Trouble Sensing Prostate Stimulation with Aneros Devices

Hey fellow enthusiasts!

I’ve been exploring the exciting realm of prostate play with my trusty Aneros devices, the Progasm Jr and the MGX. While I have made some progress, I’m having a bit of trouble and could use some guidance from the experienced members of this community. I hope you can lend me your expertise in my journey towards achieving the elusive Super O.

Here’s my situation: I can definitely feel the presence of both devices against what I assume is my prostate, but only when I’m standing or inserting them. To my surprise, the sensation seemingly disappears when I sit or lay down. It’s quite perplexing and frustrating, preventing me from fully experiencing the potential pleasure that these devices can offer.

I’m aware that everyone’s anatomy and experiences differ, but I was wondering if any of you have encountered a similar issue? What could be causing this sudden loss of sensation when I’m in a sitting or lying down position? Is it a matter of positioning or technique?

I’ve experimented with various positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and arousal levels, but haven’t found the solution yet. It feels like I’m missing out on the full potential of the Super O because achieving it while standing or inserting the devices manually doesn’t seem to be the ultimate goal.

So, could you please share your insights, tips, or any suggestions that might help me overcome this hurdle? Perhaps you’ve experienced this before and found a way to overcome it?

Just a tip? Maybe?

The nicest feeling in the world is when your body starts fucking itself with the aneros involuntarily…
I guess my biggest tip.. (at least for me) is to contract the aneros inside until your body starts making you do the “reverse kegel” thing. Then… try and hold the reverse kegel… your body will involuntarily suck it back in. Those involuntary contractions back IN are what sends me to super o territory. At that point its a mind game. . I try and push it out and catch my breath.. and try NOT to orgasm.. . but my body will pull back in and hit the spot, and every time it does, it gets better.

Had a 1 hour session earlier this week. Had a hfdo.. then they started getting closer and closer… eventually overlapping and stacking.

I had to quit, so I pulled the Eupho out.. but by then my prostate had a mind of its own. My body kept contacting my prostate, and it was sensitive enough I kept riding the orgasmic waves for hours. Like super o waves. Eventually I had to catch a couple hours of sleep, so I had to JO to get things to quiet down. (I tried to just ignore it. But it just continued on and on.. even after i stood up and walked to the bathroom) .

Next opportunity will be Friday… we’ll see how this one goes…

My first super-o

I’ve had my progasm for a couple years now but just recently had the house to myself and decided to get high and try it and I finally got it figured out.

I got myself cleaned and lube while I waited for the high to hit. I laid on my back in bed and popped the progasm in. I was excited and started edging but I was determined to cum from the aneros. I stopped edging and started listening to some GoneWildAudio until the high hit. After an hour of listening, I was getting some sensation that I would classify as p-waves but realized I was chasing the orgasm.

I was able to calm myself down and focus on my breathing and after another 30 minutes I could really feel it building up. After some trial and error, I was able to ride that feeling until I started convulsing and moaning uncontrollably. This was stronger than any orgasm I’ve ever had several times over, all while I was completely soft. After what felt like minutes the orgasm finally subsided and I realized, at some point I started holding my breath. I gasped and was still caught somewhere between super-o and p-wave. I shut my eyes, regained my focus and it happened again! Just as intense as the first and lasted at least as long. The pleasure coming from my prostate was unbelieveable.

Tried to end my session and ended up in a whole other world of pleasure

Had a nice session with my Progasm Ice this morning – about two and a half hours long with lots of nice feelings and various orgasms. I’d just had a pretty big prostate orgasm and felt fully satisfied so decided to end the session and remove the Aneros.

Laid in bed for a bit all cost when I started to become erect. First my cock and then my nipples. My cock was almost twitching with my heartbeat and became SO hard that it felt like it was straining. I had that sort of buzzing feeling in my prostate and was getting pretty horny again.

I started pinching and twisting my nipples which sent jolts of pleasure straight to my prostate. I could feel the beginnings of a dry-o and a steady stream of precum leaking out of my cock. It felt like I was ejaculating but oh so slowly. It felt absolutely delicious.

Ended up sitting down in my comfy chair and carried on teasing myself by flicking my nipples and caressing my body. Cock still straining and twitching with a steady flow of precum that was now starting to pool a little on the leather of the chair.

Eventually I could feel myself tensing up- especially my abs. My breathing was all over the place and pleasure was taking over me to the point where I couldn’t help but moan and wriggle a bit.

First prostate orgasm after 4 years

Been at this for 4 years now (since I was 18 or so) played with my progasm jr tonight after not nutting for a couple days. I laid down on my stomach and started up those little twitches with the progasm inside me and after about 5-10 minutes my prostate started feeling really intense, it felt really good but almost too good not sure how to describe it, like a deep massage that hurts kind of in a good way, or like if you had a bruise on your dick and we’re jerking off only inside you. After a while the intensity started slowly growing and I just kept relaxing into it and trying, and horribly failing, to regulate my breathing, and at some point my muscles kinda sucked the toy all the way inside me and that intensity reached a peak, and just like how when you have a traditional orgasm, your body almost like freezes and you can’t think about anything else even if you tried to.

