Kegeling and Diddling in a Jock and Cup

Hi guys,

About a week or two ago, I composed a blog entry on how to choose correctly the best fit jock and cup for your gonads and cock. Tonight I declare that both items are ideal for Kegels and Diddling yourself.

Ordinary jockstraps and jocks with pockets for holding athletic cups are ideal for the Kegel Exercises and for the pleasures of diddling your nipples. Athletic supporters and cup jocks have the elasticity of material in the waistbands, leg straps, and pouches that facilitate the Kegels and enhance the pleasure of nipple diddling. If you are wearing an athletic cup for contact sports or a cup for maintaining your chastity or sexual continence, just be sure that such cups and their jock cup holder fit your genitalia as perfectly as possible. An ill-fitting jock and cup combo may be downright uncomfortable and lessens the beneficial effects of the Kegels and even your diddling.

Kegeling and diddling in a jock and cup is ideal any time of the day, say sitting at my PC, or sitting on a couch watching TV, or even walking outdoors in a natural fashion. A cup bulge in your jeans or slacks may be noticeable, or even obscene, but heck, you are doing something good for yourself, and it is certainly health promoting.

@goldenboy has inspired me to wear a jock and cup to bed most nights. Kegeling and diddling in the still of the night are indeed sweet and powerful. @darkbond through his daily Kegel routine has inspired to look at the Kegel Exercises anew. Take care!

Chain orgasm and p waves

This session was by far the best one! I’ve been hopping between the various Aneros models and my current favourite is the Helix Syn because it bends well and the silicone feel is soooo good.

It seems like everytime I change the model and come back to the same one, the experience is different but it gets better everytime. Maybe because of the progress being made and the break in between models keeps it from getting boring.

I did the usual nipple circling without touching them directly and had a really good gentle femdom pegging audio running. The helix syn began stroking me nicely and swimming in pleasure, I lost track of exactly what was going on.

All I know is that I was having orgasm(s) for 1-2 mins straight. It could have been a chain of dry Os. Some strong, some weaker, some pulsing slow and some faster. At one point I could feel the aneros thrusting inside of me – autofk as some would term it. Every thrust created this pleasurable warm wave that originated from the prostate and radiated out in a circle from there, up to the belly and down to the thighs. This was my first autofk and first time experiencing p-waves.

I tried some light clenching of the pc muscles but that only seemed to hinder the process. When I fully released the muscles, the pleasure came back. The body seems to know what it’s doing without needing any intervention.


Last night I had my first twinkle with the mgx. I started early at 7:30. I was at the computer sitting side saddle minding my own business when I felt the twinkle of an orgasm tingle start. It came out of no where starting deep in my belly than dispersed in a flowing ripple of a wave, like a rock being tossed into water. Once it dispersed to my extremes no amount of doing nothing or something would bring it back so I stopped for the time.

Took my shower and went for the helix. Laid in bed for a bit and decided to try some blending. I reached down and started some external massage. Immediately an orgasm started to grow. I stopped to see if the helix would take over but did not. I kept massaging slowly keeping the orgasm just lit up, kinda like edging. Nothing came of it. I started a slow contraction and found a point that with every beat of my heart my pc muscle also contracted involuntarily. I could feel the helix slowly disappear, I no longer felt the fullness just the slight movement over my prostate. I believe my body is starting to get accustomed to both of these tools as I don’t feel the mgx after several minutes once inserted either. Since I no longer feel them inserted I’m hoping this frees up my conscious mind to experience the motion and stimulation they were designed to give, so I rolled over on my side and delved into a do nothing state along with manta thoughts focusing on feeling the head glide up and down the gland while breathing. I ended up dozing off but was woken up to the same pulsing of my body like I had before. Very intense pounding over my entire body at twice the speed of my heart beat. I tried some light contractions to see if something would arise, no joy. Again I ended up dozing off, this time being woke up to a light feeling of weightlessness in my head but my body felt like it weighed so much that I couldn’t lift my fingers, not that I wanted to try. I reveled in this feeling and let it linger till it faded. Once it was gone I got up and cleaned up to go to sleep. Sleep came quick & hard because if felt like just minutes but was hours when the alarm went off.

I am on the right track??

I have helix syn for about 2 month i have atleast 1 session per week sometime 3-4 per week. I didn’t get to the super o or something like that ( i’ m pretty sure). I try the do nothing approach. It didnt work much (i mostly use it with HFO hypnosis file, or else i got board).

Mostly i will use pc muscle to move aneros. Or else it wont move at all. Right now i get so much of precum drip out. (every 30 sec. or more)

I am on the right track??
(How do you dry yourself or just let it go what ever. Its a chore to clean up)

What can i be doing better

So i have made some progress with the Aneros Helix Syn been using it on and off for the last 8 months or so. Recently I have had a warmth feeling when I contract my PC muscle and recently got to the feeling of pulsing/ waves from the prostate how ever that feeling doesnt last long.. But when i read online that say to contract and release how ever the only time I have had this feeling is when im
Holding the contraction tighter and tighter as long as i can and the feeling gets better. Should i continue with this method or just strictly follow the mutlple guides online.

my journey so far

Encouraged by, decided to blog my own journey, even if only for my future reference.

