Kegels and Reverse Kegels

In the last few weeks I have been trying something new: alternating kegels and reverse kegels. I had never heard of reverse kegels until reading the forum posts. Reverse kegels are done by relaxing or almost stretching the PC muscles. I get the sensation that the pelvic region is “yawning” and enlarging during a reverse kegel. I have used this technique mostly during A-less sessions and the results have been excellent.

I begin with a moderate kegel contraction (approximately 30 to 40%) and hold for several seconds. I don’t time the contraction. I usually wait until I feel a slight quiver or pulse in the muscles or prostate. Then I do the reverse kegel. I often feel the quiver or pulse strengthen a bit. All of this is done slowly while breathing deeply and relaxing as much as possible. After several minutes of this alternation I usually feel a series of mini-Os and occasionally some stronger dry-Os. Once (several days ago) it led to one of the biggest Super-Os I’ve ever experienced. I had full body tingling and shaking. I could feel the distinct build up of a new wave as the previous one was subsiding. If I counted accurately there were three huge waves and two smaller ones before I was finished. I haven’t tried this technique since then. As each session is unique it would be foolish to expect an exact repeat of the previous one. I’m satisfied to be on an interesting journey and appreciative of whatever comes my way.

“Full-Court Press”

My! What a night! It all began when I was “instructed” that I can sleep without a cup! (an early gift for my cock?) I took full advantage and slept with nothing on from the waist-down. And it felt wonderful to feel some of the erections. I was up somewhat early (2 AM) feeling aroused but wanting more. So I went to my comfortable sofa, put on a pair of headphones and started listening to relaxing tracks. After about an hour, I felt ready for a session. So I decided to do a quick session with the 950. This time, I used a lube I hadn’t used in a while: Slippery Stuff Gel. Not messy, very slippery and easy to clean-up. Nothing special about this session, so after about 30 minutes, I ended it but still felt unsatisfied.


I decided to continue the journey on the sofa, again sans pants. But this time, I honestly felt ready for a release or perhaps a ruined orgasm. I put on headphones once again and began to listen to a 1-hour track for erectile dysfunction. (I wanted a nice, stimulated erection before I ejaculated). Nice music with embedded soft tones which seemed to be very effective. Before long, I experienced quite an arousing erection and must have dozed-off at that point. When I awoke again, I was listening to another track, this one for a testosterone boost! (Yes, I had a full erection). I am now feeling quite ready for another session (a “full-court press”). But just as I decided, I had to use the restroom. Perfect timing! When I was finished, I knew then-and-there to have a session with the SGX. It was the right choice. I was already lubed-up on the inside (like a pre-lube) so put a little more lube on the SGX and started the session.

“Integrated Pleasure”

I have had a recurring groin irritation this week and have suspended my use of “chastity cups” for a while. I have been sleeping in a loose pair of boxers along with my PJs. But that’s okay—-I feel great and so does my prostate! I awoke with a strong, arousing morning erection. This morning’s session with the SGX lasted a full hour; I don’t know where the time went but I had wave-after-wave of pleasure. The session “ended” with my attempting to expel the SGX with reverse kegels —- I couldn’t do it without bringing-on erotic anal stimulation from the ribbed stem of the SGX. A wild ride! And then I began to think about it….


Prostate pleasure should not be isolated to an Aneros session. Rather, since my prostate is so “portable”, I can take it wherever I go. So it makes sense that any pleasure derived from my prostate (including Aless) is naturally integrated into the whole of my sexual well-being. I am currently in Day 8 of SR and have reached a peak in my testosterone level. Boy, I sure can feel it! I am surprised that I have not developed “blue balls” yet! (We’ll see how the next few days progress). But in the meantime, I am feeling a “wholesome sexuality” that envelops my entire being. It is not just about wanting to wank-off quickly and relieve my built-up sexual tension. (But that would be a welcome relief). It is about feeling good from head-to-toe and that includes my sexuality. It’s not about just wanting to perform an Aneros session. It is about feeling the intimate pleasure of prostate contractions throughout my male body and feeling alive with that pleasure! And since this pleasure is so “portable”, I can experience it in the car, while shopping, dining, you-name-it, I can feel it. And that makes for a wonderful life! Please join me in pleasure!

