Omg there was me thinking I know what I’m doing. Forget it now the fun has begun!

I was relaxed and thought hey I’m gonna get caged up and have areas through the Aneros forum. Read a few things about breathing techniques and very steady contractions.

So I thought I’m going to give them a try. Popped in my Helix as it’s nice small size and perfect for beginners, so perfect for going truly hands free. And tried out what I had read. And…. nothing…. theres a suprise. So I tried something else it said.

I laid there face down pillow to my chest and head turned off all distractions. Pitch black room complete silence and laid there doing absolutely nothing. The guide said for up to 30 mins however I actually dosed off but! Was then awoken by very gentle feeling inside. I really wouldn’t say anything significant but it was something without me forcing anything. Next I applied the deep gentle breathing techniques and gradually got this swelling feeling part of it was me trying to suddenly get hard in this cage but I could feel there was more and the more breaths I took the stronger it got until….. contraction. All by its self! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling I quickly grabbed my pillow and placed it under my lower back and kept the same breathing techniques and it happened again. I was trying to get more without actually doing anything so I literally imagined as the feeling was growing my prostate was swelling an my Aneros pressing inside me and when I twiched I picture it moving. Seems nuts but was actually really arousing. This kept going for around 30 mins. Build and a few contractions. It felt great. It’s no major story for the group by oh wow it’s big for me. I though I had made progress before, oh boy was it wrong I could feel this was really something. Infant wait tongonfor another ride who knows what nice time might bring?

Mental imagery : Aneros session for July 23

Hi guys,

Earlier today in the 7 o’clock hour I had a thirty minute session with two of my most favorite Aneros models: Maximus Classic and Helix Syn Classic. It was my first session in ten days and marks my full recovery a nasty food illness Saturday a week ago.

Aneros user, divine_oblivion has a provocative thread on Aneros Forum entitled Mental Imagery. It is essentially what images or thoughts that causes you to have great Aneros sessions. In recent years, certainly after my Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s mid September 2016, my perineum that area between the base of my ball sack and my anus is a major sweet spot besides my Glans and my frenulear delta underneath my Glans. Like many baby boomer neonatals, I am circumcised and my frenulum was excised.

My perineum has been stimulated time and time through numerous Aneros sessions since my very first one which occurred on June 3, 2012. The P-tab on my Aneros devices rubbed back and forth across my perineum. Plus being a major jockstrap and athletic cup aficionado, the leg straps of my jockstraps and cup jock holders cover my perineum. Also my BIKE banana cups also stimulate this area.

The Nipple Diddling Kegeling Connection

Hi guys,

[I posted this entry on Aneros Forum a few days ago. Since it has not has any responses, it may be slightly off topic. So I post it here as a blog entry]

With cold weather far back in the distance and summer weather now upon us in DC, I find myself sleep many nights mostly buck naked on top my bed wearing many nights a jock and cup. A jock and cup, at least for me, holds my junk comfortably in the still of the night. During the colder months however (September to April or May), I’ll sleep underneath my blankets and wearing sweats to keep myself warm. Sleeping buck naked and wearing a jock and cup gives me the freedom as an aging naked man. It makes me feel young again!

I have been an avid nipple diddler certainly after I had my major Aneros breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with attainment of Super-O and MMO capability. What impresses me most about my Aneros journey is now being able to just relax and just the Super-O’s and MMO’s come to me.

I don’t know where to turn, can someone please tell me what is going on with me?

I have never used the aneros, in fact, I only found out about this community while searching the web for explanations of what I’m dealing with.

I think I am dealing with what you call the butt buzz, and possibly awakened or rewired prostate. I did not seek this feeling out and I want it to go away.

This began after I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis/CPPS. I had a cystoscopy done, which is where a camera scope is inserted into the urethra and bladder in order to look for structural abnormalities. This was the first and only time anything has been in my dick.

A week later I masturbated. I came extremely quickly, and the orgasm was actually too intense. There was no refractory period, I could keep doing it over and over. I was left with a buzzing sensation in and around my genitals, almost like I was gonna cum, the feeling radiated up and down my legs. I thought it was PGAD or RLS, and I was freaked out. I took gabapentin 2 days later and it went away.

The feeling re emerged months later when i went on an ssri. Had to discontinue it after 3 days because of it, and it subsided.

Looked into prostate massage, became curious about the prostate orgasm. Last week masturbated with my finger in my ass and had an explosive orgasm, which felt like the ones I had after my cystoscopy. It was too intense and i dont like it.


In 2013 I was extremely active on line, perhaps too active. Work was really stressful and I used this forum and two others as a means to let off steam with sexual chat and sharing information and experiences with like minded people of both sexes. I also mentored some men just starting with aneros. Here in the Aneros Forum many of the chats I was having in PM were with guys who were just getting on board and were looking for coaching and personal help. That’s how I met my number 2. He was a 29 year old post army college student in his senior year at Bowling Green University. He was single and heterosexual, but had a very open attitude towards sexual relations. Looking back on it after having spent time with him I would say now that he was bicurious.

He introduced himself to me in the chat room in a PM. There was something about him that came through even in instant messages. He was a really nice guy. He had just started Aneros a year earlier and was making outstanding progress; he was having super o’s, but was having trouble with focus. His mind kept drifting off in the throes of ecstatic orgasms. As his thoughts drifted his O’s withered. We chatted about that problem ending in our first chat with me offering a variety of ideas how to manage it. That first chat was followed by many others. Over the course of the six months that followed we began to interact in another IM tool out of the forums here.

