Bought the Helix Syn V

I took the plunge. I bought it. I been in this Aneros journey since 2014. I have the Helix Trident, Helix Syn Trident, Progasm and Progasm Jr. Now I added the Helix Syn V to my collection. I’ve had light pleasure waves that built up to a dry orgasm. Nothing too crazy but pleasureable none the less. This happened a couple months ago with the Progasm and smoking weed. Weed helps a lot. I will use this in a couple days when I reach 5 days of abstaining from orgasm. I will smoke weed, have poppers handy and use the Helix Syn V. I hope this takes me to the promise land of the Super O. I will report back on Monday.

Dry prostate orgasms (help)

have already experencied handsfree wet orgasms by prostate play, but I’m looking for dry prostate ones..

After reading a lot I decided to do the basics: abstain from cum several days before a session, relax my whole body, forget about my dick, try the do nothing method + some slight pc and anal contractions.. and I had the best session so far! Very pleasurable, horny as*, and after a while I felt things getting very intense to a point where I called a “climax”, when I felt a very subtle contraction centered in the prostate, but that was all.. this repeated for 3 more times (and were getting even more intense), but I couldnt manage to feel a full on orgasm.

Here are my questions:

1- do dry orgasms usually start like this for begginers? Very subtle “peak” feelings. If so, they get stronger with time and practice?

2- do you feel strong pelvic contractions when you have a dry orgasm? Like in a regular penile wet one. I ask this because I have yet to find dry orgasm videos with regular perineum throbbing..

Thanks a lot!

Full body orgasms

I know that i’m not supposed to mention traditional penile orgasms so mods feel free to take down this post if it breaks the rules.

From making progress with my aneros, I personally can now dry orgasm on demand and I can also have localized prostate orgasms from penile stimulation.

But have any of you guys been able to have a full body dry orgasm from penile stimulation?

Had a wonderful session last night while listening to HFO audio.

Last night was amazing for me because i had multiple dry orgasm by listening to three HFO audio. I was totally in trance deep in the session listening to sexy voices and a lot of precum dripping from my penis. I can feel it leaking down my shaft and my penis was throbbing hard stimulated by my aneros progasm jr. To be honest, i was hoping that i can get wet HFO but having multiple dry orgasms really makes me craving for more. I have decided that next ejaculation for me is only from HFO, so i gonna abstaining myself from having traditional orgasm. Listening to HFO audio during sessions really makes a difference. My prostate easily stimulated and throbbing with pleasurable feeling from the inside by visualizing the audio. Cannot wait for my next session. Hopefully i can get my first wet orgasm this time. 🥰

Best pleasure of my life last night

And I haven’t even had an orgasm yet, besides traditional of course.

I hadn’t played for almost a month. But the last two nights, something came over me. I felt so horny. People say that all the time, and I feel like we don’t truly bask in it when we say it. You know what I mean? I was so horny I was smiling because I knew I was about to have fun. I knew I wanted to put my Progasm in my ass.

I was starting to tremble all over my body. My butt was squeezing involuntarily. I was burying my face in a pillow. I kept going like this for about an hour.

I flipped over onto my back and laid there listening to porn. It was this really long video that I knew I wouldn’t have to restart, where she was moaning continuously. But it was so real, not like you hear in the rest of porn. And I just kept imagining I was her, getting opened up by a cock. And then…something happened. Has this happened to any of you?…

Surprise hands free wet orgasm

Hi guys

I got my first aneros, a Progasm Jr, about six months ago, and followed it up with a Eupho Trident, which I prefer to the Progasm Jr.

I’ve been making good progress and whilst I haven’t reached a SuperO yet I’ve had lots of good extended feelings and dry orgasms.

I had a session today with the Eupho and after half an hour I was having the most amazing feelings. I seem to have hit a perfect spot on my prostate that made me feel amazing all over. I kept hitting the spot then coming off it as I tensed and relaxed.

I just rode it for a bit and it was getting better a d better until it reached a climax, which felt amazing, but at the same time I ejaculated.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt fantastic, but I don’t want to get in the habit of having HFWOs and put myself off continuing on to a SuperO.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Will this position hinder my progress?

So I’ve had the most success by far using the do nothing method while laying face down on my belly. Usually laying in this position with the toy inside me will put a slight pressure on my dick, making it get hard (I make sure to point it down between my legs). This pressure kickstarts slight pleasurable sensations on my penis, which in turn trigger pleasure waves and multiple dry o’s radiating from my prostate.

I’ll admit the sensations in my prostate are definitely mixed with some penile pleasure (let’s call it 80/20 or 70/30), but these orgasms have never resulted in ejaculation, they’ve always been dry. Since I know some people swear by the rule of not stimulating your dick in any way during the rewiring process, I’m wondering if I should maybe focus on other positions or whether I can expect to make good progress in my journey to super O’s despite the penile sensations.

Finally getting somewhere! Here’s what worked for me!

I finally made a huge milestone today! I had several dry orgasms back to back for hours then I had the start of what I think are super Os.

I had been trying this for over a year but have only until recently been consistent (twice a week practice, 2 hour sessions roughly) before I would touch my dick when I’d be frustrated and saw no progress and thought that would hinder my progress but for some reason it didn’t. Earlier today I had a 2 hour long session, using the do nothing method. By do nothing I mean the first 20 minutes just sit there and don’t do anything, no contractions, just breathing. After that I do light contractions with my anus (the muscle you use to pinch off a poop) they were about 20-40 percent strength, then I would do light contractions with my dick (the muscle that cuts off the stream of pee) around 20-40 percent strength until I would almost reach a balance and I’d try to hold both light contractions in place, DON’T let your body tense up all the way and fully contract, that is not how you reach it. I held contractions for about 10 seconds until my body told me it’s time to calm down and try again in a couple seconds.

I will be using THC lube tomorrow

I will be using Foria THC pleasure lube tommorow. I have a helix trident. Later today might be the day I finally reach a super o. I’ve reached many mile stones. One of my best sessions I had a dry orgasm. It wasnt super strong but it was something. Yes. I was high from smoking a joint. I will report back tomorrow

Wet dreams with dry orgasm

I usually have 2 rest days between my Aneros sessions. I still have Aless sessions though but I don’t finish on those days(not that I could).

It happened twice now that when I went over 2 rest days and didn’t do any Aless that I would have a “wet” dream that night.

It was just like a wet dream and I woke up when I came but it was a dry orgasm. Both times I expected to find a mess but there was just some precum.

I’ve never had a prostate orgasm dry or else while awake but I guess these dry orgasms mean I am on the right track.

I am wondering if any of you have had this happen. Also what do you think about Aless on rest days? I am starting to think that it still somehow drains me.