Rewired weirdly?

My rewiring seems to have started about 6months back.
I think it was around the corner as i started kegel exercices, the routine didn’t stick for longer than a couple months (maybe averaging 20 minutes sessions every 2 or 3 days).I started to notice the dry orgasm came much easier, spending what felt like half of my 30~60min sessions in and out of the zone, barely even stroking just to get there again. The feelings are amazing but it genuinely turned a bit boring, so ended up going back at stroking it more ordinarily.

I’m not sure how the transition happened, but since then i became totally uncapable of doing these full-on dry orgasms with intention. Instead it’s like having mini “manual” dry orgasms. My prostate floor became almost permanently active in some ways but it’s like i sort of got used to it.The usual dry orgasm sensation are all here, the inside sponge squeezing feelings, the liquid flowing through the shaft and the spasms, just to a slightly milder degree.The dry orgasm sensations comes anywhere from every 5-10 strokes up to sometimes stay for dozens and dozens of slow strokes in a row.

The one issue i’m facing right now and trying to correct a little bit is the fact that I only need to be fully hard for it get going instantly, like the very first dick spasm reaches the prostate and everything. It feels very good however my session’s overall duration have been impacted and this surely wasn’t the original goal.

Anyone notice different kind of sensations?

I sometimes get very short lived but intense p waves. Its like a big ripple that comes from the prostate/perineum and sometimes my dick will contract like im ejaculating but its dry every time besides the little bit of precum that drools out. They are intense enough that I will involuntarily make noise or grunt.

Other times I will have a whooshing like feeling over my entire pelvic region that feels similar to edging but its whole body. Im breathing really hard and im just in pure bliss for about 5 minutes or so. Whole body tingles and I feel stimulation in my brain.

Sometimes I will get both sensations in a session. Usually starts with the dry contractions then it moves into the whooshing full body pleasure.

I know the terminology is subjective, but what would you call these sensations?

I guess any sort of pleasant sensation would be a p wave, but are sustained pwaves dry orgasms? Would you say a super o is just a highly pleasurable dry orgasm with a longer duration.

I had an amazing session last night and today I woke up its all I can think about.

high, horny & anally stimulated

I forgot the last time I came but I think it was about a week and a half ago. I smoked a huge bowl a while ago and slipped in an Aneros. Now I’m laying on the bed writhing in frustrated bliss. I’ve had several non-ejaculatory orgasms and a few Super O’s but I want to cum really bad. Each dry orgasm feels amazing but it also just ramps up my desire as well. This is the most exquisite, maddening type edging. As much as I wanna stroke my cock until I shoot a load, I’m also feeling the desire to go into denial for as long as it takes to shoot from anal only. What do you all think I should do?

Not quite sure what happened..hips rotating (21 male gay)

I have had my aneros (a Progasm) for a few months now, but kind of went off it as I found that when I used it my sessions wouldn’t really go anywhere. However, lately I decided to give it another try, as I had been craving the feeling of it inside me, the point of lying in bed at night and performing random voluntary contractions to remind me of the stimulation of it.

I lubed it up with Boy Butter and inserted it slowly, after teasing my hole with the end of it for a few minutes. Now in general, I would say that I had a good session, but there weren’t any dry orgasms or hfwo. There was a distinct moment where I was watching this gay porno, getting so turned on, that felt like I needed to contract really hard on it, and moving my hips in a circulator motion. There was excitement and definitely some precum, but it wasn’t amounting to anything concret like a dry orgasm or a super orgasm. My main goal is not actually to have a super orgasm, but dry orgasms. There’s a great porn hub video of a guy achieving 36 orgasms and moaning in ecstasy, while he is on all fours and in various different positions. I want the aneros to consume my hole and rewire my brain into craving a new form of sexual ecstasy. I stayed relaxed in the session and focused on thoughts of sex and the videos I was watching, as well as imagining the device inside me – that seemed to be quite a turn on. But I didn’t get anything concrete. I even touched my nipples. It was a good session but I’d love some advice as to how I could maybe have gone further. Also, as a rule, do you avoid taking it out and then putting it back in again? And, lastly, the position of knelling by the bed and arching my body over it appeared to work quite well but I was worried about the device falling out, and my head was not comfortable – I wasn’t sure where to put it essentially. Are there any tips for that position/people who do it that way?

