Unprecedented Success This Week

I don’t really know how to articulate the sheer amount of bliss and ecstasy I have experienced this past week, but here’s a summary. I have been an Aneros user for about 5 years now and I have had 3 or 4 Super Os during my journey, though it’s been at least a year since my last one. That is, until this past Friday. I have managed to level up my play and achieve Super Os during 6 of the past 9 days.

Friday: I decided to end my week with an Aneros session. I inserted my Progasm Ice and relaxed into the pleasurable feelings it was providing. After about 30 minutes, it was giving me some light to moderate P waves that felt really good, but I didn’t think things were going to go much further than that. I ended up drifting off to sleep with the device still inside me. Fast forward about another half hour. I awoke to strong P waves and had an erection that was pulsing along with the waves. I brought a hand up to rub my right nipple and as soon as I touch it I felt a surge of energy light up my prostate. Within seconds my whole body was writhing and contracting in the release of the most intense Super O I had ever experienced. On a scale of 0-10 where 10 is the most pleasure you think you are capable of experiencing, this was about a 16 or 17. It has caused me to throw out my notion of what heights of pleasure are even possible. After I removed the Progasm, I had 2 or 3 Aless dry Os over the course of the next hour or so as I drifted off to sleep.

Pretty good manga guide for using the aneros

Has some good concepts about how to think about dry orgasms that I wish I read earlier too. I don’t know what the policy is for direct linking to possibly pirate manga, so search for “Hokenshitsu no JK-san Bangaihen [English]” and you’ll be able to read it. About 20 pages.

Have Kegels greatly enhanced your sessions?

I already experience dry o’s and super-o’s… but most of my sessions peak within 30-45 minutes. I’m wondering if strengthening my orgasm muscles (henceforth what I’ll call them lol) would not only increase the already high pleasure intensity of the sessions, but also the length.

Your experience?

Mini dry orgasms?

I’ve had more success that I wanted to share. Typical 3 days without ejaculating and 1 hour before the season I took a 10mg edible.

This time I did use porn as I was very horny. After about 30mins of really nice feelings I tried switching back to just some audio which took a bit of time but really brought on great feelings that had me think I was going to orgasm. After about 10mins of this I decided to take a break and get a drink of water.

This is when it got interesting. I went back to porn and this time I got myself into a sort of trance and brought on a strange type of orgasm. It felt really nice, like the warm glow you feel when a traditional orgasm starts. This time it just stayed and with each contraction came what I would described as micro orgasms..almost like “spikes” of pleasure which peaked and retracted with each relaxation.

Since I didn’t know what would come next I just tried to let it happen and not change anything. Unfortunately this faded after about 1minute.

I called this a win for the night and decided to end with a traditional orgasm which was amazing.

One thing I can share that i have learned is that there does not seem to be any short cuts or earth shattering advice that will get you to where you want to be. There is something to this “rewiring” term as I just continue to practice and my sessions get better and better with little surprises along the way.

Help Getting Back

I first got an aneros way back in 2013ish, but never got anywhere with it. I think I was too young and inexperienced to really let go. Jump ahead to this year, and I’ve started getting into prostate play again. I got my start with the Njoy wand, and fairly quickly was able to get a wet prostate orgasm, which was great but not the multiply dry O’s I had been hoping for.

This brings me to getting an aneros for the second time. I got a Maximus model and the first time I slipped it in I instantly felt something new and exciting. In that first session I was able to ride the new feelings and get hit with wave after wave of pleasure, resulting in 3-5 dry orgasms back to back. It was incredible. I did take an edible beforehand, and so it is hard for me to recall exactly how it felt and how I got there.

Since that first session, I’ve not been able to achieve the same success. I have nice tingly feelings all over, warmth, tightness, even waves on one of my recent session, but no dry o’s back-to-back like that first time. I’m not sure if I’m trying too hard or am forgetting something, but I’m at a loss on how to progress again. I definitely notice my prostate and sensations more regularly, even without anything in me, but that isn’t resulting in better sessions with the aneros. Does anybody have any tips or advice for getting back to the promised land?

