First Aneros Experience – Decimated by the Progasm

Last night I had my first experience with an Aneros toy – the Progasm Ice – and was absolutely decimated.

A few months ago I learned about prostate orgasms and impulse bought a vibrating massager on amazon. It was my first time experimenting with anal play and felt great. I experienced involuntary convulsions and light p-waves, but nothing close to an orgasm. The sessions were fun, but after about 45 minutes the vibration would make my prostate numb with over-stimulation.

I learned about Aneros after a few weeks of using it and started to learn more about how to improve technique. A few weeks ago, I tried using the massager without the vibration at all, and relied only on my rectal muscles. I immediately realized that the vibration wasn’t necessary and broke new grounds of pleasure. I’m not sure if I can use definitive terms for what I felt, but it was much more powerful and long lasting than the p-waves and involuntary convulsions I had before. Immediately after that session, I ordered a Helix Syn and Prograsm Ice online.

I’ve never been more excited for something to come in the mail. Since I started prostate play, I’ve been more aware of how horniness manifests in the prostate. The rewiring of my brain was becoming noticeable, and I kept getting the feeling that my prostate was begging for another session. Yesterday I checked my email and saw that the package had been delivered. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach, and my prostate began to swell. I opened up my Helix Syn first and admired its craftsmanship. It was a bit smaller than expected, but I knew from reading on these forums that size doesn’t matter.

Major progress!

I’ve been playing with the Aneros for about a year, reading in and learning a lot from these forums, but have never contributed. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, but after yesterday’s amazing session, I just have to share a few useful things I learned. 

First, some background. Before yesterday, I’d had a lot of great sensations, some involuntaries, but no dry or prostate orgasms. Most sessions ended with a sort of supercharged penile orgasm, sometimes HFWO (always a thrill.) Yesterday was my first truly mindblowing, holy shit experience. Here are few reasons I think it was successful. 

The house was empty. Especially during the pandemic, I almost never have time totally to myself. Yesterday, my wife was out of town, and kids were busy all afternoon. I had the house to myself and could really relax and let go, with no time pressure at all. 

Smoked weed. I took three or four deep hits off the vape. It helped a lot, in terms of relaxing and really feeling my body. 

Edged. In the days before the session, I’d watched a good amount of porn, so I was already super turned on and ready to go. 

Exercised. Before starting, I did several sets of pushups, and some long, deliberate yoga poses, with deep stretches and very slow, very deep breathing. It made my body feel alive and really got the blood flowing. Then I got in bed, on my back with knees up, and inserted the Helix. Almost immediately, I started feeling a tickling and a warmth spreading through my pelvis. Within minutes, the first in a seemingly endless series of mini-Os, which had me moaning, stomach clenching, thrashing. 

Aless-session with Mindgasm files

Hi, I had a interesting aless session last night. I couldn’t sleep and put the 6th Mindgasm file on my earphones. Despite the file tells you to relax completely while feeling for those fluttery feelings, I felt involuntary contractions. After a while I got into warm tingly feeling territories but I noticed I kept tighten the belly muscles kinda hard despite trying to stay completely relaxed. Breathing in deep and relaxing those muscles and the feeling was gone.

So far I can easily get involuntary contractions to start. But even while being horny I can’t find a way to get into the pleasure zone….

Another thing about the Mindgasm files: I still can’t find that imaginary “top” muscle above the penis. Any secrets to share? It really drives me nuts to read that people who got this, can reach orgasm easily and far more important repeatedly and prolonged.

Oh and btw: shivers down my back (like if it is cold, but without low temperatures) are a kind of pleasure wave or not? I had that a few times in different sessions at normal room temperature. Just wondering if that could be atleast the beginning of a pwave?

Another glorious session twice in one week. Here are some tips

5 days ago I had my first prostate orgasms in a long time. Had a session 2 days after that was just okay and short lived. My session last night though was amazing. It was really late at night, I just had smoked some weed and was already pretty tired. I got the urge and some mild tingles. Within seconds upon insertion, I am breathing very heavy and within a minute I let out some moans. Random ripples of pleasure run through my pelvis, and occasionally would get that lower abdomen/chest butterflies and feelings of warmth.

