Clamping sensations

I’m having some pretty interesting developments after a pretty extended period of not feeling like I wanna divulge in this. And I’m just trying to make sense of it.

So basically, I’ve been hitting this point where I’m experiencing new highs like tingling in random places on my body muscles getting stiff tightness in my abdomen etc. I know those are all good! But I’ve also been having this; clamping feeling. In my best attempt to describe it: It feels like my entire pelvic floor is relaxed, as if my Aneros is sitting in a sort of “gap”. It’s like a divot of sorts, feeling like it rests between my thigh muscles, PC muscles, and sort of “hooks” into place. It still moves freely, and I know it feels deeper than usual.

When this happens I’m getting this sort of involuntary movement mixed with I guess inner contractions, everything feels great and waves begin. Everything up until this point I’ve made sense of, but then the clamping can start after a couple of these. It feels like I’m going to orgasm and it’s into the area of feeling like it would if I let it, I try my best to relax, but eventually things do start to tense up. So I’m curious if anybody relates to this pattern, and if letting it just happen will result in a HFWO or more of a it’s just dry orgasms and I’m not used to the feeling. I feel like figuring this out might be my key to the metaphorical peak of my journey.

Just a tip? Maybe?

The nicest feeling in the world is when your body starts fucking itself with the aneros involuntarily…
I guess my biggest tip.. (at least for me) is to contract the aneros inside until your body starts making you do the “reverse kegel” thing. Then… try and hold the reverse kegel… your body will involuntarily suck it back in. Those involuntary contractions back IN are what sends me to super o territory. At that point its a mind game. . I try and push it out and catch my breath.. and try NOT to orgasm.. . but my body will pull back in and hit the spot, and every time it does, it gets better.

Had a 1 hour session earlier this week. Had a hfdo.. then they started getting closer and closer… eventually overlapping and stacking.

I had to quit, so I pulled the Eupho out.. but by then my prostate had a mind of its own. My body kept contacting my prostate, and it was sensitive enough I kept riding the orgasmic waves for hours. Like super o waves. Eventually I had to catch a couple hours of sleep, so I had to JO to get things to quiet down. (I tried to just ignore it. But it just continued on and on.. even after i stood up and walked to the bathroom) .

Next opportunity will be Friday… we’ll see how this one goes…

Looking for some help

Hello all, first I would like to thank this community. There is so much support and encouragement no matter what point of the journey you are on. I feel like I’ve read every post, tip, trick, and story out there. I am jealous but hopeful that I will eventually get to the fable super O.

This whole thing has opened me up to a world of new feeling that I never thought possible. My main problem is that I get more out of an Aless session then one using a toy. I just don’t seem to feel the direct feedback from the aneros on my prostate.

Straight male but I am no stranger to butt play. and as long as I have been jerking off I have been putting things in my ass. I get excited by the thought of anal play.

2 years ago I ordered a helix trident and started out with mindgasm lessons, and that really helped me to identify and target the muscles and have a strong control over them. I have been doing kegels for many years and consider my pelvic floor to be strong.

Trouble focusing on the bliss/floating feeling

so I’ve had a few aneros models for a few years now and was able to once and a while get hfwo with involuntary contractions but no bliss feelings. Recently within the last month I can consistently get to the bliss/floating feeling and bounce back and forth between that bliss and no bliss. My issue is I’m having a really hard time getting over that hump, whenever I get to that bliss feeling my mind just keeps running and thinks about random shit and then i lose the sensation. Anybody have any tips to get over that hump and proceed to the next step because I know I’m right on the edge of a super O but fuck I just can’t get over it lol

Tingling Sensation Question

I have build the tingling sensation (also the involuntary contraction)along the way but can’t seem to get to the next level. I just don’t seem to get the pleasure feeling much. What advice should I be given?

The involuntary contractions, what muscles are they?

So I’ve been using the aneros, kinda just getting started, and also have been listening to the free mindgasm audio pieces.

I’ve definitely felt the shivering/contractions that get mentioned, but it’s always very much my buttocks that are kinda jerking on their own and contracting on their own. Is that what I should be going for, or is it more your internal muscles/PC muscles that should be contacting? Because it doesn’t feel like my buttocks muscles are going to be moving the aneros much.