Something Different

So I’ve been playing seriously now for a few months with reasonable success. What I believe to be dry orgasms, p-waves and the like. My dry orgasms seem to be this pressure that starts in my prostate and then just snaps to these really strong abdominal spasms.

I haven’t had sex for a few weeks and have been really run down of late so haven’t been playing much. I woke up this morning with a naughty urge and thought some special cuddles might be worth a shot. I was surprised when my wife took a rain check until after she showered but gave me a blow job instead. I was even more surprised when I started having the same abdominal spasms when I was coming from the blow job!

She was asking what was happening but didn’t have the guts to tell her the truth.

I think im very close to having a super-O

In todays session I think I had two dry orgasms or mild super-O’s. The first one was very intense, it was pretty late to my session and I just was scrolling some porn and doing some light contractions on my aneros and then something happened and my whole body startet shakin and waves of pleasure from my prostate. It lasted couple of minutes. What do you guys do to end the session? In a wet orgasm? How do you even have a wet orgasm with aneros? 🙂

Y’all were right you’ll know when you have a Super O

Couple days ago I bought the Eupho as a birthday gift to myself and oh my god. I had been having meh – ok sessions for the last 2 ish years but I literally just had a Super O after my second session with the Eupho. I had already had a HFDO earlier in the session and relubed and kept going. Mixed in some light nipple play just to see since I feel it distracts me personally. Was doing that and feeling nice all around and then out of nowhere I felt STRONG waves of pleasure that lasted multiple minutes that was absolutely nothing like the Dry Os I’ve had in the past. FYI for those who are still struggling, if you feel a warm feeling in your ass, focus on it and focus on feeling the toy inside you. For me personally it’s also a major turn on to think about the toy inside so it’s a win-win. Oh and don’t forget to relube your ass and the toy if you feel the movement is dying off

I cannot recommend the Eupho enough for anyone who might be thinking about it. I also tried out a new water-based anal lube I read about either here or r/prostateplay called Sliquid Sassy and it is amazing! It’s a bit runny for my taste but hands down best lube I’ve had.

How long does your session last before HFWO?

For those who get HFWOs, how long is your session before you reach that point ? My sessions usually last about 1-1.5 hours, I feel like people have said that before they get HFWO they have dry orgasms. I’m wondering if I am not having long enough sessions to get to that point . Also if it did take a certain amount of time and then got shorter or longer , let me know

How to transition from wet to dry?

Can anyone give some advice one how to transition from having HFWO to dry?

I am finally at the point where It seems like I can reliably have a wet orgasm in less than an hour. (30mins is the fastest so far!)

What works for me is inserting the toy, put on porn and play with my nipples. As I start to get an erection the pleasure builds up and feels great. Once I have a full erection the feelings progress as i start to do some light contractions but eventually the feelings sort of die off. At this point I take a short break (1 or 2mins) to find a different video and repeat the cycle with each time feeling better than the last until a HFWO.

Will this ever get me to a dry O or should I start looking elsewhere?

And help or previous post for reference would be greatly appreciated

Other Orgasm Techniques (Re-Posted)

Over time, whenever I wasn’t having a great time with my Aneros, and I was extremely aroused, I have also liked to combine my sessions with a a variety of different things I was curious about in solo play to achieve multiple orgasms. I always also wished to pursue a HFWO orgasm which kept getting away from me. Despite achieving a SuperO with Aneros, I still wanted to try all options of sexual pleasure, and nothing was off the table (except cheating). Over time, I have tried various techniques and forms of edging, hypnosis, KSMO, binaural beats, kegels, Aless, various drugs and supplements, eStim, a Theragun, dildos, an nJoy wand, nipple play, sounding and even a fucking machine.

To this day I still believe that just using a single Aneros toys is the best way to spend a day or a night (or both) away from your partner. Nothing else is needed and it can take you very very far away into deep inexplicable pleasure.

But I can never satisfy my curiosity. If you haven any others, post a comment or send a message. I will post a review of all of these below over time, but in brief summary:

BDSM: eStim or Sounding 4/10 – not for me. I have invested serious cash into the set up and finally had a hwfo with eStim, using a plug, pads and rings and a quality machine. Quality matters, but to me the orgasm was dulled out by the electricity (or by pain!). Sounding was fun but always felt too invasive. Maybe I need an expert to tie me up and show me the real deal. I would like to try rope play, sensory deprivation and several other things.