How do I start feeling new sensations?

I’m pretty new to Aneros, just got the Helix Syn Trident and have been using it for about a month, but I have felt nothing different than a piece of plastic inside me. I have always had trouble getting pleasure from my prostate (something tells me that it’s just impossible due to my genetics or something) and was hoping to turn things around when I bought the Aneros.

I have tried everything, porn consumption, positions, the do-nothing method, different
kegel intensities. I have read every success story and tip regarding prostate play that you can imagine, but whenever I use my own, it just feels like somethings inside me. It’s not really a “foreign” feeling, it’s just something in there that’s not bad- or good-feeling. And I know it’s touching my prostate because when I masturbate normally, it feels much better. Is there any way to make sure that the proper movement is being created on the prostate from my contractions?

I’m not sure what to do now, I want to keep trying but every session has been a dud. Does anyone have any tips to make this experience more like it should? To make at least SOME feelings occur instead of just existing?

Thanks guys

Peridise vs Tempo

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for the help many of you offered in my last posts!

I’ve thinking about getting the peridise kit but it’s not as cheap or easy to find here in Canada as it is in USA. I’ve been looking for them these days but the only store selling aneros products in my city doesn’t have the peridise nor the tempo. I took a look online this weekend expecting a good price since it’s cybermonday tomorrow and I just found the tempo at 60$CAD with free shipping instead of 111$, which seem to be quite a good price. The best I can get for the peridise is 30$CAD. The peridise seemed to me as a more interesting product since everyone seem to enjoy more the smallest one, compared to the bigger which is the same size as the tempo. Is the stainless steel such an advantage that it counterbalances the bigger size?

I already own the helix syn and the progasm ice. I can take bigger toys but I’m still a beginner with aneros toys. I’ve managed to get dry Os with both, but I tend to have a harder time getting them with the helix, while the progasm can make me cum too fast (too fast like it I didn’t get any dry Os and I’m forced to stop the session).

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Should I “hump” or lay still

I recently purchased a Trident Helix Syn after lurking in r/aneros for some time. Everyone talks about laying still but on my second attempt I was getting impatient with little or no sensation from slow kegels. So while laying on my side I started a little rhythmic humping motion.

After a short while I started to feel warm and couldn’t help but moan a little as my body slightly shook. I kept at it but it dissipated. I relaxed for a few minutes and tried the motion again with feet on the bed while lifting my hips and was able to reproduce, this time muscles in my legs twitching like they would during a strenuous workout.

I didn’t cum but later on I put a vibrating bullet against the aneros and after a little while had a long pop.

Is that the sensation I’m going for? It seems lying still is the recommended approach, am I missing out on the bigger sensation?

Finally getting somewhere very good.. Helix Syn

After trying on and off for several years with a progasm ice I purchased a Helix Syn (thought it would be a bit small in comparison) after lurking here and reading a good bit about rewiring relaxation and not expecting too much (not difficult given prior lack of success)… I can now say my prostate is both rewired and very much awake.. 50yrs old and can’t believe I’ve had my first set of prostate orgasms today.. about 13+ of them in 90mins.. holy mother of god.. I can still feel my prostate and perineum twitching gently… Making a habit of allocating 30+ min per day over the last 2 weeks and just trying what felt good while listening to some relaxing music (no porn – I found it distracting and made me want to focus on my penis) seemed to work for me initially lying face down legs apart, but by the end of todays session I was coming lying on my side on my back and still when I stood up at the end.. this is very addictive…
Pardon my formatting (it’s poor) but if you are struggling keep going and you’ll find the way to push that button for you.. I’ve still to reach the mystical super O but if I can bag orgasms like this morning again I’ll die a happy man (all dry rolling sparking twitching joyous spasms)… Thanks to all the helpful posters on this forum who provided insight and experiences.
Last thing – for me gently tightening the muscles used to stop piss and then very gently doing anal contractions connected the Aneros to my prostate perfectly. Your mileage may vary, but too aggressive contractions seemed to feel good but not get me there….

Excited for new Aneros

So, I bought my first Aneros years ago, it was the MGX (just mgx, not trident) and I only kind of liked it. My biggest issue with it was the flat p-tab at the front because it put kind of a sharp pressure due to its shape. But I would still force myself to use it sometimes cuz it was pretty solid.

This time I got the Helix Syn Trident, and I anticipate I will like it a lot more, if only because the perineum tab won’t be as sharp.

Not really anything else to say, just wanted to share my excitement and anticipation somewhere.

First good sensation last night, was it the “awakening”?

I’m happy to say I felt something noteworthy for the first time in my session last night, but I have zero idea what it was.

I started sensing it about halfway through my session but up until that point I had felt nothing, which is normal for me. I noticed a very slight tingling feeling around the tip of the (helix syn) trident and I had just enough time to think “what…is that?” before the area exploded. It didn’t feel like an orgasm or but rather just fuzzy. It reached halfway up my back and all the way down to my feet. It lasted about 15 seconds and at its peak It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t tell where I was or what position I was in. After it had passed and for the rest of the session, I could feel my pulse on and off in the area. I really don’t know what that was but I can only think that that was my prostate awakening? Anyone else experienced something similar or know what I’m talking about?

I haven’t felt any pleasure from my Aneros

I have a Helix Syn Trident. I can assure you I have been trying, but I haven’t felt any pleasure. Yes, I have experienced involuntary contractions, but those yield nothing. I have read every guide, tried every type of audio, porn, binaural beat, position, lube and level of contraction, and I have felt nothing. I’m kind of disappointed that I spent so much money without anything to show for it.

However, such may be a virtue or a weakness, I really don’t want to give up. Nonetheless, I have no idea what to do. What can I do? Is there anything I can focus on, anything to practice with contractions or kegels or anything to get the desired effect? I’m not even looking for an orgasm at this point, I just want some proof that this is all real and it’s something I can achieve.

I have some questions about contractions

I don’t know if this information is important or not but I have a helix syn trident and I use it for about 30-45 minutes per session and I have used it around 10 times. I am brand new to this, I started about two weeks ago.

First question, am I flexing the right muscles. I read that you’re supposed to use the same muscles that you would use to stop peeing but when I try it I feel like the only parts that are moving are my penis which is flicking up and my anus which is trying to close or go into my body. It doesn’t feel like the trident is moving much if at all. Maybe that’s because I’m not accustomed to the feeling of it being on my prostate or not but it seems wrong to me.

Second question, what is an anal contraction, rectal contraction, and abdominal contraction and what’s the difference between them? The getting started page references them but doesn’t explain what one or the other actually is. Should I focus on one over the other to start or build on all three for some variety?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Once I have the toy inside, what do I do?

Recently got the Helix Syn Trident, it’s great to have in during normal penile masturbation, but I read that it can be used alone for hands-free orgasms. How do I accomplish these? All the stuff I’ve read on here has been super vague so far. I know you have to be horny and start contracting your PC and sphincter muscles, but I’m so confused as to how to get pleasure from it alone.