Neros was around from 2014 to 2016 and became an Aless expert. This is a forum post he made back then. I don’t know if it’s still accessible, so I am putting on my blog. But all the credit goes to him! Thank you, neros, wherever you are!!

Now I’m gonna preface this by saying this is just my opinion based on my experiences BUT that said the principles I’m going to talk about are ones that tantric sexuality has been talking about for centuries.

Plus, I know I’m not unique in my experiences. There are plenty of men on here who have experienced the same things I have and have experienced success using stuff I’ve talked about before.

So, try what I suggest in this post and you’ll probably be pleased with the results.

So, let’s get into it.


We are all pretty much the same physically.

Some of us have different positioned prostates or different sizes BUT we are all pretty much similar

Barring any traumatic injuries, physically we all have the ability to have the super orgasm.

In the same way that men who have a healthy functioning genitals will be able to ejaculate if stimulated in the right way.

BUT, ejaculation is EASY. It’s an instinctive thing that most of us discovered by sheer accident at a young age.

Great New Couples Aneros Practice Techniques

For a number of months I have been under a number of related non-sexual health problems… Nevertheless, on the few better days, my dear wife and I have taken the time to advance our great orgasmic energies exchanging practice, built upon the full awakening of our prostates: mine Male Gspot, hers Female Gspot.

Using manual massage techniques together, in our celebrated Wedding Band Position, we have greatly enhanced my awakening using various Aneros models over past 8+ years. In the 1st session we opened with mutual manual stimulations leading to inserting my Progasm Red Ice!!! mmmmmmm and as we progressed and began me fingering her vagina, I suggested we try as see how my unused Progasm Ivory Ice might feel inside her and contact her Gspot areas… WELL!!! she started getting wonderful sensations and responses throughout her body!!! mmmmmmm and soon we we were sailing and soaring though ecstasies unbound~~~~!!!~~!~~!~~!~!!!!!!!~~!~!~~~!!!!

Her Progasm Ivory Ice now resides in her bedside table and we treat them, almost like our four model Peridise set as our pleasures arsenal on both sides of our king size bed, and along it wide headboard shelf!! Unfortunately, like several other Anerosian wives we know, my wife also finds her EVI bulb too thick to take comfortably yet… We hope that if the current model is in effect the EVI Queen, Aneros may soon produce a slimmer Aneros Princess model.

Spa Day

Today was a Spa Day. My wife was going shopping, and I enjoyed a big part of the day during which I was alone and could enjoy myself. I began with a tiny puff of herb, then followed with a quick shower. I closed off the bedroom and turned on a small heater to let things warm up a bit.

It wasn’t long before I was ready for my first session with the Helix Syn in several weeks. I’d done some Anerosless sessions and a Peridise session, but otherwise, I hadn’t had much in the way of opportunities.

My sessions tend to be fairly short, a half hour to 45 minutes. But when I can have a Spa Day, I usually stop, rest, have some tea or a bath, then have a second session a bit later. So it literally becomes several hours of pleasure.

It was a bit tight getting the Helix Syn in, though I’d lubed pretty liberally. Once in, though, it went wild. I began with some very light nipple touches. I just graze my thumbs over them, then wait for the echoes and waves, wait, then do it again. Very quickly I began having small orgasms, and they became bigger and more powerful. Some seemed to rival the biggest I’ve ever had, and then they began running together. I told myself to relax and enjoy this, I give myself permission to have this pleasure.

3 days in the hole

Being this is my first entry, I'm starting with an introduction. I purchased my first aneros product about 8 months ago. I had been having a increasing interest in anal play after discovering how amazing it could feel. My first model was a progasm. I must say it was definitely a little bit of a jump to just start out with this, but my body adjusted accordingly. Within the first couple of weeks I had what I think is a full body orgasm. The next couple of times were definitely not the same. Frustrated I put it away for a while. Since then I've been on and off with the aneros since I bought two more models the MGX and the Helix.

