Helix Syn not long enough?

So tonight I gave a go at my helix syn with little to no success. trying for at least 30 minutes with slightly different variations of breathing, positions and muscle movement. My girlfriend gave me her womanizer duo to try instead. I managed to hit the spot perfectly with it and had an orgasm. I clamped the length of the dildo portion and compared it to the aneros. I found that the aneros is about half an inch short of hitting the spot. Is my prostate just deeper in or is the movement just too delicate and requires more hardwiring?

Questions regarding ?maybe? my closest attempt to orgasm

Hey all – first time using any toys. I got an Aneros Syn.
First time I had no idea how this was supposed to be use, I just wanted to play with anal stimulation while masturbating. Then I realized this is something totally different which I was excited to learn!

Yesterday I tried again. I was laying on my side and following the guide of “sucking the toy in” with my anal muscles and then relaxing. After about 5-10 minutes my legs started shaking. Then like my whole body was convulsing, I was breathing super heavy and it was crazy. But I didn’t achieve an orgasm. I felt I was close, but there were “waves” where I would start shaking and feeling this “chain reaction” starting, but then it faded away.

Is this normal? If I kept going would I have had eventually the orgasm from your experiences? I was shocked how fast my legs started shaking and I really hope that this was a good sign I was doing it right!

Thanks and have agreat day:)

Progress questions

Hello fellow explorers!

I’ve been messing aroung with my Aneros Maximus Trident for about a year now with mixed results. I think I’ve had a few P-waves in that time and I think no involuntaries, but I’m unclear on how far along I am. Definitely no super-O but I’ve felt like I was on the verge of it a few times.


My sessions are typically several hours which are usually “medium eventful” but there is lots of down time between high points. I’ve had the most success with the “do completely nothing” approach, but the success I’ve had feels more related to my heart beat brushing the device against the prostate rather than any device-related movement. In fact today I generated very similar effects (to a point) without the aneros in at all (up to step 5 below).


I’ve been using lots of coconut oil recently, but I’m not sure if this is really better or worse than the water-based lube I have tried in the past. The device seems to not move after a certain point (even after re-applying).


#### Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far:

1. Light PC muscle “hold” (30-50%) as long as possible.
* Muscles never seem to tire here or I forget about it over time.

2. Light PC muscle hold and light bear down (push out) with sphincter.
* This seems to help push the device directly onto the prostate and hold it there in some situations, but reduces movement.

Not sure if I’m stimulating prostate

I’ve been using the aneros for a few years on and off. I’ve committed to being a bit more consistent with it now that I have more free time. I’ve done two hour long sessions and have been using the breathing techniques and I don’t really feel like I’m hitting my prostate. I kind of feel like I’m just hitting my rectum wall. What I’ve been imagining is that the helix is like a hammer, when I contract it is brought up and when i relax it comes down onto the prostate.

I’m guessing the solution is just to keep at it but I’m not really sure if I’m doing it right. One thing I noticed is that the p tab isn’t even touching the perineum and the back tab is actually pressed into my tail bone.

Any suggestions on positions/ techniques/ feeling I should be looking for to hit the prostate?

Sorry for stream of consciousness

Used my new Aneros last night, first time.

After much reading and researching, I ordered my Aneros. I came in the mail yesterday, and I used it last night.

I used many of the techniques I had researched, by clenching my sphincter and my PC muscles and releasing and deep breathing techniques.

Eventually after much time, waves of pleasure kept coming and taking me for a ride. I enjoyed it, and it felt amazing. Did not have a wet orgasm, not sure if it was even a Super-O. But it felt great.

I laid on my back with my knees up, was the position I used. My wife laid in bed watching me quietly and she fingered her pussy while I played with the Aneros.

After a long time with the Aneros in, I didn’t think any more convulsions were coming, and I felt the need to cum.

I had my wife get a dildo, and use it on me (not pegging with a strap on, but just using the toy on my ass). The toy is much longer than the Helix Syn, and I felt the dildo hit my prostate better, so maybe I need a longer Aneros or something.

But overall, it was enjoyable and I want to do it again. It felt great and I highly recommend Aneros.

