First dry orgasm

So I had just finished off a uni assignment when I decided to pick up my helix syn again as a reward. I’d been on a 4 week break so I wasn’t expecting much out of the session, I put on some porn while a-less and then kept searching for pleasure in my prostate, eventually the involuntaries got pretty frequent so I decided to put the porn away and focus on my body for a bit, I was just enjoying this part of my session as normally it takes a lot longer to get in the mood.

After a bit, I put my aneros in and relaxed whilst contracting my pc muscles every now and then. I put on some porn and continued with what I was doing, suddenly this heat and pressure started to build in my prostate and slowly spread until it hit my head like a ton of bricks, I could feel myself getting to the finish line and it was at this point I put the porn away and started to play with my nipples to get myself over the line. This is what I predicted and it worked! I had a dry orgasm that lasted about 8-10 mins, I just lay there completely in shock by how much pleasure I was feeling.

To anyone who thinks frequency is key, I’d say in my case it wasn’t. To me it was 100% about knowing what your body likes and being in the mood. Once you know how to look for pleasure in your prostate, you’re set. It could be months before you have another session and you never know, it could be your best.

Am I orgasming?

Just starting out with my progasm jnr and getting some good feelings. Certainly spasms that if I was ejaculating I would say were orgasms but as such not that intense.

Are these the start of prostate orgasms that will build in intensity with practise or just early involuntary contractions that feel good?

5+ HFDO in ~30min

Ok let me preface this by saying yes, everyone is different, but a lot of the stuff I read on here just seems like over the top bs.

I’m a straight (bi? Who knows.) guy in his 20s. Don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke weed. I’ve been on and off using the Aneros for about a year or two (live at school) and have more recently been getting amazing results. Started off with the Syn trident before getting the Progasm (which I used in this session) and love both.

In this particular session, I got ready and looked at some porn/fantasized to get me turned on more. Usually I’m already good to go when I tell myself “I’m gonna have a session” because who tf doesn’t get turned on by the idea of being able to cum multiple times in a row w/o actually having to cum? but it helps start the involuntaries before the toy of choice for the night is in. I started off laying on my side but didn’t get far with that and semi-recently transitioned to just laying flat on my back with my legs spread a bit. No “feet flat on the bed” stuff I can’t stand that position. Now normally I just lay there and just clear my mind and enjoy/think about the sensations I’m feeling in my body w/o intentionally doing contractions and I get some nice results. But this time, I decided to try some and ended up having my best session. I contracted and held my pelvic floor muscles (like I’m holding in peeing) just to the point I started to feel really good and did my best to stay in that area. No “I contracted x muscle while holding y muscle in place to get z effect”. This lead to an increase in sensation and I eventually had a HFDO and kept doing this which lead to more and more. No nipple play or anything, just enjoying the moment. After this was all said and done, I masturbated with the toy in and had another great (albeit this time actually cumming) orgasm.

No involuntary contractions but still feel pleasure?

Hey, been using my aneros for around a year. No orgasm yet but it’s starting to feel pretty good. I feel pleasure but i don’t think i ever get involuntary contractions? i would love to experience the whole “auto-fuck” of the aneros but i just can’t seem to get them to start. Is there any tips for getting them going?


okokok so 18 yo male been experimenting with my aneros for about three months with little results other than involuntaries (with minimal pleasure). tonight i had just finished working out and was lying on the couch and felt that “whisper” i keep seeing brought up (horniness from my prostate). i tried flexing both muscle sets than tried to release my base muscle and continue holding my pc muscle and the involuntaries started quicker than i have ever experienced. i quickly walked to my room, grabbed the toy and lubed it up. before insertion i did a few more flexing exercises, and the involuntaries started up again. after a minute or two of this, my ass was the twitching and begginggggggg for me to put it in. i inserted it about half way, then my ass sucked it in and it hit the spot so hard i saw stars. i spent the next thirty minutes building the imbalance with little results other than an almost burning level of horniness growing – then decided to try something new. I simply focused on that horniness and let it build up while holding a light contraction in my PC muscle and trying to almosttttt let go of my base muscle. I was so insanely horny – hornier than I’ve ever been in my life. I don’t know when but at some point that horniness just spread over my whole body and turned into an orgasm. my prostate was pulsing and clamping down on the aneros FUCK i was in heaven. at some point after about 40 seconds it started to dissipate,
and try as i might I was not able to have another one. does anyone have any tips on how to keep the session going? am is supposed to just completely relax or keep holding the imbalance? i cant believe it finally happened buttt i’m going to bed still extremely horny and almost unfulfilled LOL?

