Just bought my BF an aneros Helix trident syn. What now?

So, I (F23) just bought my boyfriend (M23) an Aneros Helix trident syn. I have not given it to him yet, but am planning to give it to him soon. He doesn’t really know that much about Aneros or any prostate super O, dry O etc things, so how could I introduce him to this info, so he doesn’t just brush off my gift to him as a ”small butt plug” but as something more.
He is comfortable with my fingers in his butt and doing some prostate play, and he finds it pleasurable and his orgasms are stronger but he doesn’t find it amazingly crazy pleasurable.

So my question is. Where should I tell him to study/find info about all the tecniques and things he can do with this new toy of his.
Also what ways are there that we can use the Aneros Helix together? Could I give him a guided meditation moment with the Helix in his butt, telling him to breath and use his PC muscles, can we just have piv with the Helix in him, bj with it in him? What are some beloved couples activities with it?

Thank you and sorry if my English is a bit off, not a native speaker 🙂

(Finally) Achieved a HFWO! How to progress to dry-O’s?

Hey guys! Been an aneros user for about 3 months. Started with the Helix Syn Trident, then progressed to the Progasm Jr 3 weeks ago. The Progasm Jr was the one that finally brought me over the edge. The build up and everything was soooo goooooooood, but I was honestly thinking I was going to achieve a Dry-O, or perhaps even a super orgasm! Unfortunately, I got this sensation of cum spurting out and lo and behold – it did. A bit disappointed I had to stop the session there, since after 5 minutes after I came and was still riding some p-waves, I just wasn’t horny anymore.

I can’t really remember what I did differently to achieve the HFWO, but I was doing it mostly how I usually did it, except this time I edged for a week. I got myself super horny and put on some porn before I put the Progasm in. The moment I put the progasm in, I knew my body was in for a treat since I immediately started to feel good and started to moan. Usually I would try to relax, but the feelings were already making my ass contract immediately after insertion, so I did some light kegel exercises for about 2 minutes, then I just made the toy do the work since it was already doing a fine job inside me. I think the one thing I did differently this time was to find a contraction that felt good and rode the wave, keeping the contraction there. 50 minutes later, I feel something building up, my lower half shaking. I start to feel that “point of no return” feel in my prostate (or cock), and thats when I had the wet orgasm.

Keep going (motivation if you’re still chasing an O)

Hi guys,

Ive had an aneros helix syn for about 9 months and used it probably about 9 times or so. Used a cheaper prostate massager before with no results.

I’ll be honest I have had mixed results. Sometimes it feels great and responsive, other times ive not felt much at all. I’ve also got a small 6 inch dildo which I have had some great results with and naturally I thought maybe my prostate is located ‘deeper’ inside me that the aneros can’t reach.

Last weekend, I had a bath, relaxed, smoked a bit of weed and put on [this](https://soundgasm.net/u/kinkyshibby/F4M-Super-O-SLUT-HypnosisProstate-PlayHFOAnerosFdomSpankingStereoBinauralsTrainingConditioningLong). I lubed myself up, prepared myself and just went with it. About 50 mins in I started feeling something building within. My heart rate increased, my legs started cramping and I began bucking my hips (and moaning like a bitch). I was quite high and, the closest I can think of is it felt like I was having a panic attack but the best possible version. I was completely out of control and couldn’t believe my body was reacting this way.

I tried to breathe through and ride it out but it came and went. Over the course of 70 mins I had another few waves of this but never felt like I was going to have a dry O (but got very close).

I ended up riding my dildo and cumming from traditional masturbation but it felt fucking incredible.

Learning to do good contractions

I recently got the Helix Trident Syn. I’m trying to do the contractions by putting it in and squeezing rhythmically, but it isn’t that stimulating and I’m not noticing the twitching response people describe. I like having it in and can get some good pleasure from grinding my ass against the bed with the toy inside, but since the Super O is a muscle thing I feel like maybe my muscles are just weak and I am cheating by grinding. I definitely notice that I am having stronger penile orgasms when I have been squirming around with the Aneros for a while, and today I found myself craving the perineum stimulation while touching my cock so I put it in and had a good wet orgasm. It’s nothing like what people describe with the dry orgasm from contractions though. Anyone have advice on how to have good contractions?

First Hands Free Wet Orgasm

Just had my first hands free orgasm tonight and holy shit it was incredible! Easily one of the best orgasms of my life! I was laying there for like a good 10-15 minutes post nut, just trying to gather my thoughts of what just happened. I guess what tripped me out was the fact that I have only used the aneros less than 5 times, and I already achieved a handsfree wet orgasm. So I am by no means a pro at this, but here are a few tips that I follow that helped me achieve this….

