“All-Around Abstinence”

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Technically, I have been practicing NoFap for about 30 days now. To be more accurate, I have abstained from watching porn (and not listening to binaural beats) for 30 days. I have had only a couple of ejaculations during that time, mostly to control my blue-balls. My last ejaculation was initiated by my wife, so I am able to continue the PMO NoFap journey.

At the same time, I have greatly scaled-back my Aneros sessions. I had one a few days ago (one in about 2 weeks). I selected the HelixTrident and although it was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes), it certainly packed-a-punch! The H-T had me moaning almost right from the start! There is no doubt in my mind that my prostate “remembers” all the nuances that an Aneros prostate massager can yield. No doubt about it!

Nights Are Better
One thing that I am noticing about NoFap is the presence of more spontaneous erections, and quite stimulating ones at night in bed. Of course, the NPTs must continue as they always do. But a few that have woken me up seem to take me very close to the edge of a wet dream. I could probably initiate an ejaculation through some body twists and thrusts into the bed. But instead, I usually intercept the PONR arousal in time by putting on one of my ‘chastity cups’: these always help to quell the erection, at least temporarily, and allow me to get some more sleep.

Just got a Helix Trident, no sensation?

Finally decided to go for the Helix Trident after reading a lot of reviews & comments online.

I put it in and i just don’t feel anything at all, like it’s not even making contact with my prostate or something?

Is this normal or am i doing it wrong?

I’m used to getting fucked – should i have gotten a bigger model than the Helix?

If so, is there any market for “gently used” sex toys (as in, “little old lady only drive it to church οn Sundays”)?

Local store only carries 3 models, which one to choose for a beginner?

I’m planning to buy from a local store but according to their website ([https://www.goodvibes.com/s/](https://www.goodvibes.com/s/)) they only carry:

Eupho Syn

Eupho Trident

Maximus Trident

I originally wanted a Helix Syn and I’ll still see if they have one in store. If these three are my only options, which would you recommend? I’ve heard mixed things about the Eupho line being harder than the Helix for beginners (but the Helix might not be an option for me).

Thanks for the input!

My experience so far…

So, I jumped on the prostate bandwagon a few months ago and started with the Helix Syn. Had a few good sessions with it but wasn’t getting anywhere close to what I was reading about. Turns out…I was too impatient.

I ordered the Helix Trident Syn last week and I have had a few sessions with it. I like it SO much better than the Syn. That extra strength in the P-tab really helps.

The other night I was having a session and I had my first hands-free ejaculation. Not a Super-O or even a dry orgasm, but hands-free nonetheless. That was a pretty big step. I had the Trident in and I had used extra lube. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I had my dick tucked between my legs and my legs were squeezed closed. This goes against the “relax and it will come to you” but it felt so good.

I also had quite a few large muscle shakes. The feelings grew and grew and then I came. It was pretty intense but not my ultimate goal. Still, I had managed to do something I’d never done before so that was a good session.

Today, I put on my chastity cage and sat around doing some work. I started feeling horny and just paid attention to my prostate. I have found that I can get some great feelings without the Aneros if I concentrate enough so I tried doing that.

“Chastity, Celibacy and Aneros”

I was browsing online this morning for ideas and definitions of chastity and celibacy (and abstinence too). And one of the take-aways was that it was important to practice regular prostate massage when undertaking these activities, particularly when combined with semen retention and resultant fewer ejaculations. It is important to prevent prostate issues such as cancer. A prostate massage (initially a few times a week then perhaps twice a month minimum) was recommended. That seemed to resound in my head, and the next thing I knew, I was headed up to my bedroom to perform a quick “therapeutic” prostate-massage session. I haven’t had one in a while.

I selected rather quickly my HelixTrident, lubed it up and began the session. And just as quickly, I fell-into a ‘matter-of-fact’ medical fantasy: I am preparing for a checkup in my urologist’s office and he wants all his patients now to ‘prep’ with a prostate massage. So I obliged.

The Helix went-in very easily and before I knew it, I had started the session. It wasn’t too long before I began to experience an ‘auto-f**k’ feeling within; very slight PC contractions which felt amazingly good. Every now and then, there was a more (involuntary) anal contraction. The doctor told me that this ‘prep’ was to be 15 to 20 minutes minimum; I stopped after 20 minutes. This was probably one of the best sessions I have had with the H-T in a while. And I am only in Day 2 of SR! I was wearing my XO ProCup during this session and several times during this ‘therapy’ I felt a ‘pump or two’ of something (turned out to be precum). An amazing feeling and an ever better prostate ‘prep’!

