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  2. I don’t think that the plastic Helix trident or the Helix Syn trident will cause as much pain as the plastic MGX or Progasm Jr.

    Both Helix models have a small bump just above the T base, and this bump stays outside of the outer sphincter when the toy is inserted. So in my opinion the Helix don’t slide as much in as other models. This way the front arm won’t press as hard against your perineum. I have the plastic Helix trident, and it is far better in this regard than any other plastic models, doesn’t dig in with it’s front arm.

    To answer your question, all syn models have much more flexible arms than their plastic counterpats, so the Helix Syn’s arms are just as flexible as epuhos.

    Be advised, that the vibrating Helix Syn v has rigid arms, with soft coating.

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