The Beginning

In my career and real life I have always traveled to a different drum. I am a child of the 60’s who never abandoned my 1960’s values. Somehow I managed to develop a career that allowed me to follow my socially responsible values and still be modestly successful financially. I am not rich at all but have enough to retire without financial strain. I retired three months ago at 67. I was confident in my career and was recognized for my offbeat leadership. The career path I followed was on the edge of mainstream and out in the open and known. But while my socially responsible career was known by many in my real life, there was this sexual side of me that was curious, questioning, unsettled and hidden. The only outlet I had for it was my rich fantasy life, erotic daydreams and written expression in my highly personal recreational erotic writing. Women were always the focus. Yet in the back of my mind was this plaintive fantasy that wouldn’t it be amazing if an orgasm would last for more than a few seconds and I wonder what the turn on is for homosexual men.

Foreskin Awareness Party Featuring Steely Friend Tempo

Hi folks, especially hi Turnrow, Bro! Your post just interrupted another beginning gooning state upcoming when listening to „What A Difference A Day Makes“ performed by Rod Stewart, oh how right he is. I was leaning comfortably back on my couch and closing my eyes from time to time. Upcoming involuntaries tried to adapt themselves to the rhythm of the music and that meanwhile well known whole body arousal was starting too.

Curious about any new messages in my Aneros forum inbox I besides had a glance at my tablet and found your post questioning about my latest edging session. Initially a little reluctant I yet took out my laptop to eventually write down my experience for you and to forestall the risk of forgetting any of the pleasureful details.

Having to call upon the Urban Dictionary for your word „gooning“, I now must say, the top definition there describes best what I went through during my latest session. But let’s start from the beginning.

Early Saturday morning my significant other left our home to meet one of her colleagues for a shopping tour, giving me a lot of undisturbed me time.

I decided to try the multiple ridge band technique and have a long, long edging session. After my visit to the bathroom I lay down in my bed again – on my back. Wearing my Separatec boxers I could easily take out my member through the opening of the boxer’s extra pouch.

Diddling my nipples in the middle of my night before my PC!

Hi guys,

I got up “briefly” in the middle of the night and hopped on the Internet to reply to my growing backlog of replies at

It is still warm this evening. We had a couple days of summer heat. Tuesday afternoon we had a big thunderstorm which passed through and dumped lots of rain. However the storm did not lower the temperature or the humidity.

Right now I am buck naked seated at my PC in nothing but my trusty BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. I have enjoyed very much my visit to Aneros Forum and blog section. But now I am finally headed off to bed for more sleep. However there is nothing so sweet as diddling my nipples buck naked on a warm late spring’s night! :-

“The Good Sessions Just Keep Rolling Along….”

My! The SGX was next in “rotation” of my Aneros massagers. I have not been disappointed in the results of any sessions lately and this session with the SGX was no exception.

I lubed-up the SGX with SSG and began the ride. One thing I really like about the SGX is the combination of its smaller size and the anal ribs which really engage anal stimulation. Most of my sessions lately seem to want to induce an ejaculation. I can’t complain about that feeling! I am wearing my XO ProCup overnight and it feels good to be in chastity for this session. Towards the end of the session, however, I wanted to see how much precum I produced so I pulled-down the cup and was not too surprised to see a nice amount. My cock was quite erect and glistening, so I “played-around” with it for just a little bit. A welcomed respite from chastity! But after a minute or two, “up” went the cup again!


PS I am now in Day 5 of Semen Retention. As I have discussed recently, I don’t think it makes too much difference now which Aneros massager I select. Any one is going to engage my prostate. I am now feeling a great, subtle Aless that may last a few hours.

PS A special shout-out to my buddy, @BigGlansDC. I sure wish his issue with the Aneros Forum is resolved and very soon. I for one greatly miss his unique style and very informative insights.

