Mistakes to lookout for? Better models?

I’ve had the Helix for about 2 months and only realize realize my mistake. Every time I used it, it felt like it was pushing into me and would start to feel good after a while, but could get sore if I clenched too much. Progress was really slow.

But in the past 2 weeks, with my increased muscular control and strength, when flexing my sphincter, I felt it rotate backwards and suddenly slide in deeper. Turns out I’ve been just jabbing the front of my anal cavity for the past 2 months, and only getting pleasure by happenstance of trying different things.

But even now, I have to keep clenching my sphincter really hard to keep in place, otherwise it slides down and rotates forward to start jabbing me again.

I just got an Njoy pure wand and found my prostate. Got a bunch of dry orgasms from it. How deep I have to insert it is quite a bit longer than the insertable depth of the Helix. The Helix is is only rated for 3.5″ when flush (tabs completely useless). I’m having to insert the Njoy 4+”.

I’m assuming the Helix is not deep enough for me. And most of the models are 3.5″. The bulk of the longer models are also much bigger in general. My only option might be to buy them all and see what works… /sigh

Are there any other issues to look out for?

Experienced a Dry O but can’t repeat

About a month ago I experienced a true Dry O. It felt just like a penile orgasm but was totally dry. I even posted about it here.

I really enjoyed it because the “regular” orgasms I get with my Aneros never feel like I’m going over the edge and alsways leave me desperate to cum.

I usually get those regular orgasms by clenching more and more as the pleasure builds. But I got the Dry O from more of a Do Nothing method. (I tried to do nothing but some contractions couldn’t be helped).

Ever since then I’ve been trying to have another dry o but it’s just not working out. I’ve been employing the do nothing method and I’m getting good feelings but they aren’t getting me there.

Any advice would be great

Epic start then nothing…

I normally take 1-2 hour sessions with a slow build to maybe a dry orgasm or two.
Today when I put my progasm in I had an immediate erection and throbbing muscles with a very sensitive prostate. Then bam; nothing. I kept it in for another hour but didn’t feel much after that first initial and amazing 3 minutes. Weird. Any ideas or insights as to what might have happened?

How to progress past HFWO?

Hi all, pretty new to aneros but experienced in anal play and can achieve a hands free wet orgasm via my prostate with ease. I think because I’m so used to that, my sessions with aneros have so far usually ended with a HFWO after which I’m no longer interested. I’ve had much more intense feelings along the way with the aneros and I’m really.enjoying the journey but want to know how I get past just cumming and finishing and move towards dry orgasms and super-o etc!

Trouble getting over the curve

I’ve been using a Helix Syn for a few weeks now, maybe 8-10 “sessions” and while I’ve felt some good and never-before-felt sensations, I’d like some feedback as to whether or not I’m approaching it correctly.

My last go with it seemed the most productive. I got myself pretty horny for a couple hours before insertion, with no sick touching. Then took a hot shower, laid in bed, did some meditative breathing, lubed up and inserted the Aneros. Tried to let it just rest for a period of time before contracting. After maybe 15 mins of listening to some chill EDM and breathing exercises I started doing some waves of PC contractions.

I started pumping out a lot of precum, but didn’t feel any sense of needing to urinate or any real pleasure sensations.

After maybe 10 minutes of contractions and using my pelvic floor muscles to literally “pull” the Aneros deeper into my asshole, I started to feel some nice warmth in my pelvic region and felt the muscles in my hips, abs, and legs starting to quiver. I could also feel my dick “jumping” and the Aneros felt like it was being pulled in and out by my asshole.

Then something new happened; my heart started beating like crazy, my breathing quickened, my eyes were closed and it literally felt like I was floating and spinning and things felt mildly good, but no where near what a normal cumming orgasm feels like. I didn’t cum or experience what I believe was an orgasm, only my usual pool of precum.

3 days in I found a Wet-O-my-God

Last night I tried my Aneros for the third time (I’m new to Anal play). The first time after 2 hours and a lot of focus I had multiple dry O’s. This immediately redefined my understanding of Orgasm. And made me want multiples all the time.

I tried again night 2, butt nothing. (again, another 2 hours).

Day 3, I popped it in and sat there reading some erotica which was really getting me excited, afterward I tried to focus on the sensations and I could feel the beginnings of an O but then it would fade. While I had tried several positions lying down, I decided to try something else.