Can’t remember now how I came to knowing about Aneros let alone buying one, perhaps during one of the tumblr porn surfing sessions. Anyway, have had the Helix Syn for a while but really started to use it regularly a few months before.

I am not new to anal play and even had a kind of anal orgasm once, back when I was a teenager (33 now), and used prostate massagers for fun with my wife and alone, but never really new about the possibility of Super-O and “rewiring” until recently. I’ve heard about involuntary contractions and the intense prostate pleasure, but never found them, and voluntary contractions would get me aroused but my muscles got tired quickly and it ruined the experience.

Finding the wiki got me really excited so I decided to give the whole thing another go. I would wake up early, when the family was still sleeping, which would give me about two hours of almost-private time in the living room, the best I could have in the circumstances. I would take a shower, use coconut oil as the lube and started doing the contractions.

At this very time, I got interested in male kegels (unrelated to Aneros) and got pretty good at feeling and controlling my PC muscles. That definitely helped with the aneros sessions.

Aneros Progasm How I have Missed You

Last night I came home from work to an empty house for a couple of extra hours and knew it would be a good time to have a session. I went to my box of toys and dug to the bottom and pulled out the Progasm. I have had this toy for a few years and its been a long time since it last saw action. The Progasm took my Aneros virginity. l was fairly new to prostate play when I made the purchase with the thought that it would for sure hit my prostate. I figured bigger was better at the time. Fast forward to last night, I knew what a little nimble toy like the eupho trident was capable of and also well aware that the more time I spent with the little eupho of how much control and strength my PC muscles have developed. I lubed the Progasm up and slid it in, about half way I let it go and wham my body pulled it in and right to the spot. As I laid on my bed with the progasm in. I thought of all the time we had spent together, from my first sessions feeling something building but never able to keep it going while my throbbing erection dripped precum in mass and knew for the night I made the right choice. I really forgot how good this toy felt. The wonderful pressure my prostate felt the minute I put the toy in. And the size, im normally not a big fan of size. As a straight male nothing goes in thats not an Aneros these days. The size, the shape and the length all come together to fill me and have me thinking holy fuck this feels so good and I feel so full. With contractions the feeling only grew. Simple and straight forward, every twitch and every movement my I made moved the progasm tighter against my prostate. I had a handsfree full body orgasm about thirty minutes after I started and I decided to keep my session going. 10 minutes later without even touch my penis I came forth like a fountain. And once again the progasm is on the top of my toybox.

Feeling a fluttering twitch sensation without anything in. Anyone else experience this?

I’ve been using the aneros on and off for a few years but pretty often this year. I would say at least once a week. I’ve been noticing that I now get this kind of PC/anal twitch or quiver without anything in now. It’s not a strong clench but it’s a few seconds of fluttering that pulls my focus towards it. I think it’s more common (or maybe I just notice it more) when I’m aroused or have abstained from orgasm.

It happens completely unprompted and on its own. It’s not painful but also not pleasurable, like a muscle twitch. Is this normal or has anyone had a similar experience to this? Should I follow this feeing or try triggering more by contracting my muscles when this occurs? It’s usually pretty pleasurable in a session when I do that. I’ve heard of people getting sensations outside of sessions so I’m wondering if that’s what’s happening or if it’s a sign I should go to a doctor.

I’m worried because I got into the habit of using a much harder PC contraction with the aneros earlier into the year. I thought I was getting better results with that, and actually thought I had an orgasm or two. I’m not so sure about that now, but the sensation definitely started after this. I think I might have been mixing up the feeling of strongly contracting my PC muscles with having an orgasm, since it feels really good and similar after a long session! Like if I hold a strong contraction now at any time it genuinely feels almost orgasmic. On another positive note I’ve gained **much** better control of the muscles down there, like amazing control I never even considered before. Maybe I’m just more aware of my prostate or muscles now? I can’t tell if it’s a sign of arousal, fatigue, or damage so has anyone else had similar out of session sensations?

Sessions 8, 9, and 10

It’s been a while since I posted. I have had a few sessions since my last post. I’ll call it “three” sessions, but two were on the same day. I’ve just been too busy to write about them.

Session 8 was last Wednesday. It was not particularly exciting. Very relaxing, but no particularly powerful sensations. I also fell asleep. I tried some of the things I’d tried in the past and didn’t manage to spark anything exciting. Toward the end of that session, I thought I might be making some progress by just trying to maximize the motion of my Helix Trident using kegel-like motions, but then my time was up and I had to get to work.

Yesterday I decided to try riding my helix incognito on the couch. Usually I wait for alone time, but I didn’t feel like waiting this time, so I tried to ride in the afternoon while pretending to read/nap. It didn’t really work out that well. I did feel some things, but there were just too many distractions. I couldn’t really focus. I did find that the positioning while laying on the couch did have some benefits, so maybe in the future I’ll try laying on the couch again. Something about the angle of my hips or the slope of my back seemed to help the Aneros hit some nice spots.