Feeling Frustrated

So tonight was my fourth session with my aneros. So far I really haven’t felt all that much. At times I can feel my pulse, I even get a few involuntary contractions. Though nothing really pleasurable.

I know that I can’t just expect good times right out the gate, but it is hard to dedicate to rewiring when the reward is so elusive.

I’m mainly whining, and I know I need to learn to relax and just go with it. Any advice on how to get into the mental space needed?

Had some progress and need advice

I got the Aneros Helix Syn V a couple of months ago and have been occasionally playing around with it working towards a prostate orgasm. I’ve had mild success before; a little bit of shaking during long sessions, but nothing to crazy and definitely no hands free o / super o.

I saw a post here saying that before your session it helps to edge for a little bit so I did just that. I jerked off for maybe 30 min and brought myself close 10 or so times.

I did this late at night and was in a very relaxed state, which probably helped a lot. After a bit of fun (no cumming, though) I decided it was time to start with playing with the toy. I took 10 or so min before starting to hit my weed pen and to make sure it had been a bit since I touched my cock.

Laying down on my bed, I lubed up the toy and after rubbing it against my hole for a bit I gently pushed it in. I started the session with the vibration off and just trie to focus on contracting. I also made sure that I tried different types of contractions; I saw a post saying that they didn’t have to be big ones and found that I had the best results with little contractions.

Fingering during session?

Anybody else run their fingers around the aneros in mid session? It’s almost like being rimmed, it made for a unique feeling but not sure if it distracts from letting the helix do it’s thing.

I’ve had some pretty intense sessions, lots of involuntary shaking and head to toe buzzing, feels like it builds until I hit a ceiling but I have trouble finding time to go much beyond 90 minutes for a session.

Mega-PainGasm into Super-O? what the actual fuck… interesting session

Something wierd happened to me during my latest session. I am fairly new to aneros but not to prostate play. My favorite toy is currently the wevibe vector, but my new helix syn v is quickly starting to replace it.
The Aneros has taught me that little to no vibration can be way more relaxing and eventually full body pleasure.

So tonight I had the helix in for a while just enjoying it for an hour or so, working up to more. Was feeling amazing but nowhere close to orgasm. Full body waves and involuntary shudders tho:) I took a break of a few hours, and had a small plug in, so at this point my prostate has been activated and going crazy for half the day.

I decided to pull out the vector, and turned it on to the lowest possible setting of pulsing. I was sitting at my computer and my legs and whole body was having semi voluntary twitches and movements, and I began to almost grind my toy on the chair. Combined with the low frequency thud pattern coming from the vibe, it was a huge amount of stimulation.

I started noticing that I was holding my breath for extended periods on accident, and during one of these breaths, I had what felt like a whole body cramp mixed with a migraine throb(less intense but only way to describe) and I stopped moving, took a drink and started massaging my body to try to release the tension. It was very very wierd, but I was still feeling great so I continued… It happened again in a similar way but I stopped before it went too far and avoided most of the cramping.

Stuck at involuntary contractions, not progressing further.

New to prostate play and mindgasm. I started off with lesson 1 – involuntaries were actually difficult. Then after a break, I inserted a Leluv Nero knockoff toy and tried again. This time, the toy helped to physically differentiate the feelings of flexing base and centre though there wasn’t as much of prostate stimulation from the toy as I had hoped.

Lesson 2 was much better and I could immediately feel the involuntary contractions hit my penis and sphincter and the pelvic areas.. it was a pleasure to see my penis throbbing and jerking around (though mildly) on its own. Moaning to the contractions and actually wanting the contractions helped to increase the intensity. There was some minor trembling of the thigh and hands also.

I can’t say that the contractions were orgasmic – they were a great sensation but it did not result in any orgasm kind of feeling. I don’t think these were p-waves either.

As the stronger involuntaries were building up, my penis would become really erect, but then it would return to flacid (infact almost completely withdraw) a minute later. There was very little precum leaking and almost no semen.

Lesson three did nothing for me. During the wave, i found it difficult to relax the base first and then the centre – i could do the other way round more easily. Also when we moved faster during the pulse, this didn’t matter. While i could definitely keep up to the pace and flex and relax, there was no pleasure sensations or even involuntaries.