Holding your PC muscle

How long are you able to hold your PC muscle. I only seem to be able to hold it for a couple of seconds. I was reading some tutorial and they said to hold it for 30 seconds. Have you been able to have waves or super o’s without holding it that long? If not, I have a lot of work to do. I may also be holding too hard but I feel like I am not

Random involuntaries all day long and near aless orgasms

Lately after my sessions, I will get involuntaries, twitches, and quivers at random. If I am sitting down, all I have to do is slowly rock my legs side to side and barely contract my pc and the involuntaries will start.

They are very pleasurable and feel similar to that warm and tingly feeling that you get in your taint when having sex. I almost instantly get an erection and its fucking awesome.

I have yet to have a super o yet, but I already feel an across the board increase in my sexual satisfaction. Stronger libido, stronger erections, stronger orgasms and I am more in tune with my body. I have never been more sexually satisfied in my life.

Early this morning, I had a 40 minute session and even though I didnt orgasm, I find myself very clear and zen after my sessions. Even If I never have the super o, its been a clear positive to my sexual satisfaction.

Not to tute our own horns, but there are very few people on the planet that understand this and their bodies at the level we do. Shit, even the scientific community doesnt even understand it. I know prostate play has been around for a long time, but it feels cool to be on the cutting edge of something that people are apprehensive to. Its like being the first wave of people who got blowjobs in history before it became a standard sexual act.

Am I going right?

Im having trouble with my aneros session. I dont know if Im doing right so I want some advices. Sorry for my english since Im not from english speaking country.

Anyways perhaps like other guys in this forum I stuck my mgx in my ass with plenty of lubes first. Then stay relaxed until I get comfortable with my toy. After that I squeeze my pc muscle at up to 70% of my limit with concentration. The concentration on the toy and the prostate. I maintain the squeeze until I shiver. I feel some.. some kind of wave like Im burning and thats all. Thats it. Nothing happens after that.

I also tried the do nothing method. Sometimes I feel the same feeling like I mentioned before. But most of the time I feel nothing. Well umm the forums in my country they say dont have any expectation for reaching any orgasms so I struggle really hard not to expect good feelings.

The question is I dont know if Im following the right path. And want to know whether guys who reached dry orgasm state had same trouble like Im struggling now or not. Thx for reading.

p.s Weed sounds interesting but its illegal at here.

Progress questions

Hello fellow explorers!

I’ve been messing aroung with my Aneros Maximus Trident for about a year now with mixed results. I think I’ve had a few P-waves in that time and I think no involuntaries, but I’m unclear on how far along I am. Definitely no super-O but I’ve felt like I was on the verge of it a few times.


My sessions are typically several hours which are usually “medium eventful” but there is lots of down time between high points. I’ve had the most success with the “do completely nothing” approach, but the success I’ve had feels more related to my heart beat brushing the device against the prostate rather than any device-related movement. In fact today I generated very similar effects (to a point) without the aneros in at all (up to step 5 below).


I’ve been using lots of coconut oil recently, but I’m not sure if this is really better or worse than the water-based lube I have tried in the past. The device seems to not move after a certain point (even after re-applying).


#### Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far:

1. Light PC muscle “hold” (30-50%) as long as possible.
* Muscles never seem to tire here or I forget about it over time.

2. Light PC muscle hold and light bear down (push out) with sphincter.
* This seems to help push the device directly onto the prostate and hold it there in some situations, but reduces movement.

Best session ever! Found the “sweet spot”

Have had the helix for 2 months, probably 15-20 sessions in. Today I had an hour session that was amazing. At the peak of my session, I was able to have a 2 minute long p wave that had me moaning.

I was able to prolong this feeling by finding the sweet spot. Whenever you find the right balance of PC/sphincter contraction and start getting involuntaries, try to “hold it in place”. I found this sensitive spot and held it there and the buzzing/involutaries just got stronger and more intense. It felt like something was vibrating inside me and my whole body is shaking. Then while I held it in place with my sphincter, I started very lightly contracting my PC muscle in a waving motion. Every time I would release the sphincter muscle, the muscles would slow down the buzzing but a huge flash of warmth and electricity goes through my lower body. I then lightly squeeze the PC muscle again and the buzzing and involuntaries start up again. I probably went from flaccid to rock hard 5 times. I could feel an orgasm coming on, but not an ejaculation.

The feeling of contractions of an orgasm sensation, but all mainly centered in the prostate, PC, sphincter. Still felt in my penis, but not like a traditional orgasm.

