Helix Syn Trident sold out. How about Progasm Jr?

Thanks for all the info, tips and reviews in this group. I’m buying my first aneros now.

PROBLEM: The Helix Syn Trident seems to be the most recommended for beginners, at aneros and most other places. But it’s sold out or not being shipped to my country on amazon.com. At the aneros website I could buy it but they’re charging $35 (non US) shipping! At amazon.co.uk it’s also expensive.

DILEMMA: How about the Progasm Jr? Is it similarly good for a total beginner like me? (BTW I’m skinny too, 30″ waist.) Or should I pay the extra money for the more recommended Helix Syn Trident?

Beginner wondering what’s going on.

I recently bought the helix syn trident and the first 2 times using it, I really didn’t feel much after about 2 hours of use. Then this third time I used it, I started to feel a sort of buildup towards a tightness inside at about 1 hour of use and it felt good, but then it slowly started to fade. I did this about 4 times in 1 hour with the same results, although the last one did feel the best. I’m happy cause it’s progress and even if this is all I feel, I’m all for it! Just wanted to know where I’m at. Is this normal? What’s next? Thank you.

Am I going in the right direction?

So I recently bought the Aneros Helix Syn Trident (the one that had the best ratings for newbies) and I just got to try it out for the first time this morning. I do have a little experience with this kind of stuff, that being using my fingers a couple of times and some… household objects.

I ran a bath, lubed up and got it in no problem. People weren’t lying when they said once you get it in a little bit the Aneros will do the rest. I laid back and just kinda relaxed for a few mins.

After that I tried flexing my pc muscles (the one that you use to stop peeing) as well as my sphincter. Basically after about an hour and a half, I got my pc muscles to twitch a bunch. Kind of reminded me of heavy raindrops on a roof or like someone was tapping it. I tried to hold it as well as clench and release in a rhythm. At one point it did start feeling like something was building up but I just couldn’t hold strongly enough to continue.

I eventually moved to my bedroom because I was sick of the tub and laid on my bed. This time I was able to put a pillow under my back like many suggest. Again, after maybe half an hour I started to feel like something was building but again, couldn’t keep going.

Looking for some insight

Long time lurker here. I have been using prostate massagers consistently for the last year. Originally I was using the Lelo Hugo until about two weeks ago when I purchased the helix syn trident and a Vice 2 after I felt like I plateaued with the Hugo.

With this new purchase, I am also trying something new: not finishing with a traditional orgasm after each session.

I have pretty much had sessions daily for the last nine days with the Vice 2 and/or the helix syn trident.

I am having amazing sensations and feel closer and closer each session and am really enjoying these new toys.

My question really comes down to this: after each session, or after the buildup after all of these sessions I still have no desire for a traditional orgasm.

Are the sessions satisfying that urge? Is something else happening? Is milking the prostate replacing the need to ejaculate? Just looking for some insight or anyone with a similar scenario

Thanks all

Insertion depth of Aneros

Been using the helix trident for about a month. Get some decent feelings and learning a lot. However it sticks out an inch when inserted. Even when I clench it only pulls it in a little more. I understand we are all slightly different and my personal anatomy plays a factor.
But how deep should I expect the helix trident to stick out in a relaxed or clenched state?
I have read on the forums (when they were working) some guys need a bigger unit. I went with the Helix due to it be recommended beginner model. I like it but want to be sure it is the right one for me. The MGX looks nice but is only .08 inches longer. The Progasm is .68 inches longer but also much bigger throughout, which is slightly concerning. I’m sure it is easily worked up to though.

Side question: Anyone know what’s up with Aneros forums?

Thanks guys for any advice and help!

My path to Super-O


1. Avoid jerking off watching porn
2. Let go of control
3. Size of toy may not matter that much

Hi there, since a few weeks I got the point I can reliably summon Super-Os. So I thought it is a good idea to share what worked and what did not for me.

Like many of us, I read tons of guides, some of which were contradicting others and kept me confused. Moreover many guides are written by experts who already achieved Super-O and are somewhat harder to interpret by people who are in the beginning of the journey. I hope this will be useful.


### Jan

Received Lelo Bruno. Manual toys are oldschool and cool kids should get battery powered toys, right?

### Feb

Had around 5 sessions with Bruno while watching regular porn in front of the PC. No luck. Jerking off with vibrator in did somewhat improve orgasm but nothing to write home about. Realized I needed to research more and there is not going to be a delayed gratification thing, again.

### March

Got MGX trident. Tried steps from the wiki (breathing, contractions, CaveOfMystery method, donothing). Absolutely no pleasant sensations whatsoever. I did notice sometimes during exhale combined with some very specific PC contraction there was a “feeling”. It was not pleasurable but not unpleasant either. Motivated by some progress, decided to help my prostate awake by ordering another gadget. We all know ordering stuff online is the way for the win.

First time results…. a bit meh

So, I used my newly arrived Helix Syn Trident for the first time (put a condom on, used plenty of waterbased lube and laid down, waited some minutes and started lightly contracting the muscles.
First prob: aside from a rather good control of the kegel-muscles I somewhat can’t do those rectal contractions alone as it seems. So, it still kinda worked, I layed down, legs and knees in a 90° angle up with the feet flat on the bed. I felt like my dick was oozing precum though it was flaccid and laying in a different position than it felt, so I guess that’s a good thing? Them a trembling like I’m cold started, though it was 24°C in the room. I kept the contraction of the muscles at about 3/4 as I did read and it felt like that my penis swelled somehow, but it was still flaccid.

Sadly, I just moved the feet around while I was shaking slightly and I lost the feeling kinda directly. I tried it again, this time flat on the bed, it was way more difficult. Then I added a pillow under my ass and tried both, flat lying and with the legs angled up…. but nothing really worked. Could it that the Trident is a bit too short for me? I noticed it’s arms are not “snug”, only the tips are touching the skin slightly, so the toy is ~1cm out. Is that normal? If I press it all the way in I feel some kind of pressure. Not sure if that would be better? I tried holding it inside though it neither worked, surprise.