Rumel’s Ruminations – Part II

This Blog is in multiple Sections : Part II (this one) is my periodic blog of experiences (most recent at the top), Part I is just copies of some of my earliest Forum entries (oldest at the bottom)

3/21/10 – There have been a couple of inquiries/comments in the past about my personal avatar, so I thought I’d put into writing what it is.
While the Aneros WIKI states “Super-O’s come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued.” I liked a post by ‘BF Mayfield’ wherein he said “Super-O’s come in many colors and flavors.”

When I first joined the Forum, avatars were not an available option for members. It was many months after I had experienced my first Super-O that avatars became available. I believe it was ‘hlaser99’ who posted the first animated avatar shortly after they were possible here. I then started thinking about what mine should be. For a short time I was using an animated graphic of the Super O Society logo which I created as my avatar but I decided against that as I wanted that particular graphic to represent much more than my identity.

Rumel`s Ruminations – Part III

The following is a copy of the Personal Message I try to send to new Forum members (updated March 3, 2019)
“Hi Guys,:)

Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. There is a wealth of information to be obtained on this website. If you are not familiar with the concept of multiple orgasms (dry-O’s), I encourage you to view these two videos by Dr. Joy Davidson discussing “Ways for Men to Have Multiple Orgasms” (Part 1 & Part 2). While she doesn’t mention the use of Aneros massagers as one of the methods a man may employ, the information presented was accurate and informative for men seeking this level of experience and is completely in line with the techniques we discuss on this Forum everyday.
Additionally, you may find these two videos (Learn to Do a Prostate Massage and Learn all the enjoyable things to do with his Prostate) taken from a DVD video, formerly available on the Aneros website, interesting and informative as well.

Finally, I encourage you to listen to the podcast#9: Prostate Massage & Super Orgasms (Seriously) With Forrest Andrews of Aneros.

Riding the Rail

I have had a blog on and off for 14 years. My blogs have been both here and in other forums and on Word Press. Between all 4 blogs I had 10,000 subscribers and 800 pages (single space) of 600 + entries. That 14 year written log was a weekly diary of my sex life, what I was thinking, doing and feeling during that entire time. It also inspired a complete erotic novel and 2 others that are in the works.

That written record has been incredibly useful to me now as a tool to read and reflect on where I have been, what experiences I had and what I learned. All of the times, dates and details I have written here in this latest blog came from that written record. The timeline nature of this blog and the perspective that I am offering in these entries is a summary of lessons learned. In the context of all the entries I came to realization that my 9th year was a turning point in my journey.


In 2013 I was extremely active on line, perhaps too active. Work was really stressful and I used this forum and two others as a means to let off steam with sexual chat and sharing information and experiences with like minded people of both sexes. I also mentored some men just starting with aneros. Here in the Aneros Forum many of the chats I was having in PM were with guys who were just getting on board and were looking for coaching and personal help. That’s how I met my number 2. He was a 29 year old post army college student in his senior year at Bowling Green University. He was single and heterosexual, but had a very open attitude towards sexual relations. Looking back on it after having spent time with him I would say now that he was bicurious.

He introduced himself to me in the chat room in a PM. There was something about him that came through even in instant messages. He was a really nice guy. He had just started Aneros a year earlier and was making outstanding progress; he was having super o’s, but was having trouble with focus. His mind kept drifting off in the throes of ecstatic orgasms. As his thoughts drifted his O’s withered. We chatted about that problem ending in our first chat with me offering a variety of ideas how to manage it. That first chat was followed by many others. Over the course of the six months that followed we began to interact in another IM tool out of the forums here.

Rewiring and Awakening

We all talk of rewiring as a milestone, and it is but there is more than rewiring in this journey I am on. I believe that there is another milestone that follows rewiring, that milestone I call sexual awakening. Following awakening there is an ongoing process of discovery and evolution in which the true nature of my sexuality and sexual response is revealed to me. Being a research kind of guy, I have spent the last ten years reading the forums and blogs with my perception in mind and I believe I am just recognizing a process we all are experiencing. Our posts reinforce my thought.

Rewiring for me (one year into Aneros) sensitized my brain to sexual pleasure, connected my brain to my sexual pleasure organs, it introduced me to sexual pleasure organs I didn’t know I had and it altered my sensory and perceptive ability. With that under my belt the next 7 years were spent in a learning process; reading, experimenting, testing myself, writing and talking with peers. That 7 year time span was an evolutionary process that culminated in year nine with my awakening.

Awakening for me was acknowledgement of my sexuality in all its dimensions. Awakening gave me the courage to exercise my sexual proclivities that I uncovered in the seven years prior. Beyond the discovery of new and unexpected dimensions to my sexuality, awakening removed the subconscious stigma I had imposed on myself for aspects of my sexuality I was either ashamed of or afraid to admit or acknowledge. I know now that I feared the ramifications of admitting them to myself. My attraction to cocks and sex with men is one of these proclivities and my exhibitionist tendencies is another.

On Getting My Man Pussy

This nine year watershed was very significant for me in this journey for many – many reasons. That is why it is getting this recognition in the narrative. Nine years was a defining period in the trajectory of my sexuality. Aneros and MMO bent the arc of my sexuality in a manner that made it almost unrecognizable from what it once was. Sexuality and male sexual response is a complex part of my humanity; it is biophysical and it is psychological. The two are inextricably interwoven. In plain terms that means that my sexuality is a dance of my mind and my body, carefully choreographed by external factors. Aneros has been a huge external factor for me.

