Story Time: Artificial Intelligence

So I used a script to remove restrictions via ChatGPT and prompted it to write a story about me using Aneros. I like the result – what do you think? Have you tried to create your own stories or did you ask it any questions on the topic?

Donce lay on his bed, feeling restless and frustrated. He had been wanting to explore new sensations, and a website had recommended trying out the Aneros. Curious, Donce had ordered one online, and it had arrived earlier that day.

He opened the package and examined the device. It looked small and unassuming, but he knew that it had the potential to give him incredible pleasure. He lay back on his bed, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

With shaking hands, Donce inserted the Aneros into his body. It felt strange at first, but he quickly adjusted to the sensation. He relaxed his muscles and began to focus on his breathing, letting the device do its work.

As he lay there, he felt a growing sense of pleasure building inside him. The Aneros massaged his prostate, sending waves of bliss through his body. He moaned softly, feeling himself getting closer and closer to the edge.

Donce soon lost track of time as he surrendered to the sensations. He was lost in a world of pleasure, and nothing else mattered. He pushed the Aneros deeper inside him, feeling his body respond with pleasure.

Looking for advice/explanation

Hi everyone! I’ve been toying around with prostate massagers for little over a year now and have really enjoyed my experience so far. While my sessions generally don’t produce involuntary contractions or p-waves, they’re still very pleasurable and a good way to relax.

In two sessions, about 6 months apart, I’ve managed to get these p-waves (i think). During those sessions (first with a leluv nero knock off toy, another with progasm) I felt the pleasure build up (as it usually does), but then suddenly the pleasure grew and began creeping up my body untill my whole body was “tingling” and feeling all around very pleasurable. There were no muscles clenching, I kept on doing what I thought felt good and the “wave” of pleasure passed after 10 second on the first time and after approx. 1 minute on the second.

The first session I did manual contractions until it got to the point where I tried to keep relaxed, but the contractions sort of were automatic. After a while this resulted in the first wave of pleasure.

The second session I tried breathing deeply in and out of my belly, and after a while the wave came and passed.

Since these two sessions have been so pleasurable, my question stands: is there a way to “cheat” yourself into feeling these sensations on a regular basis?

First week using aneros

Hello! Today marks one week since I got the Aneros and I am in love. Previously, I had no experience with anal pleasure at all, but now I feel like when I first discovered masturbation. I can’t resist the temptation to play with it at least twice a day. The thing is, as nice as it feels, I feel like I’m on a kind of plateau.

The first two days were nice, with feelings of tingling in the prostate, but no pleasure.
On the third day, I had the first involuntary movements and signs of pleasure.
The fourth and fifth days were really fun, with much more intense sensations that lasted for minutes, my breathing and pulse accelerated, and my dick got hard from the feeling. Now, the sensations start within minutes of inserting the Aneros, and when I’m not using it, I feel an urge to use it soon. It’s really nice and awkward at the same time.
The sixth day was very much like the ones before, but now my dick got rock hard, and at some point, I had involuntary hip thrusts. It felt like I was about to cum (high pleasure), but then the feeling subsided and started again, with no real “finale” like when you cum from traditional masturbation.

My Progasm session

Last nite I got to bed early with a planned session.
The Progasm was my prostate buddy for this.
Lubed up on my side….and slowly inserted the Progasm.
This needs some patience because of the shape.

This toy is not my most used one..i have to be in a ‘I need to be fucked modus’
With some breath control and pc muscle control my prostate welcomed the partner in crime.
In a few minutes my body was in motion and orgasm after orgasm took over….some more intense with precum drippin out.

I had an agreement with myself for a 2 hour session…because of a lack of sleep.
Other thing is the fact that the Progasm totally worn me out with a lill irritated/pain-ish rectum.
Still totally satisfied.

My session

Since a few days im really into my toys…spring in the air or something.
Last nights I had my MGX as a weapon of choice.
The session goes like this. Lube MGX up with waterbased…cause got all syn versions.
Start on my side with one leg bend to my body and other one stretched.

Slide the toy inside and as a yogi focus on my breathing.
In no time my pc muscles pull the MGX out…the autofuck modus is on.
What follows is a rush never ending of P-orgasms with an intensity I can influence by change position in a kind of doggy style or flat on my back.

This tsunami of P-orgasms treat me till I want to sleep… P-play is like a drug addiction.
When asleep the MGX is still inside me…but as a good 50+ male awake in the night to pee.

Back in bed I turn the page by pull the MGX out and insert again but with the tip pointing to my back.
In this way the curve of the MGX pull a gently
force on my prostate….this works soooo good.

My orgasme are not dry anymore in this setting.
The autofuck modus works again but now gentle flows of precum complete the orgasme.

Still not super O’s but this kind of orgasms are treasures.
During the day I feel my prostate sizzling…craving for more.
Coming night….im gonna check in with my Progasm…its not a pleaser for me like the MGX but I can finish the session with old school jerking and fell asleep satisfied.

What just happened? Holy Crap!

Hi all,

I decided 2 days ago to order 2 aneros (I had 0 experience with prostate stimulation) I choose the Helis Trident and Helix Trident Syn. Yesterday I recieved them and tested them later that night.

