Just bought my BF an aneros Helix trident syn. What now?

So, I (F23) just bought my boyfriend (M23) an Aneros Helix trident syn. I have not given it to him yet, but am planning to give it to him soon. He doesn’t really know that much about Aneros or any prostate super O, dry O etc things, so how could I introduce him to this info, so he doesn’t just brush off my gift to him as a ”small butt plug” but as something more.
He is comfortable with my fingers in his butt and doing some prostate play, and he finds it pleasurable and his orgasms are stronger but he doesn’t find it amazingly crazy pleasurable.

So my question is. Where should I tell him to study/find info about all the tecniques and things he can do with this new toy of his.
Also what ways are there that we can use the Aneros Helix together? Could I give him a guided meditation moment with the Helix in his butt, telling him to breath and use his PC muscles, can we just have piv with the Helix in him, bj with it in him? What are some beloved couples activities with it?

Thank you and sorry if my English is a bit off, not a native speaker 🙂

My first success?

I’ve been experimenting with my Helix Trident Syn for about 3 months now with some underwhelming results, up until tonight that is. I was watching scary movies at night with some friends when I thought I would practice some kegels to see if I could get myself in the mood for later. At this point I truly was not seeking a pleasurable outcome from these exercises because I was around other people, and I think that is exactly why I was able to feel something new. I finally stopped chasing after it, and that’s when I found it.

I was practicing the standard breathing techniques for about 30 minutes at this point when I started to feel a pulse under the base of my penis and around my perineum. A warmth started to develop and it felt like something grabbed a hold of me and my muscles started contracting violently on their own. I had already begun to orgasm before I was able to force myself to stop, and it took me a couple of minutes to calm myself down and stop leaking.

I’ve always had a hard time understanding if I was targeting the right muscles during my contractions, especially after so long of nothing. Is it normal to feel pressure under the base of my penis as well as my perineum, or is that considered to be stimulating the penis directing and something to be avoided?

Aless > Aneros

TLDR: Had multiple aless orgasms after pulling out the toy

So I had my first session in a while after a flare up of my CPPS/prostatitis put me out of action.

Did the usual – watched some porn before and during and had some good contractions going but, even though I was super-horny (no erection, but that’s normal), I wasn’t really getting anywhere. After about 2 hours, I was falling asleep so I pulled out the toy and cleaned up.

After getting back into bed, I could feel my prostate humming so I just got onto my side and did some aless contractions and, before long, that warm feeling started to reeeally slowly build up, my dick slowly got hard and that warm feeling took over my whole body – my whole body was trembling and my dick/kegals were pumping like I was having a regular orgasm, but no cum.

After this died down a little I just kept my breathing going and, again, the warm feeling came back and it all happened again but so much more intense…I was paralysed in pleasure…when this ended I just couldn’t fight the urge, grabbed my dick and had one of the most intense wet orgasms of my life – with so much cum…

If this wasn’t enough, I woke up this morning with the same prostate hum…so I did light contractions and BOOM, it happens all over again.


I had my first real session yesterday and had decent shaking in my lower body but it wasn’t anything special. I just finished my second session today and all i have to say is WOW. Started out with that same shaking but it started at the most intense level i had yesterday about 10 min in today. After 2-3 waves of this I suddenly felt my ass clench down on my progasm and my body went into a complete flex. I began violently and uncontrollably bucking back and forth, my legs shaking up and down side to side. I could barely keep my breath and was in shock. As soon as it subsided I would have 15 seconds to catch my breath and then it would build back up all over again. This happened probably 8-10 times before i literally could not stand it anymore. Absolutely insane.

Second Session Results

So I’ve been reading up here and on the aneros wiki and other places about using the Trident Syn to attain prostate orgasms. My first session was unremarkable. Nothing much happened. Certainly not the fireworks I was half-expecting and hoping for. So I did some reading and discovered the whole “don’t try to make it happen, LET it happen” approach.

I read a lot of first-hand accounts. So for this second session, I obtained a bottle of poppers. Popper? Whatever, you know what I mean, to try as part of the experiment.

I inserted the aneros, and listened to the first lesson in the Mindgasm series, and followed the instructions, practicing contracting the base (sphincter) and middle (PC) muscles separately. That wasn’t really a problem, as I’ve been working on that for a while. Then I took a hit of the popper. First one ever, mostly as an experiment. I definitely felt an effect, but it didn’t seem particularly interesting, and didn’t last long (which I expected based on my reading).

