“Day 9 and Rolling!”

[Thanks to @darkbond for the inspiration and positive success!]

I reached Day 6 of SR and began to think: will I need to ejaculate soon due to blue-balls? I read a post from @darkbond recently giving a “Cool Draw” breathing technique for control of blue balls. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.

Well, three days later I am now at Day 9 with absolutely no hint of blue-balls! I have been performing the “Cool Draw” technique every day and it seems to be keeping the blue-balls at bay! I hope that it will continue to work.


Here is some additional information I got from Reddit on this subject:

“A Technique for Aiding Unwanted Erections, Blue Balls and Wet Dreams”

“I have mentioned this before, I hope some find this useful.

Upon pressure in testicles (blue balls) or unwanted erections, perform technique right away. For wet dream prevention, perform everyday before bed.

Sit down and sit up straight, spine straight, do not lie down. Suck in your gut as hard as you can while simultaneously breathing out. Suck in abs, exhale, do this forcefully. Let go and inhale, relax abdomen and then repeat, suck in abdomen and exhale forcefully. Hold the hollow position of sucking in the gut and hold the breath exhaled for as long as you can in between cycles. Visualize energy going from below the waist, to up higher in the spine.


Got a copy of the book “Urban Tantra” this past weekend. Lots of interesting information in it regarding Tantra, chakras,
moving energy. There’s a few chapters on sex techniques and practices, meditations, etc.

The recurring theme in this book though is BREATHE! Breathe DEEP! Breathe OFTEN! Get the oxygen level in your
body WAY up.

I did this tonight and had my best session yet. I had O’s I didn’t think were possible. Body spasming almost out of body O’s.

Started my session as usual and just spent some time noticing how I was breathing. After a while I increased
both my respiration rate and depth. Not to the point it was painful, uncomfortable, or felt like work but enough to really
get some air into my body. OMG!

See and feel that air going right to your prostate and your first chakra. Pull that energy up your body.

If you have not gotten to the big O yet I highly recommend getting a copy of this book. Some of it seems like BS, a LOT of
it will to a lot of people but, give it a try and try for a while before you blow it off.


Getting close?

Last night was a thrill ride. It had been 2-3 days since I last came and decided that was a good time to have a session. I grabbed my helix syn, porn, hash oil pen and I was off to the races. Usual build up of that buzzing but rather than focusing on it I just let things happen while I tried to relax and focused on my breathing. 30 minutes or so in and I’m starting to notice how hypersensitive everything is to the touch, and breathing starts to feel a little more shallow. By this point too my left hand starts to twitch a bit; my hand was on my left thigh as it was spazzing.

When I climaxed, it felt different than the times I had before. Usually when this happens, I’m fully erect and ejaculate. This time, I was fully (or maybe half) flaccid but came buckets. Also after coming, I felt both exhausted but hornier than I did when I started (ended up jerking 2-3 more times last night before going to bed).

How close am I to the P orgasm? Did I just achieve it? Does anyone else ejaculate without being fully erect?

SR Day 10, 500 Kegels and the Florida Turnpike

So this entire week I have been holding firm to the 500 kegels every morning. On top of that I hit a new SR milestone of day 10. Day 10 seems different. From the moment I woke up from my heavily sexual dream I felt tingling all over. I finished my crossfit workout with a lot of energy left and got in my car and started to do my kegels.

From the very first one I felt an insurmountable wave of pleasure. It was unbelievable. By the time I got to 20 its almost as if my body took over and just started to lightly brush against my prostate. I barely had to do anything. In fact I can feel that my prostate is larger and juicier than normal. I know this because even the lightest of kegels and I can feel it and its pulsing and feels ready to burst.

All this time I am just driving through my normal streets trying to get to the turnpike. Even though I was feeling pleasure I always get to some pleasure state while doing this. Only once I got a Super-O while driving and that was basically in my neighborhood.

Today made twice.

I got to about the 300 mark…and then things kicked into overdrive. I started to feel the familiar tingling and in my attempt to try and make it stop I attacked my prostate from a different angle and I went into full involuntary contractions that intensified. I gripped my wheel and forced my eyes to stay open on the road and I started to moan uncontrollably.

Another Partnered Session

After the couple of years of proficiency doing mmo’s, I had reached the milestone of rewiring. That achievement altered me in many esoteric ways that I shall discuss in the next post. However, one of the very pragmatic things it did to me was give me control of my pleasure and the confidence to invite my wife to participate. It was this confidence that opened to door for me to tell her about my surreptitious use of her bare derriere in the middle of the night to coax exquisite orgasms into my anus.

It needs to be mentioned that I am much more sexually motivated than she is. Regardless she has always been willing to engage in all sorts of sexual activities with me. In our 20’s it was the power she had getting my penis erect and aroused. She became incredibly adventurous; it was this adventurous spirit that allowed her to go outside the conservative comfort zone of her younger years and led her to perform analingus on me unrequested.

