Vibrator vs non-vibrator for first toy

I’m about to buy my first prostate toy and have narrowed it down to either the Helix Syn Trident or the Helix Syn V. I like the idea of a smaller toy. I tried a p-spot toy once before and it hurt quite a bit.

I’ve used my finger in to massage my prostate before and pressure felt good so I think the non-vibrating would be ok. But I also like the feel of a vibrator right on my butthole while I masturbate sometimes.

I’ve read a lot that vibrations on the prostate don’t do much for many people so I’m not sure it’s worth the extra money that I’ll not enjoy.

Has anyone been through this and can share some thoughts?

Any models that accommodate sitting down? No experience with prostate massagers/plugs.

I’ve been lurking in this sub for a while and want to finally get around to buying an aneros prostate massager. I’ve been recently looking into the MGX and Helix trident but they don’t look all that comfortable during the seated position.

I also read around in the sub that people actually clip the forks that remain outside your body, so I’d rather buy the right toy from the get go.

I have three questions:

1. Are there any aneros massagers that can be used whilst sitting down (i.e. on a desk chair)

2. What position do you usually use for your Aneros trident massagers? Do you lay down on your belly, or..?

3. I’m a 5ft 5in male so quite short. Do I need a smaller device or are the toys a one-size-fits-all solution?

PVC or Silicone?

Hello everyone,

I am about to take the plunge and will buy my very first prostate massager! I’ve decided to go with the Trident Helix. The other 3 options were appealing but the helix’s main selling point is its mobility, which after lurking around this sub seems to be important to achieving prostate orgasms. I thought about buying the Maximus as feeling fuller is rather enjoyable to me, but at the cost of mobility I think either the Eupho or Helix are better, hence my choice for the Helix.

One last question remains however: Silicone or PVC? Silicone is both cheaper and softer, but has that silicone smell and doesn’t increase mobility. On the other hand, PVC is more expensive and harder but is easier to move around your prostate.

Which do you prefer?

I bought my first aneros today!!

I went to a sex shop right after work. Went inside and got.
Can’t remember when was the last time I was at a sex shop.
Ha! Ha! I was really nervous.

There were to cashier one male and a female. I kept on praying that a male cashier would help me.. I bought the aneros HELIX SYN TRIDENT.

Now i need to find the time and day my GF is not at home.
Right now my mind is running at 1000 miles per hour can’t wait to use it see what everyone is talking about.

Any suggestions on a fist timer.


Recent Super-O

My Eupho Trident nestles serenely in my tight slick anus. I relax into it and feel it’s gentle probing, the tip perfectly nuzzled against my eager gland. I visualize my cock surrounded by the beautiful glistening inner labia of a stunningly sexy Latina that I work with. Hot, slick, fantastically beautiful pussy lips envelope my shaft as I slowly glide in and out of her. I hold a reverse kegel for a few moments and I am overwhelmed with a thrashing, moaning Super-O the likes of which I have never experienced before, the Aneros auto-fucking my pulsating hole. What a fantastic experience!

7 years and counting

So, I’ve been on the journey for around 7 years now. I started with the Helix Syn. Then I got the Progasm Ice and finally the Helix Trident.

Alll three have given me different sensations but none have pushed me over the edge. I probably like the Helix Trident best and he’s definitely my go to. I haven’t really used the Helix Syn for some time as the material seemed to cause me a little bit of discomfort.

Now as I said. All three have given me good sensations. I’ve tried pretty much everything with all of them. Doing nothing, doing something. Holding at a low pressure, doing straight up Kegels and/or Reverse Kegels.

Laying on my side, my back and my stomach. Standing up, kneeling. Hard surface, soft surface. Watching porn, not watching porn. Listening to binaural sounds. Abstaining and not abstaining.

I tend to leak pre cum quite freely during sessions, and I go from soft to hard and back again a few times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Aneros, and I tend to reach for it whenever I get a private moment. But I will admit that I am starting to lose the sheer excitement I had for the first 3-4 years.

Do you guys have a pro tip I should try to maybe reach the next step? Pretty much willing to try anything. I’ve seen a lot of guys make great progress using weed and/or gummies but that’s out of the question for me.

New user, loving it, but do I have the wrong toy?

I am guessing I fall into a different category here than most. I don’t really like lying and relaxing with the Aneros and I don’t like the audio files that some here recommended.

BUT I also do NOT fall into the category of “I started using it and feel nothing!”. Quite the contrary.

I feel absoluty joy even when inserting, almost rolled my eyes the first time I was putting it in, I really do feel my prostate stimulated the moment I put it in. I do moan every single time I put it in, it’s so nice. It feels absolutely great wiggling and moving the toy around (something which you are supposed not to do). Not going to sugar coat it, I enjoy the feeling of the toy “fucking me” and rythmically pressing against my prostate. I also played with the idea of fixing it somewhere and riding it. It’s so much joy that I honestly can’t lie there and do nothing, even the muscle contraction movements are not half as good as manually moving the Aneros for me personally. I am still a beginner, but I bet that it will make me orgasm some day just by moving it back and forth with my hand, I feel a light rush but lose it because of overexitement.

Magnus Trident not staying centered?

Forgot if this is the one I have, but the vertical pointing handle won’t stay centered on this one spot that feels great upon contraction. It slips to the left or the right and sometimes irritates that thinner skin.

So many to choose from

At first I was annoyed.
Overpriced and a ton of models to choose from, didn’t want to get the wrong one.

Two days after getting the helix syn trident I’ve decided I want them all! Levels of pleasure I’ve not experienced before and if there are subtle differences to appreciate I NEED to feel them!

Daily wear

New here. Helix syn trident 2 days old.
Whole experience is incredible. First few sessions were great, some dry orgasms without super o yet, but I am confident it will come.
So decide to try wearing it around while doing other things. No issues with walking or light activity. A few squeezes while standing feels amazing. Anyone with longer wear experience or issues? I feel like as long as well lubed there should not be an issue.