I finally struck gold.

I post this in equal parts to pay it forward, hoping that my account might help someone else who’s still trying to figure this stuff out as I’ve been helped by so many posts here, and to assure myself that it actually happened.

I started my adventure in August this year with the purchase of Helix Syn. I was a complete newbie with no prior experience but for a few years I’d had the itch to try Aneros. Eventually I had to pull the trigger on it because it became apparent that it wasn’t something that would go away if I ignored it.

My first session wasn’t anything to speak of. I did feel something but I wasn’t sure what and if I hadn’t imagined it. To put it short, I was flying blind. Frustration began to mount and on a whim I ordered the Progasm. I was looking for anything that would give me direction. And boy, did it ever.

Its prodigious size was astoundingly helpful. Whereas with the Helix I was fumbling around, unsure what I should be doing, with the Progasm it was basically impossible to “miss”. Any muscle contraction would result in my prostate getting worked which pointed me to the exact sensations I should look for and showed me what movements were required.

A great session

I’ve owned a syn for multiple years that I bought as a curiosity. I never dedicated much time to learning it and seldom used it. I’d try once every couple of months and just shove it back in the drawer.

I read some recent posts for tips, and it really changed my session tonight. It peaked after about 10 minutes where I was shaking involuntarily, was hard, and had difficulty breathing. It still wasn’t a super o as I felt there was more to build to, but it was one of the most intense sexual experiences I’ve ever had. I got distracted from my prostate and forgot to keep breathing. I’m excited to try again as I’m definitely going to be picking it up to play with most evenings!

What definitely helped was a number of things:

1. I put a few pillows under my hips and it made it more comfy

2. I smoked a little weed which definitely helped me get in tune with myself and be more relaxed. I think I might have an edible next time for a longer session.

3. Clenching and breathing. I breathed deeply while flexing my pelvic floor 10-20% power. I played around a lot to found what worked for me.

4. I focused on the warm feeling behind my stomach that just felt really good and just relaxed into it. Don’t rush it.

Only getting HFWO looking for insight long post

Like the title says. I’ve been at this for like 10 years and only have had hands free wet orgasms that end the session.

I’ve used various aneros toys, the Njoy pure wand, dildos, plugs, and various other objects. So im well versed. Seems odd to say if I think back to shaking with anticipation and wonder the first time i used an anal toy.

Im straight so I took a bit getting past the stupid certain stigmas as a young adult. Im comfortable with my exploration now and respect everyone’s choices, so things have been a lot better since my mind is free and clear. Pot helps.

I’ve always been chasing a feeling I had when I first learned what my penis does. I didn’t cum. I was humping a stuffed animal straddling it (like I’d seen in adult movies on cinemax). I got really strong butterflies and warmth in my belly, pelvis, and anus. The feelings grew into tingling in my crotch and buttcheeks and before I knew it my chode, anus, and my buttcheeks started shuddering with pleasure. It was so good my muscles would give for fractions of seconds, and my whole body was warm and tingling. Rock hard erection but didn’t cum.

I’ve only got close to that ONCE since. I was just relaxing, breathing, and lightly playing with the rim of my ass. The same feelings started but I got distracted when someone came home.

First Experience – Aneros Progasm

TLDR: used the progasm for the first time and it absolutely ROCKED my world.

In terms of prostate play I would still consider myself a rookie but I am proud to say I’ve been slowly gaining progress. I initially started off with the helix syn (very popular choice in here), this helped my body better understand the difference between the muscles used in prostate play. After 6 months, I felt like it was time to step it up to the next level so I decided to treat myself to the progasm. Few days pass and I get a notification saying my progasm has arrived. I wanted to wait until the night since my body tends to react better but the anticipation and excitement was driving me CRAZY! After I lubed myself and relaxed the moment had finally come (no pun intended). I slipped in the program and WOW immediately my body started to tremble. I literally had to catch my breath and relax again since I was going out of control!! After probably about 2 minutes I was leaking out of control, probably the MOST I’ve ever leaked in my life. However, here’s the climax, literally after a few contractions my body couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded EVERYWHERE. Never in my life did I think a piece of plastic would drive me this insane! I don’t think I’ve experienced something so powerful ever in my life!!

Cock Head Massage

Esteemed old friend Turnrow and another fellow forum member have both asked me to talk about sulcus (cock head cleft) massage as a Super O enhancement and facilitator” as well as the practices I apply in stimulating my sulcus during a session. Specifically Turnrow asked me to respond to his request and elaborate in a blog entry. I have known Turnrow for many years as a reader on my WordPress blog and as an esteemed member of the “brotherhood of the prostate” here. So here you go Turnrow.

If I delve into my sexual practices immediately and provide background later, I am sure you will be afflicted with a certain stiffness that will hinder your ability to read serious content and understand my thought process (LOL). So ……… I will discuss the thinking stuff first. Then once you have background, I will get into the cock hardening stuff.

When I joined the forums many years ago and started on my path to achieve the holy grail of Super O, I followed the sage advice of respected elders of this community. These respected elders were hitting them out of the ball park so speak, so I dutifully did everything they suggested. Tantamount in their advice was the rule that prostate orgasm needed to be separated from penis oriented orgasm. The basis of the advice was that if one focuses on ones stimulated cock, it would be a distraction from sensation in the prostate and anal canal. In addition the advice also was rooted in the potential danger that stimulation of one’s cock would trigger ejaculation and “let the air out of the balloon” of your Super O.

