Progasm Jr. + Massage Gun = I Need a Hug!

I was gifted a massage gun some months ago and, until recently, I’ve been using it for its intended purpose. Gets the job done well enough, can’t complain. In the past, vibrators haven’t done very much for me besides make the prostate ticklish before going numb, so I really wasn’t looking to use it for masturbation. This is unlike any vibrator I’ve ever used.

I very much enjoy perineum stimulation, so I was pressing and kneading the area before and during the progasm jr. session late fri. night. Been really liking that particular model a lot. Plenty of fun w/ it as of late. 30mins in, I realized I never put my massage gun up before starting, and it still had the small softball attachment on. Fuck it, why not? Started it on 3 and applied moderate pressure just above the p-tab.

That…hit very different. I was already stupid sensitive from the preceding p-gasms, so the rapid kneading from the massage gun was almost too much. I’m hard most of the time during p-play, but this erection became lead. Felt like my dick was going to burst.

Which it did. Spectacularly. One spasm sent the jr. flying out, which made me squirt hard. That was the 1st time anything that could be construed as a vibrator made me squirt.

Couldn’t replicate it, unfortunately, but that’s okay. The very next go-around resulted in very hard back-to-back HFWOs! Managed to retain the jr. this time. Turned the massage gun off, “did nothing,” and the ensuing dry-os built into another very hard HFWO. Let the progasm jr. go and called it quits thereafter.

How much pressure on prostate and aneros tab?

Still trying to master this thing and would like communities advice and feedback. So pwaves are happening and aneros is slamming the prostate. You get two results

1. Need to pee feeling due to pressure on bladder
2. Your prostate is so pushed you get hfwo or milking effect

Theoretically you wanna avoid this and let the toy gently massage you until it just continues to massage you on and on to build the orgasm so how much pressure do you need when trying for super o? I feel like if the toy gets sucked in and starts pressing the prostate hard it feels super good but moving away from dry orgasm and super o. Any thoughts and advice on this situation? Thanks!

First time with the Eupho = best session yet!

I’d gone roughly 2 weeks without orgasm prior to this weekend. Friday night I had a nice session with my Helix and Programs – lots of p-waves and nice feelings, very relaxed but for some reason I didn’t feel like using my new Eupho. The next afternoon I was quite horny and had that sort of tickly excited feeling in my prostate and decided to give the Eupho a spin.

All I can say is wow.

When I first put it in I could barely feel its presence at all. Did my deep breathing and relaxing and after a while I could feel my prostate throbbing and swelling and P-waves accompanied these feelings too. Involuntaries kicked in not long after that and the P-waves got stronger and some extra feelings were added too. A really gentle shaking, almost vibrating, of my hips and tingling in my head/temples which was quite nice. P-waves sort of changed and instead of going through me it just seemed to sort of settle in my stomach like a quite intense butterfly feeling.

The pleasurable feelings disappeared with the involuntary contractions and the shaking became stronger, even my neck was kind of twitching and my teeth were chattering like I was shivering, legs shaking. No amount of relaxing was stopping it, I even tried changing positions but nothing worked so I just waited for it to stop. It went on for what felt like 30 mins? Not sure but it was a long time but I tried to keep an open mind and not be disappointed by it, kept telling myself my body was figuring things out and I’d benefit from it in the long run. Eventually it died down slowly and being completely still again was a reward in itself and I felt quite calm and happy that I’d managed to ride it out.

How do you use your Vice?

I recently got a Vice 2 vibrator.

Initially I was somewhat surprised by its size. This thing is quite big compared to the non-vibrating Aneros toys I own. It takes me some warmup to insert it, which is a bit of a downside. But insertion is quite easy due to its shape.

I do enjoy the vibrations and have achieved a couple of relatively weak dry orgasms. I’ve mostly been playing around with the different patterns, always on the softest intensity to avoid numbing. I don’t have any favorites yet. What mostly happened is that a pattern would start feeling nice, then my body would start moving around, I might get a mild orgasm, and then it would fade away. A couple of times, my hips were moving a lot and I felt I was on the verge of a wet orgasm and had too much focus on my penis, so I stopped moving, which also led to the pleasure fading away. I didn’t want to ejaculate, as it would mean the end of the session and I want to conserve my energy at the moment.

Earlier today I was just playing around with it, using it to massage my body. And wow! On my nipples and the outside of my anus it was amazing! I got a couple of super intense dry orgasms.

How do you use this toy? Which patterns to you prefer? Do you tend to lie still, or let your body move? Do you engage your pelvic floor muscles?

general questions from a fellow aneros user who feels like he’s oh so close to super O’s but just can’t break through

as I continue to work my way towards hands free dry orgasms and the elusive super O, I had some questions that I was hoping to get some help with. I was also curious on what type of advice some of the more seasoned veterans would give to someone who still has yet to have a super O / HFDO but feels like they’re getting close.

about how many times a week should someone ideally be practicing when they’re still trying to acquire their first dry orgasm/super O?

do you abstain from sex/masturbation completely?

does it not really matter to some? (i.e sex and aneros use in the same day but spread out; morning and night for example)

do you recommend cannabis use?

are there any techniques that helped you experience your break through and achieve that very first super O?

I have made some really good progress in the past month or two, experiencing p-waves more frequently (sometimes nice deep ones that radiate through my body), experiencing involuntary contractions, I think i’ve experienced an anal orgasm, I now genuinely focus on enjoying the whole session and let the pleasure come to me as opposed to “chasing” the good feelings and trying to control them like I used to, sometimes it feels like my body becomes so light that it feels as if i’m almost being lifted out of my body which was scary but is now enjoyable, etc.