One of the things that stimulates her arousal is seeing me ejaculate. The sight of thick creamy semen erupting from my pulsing cock slit as she holds it in her fist along with the tactile experience of feeling my shaft pump its steamy hot load in her grasp is such a turn on it makes her pussy weep. The feeling of a hot stream of semen rolling over the back of her hand during a handjob only adds to the visual delight. Like most women her experience of sex is predominantly tied to what she is thinking and feeling and who with.

Super o acheived!

Tried the do nothing aproach after a warm shower, inserted aneros and laid flat on my back. Focused on all the subtle feelings on my prostate and ass. Also the tingling in my soft dick felt amazing. 20 minutes in I had my first orgasm and a flood of clear sticky precum oozed out my soft cock. Continued to focus on the feelings and began to breathe real slow and deep. With each breath I felt it building up, 20 more minutes and another orgasm except now I was squirting urine had to get up and pee. Settled in for another 30 minutes and now the big finish. I felt a flutter in my rectum that was amazing as the aneros helix syn danced around magically on its own. My cock got warm and felt like I was cumming for a minute straight but nothing came out of my soft cock . Finally I felt the pee urge and started again to flow urine it was so much I got up to pee and this seemed to end the super o. I think had I not needed to pee so bad I could have carried this orgasm for a long time. It was still amazing and cannot believe how great my cock felt for so long while it was soft. Like a never ending traditional orgasm but better .

Aless and My Sexual Thermocouple

Thermocouple: a device for measuring temperature, consisting of a length of wire of different metals connected at two points terminating in a bulbous tip, the voltage being developed in the junction will be in proportion to the temperature difference.

By Spring of 2007 my Aneros journey made me feel like a 17th Century Explorer from Spain or Italy of Portugal only instead of the New World I was seeking the New Orgasm. I was in control of my ship, its equipment and the humanity that drove it and most importantly I had confidence in myself. I alsowas aware I was headed somewhere but I wasn’t totally sure what was out there.

I was having a 90% success rate with Super O’s each session. I knew how to make sure I had them but I wasn’t always consistent in the results. Some sessions were deep and intense producing toe curling agonizing ecstasy while other were just meager and ok. Each one was as different as a finger print. I learned that Super O’s were very nuanced and that depending on how you guided them, they could tumble you like a wave on the shore and abandon you or they could caress your brain and transport you to nirvana. I learned that I could get good advice from others on what worked for them but that experimentation of what worked in my own body was essential, even if it went against what others did. I also learned from Senior members here about A Lesses.


Last night I had my first twinkle with the mgx. I started early at 7:30. I was at the computer sitting side saddle minding my own business when I felt the twinkle of an orgasm tingle start. It came out of no where starting deep in my belly than dispersed in a flowing ripple of a wave, like a rock being tossed into water. Once it dispersed to my extremes no amount of doing nothing or something would bring it back so I stopped for the time.

Took my shower and went for the helix. Laid in bed for a bit and decided to try some blending. I reached down and started some external massage. Immediately an orgasm started to grow. I stopped to see if the helix would take over but did not. I kept massaging slowly keeping the orgasm just lit up, kinda like edging. Nothing came of it. I started a slow contraction and found a point that with every beat of my heart my pc muscle also contracted involuntarily. I could feel the helix slowly disappear, I no longer felt the fullness just the slight movement over my prostate. I believe my body is starting to get accustomed to both of these tools as I don’t feel the mgx after several minutes once inserted either. Since I no longer feel them inserted I’m hoping this frees up my conscious mind to experience the motion and stimulation they were designed to give, so I rolled over on my side and delved into a do nothing state along with manta thoughts focusing on feeling the head glide up and down the gland while breathing. I ended up dozing off but was woken up to the same pulsing of my body like I had before. Very intense pounding over my entire body at twice the speed of my heart beat. I tried some light contractions to see if something would arise, no joy. Again I ended up dozing off, this time being woke up to a light feeling of weightlessness in my head but my body felt like it weighed so much that I couldn’t lift my fingers, not that I wanted to try. I reveled in this feeling and let it linger till it faded. Once it was gone I got up and cleaned up to go to sleep. Sleep came quick & hard because if felt like just minutes but was hours when the alarm went off.

Friends, Nipples and Semen Lend Me Your Cocks

During January and February of 2005 I made 4 trips to the City (NYC); those visits were 3-5 days each for a total of at least 18 days of the 60 total days of both months. Those extended times in the hotel offered seemingly limitless time to investigate my sexual curiosity. Somehow , laying nude and horny in a hotel bed on a cold snowy day seemed so romantic. I discovered early in my sexual discovery journey that one of the keys to enhance the sensuality of my solo sex sessions and my orgasmic response is to romance myself. I would often have candles burning and new age music playing when I was self loving. This became a big part of sessions in hotels and still is.

During those hotel stays there were many nights of lengthy sexting with friends. Most of the chats were with friends from Sex Forums. There was also a very good friend from the Word Press Blog who I was sharing the blow by blow details of my MMO journey; we were both happily married but established what is colloquially known as a bromance. We shared intimate details of our sex lives and our relationships just as many women do. He was (and still is) a physician who was totally into MMO. I still communicate with him on FB in my real life.