Feel like I’m at a bit of an impasse with this thing

So I’ve had a Helix Syn V for about a year now, I’ve not really used it consistently the whole time, but when I did I used it for a few sessions, had some mild tingles but then left it.

Recently however, I bought a magic wand rechargeable and have basically swapped to having all of my penile orgasms with it. Basically, I now hold the wand to the glans and flex my pelvic floor to cum. It’s definitely an improvement, I find myself having better orgasms with it and often find myself orgasming with or without porn (I sometimes cum whilst browsing for a video), which I think is a general improvement in comparison to how I used to be, spending half an hour browsing all kinds of porn until I found something I either liked or was close enough for me to cum to.

I recently found the Helix and thought “aw yeah let’s give it a go”.

There’s a noticeable difference in the strength of the sensations now I’ve sorta ‘reprogrammed’ to the idea of vibrations and contractions being linked to orgasms and not friction and movement. I find myself more able to have p waves and if I focus on the feeling I can often get to the point of precum leakage, I’ve even had a few dry orgasms with it but haven’t really felt anything I’d consider mind blowing or life altering, but I can feel the potential.

First Super O

Finally had my first super O last night and it was intense, and I owe it all to marijuana. I recently got into weed and it has really helped me make progress. My 3rd time pairing my sessions with weed, I started having my first HFDO’s; it was also my first time using coconut oil as lube. I was using my Helix Syn V and had it at the lowest intensity, 2nd pattern. The weed heightened the sensation and really helped me focus directly on the pleasure coming from my prostate, which led to some dry O’s. The day after this session, I felt like my prostate was craving more, which was a new feeling for me. I decided to go with it and have another session, this time without weed. Instead of chasing an orgasm, I decided to focus on staying relaxed and really focus on the feelings coming from my prostate. I felt more in touch with it than I had before using weed. I had a couple more sessions like this over the week where I would just focus on getting in touch with my prostate and identify the feelings it was giving. But then last night I decided to pair my session with weed again now that I was more in touch with my prostate. I used my Helix Syn V again with the same settings, and let it go for 40 mins to wake up my prostate while I watched a show on Hulu. After this I took some hits off my weed pen and started to focus on the feelings. Pretty soon I could feel the pleasure building and I had a dry orgasm that before it could end chained into a 2nd dry orgasm that was even stronger. Several mintues later this happened again, I had 3 dry orgasms that chained into each other and grew in intensity each time. I was in heaven, and while it was happening I was thinking that maybe these were Super O’s. But then the 3rd dry O chained into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was gripping the back of my couch with all my strength as my body convulsed uncontrollably, just lost in the pleasure that just seemed to keep growing. It lasted for what felt like minutes as I just kept convulsing, moaning, and whimpering uncontrollably. I was flaccid during the dry O’s, but at some point during the super O I got rock hard and starting cumming so hard it felt like I was peeing cum. When it all faded I just lay there breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened. People always say you will know without a doubt when you have a super O, and they are 100% right. After a couple minutes of recovery from my super O, I kept going and had a couple more dry orgasms that I could tell would build up into another super O if I stuck with it, but my body felt so tired so I just jacked off for 2 more regular orgasms cause I was still horny. The whole session was about 2 and half hours and I had 6 or 7 dry orgasms, 2 normal orgasms, and a super orgasm. I removed the aneros and it felt like my prostate was buzzing for a while afterwards, and my legs felt trembly and shakey for the rest of the night. It was an amazing experience unlike anything I ever imagined and I can’t wait for my next session. So happy to have made so much progress so fast.

Do dry O’s give you a feeling of relief?

Don’t get me wrong, dry O’s are some of the most intense experiences of my life. But, unlike super O’s, they always leave me thinking “not quite there yet”. Which I love of course!

What’s your experience with relief?

Finally Ditched my knockoff for the real deal!

I wanted to share some recent updates in my progress as maybe someone will find the info useful..

After too long using a knockoff (prostimulator vx1)… I finally got my hands on a Eupho trident and I will say it was well worth the investment!

I decide to go Eupho since a lot of users on here report that it is one of the best for those with experience. This is a bucket I thought I fell into since I’ve been using my knock off for quite some time and have had a number of both wet and dry orgasms.

As of late with the knock off, I’ve been on a streak of having HFWOs which can be frustrating. Lke most, you abstain for multiple days and look forward to the possibility of a session with many amazing dry orgasms only to have a 30min session ending in a wet orgasm.

With minimal usages, I am already very happy with the results the Eupho.

I’ve successfully had a session with a nice dry orgasm after only 2 days of abstaining and a much lower amount of THC then I would prefer to use.

What made me really happy was during the HFDO, I had no feeling that I was in danger of “spilling over” Into an ejaculation which is not the with my knockoff.

Where to focus on?


Most of the time my pleasureable sensations are located at or right below the penis. I can build the sensations to get pleasure waves and even dry orgasms – but no Super-O so far.

One day though the pleasurable sensations where located in the rectum, right the position where the aneros touches the rectal walls and prostate. This sensation was so much more pleasureable and it felt like I could reach the Super-O that way. Whenever the massager moved, I felt the movements very distinctly (while the movements almost weren’t noticable the sessions before) and with every milimeter of movement, I felt intense pleasure, located in the rectum (not at the penis this time).

That only happened once and I think it was actuall prostate pleasure (contrary to the pleasure felt at the penis).