Nonetheless, I remained lying on my back, knees up and slightly spread. I concentrated on breathing low in my belly, and occasionally contracting my base and middle muscles, sometimes fully but mostly partially. Not a lot seemed to be happening, but I just lay quietly focusing on experiencing whatever happened.

First time use advice welcomed

My helix syn came in yesterday. Used it, prior to buying I did plenty of research on it and just the overall pspot in general. I know the difference in contractions and I thought my pc muscle (if that’s the correct term) was fairly strong and I can Differentiate between the two.

So most folks said put in and chill for a few I am pretty relaxed normally as well so that’s Done. So let’s see what’s on the hub….

I started to do pc contractions nothing. Like Yo what? It took me a few to do it having something interfere with it (helix) but I got it. I went light and increased then backed off. Did this for a while eh okay imma amp it up.

So I squeezed hard and held it and began to feel a warmth around my pelvic region and found myself not breathing. And having to stop (take a breath) as said sensation traveled up to my tip. I did that for a while longer and only thing that came of it was a ton of pre cum. Eventually I just finished normally. I guess at times I involuntarily moved my legs around finding positions that I didn’t have to squeeze as much. I’m not gonna give up I did read someone said tug of war I couldn’t find the post on the forum to experiment with this. Oh by the end I could feel My pc muscle fatigued have others experienced this? My overall first experience was decent? Didn’t leave me with the feeling of a bust but more so with oh hey something is here.

Almost there … aaand it’s gone.

I am a bit frustrated. User of an Helix once every 1-2 weeks since.. 2 years? All tridents. Note I am quite a thin person (136 lbs) per 5 foot 8. I usually need to do something like 2h of session. My best position seems to be on my back, with a pillow below, On the side i loose track soon.

Here’s what I usually do: I get there, empty out, wait, relax, get aroused and pull the helix syn in. Start breathing deep, after a few minutes, also with my stomach. I tend to feel the pressure as need to pee. After a few minutes when I exhale i can feel something happening, like a bit when you did something wrong as a kid and you got something sinking in your stomach, but pleasurable.

After a while, I would get to a point where it starts feeling quite good very few seconds. Those sensation come and go. Some precum.. Then my dick would get hard and things starts to go south, as i usually don’t get contact with my prostate anymore. I move position and i manage to get it again.

At this point (say, 30 mins in) I usually need to start some contractions (I am trying to Kegel these days) but in general i try the Tug of War technique. Nothing, would change from the above scheme. I can go slow, I can go fast i still get some of those erections, some of those good feelings but then things die out.

Advice needed to help attempting the Super O.

So it feels like I’m literally going no where with my aneros helux syn trident. Been going at it since around late may this year. I stopped chasing after about 2 months.
I’m aware from what I’ve read that some achieve it easily and others take years. I dont do weed or poppers which from what I’ve read helps alot of guys. I go into every session expecting nothing but just enjoy what I feel, and its getting me no where. As I said I enjoy what I feel but its same sensations everytime.

I do get great sensations. I practice both “relax & do nothing” and tug of war, well i try to practice them.

What are some of the techniques that guys have used that gets them over that line??

And how important is breathing, Ive read heavy and fast, deep and slow. I know everyone is different because I’ve read around.

I also practise kegals at least everyday to every second day.

What was that!

Long story short been at it for a about 3 months on and off. Not really felt anything until a week ago.

Basically I was using the condom technique (2nd time trying it) as my lube keeps drying up with the helix trident and I noticed as I was doing light kegals what felt like an itch real deep in the rectum of what felt like the end of the condom just tickling very faintly(not sure if that’s the case or if it was actually the aneros but that’s what it felt like). So I was just enjoying this new feeling and then about 5 minutes or so out of nowhere the tickling turned into waves of sexual energy erupting. My breathing got faster, toes started to curl and started getting hard, pleasure building on every kegel to levels of pleasure I never even thought possible!

Then my penis scraped my tummy as it got hard and then all of a sudden as quick as it came on it disappeared completely. The itch was gone now and I relaxed and tried various methods over the course of 30 minutes or so to no avail.

Just wondering if anyone else just focuses on an itch deep inside or if that was maybe luck that the condom was waving around. I don’t recall anyone ever having an experience like this before and I’ve not felt it in subsequent sessions either?