Clamping sensations

I’m having some pretty interesting developments after a pretty extended period of not feeling like I wanna divulge in this. And I’m just trying to make sense of it.

So basically, I’ve been hitting this point where I’m experiencing new highs like tingling in random places on my body muscles getting stiff tightness in my abdomen etc. I know those are all good! But I’ve also been having this; clamping feeling. In my best attempt to describe it: It feels like my entire pelvic floor is relaxed, as if my Aneros is sitting in a sort of “gap”. It’s like a divot of sorts, feeling like it rests between my thigh muscles, PC muscles, and sort of “hooks” into place. It still moves freely, and I know it feels deeper than usual.

When this happens I’m getting this sort of involuntary movement mixed with I guess inner contractions, everything feels great and waves begin. Everything up until this point I’ve made sense of, but then the clamping can start after a couple of these. It feels like I’m going to orgasm and it’s into the area of feeling like it would if I let it, I try my best to relax, but eventually things do start to tense up. So I’m curious if anybody relates to this pattern, and if letting it just happen will result in a HFWO or more of a it’s just dry orgasms and I’m not used to the feeling. I feel like figuring this out might be my key to the metaphorical peak of my journey.

Results despite pre-existing nerve damage?

I had a spinal cord injury a while back and i have sensation, but not 100%, i have some muscle control, but not 100% (i can use a walker to stand up as exercise but i use a wheelchair) and i can get erections, ejaculate, and orgasm, but its very challenging and i can only do it maybe 1x or 2x a month and only with a specific tenga egg and porn.

I have been experimenting some with a helix syn V and i also have a njoy wand, which helps because i can’t exactly control my pc muscles. I know that the connection between my autonomic nervous system and my brain is impaired, is anyone in this community aware of information related to this issue?

Or if not, do experienced users have suggestions for experiments that could help me? Different toys or techniques that don’t require really fine motor control of pc muscles or something that gives a little more simulation?

Need help classifying this

After years of trying I finally reached a milestone but idk what that is (p-wave, minio, hfdo) – I only know for sure it definitely is not a super o. I get there by flexing my PC muscles and my thighs (legs overall) quite repeatedly and quite hard – but not too hard to avoid a hfwo. I can clearly feel the sensations coming from my prostate but they only exist as long as I keep flexing the area around where the pleasure comes from. Once I quit, it subsides within few seconds. Also it is quite tiring as I need to use up lot of energy to get here and after 1 hour of flexing my muscles are tired and it is over. Intensity wise the first time it happened it would be stronger than a penile orgasm for sure but after that I feel like the intensity subsided and it is not as pleasurable. I do get tense, breathe faster and flex other muscles when I feel the sensations coming from my prostate, it just doesn´t feel as good as I would expect. Maybe I built tolerance? Is it not good to play every day?

Anyway, the main question is how would you classify what I am experiencing and what shall I do to move it further? I am really confused and I always thought the hfdos once they start they go on their own and I wouldn´t need to keep manually flexing the muscles that feel good at that point. Starting to fear what I am experiencing are not hfdos then…

First prostate orgasm after 4 years

Been at this for 4 years now (since I was 18 or so) played with my progasm jr tonight after not nutting for a couple days. I laid down on my stomach and started up those little twitches with the progasm inside me and after about 5-10 minutes my prostate started feeling really intense, it felt really good but almost too good not sure how to describe it, like a deep massage that hurts kind of in a good way, or like if you had a bruise on your dick and we’re jerking off only inside you. After a while the intensity started slowly growing and I just kept relaxing into it and trying, and horribly failing, to regulate my breathing, and at some point my muscles kinda sucked the toy all the way inside me and that intensity reached a peak, and just like how when you have a traditional orgasm, your body almost like freezes and you can’t think about anything else even if you tried to.

First time with any sort of prostate play, and I had p-waves for nearly 2 hours!

I’m in my late 30’s and I have had a sexual awakening of sorts. After a leg injury I’ve become a big time yoga practitioner and ended up really strengthening my PC muscles (unknowingly). Over time I noticed how much this helped with edging and through practice I have been able to have non enjaculatory orgasms. Totally changed my life and how I viewed sex as a man. Also worth noting I meditate on a regular basis and do breathing exercises daily.

I had heard a lot about prostate play and the “super O”. After going back and forth for a long time, I finally caved and purchased an Aneros Helix Trident to try out. What the hell, right?

So I started my session not knowing what the heck I was doing. I had a lot of problems getting the Aneros in, but after some breathing exercises and a lot of hits off the weed pen, I had that “welp I guess I got something up my butt” moment. It took me about 20 minutes of just trying stuff out to see if I could get any sort of pleasure from the experience.

