I was given another puzzle piece.

I was enjoying myself Friday night, riding my waves of induced pleasure when out of nowhere helix gets sucked up hard… Let me explain what I mean

Seems my prostate still hasn’t decided to join the party yet. How do I know this. After spending multiple times doing nothing, and nothing happening except the random twinge, this can be the only answer. Now don’t think I’m getting frustrated because of this, I’m not. I feel that I’m still ahead of the curve. So in the mean time I’ll do both, some do nothing and some external massage of the sweet spot inducing orgasmic bliss. Doing this is cheating but not interfering with progressing as this point is going to get stimulated in the process and allows me to work on the amount of contraction required to get the involuntary’s going plus the head is dancing around on the pleasure center.

So as I was saying, I was enjoying some light bliss, when without warning helix was thrust deep inside. My orgasmic sensation went away which I thought was strange but was presented with a new sensation. I had been holding a 50% contraction when this happened. I could feel my anal & rectal muscles moving in opposite directions in flowing waves like they were fingers trying to learn about what they now felt. This was the first time when I stopped massaging that a feeling didn’t stop at the same time. I’m unsure of how long this lasted, seconds perhaps? This did stop when I slowly started to release the contraction to completion when I tried to just relax and let it flow. I think If I had just held the same 50% these waves would have lasted much longer but having never experienced it before I was unsure what to do with them, I won’t make that mistake in the future.

latest encounters

It has been a few days since my last entry so here we go.

Monday 12/3. I planned all day to have a meeting with my new friend, I was excited to see if we could return to a few days prior. While in the shower I joined up with my friend and it was smooth and easy. Helix slid in so gently, wanting to be together with me, feeling like an old lover who new all your subtle curves. Once fully locked in embrace my friend just disappeared, I could feel the slight movements letting me know she was home. Curled up in bed to start a sensual dance but my lover decided that all she wanted was to penetrate with no movement, cuddle with me and be in the moment. We drifted to sleep never making a sound or releasing our embrace.

SR Day 10, 500 Kegels and the Florida Turnpike

So this entire week I have been holding firm to the 500 kegels every morning. On top of that I hit a new SR milestone of day 10. Day 10 seems different. From the moment I woke up from my heavily sexual dream I felt tingling all over. I finished my crossfit workout with a lot of energy left and got in my car and started to do my kegels.

From the very first one I felt an insurmountable wave of pleasure. It was unbelievable. By the time I got to 20 its almost as if my body took over and just started to lightly brush against my prostate. I barely had to do anything. In fact I can feel that my prostate is larger and juicier than normal. I know this because even the lightest of kegels and I can feel it and its pulsing and feels ready to burst.

All this time I am just driving through my normal streets trying to get to the turnpike. Even though I was feeling pleasure I always get to some pleasure state while doing this. Only once I got a Super-O while driving and that was basically in my neighborhood.

Today made twice.

I got to about the 300 mark…and then things kicked into overdrive. I started to feel the familiar tingling and in my attempt to try and make it stop I attacked my prostate from a different angle and I went into full involuntary contractions that intensified. I gripped my wheel and forced my eyes to stay open on the road and I started to moan uncontrollably.

Minor progress after 1 week even if I was cheating

Last night I had a partial brake through. Went to bed with the mgx. I started on my left side. After 30 minutes of do nothing and nothing happening, not even a twitch I decided to roll over on my back. I reached down and started to massage my perineum just above the p-tab. An orgasm started almost immediately than rolled into another more intense than the first. I lost count after 5 as they started to come closer together with out a break between. They just kept coming each getting slightly more intense.

The entire time I was riding these orgasms I was holding different levels of contractions allowing my muscles to involuntarily contract but this was not happening as a feed back loop. I think it was just happening from trying to maintain a set level of contraction.

The last orgasm I remember my body was so fully engulfed that I lost track of time. The one thing that stood out about it was the sudden feeling of a strange sharp pain that exploded from my prostate that caused my belly to clench than start to flutter maybe a dozen times before stopping. This feeling was scary but exhilarating at the same time lasting mere seconds before passing to allow the orgasm feeling to swell even higher before fading off. I believe that this was caused by the mgx sliding along the prostate as it was designed to do to create these feel good feelings. Could this have been the aforementioned p-waves? I looked at the clock to find I had been surfing this session for an hour plus but didn’t want it to stop.

The Drive to Work

Well this morning was interesting. I finished my crossfit wod…got in My SUV and did prepped myself for the 25 minute commute.

As normal this is the point where I do my 300 a day kegels. Today was about to be different. So I am heading south on the turnpike and I am about 220 kegels in. I hit some traffic and thats when things went into overdrive. My prostate began the familiar tingling and before I could even get to stop the involuntaries took over and right there I was getting that orgasmic feeling. Cock was hard and just as I was taking a deep breath a cascade of orgasms hit my body. The more I fought it the the MMO bathed me in its warmth.