If anyone could be super detailed about which muscles I would be trying to fatigue I’d really appreciate

Lost it!

I’ve been using Aneros for a few years now and absolutely love it! I first started around 2017(ish) but it was during the pandemic that I really started to invest in it properly – living alone and all that. It took me a few years to rewire but I followed all the advice, stayed patient and I gradually improved. There were a few ups and downs, a few duff sessions, but overall I could really feel my progress. Eventually, I was able to ride those p-waves, would moan the house down as I experienced intense HFDO one after another, and would eventually climax with an intense HFWO. Complete sessions could be as quick as 20 minutes if I was pressed for time, or I could ride the pleasure for over an hour. I felt like I was really beginning to master it and I loved it!

I now have a partner who lives with me and my sex life is very active, so my frequency using Aneros has decreased a lot over the past few years. However, I still use it whenever I have the house to myself and despite my decreased frequency, I’m still able to reach the same intense pleasures like when I was using it regularly. Well that was until recently…

Super-O mindset?

I’ve been doing prostate play on and off over many years, without getting to the Super-O. Except once. I had been doing a session, initially without much success. At a certain point I dozed off, and as the toy got caught up in an involuntary contraction, something special happened. My prostate was sending waves of pleasure along my spine towards my head. That lasted a few minutes. Heavenly. Not full body shaking, just these highly pleasurable waves. This was over 10 years ago, and I’ve been unable to reproduce that sensation ever since.

Generally, I’m quite impatient (waiting in line is torture) and I have a very active and analytical mind. I’ve tried to go into hypnotic trance for a long time, using different files, but without any success. Even an IRL session with a certified hypnotist (just for helping me to relax) went nowhere. It would seem that I’m just unable to “let go”. Also, it takes a long time for me to fall asleep at night (30-60 minutes on average).

Where am I going with this? I’m wondering if I’m “doing it wrong” somehow. I’m not expecting a miracle solution, but I’d be interested if there are other people like me out there, and if they were able to “get there” somehow. What did you do to relax? Did you use a specific technique?

Using an aneros for multiple wet orgasms, what did I stumble on?

I have been playing around with multiple aneros models for a couple of years now. I have enjoyable sessions and can get involuntaries but never had a hfdo or hfwo or supero. I try my best to not stimulate my penis but eventually I lose arousal if I don’t. Most of the time I end up finishing off with masturbating when it’s time to wrap things up.

Earlier this week I decided to see what would happen if I jerked off with an aneros inserted to the point of edging then letting my hands go then focusing on moving the aneros with my pelvic muscles and enjoying the sensations. I ended up squirting/leaking cum which felt like a mild traditional wet orgasm, however I quickly realized I didn’t lose arousal or sensitivity and my penis was still hard. I decided to try it again and within a minute I could do it again, then I did it a third time within another minute. Each subsequent time I leaked less but it still felt amazing. After that I decided to see what happened if I didn’t stop jerking off when I got towards the edge and had I had an explosive traditional orgasm and at that point the refactory period kicked in and I ended the session.

A new journey

Sorry if this is a long post but I wanted to share my experience and would welcome any advice…

I’ve been an Aneros user for about 10 years, and have tried the Helix, Helix Trident, MGX, Progasm, Eupho Trident and now have a Maximus.

I’d had occasional pleasant feelings but nothing close to some of the experiences described in this forum. I didn’t bother trying for several years but then read through some of the details and tips provided in this forum recently and decided to try again. Some of the key changes that I’ve tried over the last few weeks..

1. Remove any expectation of an orgasm and just enjoy any good feelings
2. Breathing deeply when you inhale and exhale and using your whole body to do it
3. Big contractions aren’t good – either do nothing or do very gentle contractions
4. Use lots of lube (I’ve been trying boy butter recently and it feels much better and I don’t dry up as quickly).
5. Doing pelvic floor exercises through the day

I’ve had a lot more pleasurable feelings since doing this but last night was quite something else – although I didn’t have what would be described as a Pgasm or Super-O.

My wife and I went to bed and I was feeling a bit horny. She fell asleep so I decided to put the Maximus in and just have a light session and see what happened.