Ejaculation with orgasm?

I’ve been practicing with the aneros helix and separating orgasm from ejaculation. I don’t really have time to dedicate to have session, so I’m essentially edging with the helix, pretty much 15-20 minutes in the shower. I’ll start with the aneros in and relax as a wash my body, then breath and focus on PC muscles. When I have ~ 5 minutes left I’ll start to rub my dick, while focusing on breathing and sensation. It feels great and I’ll often feel like I’m close to the edge without getting fully erect. The sensations are inside of me, not necessarily in my dick. A few times I’ve stopped just short of the point of no return(PONR), I’ve then felt muscle contractions similar to an ejaculation and produced fluid similar to ejaculate. It’s felt good but nothing like an orgasm, and I can keep masturbating and quickly get to the PONR in a minute. What’s going on here?

I know general theory is no touching of the penis, but I’m experimenting owning to time constraints. Anyone have similar experiences or successes?

First time with the Trident Syn

I figured I would share my first experience with you all.

I’ve been curious about my P-spot for sometime and recently have been playing with some of the beginner toy sets. It’s been fun, getting the first P-waves and having my legs shake. After reading such great reviews with Aneros Trident Syn, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve found that taking a bath, smoking some weed, and relaxing beforehand helps get my mind right. Then I drain the tub and have the ability to play right in the bathtub not worrying about getting lube anywhere and some of the beginner toys have a suction cup so it provides a surface for some additional leverage if needed.

So I get in the mood, reading sex stories and watching some videos online. Then slide my new aneros in. Really easy to slide in and no discomfort, almost thought it was two small at first. I started letting it move around a bit, and then it started… my hips were trying to gyrate, legs flinching and heavy breathing. I had a super intense erection, i tried not to touch it but felt like i was going to go mad, forced me to make one grab and squeeze before leaving it alone. As I continue to let it move while I started cumming without really contact. As that happened I caught my breath and decided to revisit this session again later.

My first Aneros Session(yesterday)

Yesterday my Aneros helix syn trident finally arrived. I was very excited about how it would feel. I lubed up my asshole an shove the Aneros in. I did some relaxing breathing exercise and felt how my ass contracted involuntery. But only for a few moments then it was gone, this happened about 5-6 times. After half an hour I had to apply some more lube becaus my water-based lube dried.
Now I want to try coconut oil for todays session. For future sessions want to use silicon based lube. Is silicon based lube suitable for the silicon finish of the aneros?

I may have found the easiest way to achieve Super Os


Smoke your weed, get your wine, hot water and sink it in. Let your full body relax and then insert your Aneros. Breathe in, out and relax

Make sure your almost lightweight to the point your floating in the water. The Aneros will throw you all over the bath tub. Super intense and effective.

All I did was relax, make sure that the tub was slippery so my pelvic area could move around.

I got out of breath countless times.

Have fun! I achieved all that with the helix syn. No poppers, no nipple play. Just water, breathing control and weed

Good luck!

Suffocating and sweating

Have any of u experienced this while doing ur session?

I was hitting the right spot with my toy yesterday (voluntary), the feeling that u have in ur dick when u about to cum was intensifying, my dick got a little hard as well. Then suddenly my chest got heavier, it was really hard to catch a breath and i started sweating. It lasted about 10s I guess but it surely caught me off guard.

How do u get those involuntaries contractions tho? Cause all my sessions I was moving the toy voluntary and Im not sure if i should stop and do nothing or keep doing it voluntary and someday the involuntaries will happen. What do u think?

A string of prostate orgasms followed by my first super O

I am not sure if this happens normally before someone has a super o, but I felt like for a minute or two, I would have repeated prostate orgasms maybe 10 seconds apart. I am still kinda in a daze.

I started out watching porn without any sound on then decided to put sound on too. I also at this point had a pull from my dab pen. One I started feeling the aneros moving by itself inside me , I would close my eyes and just listen. I think I had one or two prostate orgasms, lasting about 20 seconds each, before the string of them. I think I took another hit from my pen between the separated prostate orgasms and the string of them. But I am not sure since some time has passed now.

Then came the super o. I had the prostate orgasms and it felt really good and then it kept building and building. The whole time I had my eyes closed and it felt like I was spinning in space and the whole time I just had them most amazing feeling, I cant really describe it. I had trouble thinking of anything else and had to try to remember to keep my breathing. I had porn on my phone that was going the whole time and it lasted almost 10 minutes. There were waves to the super o I feel like. I’m not sure if it ever really stopped but there were times it felt more intense.

How do I stop falling asleep during my sessions

I never thought I’d be relaxing too much. I tend to hold my sessions around 9 or 10 at night, not too late but when combined with closing my eyes, not moving at all, listening to rain noise, and focusing on controlling my breathing, I eventually fall asleep. I always set an hour long timer so that I have a general idea on how long I’ve been going but for the past 6 or 7 sessions I’ve found that alarm wakes me up.

I feel like I’m cheating myself and hindering my progress by falling asleep. In my last session where I didn’t fall asleep, I felt something great and I’ve been trying to replicate or re-experience it. For whatever reason since then I have felt almost nothing, which is a little disheartening. When I do feel something it’s for a split second and it’s barely long enough to recognize that there was something, it comes just as fast as it goes. Maybe it’s because I keep falling asleep, maybe it’s because I’m going into a session with a goal in mind. Either way I want to stop falling asleep and actually experience the moment. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to occupy myself enough so that I don’t fall asleep but not so much that I lose focus?

Physical exercices, health and aneros

Hello folks! A frequent comment I’ve noticed in multiples posts on this subreddit and on the aneros’ forums is the fact that aneros usage can be a spiritual and meditative experience in addition to being a prostate health tool and a sex toy. In this context, I feel like having a good physical and mental health is quite important thing we want to success reaching any goals with the aneros (HFWO, multiples DO, super Os, etc.).

COVID-19 have been rough on most of us. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’m exercising less than I was. Working most of the time from home, I’m not riding my bike as much as I was and I’ve been eating more sweets to manage my boredom. I’ve been vaping weed more than before, even though my consumption is always limited to late evenings. On the other hand, I took the habit of walking at least 30 minutes everyday since march, but I feel it’s still not enough and may explain some of my difficulties “mastering” the aneros, as I sometime get anxious during some of my sessions, which can ruin the experience.

Does anyone else watch porn while using the aneros?

I have seen a bunch of people say not to watch porn during your session. However my mind seems to wander a lot especially after a while of using my aneros. I found that keeping a video going on my phone and looking at it to get to close to what I think is a prostate orgasm and as I see feel myself drifting off to be helpful. Does anyone else do this? I have only tried once and it seemed to be helpful but I am not sure if I will be hitting a wall that allows for prostate orgasms but not a super o. Although if I continued I feel like I might have had a super o.

This session was the first in a while that I even watched porn before, normally I just get aroused with breathing and nipple play.

What do I do when whole body tenses up?

I am at a point where I if I leave my aneros in for a while my legs and weirdly my face tenses up. Do I keep them in the same position and still just focus on my breathing? Or do I try and move them. I tried moving them and I feel like I started getting the squirming I have seen other people get. I am wondering if I should wait longer with them tensed until the squirming happens without me consciously doing it.

Also, has anyone else had the face tense before? Like it almost hurts so move my eyebrows. Everything is feeling good so I am definitely continuing on and improving just wondering if someone faced this and if they did something to make it better.