Sad My Aneros Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

Hey All,

Just came as a place to vent to like minded individuals.

I bought my aneros (MGX Trident) last fall on a whim after wanting to try one. Honestly, the reason I wanted to is because about a year prior I had had an experience with LSD that caused me to have multiple prostate orgasms without warning and without anything inserted (it was kind of crazy actually as I wasn’t expecting it and had never had a prostate orgasm before.)

I came on to this forum to see tricks and techniques. I have experience with meditation and have weed most of the time lol so I was like, sweet I got this. And within like 2-3 days I had a mindblowing time with it. It did take a lot of prep (definitely clean out your asshole) and time (specific positioning on my bed and slow breathing to deep relaxing) but holy shit. I don’t know what it is but stimulating my prostate makes my mind go bananas in the things it starts thinking about and imagining. So primal. And my body convulsing uncontrollably, legs shaking. To the point that I started to become afraid that I was actually breaking something in my brain lol. (I’m fine today, I think at least)

Does anyone have prostate orgasms without involuntaries?

Hi everyone,

I first tried using an aneros product a few years ago, I don’t remember what model I had. Long story short, I got a little frustrated with it and got rid of it during a move. I recently got back into prostate play and bought an Njoy purewand. I had some good feelings with that, which I think were p waves.

I was enjoying prostate play enough that I decided to buy another aneros product, this time the MGX Trident. I think I’ve read just about everything I can find, but I’m still struggling to cause involuntaries.

The MGX trident always feels great when inserted. I often just lay there for a good 20 minutes before I try to use any muscles. I just had a break through where I found that if I alternate my pc muscles and sphincter muscles almost in a rolling motion, I would feel the warm, tingling pressure and an amazing feeling prostate for about 10 seconds. I’m thinking this is a p wave, but I’ve read that maybe that’s the start of a prostate orgasm which get stronger in succession.

Onto my what I think is my big issue, I can’t seem to get involuntaries. Does anyone else get prostate orgasm but never involuntaries? I thought involuntaries were almost a prerequisite for a prostate orgasm. I’ve tried lightly holding my pc muscle, but I don’t feel like I will ever get tired so the muscle never fails. Maybe I’m thinking about this all wrong. Any insight would be appreciated. I’m hoping I’ll read something that will give me a mental “click”. Thanks!

Involuntaries and super os

I recently got the aneros helix trident and I have been getting a lot of involuntary movements in my butt and legs. Is this separate from a super o or a precursor? Is there something I should be doing when I get involuntaries to get a super o. I don’t know if what I am currently getting are just waves. It feels really good so I’m not complaining. Just gonna keep practicing but just wondering

My first time experience last night! Wow!

Hey all, i wanted to share my first experience with the helix syn trident from last night.

I’m very new to anal play and prostate massaging. I had bought the love honey booty buddy a few weeks back as it seemed beginner friendly and was on offer for a fiver so it seemed a good way to see if it’s something I’d enjoy. Well I did haha.

After some research online I came across Aneros and settled on buying the helix syn trident, which I had gotten a 25% discount on too which sweetened the deal!

So last night I decided I’d give it a go, it was slightly larger than the first toy I had bought, which kinda worried me as I spent a good 20 minutes trying to insert it! The aneros was no different, it took me about 10 minutes to find the right angle and relax enough to get the wide tip inside. Once I did though the rest just kinda slid in and fit perfectly!

Now I had read about not having high expectations and how it can take a very long time to learn to use and feel it working, many sessions over months or years. So i just kinda lay there and relaxed a bit, watched some porn to get my mind going again (I had already done this prior for about 20 mins).

Auto Orgasms

I drive a lot of solo highway miles, up and down I-5, over the coast range to the Oregon coast, and throughout Oregon’s high desert. A few months ago, on a long stretch of lonely highway, I thought WTF, lets put in my MGX Trident. I pulled over, lubed up, inserted the MGX, and drove on down the road. With the Aneros pressed in to the hilt, my firm leather bucket seat seemed to send every vibration and bump in the road straight to my prostate, and within a minute or two I started having prostate orgasms.

