I don’t know what happened…

Okay. First time poster here. (anywhere really) But I just tried by aneros for the first time since I had surgery down south of the border. I had only tried it a couple times before then, both with my wife, and couldn’t quite get comfortable with it.

4 months later, today, I get a wild hair in my derriere to give it a try by myself, sans wife, and see where things go.

Short back story: I have a bit of anxiety, obsessive compulsive features but I maintain and thrive in a successful life, generally without others knowing. A lot of this anxiety, lately, has focused around bodily sensations, heart rate, random pains, etc. I have worked hard to rid myself of those obsessions (by tackling/eliminating the compulsive side) with great success. I am also an avid meditator. Over 2000 days now. This will make sense in the story, I swear.

So. The Aneros. I do all the pre-game work getting everything at the border prepared for a full invasion, lay down, and storm the beaches…gently. The ship has docked, the torpedo has hit its target, the….okay I have the aneros in my butt right where it is supposed to be.

I throw on some great headphones, a good meditation track on repeat, and just lay on the ground with gentle little gyrations but otherwise very little to no movement. Just a bit of waiting.

20 years in the making super o

As the title says, I’ve been on this journey for close to or over 20 years now off and on with a number of different aneros models until I found my fit. I couldn’t have done this without the recent legalization of recreational weed in my state either. I got high as per usual and started feeling some nice a less waves and contractions. I inserted my progasm and it was off to the races. I’m getting turned on just writing this reminiscing about what unfolded. I got a couple of the usual p waves and involuntary contractions just laying still and doing nothing but what sent me over the edge this time was gently rocking my hips back and forth. This would put just the gentlest amount of pressure on my toy and almost nudge it closer into place. The first couple shocks of pleasure caught me by surprise and had me clenching uncontrollably to the point where I had to hold my progasm in place with my hand as it was about to pop out. I relaxed for a minute or two and then it hit me like a freight train. My muscles from my toes to my chest all seemed to clench and flex like I was having a seizure as the waves of pleasure came crashing into my prostate. I couldn’t control my hips from shaking as if they were possessed. It wasn’t the traditional sense of pleasure I’ve come to expect from penile orgasms either but something different and equally pleasurable and much more longer lasting. This was very well worth all this time and effort I’ve put in. I can’t wait to try again tonight! I’m almost 90% certain this was a super o, what do you guys think?

Any porn addicts here?

Prefacing this by saying I do not judge those who use porn in anyway. I’m a recovering porn addict of 20 years. Never got to the point where I had PIED or escalation to seriously taboo or illegal content but definite impact to my ability to become aroused outside the bedroom (i.e. by myself). I’ve been pornfree for nearly 6 months and before my last relapse in June I was porn free for 2 months. So 2022 has been a good recovery year and the one that I think will serve as the foundation for long term permanent porn abstinence.

Anyway, I’ve been using the aneros off and on for the past four years. I can count on one hand the number of times I feel like I’ve gotten even remotely close to a super on and two of those times has been in the last month. So I have a renewed interest in practicing this but obviously so many years of penile-focused ejaculatory orgasms to porn has made it very difficult to tap into innate arousal and experience a lot of success. My routine is usually to put my device in and do nothing for about 20 min other than deep breath and focus on lowering heart rate. I’ll then do some light contractions and try and differentiate between my different muscle groups. Lately I’ve been trying not to rely on any mental fantasy but it’s usually required to get me started with some involuntaries. At that point I’ll stop fantasizing and try and focus only on sensation and let my body do the rest. This is where I’ve had the most success and experience what I think are p-waves. But eventually I lose control of my breathing or try and maintain the right level of muscle contractions and lose everything. Eventually my involuntaries start to feel kind of one-dimensional I.e. I feel them only in one muscle group, usually my rectum and it will take me a awhile to get back to where I was.

Sensations are very much penile-focused

My last two sessions I’ve had great luck but I’ve felt a lot of the sensations mostly towards the head of my penis. Almost like that feeling right before you reach the point of no return in an ejaculatory orgasm. Then I’ll get voluntaries and part of me starts feeling anticipatory deep body feelings leading up to what I think would be a super o but mostly it just feels like I’m about to come as usual and I get this urge to start thrusting into dead air. The feeling will eventually turn into having to pee do I have to stop and relieve myself.

How have you all disengaged your expectations away from traditional ejaculatory orgasm? Is it just something that takes time and practice? I feel involuntaries in my penis and not so much in my rectum. I find it easier to contract my pc muscle first and then my rectum but I’ve read elsewhere it’s better to try and do that reversed. Not sure if that is part of my problem?

Nearly there – non-sexual imagery

Renewed interest in my aneros after many months of it sitting in my closet. I got close this past Monday after reading the quick and dirty method post. I tried again today and got even closer. Liberator pillow under my pelvis, legs up with feet flat on either side. Almost immediately I got involuntaries but that kinda set my expectations high and led to some frustration after I tried repeatedly to visualize something sexual to arouse me. Tried a couple different positions but then ended up back how I started, and focused on feeling rather than imagery. My pelvic area began to convulse involuntarily and then I started imagining something non-sexual: a cup overflowing, fireworks, a balloon being blown up. This seemed to enhance things and let me focus on maintaining my breathing. I then imagined something sexual and that got me closer than I’ve ever been. I could feel I was just on the verge of reaching the point of no return and moments away from full body waves. But then my fucking hip started cramping up and that kind of ruined things for me. Did some stretching then went at it again. Got to that same point but I just couldn’t control my breathing in a way that wasn’t super distracting! I feel this is my biggest hurdle next to my mental focus. It was a good session nonetheless and has encouraged me to keep at it.

