Ejaculation with orgasm?

I’ve been practicing with the aneros helix and separating orgasm from ejaculation. I don’t really have time to dedicate to have session, so I’m essentially edging with the helix, pretty much 15-20 minutes in the shower. I’ll start with the aneros in and relax as a wash my body, then breath and focus on PC muscles. When I have ~ 5 minutes left I’ll start to rub my dick, while focusing on breathing and sensation. It feels great and I’ll often feel like I’m close to the edge without getting fully erect. The sensations are inside of me, not necessarily in my dick. A few times I’ve stopped just short of the point of no return(PONR), I’ve then felt muscle contractions similar to an ejaculation and produced fluid similar to ejaculate. It’s felt good but nothing like an orgasm, and I can keep masturbating and quickly get to the PONR in a minute. What’s going on here?

I know general theory is no touching of the penis, but I’m experimenting owning to time constraints. Anyone have similar experiences or successes?

How should I work to isolate pc and sphincter muscles?

I have been working with mindgasms lesson 1 and 2 for a bit and I have finally managed to recognize my pc and sphincter muscles. Admittedly it’s not a very big accomplishment but it feels pretty big to me. As mindgasm states in lesson 1, I cannot flex them independently yet. How should I go about separating these two muscles? Should I specifically focus on flexing them individually during a session or work on them outside a session while going to the bathroom or something else entirely? Just wondering if anyone had some wisdom to share because mindgasm told me I’d get there but not how to get there lol.

Bought my first aneros (Aneros MGX trident)

Hello 🙂

I just received my first Aneros toy ever and I can’t wait to test it out..

I have been training my PC muscles quite bit I think so.
I can prevent myself to ejaculate when I masturbate normally and I can stop easily peeing many times as I want. Still trying to find skills to separate those another muscles down there (anal?). Any tips for that?

This MGX model was on sale, I was going for Helix trident but it was out of stock. Now I checked that Helix is in stock again and I could get it for 40€.. Still do unsure should I send MGX back and get Helix… Any opinions?

Thanks all

Will Aneros work if you have Multiple Sclerosis?

So I’m a widower @ 50yrs old, 5’10” 205lbs and fit, but diagnosed about 2yrs ago with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the past 2 years I’ve developed ED issues and now most recently the inability to cum. I can have erection w/ a pill and I also frequently do wake with a morning woody …harder then if I took a pill, just does not last long enough to “use it.” Only thing I’ve not been able to fix my ability to cum.

I have a GF (also widowed) and she is very “frisky.” It was with her I first discovered my ED issues (NEVER in my life have I not been able to get it up. She was the first one for this to happen to!) What is cool is that she is so frisky and understanding that solving my ED and coming issues has become a “team effort!”

During one of my flare ups I temporarily lost ability to urinate. I had to insert a catheter to pee. This is when I noticed a good feeling as the catheter past by my prostate! I figured if I still felt my prostate w/ the catheter, I could use it to stimulate things. This is when I started researching prostate massaging. My GF and I researched internal massaging my prostate, and as kinky/odd/unlike anything I’d do with someone else, I suggested it to her. She was eager to try, in fact more then eager as I found she too had looked into it! …Anyhow, she tried her best. For the most part I really felt nothing. She could not find that “walnut”…and her finger(s) were at least 4” inside me. It was just nice to be experience such an erotic “first time” event with her.

How long did it take you to isolate your pc and sphincter muscles? What Mindgasm lesson should I repeat?

I am starting to do the mindgasm tutorials to try and get a more reliable session. However I am having trouble with isolating the two muscles. Is there one lesson I should be repeating after I did 1-3 once? When I flex my pc muscle, I feel like it is the same as my sphincter muscle. I’m gonna keep going but I feel like if I am going to be doing the wrong thing over and over.

Questions about PC/Pelvic floor muscles

Been dabbling with prostate play every now and then for the past year and finally decided to take a real dive with an aneros yesterday. I’ve been reading around here and r/prostateplay and have a few questions.

