3rd time lucky….?

So as so many others here I’ve been lurking for a while and finally took the leap last month and purchased an Helix Syn… I have some experience from previous anal play with toys etc but really wanted to give this a shot.

So all my sessions have been somewhat successful, having said that I am no where near an orgasm or anything but enjoying the ride so to speak. I have read most of the recent posts on here and sort of ‘done my research’ however there is one thing that is not 100% clear to me that I would like to ask…

During my first two sessions I didn’t feel a great deal but after sort of 45 min I started to feel ‘full’ I assume this means the prostate is ‘active’?

Anyway on my third session after about 20 min all of a sudden during a light ‘keagel squeeze’ I started to have involuntaries… which felt great however only lasted for about 30 sec to a minute… is it this state I want to maintain? And if so how?

Thankful for any input! Cheers!

Amazing session

The farther I travel on this journey, the better it gets! Last nights session was beyond amazing. As my prostate awakens I find that I can tell when a session is going to be good. I start feeling a wam dull ache in my pelvis that tells me the prostate is wanting attention. I definitely felt that signal last night.
I think that my pre-session preparation rituals are also important in having a successful session. I start off an hour before with taking my supplement stack, which includes Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, Maca root, Saw Palmetto, and others. After a warm shower, I consume about 50 mg of edible, high-THC cannabis. I pre-lube with a homemade coconut oil suppository. I start building arousal with some edging to a bit of porn. When I feel the THC kick in, I insert my first Aneros device. Last night that was my Eupho Trident.
Sometimes the Eupho gives me terrific Pgasms, but last night it it didn’t kick the session into high gear, so after 15 minutes of the do-nothing approach I switched it out with my Helix Trident. I started getting some Pwaves almost instantly. Once I start getting good feelings in my prostate I start doing hits on my popper bottle. After that first hit last night I tried to drop into my deepest relaxation and erase any expectation and welcome whatever my prostate decides to give me and the first big orgasm hits like a runaway freight train and lasted a good 2 minutes. I know, I watched the tape…
A second hit of popper triggers another 2+ minutes of orgasm. I remember thinking, “This is the best it’s ever been!” just before the next peak in intensity felt twice as good!
At a break in the action I swapped in my Progasm, always one of my favorites. As before, another couple of popper hits led to two breathtakingly massive orgasms over another 5 minutes time. Needing a break, I removed old faithful and just relaxed, enjoying the involuntaries that were making my anus twitch, and the warm glow coming off my prostate, asking for more.
Finally, I inserted my nJoy pFun to end the session with a bang, as it were. Damn, that plug is amazing! The three big Os that followed were, here I go again, “the best ever!” I am pretty vocal during these orgasms, and these had me sobbing, laughing hysterically, and moaning in pleasure all at once. All this time, my cock had been pretty hard, unusual for my typical session, but not this time. I was able to end on a high note with a great super-T. This morning I came again as my wife gave oral while I stroked with the small end of my PureWand. I don’t know how something a can just keep getting better over time like this and never top out!

Having trouble with involuntaries

Hello all, I’ve been trying to use my aneros toys for quite some time now (a number of months) and have yet to get any consistent form of involuntary contractions, I was hoping to see if I could reach out and get as many methods as possible for triggering them before I have my next session, does anybody have any ideas for me? I’ve tried rhythmic clenching into relaxing, which just stops, no involuntary contractions, same thing with rhythmic into light tension, it causes a trembling feeling briefly, but I can’t maintain this and it doesn’t really feel like anything ‘inside’, I only feel it on the muscle that is trembling.

Had an HWFO with MGX in while asleep last night, and no refractory period. Wondering what to make of it

So last night I tried pre-lubing for the first time. I followed my usual routine of letting the MGX do its thing for 45-90 minutes mixed in with some contractions and nipple play. This usually results in some groups of involuntaries though they become less frequent and spaced farther apart as time goes on. They also only happen while I’m flat on my back with knees bent. I then leave the MGX in overnight and will wake up to play a couple of times for 30 minutes or so with similar results as the initial insertion.

