How much should I focus on breathing?

I’m having a hard time focusing on breathing and the aneros at the same time. Also not entirely sure what I should be doing to achieve the “quivering-wave… almost as if one is sobbing” described in the breathing section of the getting started page on the aneros wiki.

Progasm ICE, my old friend!

HI guys,

Early this morning after reading a thread on Progasm ICE on the Forum, I decided to have a session with Progasm ICE, my old friend which had sat unused for many months. It is so wonderful to reconnect with Aneros models which has served you well over the years. We are now in the New Year of 2022! Ten years ago, in early June 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn which had recently had arrived on the market. A month later, in July, I began using Maximus. Soon afterwards, I began using the white Progasm Classic and the Progasm ICE. I enjoyed the rugged action of Progasm Classic, but also the sleek, silky action of Progasm ICE.

Last night, we had one of the coldest nights in two years which temps in the low 20’s. I slept relatively well with several blankets and towels surrounding my neck and a woolen cap on my head. I diddled my nipples throughout the night which alleviated the cold of the night.

When I arrived at my session with Progasm ICE this morning, I was well primed of my night of nipple diddling. I was amazed at the silky, sleek action of Progasm ICE. The model is well-suited for Kegel action. This model works well with calm rhythmic breathing. A Kegel here and there accentuated the delights of my ride.

Great experience

Sorry for the long post, but I need to get this out.

Had such an excellent experience last night, culminating in first HFWO.
Started off with a delta-8 edible, when that started to hit I lubed up, inserted my Helix, and listened to some ASMR erotica.
Within probably 5 minutes of laying there “doing nothing” my asshole started spasms and making the Aneros dance and tickle my prostate. Then I felt my world start spinning.
I mean like someone turned off the gravity and I was free floating, it was wild, but I didn’t fight it and just let it go on. My heart was racing, breathing was increased, and I felt warm pulses through my body.
Then my arms/hands starting quivering and that led into full on convulsions of my wrists and hands! It was nuts! But I tried to let it go and not fight. The spasms and twitches worked into my pelvis a little bit and I felt some nice warm tingles in my perineal area, (Are these p-waves??) at this point I hadn’t done any voluntary pelvic contractions. Eventually this subsided and I stammered to the bathroom for a drink of water (cotton mouth).
Slid back into bed for another go round. Popped the headphones back in, relaxed for a minute and then started doing light contractions of my PC muscle. Within a minute or two I was convulsing again, and pumping out precum with a massive erection.
This time every major muscle in my body started started, it was wild, but I let the ASMR voice guide me. Felt like I was falling down a well, which was great!
Now is when it got crazy- I got deep into a trance like state, I was moaning so loud, and my whole body was violently shaking and my cock was flopping all around, to the point I was somewhat concerned for a split second but quickly pushed those thoughts out. This felt incredible and new and different. I’ve approached this point before and always slightly “fought it” so it always died off. But this time I literally tried to disassociate my mind from my body and let my body do whatever it wanted.
It actually worked and the next thing I knew I was cumming like crazy but totally flaccid.
At this point I stopped, which I’m regretting now, do you think it’s possible I could’ve continued it? Also is this a “benchmark” on the journey to super-o and multiple HFDO?

Journal post-ride – I am a body of water

Hey all – been lurking for a while for tips but haven’t had a session in a while that warranted any hullabaloo. Had some thoughts and unique feelings during and after this most recent session that I wanted to share. No super-o or breakthroughs, but just some deep feelings I experienced. A little background on my journey thus far:

First off, I got absolutely ruined the first time I *really* used Aneros. I had a helix for a minute and my first time using it resulted in a whole lot of nothing. Just laid there and pfft, nothing. What a trick I had been put under. I had some experience with other anal toys like dildos and plugs, but that was my first massager experience. Not going to act like some expert, but anal play had started to become something I dabbled in.

Cut to a year later in lockdown, I decided to give it another try, which I consider my first REAL ride. Used coconut oil, slid it in and laid with my legs down in kind of a parenthesis shape ( ), just trying to relax. I remember it hitting me almost instantly. My dick got rock hard quickly and it felt like I was cumming, but nothing was coming out. This happened about three times and the next day my anus was tingling well into the early afternoon. I could barely work that day. I think that because I truly had no expectations, my experience was quick and fruitful. On the same hand, after that point my bar was permanently set too high, and I haven’t been able to reach that pinnacle again. Every time I hear Steely Dan’s “Time Out of Mind” and specifically the lyric “tonight when I chase the dragon” (in reference to chasing the first heroin high), I think of trying to replicate that Aneros session. Ugh.

Beginner who struggled with the Progasm on the first try, found success in the end: a lube and warm sensation question.

So, after a good 2 hours of trying, and mostly just trying to fit the damn thing inside of me, it finally went in after using Vaseline I luckily still had instead of KY Jelly water based lube. I ruined it by deciding “okay, guess I should jack off now” when I felt like I was laying there long enough, and while the end result of that felt really good, I read a post on here saying that I’m not supposed to touch my dick at all for the super O.

Now for the questions: Should lube have been an issue, is a specific type of lube needed for something like the Progasm in general, or was my technique bad/hole too tight out of little use? What’s funny is I took to Pornhub to see how a guy did it, and the dude just slid it right in fully without any issue. Is there a technique to that, or was it my attempt at pushing in and out and breathing for an hour that helped it get in deeper?

