Smash Brothers then Smash Prostate

So…I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Brothers the past few days. Never really got into the game but I am liking this one. Mainly because it’s on the Switch and I can take it anywhere in the house. Well I was playing a little bit while doing some light kegels. That led to those kegels producing some nice p-waves. Next thing you know I am putting down the switch and just enjoying the waves.

I decided to kick it up a notch. I lifted up my T-shirt and started playing with both my nipples. My hands were crossed so that opposite hand would handle opposite nipple. Next thing I knew…bam…dry orgasm leading into a super-o then back down to dry orgasm….basically an MMO with a few pretty short Super-Os. It felt like a Thimble just pushing against my prostate…and the more it pushed the more waves radiated outside my body.

I then had a new sensation…it felt like my prostate move to the base of my penis…and yes thats where it is but it felt so much closer to my penis boner. I focused on that feel…diddling my nipples and it felt so good I was whimpering from the pleasure….

…..and as I am writing this….like literally just now…while sitting down. I had dry orgasm that lasted for 2 mins. Felt like a heartbeat getting stronger and stronger in my ass. What an amazing feeling…

Another Partnered Session

After the couple of years of proficiency doing mmo’s, I had reached the milestone of rewiring. That achievement altered me in many esoteric ways that I shall discuss in the next post. However, one of the very pragmatic things it did to me was give me control of my pleasure and the confidence to invite my wife to participate. It was this confidence that opened to door for me to tell her about my surreptitious use of her bare derriere in the middle of the night to coax exquisite orgasms into my anus.

It needs to be mentioned that I am much more sexually motivated than she is. Regardless she has always been willing to engage in all sorts of sexual activities with me. In our 20’s it was the power she had getting my penis erect and aroused. She became incredibly adventurous; it was this adventurous spirit that allowed her to go outside the conservative comfort zone of her younger years and led her to perform analingus on me unrequested.

One of the things that stimulates her arousal is seeing me ejaculate. The sight of thick creamy semen erupting from my pulsing cock slit as she holds it in her fist along with the tactile experience of feeling my shaft pump its steamy hot load in her grasp is such a turn on it makes her pussy weep. The feeling of a hot stream of semen rolling over the back of her hand during a handjob only adds to the visual delight. Like most women her experience of sex is predominantly tied to what she is thinking and feeling and who with.

Aless and My Sexual Thermocouple

Thermocouple: a device for measuring temperature, consisting of a length of wire of different metals connected at two points terminating in a bulbous tip, the voltage being developed in the junction will be in proportion to the temperature difference.

By Spring of 2007 my Aneros journey made me feel like a 17th Century Explorer from Spain or Italy of Portugal only instead of the New World I was seeking the New Orgasm. I was in control of my ship, its equipment and the humanity that drove it and most importantly I had confidence in myself. I alsowas aware I was headed somewhere but I wasn’t totally sure what was out there.

I was having a 90% success rate with Super O’s each session. I knew how to make sure I had them but I wasn’t always consistent in the results. Some sessions were deep and intense producing toe curling agonizing ecstasy while other were just meager and ok. Each one was as different as a finger print. I learned that Super O’s were very nuanced and that depending on how you guided them, they could tumble you like a wave on the shore and abandon you or they could caress your brain and transport you to nirvana. I learned that I could get good advice from others on what worked for them but that experimentation of what worked in my own body was essential, even if it went against what others did. I also learned from Senior members here about A Lesses.

Friends, Nipples and Semen Lend Me Your Cocks

During January and February of 2005 I made 4 trips to the City (NYC); those visits were 3-5 days each for a total of at least 18 days of the 60 total days of both months. Those extended times in the hotel offered seemingly limitless time to investigate my sexual curiosity. Somehow , laying nude and horny in a hotel bed on a cold snowy day seemed so romantic. I discovered early in my sexual discovery journey that one of the keys to enhance the sensuality of my solo sex sessions and my orgasmic response is to romance myself. I would often have candles burning and new age music playing when I was self loving. This became a big part of sessions in hotels and still is.

During those hotel stays there were many nights of lengthy sexting with friends. Most of the chats were with friends from Sex Forums. There was also a very good friend from the Word Press Blog who I was sharing the blow by blow details of my MMO journey; we were both happily married but established what is colloquially known as a bromance. We shared intimate details of our sex lives and our relationships just as many women do. He was (and still is) a physician who was totally into MMO. I still communicate with him on FB in my real life.

The Drive to Work

Well this morning was interesting. I finished my crossfit wod…got in My SUV and did prepped myself for the 25 minute commute.

As normal this is the point where I do my 300 a day kegels. Today was about to be different. So I am heading south on the turnpike and I am about 220 kegels in. I hit some traffic and thats when things went into overdrive. My prostate began the familiar tingling and before I could even get to stop the involuntaries took over and right there I was getting that orgasmic feeling. Cock was hard and just as I was taking a deep breath a cascade of orgasms hit my body. The more I fought it the the MMO bathed me in its warmth.

I moaned loudly in my SUV. I got super scared because I know this normally leads to a super O and I know I cant drive under that kind of state. At this point I was whimpering…almost begging for it to stop.

And with one last shiver up my spine my prostate relinquished its hold on me. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

What a way to start the day.