Amazing things happen with Aneros when you are relaxed : Session for January 20, 2016

Hi guys,

This morning Sunday had a rare session because of course, I would be in church. But today I stayed home I had a lingering cold which I didn’t want infect anybody at church and other places. Also shortly before noon today, an front passed through ushering excessively cold air for the next few day.

Fortunately in the seven or eight o’clock I had enough heat in my apartment to enable me to have a session. For some reason, despite my cold and the wintry weather, I have been horny, randy, and HARD, I guess of some very good exchanges and ideas shared in Aneros Forum and the blog section. Last night, I had an ardently erotic night wearing my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 to bed and so I was HORNED for session. I decided to use one of my very favorite MGX and my rediscovered Progasm Junior.

Both models performed exquisitely. All I did was the breath rhythmically and calmly as well as to let my anal musculature work calmly together. MGX has its distinctive ribbed stem which massages the anal canal while the head of MGX massages fully my prostate.

Likewise I let my body do the same thing with Progasm Junior. One beautiful aspect of Progasm Junior are the P and K tabs which “lock” themselves in the area surrounding the anus thus the intensifying the massage action of Progasm Junior. I just relaxed and let both MGX and Progasm Junior their magic on me, each in turn. I have strong yet sweet Aless since then today.

My lifelong archetypal fascination with jockstraps and athletic cups

Hi guys,

We here in DC have entered upon several weeks of excessively bitter and cold weather along with blustery winds. Meteorologists have given us this forecast to sweep away prospects of mild temps and sunny days. In fact, after some years of mild winters, a cold, blustery and snowy winter is long overdue. I am so grateful for guys who use the Aneros and are outspoken of their experiences, among them @goldenboy who loves wearing jocks and “chastity” cups to bed many nights as well as for his Aneros sessions. He believes that wearing a jock and cup for sessions restrains him from teaching his manhood. However, I enjoy very much how a jock and cup revs up the delicious, sexual feelings of my sessions while keeping my roving hands off my manhood! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The jock and cup also helps me to focus on my sessions.

For some reason all this cold, blustery weather along outspoken, candid view of guys on Aneros Forum and Blog sections have made me horny, randy, and HARD!!!

Guys familiar with my Aneros blog here know of my intense jock and cup fetish. This fetish began for sure in my puberty and adolescence when our gym class teachers/coaches told us boys that we had to get a jockstrap for gym class. It was an essential part of our uniform. I enjoyed the elastic feel of my jockstrap how it supported my cock and balls and kept them in place. Plus my the mesh pouch of my jockstrap caressed and even massaged my scrotum, cock, and especially my Glans. Slipping on that jockstrap for the first time was a sexual awakening for me.

The Beginning

In my career and real life I have always traveled to a different drum. I am a child of the 60’s who never abandoned my 1960’s values. Somehow I managed to develop a career that allowed me to follow my socially responsible values and still be modestly successful financially. I am not rich at all but have enough to retire without financial strain. I retired three months ago at 67. I was confident in my career and was recognized for my offbeat leadership. The career path I followed was on the edge of mainstream and out in the open and known. But while my socially responsible career was known by many in my real life, there was this sexual side of me that was curious, questioning, unsettled and hidden. The only outlet I had for it was my rich fantasy life, erotic daydreams and written expression in my highly personal recreational erotic writing. Women were always the focus. Yet in the back of my mind was this plaintive fantasy that wouldn’t it be amazing if an orgasm would last for more than a few seconds and I wonder what the turn on is for homosexual men.

Foreskin Awareness Party Featuring Steely Friend Tempo

Hi folks, especially hi Turnrow, Bro! Your post just interrupted another beginning gooning state upcoming when listening to „What A Difference A Day Makes“ performed by Rod Stewart, oh how right he is. I was leaning comfortably back on my couch and closing my eyes from time to time. Upcoming involuntaries tried to adapt themselves to the rhythm of the music and that meanwhile well known whole body arousal was starting too.

Curious about any new messages in my Aneros forum inbox I besides had a glance at my tablet and found your post questioning about my latest edging session. Initially a little reluctant I yet took out my laptop to eventually write down my experience for you and to forestall the risk of forgetting any of the pleasureful details.

Having to call upon the Urban Dictionary for your word „gooning“, I now must say, the top definition there describes best what I went through during my latest session. But let’s start from the beginning.

Early Saturday morning my significant other left our home to meet one of her colleagues for a shopping tour, giving me a lot of undisturbed me time.

I decided to try the multiple ridge band technique and have a long, long edging session. After my visit to the bathroom I lay down in my bed again – on my back. Wearing my Separatec boxers I could easily take out my member through the opening of the boxer’s extra pouch.

Diddling my nipples in the middle of my night before my PC!

Hi guys,

I got up “briefly” in the middle of the night and hopped on the Internet to reply to my growing backlog of replies at

It is still warm this evening. We had a couple days of summer heat. Tuesday afternoon we had a big thunderstorm which passed through and dumped lots of rain. However the storm did not lower the temperature or the humidity.

Right now I am buck naked seated at my PC in nothing but my trusty BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. I have enjoyed very much my visit to Aneros Forum and blog section. But now I am finally headed off to bed for more sleep. However there is nothing so sweet as diddling my nipples buck naked on a warm late spring’s night! :-