“This SGX Session Packed A Punch!”

I had just had a BM and felt completely ready for a session. I knew I wanted more, so instead of my trusty HIH 950, I reached for the SGX. It did not disappoint me. Let me explain….

I lubed-up with BB and started a most relaxing session. I was wearing my XO cup for a couple of hours this morning (I’m not sleeping in it yet). When I started the session, I knew right away that this would be a good one. I did not expect that, before long, I was feeling tingling in my toes and especially my fingertips. What happened next is that as I began to completely relax, I felt waves of pleasure moving throughout my body, so much so that I could not help but start to squirm, shake and convulse. I could not help but let out a few moderate moans as well. Every new position on the bed only brought me closer to complete euphoria.


I have not had this much precum produced in a session before! I don’t know what was happening but I felt a “pumping” going on within my groin and it felt great! Towards the end of this session, I took off the cup and began to feel like I wanted to “expel” the SGX with reverse kegels. But the more I tried to expel it, the tapered ribbed stem took over and pulled it back in! In this way, my anus became thoroughly stimulated and I began producing more precum! My penis was hard and I could easily have cum. But I didn’t want to (I am only in Day 5 of SR). Finally, I felt like I had enough and expelled it completely.

“Labor” Day session, September 4

Session prep and foreplay. In the early hours of this morning, I slipped on a Champion Sports athletic cup supporter unit. Its snug fit enabled me to go back in a most satisfying and deep slumber. Then I woke up at 5:15 a.m. in sexual bliss as the jock and cup contained my vibrant Aless. Yet my body was rearing to go for a session.

I prepared for an Aneros full court press comprising of Eupho Classic, MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. The session lasted about 1.5 hours of leisurely Anerosing. This morning I focused in letting these models have their way with me. However, I fueled the ardor of my session with gentle and strong Kegels and Reverse Kegels. What impressed me so much about this morning session was the perfect fit I have with MGX as it interacted so sweetly with my prostate.

Also in my recent sessions, I like to focus my attention upon the special distinctive of each of these models. Such focusing enhances the pleasure I receive from each Aneros model.

Labor Day in our nation’s capital means a general absence of traffic. The city was hushed and my neighborhood was quiet this morning. I let go and enjoyed all the pleasure the session gave me.

After breakfast mid morning, I slipped on my Champion Sports athletic cup supporter unit and then later switched to a Champion Sports jockstrap. Wow, this athletic gear enhanced my Aless.

An exciting, new and developing appreciation of Progasm ICE, August 26 & 28 sessions

Hi guys,

I rounded out last week with a session early last Saturday evening. I had just three sessions last week instead of my customary four.

I had my session in the 6 o’clock hour. It lasted about an hour. I used in order the following Aneros models: MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. I rode the first three with just a few sets of Kegels and Reverse Kegels. But since it was near the close of day, my session was not overly aggressive. Yet in my fatigue, I relaxed and just let the Kegels come naturally.

However with Progasm ICE, I did make an effort to do the Kegel Exercises. However, as I did this, I found myself careening towards a nap. In this state of near somnolence, something new and unique occurred. The Kegels and Reverse Kegels came of their accord. This became extended. Finally I experienced satisfaction which continued into the night as I went to bed wearing a men’s medium Champion Sports athletic cup supporter combo. The cup itself is just snug enough along with its thick gasket to deliver comfort to the athlete. It was this snug comfort gave me a restorative deep sleep overnight Saturday to early Sunday morning.

Aneros Full Court Press with Kegels ; Kegeling in Athletic Cup in Aless, August 23

Hi guys,

I have had several sessions of late featuring an Aneros full court press with Kegels and Reverse Kegels. From my Aneros “first” team, I used in order the following, Eupho Classic, MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Classic.

Doing a set or two of Kegels and Reverse Kegels enable fully to enjoy these five Aneros models. It is always gratifying to experience pleasure and power building in my prostate, anal musculature, testicles, perineum, and penis.

