The First Success 2004

I had been participating in the Aneros Forums for 2 months; the descriptions of Super O and the nirvana like descriptions of the experience whetted my appetite and hardened my penis. After two months of reading stickies and communicating in the forums I ordered my first device. This all transpired during my recuperation from open heart surgery in January of 2004. Aneros Forums helped to occupy the long days of healing; I was physically limited as to what I could do at the time, and sex or any sexual activity was out of the question. So chatting about Aneros and learning about the wonders of MMO was a way to pass the time during this slow – boring time in my life. I also ordered several books on ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasm) and read voraciously. It was all I was able to do. I also brushed up on my Zen Meditation as all that I read talked about mind – body control.

So in March at two months along I made the decision to order an MGX; it was well before I was allowed to use it. I had not spoken to my wife about the sex toy I was ordering. She was still fixated on my healing from the heart surgery. So I ordered an Aneros MGX, hoping that she wouldn’t be home when it arrived. Indeed I was home alone when the UPS guy rang the bell. I was feeling pretty good by that time. I was walking a half mile or so each morning trying to build up my strength so the quick response to get to the door was no big deal. I gave myself kudos for my progress.

“Edging, Cups, Orgasms and…..Life!”

I slept in my XO “chastity cup” overnight and reveled in the PONR-sensations induced on my frenulum overnight. Being in Day 7 now of SR, I am feeling the effects of the T-boost! (I have no sense of the blue-balls yet so I don’t feel impelled to ejaculate just yet.)

I had a pseudo-edging session while wearing my cup. I queued-up ‘’ for a regular session and started watching. (I had my lube in-hand and ready-to-go-at-it.) But instead of stroking my cock when instructed, I “stroked” my cup up-and-down! It felt nice with a strong erection within it. This session didn’t last too long, but when the ‘CUM’ screen appeared, I was still somewhat disappointed! Yes, I would like to have cum, but instead, I let myself cool-down. Now, I’m listening to some old disco tracks and they are nice!

Where To From Here?
I am maintaining my chastity profile at least for now. It is a trade-off between the myriad positive effects of semen retention and the specter of blue-balls. I’ll choose the former for now…. My sexuality is imbued in my very existence and I’m thankful for that!

Without an Aneros session, I have to concentrate…, meditate on the role sexuality has on me. What I discovered is a wonderful sense of “maleness” —-if you will—- that exerts a very positive influence on me and my daily actions. Certainly not a ‘super-macho’ mentality but rather a nice (if not gentle) “glow” of male libido that I can feel.

Its not called Eupho for nothing

I haven’t had much time to update my blog recently. But I have still been quite active and have a bit of a backlog of events I would like to share with you all. At first I wrote one big bumper edition but decided it was too lengthy. I have split it into three episodes and will post them individually.
It must be almost a year now since I began this exciting venture into Aneros use. Never for one moment did I expect things to develop the way they have. Pre-Aneros, my solo sessions consisted of a quick wank, probably on a Friday night, more out of habit than anything else. Once out of the way I rarely gave it another thought until the next Friday came around. Contrast that with the present, where rarely a day goes by without me engaging in some activity or another, enjoying feelings of heightened arousal and frequent erections. Not to mention my collection of Aneros devices and related paraphernalia. I have the sort of sexual energy that I do not recall enjoying even in my youth, and that’s a while ago!
So after almost a year’s use I have learned never to have expectations, just go with the flow and enjoy whatever happens. So far this has served me well but I have still had lots of surprises along the way. A couple of my more recent sessions however have taken me completely unawares, with results at totally opposite ends of the scale. Let’s start with this one.
My choice for the session was my Eupho Trident, the smallest in my array. Thinking back I remember I had been a bit off colour with some stomach cramps and felt a bit yuck! I began the session making a conscious decision to ignore the urge to tense up my my abdomen as I usually find myself doing when the waves of pleasure build, I did not want to aggravate my tummy. Instead I lay completely flat on my back with legs outstretched and, relax, relax, r-e-l-a-x. It is very difficult to relax every muscle, even if you think you have there will still be tension. So with every exhale, I concentrated on individual limbs etc. It became like a meditation and I had the sensation that I was sinking further and deeper into the mattress with every out breath. This all took a little time, and while there were some pleasant sensations from my prostate I knew an orgasm wasn’t coming. I actually hoped one wouldn’t happen and disturb the serenity that I was enjoying. I was floating, enjoying the larva lamp-like display that I could see behind my eyes. Eventually, reluctantly, I had to come back to earth and settle down to sleep. What greatly surprised me was that the next day I was still floating on cloud nine and in a totally relaxed state. The cares of the day, of which thankfully I have few, meant nothing to me. World War might have broken out overnight and I couldn’t have given a shxx! The milk has spilled all over the floor, the washing machine has flooded the place, the next door neighbours music is so bloody loud? Ha ha, so what, who cares man. I glided through the day in this condition, it was strange. In a great sort of way. Sadly the day after, this all evaporated from whence it had come and I had returned to my usual, occasionally irritable, shouting at the tv self.
Over the next week or so I still had some nice therapeutic sessions, my tummy trouble was settling down and I was well into a spell of SR. Then into the mix came edging! Due to the terribly bad influence of one or two members on here I began reading posts on the subject and checking out various links. I have previously dabbled with what I thought was edging but I soon realised I was going to have to up my game. So I embarked upon regular edging practice but still maintained my run of SR. By now I was absolutely rampant for most of the time with persistent erections and a good supply of pre cum. It was then that I had my second only encounter with my Progasm Ice.

