Interesting Sensations

So I’ve been on this aneros train on and off for about 6 years now, but only really in the last year have I given proper thought and effort to exploring this. I own two aneros products — the helix syn and the progasm.

After reading through various posts, it appeared to me that doing kegels were important, but mindfulness was more so than anything else. So yesterday, I tried something slightly different — I came into my session as relaxed as possible, and adopting a “curious” mindset to anything I felt during the session rather than trying to force anything. I started off by inserting the helix and scrolling Reddit for about 10 minutes to just get used to it in me. Then, I lay down with my knees up, feet flat on the bed and listened to some calming music/binaural beats.

In past sessions, because I’ve seen videos of guys basically flopping around on the bed, I thought that I had to try and imitate that kind of movement and deliberately squeezed/moved to try and emphasise that. Well, that would give me some feelings but it would often exhaust me and feel discouraged at the end of the session. Tonight’s session on the other hand, I really just focused on relaxing as much as possible and letting my body move when it wanted to. I focused on my breathing (5 seconds in, 5 seconds out) and tried to leave my body as relaxed as possible.

Involuntaries… what now?

I can usually trigger the involuntary movements pretty easily with a few *flex and holds* however once the involuntary movements start I am not quite sure what to do next. Here’s what I have tried:
1. Maintain the flex – Requires a lot of concentration, some pleasurable sensations to start but they generally fade and I restart the process again
2. Relax the flex – Involuntaries stop and I have to flex harder again to restart
3. Flex harder – Involuntaries get stronger and it feels like the aneros is fucking me but muscles become fatigued

*Flex and hold* = contracting my PC and sphincter muscles at same time and holding the flex

Tenth session and I feel so close! Advice?

Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice to hit that next level.

I’m at the point now where I can get involuntaries of the muscles that move the toy, but they don’t dominate the session, just appear now and then. I’m also consistently getting some very nice pleasure in my session at times.

The session kind of goes like this (I’ll try to make this not sound like fap material 😆) – I watch porn with my toy in and I’ll generally contract the muscles, it’s kind of voluntary, kind of not, I just follow what my body does and sometimes that can set off the true involuntaries. The pleasure that I get kind of comes in ‘waves’, by which I mean that after the toy has stimulated my prostate sufficiently, it begins to feel very nice. Usually at this point my dick gets hard and it’s like my body is trying to cum and I’m at the edge, then it dials back. It can feel very, very nice. The pleasure subsides for a little while, then another wave will come and often it can be stronger. Are these what pleasure waves are?

The toy brushing against my prostate begins to feel amazing and as the pleasure builds and it lifts off my prostate, that’s where the respite comes to feel that wave of pleasure.


Hey guys!

So, quick recap: first PGasm about 2 weeks ago. went at it hard for several (mind-blowing) days and then lost the mojo (thanks to all of you who talked me off the ledge…LOL)

For the past several days i have been focusing on Aless sensations so that i wasn’t putting any external pressure on my prostate. The sessions were great and i was getting some awesome involuntaries, PWaves and the occasional Mini-O. Was also working on the mindset of letting go and releasing my body to whatever wanted to come.

Anywho…I was chatting with another bud from this sub last night and when i finished (with the full intention of going to sleep) i felt an involuntary flutter of the P Spot so i thought, why not. a quick session whilst i’m all dopy and half asleep. From the outset though, i was trying to keep everything in my lower body totally loose and relaxed and just focused on the tingle and let that build. Every time i noticed any slight tension i let it go and brought attention back to the tingle and nurtured that mentally.

Really soon into the session (about 20 minutes?) i felt the familiar buildup of energy as the tingle increased and got stronger. again i was gently mindful of not becoming tense in any way.

Long story short, this all built up into a full PGasm! prostate contracting, cock-bouncing, precum leaking PGasm.

After 4 long years, finally achieved prostate orgasms!

Started off some 4 years ago (with a Helix), and saw little or no progress in the first year or so after which I bought an Eupho. The Eupho helped with involuntaries a lot, after which I could at least feel pleasurable sensations during sessions, but plateaued with that fairly quickly so about a year after buying the Eupho I picked up the MGX Trident which had only just released.

With the MGX I saw pretty rapid improvement in my sessions from 2019 to now, and had some ‘almost there’ moments, and possibly some mini-o’s though I’m entirely sure but I never really felt like I could get past that invisible barrier till last week.

My first experience a month ago with edibles was not bad, but I think the high might have been a little distracting so last week I tried using the same infused coconut oil as lube and I noticed that it made my prostate quite sensitive to any involuntaries. I had however used only 1/4th of the amount I would ordinarily consume orally, so last night I decided to double it.

A mental trick?

Hey brothers!

I’ve responded and commented a couple of times to others about how the journey to prostate orgasms and discovery of prostate pleasure in general can seem difficult at the start because we, as men, are not taught about this as we grow up. In those posts i compare it to regular masturbation, an experience that we all pretty much had no problem at all figuring out.

Stick with me here…

We all know what to do with our dicks. We figured out at (most likely) an early age that it feels REALLY good when we touch, tug on, stroke and caress our dicks and when you do that enough you get to the really good bit and cum!

We do this for years and we build up our arsenal of various techniques and know what we need to do to get the job done quick or done slow. We are probably soooo familiar with this that we can mentally recall ALL of the sensations from our various techniques.

Stick with me…

With prostate play and prostate orgasms we are learning how to masturbate a totally new sex organ. For me i think i have just realized that it helps to think of the PWaves generated by kegels like you would think of stroking your dick when jacking off. This seems especially helpful at the start when things are more consciously controlled (until the involuntaries start). For the last few days i have just been working on ALess sessions to hone in on the sensations and i found that i could really amp up my arousal by really, literally, thinking of it as masturbating my prostate with my PC just as i would focus on my helmet and shaft if jacking off.