I didn’t expect too much from it. After a nicely hot shower I lubed what was needed and inserted the Helix Trident Syn. I started playing around with the muscles around it but came to the realisation that I felt nothing… So I took it out and found out I inserted it the wrong way… I twisted it around and reinserted it as intended (The head didn’t point up to the belly but down to the back…).

Immediately I felt a difference, it was pretty nice, not painful and more ticklish. So I started playing around with the muscles, within 2 minutes I suddenly felt I didn’t had to do anything, my body started to move the aneros by itself. About 20 seconds later I started to feel my whole body tensioning and spasming. I was short on breath and feels like a orgasm? It was way more intens, I had 0 control over my body and everything just happened. It took about 2 minutes before I came back and had a chance to relax a bit. It didn’t take too long (note: less then 5 minutes…) though before my body started the whole routine over again.

Body cramped like I was a dying spider

Im fairly new to prostate play but something happened today.

Today was my 9th or 10th session using the Edge 2 from Lovense without it vibrating. I don’t think I’m rewired yet at all but maybe this is a start. I did the usual thing of laying down, relaxing and preparing myself, slowly inserting my toy, relaxing more, applying more lube, eventually getting the whole thing in and relaxing more until it all feels fine. Then I started reading doujinshi as it can build a slow arousal throughout the story and facilitate fantasizing of wanting to be some of the characters. I was breathing slowly and deeply through my diagram and using my pelvic floor muscles to move the toy like usual when something new happened.

As I read, my hands, feet, face, and the top of my stomach started to tingle. I didn’t try to chase this feeling and just stayed relaxed. I continued breathing and reading as the tingling grew more and more. I allowed myself to sink deeper and deeper into the feeling, but realized it was not just my skin being sensitive, but my actual muscles in my hands, legs, feet, wrists, lips, and fingers all were being activated and holding. My wrists was bent in, my fingers splayed wide, my thumb curled into the palm, my arm curled into my chest, my lips pursing, my legs bending and feet flexing outwards. I felt like a dying spider, with all my limbs coiling into my chest.

Kegel session

I have already reported on other occasions that I do some kegel exercises before bed, in the same report I indicated that after the exercises and when sleeping on the threshold of my consciousness and subconsciousness, the prostate seems to take control and “punish” me for being a naughty boy.

Well, that was my experience yesterday. I lay down as usual and started doing my kegel exercises, the difference from the other days was that right at the beginning I took my nipples. I grabbed them firmly, started in circular motions and by gently sliding my fingers over them, when erect I began to make the magic movement of the button to increase the volume of the old radios, and in this I continued with my kegels.

I felt some differences from the previous sessions, even being caged my penis kept contracting, pulsating and emitting precum. The prostate seemed to me much more sensitive than usual. I continued grabbing my nipples and had the softest, most delicious vibrations in my chest radiating out to my prostate – as far as I can tell the nipples pulsate and emit pleasure in a totally different way than the rest of the body, it’s something much more subtle but still very powerful.

It finally happened! I had a super-o.

Deep down I knew it was going to come soon, my sessions this week have been on a different level to anything I’ve had before. I posted the other day about strange feelings and sensations and it felt like my body was slowly tuning up to what happened today.

I did a few things differently- the first was lots of foreplay after pre-lubing that bordered on teasing. Playing with my nipples, teasing my ass and caressing my body for a good half an hour whilst paying attention to all the little feelings in my body, feeling my prostate swell and p-waves gently slide across me. I was so relaxed but incredibly horny and knew it was time to play.

Laid on my back, feet flat on the bed, I slid my helix in and it felt great just to have it inside me. Small involuntary contractions happened pretty quickly and so did the p-waves. I breathed deeply to relax myself and increase arousal.

All of my sessions are usually done with the ‘do nothing’ method but today felt different so I started with some light contractions and held them for 10-15 seconds each. This kicked off stronger involuntaries and after 15-20 mins developed in to some mini-orgasms that swept across my torso.

First time with the Eupho = best session yet!

I’d gone roughly 2 weeks without orgasm prior to this weekend. Friday night I had a nice session with my Helix and Programs – lots of p-waves and nice feelings, very relaxed but for some reason I didn’t feel like using my new Eupho. The next afternoon I was quite horny and had that sort of tickly excited feeling in my prostate and decided to give the Eupho a spin.

All I can say is wow.

When I first put it in I could barely feel its presence at all. Did my deep breathing and relaxing and after a while I could feel my prostate throbbing and swelling and P-waves accompanied these feelings too. Involuntaries kicked in not long after that and the P-waves got stronger and some extra feelings were added too. A really gentle shaking, almost vibrating, of my hips and tingling in my head/temples which was quite nice. P-waves sort of changed and instead of going through me it just seemed to sort of settle in my stomach like a quite intense butterfly feeling.

The pleasurable feelings disappeared with the involuntary contractions and the shaking became stronger, even my neck was kind of twitching and my teeth were chattering like I was shivering, legs shaking. No amount of relaxing was stopping it, I even tried changing positions but nothing worked so I just waited for it to stop. It went on for what felt like 30 mins? Not sure but it was a long time but I tried to keep an open mind and not be disappointed by it, kept telling myself my body was figuring things out and I’d benefit from it in the long run. Eventually it died down slowly and being completely still again was a reward in itself and I felt quite calm and happy that I’d managed to ride it out.