I moaned loudly in my SUV. I got super scared because I know this normally leads to a super O and I know I cant drive under that kind of state. At this point I was whimpering…almost begging for it to stop.

And with one last shiver up my spine my prostate relinquished its hold on me. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

What a way to start the day.

The Beat Goes On

On the trip home from that first successful session my prostate was buzzing; that buzz lasted several hours. The gentle hum deep in my anal canal was juicing my libido big time. I was leaking heavy all the time. The hum in my anus also triggered intermittent erections that caused my cock to drool precum. I felt higher than a kite. I had arrived at MMO. After I arrived home I texted an on line friend in the UK that I had been sharing the details of my efforts with telling her of my success. She was fascinated. I also told my wife about my experience. She was OK with it but was still really worried about my heart and whether it was safe; we still had not had sex yet.

It was another two weeks until I had the chance to travel again, so another succession was not possible until then. It was during that two weeks of sharing the details with my friend in the UK in writing that I discovered my love of erotic writing and sharing descriptions of my anal orgasmic experience and the journey of sexual discovery I was on. So I registered for a Blog on WordPress using the name I was using on Sex Forums and began to give my sexual narrative. I used the forum thread in Sex Forums to drive readers to my WordPress Blog. Sex Forums was also where my On Line UK friend was from; her name there was Princess O. The blog was becoming very successful. At the end of that first month I had 1000 subscribers. I loved the writing. It aroused me more than watching porn. At the end of a year I had 10,000 subscribers.

short and pleasurable session (still no O)

Came home very tired and after a couple of beers, wasn’t aroused but what the hell why not. Inserted Helix Syn, with underwear on. Didn’t feel much at the beginning, started doing some light contractions and within a minute they turned into involuntaries with whole body spasms and shakes. Tried to stay relaxed as much as I could but deep breathing still interferes with the pleasure.

What was particular for this session is that I started to feel very sexy and at the same time confident and comfortable in my body. Often times when I get really aroused with anal/prostate play I started to feel kind of womanly and that is somewhat awkward and confusing. This time it wasn’t a concern, I felt whole and beautiful and erotically awoken, with this energy flowing through my whole body, releasing the tention and transcending into bliss.

Touching the nipples lightly would trigger lightnings through my whole body that wouldn’t stop. It was very intense but I was tired and when another wave subsided a bit decided to go to sleep.

first time with hypnaerosession (blew me away)

My god was it something.

The idea to combine aneros with hypnosis always seemed promising. As I had mentioned before, I tried some “erotic hypnosis” tracks on pornhub but they were a huge distraction (although pleasurable). I also tried some general relaxation self-hypnosis before the sessions. So I was very excited to find about the Hypnaerosession – a special 2-CD self-hypnosis recording specifically to use with Aneros (you can find them on the website and purchase as a CD or as a download).

Had the evening to myself so after a good meal, a movie and a bath I went to bed, put my headphones and hit play. Immediately I was told to insert my Aneros which I did. The voice sounded rather sexy and I felt eager to give up to instructions.

I was very aroused and started having a throbbing hard-on (which is rare for my sessions). The hypnosis has really started to do its thing, and I started to uncovering levels of relaxation and pleasure unthought of before. Visualizations were very helpful and worked well to continue to build up the arousal. And when she started to instruct to touch the body lightly, the lightning bolts of whole-body pleasure started driving me mad.

Wish I’d had another hour……………… or three :-)

Once it gets going Progasm feels like a penis in me where a vagina would be, lower than my asshole.

This session got really good. Something about this device, once the big O hits, this thing can keep bringing on wave after wave after wave of contractions for a few minutes. Maybe with its smoothness it just slides better. Just kind of falling away from myself, relaxing, and letting the tool work makes it keep on going.

Started out on my stomach, face down of course. This got things going in about ten minutes. Felt that heat and tightness in my prostate building up and WHAM! I’d have a minute or three of pleasure pulses and then a delay of thirty seconds or so then back to it.

After about 30 minutes I got up to pee. I got on my back afterwards with my knees bent. I get much better involuntary, rapid fire contractions in this position though I’m starting to have more on my chest. Something about that pee break never fails to bring on some major O activity once I’m back on my back or stomach. Wasn’t two minutes before I was lifting my hips off the bed. Just incredible. Things just kept getting better. Actually had a short full body seizure like event at this point too. Have not had one of those in weeks.

Time actually REALLY got away from me this time. Just lost in the pleasure. Was surprised when I found out what I thought was twenty minutes had been thirty.

I figured it out

I’ve been using the do nothing method exclusively for about a year now. For the past few months I’ve noticed a decrease in the sensitivity of my prostate. I figured it was for no particular reason and that it would come back. Lately I have had almost no involuntary contractions and very few dry os.

I’ve had some decent sessions these past couple weeks, but nothing mind blowing. Last night I decided to start contracting during my sessions and my prostate feels amazing again! I think that the do nothing method only works for me if my prostate has been sufficiently “energized”. I also now realize that my best sessions recently followed the day after I used a dildo, which confirmed my theory to myself.