Helix Trident Owners: How The Hell Do You Work This Damned Thing?!

I’ve had this toy for a few months, and if you told me to give it a performance review sans operator error, 2/5 easy. Thing would work better held between the knuckles for use as the world’s funniest push dagger, specifically for use on whatever shit-for-brains convinced me to buy it.

I can’t get the movement down consistently. I’ll often feel like I’m not sufficiently lubed due to loss of movement, “extract” the device, and find it hard to maintain a grip before even looking to re-grease. Tried switching up the type/strength/speed/combination/range/intensity/psionics of the kegels, leg and body position/posture, “doing nothing” and letting the involuntaries (if any) work it, incorporating body movement and letting the hips work it, guiding w/ fingers, switching between fingering and device (which usually sets me off, no dice), fucking inserting it “upside-down.” Just can’t nail it down. I can make a very similar “rock-and-tap” movement w/ my eupho syn trident, and that produces great results. The helix trident, thus far, has mostly produced great consternation.

Hell, even the “rock-and-tap” motion, the reason I bought it, provides inconsistent pleasure. Light-yet-firm prostate presses are a winner, and yet I’m mostly getting just p-waves from this thing’s taps. Increasing the frequency of the “tap-kegels” for more pleasure is more hindrance than help, especially when trying to relax.

Involuntaries but no pleasure

So I have been doing kegel exercises like mindgasm teaches and I can get flutters and muscles to spasm but its not pleasurable.

I have had some experiences with pleasure happen but it always comes unexpectedly. The kind of muscle spasms that happen with pleasure feel different to the ones I can create myself.

I just have a hard time feeling the pleasure, no matter what I do or dont do.

33d Total Abstinence + Eupho Syn Trident/Progasm Jr. = This Post!

No superpowers, and I’m frankly glad it’s over. I feel like there’s a level of meme mysticism built around NNN due to habitual porn-watchers suddenly stopping. At least, I feel like quitting porn early got me through. Maybe I was supposed to do something specific during the challenge besides not nut idk.

Endpoint was wednesday morning; I started the challenge early to avoid having to wait until midnight of the final day. I didn’t use any porn for these sessions. No weed either. I actually stopped consuming any weed half-way through NNN. No square-assed reason for that, just felt like stopping.

11/30: Released from the challenge, I finally allowed myself to fixate on sexual fantasies, doing kegels when they’d manifest throughout the day. No orgasms, but quite a few p-waves. Eventually got old. Once afternoon hits, I cleaned, came out w/ towels, laid one down and started fingering. First orgasm after 1mo was a light-yet-deep, very pleasant dry-o from minutes of fingering. Obviously, it’s not the “grand entrance” others would work to after a nut-ban or whatever, but that’s how I wanted to start. 3 followed, each more intense than the last. Once I had enough of that, slid the eupho in, laid down on my back and relaxed.

I did it! Holy hell, I did it…

I pulled it off this morning. A dry one and then a hands free one. Back to back. It was fucking incredible. Like, I get it now. How am I this old and just now discovering this kind of orgasm?

Not even a week ago I posted that I was worried it wouldn’t work for me and here I am, needing to recover from a freakin’ orgasm!

It’s been about an hour since I came and I’m still feeling the tremors and a tingle. I have never had an orgasm like that. Not even my first.

I was working on it for two hours on and off, different positions, trying different things, had some smaller ones, taking quick breaks, and then it hit. Just like everything I’d read about it. It just slowly took over. My whole body was trembling violently. I was on my back with knees up. Every part of me tensed up to the max, my hips raised until I was practically in a bridge, and held it and it just washed over my entire body like a slow wave. I was moaning VERY LOUDLY, like it was completely out of my control. To that kid who posted about being worried about prostate orgasms in a dorm hall, be warned my dude. Your roommate won’t be the only person you’re going to need to worry about. I’d be shocked if my neighbors *didn’t* hear me.

Second time using, I take back what I said yesterday

What follows is a long meditation and reflection on the orgasm I had this morning. It’s mostly a means for me to analyze what happened and how to steer myself closer to the intended prostate orgasms that come from proper use and habit with the Prograsm. Your feedback, of course, is welcome.

Had plenty of time to myself this morning and I took it for another spin. Relaxed, popped the Progasm in, and tried out a bunch of positions:

1. The classic laying face-down with one leg up
2. Piled some pillows up and lay over them, elevating my pelvis
3. Lay on my back, knees up

I also applied the lube differently this time. Applied to my anus with fingers, but poured a bit into my hand and then lightly cupped it around the Progasm. The result was a nice, thick coating that I’m sure was about to get squeegee’d off by my rectum but I had a thought yesterday that maybe it had a hard time moving around inside of me because it wasn’t slippery enough. I have a hard time reaching in with my fingers, if you get my drift. The dimensions of my body seem to be short arms, long torso, zero flexibility, and I can really only get my middle finger into the sphincter but not much further, hence the dependence on toys.

Position #1 produced an effect but didn’t really feel comfortable.