First week using aneros

Hello! Today marks one week since I got the Aneros and I am in love. Previously, I had no experience with anal pleasure at all, but now I feel like when I first discovered masturbation. I can’t resist the temptation to play with it at least twice a day. The thing is, as nice as it feels, I feel like I’m on a kind of plateau.

The first two days were nice, with feelings of tingling in the prostate, but no pleasure.
On the third day, I had the first involuntary movements and signs of pleasure.
The fourth and fifth days were really fun, with much more intense sensations that lasted for minutes, my breathing and pulse accelerated, and my dick got hard from the feeling. Now, the sensations start within minutes of inserting the Aneros, and when I’m not using it, I feel an urge to use it soon. It’s really nice and awkward at the same time.
The sixth day was very much like the ones before, but now my dick got rock hard, and at some point, I had involuntary hip thrusts. It felt like I was about to cum (high pleasure), but then the feeling subsided and started again, with no real “finale” like when you cum from traditional masturbation.

Cocoa Butter – as a toy lubricant?

I used Cantu Cocoa Butter – blend of pure organic cocoa butter, pure shea butter and coconut oil – with my Aneros Helix Trident today.

Did not need a lot to lube things up and seemed to last well.

Very good value if it proves to work and not cause any side effects.

Anyone else have experience of this?

Looking to get a 3rd Aneros model…. Need some help

I have the Eupho and the Progasm Jr. I MUCH prefer the Eupho over the Progasm Jr and it’s mainly due to the rigidity of the Progasm Jr in reference to the K-tab.

The Eupho is just comfortable and does a great job but am looking for something equally comfortable but will provide a new sensation/experience.

With that, I think going with a Syn model is wise. Was thinking the Helix makes good sense as it’s a proven model but maybe it’s too much like the Eupho and I’d get more contrasting sensations from the MGX.

So I guess what I’m asking is…. if you already had a Eupho, would opt for the Helix or the MGX?

Which Aneros model is closest to the Helix Syn in your opinion?

I’m not completely giving up hope but I cannot for the life of me find my Aneros Helix Syn. As payday approaches I was looking at possibly replacing, but seems that model is no longer being sold anywhere.

Problem is I’ve got a few others, but I’m struggling with keeping those in my ass, and as soon as I start to feel them coming out, that pretty much the entire session tanked. No joy with my Helix Syn V (the vibrating one, though I typically use without turning on) or my old white plastic model (had for so long I couldn’t tell you what it is, maybe an MGX), and I have a Progasm ice but I’ve never been able to keep that in.

Part of the problem is most of my success has come from the Syn, and it’s really the only one that works for me on my back; I’ve had a little joy with the Syn V on my side, but I’m trying to do Mindgasm and am having more success there on my back.

So what are people’s experiences with toys similar in profile to the Aneros Helix Syn? Helix Syn Trident seems visually the closest, but I’m hesitant to make a purchase right now if it cannot be the golden model (at least in my own experience).


First session

I hipecyall don’t mind – I am going to use this account to document my aneros/prostate play journey. I will post mostly to my profile but when I have a break thru or questions, I will go ahead and put in r/aneros.

A little about me: 47 years old, married for 17. I am a complete newb to solo prostate play. My wife has tried to stimulate my prostate with a finger and a toy before, but I’ve never felt anything but uncomfortable. The last time she tried, I googled why I’m not getting anything good, and eventually found Aneros and that’s why I’m here.

I purchased the Helix Syn Trident and finally had the opportunity to try it last night. I asked my wife for some “alone time” where I wouldn’t be disturbed. I took a quick shower to clean up and then a nice, long, hot bath to relax. I hopped in bed, lubed up, and worked the Aneros in…slowly. when it inserted, it felt completely fine…not uncomfortable at all, but I knew it was there.

I put on my headphones and listened to mindgasm – the first lesson. It went great! I definitely had involuntary contractions as I flexed my base – like my hip and thigh muscles were pulsing, in addition to my PC muscles. I enjoyed it so much I went to the second. lesson two was about vibrating the sweet spot -I was able to do that once but could not repeat it.

Where to buy without going bankrupt

Hey guys! I bought an helix trident like 14 days ago on ebay and was really excited for it. Well just yesterday I got a refund and I have no idea why. for almost 9 days my aneros got to miami and the tracking showed “provider label rejected”. Should I try again from ebay? was the problem on the seller? is it because it was international and sex toys can’t be shipped? Maybe because my country (Brazil) has some weird rule about those itens and I have no idea?
On the aneros website the shipping is too expensive and I don’t trust aliexpress to buy sex toys… Do you guys know a website that ships to brazil that doesn’t have a pricy shipping?

Help! A New Dry Spell?

I was having all kinds of P-gasms up until this week. (almost 15 months) It is like my prostrate got tired & now it just relaxes me for an hour but maybe 1 or 2 orgasms. I just call it the Relaxation Phase. Does anyone have any advise? I have been using different Aneros massagers & hey all worked great until this week. My favorite massager got broke, Helix Syn V.

What just happened? Holy Crap!

Hi all,

I decided 2 days ago to order 2 aneros (I had 0 experience with prostate stimulation) I choose the Helis Trident and Helix Trident Syn. Yesterday I recieved them and tested them later that night.

I didn’t expect too much from it. After a nicely hot shower I lubed what was needed and inserted the Helix Trident Syn. I started playing around with the muscles around it but came to the realisation that I felt nothing… So I took it out and found out I inserted it the wrong way… I twisted it around and reinserted it as intended (The head didn’t point up to the belly but down to the back…).

Immediately I felt a difference, it was pretty nice, not painful and more ticklish. So I started playing around with the muscles, within 2 minutes I suddenly felt I didn’t had to do anything, my body started to move the aneros by itself. About 20 seconds later I started to feel my whole body tensioning and spasming. I was short on breath and feels like a orgasm? It was way more intens, I had 0 control over my body and everything just happened. It took about 2 minutes before I came back and had a chance to relax a bit. It didn’t take too long (note: less then 5 minutes…) though before my body started the whole routine over again.

I want to buy an Aneros toy to my bf for his bday

Hi, my boyfriends bday is approaching and I would like to buy him an aneros toy.
I have to say that he is new to this and has never tried anything anal. My ex in comparison really enjoyed it, but he knew himself so well, that I didn’t have to take care of anything (he knew how to ease himself into being able to take up big sizes too, he did the cleansing himself etc. …).
I don’t do anal toys at all on myself so I am not really experienced – thus, I would like to ask:
– should I get him the Helix trident? What is suitable for a beginner?
– I guess he will need an anal doushe too? Can I get any recommendations for that?
– should I get him poppers?? Are there other alternatives to them? (Never used them. Im scared they work similar to drugs)
– I would also like us to use it together on him – meaning maybe having some kind of mutual sexual experience while him using it (I am a woman), do you think this is possible? I don’t know if him having it inside and me stimulating his penis would be the same as me as a woman having a vaginally inserted dildo while the man pleasuring her orally on the clitoris … I assume that he needs to be relaxed w the aneros inside to have some pleasure, no? How should we approach this so it would be a mutually pleasurable experience and that he would be as relaxed as possible anally?
– my idea was to introduce him to this since he enjoys outward prostate stimulation so much. My and ex and me did pegging but I think we can’t start with that and he is open for internal prostate play for starters…