Lazy hazy Sunday (m)

I woke up horny so I took one of my favorite 420 gummies and slipped in my original, old school Aneros. That was about 8 am. It’s now 2:50 in the afternoon. The edible is wearing off and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how many dry orgasms I’ve had. I’ve lost count. They keep coming about every 5 to 10 minutes. Just about the time I think I’m done, another one wells up and crashes over me like a wave. I can’t stop.

Am I just unable to enjoy this?

I’ve been reading on Reddit for over a year about people having p-waves, prostate orgasms, dry orgasms, wet orgasms.

It’s really frustrating for me, because try as I might, I’m not getting ANY pleasure from my prostate!

I’ve learned to flex and control my pc and sphincter muscles. I’m working really hard at staying relaxed and calm. I can even get what I think are involuntary contractions and start to shake… BUT NONE OF IT FEELS GOOD!

I’ve read so many people say “don’t worry about chasing orgasms, just enjoy the sensations and one day orgasms will come.”

But I’m not even getting enjoyable sensations!!! I’ve tried aneros, dildos, and multiple vibrators, and still no pleasure.

Is there something wrong with my prostate? I don’t mind working a long time before something huge happens, but I’m getting so discouraged and frustrated reading about everyone else at least being able to enjoy the wait while I feel nothing!!!

Anyone know how best to deal with the “have to urinate” sensation?

so whenever I use the Helix and the only other stimulus i do is teasing or rubbing the nibbles, the pleasure waves build up and i get awashed in dry orgasms, but suddenly i get the strong urge to urinate that so much i have to stop the session to go pee. It’s really frustratiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Like should i not drink three hours before a session or should I use my SGX or MGX instead

How to re-rewire?

Hello everyone,

So I’ve had my Aneros for about a year now. I started making good progress (slow and steady but I didn’t mind) and over the summer I was having sessions once a week with intense p-waves and multiple dry orgasms. I was also having pretty strong aless on the off days.

However life got in the way for a few months and I generally wasn’t in the mood, so I took a break. These past few weeks I’ve been trying to hop back on the Aneros train, so to speak, but I haven’t had much success (very mild p-waves, if at all, and no orgasms).

Has this happened to anyone else? How did you overcome it? I’m currently thinking of doing nofap while having a session every night or every other night, but I don’t know if that’s forcing things too much. I’d be interested in anything you guys have to say. Thanks

Peridise vs Tempo

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for the help many of you offered in my last posts!

I’ve thinking about getting the peridise kit but it’s not as cheap or easy to find here in Canada as it is in USA. I’ve been looking for them these days but the only store selling aneros products in my city doesn’t have the peridise nor the tempo. I took a look online this weekend expecting a good price since it’s cybermonday tomorrow and I just found the tempo at 60$CAD with free shipping instead of 111$, which seem to be quite a good price. The best I can get for the peridise is 30$CAD. The peridise seemed to me as a more interesting product since everyone seem to enjoy more the smallest one, compared to the bigger which is the same size as the tempo. Is the stainless steel such an advantage that it counterbalances the bigger size?

I already own the helix syn and the progasm ice. I can take bigger toys but I’m still a beginner with aneros toys. I’ve managed to get dry Os with both, but I tend to have a harder time getting them with the helix, while the progasm can make me cum too fast (too fast like it I didn’t get any dry Os and I’m forced to stop the session).

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So I had another Super Dry – O… question about intesity levels

Hi guys I wanna share my strange week to you guys^^”.

I am doing kegels now regulary and even tried this big squeeze technique from [](
I cant do it regulary but its getting better..

Wendsday I was doing some kegels in my office during lunch time (i have a workplace for me alone) and then i thought ok lets try the big squeeze… and holy what a orgasmic rush for 1 minute. I could alteast control my voice, i really wanted to moan xD. My pc muscle and sphincter where fluttering like hell and it just got stronger to the point where i felt in my whole body.

Then after that i had a aneros sessions after work and had another super long dry o for idk how long. I was rock hard all the time and felt it pumping nonstop.

