Reached a Plateau again..

Month 7 . I’ve continued my sessions and got some progress, but I’m still not there. I don’t think I’ve had p-waves; I haven’t had strong ones anyway

Progress: I feel that I have awakened my butt (Pc already awake). I sometimes get radiating sensations around anus when I have a session or when I try kegels . At times the pleasure starts extending up the area underneath my pubic area. But I haven’t had any overwhelming pleasure. Haven’t visited cloud 9. I have involuntaries of varying pleasure (could be as low as no pleasure). I also have what I’ll call second nature contractions . I kind of just think of a contraction pattern and my body does it in pretty much the same way that involuntaries happen. I don’t really have any conscious effort being put into the contraction. Both of these at least start off on the gentler and short side and change intensity on their own;

Not exactly progress, but my legs sometimes shake more frequently when I am on my back with my legs spread, feet flat on the bed.

What I have done differently: I practice what I believe are kegels and reverse kegels. I am not sure I am doing them correctly, but…I got a new toy:the eupho trident. For now, it is my favorite toy since its use coincided with my butt awakening. I like the way it’s p-tab naturally rests on my perineum/taint. I feel I have to manipulate my helix trident to do the same.

The the plateau. I’ve had maybe 7 sessions since I got the eupho and didn’t progress anymore after session 2. This itself isn’t much of a problem, but I have been consistently at this for 7 months. Combine this with my butt awakening only now and this makes me feel that I am still not doing something or perhaps, I am doing something wrong.

With what I can do..A couple of things on my mind are that some contraction patterns may be better for prostate play and that more fluid/smooth contractions may be better.However, I don’t know how to generate fluid like contractions and With contraction patterns, I cannot really test it well because my pleasure mainly comes from involuntaries and second nature contractions. The problem with testing involuntaries is self explanatory. With second nature contractions, I can think of a rough pattern (let’s say an imaginary line that pushes outward while moving from my anus up my pc muscles) , but I won’t necessarily get every millimeter of what I imagined. The line could stop early and dissipate; it could start correctly and then go off in the opposite direction; it could just do the opposite direction entirely;maybe nothing happens. Point being, it isn’t very reliable, especially as time increases from my original contraction thought. At least not yet reliable. I can’t test a pattern for a minute straight with second nature again, I am lost.

I know this isn’t the most well known topic in human anatomy so there likely isn’t a definitive answer,but it’s worth asking . I’m all ears on possible solutions.



  1. Sounds to me like you are having pleasure waves. P waves don’t mean they come in waves over your body, it means the pleasure comes along and then goes, then likely comes along again. I’m not thattt much further along the process than you, but I just recently had the most intense experience I’ve had yet and it basically involved a session where the p waves set off over and over again, sending my heart racing like crazy and making the pleasure peak. I wouldn’t say the pleasure was overwhelming, but I’m quite certain I was well on my way to a prostate orgasm.

    So my answer is although you shouldn’t try to control things, the aim is to set of whatever is causing those pleasure waves and to eventually set off many in a row. That’s when things should start to heat up.

  2. Your mind is way too overactive . This is going to tank your experience, to say the least.

  3. I think you might be analyzing your progress/sensations/contractions in a unhealthy way. Plateaus (imo) are some sort of resistance to the experience where the user either consciously or unconsciously manipulates the session to reach a certain point, feeling or sensation. The more you “give up” or “let go” or “just be” the better it gets. For me this is a very specific point in a session that just happens and from there it is pure bliss. The more you practice, the easier you’ll come to that point.

    Obviously this is all my personal view and experience, you might have a different view and that’s perfectly fine.

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