Progression? Just wanted to get some input from more experienced folk.

Hey there,

I had a really interesting session with my Aneros toy on Sunday and I wanted to post about it and see how it compares with others.

**Bit of background** I’ve been interested in this kind of prostate play for a good decade now, though it was only a couple years back that I bought an actual Aneros Helix Syn (rather than a cheaper alternative)—though I’ve been bad previously at keeping up use over time. I’ve been using it more recently having come off of antidepressants and found I can be horny again! I’ve used my toy 3 times over the past week.

**So on Sunday** I had quite a long session admitedly because I hadn’t… umm… *prepared properly*. So I had to take a break after an hour to clean properly after which I went another hour and a half. It was a pleasant, though not necessarily intense, session. I usually lay on my side but I’ve been trying to lay on my back recently (I’ve heard it makes life easier.

In general, by *doing nothing* I find it’s very pleasurable at first but it fades away within 20 minutes. I think because I’m excited when the toy goes in, and I feel my heart beat very strongly and it almost as though I feel my pulse with the toy but that excitement fades. So what I do after is use my rectal and PC muscles to nudge the toy gently. I actually worry I might be being *too* gentle with it, I can imagine a slight circular motion with the toy but the feeling is *very* slight.

Super O with Progasm

This was only my second Super O after 4 months since the first one. Took me about 45 minutes. I usually get a lot of involuntaries that turn into mini O’s. This time I was concentrating on not giving in to the involuntaries so that the pleasure would build up and turn into a Super O. Well it worked and at least 3 times with a short resting period in between. I was shaking like a leaf after the third one.

I was moving the toy with my pc muscles and the Progasm was hitting on exactly the right spot until I reached orgasm. I got rock hard each time which I don’t usually get from p play and they were all dry.

I’ve been having more sessions than usual this week, maybe this has something to do with it.

Although I was having sort of a dry spell the last four months I never felt frustrated and just enjoyed the mini O’s I was getting and it was well worth the wait. I think that there’s no guarantee of reaching a Super O every session and that it’s important to enjoy whatever you get in a given session.

What to do if you’re stuck ahead of involuntary contractions?

I’m a long time MGX owner, using it off and on for years without much success. And before you say anything, my expectations couldn’t be lower right now. Anyways, according to what I’ve been reading, I think I’ve gotten to the point of expecting to experience involuntary contractions any time soon, but actually can’t. I usually do-nothing as I can easily get too carried away otherwise, but holding light, rhythmic, voluntary contractions as some suggest doesn’t seem to help, either.

This question is mainly addressed to those of you who were stuck in my same situation but managed to overcome it and finally make progress. Basically, I’m kindly asking how you made it, assuming it doesn’t have to do with drugs and stuff.

Riding P-wave for first time [M31]

Today I think I have been able to ride a p-wave for the first time during a couple of minutes and it hasn’t been amazing.

I had been masturbating for some minutes around reddit when I felt the urge to go and get my aneros helix syn.

As for lube I use the tenga hole real lotion, it is my favourite. Today I had raised one leg, placing the feet on top of the toilet when I inserted the aneros, and thanks to the position it hit the spot quickly and I started having some involuntary contractions which I was helping a bit with some light clenching. Then I started feeling a p-wave coming and I tried to focus on the feelings.

Normally I enjoy nipple massaging, I managed to rewire for that many years ago, and I tried it, but I found it was making me loose focus on the wave. I have been like this for a couple of minutes and finished with a whole body shiver.

It felt great, and it’s become a milestone on my rewiring process. For the reference I got my aneros in 2020.

Frustrated – tell me I just need to be patient

Hey, all!

I’ve been experimenting on and off with Aneros for a number of years, but have really been trying to consistently practice a couple of times per week for the past several months. I’m trying to assimilate everything that I read here and on the prostate play sub. I have an MGX classic, a Progasm Ice and recently got an NJoy wand which I was hoping was going to be a game-changer, but not so much. I use coconut oil as lube, and try to set aside 1-2 hours for sessions. After inserting, sometimes I will scroll through Reddit (often this sub), look at porn (less often past few months), listen to some binaural beats or just relax.

I try to start out with the do-nothing method, but after 30-60 minutes will start with some contractions, usually light, alternating PC with sphincter. I’ve done the free Mindgasm lessons, but don’t find them to be particularly enlightening.

I’m pretty sure that I get involuntaries, but most often occur Aless, in the shower and while driving – they feel like kind of a squirmy sensation just past the inner sphincter? They’re interesting, but not necessarily pleasurable. They feel kind of slow and rhythmic – maybe intervals of 15-20 seconds- nothing that would seem to stroke very quickly. Maybe I will occasionally get what I think is a subtle P-wave, particularly with a device inserted, but not often associated with an involuntary. More like, did I imagine myself into feeling that? In general, I seem to have a hard time getting involuntaries – if that’s what those squirmy things are – with a device inserted.

