An amazing 4 days

I’ve had my MGX Syn Trident since early August and have been having 1 or two sessions per week for a little over an hour just exploring and trying some of the tips I’ve read online. I couldn’t get any prostate Os but I liked keeping the Aneros in while doing my regular masturbation. Those sessions felt really nice but I knew I was missing something.

I thought I was getting the rewiring going even with the traditional masturbation with an Aneros inside but this past Friday, I decided to really focus and make a concerted effort to try a session free of penis touching. I took two gummies and as I was pre-gaming with some porn, I could feel this warm tightness in my pelvic area that I’ve never felt before. Them all of a sudden this wave of pleasure came over me and everything stopped. My breathing halted. My body couldn’t move. I focused solely on what I was feeling and BOOM there was this explosion of pleasure that came over me. I had felt an orgasm before but this was different. I could feel it emanating from my pelvic region but I could also feel it all over my body. I thought I ejaculated in my pants but I was totally dry. I knew it wasn’t a Super-O but it was definitely my first P-wave. If this is what a P-wave feels like, I can’t wait for a Super-O.

Finally achieved P-Waves

I decided to do an impromptu session tonight and although my preparations were hasty, it’s my most successful one so far.

I had tried the “do nothing” method a few times before and it really didn’t do anything apart from a few nice sensations sometimes.

I gave it another try, this time laying on my front instead of my back in exactly the same posture I use to sleep and closed my eyes.

After about 15 minutes of getting used to the feeling and just breathing normally I started getting tingles in the area near my prostate. These would last for maybe 30 seconds before going away and coming back.

However, after another 10 minutes the tingles came back and enveloped my whole body and it was honestly one of the best feelings ever, as if I had melted into nothing. This feeling continued for about a minute or so before going away.

For the rest of the session I had other similar feelings but none that enveloped my whole body so I decided to end it by manually having a HFWO, which I rarely achieve usually but came very easily this time.

I have never felt this drained yet satisfied after a session , I probably won’t have horny thoughts for the next few days.

Sorry for bad english, it’s not my first language.

I am getting there…

It‘s been some wild 2 -3 weeks and today is probably the most intense and craziest day so far…

I‘m a single 49 y/o straight male who is used to watching porn and wanking off, almost on a daily basis.

It even went so far that I‘ve developed a temporary ED, simply because of numbing my natural senses and overloading my mind and body with way too many stimuli.

My porn kinks got stronger and more bizarre and I literally spent more time searching for the hottest flics than enjoying my wanks.

Last month I‘ve made a decision to get rid of all the old blocking and harmful behavior and to kind of „restart“ myself in several ways.

I‘ve always been open to anal play, prostate play and other stuff but all the dildos that I have bought over the years just did not do it for me and probably only have supported my fantasy as I wanted to get pegged by my gf – if I had one lol.

Well, somehow I stumbled across this subreddit and found „Mindgasm“ which definitely was a huge eye-opener. Right from the beginning I could „roll“ my PC muscles and leaked a lot. On the third day, I had the first longer P-waves – still veeeery low level of course.

Then I read about the Aneros and ordered Progasm, Progasm Jr. and the Helix Syn because I‘ve been horny as hell and wanted way too much, way too fast. A huuuuuge mistake!

First Super O

Finally had my first super O last night and it was intense, and I owe it all to marijuana. I recently got into weed and it has really helped me make progress. My 3rd time pairing my sessions with weed, I started having my first HFDO’s; it was also my first time using coconut oil as lube. I was using my Helix Syn V and had it at the lowest intensity, 2nd pattern. The weed heightened the sensation and really helped me focus directly on the pleasure coming from my prostate, which led to some dry O’s. The day after this session, I felt like my prostate was craving more, which was a new feeling for me. I decided to go with it and have another session, this time without weed. Instead of chasing an orgasm, I decided to focus on staying relaxed and really focus on the feelings coming from my prostate. I felt more in touch with it than I had before using weed. I had a couple more sessions like this over the week where I would just focus on getting in touch with my prostate and identify the feelings it was giving. But then last night I decided to pair my session with weed again now that I was more in touch with my prostate. I used my Helix Syn V again with the same settings, and let it go for 40 mins to wake up my prostate while I watched a show on Hulu. After this I took some hits off my weed pen and started to focus on the feelings. Pretty soon I could feel the pleasure building and I had a dry orgasm that before it could end chained into a 2nd dry orgasm that was even stronger. Several mintues later this happened again, I had 3 dry orgasms that chained into each other and grew in intensity each time. I was in heaven, and while it was happening I was thinking that maybe these were Super O’s. But then the 3rd dry O chained into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was gripping the back of my couch with all my strength as my body convulsed uncontrollably, just lost in the pleasure that just seemed to keep growing. It lasted for what felt like minutes as I just kept convulsing, moaning, and whimpering uncontrollably. I was flaccid during the dry O’s, but at some point during the super O I got rock hard and starting cumming so hard it felt like I was peeing cum. When it all faded I just lay there breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened. People always say you will know without a doubt when you have a super O, and they are 100% right. After a couple minutes of recovery from my super O, I kept going and had a couple more dry orgasms that I could tell would build up into another super O if I stuck with it, but my body felt so tired so I just jacked off for 2 more regular orgasms cause I was still horny. The whole session was about 2 and half hours and I had 6 or 7 dry orgasms, 2 normal orgasms, and a super orgasm. I removed the aneros and it felt like my prostate was buzzing for a while afterwards, and my legs felt trembly and shakey for the rest of the night. It was an amazing experience unlike anything I ever imagined and I can’t wait for my next session. So happy to have made so much progress so fast.

