Needs help

I have been using Aneros products for about two or three years.

Used relaxation, breathing, PC contraction, listening to erotic sounds, no feeling after 2 hourss.

Later,I started playing with the nipples, and the lower part of the body felt a little tickling.

After a long time, I didn’t anything feel and back to traditional ejaculation end.

Later used to watch porn videos,slowly there will be a feeling of sexual excitement,Aneros also continues to PC contraction and relax.

I have the feeling of climax before ejaculation,then start playing nipples.

The climax before ejaculation continues to increase and is very comfortable.

I will continue to speed up the PC contraction and relax Aneros,Keep the feeling of comfort.

Js this the prostate orgasm?

My experience so far…

So, I jumped on the prostate bandwagon a few months ago and started with the Helix Syn. Had a few good sessions with it but wasn’t getting anywhere close to what I was reading about. Turns out…I was too impatient.

I ordered the Helix Trident Syn last week and I have had a few sessions with it. I like it SO much better than the Syn. That extra strength in the P-tab really helps.

The other night I was having a session and I had my first hands-free ejaculation. Not a Super-O or even a dry orgasm, but hands-free nonetheless. That was a pretty big step. I had the Trident in and I had used extra lube. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I had my dick tucked between my legs and my legs were squeezed closed. This goes against the “relax and it will come to you” but it felt so good.

I also had quite a few large muscle shakes. The feelings grew and grew and then I came. It was pretty intense but not my ultimate goal. Still, I had managed to do something I’d never done before so that was a good session.

Today, I put on my chastity cage and sat around doing some work. I started feeling horny and just paid attention to my prostate. I have found that I can get some great feelings without the Aneros if I concentrate enough so I tried doing that.

“Chastity, Celibacy and Aneros”

I was browsing online this morning for ideas and definitions of chastity and celibacy (and abstinence too). And one of the take-aways was that it was important to practice regular prostate massage when undertaking these activities, particularly when combined with semen retention and resultant fewer ejaculations. It is important to prevent prostate issues such as cancer. A prostate massage (initially a few times a week then perhaps twice a month minimum) was recommended. That seemed to resound in my head, and the next thing I knew, I was headed up to my bedroom to perform a quick “therapeutic” prostate-massage session. I haven’t had one in a while.

I selected rather quickly my HelixTrident, lubed it up and began the session. And just as quickly, I fell-into a ‘matter-of-fact’ medical fantasy: I am preparing for a checkup in my urologist’s office and he wants all his patients now to ‘prep’ with a prostate massage. So I obliged.

The Helix went-in very easily and before I knew it, I had started the session. It wasn’t too long before I began to experience an ‘auto-f**k’ feeling within; very slight PC contractions which felt amazingly good. Every now and then, there was a more (involuntary) anal contraction. The doctor told me that this ‘prep’ was to be 15 to 20 minutes minimum; I stopped after 20 minutes. This was probably one of the best sessions I have had with the H-T in a while. And I am only in Day 2 of SR! I was wearing my XO ProCup during this session and several times during this ‘therapy’ I felt a ‘pump or two’ of something (turned out to be precum). An amazing feeling and an ever better prostate ‘prep’!

Does anyone know how to have dry orgasms ?

When I use my helix syn, it’s easy for me to have normal wet orgasm. But I keep reading stories of people having multiple dry orgasms. I just want to know if there is a technique or something. Like, can someone explain to me in detail how they end up achieving a dry orgasm. Just so people know, I flex my pc muscles while moving my hips and I keep going faster and harder until I cum. Is there something wrong with my technique ?

Not long enough or what? (semi gross warning)

I had a two hour session that really didn’t lead to much other than a weird contraction spasm thing that happens when i clench my pc muscles. But afterwards I had to take a dump and when I did, it seemed to stimulate my prostate a lot and I got what seems some people refer to the butterfly’s in the stomach or tingling but it was relatively intense. It was a really good feeling that I would like to replicate with an aneros but ive not had too much luck.

So was that proper stimulation because the shit reaches deeper/wider or am i over thinking it.

“Does Anticipation of a Session Make For a Better Session?”

I had a nice session with Helix Trident yesterday. Slept in my Safe-T-Gard Cage Cup overnight; I am now in Day 7 of SR. Lying in bed early this morning (about 5 AM) I began to contemplate a short session using my HIH 950.

In my mind, I was going ‘through-the-motions’ of prep: lube, insertion, relaxation and almost was ready to advance. In my mind, I could ‘feel’ the massager begin to work on my prostate. I ‘felt’ the soft but compelling glides of the slippery tool against my aching gland. Then, I ignored the whole idea. Why?….

