24 yr old male First post, would like some outside feed back on my prostate/anal orgasm journey


Im gonna try and keep this shorted possible, but will make other detailed posts about my journey later on. So i’ve been experimenting with anal for about 2 years. I started with Aneros and since i’ve gotten 6 other models, a dildo to ride, a pure wand a hismith sex machine. Early on in my journey with the Aneros Helix, i think i’ve had some p-waves whereas i would feel strong sensations that would originate from my pc muscles and then spread throughout my body. For a while this was all that would happen, which was amplified when combined with nipple play. Then a big milestone (in my opinion) happened. During a few of my sessions, whenever I felt a big wave coming i also felt like i might ejaculate (which is not what i’m going for, i want dry orgasms) i would stop, scared i would cum or lose my self in please, but one day , during a session i let it happened because why not? If i ejaculate id get an amazing orgasm, so it’s a win. so I let myself go and too my pleasurable surprise, i squirted! it was clear and it was a lot ALOT. Like i thought i peed but it wasn’t and it was sooooo pleasurable (idk if i’d say orgasm tho) but i was laughing so much after out of pleasure. i believe this happened a total of 5-6 times in my journey.

Squirting, good or bad sign?

So around Feb, I’ve tapped into the ability to achieve what feel like, or what I think are multiple prostate orgasms (dry ones). What I’ve been doing is done combination of nipple play and relaxing all my muscles to let the Aneros slowly do its thing while I focus heavily on how good it feels.

My dry O’s are basically almost as good as a traditional orgasm and it does feel like liquid is constantly shooting out of my dick and at times I’ve had to check to be sure. Usually to get to this point I think I need to do a little more than just relax and it feels like I need to be “pushing out” very slightly.

The ‘problem’ is around a week or two ago I began to feel like I was holding back or not relaxing enough when I was having dry O’s and there were a few brief seconds in a couple of sessions where it really felt like I would pee or cum hard so I would abruptly kegel to try to prevent that. When I first tried letting that feeling pass without attempting to stop it I was surprised to find that I had squirted what mostly seemed to be precum. Then I tried it again and squirted some more, though it was more watery. Since then, whenever I relax in that way I end up squirting and very rarely it’s more precum-like in consistency. Even though it’s a headache to keep towels on hand I’m not complaining because it does feel as good as a traditional orgasm that lasts minutes long.

Think I found my Prostate!!!

…at least I think I did… It felt great and my dick was leaking a LOT of pre-cum. (Keep in mind I have MS and have not cum in over a year…Most strive for a dry orgasm…. my goal is far from that! I want the cum!!

So it’s been months since I got my Aneros Progasm Jr and I have read and tried everything. For the most part I now just wear it during the day or when I take walks. Walking with it in me is pleasurable… just it’s not hitting the right spot.

So how did I find it?

New User, Aless Better than Aneros?

New user here, trident syn

My experience has been very suprising to say the least…

Have used a few times now, longer sessions, with 420 help…when in, feels good, gets the vibes going. I feel like trying to build toward something, but then either I try too hard, or flex too much and the cycle just kind of repeats…eventually I feel a little too much pressure on the prostate and it boarders on uncomfortable, nothing major…

The amazing discovery is after the session… sometimes next day, sometimes next smoke sesh, sitting in the same chair/position, etc…I can feel my prostate and have the awareness/awakening. By doing light kegels and flexing/clenching I can build myself to INSANE, mind altering, rolling dry orgasms. It’s almost incomprehensible that my body can do this without any major direct stimulation…

My question is…has anyone else had a similar experience where the aneros feels good and can build some waves, but the real experience comes after, aless…

In researching before buying I really didn’t see much of a scenario like my own where the first super-O/MMO’s come aless before getting there with the device.

First Success – Should I Go Vibe/Bigger?

IDK if what I did qualifies as a super/prostate O but definitely some new results this latest time trying. Took hours and I had to pregame with regular masturbation (with some delay in between).

So what I got multiple of were these ASMR-like bolts almost like one side of my ribs being stroked upward with a feather or something, huge spine tingles. But IDK if these are the dry O because at least each individual one of these wasn’t as strong as a regular masturbation orgasm, and if I stopped there I wouldn’t have been satisfied.

