Next one to get?

Hey guys! I’m looking for opinions on what I should get next. I’ve definitely been enjoying my Helix Syn Trident as a long term wearing option that keeps me wanting more the whole time I am wearing it, especially while climbing stairs. What I’ve found though is that I really prefer to have more pressure than was the Helix can provide. I started doing some PC action with my Loki turned off and got leg shaking good pleasure way more easily.

Given that discovery, I’ve been contemplating getting a Maximus to hit the spot better. I think the main issue I have with getting .ore out of the Helix is length. My prostate is just a little deeper than where the necked down region is. The best pleasure I get from the Helix is when I sit on something and kind of grind a little bit. It pushes it a little further in and I can use my PC muscles from there.

Just bought my BF an aneros Helix trident syn. What now?

So, I (F23) just bought my boyfriend (M23) an Aneros Helix trident syn. I have not given it to him yet, but am planning to give it to him soon. He doesn’t really know that much about Aneros or any prostate super O, dry O etc things, so how could I introduce him to this info, so he doesn’t just brush off my gift to him as a ”small butt plug” but as something more.
He is comfortable with my fingers in his butt and doing some prostate play, and he finds it pleasurable and his orgasms are stronger but he doesn’t find it amazingly crazy pleasurable.

So my question is. Where should I tell him to study/find info about all the tecniques and things he can do with this new toy of his.
Also what ways are there that we can use the Aneros Helix together? Could I give him a guided meditation moment with the Helix in his butt, telling him to breath and use his PC muscles, can we just have piv with the Helix in him, bj with it in him? What are some beloved couples activities with it?

Thank you and sorry if my English is a bit off, not a native speaker 🙂

(Finally) Achieved a HFWO! How to progress to dry-O’s?

Hey guys! Been an aneros user for about 3 months. Started with the Helix Syn Trident, then progressed to the Progasm Jr 3 weeks ago. The Progasm Jr was the one that finally brought me over the edge. The build up and everything was soooo goooooooood, but I was honestly thinking I was going to achieve a Dry-O, or perhaps even a super orgasm! Unfortunately, I got this sensation of cum spurting out and lo and behold – it did. A bit disappointed I had to stop the session there, since after 5 minutes after I came and was still riding some p-waves, I just wasn’t horny anymore.

I can’t really remember what I did differently to achieve the HFWO, but I was doing it mostly how I usually did it, except this time I edged for a week. I got myself super horny and put on some porn before I put the Progasm in. The moment I put the progasm in, I knew my body was in for a treat since I immediately started to feel good and started to moan. Usually I would try to relax, but the feelings were already making my ass contract immediately after insertion, so I did some light kegel exercises for about 2 minutes, then I just made the toy do the work since it was already doing a fine job inside me. I think the one thing I did differently this time was to find a contraction that felt good and rode the wave, keeping the contraction there. 50 minutes later, I feel something building up, my lower half shaking. I start to feel that “point of no return” feel in my prostate (or cock), and thats when I had the wet orgasm.

What does this sound like?

I recently bought a helix Syn off eBay, not the trident one however. The first night when I finally received it i tried to be as aroused and relaxed as possible, maybe like 10 minutes into laying on my bed I felt my Syn start moving on it’s own in my rectum, I was not clenching either. Eventually it got to the point where my entire anus started to forcefully pull it in against my prostate, that felt really good. there were little moments of pleasure as well like my legs started shaking on there own, and that was pretty much all that happened on the first session, then comes yesturday, I was relaxed on my bed and then out of no where I began to feel a sudden warmness start to grow in my pelvic region, probably around the prostate because that’s where it was growing, but it only lasted for a second and then it was gone, and so did all other sensations, anyone ever experience this type of thing, if so what can it mean?

My first success?

I’ve been experimenting with my Helix Trident Syn for about 3 months now with some underwhelming results, up until tonight that is. I was watching scary movies at night with some friends when I thought I would practice some kegels to see if I could get myself in the mood for later. At this point I truly was not seeking a pleasurable outcome from these exercises because I was around other people, and I think that is exactly why I was able to feel something new. I finally stopped chasing after it, and that’s when I found it.

I was practicing the standard breathing techniques for about 30 minutes at this point when I started to feel a pulse under the base of my penis and around my perineum. A warmth started to develop and it felt like something grabbed a hold of me and my muscles started contracting violently on their own. I had already begun to orgasm before I was able to force myself to stop, and it took me a couple of minutes to calm myself down and stop leaking.

I’ve always had a hard time understanding if I was targeting the right muscles during my contractions, especially after so long of nothing. Is it normal to feel pressure under the base of my penis as well as my perineum, or is that considered to be stimulating the penis directing and something to be avoided?

Finger better than Helix trident?

I’ve just started experimenting with prostrate play, and I’ve read up on what everything is supposed to feel like. The idea of a super-o excites me, so I got a helix trident to help me get there. I know it’s a long process, and you have to let go to get there. But when I have the trident in, I don’t feel contact with my prostate (the needing to pee feeling). I am able to get that feeling of needing to pee (and pleasure from it) with my finger(s) though. I would try to just use my fingers to stimulate my prostate, but I can only go for so long without my hands getting tired. Do I just need to stick it out with the trident until I start feeling something? Any tips for how to get that feeling of contact of the prostate with the helix trident?

Second Session Results

So I’ve been reading up here and on the aneros wiki and other places about using the Trident Syn to attain prostate orgasms. My first session was unremarkable. Nothing much happened. Certainly not the fireworks I was half-expecting and hoping for. So I did some reading and discovered the whole “don’t try to make it happen, LET it happen” approach.

I read a lot of first-hand accounts. So for this second session, I obtained a bottle of poppers. Popper? Whatever, you know what I mean, to try as part of the experiment.

I inserted the aneros, and listened to the first lesson in the Mindgasm series, and followed the instructions, practicing contracting the base (sphincter) and middle (PC) muscles separately. That wasn’t really a problem, as I’ve been working on that for a while. Then I took a hit of the popper. First one ever, mostly as an experiment. I definitely felt an effect, but it didn’t seem particularly interesting, and didn’t last long (which I expected based on my reading).

Nonetheless, I remained lying on my back, knees up and slightly spread. I concentrated on breathing low in my belly, and occasionally contracting my base and middle muscles, sometimes fully but mostly partially. Not a lot seemed to be happening, but I just lay quietly focusing on experiencing whatever happened.

First session using whippets

Following a recent post from u/accomplishedJuice5, I decided to try a new combination; hitting whippets in combination with poppers. I’m a long time poppers user, and have had many amazing super-Os triggered by a hit of poppers. According to aj5, hitting some nitrous before the poppers adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Being a whippet newbie, I had to first buy a whipped cream charger, a pack of whippets, and some punching bag balloons. Luckily, my local sex shop had all the supplies needed. I bought a ten-pack of whippets, but only needed two in the first session.

I started the session last night with my Eupho Trident, while watching some VR porn. Everything felt great, and after a short warm-up, I loaded up the first balloon, and inhaled the entire thing. I was only able to hold it in for 20 seconds or so, and took a pair of deep breaths to get the oxygen flowing, before taking a deep hit from my sippy-cup of poppers. As reported by accomplishedJuice5, this triggered an incredible series of super-Os that lasted 4-5 minutes.

Once the first cascade faded, I repeated the whippet/popper cycle, and was again almost instantly enveloped in another amazing super-O cascade, even longer and more powerful than the first. I remember thinking that I had to tell myself today just how incredible these orgasms were; definitely some of the best I’ve ever experienced.