Progression? Just wanted to get some input from more experienced folk.

Hey there,

I had a really interesting session with my Aneros toy on Sunday and I wanted to post about it and see how it compares with others.

**Bit of background** I’ve been interested in this kind of prostate play for a good decade now, though it was only a couple years back that I bought an actual Aneros Helix Syn (rather than a cheaper alternative)—though I’ve been bad previously at keeping up use over time. I’ve been using it more recently having come off of antidepressants and found I can be horny again! I’ve used my toy 3 times over the past week.

**So on Sunday** I had quite a long session admitedly because I hadn’t… umm… *prepared properly*. So I had to take a break after an hour to clean properly after which I went another hour and a half. It was a pleasant, though not necessarily intense, session. I usually lay on my side but I’ve been trying to lay on my back recently (I’ve heard it makes life easier.

In general, by *doing nothing* I find it’s very pleasurable at first but it fades away within 20 minutes. I think because I’m excited when the toy goes in, and I feel my heart beat very strongly and it almost as though I feel my pulse with the toy but that excitement fades. So what I do after is use my rectal and PC muscles to nudge the toy gently. I actually worry I might be being *too* gentle with it, I can imagine a slight circular motion with the toy but the feeling is *very* slight.

New to Prostate Play, is this a good sign?

So I’m really new to prostate play, I ended up getting the Helix Syn V (Which funnily enough, I prefer not using the vibration setting, or at least a really low setting.)

Something I learned when I started using the Syn V is that for a long time I had been using my PC muscles while masturbating unintentionally, I guess I just noticed it felt better when I was flexing like that? So I guess my PC muscles are pretty strong for someone new to prostate play.

Well to get to the point, I’ve been using the aneros daily for the past week (going to take a few days break since I’ve heard that helps), and for the most part haven’t really gotten any strong feelings or anything (Except for one thing I’ll get to later). Now, I kind of expected that and I’m not trying to rush things, I guess I just wanted to figure out what I’m supposed to be feeling.

I’ve read A LOT of wiki entries, different user’s guides and stuff on how to use the aneros in general which have helped.

First model

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here and I was curious about your opinion.

I’ve been doing kegel exercises for more than a year. I’ve already achieved multiple prostate orgasms through conscious contraction of the pc muscles and the muscles around the sphincter (If you’re familiar with the mindgasm method I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about).

According to the official Aneros site the Progasm is recommended only for those who think of themselves as not beginner-level users. Can I just skip that “beginner-level” and start with a progasm, knowing how the muscles work down there, or should I just stick to buying a helix first?

Thank you for replying in advance!

Super O with Progasm

This was only my second Super O after 4 months since the first one. Took me about 45 minutes. I usually get a lot of involuntaries that turn into mini O’s. This time I was concentrating on not giving in to the involuntaries so that the pleasure would build up and turn into a Super O. Well it worked and at least 3 times with a short resting period in between. I was shaking like a leaf after the third one.

I was moving the toy with my pc muscles and the Progasm was hitting on exactly the right spot until I reached orgasm. I got rock hard each time which I don’t usually get from p play and they were all dry.

I’ve been having more sessions than usual this week, maybe this has something to do with it.

Although I was having sort of a dry spell the last four months I never felt frustrated and just enjoyed the mini O’s I was getting and it was well worth the wait. I think that there’s no guarantee of reaching a Super O every session and that it’s important to enjoy whatever you get in a given session.

Anyone sprain their bottom/anal muscles from overuse?

It seems I went a bit too hard on a session a few months back. My PC muscles and the muscles that tense up during orgasm near my prostate were both super sore. My PC muscles have recovered since but whatever internal butt muscles are involved in prostate orgasms will still ache for a day or two if I try to do an Aneros session, even lightly.

Has anyone experienced this before? Do I just need to go a whole month or two without any sessions? I plan on seeing a doctor if it doesn’t go away, I’m just wondering if anyone else has strained themselves in a similar way. It’s kind of annoying because I’ve figured out how to have really good sessions since then.

Dry prostate orgasms (help)

have already experencied handsfree wet orgasms by prostate play, but I’m looking for dry prostate ones..

After reading a lot I decided to do the basics: abstain from cum several days before a session, relax my whole body, forget about my dick, try the do nothing method + some slight pc and anal contractions.. and I had the best session so far! Very pleasurable, horny as*, and after a while I felt things getting very intense to a point where I called a “climax”, when I felt a very subtle contraction centered in the prostate, but that was all.. this repeated for 3 more times (and were getting even more intense), but I couldnt manage to feel a full on orgasm.

