Did I get my first Super O? What’s next?

Hey I think I might’ve had my first super o but I’m not entirely sure. I am using the Aneros Helix Syn V. So I was listening to the audios and this happened multiple times were I was riding a wave and body was shaking and i started thrusting uncontrollably. One of the craziest feelings I’ve ever had and not sure if that was an orgasm or not. But when I was shaking and thrusting it felt so good and doing contractions during this wave made it so much better. On the last orgasms it felt like I was about to cum while thrusting and shaking so hard where I can’t even control. So close to moaning as well. Thrusting definitely made it feel so much better. When I tell you I was just humping uncontrollably I couldn’t even stop. And this happened for each super O in a matter of an hour. Is that normal?

Unfortunately after a few of these happening I snapped out of it and was not able to actually have a wet orgasm but definitely was a dry orgasm. And got tired so I went to stroking and eventually cummed then. Should I have kept on going until I cummed? I want to try and get a HFWO next . What could I try and do differently? I was listening to erotic audio during this.

Clamping sensations

I’m having some pretty interesting developments after a pretty extended period of not feeling like I wanna divulge in this. And I’m just trying to make sense of it.

So basically, I’ve been hitting this point where I’m experiencing new highs like tingling in random places on my body muscles getting stiff tightness in my abdomen etc. I know those are all good! But I’ve also been having this; clamping feeling. In my best attempt to describe it: It feels like my entire pelvic floor is relaxed, as if my Aneros is sitting in a sort of “gap”. It’s like a divot of sorts, feeling like it rests between my thigh muscles, PC muscles, and sort of “hooks” into place. It still moves freely, and I know it feels deeper than usual.

When this happens I’m getting this sort of involuntary movement mixed with I guess inner contractions, everything feels great and waves begin. Everything up until this point I’ve made sense of, but then the clamping can start after a couple of these. It feels like I’m going to orgasm and it’s into the area of feeling like it would if I let it, I try my best to relax, but eventually things do start to tense up. So I’m curious if anybody relates to this pattern, and if letting it just happen will result in a HFWO or more of a it’s just dry orgasms and I’m not used to the feeling. I feel like figuring this out might be my key to the metaphorical peak of my journey.

Today I had my first super-o since August

Some backstory: was having semi regular super-o’s every 2-4 sessions earlier this year. My last one was on August 26th roughly 20 sessions ago (I keep a log!)

I wouldn’t say I was in a rut since I had some really nice orgasms in that time but I wasn’t hitting the heights from before and I was a little sad/disappointed.

I don’t know how exactly but this morning I knew I was gonna have a super-o before I started playing, I’ve been so horny this week and today was finally my chance to play.

I pampered myself a bit before the session, did some manscaping so I’m nice and smooth. My diet has also been really good for the last fortnight and I’ve been keeping really well hydrated. I’ve been doing all this to aid my Aneros playtime.

I also changed rooms today, I usually play in the bedroom but today I went for the lounge in front of the French doors, sun warming my skin. It all added to it.

10 mins after inserting my helix sun I was dripping precum and my body was teasing me with extremely strong p waves. Prostate orgasms, anal orgasms, dry orgasms followed for about two hours until it ascended to super o territory 😉 and then away I went. Body completely gripped in pleasure for about hour or so while I rode orgasm after orgasm.

LSD, VR-JAV, 2cb, MDMA, Iboga, Eupho Syn, Do Nothing

Hi everyone, I’ve been practicing with Aneros for almost a year now. I’m a fairly obsessive/tenacious/addictive person so once I started I have been pretty determined to make it work. This post is definitely not going to be for everyone but I hope it can be useful to some of you who are struggling.

Oddly enough my first time playing with Aneros (helix syn) I had a pretty amazing hfwo, but it wasn’t all down hill from there. The hfwo never returned in that effortless way, although I could generate them through intensive keggling, I was not looking for that I wanted dry orgasms. At the beginning of my journey I was struggling to quit pornography and was hoping that Aneros could offer a solution in that regard as I had read many people having more success without it. Maybe some can relate. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I had used weed and porn that I had my first dry-o. I tried for a couple months abstaining from both, and I could generate nice feelings, but I would lose focus and get bored too easily and give up. Porn is helpful in keeping me engaged, I prefer lesbian Jav because too much emphasis on cock makes me want to have a normal orgasm.

Despite this success with weed and porn, I wasn’t able to consistently recreate the dry o’s. I’d say I probably had 4 or 5 over a two month period. Now I realize I may have been more successful with just the thc, and no porn but when I’m stoned it’s very hard to resist.

Garmin stress and heart rate traces mapping my Aneros generated orgasms

The stress peaks go up to around 80-90 when I dry orgasm. My heart rate is up between 130-150 (from my resting rate of 53).