1.) Warm up your ass and get yourself in the mood.
(I try and work up to 2 fingers before I slide the toy inside.)

2.) Take a nice hot bath/shower to relax yourself.

3.) Get rid of all expectations. Just go in with the mindset of imma relax and if anything happens, well than that’s a plus. (It’s all about mindset!!!)

4.) BREATHE!!! Make sure you take nice big breaths to help you stay relaxed and focused. (Even during P Waves and Dry Orgasms)

5.) Don’t over do it with the Kegels. This is completely subjective and it works for me, but I personally just let the toy do all the work. I will however, do some light Kegels to get things going but after that, I let the aneros do what it does. Basically, don’t be doing non stop Kegels and wonder why you’re not feeling anything. Let the toy do its thing.

Rotating Prostate Massagers?

I have been using aneros (various models) for 8 years.

I never had super O but had some dry os although they’re super rare for me. I suspect my low sex drive is the reason why most of the time nothing happens to me (I use the do nothing method almost every time).

I have hfwos occasionally when things get intense (paradoxically intense many times doesn’t necessarily mean pleasurable). I have premature ejaculation and I think even with the penis not being touched it may have an impact here.

I also have the njoy pure wand and I don’t get much from it, I feel the contact with the prostate but it’s not very pleasurable. I had a lot more success with aneros (I don’t know why).

So I’ve been thinking that maybe a more proactive (but relaxing) toy could help, something like those rotating head’s prostate massagers. I don’t think they will be successful than the aneros but I think I’ll try.

My question is if any of you uses / used this rotating toys what kind of orgasms do you get from it? (Dry or Wet)

And if you tried different models what is your favourite?

I am looking to get dry os more frequently but if it is mainly to get wet orgasms then it doesn’t interest me much (despite the pleasure of wet prostate stimulation orgasms).

Stop chasing the “Super-O”

I see so many beginners here asking about how to induce “the involuntaries” and their (lack of) progress towards the super-o. Stop wasting your (and our) time! You basically cannot have a “super-o” if you don’t know how to have “normal-o”s. I’m talking about (dry) prostate orgasms.

Let me slap you in the face and give you the real talk, this is what you need to know:

1. Prostate gland is a sexual organ, like the penis
2. Unlike the penis, prostate gland isn’t used (directly) for sexual reproduction and therefore it doesn’t have the limitations a traditional penis-based stimulation has (cum, refractory period)
3. However, the prostate is relatively hidden and hard to access, thus it has remained a secret and a mystery for thousands of years. But it is *literally* the “back door to pleasure”
4. We now have technology like the Aneros product line that makes it easy and painless to access
5. If you haven’t ever used your prostate directly, your prostate is metaphorically speaking dormant, asleep. To “awaken” your prostate, you have to use it. I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience, but for me when I started to use my penis, it didn’t feel particularly good at first. It took me an hour or more of masturbation to reach my first orgasm. It was even painful, since I didn’t know how to do it. But over the next days and weeks, I practised diligently and learned what felt good, eventually gaining the ability to reach orgasm in a matter of minutes.
6. Therefore, with all sexual organs, there seems to be like a “break in” period, or a period where the sensations and sexual pleasure just isn’t there. This is the “rewiring” process people talk about, but it’s not what you think. To “rewire”, simply use and pleasure your prostate with any means necessary. Use your fingers, a dildo, move the Aneros in your butt using your hand and anal musculature, whatever allows you to touch your prostate in an aroused state.

Prostate orgasms for HOURS everyday for a week in a hotel. Here’s what I did…

About me: I’ve posted on Reddit before about my experiences, so feel free to read through those. I’m <30 y/o. Gay male. Bought my first Aneros SGX in 2009, forgot about it for a few years, and then in 2013 started picking up more Aneros models until now. My new fav models: Eupho Syn Trident, Progasm, and Peridise.

**tl;dr:** I used my Aneros everyday for a week in a hotel room and orgasmed for hours everyday. I did some great things and learned some great things. Sessions are only getting better with each use. Life is great.

A few weeks ago, I was away on business and stayed in a hotel for a week. I brought my Aneros ended up using it every night with incredible results (I have videos that I will upload at some point). It was during this time that I really had a chance to discover myself, my body, my prostate, and how to really use the Aneros to its fullest potential. I had back to back dry orgasms lasting 1-3 hours every night, and finished off with hands-free wet orgasms every time because I get really bad blue-balls if I don’t cum. I alternated between Eupho Syn Trident and Progasm.

What I did:

1) Got myself really horny throughout the day by watching porn and surfing Reddit, but never touched my dick

2) Practiced kegels throughout the day