Progressing beyond p waves.

Hi there I’ve been using aneros products for over half a year now and I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Frequently in my sessions I reached a point where I would increase rapidly and arousal and this would build and build and completely involuntary contractions would take over but this would not result in pleasureable waves or any kind of notable building pleasure. It would be more like a massive increase building of arousal. Normally (based off the reccomendations online) I would allow the toy to do its thing without any muscle input from myself.

Now recently the same thing has been happening but now I’ve been able to notice pleasureable feelings down there from what I think and assume is my prostate and this pleasure has built in the same way with involuntary contractions building as well and ends up with me being washed over with gentle pleasureable waves for about 30 seconds. This is very similar to the building of arousal and involuntaries but now it sometimes comes with waves of slight pleasure. These sessions sometimes take me 2 hours of a mixture of doing nothing with the toy inserted or light waves of contractions with the pc and anal muscles.

I’m looking for advice on how to either, increase the speed or frequency at which I can reach these states. Or why sometimes I feel pleasure from this buildup and other times it doesn’t come with any pleasure at all and just an increase in arousal. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation to this? Can anyone give me advice on how to progress.

What do involuntaries feel like?

I’ve been at this off/on for a few years and I’m trying to understand what I’m looking for. In general, the idea is to squeeze your sphincter/PC muscle together and then slowly let off the PC until you start to feel it.

If I’m trying to hold both at 50% do involuntaries feel like a sudden 100%? Just a flutter around 10%? Is it just the PC muscle or do both contract?

Looking for some clarification on what I’m feeling. Be nice to me…I’m new 😊

I’ve read so much about prostate orgasm for *years* just got my first toy.

Ngl…I ordered a toy thinking it was a vibrating toy (I swear I was reading up for hours; I must’ve been too excited!) and when it came, I realized it was not. A prograsm.

I got kinda disappointed, until I realized how good this specific toy could feel. Based on reviews I read and my own, very limited experience.

Though I’m still…confused? Mini-O’s. Super-O’s. P-waves. Involuntaries. Ebbs and flows. Peaks. Dry and wet. My mind swirls! 😧😖

I have definitely not had an orgasm yet; though I thought I was getting there in the moment. I know this because the sensations felt good…but not as good as a penile orgasm.

I have been at this for only 3 nights. The first night, I was a bit overzealous, looking back on it. I ended up on my floor, grinding hard because it was feeling amazing. I was sweating profusely LOL. At that point, I thought I needed really exaggerated movements to feel good. I realized the next night that just lying on my stomach and contracting my PC muscles over and over again was the actual key.

I think I’ve felt “P-waves” now that I read about them. My ass pulsates and I almost feel these deep vibrations in my groin. It’s frustrating because I keep feeling like it’s finally gonna happen, but I just end up hanging there.

24 yr old male First post, would like some outside feed back on my prostate/anal orgasm journey


Im gonna try and keep this shorted possible, but will make other detailed posts about my journey later on. So i’ve been experimenting with anal for about 2 years. I started with Aneros and since i’ve gotten 6 other models, a dildo to ride, a pure wand a hismith sex machine. Early on in my journey with the Aneros Helix, i think i’ve had some p-waves whereas i would feel strong sensations that would originate from my pc muscles and then spread throughout my body. For a while this was all that would happen, which was amplified when combined with nipple play. Then a big milestone (in my opinion) happened. During a few of my sessions, whenever I felt a big wave coming i also felt like i might ejaculate (which is not what i’m going for, i want dry orgasms) i would stop, scared i would cum or lose my self in please, but one day , during a session i let it happened because why not? If i ejaculate id get an amazing orgasm, so it’s a win. so I let myself go and too my pleasurable surprise, i squirted! it was clear and it was a lot ALOT. Like i thought i peed but it wasn’t and it was sooooo pleasurable (idk if i’d say orgasm tho) but i was laughing so much after out of pleasure. i believe this happened a total of 5-6 times in my journey.

Straight bros using Aneros – experience & tips ?


I have been exploring with the Aneros MGM for almost a month now. I’ve had approx 4 sessions, never got to the super O but definitely improved relaxation, middle/lower muscle contraction and now I get to have pretty good hands free orgasm.

One thing that is still difficult for me is keeping focus / arousal thougths. I can watch porn and get super hard, then when I put the Aneros, I go soft – I usually like to have sexual thoughts related to the feeling I’m getting but here, its a bit tricky lol. I’m mostly straight (a bit curious/bi with experiences in the past but never anal). So far I’ve gotten aroused thinking of m4mw thoughts but get confused/overwhelmed with other thoughts forcing theur way in my head…

Question for straight guy:
1) what is your trick to get horny while having Aneros in your butt ?
2) any tips on how to maximize pleasure ? (Do you do it when wife/girlfriend is home ?) – I smoke weed before and it helps, but I get sooo in my head and start overthinking. I know prostate play is physical and has nothing to do with sexual orientation…but would like to hear a straight’s opinion on this.
3) how did you get to relax mode ? I’m trying Mindgasm, but everytime, I start focusing to much on technique and movement as if I’m in a yoga class or something lol 😅
4) how the hell can people keep both pc muscle and anal muscle contracted for more than 30 sec ? When I do, after 30 sec, I’m no longer sure if both are contracted at all or contracted as strong… and when I force my self to keep them contracted, my body starts shivering (not in a good way, lol it shivers just like when you go for a 2 min planking exercise – like my body wants it to stop) – also not sure what is 20%, 50% , 100% – I mean, should I go strong until it really hurt to consider a 100% level contraction ?

How is it that a bit of clear plastic can…

Reduce a grown man to spasming blubber uttering gibberish?
It’s just a shaped bit of plastic. And yet, with the right mind and a little weed…. time space and all perception of what an orgasm is goes out the window.
Two 90 min sessions Sat & Sun with Progasm and four hours later I can still feel my prostate and PC muscles buzzing. I’ve had to take some nurofen (ibuprofin) to try and calm them down. Which is sort of working.
I obviously should not be left alone at home on a holiday weekend.

any favorable position other than lying on back?

So, I had a interesting session yesterday. Sorry for the long post, but I feel like it is important to describe it in detail.

TLDR: ass in the air made me feel pleasure. VR Porn helped.

I was listening to Mindgasm lesson 2 again with earphones in (connected to the Quest2 VR headset I was wearing) while the Helix (the white one) was inserted. I was using Pigasus VR Player, it’s the only player so far that supports odd viewing angles and images and comic-files (hentai/furry one-pager are kinda working mostly).

As mostly I was getting involuntary contractions kinda early, but i tried to relax everytime the audio told me so. The contractions stop everytime at that point. Aside from the contractions (despite trying to concentrate on it’s feelings) I got no pleasurable feelings from it. I was on my back, pretty much spreadeagled. After the file ended I switched to some 2D porn that got me decently horny, and I noticed a buzzing. Though while it felt nice for like 20mins nothing changed. In between I also closed my eyes for minutes, but the porn wasn’t too distracting I think (just some repeating cowgirl-riding stuff, nothing with alot visual change).

1st Time w/PROGASM.

I went with the PROGASM for many reasons. Insertion is fine. Spent 2 hours quietly focused but never experienced any of the mentioned feelings other than a nice fullness.

The comfort was great. Now I want to get to the next level. PC muscles are good. All and any tips are appreciated.