“Underwear, Unmasked: A Sexual Fetish Meditation”

Yes, a most unusual meditation. But it developed quite naturally. Here are the details…

I awoke early morning with a stiff erection and decided to put-on my Mueller “chastity cup”. I went back to sleep but awoke again, this time near the PONR which felt so good. I really felt close to an ejaculation. That feeling lasted perhaps 15 to 20 minutes. Then the erection subsided and I decided to listen to some soothing, erotic tracks. As I began to listen, I seemed to fall into a most unusual meditation…


As I seem to have a fetish for jockstraps and now, hard cup jocks, it seemed only natural that this would become a topic of meditation. I began to dwell on the concept of jockstraps as underwear. And it dawned on me that, yes, both of these mundane objects are really nothing more than underwear!

A jockstrap is nothing more than a flexible “pouch” of elastic material that is designed to support the male genitals. It resembles male underwear in the way it is designed (give-or-take a few elements) and the way it is worn. But it is in the wearing of it that it becomes an object of sexual stimulation. A lot of guys (myself included) probably can’t help but get an erection while wearing one. And that tight, stimulating “support” only intensifies the feeling.

Session 7

I had a nice long session Sunday afternoon. Actually, even before my session I had some very enjoyable chats in the chat room, including one with a guy who was having a nice A-less session. He was kind enough to share what he was experiencing with me, and reading his descriptions created a sort of echo of the sensations in me. I wasn’t able to perpetuate them, but it was still enjoyable. I really enjoy hearing/reading about others’ Aneros/A-less experiences. I think it helps me learn. The human mind is very good at synthesizing little bits of information into something new and wonderful, and I hope the stories and experiences others relate to me will help me reach new and exciting places on this journey.

After some other interesting chatting, and lunch, I decided to start my session. My husband was out of town, so I had plenty of time to enjoy myself and experiment in different ways, and no deadline. One of the challenges I’ve had with my sessions is feeling like there’s an imaginary egg timer ticking away in my head. Is it time to get ready for work? Is my husband going to be home soon? I usually set an actual timer to make sure I don’t go too long, so I should be able to just relax and enjoy the ride while it lasts. But something in my head won’t just let go. I chatted with several people who said they have the same challenge, so at least I know I’m not alone.

“Anatomical Delights Of A Male”

No sessions for a couple of days now. I am in a new Day 3 of SR and just relaxing and enjoying my maleness. While in bed this morning, wearing my Mueller “chastity cup” I began to dwell (like a meditation) on a few things. They all seemed to have something in common: the male anatomy. So here is the essence of that story…..


Male Anatomy 101
Of course, we all have a penis, two testicles, a scrotum and a prostate. Males are very sensual creatures; we are sexually stimulated mainly by touch or sight. Whether we touch our own cocks or have that pleasure performed by someone (or something) else, we derive extreme orgasmic satisfaction from our erections and ejaculations. Need I say any more?

But there are other things unique to our male anatomy that can give us great sexual pleasure. Among them are prostate stimulation and perineal stimulation.

“Sometimes Sex Just Happens”

No session this morning. But I awoke fairly early and wanted to relax with some meditation tracks. I selected one: “The Timeless Sea 10 hr’s” and began to listen. It was very calming and relaxing. It wasn’t too long before I began a meditation…..

I began to meditate on sex. Not in the usual sense, but within the context of all reproduction of wild species. For example, how do insects mate? What about birds? And so on….