Has Any else made a Massager diary? (LONG POST)

Has anyone tried too keep a journal like this? Sorry for the long post but i feel this is a good discussion for intermediate and advanced users.

This is the 3rd week of me just doing aneros sessions with no penis stimulation. Not that i don’t mix in penis play, but i wanted too rediscover my massagers and find which ones work best with me personally. Here’s the journal so far:

Massagers progress

peredise : achieved 3 HFWO orgasms.
can be VERY fun too ride/Grind. when in right mood and situation, i can dry orgasm with this

eupho : i’ve been sticking this massager too far in, try leaving some out so it can move. i seem too love too masturbate with this one

MGX : Amazing pspot pressure. Soft, but not too soft, mixed with ptab, my anal canal is fully stroked…dry orgasms and pwaves came easily first session. the ribbing on this is fucking fantastic in my sphincter it adds a great massage when squeezed . also first model for a dry o without nipple play

Dry O’s, super O’s, and gyno.

I’ve made progress to the point where I have 4-5 dry O’s on average and occasional super O’s each session, and I can achieve this daily if I really wanted to, however I’ve noticed that the more of these orgasms I have, the more gyno symptoms I get, including growth, even though I don’t touch my breast/nipples, specifically for this reason. Does anyone else who is capable of achieving dry and super O’s often also experience this?

It got so bad that I went to my doc, but all tests including hormone levels were normal.

I started to do more research and it turns out during a normal male orgasm, oxytocin and prolactin is released. So what I’m thinking is having 6 orgasms in a row could lead to 6 doses of those hormones on the day of? I tested several days after a session so maybe the tests were not accurate?

This is really disappointing because I’ve never felt so in tune with my body, I’ve never dreamt I would reach this level, and now I am considering giving up aneros.

As a potential alternative, I read that it’s possible to have penile dry orgasms without prostate stimulation, which I am currently exploring, but I don’t know that it would be anywhere near the same level. To me the intensity and pleasure of a regular penile ejaculation and orgasm is a 2.5/10, a dry O 7/10, and a super O 11/10.

Did I just have several Super O’s?

Just finished an hour long session with my Trident which, from the minute it started was pure pleasure. I had just lay down on the floor on my back with a cushion under my head and foam mat under my butt.

I had been practicing my Kegel exercises in bed last night and this morning and was very horny, so when the family went out, I was ready for some action.

I had what felt like at least 4 dry orgasms (could they have been Super O’s?) with precum leaking out. Each one lasted at least 5-10 secs (I lost count) with me thrusting as each wave hit and had me groaning like a man possessed. The build up each time was so good and pretty quick, it felt like my nipples were wired to my prostrate and I am hoarse from all the moaning I was doing.

I could have stopped without a traditional wet orgasm but I was so elated that I finished with a hand job. The cum shot out and then poured as the Trident continued to pulsate against my prostrate. I can still feel the vibes in my Base muscles pulsing.

I just looked at my Garmin fitness watch readings and for the hour of fun my stress reading was very high – this reflects my heart rate leaping around. My heart rate seems to have peaked at 120 while lying down (versus my resting average of 51), so it definitely got me going – will not have to go to the gym!

Which device do you start and finish with?

Hi all. My new Eupho just arrived after I lost the previous one. Got excited and played over lunch time today. First completely relaxed, blinds drawn, inserted the Eupho and turned on the side. It took about 30 mins or so but felt like I was lying on a cloud, honey like, warm breeze over me. I remembered that this is what the Eupho does. Calm seas 🌊

Then put in the Helix, turned on back and caressed nipples, which ended in a long dry orgasm of pelvic contractions, really unexpectedly. I was distracted by a call to front door, so decided to switch to Progasm for the last 20minutes.

Didn’t have lot of time so really played the nipples, and Progasm rocked stronger and stronger, ended up with three or so super o territory orgasms where I was moaning, eyes fluttering, mouth open, incredible 🥵.

Had to go back to work but didn’t want the traditional finish and couldn’t keep going. So jumped onto a small black silicone dildo, and rode for 5 minutes, getting two anal orgasms and releasing a little 💦💦. I find that this allows me to feel satisfied, take a break, orgasms feel different that Aneros dry or super, each lasting about 10-15 seconds, still no refractory. This is really new to me also, dildos didn’t work for me before, but another step on the journey and helps partnered sex. And thanks to Aneros for activating that area.

Effectiveness of THC: Long Post

This post is to just reinforce the effectiveness thc/delta8 has on prostate play.

For reference, I myself started my aneros journey 7 years ago. During that time, it was 100% sober. During that entire duration, the most progress I made was getting LOTS of involuntary contractions, a lot of precum and a lot of muscle spasms… despite all those good signs, I never experienced a single ounce of orgasmic pleasure. Nothing anywhere close. Relaxation did nothing to aid the process and neither did patience… because I had MANY sessions where I was very relaxed. Didn’t matter. No pleasure.

I recall, in my 6th year of trying, I got ONE wave of pleasure. It happened ONE time and lasted exactly 1 to 2 seconds.

I was very active on this sub, asking so many questions on what works, what doesn’t work, what positions were best, porn, no porn, deep breathing, fast shallow breaths… I did polls on which aneros was the first to give people success (helix, if you’re wondering, followed by progasm)… I dug as deep as I could down this rabbit hole, to no avail.

Fast forward beginning of 2022. I did my first edible (no aneros, just trying it for the sake of trying it)… and the VERY first thing I noticed was my prostate felt like it was radiating and glowing. (Then I completely spiraled into an awful panic attack lmao)…. point being, once I felt that glow, I knew I had to try it with my aneros.