Tried something new with great results

Figured I’d pass along a simple tip/trick that I read about on a form somewhere and finally gave it a try. I’ve been using Aneros for a few years with limited success. I’ve tried almost everything but always felt that it wasn’t hitting the right spot.

I’ve tried semen retention, mindgasm, etc and had some good progress but always felt like there was something missing.

Yesterday, I decided to put some padding between the P tab and my body. I folded up a small sock and placed it between. I was actually really surprised at the outcome of my session. Like wow! I was feeling better and had way more pleasure than I think I’ve ever had in a session.

I was using the helix trident. Going to give it a try with the syn today.

Physical Soreness After a Session?

I have been having Aneros sessions for 4.5 years and I have struggled for most of that time. I have never had a prostate orgasm, but over the past month I have been making some progress…having some good sessions with stronger p-waves and I feel like I’m building toward something.

My question is…I had a pretty good session with my Helix Trident and I am experiencing more soreness than I have in the past. Yesterday evening, my hips and legs felt stiff and sore. This morning, my neck and shoulder were achy. I’m wondering if this might be the result of a good session or just general achiness from something else.

Does anyone else get physically sore after a good Aneros session?

Keeping Aneros in

So the more I learn to relax, the more often the Aneros falls out. It does feel really great as it slowly slides half way out and touches what I believe I have is a shallow prostate, but it is a real buzzkill when it pops out or when I have to reach my hand there and save it before it does. I can pull it in tight and hold it there, but that does not feel as good and also makes it harder to relax. I am not real loose, but have this same issue with Trident, MGX, and Eupho and even Progasm when I am relaxed enough. Only thing that stays in reliably is Edge 2 when I am just letting it vibrate and not moving it at all.

Anybody have any tips to keep it in without restricting movement?

Mgx or Maximus ?

Have been using the eupho for a long time . Literally can not stress how amazing it is . Just wanting to try something else and there’s a package on website to get trident , will either of these .
What would you guys recommend between the two ? Thanks !

Looking for some help

Hello all, first I would like to thank this community. There is so much support and encouragement no matter what point of the journey you are on. I feel like I’ve read every post, tip, trick, and story out there. I am jealous but hopeful that I will eventually get to the fable super O.

This whole thing has opened me up to a world of new feeling that I never thought possible. My main problem is that I get more out of an Aless session then one using a toy. I just don’t seem to feel the direct feedback from the aneros on my prostate.

Straight male but I am no stranger to butt play. and as long as I have been jerking off I have been putting things in my ass. I get excited by the thought of anal play.

2 years ago I ordered a helix trident and started out with mindgasm lessons, and that really helped me to identify and target the muscles and have a strong control over them. I have been doing kegels for many years and consider my pelvic floor to be strong.

Where to go from here – Stick to the same model or try something new?

I have 3 of them, my original Helix Syn, which I always felt was a tad average to me, then I got the prograsm ice which is good if you want something bulky and direct but it doesn’t have me weak at the knees or anything. Then finally there’s my preferred Eupho Syn Trident which, given its the slimmest toy of the bunch I am surprised its the only toy I want to use

I’ve never had a super O or anything but the way it dances around your prostate feels amazing. Leaving it in for extended use while it caresses you is so fun.

Now I’m curious given what I like and what toys I find meh… are there any recommendations? I remember people talking about getting the standard white versions because they’re less grippy than the silicone versions and move around more as a result? Would it be worth it to buy the normal eupho version for this reason alone or is it a waste of money?

Help me label what I felt…

Hi team,

I’ve been a user on and off for some 12 or so years.

I’ve had what I would call one amazing experience 10 years ago, then I stopped using the device.

I entered a relationship, had a couple of kids and settled down in the time since and recently decided I would buy a helix trident and give it another go.

The first session I had was a couple of months back, and it felt like I was back to square one. I felt something but nothing good/building, so after an hour or so, I gave up, defeated.

I decided to try again yesterday and it was a completely different experience. I can’t quite describe it so I’m hoping someone can help me label hit.

I inserted and lay on my stomach.

After 5 mins of just lying there doing nothing, my prostate was definately buzzing with excitement.

There was an occasional singular hard twitch, it almost felt like split second cramp. After that happened there would be a huge amount of pleasure released from my prostate radiating over my body, but mainly down my legs.

After about 10 mins of this, it built so much that it felt like my body was spinning in circles incredibly fast on my bed (or my brain was?) While the pleasure was on par with a regular orgasm, it lasted for minutes rather than seconds and radiated everywhere for the whole time.

Garmin stress and heart rate traces mapping my Aneros generated orgasms

The stress peaks go up to around 80-90 when I dry orgasm. My heart rate is up between 130-150 (from my resting rate of 53).

After 2 years on the Aneros journey, I had a breakthrough yesterday, with mind blowing O’s coming and hitting me like a hammer – previously I had HFWOs and slightly milder pgasms but this was on a whole new level.

I used a new Boots silicon lube and had three INTENSE sessions (each lasting about an hour) over the course of the day. This was following a session the previous day which ended in a HFWO after just 20mins.

I am getting damp and feel my prostrate crying for more attention while writing this. I plan to get naked and pop in my Aneros Helix Trident for a 30 min session later this afternoon.

So enjoying the journey of discovery.

Poss. Mold

About 3 week I pulled out my Helix trident and noticed what appears to look like mold(white). Has anyone else experienced this?