No super o yet, but getting pleasure and zen like state

Have had my helix for 2 months. First insertion was uncomfortable and, but after some practice, this is no longer an issue. I eventually got to point where I could trigger involuntary contractions, but they would only last a few seconds at a time. Then I could keep the involuntaries coming for longer periods but no pleasure. Then I could get intense involunatries with mild pleasure, but no eroticism/horniness. Now I am at the point where I get really horny and warm, strong involuntaries, moderate pleasure, rock hard erections on and off, heavy breathing, tingling, small amount of pre cum, and immediately upon insertion I feel super relaxed and at peace. Its a meditative like sense where every subtle feeling is amplified. After my sessions, I feel very relaxed even not having orgasms. Its like that feeling after getting out of a hot tub and showering off and laying down on your couch. The desire from wanting penile stimulation is different from the desire of prostate/anal stimulation. You kind of have to learn to separate the two.

I also have noticed that my dreams are much more vivid and I dont think its a coincidence. Been having crazy dreams.

Also, If I start with the aneros, I can take it out and go aless once things get started. So I usually go an hour with the aneros, then take it out and I can continue to have sensations indefinitely. I only have stop when my legs get tired.

Possible Progasm

Hey all, I’m at a bit of an impasse.
I’ve had an original Aneros Helix Syn for over a year now and it’s just… fine. It feels nice, sometimes I get some small waves, but invariably I’m taken away from the fun sensations and contractions by the friction of the silicone around my anus, the thick-ish neck, the sore spot from the dime style p tab, and the lack of internal movement and sensation.
I know that my prostate is keyed in to pleasure as I enjoy anal sex and dildos and my favourite thing in the world is a prostate massage with my njoy pure wand. I‘m able to experience breath orgasms following the exercises in Urban Tantra and I experience ecstasy through a variety of kink things, so I have other ways to achieve a Super-O of sorts, which makes me feel like I don’t necessarily *need* to make this Aneros thing work.
I guess what I’m asking for is advice on whether or not it’s worth another shot, I’ve been looking at the Progasm line as the friction from the syn and the lack of intensity of prostate stim are probably the biggest problems I’m having. And from there I’m so torn on which model to go for: the Ice has nice spherical tabs and will certainly deliver intensity, however the Jr is likely to be much more mobile and easier to use often, and I’m pretty sure my prostate is on the shallower end of average anyway so it may be more than sufficient to supply the right sensations for success.
Any advice on experiences with the Tempo would also be appreciated.

The biggest orgasm of my life, and how I got there

I’m floored. I’m lucky to have had pretty good luck with the aneros from the beginning. Though, I did have some experience with prostate stimulation before I ever tried the aneros.

This all started for me maybe 8 or 9 yrs ago, in my mid 20s, when an older woman (late 40s) who I was fooling around with talked me into letting her slip a finger inside me while she was edging/blowing me. I reluctantly agreed, but a huge part of our dynamic was her teaching me new things with her mostly focused on me. She loved exploring my body and I miss the fuck out of those edging sessions, and even more so the forced orgasms (she would legit make me cum 3-5 times over an hour or two). Anyway, she made me really comfortable before sliding her finger into me, and just left it there while she continued to play with me. After a while, she started giving me a light prostate massage (at the time, I had no idea what this was) and 20 minutes later I’m shaking and moaning like the most over dramatic female porn star as I cum buckets down her throat. I’ll never forget squeezing this woman’s body with my shaking legs as I opened my eyes gasping for air when I came back to reality. It was extremely intense.

Just had my first session. Pleasurable but not sure I felt the right sensations or not. Am I on the right track?

I bought a Helix Trident and used it for the first time tonight. It’s the first time I’ve ever done any sort of anal or prostate play. I just had the urge, and I’m glad I splurged a bit. But considering I’m new, I wanted to see if I’m on the right track. I tried my best to follow the tips I’ve seen online.

I started by taking a warm shower to try and relax a bit. Once I was all clean, I laid down in bed and did some breathing exercises. I then watched some porn for 15 minutes or so and stroked myself a bit to get extra turned on while still focusing on breathing and making sure I’m relaxed.

After 15 minutes or so, I lubed up the Aneros as well as my asshole. I gently rubbed my asshole and fingered it slightly before slowly inserting the toy. It was a brand new feeling for me but I tried to breathe and just focus on the sensation. Once it was in, my asshole began to contract involuntarily, maybe once every 10-15 seconds or so, like I was flexing my PC or sphincter muscles or whatever. It was a nice feeling, though I didn’t get the urge to pee right away like some people say.

Any Aless tips?

I was just wondering if anyone had any luck with aneros-less POs?

I gave it a go last night when I couldn’t sleep, and had more interesting sensations than many of the Aneros sessions I’ve had. I only stopped because I was worried I’d wake my wife 🙂

I’m definitely going to spend a bit more time with this to see where it goes…

For those that are wondering what I’m talking about this is just using muscle manipulation and breathing to get sensations.