After quite a while I sat on the edge of my bed and started moving my hips in circles. This seemed to start getting things going pretty quickly. As the sensation built, I found myself grinding harder and faster, it was the longest build up to orgasm I ever had and sure enough exploded like a fountain without touching anything other than my hands-clenched bed sheets.

I’m looking forward to what I experience next, I just hope it stops taking 2 hours to get there, I don’t always have that much time.

At long last!

I’ve been chasing the hands free orgasm for years with moderate success in achieving dry orgasms. Last night, I finally made myself cum with my aneros.

I inserted the helix syn and left it alone for about 30 minutes while I did some laundry. After a while, I put down a towel and started playing with the aneros, mostly avoiding touching my dick.

I searched for some hands-free videos online and watched the techniques some of them employed, and tried to mimic them. It also made me really horny watching guy after guy fuck his own prostate until cumming, which helped.

At a certain point, I felt the tingling start to build in my prostate, and I kept applying pressure. I felt like I would cum at any minute, but I just couldn’t push past that threshold. I finally grabbed my dick and stroked a couple of times, the most intense feelings I’ve ever had while masturbating.

I stopped because I could feel the pressure building, and I continued to press the aneros against my prostate harder and harder for about 45 seconds, and then it happened: cum slowly started oozing out of my dick, just a stream of chunky cum.

Once it stopped, I started stroking my dick and found that it wasn’t sensitive to the touch like it would be after a typical orgasm, which allowed me to jerk out another load.

First Experience with Involuntaries

I’ve (21 m) been using the Helix Syn Trident for about half a year and had my first experience with involuntary contractions today and I want to make a post about it.

I was feeling kind of passively aroused so I decided to go for it just with the intention of experiencing some nice feelings and relaxing for a little bit. I feel like this might have had something to do with what happened, me going into it horny but with an intention to relax.

It started normal for me, just some nice feelings, feeling a little bit like I was floating/relaxing. I normally play around with different contractions while occasionally using the do nothing method and I try to let my body do what feels right. *Normally I lay on my back with my knees bent, feet on the bed, but this time I was fully flat on the bed with just my head on a pillow*.

I started to do a few contractions and the slowly, on and off, became rhythmic with occasional bursts or holds. Every once in a while, I would halfway or one-quarter clench and the helix would “buzz” against my prostate like a vibrator for a moment and when it did I would release a little precum. I have occasionally leaked a tiny bit in the past but never before like this, where I could feel it flow out just a bit.

Not sure what happened

Last night I decided to give the aneros another shot. For background, I’ve been at this for about 3 years with mixed results. Ive have had plenty of great experiences with prostate stimulation so I truly believe in this journey! Because I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t ejaculated in 6 days. I was feeling particularly horny and decided to give it a shot, this time with absolutely no expectations, some weed, and the mindgasm audio. This was the first time I used the audio, and at first I wasn’t sure but then I really fell into it. I realized that after all these years, I had been doing contractions completely wrong! After a little bit I started to feel a warm, almost tingly sensation in my prostate region. My dick varied between a semi and completely soft for the majority of the time. After a while, I started getting involuntary contractions and my dick became rock hard. I could feel the pressure building, almost like I had to pee. All of a sudden I just start leaking cum, and have a hands free orgasm. It was a massive load, felt incredible and I felt like I could probably have another orgasm. I tried for a little but no results. Am I on the right path? I wanted to achieve the multiple dry orgasms that I see people talking about here, and while I’m satisfied with the results of my session I’m not sure why It was wet

Involuntary contractions happens on its own without me manually clench my muscle.

Last night, involuntary contractions happens on its own. I didnt manually clench my pc muscle or my spinchter muscle at all last night. I totally didnt do anything except focusing on being relax and calm, enjoying every little pressure or pleasureble feeling coming from my penis and being horny by fantasizing about my girl. It totally works for me. I even didnt play with my nipple at all and my penis keep on being hard and feeling dripping with pre cum. I can feel it drip from the tip of my penis and it feels so good. At one time, my ass clenched very hard on its own. I thought it gonna poke a hole through my anal wall but instead i feel something coming on my penis and it is pre cum. Not ejaculation last night, only dry orgasm but still it is very good session. My aneros being clenched or squeeze very hard involuntary, it feels like my prostate being stroke slowly and it comes waves after waves. Its not rapid clenching movement but as i keep relaxing and focus, it comes again later. So good to share this in this sub. Feels very horny and cannot wait for my next session.