Progress, and question regarding frequency of practice and sex in general

I’ve been an Aneros user on and off for a while now. Recently got back into practicing with my helix syn. I have a Progasm ice which imo feels better but isn’t nearly as manoeuvrable.

So each day this week I’ve been slipping in the helix and relaxing for around an hour at a time (sometimes longer) to see if I can make some progress toward p waves etc. I’ve avoided masturbating all week while I do this in an effort to build up my prostate as other allude to.

I seem to get the involuntaries by flexing/contracting my PC muscles (kegels?) to around 50-70%. Any less and there’s no effect, any more and the effect subsides and it’s hard to maintain. First question is, do I basically just need to stick at it by holding that position? I sometimes feel like I get flecks of pleasure, although I often wonder whether I am convincing myself of this as some kind of placebo. What can I do to step on from this? It feels ok but after a while my kegels get tired or I lose interest. I know that ‘chasing’ things is counter intuitive!

Secondly, back to frequency of masturbation / sex etc. I have a gf, she knows I practice with the aneros, she’s very accepting of all that luckily. We normally have sex at least once sometimes twice a week on average, I’d typically masturbate another two or three times in between. Does ejaculating, or indeed penile stimulation set back progress? Does it become more difficult to acquire P waves the next day or even two days after ejaculation?


Hi all!

I just gotta share!

So, yesterday, after posting for the first time on this subreddit ([]( and spending all day thinking about the sheer awesomeness of prostate orgasms i was, needless to say, SUPER BONED UP!

Up to this point, as mentioned in my first post (kinked above), i had managed consistent PWaves and a couple of Mini-Os.

So, yesterday afternoon, when i had a sneaky couple of hours free and private, i slipped in the Progasm and went for a ride.

It was immediately different! almost immediately the Progasm took control and started doing it’s thing. It all got going REALLY fast. i was more or less instantly awash in amazing PWaves that just kept coming and coming and getting more and more intense until i could feel them building to the point that i had come to recognize meant a mini-O was on it’s way.

Sure enough, Mini-O right on queue and it was great. MORE than great.

Now, previous to this i would get way too excited by the Mini-O that it would take me out of the zone and i would lose the mojo. Y’all know what i mean. Yesterday afternoon i was soooo stoked and encouraged by the support from you guys here that when the Mini-O hit i just “knew” that i was going to be able to relax and let it continue. That all i had to do was chill and enjoy the ride.

Ready to give up on the toy – Advice needed

I bought an Aneros Helix Syn Trident about 7 months ago and I must say it is not doing it for me. I respect it and what it has taught me about my prostate but I think all the involuntary shaking is just painful and frustrating. While it has felt good, I have gotten nothing close to the pleasure that everyone talks about on here. It’s as if the strain on my body being so tense and spazzing around is significantly worse than the amount of pleasure I get from the toy. I also get weird bouts of anger while using the toy kind of like a super orgasm but of overwhelming anger, it just pisses me off for no reason lol.

Anyone else experience anything similar? Any advice? I am one more session away from throwing this thing in the trash. Also sorry to anyone who praises the toy I mean no disrespect and I do believe in the positive attributes of it but I’m starting to think that it may just not work for some people.

Side Note: I am no stranger to psychedelics/smoke weed daily and have never experienced any aggression or anger in the slightest. I barely even get angry in my daily life so I am not sure why the Aneros does this to me.

Hypothyroid/ testosterone issues and Aneros

Hi everyone, I’ve been using the helix syn for about 6-8 weeks and I freaking love it. I spent a few weeks self/ jackhammering myself with it and now I’ve been practicing mindgasm probably too regularly so I’m taking a break at the moment. My ass was telling me it’s tired I think lol. Haven’t had the famous super o yet but had plenty of involuntaries and P waves ( I think)I’ve been no nut/ no porn for a while too and only reserve cannabis use for sessions (what I really like is LSD with it) I don’t have a partner for sex atm but for some reason I’ve been very gregarious and have a couple hookups pending after a long time… like 4 years..
Here are my questions: would low testosterone/ having problems with quality of erection make a difference in your prostate health and ability to sustain massage? I have tried it with dick pills and actually it seems to be more pleasurable but also stimulating my dick from the inside and having it get super hard is mentally pleasurable as well. I’m about to get started with hormone therapy and I hope I’m in the right track here.
Also: would having a depressed thyroid function/ and neuropathy in extremities have much of an effect with results? It could be down to hashimitos , other inflammation disease or even parathyroid tumour, which I definitely have. I live in Canada so having a decent doctor actually help you and order tests and keep track of your levels is nearly impossible. They tend to wait until it’s too late. So the tests I need are coming on my own dime and 800$ later. Imagine a doctor telling you that the Lima- bean sized tumour in your neck is “probably fine” and they’ll look at it in a year’s time.
Third: I’ve lost over 100 lbs and now don’t smoke and work out and eat like an athlete but I still have about 80 lbs to go and muscle to build hopefully when my hormones work out better and chronic pain is better. Does being overweight affect the position of the Aneros and what it can hit inside? I think the tabs are hitting in a relatively blubber- free area but not sure how obesity would affect me inside. It feels great but like many, I’m hoping to hit that super O sooner rather than later. I know, I know… it’s a process… I have just received the program jr and the mgx but haven’t tried them yet except for slipping them in a little the other day when my butt told me it was nice but it was tired… kinda wish I got the bigger progasm. Sorry long post.