Eupho lovers…

If you love the Eupho and have never tried the paradise, I super highly recommend it! The small one! Thought it was a dud, then it starts auto movements, those grow, then fizzled. Thought it was over, then did a medium muscle pull (pulling it in, without squeezing-not sure if this makes sense), then waves on waves, a dry O (small but nice).

Intermediate Aneros-er

Hey guys, I’d call myself as an intermediate as the title says, I haven’t had pgasms yet in over a year of trying and I’m looking for some insight if that’s ok.

My average session usually starts with me not letting my body clamp down too much, so the toy kind of tickles my prostate and the sensitivity builds up. That’s leads to good places usually, I’ve felt build up feelings where my heart starts to race and my prostate gets quite sensitive. I also get this feeling of hardness/pressure under my belly button later in sessions, I feel like that grows. I’m not sure if this is my prostate growing, a potentially orgasmic feeling, or if I’m simply pressing my bladder.

I tried a session with weed for the first time last night. Not sure if it helped or hindered, I do get a bit anxious with bud so I’m not sure it helps me with arousal. I didn’t seem to have the body awareness to let the session build up slowly and my body clamped down a lot, the sensitivity did build up eventually though. I had a lot of precum for the first time in a session but I’m not sure if that was because I was basically milking myself with the heavy pressure.

After the first hour, I have to confess to briefly touching my dick a bit to make myself aroused again, this would bring back the good feelings to my prostate but I don’t know if it was a good idea overall.

Major Progress on edibles

Recently had what I consider a breakthrough on my quest for dry orgasms.

I have read so much about how sensitive edibles make you and I can now attest to this!

About one hour before I planned a session I took what was roughly 10mg of a Sativa gummy. Once I started to play it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced!

It felt like to toy had a mind of its own fucking me with my own contractions. I was so sensitive that I started grinding the toy against the bed while laying on my back and I couldn’t understand how I didn’t orgasm from that. This is typically something that would give me very little sensation in a sober session.

As part of my routine I also use an oculus 2 to watch porn and at various times I wanted to try and change videos but I felt almost trapped/stuck twitching and writhing unable to bring my hand to grab the controller.

Unfortunately I did not plan enough ahead to abstain for more than a day before hand which is why I somehow was not able to wet or dry orgasm.

I am planning on trying very soon with 2-3 days in hopes of finally making it happen!


I can dry orgasm just about any way you can imagine I’d think it’d be fun to take some requests from you guys and you tell me a way you want me to orgasm and you may be selected and receive a video of me doing your request. Good luck!

You can also Dm requests if you don’t wanna comment

Is This What A Prostate Orgasm Is?

I purchased the Aneros Progasm years ago, and it took me a few months to unlock its full potential, as I wasn’t using it frequently enough to get acquainted with the toy. One day, I decided to try relaxing as much as I could while doing nothing to help my prostate out besides gentle kegels, making the toy nuzzle against my prostate. This approach eventually made me start spasming uncontrollably, and ultimately, led to me finishing by stroking my cock until I had a wet orgasm.

Most recently, I’ve been slowly inserting the Progasm while deeply breathing and relaxing as much as possible. I don’t know what happened after my first positive experience with this toy, but it’s common for my body to start convulsing before the Progasm is even fully inserted, it feels like I’m cumming in a different way, and this feeling hits me in waves. During my last session, I started uncontrollably shaking while the Progasm was halfway inside me. Eventually the toy pulled itself fully inside me, leading to an eye-rolling experience. I could literally feel my dry orgasms oscillating like a sine wave; there would be a slow crescendo that would cause my whole lower half to shake untreatably, followed by a gentle release, only until the toy rested on my prostate again which would start the entire process over. The peaks felt like they were lasting for 45-60 seconds at a time, it was truly unbelievable.