It tends to come in waves of about 15 minutes. It will be almost overwhelming for 15-20 minutes, then it slows down for 5-10 minutes. I usually hit 3-4 distinct peaks throughout a 1 hour session. After an hour or so, things tend to taper down and that is when take the aneros out and stop.

I recommend not jerking off/ having a super t at the end of your session until you are “rewired” but now that I have developed the control and connection, I can ejaculate at the end of a session. Went about 5-10 minutes before blasting off and it knocked me out.

I wake up this and I have the craziest morning wood, unbelievably horny, and my prostate is radiating a mild feeling of pleasure. Similar to how you feel after getting a good massage, but in the prostate/perineum/pelvis area. It just feels good down there for a lack of better term.

First Success – Should I Go Vibe/Bigger?

IDK if what I did qualifies as a super/prostate O but definitely some new results this latest time trying. Took hours and I had to pregame with regular masturbation (with some delay in between).

So what I got multiple of were these ASMR-like bolts almost like one side of my ribs being stroked upward with a feather or something, huge spine tingles. But IDK if these are the dry O because at least each individual one of these wasn’t as strong as a regular masturbation orgasm, and if I stopped there I wouldn’t have been satisfied.

Then I took things to a wet finish, again without conventional masturbation but with some light ball squeezing in addition to the rest of the breathing/clenching. Great result but it seems very hard to take things that far.

So on one hand I see a lot of the guides saying less is more and to focus on the subtle sensations. But when doing this attempt I was definitely getting very close off the “when it goes in” omfg sensation when I re-lubed a couple times and also when I re-inserted just for that sensation in an attempt to get over the edge.

So this begs the question: would a vibrating and/or straight-up larger toy be better than the basic trident? I’m still pretty much a beginner and a lot of the guides say vibration is an expert thing. But I’m often having trouble getting over the edge and in those close to the edge situations it seems like more stimulation could help. But maybe my technique just needs to improve more and bigger/vibrating stuff would be counterproductive. What circumstances make these worth trying?

NJOY Pure wand, A tale from the land of O.

Apologies for posting a non Aneros subject in advance – Mod’s remove if it’s misplaced as no offense is intended.

The pure wand is big solid heavy and beautiful to look at and touch with it’s highly polished medical grade steel reflecting back the first time users (me in this case) slightly apprehensive face.

Comparison to Progasm Ice
Totally different size wise. Until recently I found the progasm too big for me, but of late have come to love the full feeling it gives and the orgasms that come with it. Looking at both I note that other than the rounded tips of the NJOY the overall girth of the NJOY is smaller than the Progasm, so other than initial insertion and removal the NJOYS Size shouldn’t give anyone used to Progasm sized toys any great difficulty.
Being surgical steel it actually uses less lube than the progasm in my so far limited experience anyway.

First time trying Aneros Helix Trident – orgasm out of this world

Hi there,

Since I used reddit a lot to figure out how to use the aneros and get some advices on how to make my first time memorable, figured I would share my experience with you.

– I’m a 29yo straight curious male
– together with my wife, we’re pretty much open minded. We’ve been introducing new kinks in the bedroom. I always wanted to experience a prostate orgasm, and she was open to help me achieve this. While we fuck she would rim me with her finger and sometimes put it in. I never really enjoyed her doing it since I myself couldnt enjoy it with my own finger.
– I’ve tried anal play multiple times (by myself): fingers, wife’s rabbit vibrator, benwa balls – I could never fully enjoy prostate play but kept trying occasionally for a year. I did get some enjoyment with benwa balls and finger, but not as amazing as I read on other reddit posts
– I decided to buy a toy that is actually made for my prostate and the guy at the store strongly recommended the Aneros as people claimed to have had 2 hours long orgasm and so on. I was skeptical, but still decided to give it a try.

First time: worth mentioning that I avoided touching the penis as a lot of people suggested. Not sure why so if someone could clarify that would help.

A Progasm Ice Review.

The progasm is large in comparison to most Aneros toys. So being relaxed and well lubed is a prerequisite. For me it’s been a bit intimidating and I’ve found that because of this is I tend to stay over tense and consequently I felt it didn’t move much and pushed too hard on my prostate espc as my prostate woke up and started to swell. These minor criticisms aside I always felt I’d not given it a fair chance as I was too busy riding my helix Syn to take the plunge into riding the Progasm. And truth be told it scared me a little bit.