Better Next Time?
I discovered that by building-up the anticipated Aneros session in my brain (I almost accomplished it) I was already on a path to prostate pleasure. It’s a little bit like anticipating an ejaculation through edging. But the edging never happened. Likewise, the prostate massage never happened. Yes, I was disappointed. But the anticipation caused a ‘rush’ in my arousal that is hard to describe. I can now feel a gentle ‘pulsing’ in my prostate, almost asking me: “When next?”

As I entered this blog post, I am performing nice, gentle PC contractions and definitely starting to feel it in my prostate. Perhaps it will reward me with another great real session sometime? Touche’.

PS I can’t liken this inaction to a form of chastity . The anticipated session was real from the start. So I never anticipated that it wouldn’t happen. In chastity, you know that you are always denied the pleasure. This ‘mind-game’ is worthy (IMO) of further inspection.

Anthem and my Prostate

Well…I have a new videogame obsession. Anthem!
So last weekend while leveling I started to do my kegels through the long loading times.After a while this started to feel good. As a gamer I typically have all day sessions on my days off especially for a game I like. Therefore about 30 mins into this gaming session I was practically entrapped in orgasmic waves of pleasure while playing this game. My fingers and eyes had one task and my prostate and PC muscles were creating another task on their own.

I wanted to intensify this so about an hour in every loading screen I would drop the controller and start diddling my nipples. Oh gawd…super-Os during every pause in the action to which I would gradually come down from that high while playing the game. It was quite awesome.

Taking off

Phew, theres so much that has happened but I’ll try to summarise the points. So recently my sessions have been exceptional, easily hitting 10 orgasms in each session. One thing I notice is that prostate orgasms can vary alot from mild pulses to really strong distinct PC contractions. Also, the amount of conscious contraction may hinder the orgasm.

There was this point I had a prostate O fr 20 secs and it kept going. The pelvic floor started to really warm up. The arousal kept feeding itself with the Aneros stroking the prostate each time. It was automatic. I relaxed and let it take over. About 40 seconds in cumming non-stop, a huge wave of pleasure lit up my entite body like a full body orgasm, could be some kind of chemical release. The whole thing laster about a minute.

I also tried a session on a really tired night and I was already half asleep. While my brain wasn’t focusing much since I was super tired, the orgasms seemed to have kicked in easier. The orgasms kept coming one after another.

I tried a short session with Aless and did some PC contractions, there were moments it felt exactly like a traditional O, with each pulse the flaccid penis got more and more erect. But when the penis got fully erect, the orgasm stopped. Maybe too much manual contraction.

“An Interesting Morning!”

Got up very early, about 1 AM and wanting to put myself in chastity. I selected my XO ProCup supporter and it felt so good to put it on. Not soon after, I got the urge for a quick Aneros session. I got the sense that it was time to take SGX for a ride. I lubed it up with SSG and started out. Now this session was not a blockbuster but I felt some rather gentle “nudges” on my prostate. I was quite surprised that this session lasted almost 30 minutes. Not much precum but I felt a “pump” or two.

Retired to my sofa and began to listen to some very soothing “deep forest” tracks which felt so nice. I am always surprised by the pseudo-refractory period I experience following a session and this was no exception. My flaccid cock remained in that state for at least an hour-and-a-half. Eventually, it waked-up and I could feel it beginning to grow beneath the cup.

Toward the end, I began to dwell on the design of the cup and how it protects not only my balls and my cock, but also wraps under my perineum and actually protects my prostate as well. I accidentally dropped a remote control on my unprotected balls last night and was surprised at the level of (brief) pain that yielded. Ouch! Fortunately, it lasted only but a minute then subsided.

The beast awakened and unleashed

I went to bed last night at 9:30, as I needed to get up at 4:30. Having had an amazing 2.5 hour Aless session from 4am yesterday morning, followed by a 2 hour session with the Helix, culminating in a Super T, my prostate was humming all day.

Lying in bed, it only took 15 minutes of aless, just focusing on tiny motions pulling in my TA muscles, before I was swooning in whole body warmth, with what I assume were Dry-Os. From quarter past midnight, I was drifting between sleep and awake, feeling the contractions of my abdomen, PC and anal muscles taking me through the most seductive of pleasures. Although I did not experience any orgasm after the early ones, I got plenty of involuntaries, where the Helix was sucked in so deep, it felt like it wanted to come out the other side.

I tried to focus on the energy ball suggested by @SOwithoutAneros, which had the effect of helping me relax my muscles rather than tensing up.

After getting back from the gym this morning at 7am, the Helix went straight in and I spent the next 90 minutes, feeling a myriad of sensations. I definitely felt the small pulsing of blood in the anal muscle and the resultant tiny movements across my prostate.