First time with any sort of prostate play, and I had p-waves for nearly 2 hours!

I’m in my late 30’s and I have had a sexual awakening of sorts. After a leg injury I’ve become a big time yoga practitioner and ended up really strengthening my PC muscles (unknowingly). Over time I noticed how much this helped with edging and through practice I have been able to have non enjaculatory orgasms. Totally changed my life and how I viewed sex as a man. Also worth noting I meditate on a regular basis and do breathing exercises daily.

I had heard a lot about prostate play and the “super O”. After going back and forth for a long time, I finally caved and purchased an Aneros Helix Trident to try out. What the hell, right?

So I started my session not knowing what the heck I was doing. I had a lot of problems getting the Aneros in, but after some breathing exercises and a lot of hits off the weed pen, I had that “welp I guess I got something up my butt” moment. It took me about 20 minutes of just trying stuff out to see if I could get any sort of pleasure from the experience.

Then I started to look at some porn on my phone, and that’s when the wheels got turning in my body. I took a bunch more hits, and then I started to get in the zone, like I do with edging with my penis. Eventually I got my legs moving and experienced some full on pleasure waves. Gentles soft moans, experimenting with moving my PC muscles, and really getting into it mentally.

P spot question

I’ve started to feel some pleasant sensation from my pelvic region to my belly button after some weed and deep diaphragm breathing. Is this my prostate or something else? Just wanna know of I’m on the right track.

I also wasn’t using the contractions I was just relaxing completly still, felt my breath almost massage my prostate. Whenever I’d use the contractions I’d lose the feeling and get nothing else. Should I try to do the contractions or is it possible to super O while completely still?

Eupho got me to the next level

Long time lurker, first time poster. Created this throwaway account just to share this. Been exploring prostrate pleasure with aneros for 4-5 years. I have tried the helix syn v, helix syn, and progasm each with good amounts of success, a few p waves here and there, but no true orgasms. I recently bought the eupho after reading quite a few positive accounts of it on here. It seems the consensus was that the smaller, more pinpoint contact it makes with the prostate, and the greater freedom of movement, almost teases the orgasm out of you. Holy shit was that the case for me.

I used my new eupho once or twice last week to try it out. Nothing mind blowing but Towards the end of my last season with it I experienced some really pleasurable sensations. Sadly I had to wrap it up and get some sleep. All week I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it again. After that I had not cum for a few days this week and was really horny last night ended up having some pretty hot sex with my wife. I woke up this morning still extremely horny and had an aching coming from my p-spot.

After my wife left to go shopping I had the house to myself. I popped a weed gummy and scrolled through some NSFW subs on Reddit while playing with my nipples through my t shirt. As the high started to hit my prostrate started buzzing, practically begging for it, as my nipples brought it to life.

hopeless and desperate for advice

I’ve read countless posts about what to do and what not to do and I still just cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. Very brief background information: I have experienced what I think were P-waves twice in one session but never again- I had just woken up and was feeling a little horny. Also I use aneros helix trident

I have been making sure of the following:
– I’m super relaxed physically (I often do a session after waking up)
– I hold a ≈50% contraction and my muscles do move involuntarily
– In the occasion I do feel pleasure, I don’t change what I’m doing physically in a way that might ruin it
– I lay on my back sometimes with my legs bent or on my side with my legs up to my stomach
– I stop after 20 minutes at minimum or an hour and a half at maximum
• I don’t touch my dick
– I (mostly) do not watch porn during sessions
– I try not to have the mindset of “chasing” an orgasm

My guesses as to what could be causing an issue:
– I jack off maybe once a day or every other day
– I don’t get nearly as horny as I used to a couple years ago as a teenager
– I’m not always super focused on breathing
– My mind wanders and I am not always thinking sexual thoughts during sessions

WTF happened to me?

Yesterday I had the place to myself and decided to put in a session with my Maximus. I had taken a few drops of HHC tincture earlier on, and was feeling the effects. I felt very relaxed and quite aroused. I popped in the Maximus and laid down on the bed, on my side with one leg pulled up to my chest.

Up until now I haven’t had any kind of orgasm with Aneros toys, so I can’t be sure what has happened. I can only say that I never felt this much pleasure in my life, I was literally moaning aloud which rarely happens to me.

I usually get very pleasurable feelings during my sessions, but I have never experienced a P-wave. When I relax, my breathing tends to become slower and shallower. However, having read multiple times that deep and rhythmic breathing is key, this time I made a conscious effort to keep breathing slowly and deeply. What happened next is nothing short of amazing.

As I felt the pleasurable feelings grow in my prostate, my breathing went faster and even deeper, up until the point where I was a bit concerned I was about to hyperventilate. But I decided to be curious, go with it and see what happens next. I mentally told myself that I have permission to experience this limitless pleasure.