1: Contracting the PC/Pelvic floor muscles is the way to get stimulation with an aneros, right?

2: The PC/Pelvic floor muscles are the same ones you use when you flex your penis, right? Like for example, maybe tmi but i’ll let the towel hang off my dick after a shower and lift it up and down, are those the same muscles as the ones being worked to achieve the Super O/waves?

3: If so, would towel lifts be a way to progressively overload PC training to achieve maximum dick gainz?

4: Ive been doing kegel exercises with the aforementioned dick flexors, and later into a set I get these involuntary spasms in the muscle controlling them. Is that the same spasm I should be going for with the aneros in?

Thanks for the replies, if you have any other beginner tips, I’d appreciate them.

Am I just unable to enjoy this?

I’ve been reading on Reddit for over a year about people having p-waves, prostate orgasms, dry orgasms, wet orgasms.

It’s really frustrating for me, because try as I might, I’m not getting ANY pleasure from my prostate!

I’ve learned to flex and control my pc and sphincter muscles. I’m working really hard at staying relaxed and calm. I can even get what I think are involuntary contractions and start to shake… BUT NONE OF IT FEELS GOOD!

I’ve read so many people say “don’t worry about chasing orgasms, just enjoy the sensations and one day orgasms will come.”

But I’m not even getting enjoyable sensations!!! I’ve tried aneros, dildos, and multiple vibrators, and still no pleasure.

Is there something wrong with my prostate? I don’t mind working a long time before something huge happens, but I’m getting so discouraged and frustrated reading about everyone else at least being able to enjoy the wait while I feel nothing!!!

Having Trouble Isolating Anal Sphincter Muscle from PC Muscle

After reading up on the wiki, I found the following passage, which seems essential…

” Two muscles are involved in making the Aneros do its thing, your PC muscle (the one you use to stop urinating) and your anal sphincter (the muscle you use to hold in gas). Locate these muscles and learn how to manipulate them. Contract your anal sphincter, then your PC muscle, then back again. Alternate contracting, then two contractions of one, followed by two contractions of the other, etc.”

I can definitely contract both of those muscles, but I am having trouble contracting one without contracting both. In other words, I cant contract one muscle without the other one going too. Any tips, tricks, methods, etc that could help me try to isolate these muscles would be so so appreciated!!! Thank you.

Progression and asking for some advice

So I’ve been following this journey for about 3 years now. I would like to get some feedback of my progression so far.

My sessions go along like this: I watch some erotica to get myself aroused but try to not have any expectations. I don’t watch porn since the video itself can be too overwhelming at some point. Then I usually try to follow the “tug of war” method by applying gentle pressure. I will notice some pleasure building up in the prostate area. Then I let go and apply pressure again and this cycle continues. The pleasure from my prostate now expands and I get slight tingle and a lil pleasure in several of my body areas. I guess this is a P-wave? I’m not sure. But this tingling sensation keeps stacking and now my whole body is experiencing pleasure. I can’t really grasp this “pleasure”, but it feels very good. I sometimes lose consciousness and kinda wake back up and notice that I’m having an immense pleasure. I guess this is a mini-O? Then the pleasure declines and I release my tension, and contract my pc muscle again. Then wham, another mini-O and this cycle repeats until I’m exhausted. Interesting part is that I do not have any involuntaries, which is strange…

Beginner Question

I am new to aneros and was looking for some help. I bought an Aneros Helix Syn about a week ago. I have been reading this website, the actual aneros page, etc. I have been working on the pc and anal contractions. However, is there a certain length the aneros should be in? Mine goes in all the way no problem. However, it feels like the top part is hitting my bladder more than the prostate. Is that normal? Should I only have it halfway in?

FYI, I have played with my prostate prior to buying an aneros so I know the sensation.

Thanks for the help.