Newbie looking for advice

So recently I’ve decided to take the plunge. I got my aneros syn trident a week ago and have made good progress so far. After my 6th session I noticed I’ve got a problem on my hands. I’m often getting distracted by a building erection whenever my involuntaries go from prodding my prostate, to a small build up of pleasure. I feel like whenever I’m getting close to a p wave or any thing close to pleasure, my dick seems to ruin things for me.

I’m wondering if there’s any tips and tricks to getting around this issue.


Fairly new to exploring with prostate stimulation. I bought a trident about a year ago, I enjoy it, but never have had any real pleasure from it. 6 months ago, I bought the giddi Thor (good girth, rotating, and vibrating) and I finally started to see progress, slowly but surely. Not every time I’d get anything out of it (or I’d get too impatient and finish the job myself) but I would get a p wave here and there. Finally last night, I got 3 good p waves, and I think I finally had a full on pgasm. It was by far the most intense, fully body clenching and shaking feeling I’ve ever had. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I love what I’ve discovered. Any tips or advice would be great. I would love to be able to do the same with the trident, but it seems like I have to have the help from the toy.


Bought my first Aneros, Helix syn trident was smaller than I expected are they all about that size I need something bigger in order to put pressure I’m looking for. Even if I flex I don’t really feel any thing.

why is it so hard to do?!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a failure. Like I figured as long as nothing was painful, it’d be awesome off the bat.

I use the syn V and syn trident. I use lots of lube. I’ve gotten pretty good to separate anal and penile stimulation. I practice kegals. Usually I play after a nice hot shower and often after working out. I’ve tried the mindgasm thing. I use edibles.

Having it inside feels nice enough. I can move the toy with contractions. Nothing is painful. But I haven’t gotten the legs shaking. I haven’t gotten any involuntary contractions aside from when I also masturbated at the same time (I’ve since stopped doing these together). I haven’t gotten the mind blowing fireworks.

I’ve tried lots of different yoga positions. On my back, on my stomach, on my side. And these are fun and erotic….but nothing?

I’ve tried doing nothing, I’ve tried casually keeping it in while watching tv or w/e.

Is it really this hard to get a prostate orgasm?

Aneros with Mindgasm

Hi guys

So I’ve taken everyone’s advice and subscribed to mindgasm. I’d already tried the first three lessons, and because of things I’ve done in the past I found the base and PC muscles pretty easy to separate. Then the Top muscle…

When I do what it sounds like I’m supposed to do I kind if get it. I’ve been trying for the last few nights, and I do feel like I’ve got a good control of it (not long but definitely there). Tonight I was going to try again, without Aneros but I seemed to be getting some sensations so I thought “Ah feck it. What harm can it do?” so in went my Trident. I then continued my exercises and, not sure if nature took over but I found myself hard (not the issue). I also naturally gravitated to both my Base and PC muscles being flexed, and just doing the top. So my questions are a) am I doing it right, and b) when flexing my top should THAT be where all my main sensations are (almost like it’s being thrusted, or masturbated but v..e..r..y slowly and gently). And very pleasurable it was too, with a couple of gasps and ‘Oh my God!”s. Twice my stomach contracted then my head fell back on the pillow! Sadly no precum or anything but it felt like it was. (But I’m not chasing the orgasm; I’m letting it chase me)

Aneros staining

I ordered 3 Aneros products from . My understanding is that they’re a reputable dealer.

My Eupho Trident and Helix Trident both came in white and feels a little rough (not 100% smooth), and the Maximus Trident came in a smooth/sleek black material. From what I can tell, I think the Maximus gets fully cleaned.

However, both the Eupho and Helix seem to be staining and I’m not convinced they aren’t porous and are actually getting 100% clean between uses. Are my products defective?

Hail To The Helix

I haven’t blogged much lately but I’ve decided to make this entry as the subject is an important step in my journey even if I’ve written about this topic before.

I’ve started my Aneros experience (and prostate play) on Jan 18, 2016; 6 years minus a few weeks. My first tool was the Classic Helix Syn and it was my only unit for almost the entire first year. I acquired my Progasm Ice as my second massager and although it was a great addition, my HS had not lost its place as my preferred one. Since then, over the years, I’ve added several more to my collection but again, my original HS retained its special place in preference.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I broke the front tab of my CHS and the only thing holding it in place is the silicone envelope over the arm. The unit itself is still good but there is no longer a front pivot to activate motion of the massager. It all has to be done by pure PF muscles which worked fine for me as I have full control of them.

Last year, I had a chance to acquire the Trident version of my Helix Syn thinking it would replace the broken one. It turned out to be different but just as good as the original one but for sentimental reasons, I never threw away the broken one.

How to de-odorize syn V?

(and trident for that matter, but obviously vibrator will be more sensitive). Both toys are starting to get a little smelly.

I’ve tried hot water (hot enough where steam is coming off it, but not a roiling boil) with a splash of white wine vinegar and it still has that smell.

Syn V manual says not to use anything with alcohol, acetone, or petroleum?

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Feel teased

Hi! I recently bought an Helix Syn Trident, and when i use it when sufficiently horny i can get some really great feeling (not sure if actually a p-wave though), but it also really feels like i’m being teased by my prostate and that there’s this one spot somewhere inside my ass that if i were to touch it with the Aneros would be absolute bliss. Problem is, i can’t manage to reach it no matter what i do. It always feels like it’s *just* out of reach.

Can anyone relate? Does the spot actually exist, or is it a part of the rewiring process? If it’s real, how do i reach it?

Foolish question, but how/how often to reapply H2O based lube?

Merry xmass! Xxxmas?

Still learning the ins and outs of toy play. I have the syn V and trident and been playing since Halloween weekend.

I’ve always used lube of course, but have never reapplied during play. Even if keeping it in overnight. I’ve never felt any discomfort or issue, but would like to try as constant period as possible for being lubed up. I have plenty of lube.

So…. Dumb question, how do people do this? Do I take the toy out, apply to toy/hole, go wash hands? Can I take the toy out and just apply to the hole and surrounding skin?

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