Over the last few weeks I’ve continued this practice, and it has turned out to be the most dependable way for me to have a good session. My solo play sessions out of the car are hit and miss, sometimes hours of amazing super/Os, sometimes not so much. But every car session has been amazing. They have become so powerful that once the prostate orgasms start, I have to pull over and park the car. I’ve started carrying a bottle of poppers in the glove box, and once parked, I’ll hit the poppers and will be in super-O space for the next half hour.

Now on my regular road routes, I have my favorite pairs of private turn-outs memorized, and the anticipation builds as I get closer. The process: pull over in a nice quiet spot, lube and insert, drive a few miles to let the p-waves start, then pull off at my favorite spot and enjoy 30 minutes of pure orgasmic bliss. Auto Orgasms!

Prostate orgasms for HOURS everyday for a week in a hotel. Here’s what I did…

About me: I’ve posted on Reddit before about my experiences, so feel free to read through those. I’m <30 y/o. Gay male. Bought my first Aneros SGX in 2009, forgot about it for a few years, and then in 2013 started picking up more Aneros models until now. My new fav models: Eupho Syn Trident, Progasm, and Peridise.

**tl;dr:** I used my Aneros everyday for a week in a hotel room and orgasmed for hours everyday. I did some great things and learned some great things. Sessions are only getting better with each use. Life is great.

A few weeks ago, I was away on business and stayed in a hotel for a week. I brought my Aneros ended up using it every night with incredible results (I have videos that I will upload at some point). It was during this time that I really had a chance to discover myself, my body, my prostate, and how to really use the Aneros to its fullest potential. I had back to back dry orgasms lasting 1-3 hours every night, and finished off with hands-free wet orgasms every time because I get really bad blue-balls if I don’t cum. I alternated between Eupho Syn Trident and Progasm.

What I did:

1) Got myself really horny throughout the day by watching porn and surfing Reddit, but never touched my dick

2) Practiced kegels throughout the day

Am I on the right path here?

Hello everyone,

I bought my first Aneros, a Helix Syn, about 1-2 years ago. In the beginning I was very unfamiliar with anal play (straight guy in 20s) and was just fooling around a bit. I remember that inserting into my butt made me uncomfortable. I also didn’t really get any good feelings from it at the very start.

After a few sessions I bought a different model (can’t remember which one exactly) and ordered poppers, seeing that many people have had better results with them. In the next sessions I had a nice feeling of pressure inside me, especially after a sniff of poppers (I guess that was the aneros pushing onto the prostate). I also felt some very slight involuntary contractions: I involuntarily contracted some muscles down there and it felt nice, but after a few seconds the contraction would stop and that was the end of it. I only got those contractions with the MGX Trident and Maximus Trident.

After that, I didn’t get any further for a long while, I even tried using the Aneros while on a light-medium dose of LSD, but the experience with the Aneros didn’t change while tripping, it was the same as sober. Because of the lack of progress, I stopped using the Aneros massagers for a while.

Tips for a first-time aneros user?

Getting my first aneros later this week, I’m getting the helix syn trident.

I’ve been listening to erotic audios from r/gonewild, especially from kinkyshibby, for over a year and recently started getting into prostate play. I’ve tried to achieve HFO a lot of times but I usually just end up getting really close like I’ve been edging for a long time and then I finish with a few strokes. When I started doing prostate play it felt great and I was able to get a prostate orgasm but I don’t think it was a super-O. And I needed at least a little stroking to get me over the edge w/ prostate play.

Reading a bunch of descriptions and stories of people’s experiences finally got me curious enough to take the dive and get my first toy like this so I can’t wait to try it out. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I should do besides not touching myself for a few days before I use it? I try to practice kegels every once in a while too and I think I have decent control over those muscles.