Took lsd, achieved my first orgasm – a super prostate orgasm

So I’ve got first aneros 6 months ago, been doing a lot of sessions. Last week I took lsd and decided to have a session. I used aneros helix trident.

I never achieved any kind of orgasm before even tho I’ve been getting close lately. That’s why I knew lsd would help me get over the edge.

I closed my eyes, put on some meditation music and got into deep meditation. Didn’t really do anything special. Lsd allowed me to experience sensations through visuals (for example I was able to see orgasm as a shining ball of light inside space).

After I achieved first orgasm I was amazed, but then something different happened. Different body parts were starting to get unlocked, I felt energy flowing there and they were starting to shake. I took some time to get energy flowing in all body parts. I was shaking in various frequencies and felt as if I was being pulled on strings like a puppet.

Then something happened where I started visualize train station and railroad. Then I saw bright lights as if I was in a tunnel of light and felt I was aligning the “rails” of light, then super orgasm hit me and I shook like crazy. It’s hard to describe, but I felt I was channeling pure cosmic energy, or achieved nirvana. I didn’t feel myself at all. It was just energy and pleasure. Every time the peak orgasm would hit me I would again see the “light rails” aligning as if I was aligning my chackras or something. I don’t know how long I was orgasming or how many of them I had. All I know is that I saw God.

How I achieved Multiple, non-ejaculating Orgasms

**I recently achieved the Super O and I want to share how I did it.**

When it occurred it was an hour of 2-3 minute orgasms spread about 4-5 minutes apart (round about) with some periods that just felt like they would not end, until it did finally (and weirdly…abruptly. It was like my ass said “ok..enough”)

**First some important information.**

It will typically take many many sessions to get there. For me, it was a 3 year journey of first finding the right toy (one that fits, doesn’t hurt and is easy to put in), the right lube (for me again, coconut oil seems to work best), and the right mindset.

Mindset being the most important one. You are basically creating an orgasm with your mind here. The aneros helps it along, but once you get it, you will notice you can do it without one up your ass so always know this is coming from you thinking about it and making it occur.

You need at **least** 2 and a half hours for a proper session where you will not be interrupted. This does not include prep time.

For Prep, you need to ensure your bowels are voided and clean, you don’t have to urinate and you have plenty of lube, toys and available materials at arm’s reach.

You need a good toy that does not hurt and feels comfortable up your ass.

Recovery from a food illness and surviving the heatwave here

Hi guys,

Saturday morning I ate some tainted ground beef that made me violently sick overnight Saturday and all day Sunday. I suspected that I suffered a case of food poisoning. My body reacted with bouts of vomiting and diarrhea throughout the night. I was glad when dawn arrived. But I suffered runs of diarrhea throughout Sunday. Sunday evening near sunset I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get medicine to put a prompt end to the diarrhea and fast next day Monday. While I felt better afterward, I had to deal with episodes of hiccups however. I discovered a few days ago that meditation is useful for alleviating the hiccups.

The DC area has had a brutal heatwave the last three days. Tomorrow night Monday it will end for sure with the arrival of a cold front accompanied by thunderstorms.

Last night I wore m BIKE CUP Support Unit to bed and slept like a baby. Last weekend’s illness caused me to not wear my jocks and cups and caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. But wearing a jock and cup to bed marks an important step in my recovery.

It is now 97 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors at 3 p.m. We are supposed to reach 98 degrees.

So now I have donned my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit and am wearing it underneath a pair of camouflage cargo shorts along with a UA T-shirt. I enjoy Kegeling in my jock and cup along with diddling my nipples. This uncanny combination is so sweet and consoling.

Separating orgasm from ejaculation

Recently I’ve been focusing more on the do nothing and meditate approach. I’m had moderate success, involuntarily contractions and twitch when lightly tending my PC muscles. During this I’m aroused, relaxed and soft. Eventually I’m out of time and/or bored and I lightly touch my dick till it’s half erect (I know, I know, don’t do it, but hey I just put 90 minutes in, I need some release). Then working my PC I can eventually orgasm and it’s usually accompanied by a HFWO. Recently I’ve been noticing that orgasm and ejaculation seem to be be slightly seperate. The most recent thins was pronounced, I felt orgasm and spasms hit for 2-3 seconds and then felt the wave of ejaculation come (pun intended). I think I read about how being multi orgasmic can arise from separating the two events, any tips on further separating them or what’s going on?

“Who Are We? Just Play The Game!”

[This blog was inspired by an Aneros member]

While listening to some erotic chillout this morning, I began to dwell on this topic. And the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense to me. So I’d like to share it…..

We as men share a unique role in this world. We are the sex who (for lack of better words) penetrates, thrusts and ejaculates. It really it that simple! But along the way, we have developed many other ways, other ‘tools’ if you will, to cultivate and ‘grow’ our manhood, our ‘maleness’, our sexuality. Among these are ways well-known to Aneros members such as myself. I am referring to the practices of semen retention (SR), NoFap ® and Aneros prostate massage. Of course, there are others and one which I endorse and promote is the use of ‘chastity cups’.

Now what do all of these have in common? It really is quite simple, IMO. All of these activities are designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, not only for ourselves but in the general scheme of things, our male ‘vision’ of the world. (Our female counterparts share their own ‘vision’ that is (thank goodness!) completely different from our own). Together, we can make a new world (literally).

How To Play The Game
As I continued to meditate, it became clear to me that all of these sexual activities are entirely and always under our direct control. Here are some examples….

subtleties of prostate stimulation

New tools teaching me the intricacies and subtleties.

