Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, so I made some real progress for the first time last night. I managed to get the involuntary spasms going, although that’s all that it was. My entire body was shaking but there was no real pleasure. This shaking went on for 20-30 minutes before I called it quits as nothing else was happening. Don’t get me wrong the spasms felt alright but nothing life changing like so many other people write about. There was also no ejaculation or erection, though I know a lot of people don’t get those. Did I do something wrong or do I just need to progress further than where I was and stick it out longer. Or did I actually have a Super-O and it just isn’t as good as other people claim?

Second Session Advice

So, I had my second session today and I wanted some help determining if what I felt really was involuntary contractions. About an hour in, I found someone else’s post here talking about how the second video on []( helped a lot with having their first involuntary contractions. I decided I’d try it too, but I didn’t get anything until the very last set of contractions on the video. All of a sudden the weak pulsing in my muscles got really warm and pleasurable, almost overwhelming, but it only seemed to last a few seconds before I lost control of it. For those of you who have had involuntaries, does that sound like what happened to you?

Is breathing key to reaching the super o?

Today I had about a 90 minute session. The first 70 minutes did feel good, but I didn’t get any involuntarily and I got really close to a HFWO (not my goal). I didn’t really do anything but just laid there and relaxed. The last 5-10 minutes, I decided to try deep valley breathing. I started getting involuntaries, my body started shaking a bit and a warm buzz started to spread over my entire body. Unfortunately, I had to stop shortly, so I didn’t get to explore more.

In the 5+ years I’ve been using the Aneros, I’ve never tried the deep breathing during…have I been basically shooting myself in the foot?

Unable to have involuntaries

Hey so I got my aneros a month ago, and I’m at somethibg like 6-7 sessions in.
I tried sessions with weed, and with erotic hypno (kinkyshibby). My sessions usually last 1h30 and yesterday almost 2 hours. When I contract I have the aneros moving and I get really good sensations (I’ve tried big and small contractions) but I don’t think I have had involuntary contraction at this point so I can’t really get to orgasm. And I think that’s what’s missing.
I’d like to know how should it feel ? How to recognize it ? And how to make it happen ? If you have any advice I would apraciate it greatly !

Nothing really happening when legs are shaking?

So I believe I made some good progress today, though I’m not sure if I really did or not. I think I finally got to the point where your legs begin to shake, and was like that for maybe more than half an hour with not much really happening. I changed positions a few times while my legs were shaking, and noticed that it only happens when I’m laying on my back, feet flat on the bed and knees in the air. You think this is normal to happen? This also has me kind of second guessing if it really was caused by the aneros and wasn’t my legs just getting tired or something.

Aside from that I didn’t really notice anything major in terms of difference in pleasurable feelings anywhere. I was having involuntaries for a while and eventually stopped even feeling that they were happening, almost like my butt was numb. In the end I started getting some hard contractions and it seemed the shaking was very very slowly getting more drastic, but this unfortunately caused me discomfort as my bladder was full,I then ended the session there.

I’m a bit disappointed the shaking didn’t continue when I changed things up a little bit, like having my legs just flat on the bed, and it has me guessing if I maybe did something wrong or should have done something else. What are your guys thoughts on all this?

Chastity works wonders

I’m on day two of my first real chastity lockup with my wife. We’re going seven days and then deciding if we will add another week on at end if we’re both enjoying it. I knew I would enjoy it, but her less so—she’s not naturally dominant.

Anyway, last night I spent an hour or two with my trident Maximus in and I’ve never experienced such incredible pleasure. I was so close. And now, all today, my prostate has been throbbing and involuntary contractions have been happening a lot.

Tomorrow my wife said she would be tying me up, blind folding me, with headphones in so I can’t hear anything, with my Aneros in. I also ordered a thigh strap that supports your legs so you can keep them up and spread, which has been an amazing position the last few times, where it’s like the device is just pounding me itself without me doing anything.

Hoping I’m about to reach the super O, especially now that I’m locked up and won’t be ejaculating otherwise very often 😂

A-Less Orgasm!

So I have used my Aneros Helix Syn Trident about 5 times now over about 2 months, haven’t really got further than involuntaries with it. But….I JUST HAD MY FIRST A-LESS ORGASM.

Was literally just lying on my back, clothed, on my sofa and started clenching my ass and pc together, holding, then releasing PC first very slowly after about 15 seconds and then riding out the quivers and involuntaries that started…then they just kept going….and going…until a very gentle warm orgasm like feeling took over me, my dick got hard and just kept throbbing as if I was cumming but no cum came out. It was definitely an orgasm, it definitely felt great but everyone on here is right…it wasn’t a huge release, it was just an amazing warm ride that I feel like I could have kept going forever but I forced it to stop just because I am literally lying in my living room with my wife…

So fucking happy…I’m off to try for another 👍

First ever set of super o’s (or maybe just p orgasms)

So I’m about 6 months into my journey and I was having an issue with control but tonight I finally was able to allow the involuntaries to take over while I held my pc muscles in place. WOW. It honestly was so intense it was hard to enjoy for parts of it. It sort of felt like when you’re jerking off and use your palm on the very tip of your head, except all throughout the inside and the outside of your lower body. My feet and legs are still tingling from it.

My question is will these prostate/super o’s be something that will start to feel more enjoyable and less sensory overload as I get used to the sensations or is it always so intense to the point of discomfort.