Interesting Sensations

So I’ve been on this aneros train on and off for about 6 years now, but only really in the last year have I given proper thought and effort to exploring this. I own two aneros products — the helix syn and the progasm.

After reading through various posts, it appeared to me that doing kegels were important, but mindfulness was more so than anything else. So yesterday, I tried something slightly different — I came into my session as relaxed as possible, and adopting a “curious” mindset to anything I felt during the session rather than trying to force anything. I started off by inserting the helix and scrolling Reddit for about 10 minutes to just get used to it in me. Then, I lay down with my knees up, feet flat on the bed and listened to some calming music/binaural beats.

In past sessions, because I’ve seen videos of guys basically flopping around on the bed, I thought that I had to try and imitate that kind of movement and deliberately squeezed/moved to try and emphasise that. Well, that would give me some feelings but it would often exhaust me and feel discouraged at the end of the session. Tonight’s session on the other hand, I really just focused on relaxing as much as possible and letting my body move when it wanted to. I focused on my breathing (5 seconds in, 5 seconds out) and tried to leave my body as relaxed as possible.

Too much fun?

I’ve recently got an aneros helix syn trident, and been enjoying it over the last few weeks.

I’ve been reading through a few posts on here that some kind redditors have shared there thoughts on how to best use these kinds of toys, and hopefully work towards an orgasm.

I’ve taken note of the comments around a kind of “rewiring”, not touching the penis and focusing on the sensations in the other parts of the body.

One question I had is around frequency. I’ve seen a couple of comments along the lines of “once in every X days is enough” or “such and such is too much”.

Is there any reason I can’t use it everyday? (Discovering I quite enjoy having something up my bum).

Would using something my aneros this much be counterproductive? If so, why?

First mini-o(?)

i have a helix syn trident and have been getting pretty frustrated that i hadn’t been making any progress. Yesterday I realized my problem, i was amplifying the wrong feeling.

After reading about “letting go” on the forums and reddit i tried doing that by just letting my body take in the pleasure. Feelings started to get intense and when things started to get intense i felt a familiar feeling that was like extreme butterflys in stomach. That feeling was so extreme that it felt a little scary and i mistook it as a fight or flight response. I got scared then stopped.

Was this the right feeling or was i focusing on the wrong feeling?

τrying to decypher what I’m feeling and experiencing as a beginner

Hey everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I’m 21 and have had an anal obsession ever since I was 10. I’ve been playing with huge toys for a while now, and recently I started discovering some very unusual but pleasant sensations when playing with them. I ended up doing some research and found out that the cause of all this was my good friend, the prostate. Long story short, I ended up getting the Helix Syn Trident which arrived 4 days ago, and I’ve had 4 sessions so far. I’ve also been in chastity 24/7 for a week now (it’s a big kink of mine) and haven’t ejaculated since putting my cage on.

This has been my experience thus far:

During my first session, it really didn’t feel like much was going on. I did feel some strange “waves” of pleasure (?) but they were very very subtle. So far I was sceptical about the whole thing.

Sessions two and three were pretty much uneventful, apart from one incredibly powerful sensation which lasted for about 5 seconds that had me shaking uncontrollably. This is where I was kinda thinking that maybe I *can* do this.

Helix Trident feels like it’s vibrating

Hey guys.

I’ve been having trouble replicating my initial PGasm success that i had about a week ago with the progasm so thought that i would try the Helix Trident last night. (the last couple of times i tried to progasm it just felt to be really aggressively going for my prostate).

No PGasm with the Helix but i did get to the point where it honest-to-god felt like the thing was a powered vibrator. i felt vibrations in my arse, balls and entire dick.

I have used vibes and this really felt like that. not talking about “tingles” here. It felt like the thing was plugged in/powered.

It felt really good and it could probably have got me over the edge if i wasn’t being distracted by the “i don’t want to piss myself” thing.

Is that a known thing?

EDIT: i started my journey with the Helix but didn’t have a breakthrough until the progasm. this is the first real time i’ve gone back to the Helix and this is the first time the Helix has given me this sensation.

Should I be feeling something? Questions from a beginner

Hi there,

I’ve been really trying to get some results from my Helix Syn. For the past few days, I’ve been spending roughly 30 minutes listening to erotic audio or looking at sexy pictures with it in. I have some issues though:

1. I don’t feel much stimulation from my prostate, it almost feels like the prostate isn’t swollen or the Aneros isn’t reaching far enough. I do feel a very *very* light pressure on my sweet spot, but it’s more of a light tingle.

2. I am having trouble staying aroused. I’m focusing on keeping hands-off during these sessions, which isn’t a problem when I first begin and am getting lubed up. But once I begin focusing more on listening to any sensations from the toy, I start losing arousal pretty quickly.

I don’t think the Aneros is too short, but I’m not getting even a hint of that ‘having to pee feeling’ the prostate makes. I know that you need patience, and won’t be getting Super-O’s Day 1, but it’s kind of disconcerning that I’m barely feeling anything at all.

Is it possible the Helix Syn is too short? And what else can I do to keep up my arousal after I start?

After 4 long years, finally achieved prostate orgasms!

Started off some 4 years ago (with a Helix), and saw little or no progress in the first year or so after which I bought an Eupho. The Eupho helped with involuntaries a lot, after which I could at least feel pleasurable sensations during sessions, but plateaued with that fairly quickly so about a year after buying the Eupho I picked up the MGX Trident which had only just released.

With the MGX I saw pretty rapid improvement in my sessions from 2019 to now, and had some ‘almost there’ moments, and possibly some mini-o’s though I’m entirely sure but I never really felt like I could get past that invisible barrier till last week.

My first experience a month ago with edibles was not bad, but I think the high might have been a little distracting so last week I tried using the same infused coconut oil as lube and I noticed that it made my prostate quite sensitive to any involuntaries. I had however used only 1/4th of the amount I would ordinarily consume orally, so last night I decided to double it.

Just bought a Helix trident and have no idea what i’m doing. Any tips to put me on the right track?

So I just bought the helix trident and tried it out this evening. I Got some nice water based lube and got cleaned up and smoked some potent weed and then did some experimenting. i’ve messed with putting stuff in my butt but this is the first prostate massager i’ve ever used so I didn’t know what I was doing but I did my best to find it.

I flipped on my side and inserted it and then sat on my back and tried doing some contractions but wasn’t really getting anywhere. I then sat up a little bit with my tailbone on the floor and used my arms to prop myself halfway up to push the toy a little further in and then I started contracting again and it started feeling really good but then I got tired. I tried using the mindgasm site for timing on flexing my muscles but it only lasted 5 minutes and my goal is to achieve some waves eventually so I assume that may take a lot longer.
Thanks for the words of encouragement!