My Second Tryst Part 3

Part 3
In my first hookup with a man two years earlier we were both nervous. At that time I was not really at ease with my morphing sexuality. However, two years had passed between my first tryst and this one. During that time, I grew to be more comfortable with who I was becoming sexually. I was getting more at ease with my changing desires and my anal orgasmic response; as I relaxed into my rewired “new sexuality”, a desire for male intimacy infiltrated my psyche. The desire to kiss a male sex partner became an expression of my libido and a must do in my menu of sex acts with any man and this one that evening in particular. Kissing had always been a cornerstone in my foreplay with women and that night it would be no different.

The key that opened the door to this new world that night was that I had cast aside my shame, and given into my limbic desire. My own admission to myself was feeding my libido. Revealing it openly and unabashedly to an attractive and very desirable male sex partner was feeding his libido in equal measure; his cock was stone hard. It was profoundly arousing. The excitement and lack of shame I felt kissing a hot naked man in foreplay was flying in the face of the social taboo that had governed me in my past; that excitement was forging my cock to iron. Kissing him on the lips was a big deal; however kissing him in bed in foreplay was beyond a big deal. All of this was having a profound impact on me.

My Second Tryst

I obtained my Tempo by winning it here on the Forum. HIH was holding a contest some ten or twelve years ago. The challenge was to write what Aneros meant to you and how it changed you; the prize was a new Aneros Syn, which had just been introduced. I was urged by several guys in the Forum that read my blog to submit my personal story. I wrote my story and submitted it. To my surprise I won. When I was notified, I asked the company if I might get a Tempo instead of the Syn. Tempo had been out for a while and I wanted one; I had not gotten around to buying one yet. They agreed.

A few weeks later my Tempo arrived in the mail. Later that week I tried it. It was an instant success. It was vastly more effective and responsive than my Eupho which was my favorite Aneros device until then. From that first insertion my Tempo was my go to Aneros; now it’s all I use.
At that same time I did the contest I was communicating with a fellow Aneros user about meeting for a shared session and more. He was my second hook up with a bicurious married guy for sex. My first foray into M-M sex was quick and unceremonious. We were both too nervous to really explore the mental and full physical dimensions of our desires. this time it would be different. Also this time we would use Aneros together.

First HFWO

So I’m a beginner since I just started a month ago and like most beginners, I grew frustrated. I watched the mindgasm videos (highly recommended) and could feel something and get p shivers but that was it. When inserting the helix trident it would just feel like something was in there but nothing else, kind of uncomfortable especially standing up.

I have an open mind and if you’re a beginner you might know what I’m talking about. However, it happened today completely unexpected right after waking up. I read about how you’re less likely to orgasm if you’re wanting it. It felt like being in a half awake dreamy like state is the perfect opportunity.

I also read that edibles make a huge difference so I took two THC pills and I just laid back with my feet flat getting comfortable under the covers. I started get into a meditative state where all I could feel were my arms feeling heavy. I started focusing on breathing for 15-20 minutes while doing nothing, just breathing. Once the edibles started to kick in a bit I mentally contracted my PC muscle and held it. I started to actually feel my prostate.

Where Do I Go from Here?

I posted a few months ago about my first super-O ([here](https://www.reddit.com/r/ProstatePlay/comments/noes6w/supero_induced_by_nipples_and_assisted_by/)) and I had some questions about my progress since.

As I noted in that post, under the influence of a marijuana edible and with an Aneros and manual nipple stimulation, I managed to have a continuous rolling orgasm that took the form of pleasurable muscle contractions starting in my feet and moving up my legs all the way to my head and back down again. At no point did I ejaculate, but I masturbated the conventional way during that orgasm and it felt incredible. Since then, there have been developments I wanted to run by the community here:

* I have been able to get to this state of muscle contractions running through my body with an Aneros and nipple stimulation without the use of edibles, but it’s not anywhere near as pleasurable when I’m sober. Is that normal? I imagine that it is, but that it could change with time and become more pleasurable.
* My first super-O moved up my body starting with my feet, and the feeling that began there is unmistakable. Now I occasionally get that feeling in my feet when I’m at work or sitting on my couch, and it’s accompanied by the urge to give myself another super-O. Is this rewiring, and what does it portend?
* I still have yet to activate my prostate so that it becomes a pleasure zone when I bottom, ride my dildo, or use my Aneros. Initially, my nipples were the same way, but then they came to life in a permanent way when I did acid back in June 2020. I plan to do the same sometime soon but focus on my prostate instead. Has anyone had any luck doing that themselves?
* I’ve recently been reading about the vagus nerve and its role in orgasm, particularly clitoral and prostate orgasm. What do people here think/know about how it relates to prostate play specifically? There are techniques for stimulating it such as holding your breath for a while, which may be why autoerotic asphyxiation is as popular as it is, but are there others, specifically ones that involve massaging some part of the body or relate directly to the prostate?

Sucking in Abs / Tummy pleasure

Anyone have a feeling of sucking in / tensing your tummy / ab area. It feels good but I feel like I stop breathing and hold my breathe doing it and it gets very exhausting also.

Not sure if its totally wrong and you should be relaxing more.

It’s almost the feeling of a huge wave of pleasure building in the lower abdomen, but then it tries to move above my tummy but then I run out of breath due to not breathing and it goes away.

Anyone had any problems like this and ways to move past it? It definitely is me suckling in my tummy while doing it and pleasure building behind it.