Prostate Orgasm Problems – Need Help

Hi All,

I want to start my post by stating that I am not an Aneros user and have never used any other such device to reach orgasm – however – since October, I have been having ‘super orgasms’ via the usage of Erotic Hypnosis – audio files which use meditative relaxation techniques and vivid sexual imagery in order to illicit intense hands free orgasms.

I am posting here because a month ago, I listened to a file which encouraged the listeners to flex their prostate muscle throughout the course of the session. This file gave me the most intense hands free orgasm(s) I have ever had in my life – it was amazing, so, the next night, I listened to the file again and had the same experience.

However, upon going to bed on the subsequent night, despite not listening to the file, I felt a powerful throbbing/pulsating feeling around my pelvis that felt exactly like I was having one of these orgasms. At first, I welcomed it, but upon realising that it would not stop, I panicked and masturbated in the hopes that this would quell my arousal – however, the feeling did not stop. To cut the story short, in the month since, this feeling has been constant – accompanied by a tight, but painless pressure around my forehead. Both of these symptoms get worse when I lay down and try to sleep – I see colours, my head throbs, my body twitches, and sometimes the vibrations/throbbing peaks to an intense HFO. As a result of this, my sleeping pattern has been thrown all over the place. Since the onset of these symptoms on 4th Jan 2018, I have not engaged in erotic hypnosis nor have I attempted to have any other kind of non-ejaculatory orgasm, but the symptoms do not seemed to have lessened in any measurable sense. I have masturbated sparingly, but cannot tell if it eases or exacerbates the symptoms to be honest. Alongside this, these feelings occur independent of actual sexual arousal – I could be watching an episode of Star Trek or a spree of porn films and the feeling would be exactly the same.

Anniversary synopsis

On January 18 (today), it has been exactly two years since I first inserted my Aneros Helix Syn. At the time, my back door experience was limited to a few weeks of finger exploring with minimal results. I had been reading the Aneros forum for some time and so I knew there was a chance I was going to discover a new world of pleasures and possibly improve my health in the process.

At 61 years of age, my sex life was abysmal, enduring a very low libido and hardly able to have an erection. On occasions, I felt pressure in my lower abdomen and irritating sensations while urinating: possibly a touch of BPH or prostatitis as so many males experience at that stage of life. Porn was plentiful but had become ineffective and boring. I was also getting up countless times to urinate at night (3 sometimes 4).

I was feeling my age, I had become an old man with a lazy prostate and almost on the edge of depression.

I cannot remember exactly how I came across the topic of Aneros but somehow my curiosity and interest in seeking more info on prostate health must have lead me here. As mentioned above, I started exploring the dark hole with my index and found the intrusion interesting. The more I read the Aneros forum, the more intrigued I became. I simply had to get one!

Tempo Aless, January 6, 2018!

Hi guys,

Early this afternoon, a guy on Aneros Forum about the effectiveness of Tempo in comparison with other Aneros models. I was happy to oblige with an answer because Tempo, when I started using it just after Thanksgiving 2013, caused my Aneros to go into a much higher orbit.

So this afternoon, I used Tempo for the first time in two years. Tempo inserts easily and you can use it comfortable sitting as it works away.

This afternoon I used Tempo with a few concerted Kegels for about 45 minutes. Hence Tempo felt real good. Then I continued with MGX and Progasm Black ICE, a model which sat used in my collection for two years. MGX didn’t massage me as easily as it usually does, I guess mainly because of Tempo. That didn’t bother me. I went on to Progasm Black ICE. Wow! Progasm Black ICE worked on me big time! The session felt real good when I ended it after 1.5 hours.

Right now I am basking in powerful, sweet Aless produced mostly by Tempo. The hallmark of Tempo is its stainless steel heft. Tempo consists of a bulbous head with two knobs, both inner and outer. I believe that Tempo was made mostly to exercise and tone the anal musculature, and not necessary to massage the prostate as the other Aneros devices. Tempo has the feel of gym dumbbells which are used for weight training. So Tempo is used mostly for strengthening and toning the anal musculature, at least that has been my experience.