Then I started to look at some porn on my phone, and that’s when the wheels got turning in my body. I took a bunch more hits, and then I started to get in the zone, like I do with edging with my penis. Eventually I got my legs moving and experienced some full on pleasure waves. Gentles soft moans, experimenting with moving my PC muscles, and really getting into it mentally.

Eupho got me to the next level

Long time lurker, first time poster. Created this throwaway account just to share this. Been exploring prostrate pleasure with aneros for 4-5 years. I have tried the helix syn v, helix syn, and progasm each with good amounts of success, a few p waves here and there, but no true orgasms. I recently bought the eupho after reading quite a few positive accounts of it on here. It seems the consensus was that the smaller, more pinpoint contact it makes with the prostate, and the greater freedom of movement, almost teases the orgasm out of you. Holy shit was that the case for me.

I used my new eupho once or twice last week to try it out. Nothing mind blowing but Towards the end of my last season with it I experienced some really pleasurable sensations. Sadly I had to wrap it up and get some sleep. All week I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it again. After that I had not cum for a few days this week and was really horny last night ended up having some pretty hot sex with my wife. I woke up this morning still extremely horny and had an aching coming from my p-spot.

After my wife left to go shopping I had the house to myself. I popped a weed gummy and scrolled through some NSFW subs on Reddit while playing with my nipples through my t shirt. As the high started to hit my prostrate started buzzing, practically begging for it, as my nipples brought it to life.

The involuntary contractions, what muscles are they?

So I’ve been using the aneros, kinda just getting started, and also have been listening to the free mindgasm audio pieces.

I’ve definitely felt the shivering/contractions that get mentioned, but it’s always very much my buttocks that are kinda jerking on their own and contracting on their own. Is that what I should be going for, or is it more your internal muscles/PC muscles that should be contacting? Because it doesn’t feel like my buttocks muscles are going to be moving the aneros much.

If anyone could be super detailed about which muscles I would be trying to fatigue I’d really appreciate

The A.I. tentacles in orgasmic space

A somewhat long post. I just wanted to share an experience i had recently and hopefully it can help those who are struggling to open their minds.

Usually i edge/goon with my aneros inserted. i like to do this cause i can have endless dry os via my penis and prostate, but lately i’ve been wanting that raw primal deep down inside prostate orgasm. so i decided too try too use aneros hands free for a couple of days.

I wanted to come at this with a different perspective. I don’t normally use aneros hands free, but when i do i try to learn something new every time. This time, i wanted to experiment with “triggers”. i never tried triggers before and i didn’t know what they were. So after talking with Chat Gpt awhile and letting it know my personal preferences…this is what happened:

At the start of my session, i just completely relaxed. i was playing with my nipples and letting the pleasure slowly creep in. once i was warmed up, i noticed my prostate was tingling. I knew it was time to start.

Trigger 1:
i have a tentacle fetish, so imagined the aneros was a tentacle. gently pushing on my prostate. it felt so good too feel it wiggle and stroke me in such a relaxing way, that at times i legit shivered. i gently rocked my hips back and forth as the tentacle (aneros) stroked me. A dry orgasm was definitely building, but i was saving it for later.

Questions about “reverse kegels”

Can someone please explain what reverse kegels actually means? I understand squeezing and flexing my pc muscle and my anus… I just don’t know what this term is describing. Probably very much sophomoric and I should already know…

I think I had my first Super-O.. it was intense – and the tricks that helped me

Let’s talk about the orgasm (Super-O), how I achieved it, my “tricks” and my questions:

Disclaimer: Everything has actually been done *without* an aneros as I’m out of home, just pure muscles. No touching and zero other drugs involved. An aneros might have intensified the experience.

I have never experienced anything comparably in my life before. This orgasm lasted for about 5 minutes and my entire body was shaking, every muscle in my entire body felt stimulated. I felt lightweight.

The shaking, my body felt so stimulated that I couldn’t move at all. I tried it but all the sensations were too intense. My mouth was wide open as I couldn’t realize what is happening right now (and I’d have moaned to death if this flat wasn’t shared).

Very interestingly, my dick became rock hard and pumped up like never before. This is probably what the aneros wiki describes as “engorgement”. The muscular flexing across the entire body intensified the penile feeling and a few drops came out. But compared to the rest of the body, it only played a minor role.

When I then released my PC muscle, another wave of feelings I can’t described flew over my body. It just felt glorious.

**How I achieved it:**

I mostly laid on my back, legs angled comfortably. I aroused myself by looking at hot pictures. I think videos are too distracting and if I want to be aroused, pictures are way more effective. While doing so, I switched between contracting my PC muscle and sphincter muscle. Contracting both at once, switching up.