And the meditation turned-back on us humans. We certainly reproduce but in our own terms, no? We have “rules and regulations” galore—generally monogamous unions and all kinds of penalties if we are not. We human males then are not “free” in a sexual sense. We are usually committed to one single female for life. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Perhaps, but then the mechanics of sex becomes quite…..boring! There is no variety! Maybe that is why so many men have issues with ED? PE? DE? We rely more on artificial means (pills, etc.) to increase our arousal and our sexual performance. So there is a deeper-rooted psychological basis for the sexual maladies of the human male. Intriguing….

Effect with Aneros
The meditation then shifted to Aneros and our prostate pleasures derived from these simple devices. I read about men in the Forum having issues with arousal, erections and generally a lack of stimulating, orgasmic sessions. I too experience this from time to time. And I began to dwell on their cause. Of course, the usual explanation is that “our expectations are too high!” But I would like to counter that with “just let sex happen!” “Sex” in this context implies anything sexually-arousing such as an Aneros session.

“Re-Affirming My Maleless”

I had a nice late-night session (although too brief) with my HIH 950. It auto-f****d me for about 15 minutes. I moaned the entire time. I was only wearing my Duke swimmer’s jock. When the session was over, I took off the jock and just put-on my nylon shorts. Then I went back to sleep. Or so I thought!

During the time that I went back to bed, since I was not wearing a cup, I began to “feel” for my package. Nothing unusual about that. But I began to dwell on something that developed into a fantasy of-sorts, perhaps more of a meditation. Here it is….

[Warning: This description includes sexually suggestive and explicit language. Reader be aware. This is what I remember. I won’t hold back on the descriptions.]

As males, we must acknowledge our main purpose: We have a “duty” to make and deposit our semen.

We are designed to “leak”—that leaking of alkaline fluid paves the way for an ejaculation.

We must have erections—they are as necessary as our cocks. If they occur at an inopportune time, no problem! Let them happen! Don’t squelch them! Our cocks are designed for penetration into the female vagina. Don’t hold back, let it happen!

Are you in chastity? F**k it! Take-off that binding sheath and expose the male appendage with its raw power!

“The Language Of The Soul?…..A Meditation”

[Disclaimer: This is my interpretation only. No connection whatsoever to others’ interpretations of the “language”, either by music, feelings or other means.]

Perhaps a little bit off-topic, but it all started yesterday. I was brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror. And it suddenly dawned on me: I can only look at my face through the mirror! Think about it: “you” are never looking at “you” (like others see you) except through a mirror, another reflection, a photograph or a video monitor. That is because of the way things are.

We have a dog, and our dog never looks at himself in the mirror! Dogs are not vain that way! But he communicates just fine because our eyes meet and he understands what I am trying to tell him. Perhaps this is the way people communicate too?

I wore my Mueller cup overnight and settled-down this morning (quite early and after a nice session with the HIH 950) to listen to some relaxing, soothing tracks. I continued this meditation…..


It seems to me that the “best” way for people to communicate with each other is through person-to-person contact. When peoples’ eyes meet, there is a special connection there. If there is indeed a “sixth sense” I believe it is received and processed through this visual means of communication.

“Not A Session But A Meditation”

I am only in Day 2 of SR. That should mean low libido and low-T, right? Uh, somebody forgot to tell my body. Let me explain…..

I awoke not too early, only wearing my nylon shorts but no cup. I had a firm erection and began (almost without any forethought) stroking my male “parts”, almost like I wanted to ejaculate! I honestly felt like I could! And after a short while, I realized that I needed to “curb” this activity and so I decided to quickly put-on my Mueller “chastity cup”. And that put an end to that!

Now, in bed again with about an hour before it was time to get-up, I began to meditate on our male ejaculatory system and how complicated it really is. Of course, we take advantage of our prostates with our massagers. But the complete system is rather complicated. The process of getting our semen out of our bodies consists of many “layers” of fluids, each secreted by a different organ. There is, of course, the prostate. But there are others, such as the seminal vesicles and the Cowper’s glands, which contribute vital fluids as well. All of these must work together (with their respective muscle groups) when we reach the ‘Point-Of-No-Return’ and the climax of ejaculation.

The male reproductive system is truly a work of art. So many pieces have to come together for one purpose: continuation of the species! It is a “system” honed over many centuries, many millennia. Every human male (and most non-human mammals) have this capacity; it is a “wonder of the world” IMHO.