Here are my questions:

1- do dry orgasms usually start like this for begginers? Very subtle “peak” feelings. If so, they get stronger with time and practice?

2- do you feel strong pelvic contractions when you have a dry orgasm? Like in a regular penile wet one. I ask this because I have yet to find dry orgasm videos with regular perineum throbbing..

Thanks a lot!

First HFWO

So I’m a beginner since I just started a month ago and like most beginners, I grew frustrated. I watched the mindgasm videos (highly recommended) and could feel something and get p shivers but that was it. When inserting the helix trident it would just feel like something was in there but nothing else, kind of uncomfortable especially standing up.

I have an open mind and if you’re a beginner you might know what I’m talking about. However, it happened today completely unexpected right after waking up. I read about how you’re less likely to orgasm if you’re wanting it. It felt like being in a half awake dreamy like state is the perfect opportunity.

I also read that edibles make a huge difference so I took two THC pills and I just laid back with my feet flat getting comfortable under the covers. I started get into a meditative state where all I could feel were my arms feeling heavy. I started focusing on breathing for 15-20 minutes while doing nothing, just breathing. Once the edibles started to kick in a bit I mentally contracted my PC muscle and held it. I started to actually feel my prostate.

Frustrated – tell me I just need to be patient

Hey, all!

I’ve been experimenting on and off with Aneros for a number of years, but have really been trying to consistently practice a couple of times per week for the past several months. I’m trying to assimilate everything that I read here and on the prostate play sub. I have an MGX classic, a Progasm Ice and recently got an NJoy wand which I was hoping was going to be a game-changer, but not so much. I use coconut oil as lube, and try to set aside 1-2 hours for sessions. After inserting, sometimes I will scroll through Reddit (often this sub), look at porn (less often past few months), listen to some binaural beats or just relax.

I try to start out with the do-nothing method, but after 30-60 minutes will start with some contractions, usually light, alternating PC with sphincter. I’ve done the free Mindgasm lessons, but don’t find them to be particularly enlightening.

I’m pretty sure that I get involuntaries, but most often occur Aless, in the shower and while driving – they feel like kind of a squirmy sensation just past the inner sphincter? They’re interesting, but not necessarily pleasurable. They feel kind of slow and rhythmic – maybe intervals of 15-20 seconds- nothing that would seem to stroke very quickly. Maybe I will occasionally get what I think is a subtle P-wave, particularly with a device inserted, but not often associated with an involuntary. More like, did I imagine myself into feeling that? In general, I seem to have a hard time getting involuntaries – if that’s what those squirmy things are – with a device inserted.

Near Continuous ALess Pleasure

I’ve been working on my re-wiring (and enjoying every step of the process) by repeating a simple meditation 5 or 10 times a day. I draw attention to each segment of the male pleasure canal that runs from the rosebud to the cockhead. I pause and focus on the rosebud, inner sphincter, chute (rectum), PC muscle, inner jockstrap (the “top” pelvic floor muscle in MindGasm-speak), the prostate, penis bulb (root, deep in the groin) and cockhead. Each pause sets up tingling and tickling sensations. Involuntaries often spin up spontaneously, and if so I sometimes give them a boost with a manual contraction. If convenient, I press a finger on the rosebud and cradle the perineum in my palm – that always gets involuntaries going strongly. Then I just ’em do their thing and go about my other activities.

I’m finding this routine produces subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) residual sensations of pleasure up and down the canal. At things point, I’m feeling some degree of pleasure during most of my waking hours. Sometimes I wake up with involuntaries going in synch with PC contractions linked to morning wood. Sometimes I wake with zero sensation in the anal region, but bringing attention to it activates the pleasure circuits.

I’m soo sorry guys but I have to post again

I just got an orgasm without the aneros and it happened during the day in my chair!

I was feeling horny the whole day, so I thought of training my pc muscles. I’m surprised but I felt a lot of pleasure just doing this, so I kept going and going and going.

I was breathing hard and my body was twitching but I had to keep it discreet. I was also moaning, but I had to keep it extremely low, this was my biggest struggle. The same p waves came over me many times until it just became way too intense, the moaning just got louder and louder, I seriously had to keep it down real bad, I think that my brother might have heard, and maybe even my dad 😓 this went on for maybe 30 minutes of constant pleasure.

I was light headed and my body was exhausted, I was surprised coz when I looked down I didn’t realise my pants were completely wet like a puddle, I was like wtf? I needed to change my pants straight away.

Still can’t believe that even happened, this aneros journey just keeps getting better and better. My brain feeling kinda numb too