Close to orgasm?

I think I get right on the edge of have a P-gasm but it never happens. Usually, I lay on my side with my feet resting on the bed not on each other. I have my head relaxed facing my laptop watching porn. The best way is light and slow contractions for me. I start to feel sensitive, and it feels so good just relaxing there. I am usually semi hard. I am leaking precum at this point. Then get a super hard erection and starts twitching like crazy. My heart starts to race, and I am having involuntary contractions. Nothing else ever happens. My heart rate eventually drops back. My erection and all the contractions go back to normal. I then do this again and again with in every 10-15 minutes. Nothing happens though. I mean nothing that fills explosive like an orgasm.

I read on aneros forums some people claim the same issues but other guys are saying THAT is the orgasm. And they just get better over time.

Have I really reached an orgasm and just need to continue to get the best feeling? What am I doing wrong? I try not to chase it but idk what to do. Just keep going and just enjoy it for what it is? I never tried to abstain from regular masturbation. Maybe I’ll try that. I am also worried maybe my muscles are not strong enough to orgasm or something.

HIH 950 – First impressions and post ride report

So inspired by others reports on this I went and ordered an HIH 950…

Shipping INTL was by DHL and it arrived plain packed and in less than a week, which was IMHO pretty good all things considered. It’s also very affordable compared to the Aneros line.

Opening the packaging I was first struck by how tiny this thing is compared to say even a Helix let alone a progasm. The inserted portion is narrow and quite short length wise and the p tab is quite long and narrow also. Honestly looking at it I thought it’d never reach deep enough to be effective as I’m 6’1″ and usually prefer something like a Eupho or Progasm length wise.

Given this was my first outing with the 950 I vaped a little weed first, meditated for 10 min till the buzz started to kick in a little lubed up the 950 and inserted with no effort whatsoever (see small and narrow comment above). Also made sure the P Tab and shaft were well in and seated with a firmish push to the middle section.

Despite earlier concerns the head of the 950 sat snug against what felt like the center part of my prostate and indeed had a good amount of aggressive forwards pressure on the prostate from the very start… and then… everything changed (about 1min post insertion) a fizzing feeling in my sphincter and surrounding muscles rapidly rose and before I could say ‘what the?’ this little sucker was rocking bucking and basically going crazy with some of the fastest involuntary spasms I’ve ever felt.

Can’t get involuntaries at all

I’ve been trying prostate play for almost 2 years now and started with Aneros. Throughout my journey, I’ve constantly tried doing the contractions but I never seem to induce involuntaries no matter what. Ive tried mindgasm and that hasn’t really helped much either.

Ive tried the do nothing approach and I don’t really get much pleasure from this. Ive gotten some pleasure from doing contractions but I understand that most super-o’s come from involuntary contractions which I just can’t seem to get.

Has anyone else struggled before? And if so, what did you do that helped you get involuntaries?

Brand new user milestone ?

I am brand new to the world of anal play as a whole but have been curious and researching it over the last few years. About 2 weeks ago I decided to finally purchase a Helix Trident and have had 5 or 6 sessions. I am having a good experience so far, and just wanted to compare the path my progress is taking to the average, and maybe get some tips or method critiques. I had been practicing mindfulness meditation and targeting specific muscle groups to relax already so a lot of the principles were familiar to me. It’s taken some getting used to having something up there but I feel like im adjusting well. I feel that “need to pee” and do nothing for a while as I relax my muscles entirely and breathe steadily and deeply. I can envision it sitting there and feel the pressure it provides. In today’s session I decided to slowly, with as little force as possible, flex to a certain point

And today’s session, for the first time, yielded involuntary contractions! It was an interesting feeling but pleasurable, they were rapid and steady instead of “bursty” like i was expecting from what I had read, and if I flexed to a specific strength and held it like that I could keep it going. It was exciting, I have read that that is a sign of progress! Should I be striving for that and to keep it going for as long as possible, or just stay mindful and let it do its thing, relax after a little while, then do it again etc?

Extraordinary evening for a newbie

I am a newbie, posted here earlier. Just received my first Aneros . Had a bit of a play yesterday but tonight – OMG.

Wanted to share for feedback, see if anyone else has gone through this rite of passage (pun intended!)/

So something happened tonight. Mild involuntary anal contractions lead to massive body shaking originating from the groin and pelvis area. If anyone had saw me, they might have thought I was possessed. Serious shakes.

Although I allowed plenty of time, I had to cut short as people were due back in the house.

Although it was a wonderful experience, I am not sure I had an orgasm of any kind. My cock was not erect at any point, no ejaculation. The shakes caused my cock to repeatedly slap my abdomen.

I had cum earlier during the day, I did wonder what might have happened if I had not. If I had no time pressures, I would have continued to see what would happen next. I did not want to stop.

I can’t wait to try again.

Where to go from here?

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Aneros Helix Syn and MGX syn for a couple of months, I usually get what I’m guessing would be p-waves in the first 30 mins, something like a warm full body fuzzy feeling, like “ooh this feels nice, lets stay here for a while” with involuntaries coming afterwards.

Two questions though, I’m not physically feeling the prostate contact with either toy, is this normal or would a size change help?

Secondly would be, involuntaries themselves aren’t that pleasurable, feeling like muscle contractions that seem more like a distraction from the wave’s feelings. After a while they peter out and that’s pretty much the end of the session.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Aneros MGX fits snugly in me.

Hello! So I’ve recently started using toys. In initial couple of sessions the toy would cause involuntary contractions but now it seems to fit snugly in me. It doesn’t move much although with arousal i get hard and leak some precum. The lack of movement wouldn’t allow me to do contractions of my pc/sphincter it just feels uncomfortable.

I do relax alot so that isn’t the problem. Should I change positions? (I currently lie on my back with knees up) or should I change the lube? (I use a liquid based lube).

Please help me out!

Was this a p-gasm, p-wave, just involuntary contractions, etc.?

I just had a really long session with my Helix Syn using great tips and lessons from this subreddit and Mindgasm (respectively), and while it was good to practice separating out the PC vs. sphincter, I wasn’t getting anything like an involuntary spasm. After a long while, I started doing random contractions, trying out different positions, etc.

I decided to just give up and jack off to finish. Maybe it was either getting hard or just relaxing after that decision, but I suddenly felt like I was about to have a wet cum. For a few mins I was left in a state where my PC muscles were contracting as if I was dry cumming and it felt amazing, like I was on the brink of ejaculation from edging. I tried keeping this up but eventually it passed the point of no return and I ejaculated.

While I’ve read about all the things (title) and super O’s, I’m not sure what I just experienced. Was it just involuntary contractions, or one of the other things mentioned in this sub?

So close!

So revived my helix the other day and got straight to!

Wow this is amazing from the off!

Soon as it’s leading I could feel it in my P spot! After a few contractions I was getting into the rhythm of what to do and it felt great with a few waves of pleasure and involuntary spasms coming.

In the end I lost the rhythm though and stopped but I definitely delete a lot of fluid/precum

what your PC muscle actually is.

So, I had fun coaching a newbie.

But I think the thing that isn’t quite explained right is that the PC muscle is the same muscle you try to make your boner dance when you’re hard.
That’s what you want to do, thinking of it pushing DOWN onto the toy. And more is not always better. Sometimes a 35% hard flex is better than a 75% push.

The thing is I was trying to have the toy hit it…

The spincter isn’t really all that important in movement, until the involuntaries come. Try flexing LIGHTLY. That might be what you need to take you to the edge. “