Riding the Progasm Ice
Ok. Here we go D Day for my ass. I’m writing this after two great sessions with the Ice. Waited till this morning’s session settled down to make sure that yesterdays insanity wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t.
Smoked a little pot, about 1/3 of a joint. Had a coffee. Did some stretches, put some soft music thru the earbuds. Lay down on back, copious lube on progasm. Open wide. And it’s still girthy as hell on insertion, not painful just feeling of being stretched. It’s fully in and well seated now. No contractions, just trying to relax everything. One short snort of Poppers. Breath…. still not contracting anything… here it comes… SLOW DEEP WAVE into thighs lower back and abs. Ok.. shit… slow rolling wave contraction… hold.. release.. breath… at this point I felt compelled to arch my lower back (lordosis?) and then… good bye world… 45minutes of nothing but orgasm, some light and some totally savage. Every time I tried to relax back off and slow down to stop another would blot out my intention of stopping… 90+ minutes in and I finally manage to stagger to the bathroom, having another 4 or five world bending orgasms on my knees back upright on the bathroom floor.. fifteen minutes later I literally grabbed the progasm and removed it before it could destroy my prostate anymore… aftershocks still continuing and if I touch my nipples now I won’t be writing anymore of this… I’ll be back getting fucked into oblivion.

How to progress from involuntaries

Hi there, I’ve been new to this game and over the last 6 months on and off I’ve attempted possibly 10sessions since I first purchased the helix trident syn.

I’ve attempted and tried a number of the tips that are commonly posted here and have made some progress strengthening the PC muscles etc. The stage I am currently at is that I can (without much effort) cause what I believe to be extended periods of involuntary contractions. These involuntary contractions usually lead to periods where I feel very aroused but that is all. If I focus on these involuntaries sometimes (with my eyes closed and focusing on my breathing) I can cause myself to start spinning but not in a dizzying way. These two results of involuntary contractions are the only progress I have made. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, what sensations I should be focusing on to try and achieve p-waves.

I’ve also considered the toy isn’t working for me. When I have tried or my girlfriend has used a finger inside me it has felt like my prostate was actually being stimulated and besides being a nice feeling using the toy and having the involuntary contractions I don’t feel it actually stimulate my prostate or any sort of build up of pleasurable feelings in that area. Where exactly should the pleasure or p-waves originate so I understand where to focus and cultivate them?

Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.

Finally making some progress

I have been thinking of posting here for a while. This is going to be a rambling post so TL;DR

I bought a Helix Syn in September of 2019 after seeing Aneros orgasm videos on the web for years. Decided to finally try it for myself. Used the Syn about twice a week for around one month and got bored with it and stopped. I found that it felt okay but after squeezing my PC muscles for about 10 or 15 minutes I would either doze off or decide to watch gay porn. The Syn did seem to enhance my penile orgasms but not so much that I felt like putting it in just for the enhanced penile orgasms. BTW I have a major, major addiction to gay porn. Or had. I’ll get to that later. Anyway, I would only pop the syn in every now and again 3 or 4 months at a stretch. That changed in January and it was the strangest thing. I got up to go pee one night around 3:30 AM. When I got back in bed I was just laying on my side and was just sort of sleepily squeezing my PC muscles (which I don’t usually do) and I began to think what if the pleasant sensation of peeing occurred further back in my prostate. Then I started to imagine what that would feel like while still squeezing my PC muscles. And that is when it hit. My muscles just started spasming on their own and I had this curious, very pleasurable tingling sensation from around my prostate. It only lasted maybe 5 to 10 seconds but I guess I got hooked. Mind you my Syn was in my dresser drawer, not even in my butt. Decided to start using the Syn again the next night. I’ve been trying to figure it out like a puzzle how to get those same sensations again and I am making real progress. Last night I went for about an hour and ½ and had the involuntary contractions + feelings of impending orgasm and that happened four or five times. With practicing deep breathing and kegels I feel that a progasm is within my grasp. Weirdly (again) about two weeks ago I suddenly lost interest in porn. Not altogether but it is much easier to just shrug it off and not watch any. Something does sort of concern me though. Around the time my interest in porn fell off, it seemed like maybe my libido fell off too. When I try to have penile orgasms now, they aren’t very satisfying almost like I’m not even climaxing. Also, it feels like there is a sort of congested feeling in my prostate.