This afternoon around 3 p.m. my Champion Sports cup and jock. The cup has a slight banana shape and an soft gasket containing my scrotum and penis snugly, yet comfortably. I have been Kegeling in this cup supporter unit off and on since then.

A thought occurred to me 30 minutes ago getting my supper from my neighborhood 7 Eleven three blocks from my apartment building. Baseball players and umpires wear protective cups for hours on end. So do law enforcement, military, even EMS. You know you’re wearing these essential items for support and protection even though you may “forget” it in the course of your day.

Here is where Aneros meditation may enter in a very erotic, yet powerful and subtle way in Aless. During Aneros sessions, your prostate, perineum, anal musculature, and even your entire genitals have powerful contact with the Aneros. During Aless, sweet, yet powerful sexual energy emanates from your awakened prostate throughout your body, even consciousness. An athletic cup in a supporter holder or “pocket” magnifies greatly this sexual energy. Kegeling and Reverse Kegeling interacts with the jock and cup and magnifies this sexual energy even further. Yes, you may be wearing a “chastity” cup in Aless, but sexual energy through the Kegels and Reverse Kegels transcends “chastity.” It is all so sweet, particularly when you diddle your nipples!

“The Art Of Male Meditation”

[Readers, be aware….the descriptions are quite graphic….]

As I write this, I don’t even know if I will be able to put into words what I was feeling and thinking. I’ll try the best I can….

Background: I awoke not too early this AM and slept in my SD Ultra Pro Carbon chastity “cup” overnight. I switched to my Bike “cup” which is more restrictive and supportive. I go to lie down and relax with some tracks. But things were just not “clicking” this morning so I gave-up the headphones and just went to lie down and relax for an hour or so. I fell-into a meditation. Let me explain what happened…..

I began performing very light reverse kegels, occasionally trying a few “regular” kegels in-between. While doing this, I began to feel a nice stirring in my prostate and actually developed a few whole-body spasms. I felt ready for the next step…..

Now I don’t know what prompted this, but I began to meditate. The exact sequence I probably don’t remember now, but what I do remember is this….

While being confined to “chastity” in my Bike cup, I began to dwell on what is means to be male. I thought about testosterone and its effect on the male sexual response. I thought about all the various components of my male anatomy: my prostate, penis, testicles, and all the related “plumbing”.

Priming the Aneros pump with Kegels and Reverse Kegels, Session for August 15

Hi guys,

During the last couple or so weeks, I have been practicing in a more concerted fashion the Kegel Exercises. I was spurred on a recent discussion of the Kegels on Aneros Forum.

Last year in August 2016, I composed a fairly detailed regimen for practicing the Kegel Exercises and posted in my Aneros blog and on the Forum. Little did I know that in the following month of September 2016, I began experiencing my first sustained Super-O’s and MMO’s both in sessions and out of sessions in Aless. It is especially so now that I can throw myself into an orgasmic state by merely stimulating or diddling my nipples anywhere I choose, especially at night in bed.

However, both Kegels and Reverse Kegels, I find, are useful for priming my Aneros pump which make for stupendous sessions. It seems that Aneros devices are well suited for the Kegels in that there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the Kegels and Aneros. That has been my experience over the years.

Also I have found over the years that Kegeling while wearing an athletic cup and a jockstrap had made them even more powerful and pleasurable.

Early this morning for more than an hour I wore a Champion Sports athletic supporter and cup. The cup itself is a banana cup with a rather thick comfort gasket. This cup and supporter fits me securely and comfortably and is ideal for performing the Kegels and Reverse Kegels. So I engaged in this activity as extended foreplay and primed my erotic and horny pump for a session.

“Boy Butter Revisited!”

I received my new supply of Boy Butter today (via Amazon Locker—a very secure and private way to get it!) I had great success with it in achieving my first Super-O and am looking forward to my first session with the HIH 950. I just did a 50-minute session this morning using Slippery Stuff Gel and achieved what I felt to be numerous Dry-O’s. I felt especially good “reverse kegels” which seemed to be self-propelled! I know this was a good session because I had some involuntary abdominal contractions and my legs were starting to take-off on their own!

PS Never looked at my penis; don’t know if this was a successful milking session or not.