After 2 years on the Aneros journey, I had a breakthrough yesterday, with mind blowing O’s coming and hitting me like a hammer – previously I had HFWOs and slightly milder pgasms but this was on a whole new level.

I used a new Boots silicon lube and had three INTENSE sessions (each lasting about an hour) over the course of the day. This was following a session the previous day which ended in a HFWO after just 20mins.

I am getting damp and feel my prostrate crying for more attention while writing this. I plan to get naked and pop in my Aneros Helix Trident for a 30 min session later this afternoon.

So enjoying the journey of discovery.

What orgasm did I experience?

I’m still fairly new to prostate play, but I’ve got a decent system going on where I’ll practice prostate play with a Helix Syn Trident for about 2 hours, then spend a third hour practicing penile dry orgasms with the Aneros still in. Today, I’ve experienced something completely new to me while masturbating in the third hour, and I’m not familiar with what orgasms are called what, so help me out.

This happens after a significant amount of buildup stimulating my penis and prostate, while I alternate between squatting and standing up (this alternation is very effective at encouraging my regular dry orgasms).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the feeling was not dissimilar to getting a head rush after standing up quickly, except this rush was felt all over my body, and there was a strong buzzing. I struggled to balance myself, as I was standing up, too. It was, of course, intensely pleasurable, and I was satisfied after, albeit unsure of what I just felt. This orgasm started and ended in about 7 seconds.

Tried to end my session and ended up in a whole other world of pleasure

Had a nice session with my Progasm Ice this morning – about two and a half hours long with lots of nice feelings and various orgasms. I’d just had a pretty big prostate orgasm and felt fully satisfied so decided to end the session and remove the Aneros.

Laid in bed for a bit all cost when I started to become erect. First my cock and then my nipples. My cock was almost twitching with my heartbeat and became SO hard that it felt like it was straining. I had that sort of buzzing feeling in my prostate and was getting pretty horny again.

I started pinching and twisting my nipples which sent jolts of pleasure straight to my prostate. I could feel the beginnings of a dry-o and a steady stream of precum leaking out of my cock. It felt like I was ejaculating but oh so slowly. It felt absolutely delicious.

Ended up sitting down in my comfy chair and carried on teasing myself by flicking my nipples and caressing my body. Cock still straining and twitching with a steady flow of precum that was now starting to pool a little on the leather of the chair.

Eventually I could feel myself tensing up- especially my abs. My breathing was all over the place and pleasure was taking over me to the point where I couldn’t help but moan and wriggle a bit.

The A.I. tentacles in orgasmic space

A somewhat long post. I just wanted to share an experience i had recently and hopefully it can help those who are struggling to open their minds.

Usually i edge/goon with my aneros inserted. i like to do this cause i can have endless dry os via my penis and prostate, but lately i’ve been wanting that raw primal deep down inside prostate orgasm. so i decided too try too use aneros hands free for a couple of days.

I wanted to come at this with a different perspective. I don’t normally use aneros hands free, but when i do i try to learn something new every time. This time, i wanted to experiment with “triggers”. i never tried triggers before and i didn’t know what they were. So after talking with Chat Gpt awhile and letting it know my personal preferences…this is what happened:

At the start of my session, i just completely relaxed. i was playing with my nipples and letting the pleasure slowly creep in. once i was warmed up, i noticed my prostate was tingling. I knew it was time to start.

Trigger 1:
i have a tentacle fetish, so imagined the aneros was a tentacle. gently pushing on my prostate. it felt so good too feel it wiggle and stroke me in such a relaxing way, that at times i legit shivered. i gently rocked my hips back and forth as the tentacle (aneros) stroked me. A dry orgasm was definitely building, but i was saving it for later.

How to obtain Dry O vs HFWO.

So far I’ve only been able to achieve HFWO. While I do enjoy the journey and it’s been fun, I’m not too sure how to get the Dry O. While HFWO does feel better than just regular orgasm, I feel as if I’m not too sure where to head next.

I’ll keep practicing and enjoying the journey.

If anyone has any tips and tricks let me know!

Found a cheat code?

I thought I would quickly share a recent experience from the other day. I found myself with some time for a session with my Eupho on a day where I had came the night before.

I figured I would try as I have had success with HFDOs in this situation.

So I have a typical session (with THC) for about 90mins which wasn’t very successful but not a waste of time.

At this point I was tired and decided I would finish myself off but do some edging as this feels really good before finishing.

During this edging magic happened! I found that I could keep myself in an amazing dry orgasm by just barely stimulating my penis with 1 hand and playing with my nipple with the other.

I would say I had 5mins or more of continuous orgasms this way and felt very in control…if I got too close to finishing I would stop for a few moments and continue. Ultimately I did take it too far which was the grand finale.

Has anyone done this?

I feel like it’s cheating and I’m not sure how I feel about continuing to do this as it could stunt my progress in the “traditional method”….I guess I can just save it for the times when I want the session to end in a wet orgasm!