This time however, it was quite different. The MGX felt a lot more mobile and even the slowest, lightest, contraction I made felt great and led to more pretty pleasurable involuntaries. I even felt like I had some degree of control over where the MGX was going. Additionally, the involuntaries happened with nearly no gaps in between **and** while lying on my side and on my stomach as well. When I felt like I had enough fun I discovered that the aneros was going at it even as I was falling asleep which has never happened before. When I woke up to pee a few hours later I noticed my prostate and the aneros were still active and I was hard so I decided to have another go at it, with similar positive results as earlier.

Definitely getting closer

Been using the helix syn for a month or two now, maybe a little longer. When I first started out I thought my first session was the best I had for a while, I would have relatively good feelings coming from my prostate but nothing really big or anything, a small “eh this feels nice” and then it would be gone in a few seconds.

Today I think I made a small bit of progress, I still didnt really feel the same feeling I did during the first session, but I do believe I got to the involuntary contractions part. Its kind of hard to tell because after a while I cant really feel that much down there and honestly I just feel sort of numb, but I do think I had some automatic contractions today, and also think I might have started trembling as well (though I may have just been cold). I also remember reading somewhere that a peeing feeling is good? I had that too today, it would come and go. Im not sure if this is because of actual progress or because I maybe did have to pee.

Anyway just wanted to share to get your guys thoughts on if im on the right track or possibly fooling myself into thinking I made progress and am still on square one. Any tips you can give though? I was going for an hour or more today, depending on how much free time I have during my next session (Which will hopefully be later this week) I might try and go for a really long relaxed session, maybe 2 or 3 hours.

Just cant get over the ‘’line’’

Hi Guys,

So after using the ANEROS for about 1 month, i am now at a point where in my sessions the following happens.

Get involuntary contractions, they build over about an hour. Feels good. Eventually, I start shaking, my heart beats fast, my erection gets rock hard but then…… no orgasm? Like although its feels good, i feel like there is no release and eventually after the session feel unsatisfied and resort to jerking off.

I’m asking this because i know a lot of people mention there is not edge per say to go over, but then how to do I step into a zone where i feel a release of some sort.

I do my absolute best to tell my self to relax and just let the feeling build, but after i start shaking i almost get ‘’stuck’’ at that point.

I suppose my question is this the end or is there more pleasure I’m missing i.e. will it get better……. and how do i get there.

Pleasurable involuntary shaking, but no orgasm.

Just got over a huge hill tonight and can induce involuntary body shaking. I have never derived much pleasure from prostate play, but once I relaxed completely and learned how to use my muscles correctly, it allowed me get further. The involuntary shakes happen in roughly 5 seconds bursts, then simmer down. I rode the sensations for a good 20 minutes before they slow down, but then they come back stronger each time. My body still shakes for a few minutes after removing the toy. Gives you that nice warm , post massage feeling in your pelvis area. It also felt just as horny as when I started. Eventually as it builds, I go from flaccid to semi erect.

All this being said, I have yet to have the grunting, shuddering super o that everyone talks about. It is definitely enjoyable but its a different sensation then penile orgasms for sure. It kinds of meditative and watching your body shake around is pretty amazing. Only problem is the time investment, planning and clean up. Personally , I dont really like things up my ass. Some people love the psychological side of it, but I just enjoy the sensations.

What do you once you can trigger involuntary shaking? Do you just ride out the sensations? Do you kegel?

Do nothing or do light contractions?

Been using the helix syn a few times now with little progress, and it seems the more I ask the more confused I get. People have told me to do light contractions about halfway and hold, though I will do that for 20 minutes and barely feel anything. Others tell me to simply do nothing and let the aneros work its magic, though I’m not sure if that can happen if I do nothing right from the start, and as far as I know the only involuntary contractions I have had only lasted for a few seconds when I started to feel a sort of tingling feeling coming from my prostate (whatever you want to call that). It then subsides and nothing happens. I also noticed if I push the aneros closer towards my stomach when I breath in I get a sort of warm fulling feeling in my stomach, but it’s only very minor and brief because I have to hold my breath and concentrate hard for that to happen. I think I might try the do nothing approach from the start, I just need some relaxing audio or something perhaps. Can anyone give me some tips for someone who is confused as to what I should be doing to make progress?