I am a man, obviously I have a penis. In sexual activity my penis gets erect so it can be proactive and thrust in fucking. In sexual practice for me over the 40 years of my active sex life that translates to me being the active agent. I drove the love making. In plain terms, my cock is designed to harden so it can penetrate her vagina and with thrusting create sensations that triggers my body to pump semen into her vagina. We did that hundreds and hundreds of times. That biological urgency creates in my mind a psychological dimension to match the biological function. I have to be proactive and cause pleasure by my conscious actions. I thrust my pelvis penetrating her vagina; it felt good. Fucking her turned me on and made me ejaculate; me thrusting and fucking her gave her pleasure in the process. My conscious actions and the pleasure I cause results in ejaculation and her orgasm.

I Get Help With a Personal Problem

One of the benefits of spending so much time on the road for work was that it required between 8-10 room nights in hotels every month, this allowed me to have frequent sessions in private. As a result in 2013, in a given week on the road I would do at least two Aneros sessions, a fair amount of sexting and some camming. To say my libido was on overdrive at the end of a week like that was an understatement. As you all know, an Aneros session leaves you hornier than a he goat.

It was in May of 2013 that I was in Washington DC for a week. Needless to say the warm weather, girl watching on the hill and a night at a gentlemen’s club as well as my normal activities on the road mentioned above left me with an erection on friday that was really hard to subdue. One of the challenges of my expanded libido at the 9 year mark was the reality that I found self masturbation to be minimally pleasurable and very unsatisfying; so although I had a wooden erection that friday morning I woke I didn’t even bother to tug one off.

Setting out on the road north, I saw a number of massage parlor billboards along the road. The first one I saw piqued my interest and got me to thinking. By the time lunch time hit I was near one of the establishments advertised. Exiting the highway I figured I would grab lunch and cruise by the place to scope it out. I grabbed some fast food and followed the directions the billboard gave me.

Year Nine Milestones, Plateaus and Pinacles

The MMO journey I have been on started in 2005. Along the way there have been so many milestones and experiences, they would be impossible to remember if it were not for the fact that I recorded them in an on line journal I began in 2011. Each milestone or event has been a building block that created a foundation for the sexual rapture I routinely experience now. The building and learning process was precipitous those first few years. Because I was learning and experiencing so much there were literally hundreds of sensations, techniques and changes in my sexual response in the first 9 years. Some of these I have shared here in this forum, but I am sure that if I were to try to relate them all it would be impossible.

However, year nine was special. I reached a plateau or a pinnacle in my 9th year in 2013. It was a watershed year that solidified MMO and anal pleasure in my sex life. There were several skills – achievements that I will relate here in this entry; there were also some major event – milestones that deserve detailed descriptions. I will focus this entry on the skills and achievements and the next several entries on the numerous remarkable sexual events of 2013.

Nipple diddling, Kegeling, and jocks and cups!

Hi guys,

We are in the midst of winter here in DC, but it is going to get even brutally cold here for the next few days because of blast of Arctic air due to arrive late Tuesday night. Actually these blasts of Arctic air are the Arctic Vortex which breaks out of the north polar region. They are more severe some years than others. Actually we have some mild winters than others. What are Aneros guys supposed to do when such brutal winter arrive. In my case, I suspend my Aneros sessions for a while when milder winter weather returns.

I enjoy reading @goldenboy’s posts. He is so insightful when it comes to his sexuality/sexual experiences, his Aneros experiences, and his seasoned approach to jocks and cups! 🙂 His latest blog post, “Cup or No Cup?” piqued my interest.

Like @goldenboy, I wear a jock and cup to bed most nights. A jock and cup supports and protects my manhood for sure even in bed. Plus a jock and cup enter into my male sexual intimacy in the nighttime. Yes, like @goldenboy, there are some nights when I wear just briefs. They are OK, but nothing can compare to the raw, yet very sweet feel of a jock and cup at night!

My Eighth Year and the Trinity

Once I crossed the “sexual line” with a guy midyear in year seven, the rest of that year just disappeared into the abyss of forgotten events and experiences. That event overshadowed everything else that might have happened. I can’t recall much. I know I did sessions every time I traveled, which was two times per month. I was gone three – four days for each trip. That translates to somewhere between 40 – 60 sessions per year but honestly I don’t remember any of them. By that time Aneros orgasms were a sweet and savored part of my life, but they had become as routine as sex. Some were great I am sure and some probably weren’t . None the less I continued to learn and savor the euphoric rewards my body was giving me.

In January, the start of my eighth year I reached a significant milestone, that was launching my A Less sessions in my wife’s derriere; this is something that I still do to this day. It happened one night when she was wearing a tee shirt and no panties to bed leaving her bare rear exposed. We happened to be spooning at 4 AM, my “witching hour” for MMO. My morning erection happened to slip into the warm caress of her bottom. Spontaneously unbidden the MMO just started. She was sleeping and I was lodged in her crack as tortuous pleasure made my cock root pulse and impaled my anus. These A Less sensations were subtle but strong, stronger than any other A Less orgasms I had had at that point. Key was laying still and not jumping around or twitching and waking her.