, dizziness, and more. After this happened, it was almost impossible to do anything that had to do with nipple or prostate stimulation without triggering my PC-muscle to go nuts, and it never was in a good way either.

Trouble getting over the curve

I’ve been using a Helix Syn for a few weeks now, maybe 8-10 “sessions” and while I’ve felt some good and never-before-felt sensations, I’d like some feedback as to whether or not I’m approaching it correctly.

My last go with it seemed the most productive. I got myself pretty horny for a couple hours before insertion, with no sick touching. Then took a hot shower, laid in bed, did some meditative breathing, lubed up and inserted the Aneros. Tried to let it just rest for a period of time before contracting. After maybe 15 mins of listening to some chill EDM and breathing exercises I started doing some waves of PC contractions.

I started pumping out a lot of precum, but didn’t feel any sense of needing to urinate or any real pleasure sensations.

After maybe 10 minutes of contractions and using my pelvic floor muscles to literally “pull” the Aneros deeper into my asshole, I started to feel some nice warmth in my pelvic region and felt the muscles in my hips, abs, and legs starting to quiver. I could also feel my dick “jumping” and the Aneros felt like it was being pulled in and out by my asshole.

Then something new happened; my heart started beating like crazy, my breathing quickened, my eyes were closed and it literally felt like I was floating and spinning and things felt mildly good, but no where near what a normal cumming orgasm feels like. I didn’t cum or experience what I believe was an orgasm, only my usual pool of precum.

Looking for directions

Hello, I’m new to prostate play and had first session with mgx trident. and I have a questions..

I laid on my back legs spread knees bent pointing upwards. and when I lightly contract my crotch region (not sure about it being pc muscle or not) that area including my dick starts twitching a little, it felt good but didn’t go anywhere. After 2hr I just rubbed on out and ended my session.

So here is my question, I see that “do nothing” approach is recommended quiet often around aneros communities. But when I tried it today I felt nothing, thus leading me to do light contractions. Should I continue contracting my muscles to feel something or do I keep trying “do nothing” technique even though I don’t feel anything?

Second question, If I end my session without climax(no orgasm, no rubbing one out). would that help me on the next session? I sure hope so…?

Sorry if this questions are asked frequently. I went back and forth on /r/prostateplay and here but had to ask it.. Thank you in advance!