What do dry orgasms/super Os feel like?

I’m trying to figure out whether I experienced dry orgasms/super Os or just p waves. The past few days I’ve been having multihour sessions with and without the Aneros. The most intense sensations I’ve gotten have felt like a mix of pleasure, a sort of pins and needles/itch feeling, and an “I’m about to ejaculate” feeling, but without the typical release of ejaculation. These sensations slowly pulse on and off with greater strength, and as they peak, my whole body gets a wash of warmth. The intense pleasure is mainly confined to my pelvic area, but the “pins and needles” feelings sometimes run up and down my body like electricity is running through me. After the sensations peak, they die down into a small “buzzing” sensation in my prostate that eventually vanishes. At the end, I still feel super aroused and the pleasurable sensations start again after a random interval where I’m just relaxed.

Is this a typical super O, or are there other sensations people usually have?

Am I going right?

Im having trouble with my aneros session. I dont know if Im doing right so I want some advices. Sorry for my english since Im not from english speaking country.

Anyways perhaps like other guys in this forum I stuck my mgx in my ass with plenty of lubes first. Then stay relaxed until I get comfortable with my toy. After that I squeeze my pc muscle at up to 70% of my limit with concentration. The concentration on the toy and the prostate. I maintain the squeeze until I shiver. I feel some.. some kind of wave like Im burning and thats all. Thats it. Nothing happens after that.

I also tried the do nothing method. Sometimes I feel the same feeling like I mentioned before. But most of the time I feel nothing. Well umm the forums in my country they say dont have any expectation for reaching any orgasms so I struggle really hard not to expect good feelings.

The question is I dont know if Im following the right path. And want to know whether guys who reached dry orgasm state had same trouble like Im struggling now or not. Thx for reading.

p.s Weed sounds interesting but its illegal at here.

Progress questions

Hello fellow explorers!

I’ve been messing aroung with my Aneros Maximus Trident for about a year now with mixed results. I think I’ve had a few P-waves in that time and I think no involuntaries, but I’m unclear on how far along I am. Definitely no super-O but I’ve felt like I was on the verge of it a few times.


My sessions are typically several hours which are usually “medium eventful” but there is lots of down time between high points. I’ve had the most success with the “do completely nothing” approach, but the success I’ve had feels more related to my heart beat brushing the device against the prostate rather than any device-related movement. In fact today I generated very similar effects (to a point) without the aneros in at all (up to step 5 below).


I’ve been using lots of coconut oil recently, but I’m not sure if this is really better or worse than the water-based lube I have tried in the past. The device seems to not move after a certain point (even after re-applying).


#### Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far:

1. Light PC muscle “hold” (30-50%) as long as possible.
* Muscles never seem to tire here or I forget about it over time.

2. Light PC muscle hold and light bear down (push out) with sphincter.
* This seems to help push the device directly onto the prostate and hold it there in some situations, but reduces movement.

The biggest orgasm of my life, and how I got there

I’m floored. I’m lucky to have had pretty good luck with the aneros from the beginning. Though, I did have some experience with prostate stimulation before I ever tried the aneros.

This all started for me maybe 8 or 9 yrs ago, in my mid 20s, when an older woman (late 40s) who I was fooling around with talked me into letting her slip a finger inside me while she was edging/blowing me. I reluctantly agreed, but a huge part of our dynamic was her teaching me new things with her mostly focused on me. She loved exploring my body and I miss the fuck out of those edging sessions, and even more so the forced orgasms (she would legit make me cum 3-5 times over an hour or two). Anyway, she made me really comfortable before sliding her finger into me, and just left it there while she continued to play with me. After a while, she started giving me a light prostate massage (at the time, I had no idea what this was) and 20 minutes later I’m shaking and moaning like the most over dramatic female porn star as I cum buckets down her throat. I’ll never forget squeezing this woman’s body with my shaking legs as I opened my eyes gasping for air when I came back to reality. It was extremely intense.

Dry O vs Super O

I have only ever had 1 super O almost 2 years ago and it was a total fluke. After that I had trouble even getting regular dry o’s. Now recently Im having successful sessions with dry O’s some of which are very intense, but definitely not a super O. Is there any advice anyone can give me ? Are the super O’s just totally random ?