Almost there!

HOURS of ecstasy, the rumors are true

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Long post. Reading some of the user posts here helped me, so maybe this will help someone. It’s also a way to process the experience for me.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of prostate play for about a month now and, truth be told, I took everything I read with a grain of salt. I assumed some men might achieve these waves of pleasure and super-Os, but most would need years of practice and even then, maybe not experience as amazing as some made it sound. Well after some time on Sunday, I can say I’m a true believer.

As a way of background, I’m 31, gay male, in a long term relationship. Ass play is not something i’m a total stranger to, but it’s never been my cup of tea. I’ve bottomed plenty of times and found the experience to be enjoyable, but topping was always better. (My partner and I are more “sides” and anal sex is kind of rare. I’ve had plenty of anal sex with prior partners to know what i’m missing.) Over the years I’ve bought a couple of dildos and prostate massagers and played with them on and off, but to me they were never better than recieving anal, and the toys would be used a couple times then forgotten about and thrown away.

Query regarding prostate milking section in Aneros Wiki

So I was reading Aneros wiki and found a text there. Are they referring to refractory period here or is this something else?


“A man can learn to perform a self milking without orgasm by using his PC muscles to manipulate the Aneros massager, it should be noted part of the mechanism for orgasm for a male involves the accumulation of fluids within the prostate and associated ducts; accordingly once thoroughly milked, a male may be incapable of achieving an ejaculatory orgasm regardless of the degree of stimulation, for some time after. “

Used my new Aneros last night, first time.

After much reading and researching, I ordered my Aneros. I came in the mail yesterday, and I used it last night.

I used many of the techniques I had researched, by clenching my sphincter and my PC muscles and releasing and deep breathing techniques.

Eventually after much time, waves of pleasure kept coming and taking me for a ride. I enjoyed it, and it felt amazing. Did not have a wet orgasm, not sure if it was even a Super-O. But it felt great.

I laid on my back with my knees up, was the position I used. My wife laid in bed watching me quietly and she fingered her pussy while I played with the Aneros.

After a long time with the Aneros in, I didn’t think any more convulsions were coming, and I felt the need to cum.

I had my wife get a dildo, and use it on me (not pegging with a strap on, but just using the toy on my ass). The toy is much longer than the Helix Syn, and I felt the dildo hit my prostate better, so maybe I need a longer Aneros or something.

But overall, it was enjoyable and I want to do it again. It felt great and I highly recommend Aneros.

Just had my first session. Pleasurable but not sure I felt the right sensations or not. Am I on the right track?

I bought a Helix Trident and used it for the first time tonight. It’s the first time I’ve ever done any sort of anal or prostate play. I just had the urge, and I’m glad I splurged a bit. But considering I’m new, I wanted to see if I’m on the right track. I tried my best to follow the tips I’ve seen online.

I started by taking a warm shower to try and relax a bit. Once I was all clean, I laid down in bed and did some breathing exercises. I then watched some porn for 15 minutes or so and stroked myself a bit to get extra turned on while still focusing on breathing and making sure I’m relaxed.

After 15 minutes or so, I lubed up the Aneros as well as my asshole. I gently rubbed my asshole and fingered it slightly before slowly inserting the toy. It was a brand new feeling for me but I tried to breathe and just focus on the sensation. Once it was in, my asshole began to contract involuntarily, maybe once every 10-15 seconds or so, like I was flexing my PC or sphincter muscles or whatever. It was a nice feeling, though I didn’t get the urge to pee right away like some people say.

Did i get a wet pgasm? Am i doing it “correct”?

I bought the aneros helix over a year ago and used it so far about once a week. I get great feelings down there when I use it and I also noticed that when im getting excited I feel it in my prostate which is a good thing I guess. At the end of last year I had a first outcome and ejaculated while using the toy. It feelt like a normal orgasm but a little bit weaker. After that i didnt feel excited anymore and stopped. Was this a wet pgasm? After that they were more frequent but sadly non of them were dry and stronger than a normal orgasm. Will I get there if I dont change my massaging style? Normally I get in the shower, clean myself with an enema and start the session by browsing some porn/nude subreddits on reddit while the toy is inside of me, flexing my pc muscle and touching my nipples and balls. Often i get good feelings after a couple of minutes which get stronger troughout the session and sometimes resulting into what I think is in a wet HFO. Am I flexing the pc muscle too often? Is it even “correct” that I am flexing it? Should I instead just let it sit and do nothing?

Im very thankfull for any helpfull information 🙂