Bought the Helix Syn V

I took the plunge. I bought it. I been in this Aneros journey since 2014. I have the Helix Trident, Helix Syn Trident, Progasm and Progasm Jr. Now I added the Helix Syn V to my collection. I’ve had light pleasure waves that built up to a dry orgasm. Nothing too crazy but pleasureable none the less. This happened a couple months ago with the Progasm and smoking weed. Weed helps a lot. I will use this in a couple days when I reach 5 days of abstaining from orgasm. I will smoke weed, have poppers handy and use the Helix Syn V. I hope this takes me to the promise land of the Super O. I will report back on Monday.

Hey! What should I buy 😁

I’m new to sex toys, I had anal sex before tho,so I think I can handle any type of shape size and form, I hear a lot of people talking about Trident and Eupho, can somebody link me to some info about that ?😅, the most effective toy to archive a super O as a begginer? I don’t know where to start there. Thanks

Upgrade to Aneros?

Hi. I bought the Spark Ignition PRV-03 about half a year ago, and it’s hasn’t been that great. I bought it mostly because it was cheap, and I was just starting out. The times I’ve gotten the furthest, I haven’t used it.

Now I’m thinking about getting the Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

What do you guys think? Is there a big difference between the two? How would they compare?

Need of feedback

I take any advices and I will take them as a grain of salt so please feel free and ask me whatever you have on your mind

I bought the MGX Syn trident the small version. 2 days ago it arrived and it was my first time to insert anything behind the back door so it was scary but now I am used to it I highly recommend coconut oil because it also mitigates the odor.

Until the point of insertion I was abstaining from ejaculation for 2 weeks as I have been told that one should abstain from ejaculation minimum 3 days in order to make progress

When it was inside I have felt nothing and I was watching some porn to get my arousal going but still I have felt nothing

Furthermore I felt in despair because I was contracting my muscles up to the point where my D was twitching and try to maintain it but still I felt nothing

I will take some weed end of the month and try it again but before that I really want to try with my normal perception so please help me by asking questions or giving me instructions with reasoning behind it please

First HFWO

So I’m a beginner since I just started a month ago and like most beginners, I grew frustrated. I watched the mindgasm videos (highly recommended) and could feel something and get p shivers but that was it. When inserting the helix trident it would just feel like something was in there but nothing else, kind of uncomfortable especially standing up.

I have an open mind and if you’re a beginner you might know what I’m talking about. However, it happened today completely unexpected right after waking up. I read about how you’re less likely to orgasm if you’re wanting it. It felt like being in a half awake dreamy like state is the perfect opportunity.

I also read that edibles make a huge difference so I took two THC pills and I just laid back with my feet flat getting comfortable under the covers. I started get into a meditative state where all I could feel were my arms feeling heavy. I started focusing on breathing for 15-20 minutes while doing nothing, just breathing. Once the edibles started to kick in a bit I mentally contracted my PC muscle and held it. I started to actually feel my prostate.

Weird scratches or minor cracks in older models?

Does anyone have a similar issue with scratches or what look like minor cracks (mostly along the length) on older models? My Eupho, Peridise set and Helix classic all have some degree of these but my newest model, the Trident MGX seems fine. Images are in the gallery below


Is this something that should worry me?

Not feeling anything?

I can get wet hands free orgasms with larger toys (dildos) but nothing from the aneros trident syn I have. Is it too small, or am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated

Aneros + MDMA

I have never succeeded in getting a HFO even though I’ve been practicing with my aneros helix syn trident for months. But last week when I did 240mg of MDMA and was pretty high I had a session and had like 3 hours long feeling that I were almost there, just a tiny step away from it but never really climaxed, pretty frustrating. On MDMA I am able to workout harder as well as flex my pelvic muscles due to enhanced will power induced by serotonin overload so I wonder if my first HFO will be on MDMA.

Anyone tried doing this? xD

Thanks and I wish relaxation upon everyone!

Surprise hands free wet orgasm

Hi guys

I got my first aneros, a Progasm Jr, about six months ago, and followed it up with a Eupho Trident, which I prefer to the Progasm Jr.

I’ve been making good progress and whilst I haven’t reached a SuperO yet I’ve had lots of good extended feelings and dry orgasms.

I had a session today with the Eupho and after half an hour I was having the most amazing feelings. I seem to have hit a perfect spot on my prostate that made me feel amazing all over. I kept hitting the spot then coming off it as I tensed and relaxed.

I just rode it for a bit and it was getting better a d better until it reached a climax, which felt amazing, but at the same time I ejaculated.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt fantastic, but I don’t want to get in the habit of having HFWOs and put myself off continuing on to a SuperO.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?