Now my question is: Should I focus on the sensations at the penis (which are very easy to induce) or should I focus my awareness at the rectum, to bring the rectal prostate pleasure back?

To the folks who are fully rewired: Where do you usually feel your pleasure? At the penis or in your rectal walls where the massager touches the prostate?

I’m confused.

Very confused orgasm, what happened?

Hey guys I’m a beginner, never ever done any kind of anal play. I seriously started practicing two weeks ago consistently, yesterday I thought I’d have a session after not cumming for 3 days, didn’t expect anything to happen. Just thought I’d refine and revise the sensations and I felt from my last session. It feels good for about 2 hours after a while I thought I’d switch my position where I lay on my stomach, shortly after things started tensing up and my breathing turned into fast short breaths. I couldn’t feel the aneros in me, but I held a medium strength contractions.It builds up more and more to the point where my heart beats so hard and fast as if the devil himself bangs on the door from my inside and until everything eventually spills over like a cup full of honey that looks like a spoonful of honey from the anime, Ponyo. The dry orgasm itself only lasted for 3 seconds, and it was a pure bliss of my entire body. I laid on my back again and twisted my nipples, although not an orgasm the buildup pleasure was so strong, my entire body and head was buzzing like crazy and I saw light flashes from the corner of my eyes and I was breathing like I was hyperventilating. I couldn’t exactly pin point whether that was an anal orgasm or a prostate orgasm. I doubt it was a super since it was so short plus I’m also a beginner.

Dry O success!! And other non-related questions

A couple nights ago I had laid myself down with my progasm like I normally do, I’d showered and douched about half an hour beforehand.

My session went off to a great start when I had my aneros slip right in first go, I’ve started using coconut oil which has been surprisingly easier to clean up as opposed to my regular water-based lube.

My session was pretty uneventful for the first hour or so as I normally scroll through porn and get myself in the mood during this time, then I started to feel some light tingles and twitches around my prostate, so I decided to put my phone down. After about an hour of this the pleasure I was able to wring out of this aneros had me cursing non stop.

I had to remind myself to keep my breathing controlled cause normally at this point I’d either start touching my nipples and get distracted, or I’d have a dry o and end things there. But for some reason this first Dry O that had been building for what felt like the last 10-15 minutes surpassed any other Dry O I’d had up until that point.
I focused on my prostate and my breathing and after another few minutes of this a gentle yet heavy wave of pleasure crashed on top of my whole body and I felt so relaxed, the best part about it was the fact that it didn’t stop after a few minutes, it just kept going and going and going.

Aneros session winding down & I need guidance.

My last orgasm was Monday. I haven’t really been playing around very much with denial lately. In truth I haven’t had any discipline. I’ll scroll through Reddit or Tumblr, see something that turns me on, and just jack off straight to orgasm. But after Monday, I decided to put myself back into denial for a bit. I’m going on a road trip next week and I want to be really horny while I’m traveling. The hornier I get, the more bisexual I get, and the more open to new experiences I am. Horny travel makes for some great stories.

Late last night I ate a gummy and it kicked in full force around 2:00 a.m. I slipped in a Progasm and had a lot of fun. I had several anal orgasms and a lot of hands-free dry orgasms while I was high, but I didn’t ejaculate so I’m still crazy horny. In fact, this is the most aroused I’ve been in several months.

Right now I’m coming down from the THC but I’m still edging. I have my big biggest butt plug in, almost 2″ in diameter, and nipples are standing out a good inch inside the suckers. I keep letting myself get soft, then look at porn and stroke myself to the edge. I edge an edge and ride it for a while, then take a break until I go soft again. I’ve been doing that for the last hour and a half and I’m absolutely fucking desperate to cum. I also have half a mind to get on Grindr and find somebody to go play with. I’m really losing my brain right now. It’s taken me over 45 minutes to write this for you.


Recently bought the Eupho and had some good feeling while playing with my nipples,but I’ve started to experiment,this is probably not recommended as it’s totally not hands free but I lube up just the head of my cock and only slightly rub and squeeze it and that in turn makes my ass contact and tingle the feeling is immense and it doesn’t take to long before I’m having dry orgasm’s and no control of my legs shaking the then finally a wet orgasm’s that feels like it originated from my prostate,i haven’t got the mental patience to lay for hours my mind wanders and I’m nolonger exited so this for me is what I’ll do until I can learn to transfer all the pleasure to my prostate,note that the hole time I also have a finger playing with a nipple and I’m only touching the head of my cock ever so slightly to make my but contract on its own .try it if your a beginner like me who was ready to give up,

Progress update and questions

Hi all, been two months since I practice regulary with a helix Trident and progasm.

I’ve got a definite dry orgasm once while tripping, using the do nothing relaxed method, got really hard and felt like I ejaculated violently but it was dry.

My questions are centered on sober practices though. The do nothing method feels good sometimes during the exhale but will have no results and I’ll give up after some time.

When I hold a light kegel, I can induce an automatic stroking movement which feels mildly good, is that considered an involuntary? I’ve constantly read to relax into it so when the stroking feeling starts, I’ll relax and away it goes back to ground zero.

Also in my sessions, I sometimes feel strong tingling sensations (like pins and needles) in my face and palm which slowly spreads to the legs and body, is this normal?

Last question is that with the progasm, I can’t get any auto stroking kind of feeling but when I clench down with constant pressure it feels really good, can I just throw out everything I’ve read and just focus on constantly making myself feel good?

Thanks so much!