Which model should I get?

I have the helix trident and progasm. I haven’t had much success over 6 months of practice (let’s say 1.2 sessions per week avg.) I am thinking of taking the plunge and getting a new model, since there is a sale going on. I was thinking about getting the eupho or eupho syn. I don’t know how the silicone would impact the toy specifically so any input on that would be appreciated. Would it dull the sensations too much to what I hear is already a more subtle model? Input on other models is good, too, though I am not interested in the vice.

Which toy, if you can point it out, awoke your prostate? The first to give you p-waves? First to orgasm? The models are built differently, so maybe there is a vague consensus on which aneros models are more prone to doing this. This question is geared towards people who awoke their prostates through aneros. Any other experiences are welcome,too

A POV from a beginner

I have no idea what to do, I think I’m overthinking things. I just got my helix trident and I feel nothing I’ve used it about 3 times over the past 2 weeks.

I feel like I’m looking through a window everyone is having so much fun and I’m just left here. It’s really frustrating to start and learn. I’m feeling really unmotivated to do this

There’s so much information to take in, everyone says so much stuff and I have no idea what to do anymore. I want a nice step by step guide on exactly what to do but that’s really difficult since everyone is different.

I have no feelings in my prostate at all. I know they will build in time and I have to “enjoy the journey” but it’s rather difficult to enjoy it if I can’t feel ANYTHING

Position suggestions?


I’m new using Aneros. I want to know some recommendations on the best position to enjoy my Trident helix.

Because prostate is located in front, isnt it a good option to lying face down or lying with your chest on the bed and your knees on the floor? Is it not easier for the aneros to touch the exact spot? Reading the forum, many messages recommend lying on your back with your legs bent, but would not the Aneros move away from the prostate?

thanks for your answers

Experienced beginner recap and questions

Crossposted at r/prostateplay but since I’m now officially an aneros owner and user I wanted to post to this community as well for insights.

Hello everyone,

Longtime lurker on this sub and longtime player of my prostate. I started my journey with external stimulation, followed by a stretch where I built the confidence to use fingers inside. It took quite a while for me to realize that I was actually reaching up too far past my prostate, but really wasn’t until I bit the bullet and got a proper massager to understand how it would swell and shrink over the course of a session.

For the most part, I’d feel a periodic surge in pleasure before a pretty epic, wet orgasm for the first couple years of playing.

The first toy I got was a cheapo from Amazon that was actually pretty short and I never felt did a whole lot once inserted without manual manipulation of the handle. I’m a relatively big guy (6’2” and 200lbs) so I always wondered what a longer toy could do for the exercise.

Fast forward to today, I finally got myself an aneros helix syn trident and just finished my first session. I should note that I combined the toy with an episode of mindgasm, which I have found to be by far the most useful audio accompaniment to my journey. I also went with a thicker lube than the typical ky, specific for anal fun.

Aneros model advice

Hi there I have the helix trident syn but I’m unsure if it’s the right size for hitting the right spot for me. Can anyone comment on the MGX and whether it’s a bit longer and more suited to reaching the spot a bit further in than the trident? Is there a model that someone can reccomend I move on from the trident to? I have the progasm which is nice and filling but I’m unsure if I’m experienced enough to move onto that. I have been using these toys for about 8 months and have never had anything more than a few p waves.

can have mini-o a-less but not with aneros

I got my first toy 4 months ago (helix syn trident) and have since then being using it regularly. About a month ago I started doing a-less sessions and on the first session I had my first ever mini-o (it was incredible). Ever since then I have been able to consistently have at least one mini-o per a-less session.
However, I’m unfortunately unable to have mini-os with my massager, at all. I’m really unsure why. (if it’s the toy, if it’s me or what) Everytime it feels like i’m about to have one I try and relax into the feeling and it immediately goes away. Is having a p-gasm different with the massager than without? Any help would be appreciated.

Taking the dive

After spending most of my afternoon researching, reading through comments and the awesome advice you guys gave me on my previous post i think i’m just going to go for it. In the end i think i might go for the Trident MGX as the reviews show it’s popular and i think it would be best suited to me. My other option was the Helix Syn trident but i have a feeling i’ll prefer the plastic material of the MGX over the silicone Syn as i think it’ll move a little easier inside me. Although saying that the slightly more curved edge of the Helix makes me think it might hit the spot better. Honestly i’m conflicted haha. Any final pieces of advice or tips? Am i making the right decision?

So how do I use poppers with the Aneros?

I’ve decided to try poppers out just for the hell of it, as I haven’t had much luck with prostate play otherwise. I have the Aneros Helix Trident and the Lelo Hugo, so does anyone have any advice for using them with the poppers? Just looking to get some good feelings from them, and maybe get a prostate orgasm going sometime.