In my last blog post I mentioned getting some new pleasure tools. I have been having lots of fun with the Njoy large plug. this thing just sits on my prostate giving me the pressure I require without interaction since I’m a do nothing guy (but that is now changing because of these new tools) inducing some wonderful feeling orgasms. These ‘o’s are different but also the same from the ones I experienced from using an aneros product. I also love the fact that I can join in the am and go about my day feeling a constant stimulation of my anal canal and lower prostate area, gets me and keeps me aroused almost the entire time I’m moving.

I think the biggest take back is since these new tools are so unforgiving on the body if used to aggressively, I am really starting to become more mindful of the subtlety of prostate massage. When using any of my lovers and doing clenching (kegels or some type of muscular interaction) I would get overzealous without even knowing it thus chasing away the pleasure I was seeking because I had no feed back if you will, I couldn’t feel it moving inside me until an orgasm had started. Using the new tools force me to pay more attention to what and when I actively do something since I got overzealous one time using the Pfun and became fairly sore. The large seems to return a light feed back to me letting me learn the light touch required.

Sweet, timeless memories about jocks and cups (inspired by goldenboy)

Hi guys,

Many of who have read my Aneros blog over the years have heard my stories about jocks and cups dating from my puberty and the glory days of adolescence up to my old age. This fascination represents a lifetime of experience and gives me even now the thrill of wearing these quintessentially male items which men and boys wear for athletics and even daily, leisurely wear.

I was eleven or twelve when I encountered my dad’s jockstrap for the first time. Mom had laundered in February or March 1962 and hanged it on a hanger to dry above the bathtub at home. Dad was going to wear it under his Little League navy blue umpire uniform pants when Little League began in late April or May that year. I decided to try it on when it was dry. I was baffled in how to wear it correctly, but I figured its mesh pouch was to contain my privates, but I was mystified that its leg straps gave that “bare ass” feel, so unlike the briefs I wore as my own underwear. However the “bare ass” feel of a jockstrap provides needed ventilation to a guy’s sweaty buttocks on the athletic field. This also applies to a guy wearing a cup jock.

“The Bigger Picture”

{Note: Adult sexual content expressed in this blog. Readers be advised.}

Lying in bed early this morning. I had slept part of the night in my Mueller cup; it was sooooo relaxing I hardly felt that I had it on! At one point, I decided to take it off and just sleep in my PJs. I had some vivid (non-sexual) dreams which I remember. During the night, I began to dwell on this concept and will relate it as I remember. (PS I am currently in Day 7 of SR; I have not had an Aneros session in a few days).

I began to think not about the obvious differences between us males and females, but rather our respective sexual functions . And the distinction was rather clear in my mind. We males are the “actors” (the aggressors, the dominant ones) in sex. It is up to us to deposit our sperm into the female. The females do not have this function, other than to regulate their “fertile” days if they want to conceive. It is entirely up to us to accomplish our “mission”.

Then, as I dwelt on this some more, it became clear that us males need to “ensure” that we are “ready and able” to deposit our semen (that is, to ejaculate) at any time. Further, it became clear that anything we can do to “stimulate” our functioning sexual apparatus is beneficial. That would include massaging our prostates (through Aneros), edging, and even masturbation. Watching porn would certainly not be out of the question. This is especially true for guys that don’t have sex or have it very infrequently (such as myself).

Rumel`s Ruminations – Part IV

To Whom It May Interest,

Over the last few years I’ve posted numerous comments in other peoples threads and authored a few threads of my own. In hopes it would aid in the understanding of the Aneros Journey I’ve decided to consolidate some of the more salient posts of my thoughts here.

From Aneros and an ‘Optimal’ mind state?
Hi guys,
I was recently asked by a member [quote]…about how to get into the right state of mind to encourage a prostate orgasm to happen…[/quote]That’s a good question which deserves some thoughtful responses from our members. First off, let’s dispense with the word “right” and it’s implied antonym “wrong”, the semantics of which imply too much moral judgment attached to their use. I prefer to use the term “optimal” in lieu of “right”. Second, we need to identify what constitutes this “optimal” state of mind. I think I have a pretty good idea about this but it is just my opinion. Third, we need to identify those practices which will help us get into that “optimal” state of mind. Some of this was alluded to in the thread [U][URL=””]Identifying Facilitators to Progress[/URL][/U] so this post could be considered an addendum to that thread. This also ties into [USER=”7188″]rook[/USER] ‘s thread [U][URL=””]Whole Body/Whole Mind – the mental side[/URL][/U] & [USER=”7244″]SteelColdiron[/USER] ‘s thread [U][URL=””]Aneros: The Essential Mind State[/URL][/U]

“Sexual Regularity”

Having slept in my Mueller Flex Shield cup overnight and now in a new Day 3 of SR, I awoke at about 1 AM. I wanted to retreat down to the comfort of my sofa and I selected a nice, soothing track for Solfeggio 639 Hz meditation: “It enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships”.

Almost as soon as I starting listening and meditating, I began to make an important connection. Let me explain…..


{Note: this connection may seem somewhat bizarre and absurd at first, but please hear me out!..}

I have bouts of constipation from time to time and thus was the case a couple days ago. Having been irregular for a couple of days, I knew that I needed some help. I needed to take a laxative. I waited up until bedtime without success, then made the decision to take it. I did and then retired for the night. After about 4 hours, I felt it starting to work and was relieved that 10 hours later, when I awoke, I was “regular” again!


Now, what does this have to do with the meditation, you may ask? Well, it occurred to me that our sexual selves operate, in fact, with regularity. Let me give some examples….

Our NPTs which almost all of us men experience at night, occur with great regularity. If they did not, something would be wrong with our sexual “plumbing”. I anticipate these and sometimes am prepared by wearing a “chastity cup” to negate the stimulating effects of the ensuing erections.