First time with the Trident Syn

I figured I would share my first experience with you all.

I’ve been curious about my P-spot for sometime and recently have been playing with some of the beginner toy sets. It’s been fun, getting the first P-waves and having my legs shake. After reading such great reviews with Aneros Trident Syn, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve found that taking a bath, smoking some weed, and relaxing beforehand helps get my mind right. Then I drain the tub and have the ability to play right in the bathtub not worrying about getting lube anywhere and some of the beginner toys have a suction cup so it provides a surface for some additional leverage if needed.

So I get in the mood, reading sex stories and watching some videos online. Then slide my new aneros in. Really easy to slide in and no discomfort, almost thought it was two small at first. I started letting it move around a bit, and then it started… my hips were trying to gyrate, legs flinching and heavy breathing. I had a super intense erection, i tried not to touch it but felt like i was going to go mad, forced me to make one grab and squeeze before leaving it alone. As I continue to let it move while I started cumming without really contact. As that happened I caught my breath and decided to revisit this session again later.

Tabs: the position importance and movement

The two tabs of the Trident, how important are their locations? I’ve had many successful sessions. I’m going to have another soon and was thinking of putting a little Vaseline on the ends of each tab so they’re free to do whatever they want. Do you think that’s a good idea? Or is it really about just putting them in the right spot, leaving them dry, and having them never move?

How often should I try?

I recently experienced my first prostate orgasm with the Aneros Helix Syn Trident!

I’ve owned it for a while and practiced a lot after getting it, but I was never able to get beyond a few pulses of pleasure from the internal spasms. There’s probably a better way of explaining it, I’m just not familiar with the terminology.

Anyway, a few days ago I was in the right headspace, I was comfortable, had plenty of time, and eventually got beyond the light spasms (p-waves?)

It felt like my prostate was jumping forward, then violently back, then forward again.

Amazing. Never felt that before ever.

But it didn’t last long. Maybe 4-5 cycles, and done.

Tried each night since then without success. Just some pleasurable p-waves that lasted a few seconds and gone.

How long should I wait between sessions? Any advice on how to make it last longer?

Screams of pleasure

Damn, I had an amazing session today. Started out with a Peridise inserted while fapping a bit at my computer to some still images. Smoked some THC oil on a vape pen. Moved to the bed on my back knees up and put in my Eupho Trident. Almost immediate tingle at the prostate, and I took a hit of poppers with the sock method. This kicked off a series of super-Os so intense that I was screaming out with pleasure at the top of my lungs for minutes at a time. Lucky to be home alone!

I had my 8” dildo set up to ride while on hands and knees on the well padded floor. Slipped out the Eupho and slid onto the dildo. This dildo has a perfect prostate-friendly curve and hits the spot perfectly. When I ride I often just put the head right on the spot and barely move. This always triggers a prostate O. I also go deep, and get powerful anal orgasms as the head of the dildo plays with the opening to the colon. These orgasms are all the more powerful with popper hits.

I rode the pink penis until I was exhausted from back to back to back gut-wrenching orgasms. After sliding off the dildo I got back in bed and inserted the closer, my MGX Trident. Three of four more prostate Os and I was totally done. Or so I thought. My prostate is still buzzing away, calling out for another session later today.

Bought my first aneros (Aneros MGX trident)

Hello 🙂

I just received my first Aneros toy ever and I can’t wait to test it out..

I have been training my PC muscles quite bit I think so.
I can prevent myself to ejaculate when I masturbate normally and I can stop easily peeing many times as I want. Still trying to find skills to separate those another muscles down there (anal?). Any tips for that?

This MGX model was on sale, I was going for Helix trident but it was out of stock. Now I checked that Helix is in stock again and I could get it for 40€.. Still do unsure should I send MGX back and get Helix… Any opinions?

Thanks all

My first Aneros Session(yesterday)

Yesterday my Aneros helix syn trident finally arrived. I was very excited about how it would feel. I lubed up my asshole an shove the Aneros in. I did some relaxing breathing exercise and felt how my ass contracted involuntery. But only for a few moments then it was gone, this happened about 5-6 times. After half an hour I had to apply some more lube becaus my water-based lube dried.
Now I want to try coconut oil for todays session. For future sessions want to use silicon based lube. Is silicon based lube suitable for the silicon finish of the aneros?

Can I Have a Penile Orgasm as a Finish to my First Aneros Session?

Hello everyone, I’ve lurked here for a while but after all the rave I’ve seen over these prostate massagers and the severe lack of physical contact I’ve had with others because of COVID. I kind of went all out though and got two tenga fleshlights in addition to the aneros Helix Trident and some lube. They all came in today, and as you can imagine, I’m very eager to test out the aneros and the tenga, especially since I’ve gone about 4 or so days without jacking off. Additionally, these are my very first sex toys, so I’ve been antsy all day to be able to give them a spin.

I was planning on popping in the aneros for about an hour, or whatever feels right to me, and just relaxing with it in while not doing anything with my penis. To finish off the session though, I really wanted to use my new fleshlight along with the aneros. Will this impede me in rewiring if I finish off my aneros sessions in this way? Is this something that’s okay to do, but only once in a while?

My goal is to eventual be able to reach a Super-O with just the aneros, and so I didn’t want to lengthen this process more than necessary. I understand from what I’ve read here and on the official aneros forum that the best results come when expectations aren’t present, which is why I wanted to use the helix for about an hour or however I can manage to take before I absolutely need to use the tenga. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Just ordered my first Helix Syn Trident!!

hi, wonderful people!
i want to share my excitement in having just ordered my first Helix Syn Trident!

i have already some experience; some years ago i got me a classic MGX, but it didn’t perform as expected. i was a bit disappointed and forgot about it.

over the years i’ve tried different models (not aneros but chinese clones lol) and had some very interesting sessions.

now i want to start back with this new model.
i really can’t wait to receive the parcel lol!
wish me luck!

and happy helixing to you all!

Just unboxed eupho trident, so excited

My first one was the MGX trident, my second one was the helix syn and third was the helix trident. Got the first one maybe 1.5 years ago but only really been exploring in new ways (patiently) the last year. Super excited to try the eupho trident. Not sure what all the correct words are for the warm waves I’ve felt so far and involuntary movements and shaking but I’ve been enjoying them. MGX was great but needed me to be way more relaxed and in the moment to enjoy. Helix has been a bit more forgiving and I can more easily enjoy it but it does less auto fucking than I get with the MGX. I’m excited to see what the eupho will be like, I enjoy the runaway train feeling of it doing its own thing so hoping I can explore that with the mobility of the eupho and it’s slightly longer length and steeper angle. I’m on a 48 hour edge. Going to take 12-24 hours off stimulation and enjoy this tomorrow!