HFWO Question

HFWO (Hands Free Wet Orgasm) for those that don’t know the acronym.

I have the MGX Trident model. I’ve felt some p-waves here and there, but it always ends in a HFWO with a rock hard dick. I don’t touch my dick at all when I have a solo session, and the end result always seems to be this.

My question is will a different aneros model do me any good as in different results super-o, etc?

I think I want to try the new Helix Syn Trident, but afraid of the same results.

A Few Days with Aless…Helix Syn Trident…and THC

So my Aless has been on fire the last couple of days. Mostly due to the THC I am taking for my shoulder and plantar. I’ve come to a point on my journey where if I take THC…its a guaranteed couple of hours of Super-Os.

I sat on my couch basking in the feeling and my anus basically engulfing my prostate. My wife sleeping to the right of me…one of my best friends to the left of me. I retired to the bedroom. The minute I did that my aless took over. I had a massive super-O and at that point I had to introduce the helix syn trident. The next 30 mins is a blur but I remember screaming into the pillow. The intensity was soooo much I think I passed out. I just remember waking up 3 hours later with basically a dry aneros in my ass and fairly sober. I popped it out and went back to the living room where my wife and friend were now watching TV. Once they retired to go sleep I stayed on the couch and did a few Aless contractions. Things went back to the intense level and the energy was swirling so much I went to my computer desk squeezed some silicon lube into my left hand and proceeded to release all of that tension.

“After All, It’s Just For Prostate Therapy!”

I am only at Day 2 of SR but at Day 80 of NoFap ® PMO. Last night, before retiring for bed, I had a strong urge to “sleep” in one of my ‘chastity cups’. So I selected my XO ProCup and nestled-in; so relaxing and comforting! During the night, as I expected, I felt the distinct pressure of the NPT erections against the cup. But I remained in chastity and slept comfortably through the night.

Earlier this morning, I awoke and upon visiting the lavatory, I had a symptom or two of BPH: start & stop stream and a somewhat weak stream. I think I ‘visited’ about three times quickly in succession. I checked and it had been 5 days since my last ‘therapeutic’ prostate massage session, so I knew it was time.

I selected my HelixTrident for this session and lubed-up with SSG. I went to lie-down on my side and just relax. I knew the Helix was contacting my prostate right from the start and I began to experience some involuntary contractions. I did a couple of strong anal/PC contractions and could definitely feel its effect. At one point, my entire body reacted with a strong, explosive contraction. I honestly didn’t feel any erections building, but I knew that this ‘therapy’ was going to be effective.

Couch time

Been enjoying these experiences for 18 months. No Super O yet but some fantastic feelings. This time I spent the first 15 minutes laying on the couch on my right side with the Trident inserted and did no Kegels. I focused on just relaxing and enjoying every little movement started to occur without making strong contractions. The trident begin sliding across my prostate. My prostate started convulsing ever so slightly. I just rode the waves of pleasure. I started to feel like I was leaking pre cum from my cock. I have a hypospadias cock so the wetness was sliding down my shaft underneath. Always enjoy tasting my pre cum. After a few minutes it felt like I had to pee. I really had to go. It seems like this was a mix of urine an prostatic fluid. Once I settled back onto the couch it took a few minutes to reactivate the same sensations. 20 minutes later I had the strong sensation of needing to pee again. I did not cum but enjoyed the experience.

Helix or Helix Trident?

Had been struggling for the past few days, which should I choose?

I see a lot of people recommending to modify Helix by shortening the tab at the back, but how about Trident?

I’m just afraid that the fork shape of the Trident would reduce the movement when I contract the PC muscle, but at the same time, it seems it’s fine to sit on the Trident so you can just manually rock yourself?
Most of the site says Trident is a direct upgrade to the Helix.

Thanks in advance.

Was I close?

Never had a super o but I think I just got close, Im very new to this or 4 or 5 sessions. I was using my aneros trident and about 10 min in I started involuntary shaking, about 10 min after I realized I wasn’t controling the massager anymore. Then I physically felt my heart pound and my face and chest felt really warm… Then I immediately came out of it and couldn’t get that feeling again. Kind of discouraged I think I was overthinking it in the moment but I’m not sure,

advice would be very appreciated

Helix Syn vs Helix Trident vs Helix Syn Trident

I cannot make up my mind. please help…

My experience so far, 1 Year using chinese’s cheap prostate massager around $8-$10. They have many variations. I bought 6 of them, 1 is broken, 1 is too big, 1 is vibration and the 3 left is usable. I haven’t got mind-boggling sensations yet.

I’m, thinking to get the premium stuff, aneros, but couldn’t decide between: Helix Syn or Helix Trident or Helix Syn Trident

Suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

“Pre-Lubing Is The Key!”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Had a great session with HelixTrident very early this morning. One thing I am doing differently these days (last 3 sessions) is to pre-lube. What a difference it makes! Not only eases insertion, but allows the Aneros to ‘move’ effortlessly with just moderate anal/pc contractions. I found that the easiest, most hygienic way is to use a latex exam glove, then apply a generous amount of lube (in my case, Slippery Stuff Gel) on the index finger, and pretend I am getting a DRE from my urologist! That deep insertion not only feels good but allows even the inner sphincter to get slick. And that allows the Aneros (which is also lubed) a most facile entry!

Can’t Say Enough About ‘Chastity Cups’
I was wearing my Mueller cup for this morning’s session and the reason I usually select this model is due to the placement of the leg straps which are quite far-apart. They do not interfere with either the P- or K-tabs of the HelixTrident (or other models). It does not allow me to contact my cock during sessions and I can lie on my side or on my stomach and not have any interference.