3 days ago I decided I would stop penile contact altogether for at least a week. Every night since then has been an increasingly better session and I can feel my arousal growing. I'm very excited to see how different my session will be by the end of the week and see if I can go even longer. So far I have had no real desire to have a super t or even stimulate my penis in the traditional sense. I am really starting to get into this "sexual journey" that everyone speaks of and am enjoying my experiences as they come. I've been doing pc and sphincter excercises everyday and trying to master the "tug of war" technique. A couple of other techniques such as KSMO and certain tantric exercises have caught my eye and I'm looking into them.

Less session contemplating a good Zen reminder for Anerosians too

Here is the core point at Aneros that was recently shared as the core point at KSMO too, by KSMO member Sky_walker:
A Zen student goes to a temple and asks a Zen master how long it will take him to gain enlightenment. "Ten years," says the Zen master. The student replies, "Well, how about if I really work hard and double my effort?" The Zen master smiles and says, "Twenty years."


as we rewire
we are all reconnected


Wife is away let the marathon begin.This is the first time in years when desire, opportunity and freedom have converged. Big snow storm,wife in Florida nothing pressing to do. In my life this was a rare opportunity.Started on Monday reading porn with helix syn in 2 hrs. just lounging. Shifted to progasm and listened to some hemisync music.Felt like progasm was moving with the ease of my helix.Prostate aching went into similar spasms as previous entry just a few days ago.My whole perineum was rocking sending sensations all over.I had enough got up had some dinner went to bed. Next day again some porn to ramp up took dog for walk but not before putting helix syn in. The sensation was awesome after several sessions of length the past days my anal canal was looser and the up and down action of helix while walking was more than I could handle cut walk short and laid down again with progasm for an couple of hrs. This slothing stuff is radical.Session not as dramatic as day before but very satisfying with major body waves and prostate responding and getting a major work out. Next day had chores get some wood in and clean up the place.I was giving a Jin Shin Jyutsu energy session for a friend at 6pm Laid down with just pro-ice for 2 hrs. All the previous sessions have been tied together with major dry o's and echoes every time I put my legs together or think of previous sessions.This time I placed my hands on certain energy locks and my whole experience widened and deepened. My whole presence was electric and dancing with the pulses radiating from my perineum and penis. All these days no hard on or ejaculation. Some soft precum releases but avoided ejaculation.I also need to mention the effectiveness in KSMO during all of this to re-engage rounds and rounds.Went to energy session with client and meeting after. The energy session went fine but amplified my already expanded state, by the time I went to take notes at meeting I had a hard time to write.I was so internally charged that all I could do was scribble!This lasted for about a half hour as my taking minutes began to improve and an hour later I was fine.I was feeling so charged I stayed up to the early morning watching movie but I knew I had reached my limit. Slept a good 8 hrs. Today I had no desire to repeat,I am totally satiated.My perineal area is glowing and I feel internally charged with no congestion anywhere.This has been a major breakthrough on many levels for me. The effects of the marathon should last till the wife gets home just 2 days from now but I can't wait to be all over her.

double the fun

This session was my longest to date and first using 2 models. Actually the length of this session could not have previously occurred without the comfort of the helix syn. Started with syn around 2 pm and went about my business. It felt great to have the syn up snug and being able to sit comfortably while driving and doing errands. My practice is just starting my fifth year and I have enjoyed all the advice on the forum.I have had success with aneros and Ksmo. Most of my sessions have been sublime. Not alot of involuntary spasms but waves of pleasure and dry o's for days. Actually all I do is cross my legs now and can have dry o's.
This session was different, as I said I put the syn in for a good three hours at this point I am having perineal and abdominal spasms. I read some porn to ramp up a bit before the wife was going to yoga. I switched to pro ice and laid down, by this time my prostate was humming. I put my ear buds on and enjoyed "ecstasy" by Kelly Howel. The hemisync sent me into zone and the pleasure waves kept building.I began to have a tingling sensation in my hips as I focused I started bucking wildly and my whole right side would begin to spasm and shake. Most notably my hand which I had a hard time feeling because of the deep body zone.The pro ice was bucking also as my prostate radiated pulses of pure pleasure engaging my entire body with waves of sensation and pleasure,this lasted for over 90 min. The wife came home got up removed ice had diner and enjoyed dry o's and echoes for days.

