First timer: Trident MGX or Helix?

Hi all. I know these questions are asked a lot, but I was curious to hear some thoughts on the choice between Trident MGX and Helix.

I’m a beginner, only experimenting with my finger so far.

I like the idea of the MGX supposedly gently stroking and building up sensation, as I also enjoy frenulum masturbation and nipple stroking which seem similar to it in terms of building up pleasure slowly.

On the flipside, many seem to describe the Helix as something you leave in and it’ll just do its thing, which sounds nice too.

Are these assessments accurate, because overall I’m leaning to the MGX because it seems that although it may take more effort to use it’ll result in better experiences for me ultimately.

Thoughts? Thanks for your time if you read and/or reply

New user struggling with patience/focus

Hi! I got my Helix Syn V about a month ago and have done a handful of sessions. However they have all gone like this:

I start watching some porn until I’ve been aroused for several minutes. I insert the aneros, lie back, and focus on my breathing and sensations for about 10 minutes, then begin to play with contractions.

If I turn the porn off at this point, I just get sleepy and find it impossible to focus.

If I leave the porn on, I get dick-horny and run out of willpower within half an hour, finishing myself off with a traditional orgasm.

Did any of you experienced users struggle with this starting out? What did you change going forward to help with it? TIA

Beginners tips?

Okay so I’m aware this has probably been posted a heap of times but I’ve used the aneros helix syn a few times now alongside masturbating as well but want to take it to the next level and just be able to orgasm from the aneros? The only thing is I haven’t been able to really feel any sensations when I just have the aneros in and relax for at least 20 minutes – any tips for getting closer to my first prostate only orgasm would be amazing! Thanks guys 🙂

Fitment Question (Possibly Too Big?)

Ugh, this is gonna sound like a weird question but I suppose that’s what we’re here for, right?

Been working at sessions and such and as part of that, I cut out masturbation. Needless to say, I’m fairly “full” and easily aroused. Sometimes I’ve been putting the toy (Helix Syn) inside and just going about my day at home, to become more comfortable with it. Something I’ve been finding though is that I tend to dribble a lot immediately *after* I take it out, but not during. Same goes for bowel movements. If my prostate is full, I don’t feel much *during* the bowel movement, but it’s immediately *after* I’m done that I get that pleasurable leaking sensation.

Admittedly I sometimes have trouble with physical comfort while the toy is inside during a session; it seems easier to relax all my muscles when nothing’s in. The fact that I’m getting leakage when pressure is relieved from my prostate, be it removal of the toy or after a bowel movement, makes me wonder if this is a clue as to the size of the toy, and whether I need something smaller and more precise. Can you shed any light on this, be it with personal experience or experimentation? Thanks for the help!

Some crazy as p wave or somethin

I used the aneros again last night. And it was the most intense session Ive had. I didn’t get any orgasms from it but I got a lot of intense pleasure which is good.

I was like 2 hours in I felt myself twitching and shaking like crazy, breathing hard af, my muscles where squeezing hard and then relaxing then squeezing again, this happens fast it all happening on its own. My body was super tired. And waves of pleasure going across my whole body, I was seriously dripping wet. It was like 5 mins of constant hard twitching and faded over 10 mins or more. I tried to relax but my body just wanted to twitch. This felt soo good.

But what interest me the most was that I just couldn’t stop moaning, I just couldn’t help but moan so goddam loudly, I was embarrassed hoping nobody heard me. I’m usually a quiet guy, but this helix trident is a dangerous weapon which caused me to go absolutely wild. I’m almost a little afraid but excited to use it again.

I think I got to this point by abstaining for 1 or 2 days, the night before I used the aneros but decided to not masturbate traditionally, this helped. But last night I was too horny after the aneros and I broke the 2 day streak. I think if I kept abstaining even after using the aneros for longer, then maybe I can finally reach an orgasm

Great session – slowly getting there..

Yesterday, I was feeling in the mood, installed the Aneros Helix Trident and put on some binaural beats.

I relaxed, did some nipple play, and within a few minutes, I started feeling tingles and muscle shaking.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I was a shivering mess. Not orgasming, exactly, but involuntary shaking all over, and the Aneros was – for lack of a better word – going on almost full auto mode. It felt amazing. Not Super-O, I am quite sure (not that I’ve had any yet), and not fully up to speed with a penile orgasm either. But the prostate was pulsing a bit and I definitely did not want it to stop. Pleasurable and intense.

Tried to relax into the feelings, and every time they subsided, it was possible to restart a new “cycle” after a few minutes of deep breathing, light contractions and a bit of nipple play. Kept going for far too long and I feel quite tired today.

Anyway: No drugs/weed/poppers, and the beats was from YouTube, creator is called SSEM Binaural-sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation (look it up). Lots of playlists, and it really worked (for me at least). Kept my hands off the hardware at all times – and did not finish, either.

I feel that I am finally moving in the right direction.

Thanks for all the tips in this forum, BTW 👍🏻

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Why am i experiencing this A-less, anyone have similar experiences?

I’m a new user, i’d played around a bit down there, decided i was curious enough and ordered a helix trident which i’ve had for 4 days/3 session. I did some reading, and tried to follow most instructions, Things were generally pleasurable during but did not result in anything mind blowing which was fine. Today was an off day from an aneros session, however when i was in the bath, i had this weird sensation when i flexed sphincter (as if i had the aneros in), so i kept doing it and it started to feel really good. I started to get hard, and get involuntary spasms pulsating from my prostate all the out to my full crotch, heart rate went up, minor convulsions through the body (mainly abs). This was pretty much how it felt during the aneros sessions, except maybe a little less intense this time. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? I imagine i simply was able to stimulate prostate without the aneros, does this mean i should change anything with my sessions/toy?

Just a p wave? Idk

I used the helix trident for a while now.

Last night I was using the aneros, maybe about an hour or two in I get subtle twitches and heavy breathing that last for a minute, I’m guessing that’s a p wave.

But then later on I start breathing really hard, my whole body is twitching really intensely, I’m squeezing into the pillow and I’m also moaning, surprisingly.

I didn’t feel an explosion of an orgasm though like the traditional way, but the whole feeling felt really full bodied, felt really good, it was like a long orgasm, kinda, but not fully.

This last for maybe 5 to 10 minutes? Or longer? I felt relaxed after and very out of energy but still horny

Was it just a p wave?

Update Helix Syn Trident arrived a couple hours ago!

Got all my responsibility done for the day and have had it in for about 2 hours now to prep took a nice shower and cleansed, layed on my bed and have been relaxed and feeling just zoned out almost like I smoked weed but I’m sober haha, have had quite a few sensations already but overall just a very calming and chill experience, just got up to smoke a cigarette and was going to take it out but this thing has this amazing balance to it with the 2 little things (can’t remember what they’re called) that go above your anus and on the taint so I’m just walking around the backyard enjoying it and as I’m walking around I’m even feeling sensations, a couple instances of weakening of the knees haha, looking forward to the future with this thing as I know this is just the beginning but have never experienced a toy this comfortable and really does just adapt to your body, very pleased!!!! 😁😁😁😁

Helix Syn Trident is out for delivery! Will have in hours so excited! First timer here any noob tips? 😀

So ive been doing the prostate thing with anything from dildos, vibrators, anal beads, the whole 9 on and off for 8 years or so and have definitely felt pleasure from it a few times but nothing like the Super-O some of yall are describing and I’d be lieing if I said when I read about this here I wasn’t about to lose my mind the way yall described it 🤤🤤🤤, just looking for any tips for an aneros beginner and maybe some “I wish I knew ____” in the beginning type stuff, thanks in advance! 😀