Full speed ahead

Since I have written a long blog post and got logged out before it could be posted (my fault), I’ll keep this post brief.

Currently my sessions involve erotic audio (I find that soft sensual moans helps me to relax and drift into the right space), circling around but not directly on the nipples and lying on the back with knees pointing up position. It’s been working well and my past 10 sessions or so have gotten increasingly and distinctly better each and everytime (hope I dont jinx this with the too much expectations haha).

The pelvic muscles have gotten stronger, the prostate orgasms last much longer. I find that I can get into that orgasmic state much quicker too. At this point I can safely say the prostate orgasms are just as intense as regular TOs without the penis stimulation and ejaculation.

With some mild clenching and letting the audio moans kick arousal into the prostate, I feel the unmistakable orgasm coming on and it does. At some points the orgasm gets so intense and the Aneros strokes the prostate so intensely I think it could hurt me but it never did! Sometimes there are large strokes and sometimes really small spasms when things get intense. The orgasms come in different lengths and intensities. There was once I came off an orgasm and I felt the Aneros stroke me, it felt exceptional and I started cumming again within 5 secs.

Unable to get Involuntary contractions with toy?

I got my Aneros Classic back in August, and have tried the Peridise as well as Trident Maximus since then, and with any of the three toys, I have tried Relaxing and doing nothing, Light constant contractions, medium constant contractions, and heavy constant contractions, as well as contracting for a few minutes then relaxing, but using any of these, I get no involuntary contractions.

Recently I have been getting something that I think might be similar to them however, but they never occur when a toy is in, they occur when I am trying to go to sleep, and are like a twitching/vibrating of the anus.

Is there anything I can try to get these contractions to happen with a toy?

Blog Introduction

An introduction to myself and any progress I make with the Aneros.

I am new to blogging in general and am still trying to figure out how to use this blog.

I am 67 years old and weigh about 280. I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate (BPH). Research on this condition brought me to the concept of prostate massage for prostate health reasons and particularly to the Aneros massagers. Upon learning that prostate massage could also lead to multiple and enhanced orgasms, I became especially interested. wow, what a great side benefit.

i am retired and married with 2 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandson. I gotta say that embarking on the Aneros path and all it can bring to me seems a little strange considering my age and station in life.

Some things for you to expect from my blog… I expect to note any and all progress. This includes new things I have tried and failed to produce results. This is progress also.

I don’t expect to create a blog entry on any particular time schedule. If I have made some progress, I’ll create an entry. Otherwise, I will likely remain silent. I don’t think it would be fair to make an entry just to report “nothing changed”. that would be a waste of my time and more importantly a waste of your time.

“Does Anticipation of a Session Make For a Better Session?”

I had a nice session with Helix Trident yesterday. Slept in my Safe-T-Gard Cage Cup overnight; I am now in Day 7 of SR. Lying in bed early this morning (about 5 AM) I began to contemplate a short session using my HIH 950.

In my mind, I was going ‘through-the-motions’ of prep: lube, insertion, relaxation and almost was ready to advance. In my mind, I could ‘feel’ the massager begin to work on my prostate. I ‘felt’ the soft but compelling glides of the slippery tool against my aching gland. Then, I ignored the whole idea. Why?….

Better Next Time?
I discovered that by building-up the anticipated Aneros session in my brain (I almost accomplished it) I was already on a path to prostate pleasure. It’s a little bit like anticipating an ejaculation through edging. But the edging never happened. Likewise, the prostate massage never happened. Yes, I was disappointed. But the anticipation caused a ‘rush’ in my arousal that is hard to describe. I can now feel a gentle ‘pulsing’ in my prostate, almost asking me: “When next?”

As I entered this blog post, I am performing nice, gentle PC contractions and definitely starting to feel it in my prostate. Perhaps it will reward me with another great real session sometime? Touche’.

PS I can’t liken this inaction to a form of chastity . The anticipated session was real from the start. So I never anticipated that it wouldn’t happen. In chastity, you know that you are always denied the pleasure. This ‘mind-game’ is worthy (IMO) of further inspection.