Spring 2012 – Fully Immersed

As Spring came on this year my wife was required to be away from home for a few weeks. We hate to be apart, and I dreaded it. But I also know that I make my best progress with Aneros play when I have privacy. For me, knowing that there is no one around gives me the freedom to really shout and moan and reach further into my fantasies, to say what I want from my imaginary lover.

Several things really accelerated my experiences at this time. First, I ordered the "Hypoaerosession" CD downloads. My first session using this turned out to be my best, and gave me new concepts to think about. These concepts are, first, security: I articulate that I am safe to do this and that it is good. Second, I think about "what it is that I want." "What do you want? What do you want?" Answering this question always pushes me into greater arousal.

Around the same time, I purchased the Helix Syn. I really like getting my perineum pounded, but now find that I like the more subtle tickling of the P-tab on the Helix Syn. And it seems to me to be a warmer, softer f**k inside me.

Everything seemed to come together for me. I was becoming aware of some great variables to play around with: cannabis, hypnotic music, position, which toy, relaxation, KSMO techniques, and fantasy/visualization.


I have been writing several installments to this blog which provides some of my history. But now, I want to jump into the present.

Today, my wife had a job interview. I wished her love and luck and she was on her way, and I decided to have a short Aneros-less session, using iDoser. I set up a 15-minute dose of "Green". It was our first cold morning of the year today, and I was already wearing a super lightweight silk longsleeve shirt for warmth. I slipped on a silk thong. Then I lay on my back, knees up, just like I do in my Aneros sessions. Within seconds I had a contraction in my perineum. Through the silk I gently made light circles around the outside of my nipples. Then I ran my hand across my stomach. I began incorporating vocalizations and humming, and some of the things I've learned from practicing KSMO techniques.

Normally I do my sessions naked, and this was my first time stroking my nipples through cloth, particularly silk. I've often used baby powder or KY Warming Gel on nipples, and this was one of the things that really accelerated my rewiring.

My first touches telegraphed straight from my nipples to my prostate. When I do this, it feels almost like an electrical jolt about an inch deeper than my perineum, with additional low-toned vibrations which spread through my pelvis, especially into my penis bulb, balls and ass. Those vibrations remind me of the touch of a bow on a cello string. The string is big, thick, and the low, scratchy but mellow vibration instills whatever is in its path.

Retrospective on One Year Anniversary

I'm just finishing my first year with Aneros toys and other dry- and multiple-orgasm explorations, and what a fabulous year it's been. I started as a complete skeptic at age 54. Now I'm more than just a believer. I now have access to so much pleasure, so much enjoyment, and a whole new frame of mind. I've learned much about how my mind works in the process. I think it is fair to say that I have had great success with these methods, incorporating Aneros, KSMO sessions, amygdala tickling/clicking, music, binaural beats, cannabis, nipple play, stomach rubbing.

My goal today is just to establish this blog, get something down in black & white, so that I have a place to explain my journey thus far. As I organize my thoughts offline, I'm hoping to go through some of the steps I've gone through, and especially focus on some of the many things which have helped me along the way. Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle has been allowing myself to open up even more to many new types of sexual fantasy, which has greatly increased my arousal level. Raw desire and arousal are the drivers of this process, I believe. The other techniques are here to enhance that arousal, to drive the desire to greater heights.

My greatest joy is that my wife is now becoming a greater partner for me in this journey, and her arousal is getting stronger after a difficult time for her over the past year.