Helix Trident too small

I purchased my Helix Trident a month ago and have used it a few times over way weekend. From the get go I found the size underwhelming and between sessions found my fingers could consistently hit my prostate directly compared to it.

I ordered my Progasm and it’s just arrived today and seeing the difference in size seems like night and day of what I’ve wanted to enjoy for prostate massages. Excited to use this tomorrow

Vice 2 Size (discomfort)

Recently (around 6 months ago) bought an Aneros Helix trident and have had great success so far, with each session generally getting closer to a Super-o, with the help of a THC vape – feels like I’m always just about there before the feelings disappear and they start to build again. Constant involuntary shaking, clenching and waves etc I’m happy to stick at it and see where I get.

I decided to purchase a Vice 2 thinking I’d prefer something bigger and to experiment with the vibrations – browsed the range and figured it would do the job! No prior experience with prostate massage but wasn’t scared off by the additional size.

I’ve now probably tried the Vice 2 a couple, maybe three times but once it’s in all the way I find it’s a little uncomfortable, not terrible pain or anything but enough to stop me being able to relax fully – changing positions is noticeably worse. No problems at all inserting it, but once it slides into place it’s like a slightly sharp pain which feels like it’s overshooting or just hitting a tender spot.

Has anyone experienced this? And is this something that your body acclimatises to eventually, or am I just gonna have to take the hit and stick with the helix. Could just be the wrong shape for me.

Question about the PC muscle from an anal veteran but aneros newbie

I recently ordered the helix syn trident as that was recommended for new comers and it arrives tomorrow, apologies in advance for being descriptive. I’ve been reading here and on the website that having control of your sphincter and PC muscles is key for maximum enjoyment. Now it’s pretty clear what the sphincter muscle is, but for the PC I’m not quite sure. Is that the muscle you can flex that causes a bit of tightening further up inside your rectum, similar to what a woman can do to squeeze you when you’re inside of her? Now I’m sure it may not be the same exact thing but is that analogous to the PC in men? I have two very distinct points of muscle control and there and as someone who has a bit of experience down there with dildos and such I was just pondering that I might already be in a good place muscle control wise to enjoy my new aneros.

Thanks to anyone who can chime in

Tingling in prostate between sessions?

I’ve been using my Helix Syn on and off now for just less than a year, with varying levels of success. However, recently I feel like I’ve been understanding my body more and having a bit more luck as a result. I haven’t yet had a super-O, although I can feel myself getting closer, and am getting lots of fluttering and involuntaries during my sessions (I’m currently trying the “quick and dirty” method).

Just in the last week I’ve started to notice that between my sessions I’m getting this interesting sensation in and around my prostate, when I’ve not got the toy in. It’s like a tingling, tickling sensation, which reminds me of a sense of yearning almost. I’m finding that when I focus on this sensation it increases and if I start to clench my muscles ever so slightly it can lead to little flutters and even some precum.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is this part of the prostate awakening process?

Going from Aneros to A-less and back to Aneros orgasms – how I did it

Ive been an Aneros user on and off (mostly off) for about 10 years. Recently I picked it back up and I’ve started having more success than ever.

My success started a few months ago when I used a Helix Syn while lying on my stomach. I find this stimulates my prostate the best, no matter what toy.
I played with it for hours while playing with my nipples, and brought myself to an amazing HFWO.

While I was washing the toy and standing at my sink, I felt my prostate tingle and jolt with electricity. I was washing the toy in my hand, but all I could think about was putting it straight back in me. NO REFRACTORY PERIOD! And so I did. It was incredible.

Bear in mind this is probably 10 mins or so since I had my HFWO on my stomach, but I got back onto my stomach and started experiencing entirely different sensations. Tingling, electricity, involuntary contractions, the lot. I was in heaven! I continued to play like this for a few more hours until I decided it was time for bed. Still no super-O or anything like that.

Fast forward a few weeks/months, I’ve continued to use my Aneros, sometimes with great success, sometimes with none. I started transitioning to getting minimal stimulation with my Aneros in me (probably because of high expectations, etc) and started getting amazing A-less sensations just sitting at my desk doing work. I could get to involuntary contractions, tingling, amazing shaking contractions/orgasms without anything in me.

The journey starts

My journey started last night, and I’m going to document it here in hopes the Aneros community will comment and help my discovery. Here goes….

Background on me….42M, pretty fit as I do yoga and CrossFit 6x a week. I have dabbled in anal before, but I didn’t even know prostate massage was a thing. My sex drive is way higher than my wife’s, and to satisfy those urges I jerk off…a LOT actually. I’m also dabbling in erotic Hypno with good results, I HFWO regularly.

Last month I stumbled across the Aneros forum and it spoke to me. I had to try it and ordered the helix syn trident, and spent the next week waiting for delivery and reading everything I could find about technique and what to expect.

I was practically shaking with anticipation, and I know I shouldn’t have expectations, but deep down I thought I’d be a natural because of my yoga and hypno training…that had to shorten the learning curve, right? Honestly, I was a bit scared. How intense was this going to be? My wife sleeps in another room because I snore, and doesn’t know I’m doing this (that woman can have multiple O’s on demand…this is about me!!).

How do I use the aneros helix syn?

So I wanted to get one. And I did. And I’ve used it a few times, but then it dawned on me that I have no idea if I’m using it right. Do I just leave it in? Or do I move it manually in and out? I knew getting a prostate orgasm would take time but it never dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

Questions about Syn models

I’m continuing to make some progress with my mgx? classic (old, not sure, guessing based on pictures) but I think I definitely want to move to a bigger aneros of a more modern design. (Helix, Maximus, Progasm or Junior)

I’ve been back and forth on whether I want a syn texture, classic or ice. I lean toward wanting the classic/ice texture for max mobility, but noticed something about the Syn models.

It looks like their arms have some significant give/bend? I have issues with too much perineal pressure and this might make the syn texture acceptable.

Can anyone with both regular and syn versions of a given massager comment? How’s the perineal pressure on these?

My experience with the Super-O and Prostate Orgasms

Alright, this will probably turn into a longer post but this afternoon I can definitively say I had a Super-O for the first time, and it was 100% worth it!! 😍Probably started playing with the helix syn about a year ago on and off, with most regular use recently due to covid and having a lot of free time on my hands. Spent a lot of time reading people’s experiences and the different methods to try and replicate what works and doesn’t, but now I feel I have enough experience that it’s worth sharing my thoughts.

A. Ymmv. As had been said before everyone is different and will experience it differently. Your journey might be very different from mine and that’s ok. Few key thoughts: goal is to just play and feel around, and stay relaxed. Arousal is in it of itself arousing. It is this low-level arousal that builds into a pgasm and Super-O. Fantasies and porn are great to kick start the process and get aroused but you need to let your body become aroused.

B. To begin to gain experience I used a combination of the do-nothing and kegel/reverse kegel methods. Doing one or the other yield different results and will feel different, at least at first. I would say explore one, explore the other, explore a combination. Do what works best for you. And to tone your muscles stronger voluntary contractions can be helpful but it will be the lighter (and barely fluttering/twitching) contractions that build into orgasms.