Smash Brothers then Smash Prostate

So…I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Brothers the past few days. Never really got into the game but I am liking this one. Mainly because it’s on the Switch and I can take it anywhere in the house. Well I was playing a little bit while doing some light kegels. That led to those kegels producing some nice p-waves. Next thing you know I am putting down the switch and just enjoying the waves.

I decided to kick it up a notch. I lifted up my T-shirt and started playing with both my nipples. My hands were crossed so that opposite hand would handle opposite nipple. Next thing I knew…bam…dry orgasm leading into a super-o then back down to dry orgasm….basically an MMO with a few pretty short Super-Os. It felt like a Thimble just pushing against my prostate…and the more it pushed the more waves radiated outside my body.

I then had a new sensation…it felt like my prostate move to the base of my penis…and yes thats where it is but it felt so much closer to my penis boner. I focused on that feel…diddling my nipples and it felt so good I was whimpering from the pleasure….

…..and as I am writing this….like literally just now…while sitting down. I had dry orgasm that lasted for 2 mins. Felt like a heartbeat getting stronger and stronger in my ass. What an amazing feeling…

Chain orgasm and p waves

This session was by far the best one! I’ve been hopping between the various Aneros models and my current favourite is the Helix Syn because it bends well and the silicone feel is soooo good.

It seems like everytime I change the model and come back to the same one, the experience is different but it gets better everytime. Maybe because of the progress being made and the break in between models keeps it from getting boring.

I did the usual nipple circling without touching them directly and had a really good gentle femdom pegging audio running. The helix syn began stroking me nicely and swimming in pleasure, I lost track of exactly what was going on.

All I know is that I was having orgasm(s) for 1-2 mins straight. It could have been a chain of dry Os. Some strong, some weaker, some pulsing slow and some faster. At one point I could feel the aneros thrusting inside of me – autofk as some would term it. Every thrust created this pleasurable warm wave that originated from the prostate and radiated out in a circle from there, up to the belly and down to the thighs. This was my first autofk and first time experiencing p-waves.

I tried some light clenching of the pc muscles but that only seemed to hinder the process. When I fully released the muscles, the pleasure came back. The body seems to know what it’s doing without needing any intervention.

Multiple dry Os

I finally managed to get my hands on a Lelo Hugo and its been 3/3 great multiple dry O sessions from the start!

While I have alot to speak about my new toy, I won’t be going into too much detail on the Hugo and risk turning it into an advertisement haha. It has been a very successful prostate massager for me, but more ingerestingly, I would like to post about how I got to the point of multiple dry orgasms because for most people, cranking up the vibrations alone isn’t the only factor in reaching prostate orgasms.

I haven’t achieved any dry Os from a vibrating prostate massager before this but I can identify a few factors that have helped bring me over to orgasm territory.

Firstly, I managed to purchase on of those full body stockings that encapsulates the entire body and face. It feels great!

With the prostate massager turned on, and the suit encasing my entire body, I begin fantasizing about a domina trapping me and only allowing me to escape once I cum.

With the mind set, I beging rubbing my nipples and the rest follows. It works every time…hehe.

Within the hour, I had over 10 dry orgasms. Checking every now and then for a wet spot because I’m pretty sure I ejaclated but there was none. The last orgasm came late, the Hugo was vibrating on a high setting and I was rubbing my nipples for 30 seconds but nothing was happening. Within the next few seconds, the orgasm came.

Dry orgasms and audio

Recently, I have made good progress on my Aneros journey and I feel that there is much to write both now and in the future, and I am happy to share my experiences 🙂

Typically my go to position is on my back and knees bent pointing upwards. I softly caress my chest and circle around the nipples to help build arousal.

Recently I have stumbled upon some pegging audios on GWA reddit and they have gone really well with my Aneros sessions. I suppose it makes the fantasy situation more believable because there is actual anal penetration and stimulation involved.

During my last session things really started to kick off. I managed to reach a dry O. Every orgasm after that came faster than the previous one as I got more in tune with the sensations down there and the prostate felt like it was getting bigger.

There was this one dry O that developed into an unfamiliar feeling that felt a little nice. It was a feeling that travelled through the center of my arms and legs straight to the ends of my hands and feet and the feelings from prostate took the back seat. It wasn’t pulsing or like an adrenaline rush. What I can best describe it is like my body lit up like a lightbulb for about 15 seconds.

That was my best session with the Aneros yet. I also recently bought a Lelo Hugo and am excited to post about it soon.

1000 Kegels and the Eupho Arrived

Over the past 48 hours I have completed 1000 kegels. 500 per day specifically. Those sessions have led to some awesome PWaves. My Eupho Trident arrived yesterday and I was very eager to take it for a spin. I woke up this morning, lubed up and stuck it in. Two things happened. I got to a Super-O just as fast as with my Aless sessions and my time in between dry-Os and Super-Os was less than any other Aneros model. I love how this thing bounced around and kissed my prostate. Gave me such an energized feeling heading into the office.

While in the office I had an all day training which meant I could close my door. Every hour in this training I had a dry orgasm. Just doing kegels and feeling that wave.

After work I went and attended a hockey game and sitting right there in the cold arena focusing on the pleasure from doing kegels…I had the fattest and wettest dry orgasm I’ve ever had in front of people. No one knew…but I got up to make sure I didnt cum all over myself…it felt like I did but when I checked my cock…dry as a whistle.

The best part was when I came home tonight. I laid down on the couch and I could already tell I was super aroused. I played with both of my nipples and noticed my prostate was responding to the nipple play. For the next 3 hours I averaged a Super-O every 20 mins and I had one last over 10 mins. It was amazing.