Near Continuous ALess Pleasure

I’ve been working on my re-wiring (and enjoying every step of the process) by repeating a simple meditation 5 or 10 times a day. I draw attention to each segment of the male pleasure canal that runs from the rosebud to the cockhead. I pause and focus on the rosebud, inner sphincter, chute (rectum), PC muscle, inner jockstrap (the “top” pelvic floor muscle in MindGasm-speak), the prostate, penis bulb (root, deep in the groin) and cockhead. Each pause sets up tingling and tickling sensations. Involuntaries often spin up spontaneously, and if so I sometimes give them a boost with a manual contraction. If convenient, I press a finger on the rosebud and cradle the perineum in my palm – that always gets involuntaries going strongly. Then I just ’em do their thing and go about my other activities.

I’m finding this routine produces subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) residual sensations of pleasure up and down the canal. At things point, I’m feeling some degree of pleasure during most of my waking hours. Sometimes I wake up with involuntaries going in synch with PC contractions linked to morning wood. Sometimes I wake with zero sensation in the anal region, but bringing attention to it activates the pleasure circuits.

Super-O and the aftermath

So last night I had my first true Super-O. And it was amazing.
It really is as intense as people have always made it out to be. I thought that I’d had them before, but man I was wrong.

Now all day I’ve been reminiscing over that experience. My body has had involuntary times when my prostate starts to tingle and my muscles start to convulse. It literally happened in a meeting, and if it wasn’t for my face mask hiding my pleasure, idk what I would’ve done.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how often should I expect these random times when my body starts to pleasure itself?

Great session – slowly getting there..

Yesterday, I was feeling in the mood, installed the Aneros Helix Trident and put on some binaural beats.

I relaxed, did some nipple play, and within a few minutes, I started feeling tingles and muscle shaking.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I was a shivering mess. Not orgasming, exactly, but involuntary shaking all over, and the Aneros was – for lack of a better word – going on almost full auto mode. It felt amazing. Not Super-O, I am quite sure (not that I’ve had any yet), and not fully up to speed with a penile orgasm either. But the prostate was pulsing a bit and I definitely did not want it to stop. Pleasurable and intense.

Tried to relax into the feelings, and every time they subsided, it was possible to restart a new “cycle” after a few minutes of deep breathing, light contractions and a bit of nipple play. Kept going for far too long and I feel quite tired today.

Anyway: No drugs/weed/poppers, and the beats was from YouTube, creator is called SSEM Binaural-sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation (look it up). Lots of playlists, and it really worked (for me at least). Kept my hands off the hardware at all times – and did not finish, either.

I feel that I am finally moving in the right direction.

Thanks for all the tips in this forum, BTW 👍🏻

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Why am i experiencing this A-less, anyone have similar experiences?

I’m a new user, i’d played around a bit down there, decided i was curious enough and ordered a helix trident which i’ve had for 4 days/3 session. I did some reading, and tried to follow most instructions, Things were generally pleasurable during but did not result in anything mind blowing which was fine. Today was an off day from an aneros session, however when i was in the bath, i had this weird sensation when i flexed sphincter (as if i had the aneros in), so i kept doing it and it started to feel really good. I started to get hard, and get involuntary spasms pulsating from my prostate all the out to my full crotch, heart rate went up, minor convulsions through the body (mainly abs). This was pretty much how it felt during the aneros sessions, except maybe a little less intense this time. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? I imagine i simply was able to stimulate prostate without the aneros, does this mean i should change anything with my sessions/toy?

Lots of newbies here, I love it! Read this:

Love seeing so many of you exploring the magical prostate side. Hope my experience can help some of you to achieve the famous super Os:

It took me about 1 full year to achieve it, but one thing you guys need to keep in mind is that super Os are part of a process. Call it rewiring if you want, I just don’t stick to the labels. You guys definitely need to pay attention to how your body responds to it. The phases, such as shaken legs, tense pelvic area, deep involuntary breathing are all paths to the super O. I see a lot of you saying here: “oh, I think I’ve gotten there!” There’s no “I think”. When you get to get a super O, trust me, you and your whole body will know.

My recommendation is: RELAX! insert the Aneros on you and clear your expectations. Clear your mind! Explore (gently) your nipples, forget about porn (it’s often a distraction).

Concentrate on your body and have fun! It may be a long journey but I guarantee, it’s 10000 worth the wait.
Soon your legs will be up, your body will be shaking involuntary and the Aneros will be throwing you around just like there’s a magical energy inside of you ready to burst out.

Enjoy the ride!