New one and yess!

Yesterday after day full of trouble at work I felt to treat myself.
Had already in mind to buy the Progasm jr…because the Progasm did not work for me so far.
On the way home by train I stepped out at Amsterdam Central Station.
From there it’s a 3 minute walk to the Red Light District with all the erotic shops.
Went inside the shop where I bought my Progasm with the idea to buy the Progasm jr.

Not available yet so had to choose something else.
The Helix Syn Trident became my weapon of choice.
Skip forward to bed time.
With some lube lying on my side this toy went smooth inside me.
My prostate was happy to met his new friend…a nice rush of waves hits me down under.

I tried another pose on my knees,body down and ass up.
This was the trigger for me…my muscles take over the moves while precum was drippin.
Suddenly my body started shakin and a undiscribable feeling took over for a few minutes.

This was for me really fast after sessions with the Progasm and the Tempo.
What a nice ending of a terrible day at work.

Helix trident too small?

My first aneros was a helix trident and I’ve been kind of on and off with it for the past year. I notice whenever I have it inserted it feels somewhat nice but if I manually push on it while angling it upwards it feels like I’m hitting the spot more. Also I’ve had p-waves before with my njoy wand but haven’t had much success with my helix.

Would a bigger sized aneros like the progasm hit my spot better or do I simply need more time with my helix?

Help!! Advice on positioning

Hello. So I’ve been using the aneros products for 5 years now and have almost every model. I know where my prostate is and what it feels like but I feel like none of the aneros products properly reach it. I don’t get that peeing feeling. I once did while using the helix syn but have never been able to recreate it. Any advice? Is it all mental? Should I try different products? I really don’t want to give up. I’ve been trying for a very long time and want to experience a super o at least once in my life!

does precum=prostate being hit??

Im a beginner and I use the Aneros Helix Syn trident.

Its only my second session and sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything.

My first session it felt good and i realized really small drops of precum were on my tip.

This time there was not as much so I started using the Aneros as a dildo , by putting it in and out ,and I felt it hit something deeper. It didn’t feel good or bad it just felt like something deeper was hit. I keep going because I was aroused not because it felt “good” ,but when I see my tip , there’s a lot more precum.

Does this mean using the aneros in and out , was hitting my prostate more since there was more precum?

Also this is random but since I was aroused I just masturbated normally afterwards , but when I ejaculated it was the most unsatisfying thing ever. It didn’t feel like a normal penis orgasm. I just saw cum but there was no feeling-it was an empty feeling , is this weird?

Some moderate success!

I have very little experience in the way of prostate stimulation. I started playing with toys off and on a couple months ago. I bought an Aneros knockoff about a week ago and shortly after decided I wanted the genuine article so I ordered the Comparysyn two pack that comes with the Helix syn trident and I chose the Maximus trident as my second. Holy. Balls. Once I popped in the Helix, I knew I made a great purchase! Apparently the knockoff I got prior was way too long and most likely was hitting my bladder more than prostate. I looked at the Helix when first opened and my first thought was “It’s so small” but then I learned it is quite effective.

My first session was unfortunately a disappointment due to cats jumping on me and my not choosing to go some place private. I popped out the helix and called it a night.

Aneros first time . Did I feel p waves?

I used the Helix Syn Trident for the first time and when I squeezed my muscles it felt good it almost felt the moment you are about to ejaculate but nothing really came out . I did see precum tho.

What I am confused about is if I’m feeling p waves . It would only feel good when I squeezed my muscles , not when I relaxed them . Are these P-waves?

Helix Syn Trident wont fit . How to stretch?

I’m very new to prostate play . I tried the Helix Syn Trident for the first time but it would not fit, not at all . I used lots of lube got my finger in there but it wouldn’t go more than half my finger deep felt like something was blocking it from going in deeper .

Any tips on beginners for how to stretch ?
Should I buy a butt plug ?

Giving into or suppressing leg quivers?

I’m making some good progress in my sessions with my Helix Trident. The position I’ve been using lately is laying on my back, pillow under butt, with knees bent, and feet flat on my bed.

I start to get really relaxed, not really using PC muscles, and just letting the Aneros do it’s thing. At this point my legs will start to have bouts of involuntary quivering for a few seconds. The length of the quivering increases and ramps up in intensity.

Should I be trying to suppress these quivers and try to keep my whole body relaxed? Or should I just give in and let my legs shake wildly in this knees bent position?

I’ve left my legs flat out on my bed before and don’t quiver nearly as much, but I think knees bent lets the Aneros hit my prostate better.