Then I took things to a wet finish, again without conventional masturbation but with some light ball squeezing in addition to the rest of the breathing/clenching. Great result but it seems very hard to take things that far.

So on one hand I see a lot of the guides saying less is more and to focus on the subtle sensations. But when doing this attempt I was definitely getting very close off the “when it goes in” omfg sensation when I re-lubed a couple times and also when I re-inserted just for that sensation in an attempt to get over the edge.

So this begs the question: would a vibrating and/or straight-up larger toy be better than the basic trident? I’m still pretty much a beginner and a lot of the guides say vibration is an expert thing. But I’m often having trouble getting over the edge and in those close to the edge situations it seems like more stimulation could help. But maybe my technique just needs to improve more and bigger/vibrating stuff would be counterproductive. What circumstances make these worth trying?

Long time lurker – breakthrough

I’ve done the do nothing approach off and on for awhile but last night I tried an edible, and it immediately took affect and I thought I was going to cum, but I didn’t, maybe a dry orgasm. It lasted a good half hour so the edible definitely helped relax me and just let me enjoy the feeling. If you have tried thc and your stuck, give it a shot!

Aneros Progasm awakened my prostate

23 y/o here. Bisexual so no stranger to receptive anal stuff. Prior to buying an aneros I had been messing around with a vibrating kegel ball, and although it felt great I wasn’t getting prostate orgasms from it. Regardless, I am still aware of the muscles down there and how to get pleasure from playing with my ass.

Last Monday the progasm finally came in the mail. I was so excited because I had been reading up on these forums and the aneros website prior, so I had an idea of what I was doing. Also they say that progasm isn’t best for beginners…I beg to differ!

So Monday night I finally got around to using the aneros. After popping it in it feels extremely pleasurable and filling. I was using it on and off for a couple hours, but then when I finally went to bed the real fun started. I was in bed with the progasm in, and smoked some weed prior. This seemed to be the key. After doing the light contractions and feeling p waves, things began to escalate. My body was shaking and the toy was moving by itself. Then before I knew it, my PC muscles are stuck in the “tug of war”. My whole body was shaking and the pleasure was coming in strong waves. My PC muscles were quivering uncontrollably and the P tab of the toy felt so good pressing into me. This basically continued til I got tired. I was satisfied in achieving a prostate orgasm even if not a super o.

First orgasm

I smoked weed. A hybrid that is indica dominant. My prostate was pouncing like it had its own heart beat. The key was to allow myself to feel the pleasure. I each pulse of my prostate felt better and better until I had a dry orgasm. It felt like a regular orgasm in stregnth but the point is that I finally felt a hands free orgasm. Will abstain from masterbation this whole week. I know that will be the key to a super o. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks

My experience, some questions..

Hello guys. Soo i’ve been experimenting with prostate play for about 4-5 months and i think im having a really good progress. I don’t know for you but tor me a-less is far more pleasurable. I enjoy the aneros also, but it seems that with the a-less i can get more in the zone ir you understand me. Is this normal? Am i alone on this side?

The other question is for prostate play veterans:
How would you rank all the orgasm one can have in order of pleasure?
Penile orgasm,Mini-O,Dry orgasm, Prostate wet orgasm, Super-o and et cetera…

Thank you and happy playing 😉

After 4 long years, finally achieved prostate orgasms!

Started off some 4 years ago (with a Helix), and saw little or no progress in the first year or so after which I bought an Eupho. The Eupho helped with involuntaries a lot, after which I could at least feel pleasurable sensations during sessions, but plateaued with that fairly quickly so about a year after buying the Eupho I picked up the MGX Trident which had only just released.

With the MGX I saw pretty rapid improvement in my sessions from 2019 to now, and had some ‘almost there’ moments, and possibly some mini-o’s though I’m entirely sure but I never really felt like I could get past that invisible barrier till last week.

My first experience a month ago with edibles was not bad, but I think the high might have been a little distracting so last week I tried using the same infused coconut oil as lube and I noticed that it made my prostate quite sensitive to any involuntaries. I had however used only 1/4th of the amount I would ordinarily consume orally, so last night I decided to double it.