Just had my first session. Pleasurable but not sure I felt the right sensations or not. Am I on the right track?

I bought a Helix Trident and used it for the first time tonight. It’s the first time I’ve ever done any sort of anal or prostate play. I just had the urge, and I’m glad I splurged a bit. But considering I’m new, I wanted to see if I’m on the right track. I tried my best to follow the tips I’ve seen online.

I started by taking a warm shower to try and relax a bit. Once I was all clean, I laid down in bed and did some breathing exercises. I then watched some porn for 15 minutes or so and stroked myself a bit to get extra turned on while still focusing on breathing and making sure I’m relaxed.

After 15 minutes or so, I lubed up the Aneros as well as my asshole. I gently rubbed my asshole and fingered it slightly before slowly inserting the toy. It was a brand new feeling for me but I tried to breathe and just focus on the sensation. Once it was in, my asshole began to contract involuntarily, maybe once every 10-15 seconds or so, like I was flexing my PC or sphincter muscles or whatever. It was a nice feeling, though I didn’t get the urge to pee right away like some people say.

First dry O

After about two months I had my first dry O, it honestly might have been a mini O, but it didn’t feel mini. It lasted maybe 30-45 seconds, and was pretty wild. I’ve seen a lot of people here say that are getting all over body sensations, and while I definitely really only felt it in my groin and prostate, it was still really nice. It understand now when people say feels different than a penile orgasm, this felt more deep, and indirect I suppose. Any tips on how to go farther?

Home Office cumming

After an amazing progasm session last night where I had one continuous 30min orgasm I was so horny when I started work today.

I grabbed my MGX and slid it in this morning. My ass was still lubed from the night before and it was sucked right in. I put my underwear and shorts back on and retreated to my home office. I had an hour conference call and was feeling good tickling And pleasure

Then all of the sudden this thing started autofucking me. I lost all concentration on work. I started panting and I had an amazing dry orgasm that lasted about 2mins. Minutes later I got hit with another orgasm and another.

I’m about to cancel all my meetings and just keep feeding this monster. My prostate won’t stop today!!

I had a super-o last night, and I’m still buzzing

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Had an incredible session last night. My fiancee went to bed early, so I decided to grab my Progasm and get to business. I started by eating a pot brownie I had been saving in the freezer for a while. It usually takes ~30 or 40 minutes for edibles to kick in for me, so in the mean time, I lubed up and got comfy on the couch.

Once I was all situated, I got on PornHub and started searching through some porn music videos. I find that these work extremely well for me. Something about the quick cuts, and the driving beats really get me going. Anyway, I started getting some p-waves pretty quickly and decided to start some light contractions. I must have timed it perfectly, because the brownie I ate felt like it was beginning to kick in just as the pleasure was beginning to mount.

This is when I decided to take it a little further. I grabbed my vape pen and took one big hit off it. This sent me to the moon. I had a bit of a coughing fit for about thirty seconds, but as soon as that calmed down, it was back to the porn. I decided to use PornHub’s wonderful cast feature, and send that video to my 65′ TV. I repositioned myself for a better viewing angle and started to rub my nipples. Good god was that a good idea. Before I knew it my hips were gyrating and my Progasm was pumping away. It felt so fucking incredible.

HOLY SHIT!!!! I just had back to back DRY O’s and a Super-O(?)!

So. This post comes as a bit of an update from my previous post where I talked about how I end up always having HFWO instead of Dry O’s. Tl;dr: I used my Eupho Syn last night and came to an amazing HFWO and stopped.

Today, I’ve been sitting at my desk doing work for most of the day and have been feeling near-constant buzzing and warmth from my prostate. It just felt like it was humming and buzzing while I sat in my chair. If I did some kegels, it gave some pretty incredible sensations.

I was pretty distracted all day, reading through the aneros, prostate play, and cum from anal reddits. I got extremely horny to the point where my contractions were giving me the tiniest O’s (I think that’s what they were). I was giving myself chairgasm after chairgasm while fiddling with my nipples and I repeated this for almost 7 hours (with a few hours of actual work in between).

It got to the point where I was shaking my legs in the chair and it was making my prostate buzz. It was driving me wild and I was leaking insane amounts of precum just sitting at my desk. I just couldn’t take it anymore.