As for the warm sensation, when I read about it, it was described in the thread that the best sign that I’m hitting the prostate is a warm/burning feeling in the abdomen. However, what I felt instead felt like it was coming from what I guess was the anal cavity like where I was pushing the Progasm towards. Upon feeling that, I didn’t know if it was my prostate saying I found it, or my brain saying stop pushing it there or something bad will happen. Nothing bad happened, so I guess I found it? I also couldn’t tell if I was shaking and sucking my gut in because of spoiling myself on that happening, or if my body actually did that on its own. Leaning towards the latter, but not sure still.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions.

In my quest for a better way to strengthen my pelvic floor ie. kegel exercises, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article about the Levator Prostatae Muscle. In males it’s the most medial fibers of the levator ani (pubococcygeus) muscle. It extends from the pubis into the fascia of the prostate. Yes!

With a little practice and attention to the sensation, have learned how to isolate this muscle and contract it while relaxing all other muscles in my pelvic aria.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions, LPMC as I’m calling it, is when this muscle is repetitively contracted or “pulled”, my pelvis rotates ever so slightly and I can feel my prostate being lifted just a bit. Along with proper breathing, the feeling I get is like a pair of small, silk gloved hands caressing the sides of my prostate. Oh, Yes! And with this imagery in mind, the white gloves, after a while, I “come” to an incredibly sweet and trembling orgasm. Possibly the best ever. And then comes the wave of dopamine that completely washes over my body. Oh, yees! And now I need a nap.

The beauty of this is that it’s hands free, no ejaculation, no clean up, no cover up and no refractory period. All the fun, no baggage. My only draw back, at this point, is like any other muscle, it gets exhausted after a while and I need a little rest. However, I’ve been able to orgasm seven times in a three day period, so…

Am I on the right track (ticklish sensation in perineum)?

So I was just laying on my side with the Aneros Helix Syn inserted, reading the Aneros forum on my phone When I took a deep breath and sighed, I felt a bolt of ticklish pleasure in the left side of the perineum that radiated to my left nipple. Was that from the prostate being stimulated? Is it normal that the feeling is stronger on one side?

Mr. Nuts, my introduction…

I am a 67 year old male with an INTJ personality type. Married for 45 years to my high school sweetheart. I have a “virgin” prostate, except for two prostate exams, it has never been touched. (I’ll come back to that latter.) I consider myself as being very conservative and have been told that am too straight lasted. But yet I found my way here.

It started when I was about nine years old. During school months, my parents had us kids go to bed at 8:00 PM, which we through was way to early. After flopping around in bed for a while, unable to fall asleep, I would start playing around with my thing. This would make me feel like I needed to go pee. I used that as an excuse to get up, go to the bathroom and get a drunk of water before going back to bed for the last time.

One night, while messing around, trying to stir up some pee, something different started to happen. My thing started getting really hard and a sensation was going on that I never felt before. My heart started to beat really hard and fast and my breathing was too! This time it didn’t feel like pee, it was something new and it was fun! And soon enough, I ejaculated for the first time!

This post is being edited, please come back later.

Trouble getting over the curve

I’ve been using a Helix Syn for a few weeks now, maybe 8-10 “sessions” and while I’ve felt some good and never-before-felt sensations, I’d like some feedback as to whether or not I’m approaching it correctly.

My last go with it seemed the most productive. I got myself pretty horny for a couple hours before insertion, with no sick touching. Then took a hot shower, laid in bed, did some meditative breathing, lubed up and inserted the Aneros. Tried to let it just rest for a period of time before contracting. After maybe 15 mins of listening to some chill EDM and breathing exercises I started doing some waves of PC contractions.

I started pumping out a lot of precum, but didn’t feel any sense of needing to urinate or any real pleasure sensations.

After maybe 10 minutes of contractions and using my pelvic floor muscles to literally “pull” the Aneros deeper into my asshole, I started to feel some nice warmth in my pelvic region and felt the muscles in my hips, abs, and legs starting to quiver. I could also feel my dick “jumping” and the Aneros felt like it was being pulled in and out by my asshole.

Then something new happened; my heart started beating like crazy, my breathing quickened, my eyes were closed and it literally felt like I was floating and spinning and things felt mildly good, but no where near what a normal cumming orgasm feels like. I didn’t cum or experience what I believe was an orgasm, only my usual pool of precum.

Struggling to feel good feelings

Hello, I’ve been trying to get an orgasm from my Aneros Helix for about a year now, but I have been having little luck.

Recently, I’ve been taking all the measures to get any pleasure from it. I only start a session if I haven’t eaten in a while, I do some cleaning inside with a water nozzle, I use a lube shooter and put plenty on the actual Aneros, and I ensure I have ample time to tune in and relax.

My routine is essentially prep, then insert and do some breathing exercises, then minor contractions, then a baseline contraction, then more intense contractions. I do get involuntaries a LOT, but they never seem to bring pleasure. Well, sometimes just relaxing and letting my body sort of lose control over itself is arousing alone.

I’m not sure if I should not be watching porn while I contract so I can focus more? But what do you guys think? I do precum a lot so I know I’m hitting the prostate, but I just don’t know what I should be looking for and trying to replicate. Sort of getting let down a bit.

Any tips for preparation or contraction exercises? Or what I should be looking for and trying to replicate? Thanks!