Tipping over the edge

So after an hour or so I can get the involuntaries going – and I think I can feel the quivers around my that I know if I can just let them take over me, they will lead to something – be it a P-gasm or super o, I don’t know.

Trouble is, as soon as I start to feel those, I lose focus and they’re gone. So HOW do I keep focus, relax and let those involuntaries take over to the point that I go over the edge?

Not getting results, please read, need some help

Pretty much every post here is positive, or is just series of instructions that wont work for everyone. All the “craziest orgasm of my life” posts seem to have some element of luck, and more often have had some form of anal play. These people usually achieve the super o in a very short period of time and they really dont say anything specific that has helped me. I have read countless articles here and on the forum and it seems like there is no silver bullet. I get strong involuntaries that can feel nice but its rare to feel any sort of pleasure for more then a second.

All this talk about letting go of expectations was helpful and I have made headway, but after a certain point you gotta ask yourself, is this actually getting better or are am I just telling myself it is? There is definitely some kind rewiring definitely going on, and I see some kind of potential, but standard penile pleasure is still better by far.

I have tried abstaining from the aneros which has helped before, but I just had almost a week off and had a dull session. I have tried not masturbating for extended periods and honestly it doesnt help, I think I get closer when I have been mastubating more often to be honest because of a higher baseline libido. When I go without ejaculatory orgasms my libido drops noticeably.

Random involuntaries all day long and near aless orgasms

Lately after my sessions, I will get involuntaries, twitches, and quivers at random. If I am sitting down, all I have to do is slowly rock my legs side to side and barely contract my pc and the involuntaries will start.

They are very pleasurable and feel similar to that warm and tingly feeling that you get in your taint when having sex. I almost instantly get an erection and its fucking awesome.

I have yet to have a super o yet, but I already feel an across the board increase in my sexual satisfaction. Stronger libido, stronger erections, stronger orgasms and I am more in tune with my body. I have never been more sexually satisfied in my life.

Early this morning, I had a 40 minute session and even though I didnt orgasm, I find myself very clear and zen after my sessions. Even If I never have the super o, its been a clear positive to my sexual satisfaction.

Not to tute our own horns, but there are very few people on the planet that understand this and their bodies at the level we do. Shit, even the scientific community doesnt even understand it. I know prostate play has been around for a long time, but it feels cool to be on the cutting edge of something that people are apprehensive to. Its like being the first wave of people who got blowjobs in history before it became a standard sexual act.

Is the Eupho an upgrade from the Helix?

Based on what I have read, the helix is usually the most recommended for beginners to learn. I have had mine for 2 months and have used it maybe 20 times. The first week I got it I used it every day, but didnt get anything out of it, but after that I was able to get random short lived involuntaries on occasion, and now I have strong long lasting involuntaries that feel *nice* but are not orgasms. I tend to feel my best sensations when the device is moving. The doesnt hurt when its in, but putting it in and taking it out doesnt feel great.

Im thinking the eupho will glide better because its thinner. I hear many people say the Eupho gives the best orgasms.

I also tend to know whether a session will be a dud or not within a few minutes. My best session was after a week of no aneros. Seems for me that its not as intense with daily use.

2nd Helix Trident Session – close!

So I had my second session earlier and it lasted about 3 hours…

Pretty sure I’ve got the involuntaries nailed (ie – I can reliably get them started), but I just need to try and relax into them more as I know I get excited when I feel them start.

However, I did get close to SOMETHING happening…I started stroking my nipples and when I got more aroused I could keep the involuntaries going…I then started to feel a build up to what felt like it would be an orgasm but, again, I think I got too excited by it and lost it before it tipped me over…my legs then started shaking and I couldn’t really get the level of focus back. What was this likely to have been? For about 30 mins of the session it really felt like something was happening, but outside of that, the involuntaries weren’t really leading to anything really pleasurable. Is this normal?

Any tips on how I can get myself to tip over into whatever was about to happen?!

Aneros Progress Notes/Tips

My first post was about how I was a lucky son of a bitch who had success with the Aneros Helix Trident on my second try and was basically on my back for like 5 hours over the course of a day.  I thought I’d give some updates on what has worked and what my process has turned into.

I could do an entire different post on my experience yesterday (another marathon of a day with sex in the middle). Woof.

Anyway, things i’ve realized that help: 

1) Give yourself enough TIME. Men (or maybe just me) are so used to “sex” and orgasms coming and going quickly, that I kept thinking I could squeeze in some Aneros sessions here and there. These have been largely dud-sessions because I’m trying for something to happen and only have an hour or so and I’m preoccupied with checking the clock that nothing happens.

I think the best is giving myself at least 2 hours when I know I can just check out and do my thing with no interuptions. Sounds like a lot, but once the session gets going, time flies. That way I’ve got enough time to prep, get comfortable, get the involuntaries going, and hang on tight for a good time, and eventually wrap it up.

2) Pre-play (foreplay with yourself?) is a must. I knew for my first time that there was a difference between sticking the Aneros in and waiting to get turned on vs. masturbating and getting hard and close to cumming and THEN putting the Aneros in. Like worlds different. Like, make or break the session different. 

Used my Helix Syn Trident for the first time tonight…

After giving myself some time to get used to the feel, I tried some anal contractions and it wasn’t long before I started getting some involuntary contractions. I found it quite hard to really focus on them though and let them build before losing them…does this come with practice?

Also, on 2 occasions when involuntaries started, I managed to keep them going for a bit and my dick got hard and I could feel what I can only describe as a warm build up…before I then over-thought it and lost it! What was this and will that get better and eventually take me somewhere?

After about 2 hours, I found it hard to get involuntaries going again so I ended the session.

How did I do for a first time? I’d love some tips/pointers if anyone has any. For reference, the 2 “hard on” feelings I got were when lying on my back…is this the best position?

Progress questions

Hello fellow explorers!

I’ve been messing aroung with my Aneros Maximus Trident for about a year now with mixed results. I think I’ve had a few P-waves in that time and I think no involuntaries, but I’m unclear on how far along I am. Definitely no super-O but I’ve felt like I was on the verge of it a few times.


My sessions are typically several hours which are usually “medium eventful” but there is lots of down time between high points. I’ve had the most success with the “do completely nothing” approach, but the success I’ve had feels more related to my heart beat brushing the device against the prostate rather than any device-related movement. In fact today I generated very similar effects (to a point) without the aneros in at all (up to step 5 below).


I’ve been using lots of coconut oil recently, but I’m not sure if this is really better or worse than the water-based lube I have tried in the past. The device seems to not move after a certain point (even after re-applying).


#### Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far:

1. Light PC muscle “hold” (30-50%) as long as possible.
* Muscles never seem to tire here or I forget about it over time.

2. Light PC muscle hold and light bear down (push out) with sphincter.
* This seems to help push the device directly onto the prostate and hold it there in some situations, but reduces movement.