Fighting Against a Super-O

Well today is interesting. I woke up with a little butt buzz. Nothing out of the ordinary but I had no time to play. Had to prepare a ham for the office pot luck party.

My prostate had other ideas. I went through my normal routine of edging 3 times in the shower. 300 kegels on the way to work. My butt and surrounding area around my prostate have been super sensitive. I take a breadth and I can feel my prostate so I know its engorged. When I sit down I feel it like a bulb…

…and it knows this…

…I have been fighting a super-O all day. I’ve had to endure a dry orgasm like every 10 mins. I’ve basically relegated myself to the boardroom so that I can hear if people are coming. I’ve had a chubby or full on hardon the entire day. The last time this happened I had to rub one out in a shopping mall bathroom just to get it to stop…

…but this time…I dont want it to stop

My prostate feels so juicy right now. Every kegel, breadth, stretch…is sending a wave of pleasure through my body


Woke up at 5:30 again, felt empty. I went and got the helix to start the day. I know I should give a day between sessions but woke up several times with a screaming hard boner. God I need to get laid but know it most likely won’t ever happen again. Hell I’ve forgot what it feels like to have a hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock, it’s been so long

Slipped back into bed on my left side. I decided to start w/ do nothing and breating. I can feel the helix sliding in/out ever so slightly w/ each breath but not actually sliding or putting any pressure on my prostate. No different than the first time or second time, I know it’s there just not responding to tactile input yet on that side. I don’t know how long it was but I felt a jolt go from my prostate up thru my cock. With in seconds I was hard as a rock. Having my cock grow is not uncommon when doing an external massage, sometimes if the feeling is just right, but it is generally a slow gradual increase in size taking maybe 10 seconds to full size. This was fully soft and small at about 1.5″ long to full engorge of around 8″ in literally 2 seconds. It felt wonderfully full and just south of the painfull kind of hard on one gets with a cock ring that is on the edge of being to small. I almost wanted it to get to that point. I didn’t jerk when this happened to cause a contraction, I just breathed feeling a sliding motion waiting for the next jolt or tingle to come my way.

From Frustration to Exquisite Bliss

So Thanksgiving had one negative effect. It made my digestive system very gassy. Therefore when I laid down to try and get some relief at 1am this morning I didnt realize the frustration my food choices would have put me through. For the next three hours every time I would get to the point of cascading into an dry orgasm or a Super-O….

…I would let out a fart.

Like every…single…time…

I thought about rubbing one out. But now I am on day six of SR and this is the point where things just start to feel super sensitive. So I went to bed. 4 hours later I woke up to some butt buzz. I ignored it. Went in the bathroom and decided to get whatever was in me out at first. I initially had pulled out the NJoy Pure Wand to see if I could brute force this some but decided against it. Best decision ever. Within about 10 mins I found the wave and I rode that sucker to my first Super-O…

…Lets pause here for some vital information. I have family staying with me and all of my bedrooms are next to each other. The AC vents carry any sounds throughout the house. So I literally had not make any noise outside of breathing hard. This was quite difficult seeing as I was about to have some of the most explosive super-Os including a 6 minute one and one that was over 10 mins and felt like it would go on forever.

My experiences so far as a newbie.

So I’m pretty new to prostate stimulation. I bought the Aneros Helix Syn but so far I’ve only used it twice. The first time I didn’t feel much but I did start shaking uncontrollable almost like I was shivering from the cold. The second time I used it was a couple nights ago and holy shit was it amazing! I didn’t start feeling much until about an hour or so in to my session. This time however, instead of getting full body shakes only my legs started shaking at first…..then I started getting hard. The best way I can describe the pleasure I felt is that it felt like pressure was slowly building up in my shaft like my penis was tightening up in the most pleasurable way. I would be shaking and tensing up and I would be breathing hard and uncontrollably like I was literally sucking in air. It would build up and up until I could swear I was seconds away from an orgasm…then it would subside. I went through two cycles of this the 2nd cycle being more pleasurable than the first. I tried to go for a third but it was getting late and I had work the next morning so I just finished myself off the regular way. I have NEVER felt so much intense pleasure in my life and I haven’t even gotten to an orgasm yet. I can’t wait until I have my first dry O. Honestly, what I felt was so dang good that even if I never reach the so called Super O I am still satisfied. It was such a cool experience to feel so much pleasure even though I had never even touched my penis.

Welcome Back to the Journey

So. For Context my journey began in April 2018. 6 months I felt I had made progress with the Aneros line. On October 20th I started reading Mantak Chia’s The MultiOrgasmic Man. I practiced all of his teachings…to the letter. Within 4 days I had my first super O without any Aneros assistance. The next two weeks were blissful. Aless had me in its grasp on a daily basis and I explored these sensations

I had a work trip. I decided to reintroduce the Aneros to my sessions. I took the Helix Syn on the trip with me. On the first night I lubed up the Helix Syn and my ass and slipped it in. From the very first second I knew I had made a grave mistake. I lied down on the bed and within 5 mins the Helix syn was auto fucking me and it was blasting my prostate. I moaned and cried in my hotel room. I even recorded some of the sessions. However, on this trip I felt I had overdone it. Kind of lost my way some.

I returned home and obviously my wife was over excited to see me therefore for the next several days my personal goal of semen retention was basically shattered for 3 days straight. My prostate went into hiding. I could no longer easily find it. For about 2 days all of my sessions left me frustrated. I went back to Mantak Chia…I realigned my Microcosmic Orbit and here begins my comeback tour of my journey