A new journey

Sorry if this is a long post but I wanted to share my experience and would welcome any advice…

I’ve been an Aneros user for about 10 years, and have tried the Helix, Helix Trident, MGX, Progasm, Eupho Trident and now have a Maximus.

I’d had occasional pleasant feelings but nothing close to some of the experiences described in this forum. I didn’t bother trying for several years but then read through some of the details and tips provided in this forum recently and decided to try again. Some of the key changes that I’ve tried over the last few weeks..

1. Remove any expectation of an orgasm and just enjoy any good feelings
2. Breathing deeply when you inhale and exhale and using your whole body to do it
3. Big contractions aren’t good – either do nothing or do very gentle contractions
4. Use lots of lube (I’ve been trying boy butter recently and it feels much better and I don’t dry up as quickly).
5. Doing pelvic floor exercises through the day

I’ve had a lot more pleasurable feelings since doing this but last night was quite something else – although I didn’t have what would be described as a Pgasm or Super-O.

My wife and I went to bed and I was feeling a bit horny. She fell asleep so I decided to put the Maximus in and just have a light session and see what happened.

Intense P waves, but no HFDO

Thanks to practicing the the first few Mindgasm lessons, I now find I can start off on my p-wave journey fairly easily when relaxed and horny – ie not ejaculated for a few days. Lube up, slide in the Aneros trident helix and with some gentle contracting of pelvic floor and sphincter muscles start building pleasure resulting in long, body shaking, heavy breathing waves of pleasure. If I really allow myself to lose control, the 3rd or 4th wave is so intense that the involuntary contractions become really firm, causing a wet orgasm. It literally feels as if the cum is being squeezed out of my prostate. This is immensely satisfying, but I want to carry on fucking myself silly! I can sometimes consciously stop this by relaxing all muscles, but then lose the wave and the orgasm. I’ve posted similar before but any HFDO tips would be much appreciated 🙂

My experiences after 10 years of aneros

Aneros user of about 10 years. Warning: long post ahead. Unfortunately no TL:DR. Tips and tricks section after the wall of text 🙂

While penis-centered sexuality as I learnt it as a teenager is more of a mechanical approach the joy your prostatate can give you requires a more holistic process. For me set and setting are important. Nowadays I rarely have time to use my aneros (job,kids,friends, sports … ) but when the opportunity arises the foreplay / preperation is an important part of the experience.

Throughout the day (s before) I do some PC muscle squeezes which already activate my prostate because it knows whats to come. I like to take a bath or a nice hot shower, do some hair removal around my penis, the balls and the perineum/anus (Sugaring ftw!) so everything is smooth and hairless, give myself a pedicure (soft feet feel amazing 😉 and eventually put on a jockstrap (it feels sexy and keeps the penis out of the way while the anus is accessible) and douche just for the ease of mind. Ill then go about some chores, gardenwork, go for a walk or do some yoga, sometimes with a buttplug in, sometimes without – all in the sexy anticipation of whats to come.

Minor Milestone with the Helix Syn

Hey guys! I have been a lurker in r/aneros and r/prostateplay for a long time. About a month ago, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy myself an aneros. After doing some research, I decided that the Helix Syn seemed like the best toy and the one that was most recommended for beginners. When I first got the helix, I was super excited and tried it several times over a couple weeks, with little (if any success). I had a totally free day today, so I decided to have some fun. I thought I’d kind of journal what happened and post it here to see if you all might have any tips or advice for me for the future. Sorry in advance for the long post.

This time, rather than blitzing through clean-up (I prefer to douche before playing in the backdoor, I know it isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps me to relax) and getting the toy in as fast as possible, I decided to take my time and try and be mindful during the cleanup process.

Self Care

I’m a professional person and in my field of work there is an ethic of self care that is necessary and even mandatory. Unfortunately, life is such that time for “self care” is nearly impossible. Until . .

Aneros. My self care.

I often (more and more often) find myself locking my office door at work for 30 minutes of “self care”. Writhing uncontrollably on my office floor, gasping for breath, eye rolling back into my head as my body spasms in unrelenting ecstasy. Being used. No care in the world. My body flooding with endorphins.

My self care.


Before I tell my story, here’s some background info. I have around 2 years of focused experience with the eupho, progasm ice, njoy purewand, etc. Recently I’ve had some breakthroughs, although from day 1 I’ve found some pleasure.

Fast forward to today, I have a fairly long ride to and from work. I’ve been looking to expand my collection and close by was a shop that offered the MGX, Helix, and Maximus. I took the plunge on the MGX as the ribbed stem seemed intriguing and I was used to the movement of the eupho. At the end of my shift, the anxiousness kicked in and I had to give it a spin since I had around an hour to kill in the car.

I was not prepared for what I got myself into. Some deep breathing focusing from the pelvic floor, and suddenly within 15 minutes involuntarily contractions started increasing, by 20 minutes I was on the verge of screaming. Rolling o’s took over and by the fourth I took a drink of water. It went down the wrong pipe, and in the process of coughing what I guess would be pre-cum spurt out. That didn’t put me off though, and once I composed myself I was back in the zone after getting the rhythm of breathing back to speed. Simply rotating Kegel/Reverse Kegel’s in coordination with inhale/exhale seemed to kickstart the whole process again. By the time I parked I was in absolute bliss but dumbfounded about the entire experience.