My thoughts on male chastity, and jockstraps and athletic cups, and Nov. 21 session

Hi guys,

For many months now, we have been regaled by @goldenboy’s prolific blogs entries on Aneros, sex, jocks and cups, erotic dreams and waking fantasies, semen retention (SR), and male chastity which he lives out by wearing a jock and cup to bed. He calls athletic cups, “chastity” cups, a concept I find intriguing.

I have been pondering and reflecting on male chastity for many months now. It seems that there are least two types of male chastity: (1) religious or ascetic chastity, and (2) erotic chastity for the purpose of enhancing a guy’s sexuality either individually or as one in a marital relationship with a wife.

When I think of male chastity in a religious or ascetic sense, I think of the monastic life either in a Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox sense. In the Roman Catholic Church, you have religious orders and the clergy. Men joining such have swear three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It was believed for many centuries by that church that masturbation and conjugal sexual relations prevented men from living out a devoted life to God and church.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormon church, married couples have to swear to the Law of Chastity, thus allowing a life of utter devotion to marriage (one man, one woman) and the LDS Church.

That delicious anal-prostate tingle & Aneros Tug-of-War technique : Sessions for Oct. 28 & Nov. 1, 2 & 3

Hi guys,

Saturday, October 28:

Many mornings recently I have been waking up with a most delicious prostate-anal tingle in my bunghole. That most masculine feeling is at the heart of my Aless these days. It is so wonderful to interact with this Aless with the Kegels, slow, gentle breathing, and at times, diddling my nipples, especially in bed at night.

Usually I have Aneros sessions first thing in the most when both my body and mind are at their freshest. That condition gives rise to some amazing Aneros sessions! Unfortunately I had to get a much needed haircut mid morning at a barber shop in my neighborhood. So I postponed my session to late in the afternoon when few telephone (telemarketer) calls arrive.

My session this evening was an Aneros full court press with my five usual Aneros models, Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. It was a leisurely 1.5 hour session during I let my Aneros models work on me, each in its own way.

My Aless as I type this blog entry right now is strong and vibrant. I plan to go to bed in an hour or so tonight. That is the best time for me to focus upon my Aless. Amazing things happen in the dark late at night for me in bed when I do this.

Wednesday, November 1:

I had a brief hiatus on Monday and Tuesday earlier this week from my Aneros sessions since my last session last Saturday.

Re-wiring: Closing The Circuit & Welcome, Bad Boy!

Hi guys, here are my reports of the last week, me deeply enjoying to suffer from semen retention (SR), discovering my microcosmic circuit, falling to femdom again – following CEI and edging commands, enforcing arousal by ballstretching and saying welcome to my new pick of the bunch – Progasm ICE – teaching me autof*ck in a rude way. Editing this post I achieved day 12 of SR! Yeah! My balls are aching so bad!

Wednesday, 12/7

Today my Progasm ICE was delivered and I must say: Welcome, Bad Boy! WTF! After some exciting moments, when I shot that slippery tool all through the bathroom, frightened that it might be broken, I finally got it in properly. I went to bed and lay down for five minutes only, when first involuntary contractions began. What was following was the hottest ride out ever. It raped me autof*cking me into pure bliss. Comparing with the Syn Brothers it’s a very filling sensation, more like a real c*ck inside. To me it is of perfect length and size. Perhaps up to it’s slippery surface it seems to even move more easily than the Helix Syn.

Thursday, 12/8

On my 7th day of SR I failed to get along w/o Shibby. Looking up her files for posting some comments in the Aneros forum on wednesday night a certain file name had evoked my curiosity and I could not resist to listen to the whole file three times at work on thursday. It’s called
“I want to make work HARDER for you*”
*(Wait! All links may be NSFW!) having some mean instructions for you while you’re at your office and some orders for later at home including teasing, edging and, of course, denial.