The Beat Goes On

On the trip home from that first successful session my prostate was buzzing; that buzz lasted several hours. The gentle hum deep in my anal canal was juicing my libido big time. I was leaking heavy all the time. The hum in my anus also triggered intermittent erections that caused my cock to drool precum. I felt higher than a kite. I had arrived at MMO. After I arrived home I texted an on line friend in the UK that I had been sharing the details of my efforts with telling her of my success. She was fascinated. I also told my wife about my experience. She was OK with it but was still really worried about my heart and whether it was safe; we still had not had sex yet.

It was another two weeks until I had the chance to travel again, so another succession was not possible until then. It was during that two weeks of sharing the details with my friend in the UK in writing that I discovered my love of erotic writing and sharing descriptions of my anal orgasmic experience and the journey of sexual discovery I was on. So I registered for a Blog on WordPress using the name I was using on Sex Forums and began to give my sexual narrative. I used the forum thread in Sex Forums to drive readers to my WordPress Blog. Sex Forums was also where my On Line UK friend was from; her name there was Princess O. The blog was becoming very successful. At the end of that first month I had 1000 subscribers. I loved the writing. It aroused me more than watching porn. At the end of a year I had 10,000 subscribers.

The First Success 2004

I had been participating in the Aneros Forums for 2 months; the descriptions of Super O and the nirvana like descriptions of the experience whetted my appetite and hardened my penis. After two months of reading stickies and communicating in the forums I ordered my first device. This all transpired during my recuperation from open heart surgery in January of 2004. Aneros Forums helped to occupy the long days of healing; I was physically limited as to what I could do at the time, and sex or any sexual activity was out of the question. So chatting about Aneros and learning about the wonders of MMO was a way to pass the time during this slow – boring time in my life. I also ordered several books on ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasm) and read voraciously. It was all I was able to do. I also brushed up on my Zen Meditation as all that I read talked about mind – body control.

So in March at two months along I made the decision to order an MGX; it was well before I was allowed to use it. I had not spoken to my wife about the sex toy I was ordering. She was still fixated on my healing from the heart surgery. So I ordered an Aneros MGX, hoping that she wouldn’t be home when it arrived. Indeed I was home alone when the UPS guy rang the bell. I was feeling pretty good by that time. I was walking a half mile or so each morning trying to build up my strength so the quick response to get to the door was no big deal. I gave myself kudos for my progress.

The Beginning

In my career and real life I have always traveled to a different drum. I am a child of the 60’s who never abandoned my 1960’s values. Somehow I managed to develop a career that allowed me to follow my socially responsible values and still be modestly successful financially. I am not rich at all but have enough to retire without financial strain. I retired three months ago at 67. I was confident in my career and was recognized for my offbeat leadership. The career path I followed was on the edge of mainstream and out in the open and known. But while my socially responsible career was known by many in my real life, there was this sexual side of me that was curious, questioning, unsettled and hidden. The only outlet I had for it was my rich fantasy life, erotic daydreams and written expression in my highly personal recreational erotic writing. Women were always the focus. Yet in the back of my mind was this plaintive fantasy that wouldn’t it be amazing if an orgasm would last for more than a few seconds and I wonder what the turn on is for homosexual men.

“The Refractory Period Is More Than Physical”

I ended an SR “run” today at Day 7. I probably could have extended it a day or two. But I decided that I didn’t want a visit from Mr. Blue! I used ‘’ for a short session and it worked very well!

As expected, I developed a refractory period following a nice ejaculation. I didn’t feel too awful, thank goodness! But one thing I noticed this time is how downright TURNED-OFF FROM SEX I felt! It was almost as if I became not a male nor a female but a “neutered” human! Any kind of sexual stimulation was furthest from my mind. I had no interest in chastity either.

How long did this feeling last? Hard to say exactly but my guess is about 8 hours. Obviously, I would like this number to be smaller, but I’ll accept the hand that I’m dealt!

Reference (from International Society for Sexual Medicine):

What is the refractory period?

“After orgasm, both men and women experience a resolution stage. At this time, their bodies “recover” from sexual excitement and return to their normal states. For men, the penis becomes flaccid again and he goes through a refractory period.

During the refractory period, a man doesn’t think about sex or get aroused. His body does not respond to sexual stimulation and he is unable to reach orgasm again until the period is over. The length of the refractory period is different for every man. It may take a half hour or more for his body to perform sexually again.

Underwear unveiled (my take)

Hi guys,

Again it has been many days since I have submitted an entry to my Aneros blog. I did have an Aneros session in nine days until this morning on Columbus Day. I was distracted by various things, mostly the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation saga played out. Like many Americans I came away that contest bruised and exhausted.

Fortunately late last night my horniness came alive after reading some porn and viewing sexually suggestive pics on tumblr. My cock wanted to come out and play. I wanted to indulge him in a bate session, but I was too tired. So I donned one of my All-Star Shock Jock Cup w/supporter combos and went back to bed, and slept like a baby.

I enjoy reading @goldenboy’s blog entries very much because he tells it like it is especially when he talks about jocks and cups and the Aneros. He did so well in his latest blog entry “Underwear, unveiled.”

As for myself, I think my dad was a real cool guy in 1950’s America for being an exhibitionist at least at home. He was a Little League umpire in my hometown during the summer months. On game nights, after supper he would dash about the house buck naked with his cock flopping about on the way to my parents bedroom where he would don his navy blue umpire uniform. As I was entering puberty, I discovered he wore a jockstrap underneath. His Johnson & Johnson men’s large jockstrap had a huge pouch. His dick was a much larger version of mine. We we’re both circumcised and we both have a bulbous glans.