Here comes my question about the intensity. I am using kinda tha aneros atleast every night before bedtime because it feels good and its a good way to relax before sleeping.

Is it to much? Because the Super Dry – O was long and but intenstiy on a scale maybe 6/10(?).
Could the intensity higher if i would maybe take a break^^?

And 1 last question: Is there way to archieve the Wet O after unlocking the Dry-O’s. I just wanna experience alteast 1 but i believe the Dry Os are better because you do it frequently^^”

Progasm Ice: success on the first try!

Hey everyone!

I decided yesterday to buy the progasm to try something different, since I had little success with the Helix Syn. I thought that maybe a bigger and harder toy could do the try but I was a little apprehensive as the toy is labeled for experienced users. Well, I’m glad I didn’t stopped because of that.

So, yesterday night I thought I could at least try it to feel the difference with the helix syn. I was not expecting much to be honest: the toy seems to be less movable than the helix, I had a penile orgasm while having sex with my partner the day before and I wasn’t aroused at all. But being impatient, I decided to stick it in and went vaping some weed while sitting in my sofa. At first I was surprised how smooth and comfortable the progasm is even though it’s made of hard plastic (the size didn’t bothered me as I was wearing a quite bigger toy for a few hours before putting the progasm). But as soon as I sitted, I felt one of the tab pressing quite hard on the skin. While I was vaping I couldn’t stop feeling a bit of pain from that tab, something I was not quite a fan of. After that, I decided to start a binaural beat videos, lie down on my sofa and get a warm blanket on me like I do usually when I try to play with the helix syn (with an emphasis on *trying* as I’m still learning the technique to get these Os coming). At first I didn’t felt much difference from the helix but after 20minutes, I decided I would trust my lower body a little while contracting my base muscle and I started rubbing my nipples through my clothes, something I’m trying to combine with the aneros. I tried concentrating at first on my prostate but I thought I could try something else as it never worked for me. I placed my attention instead on the little pleasure I had from my nipples and I resisted stopping, something I tend to do when I play with them since it feels more like tickling than anything else…

My journey and nice progress this week

Hello everyone,
ive been reading so much usefull stuff here and decided i post my journey too. And sorry for my bad english and spelling sometimes, im trying my best 😉

It started at 1st ocotober (how times flies lol) with a prograsm which was obivous a bad choice for myself. After reading more stuff i got the Eupho Trident Classic, with this toy i got some “results” it was nice but nothing “wow”.

Then after more studying this reddit, i got myself the Helix Trident classic on 1st November and this is where i got better results.

1. I needed to learn to completly relax and kinda embrace these feelings. I was just rushing things and not enjoing the moment. I think everyone needs to learn this lesson^^
2. After 2 weeks my prostata really awakend and had so many good times and nice feelings.
Stomach/pelvic area got warm, sometimes a rush and in between dry orgasms with alot of precum lol
3. And started doing Kegel excercises since 2 weeks (srsly guys do it)

My recent discoveries leading to HFDO, and the surprising results of am “upgrade” to a Progasm

Tldr, recently finally figured out some Aneros secrets and upgraded to a larger model that rocked me, but I still wouldn’t necessarily replace the smaller one, it wasn’t necessarily better, but a good difference.

The following was a lot voice to text trying to explain what I was feeling so I could use it as a guide later on, but when editing to make sense of it, I realized it was journalistic and informative, so I thought I would share.

A quick about me, I bought the Aneros Trident (MGX) many years ago after seeing a post on Reddit about the male gspot, and it seemed legit, so I ordered one. I enjoyed using it, bought a slew of different toys, found one kind of U shaped silicone toy that worked one time for a cum spurting, black out and wake up after, crazy prostate orgasm many years ago and my journey since then has been some good jerking off or sex sessions with some anal attention, and have not been able to find that magic again. It was a lot of intense rubbing, and after that all my attempts left me feeling like I had been pushing too hard, or not getting there and feeling like I was no longer interested and stopping.

My wife and I occasionally indulge in some pegging, and that’s kind of where my revitalized Aneros journey began anew.