My first time with Aneros

I got a MGX and the first time I used it I was relaxed and listening to some gwa stuff. I felt some heat and it felt preety good. I was grinding on my bed, came, aneros popped out, I washed it then went to sleep. The next day I tried to use my Aneros and I didn’t feel anything and its been like that since I first used it. Am I doing something wrong?

“Sometimes, You’re Just Not Aroused”

At Day 4 of SR and sleeping all-night in my SD Ultra Pro Carbon “chastity cup”, I got-up around 1 AM but not with an erection. Nevertheless, I decided on a session with the MGX Classic. I lubed-up with SSG and started. Much to my amazement, I got no anal contractions like last time, nor did the MGX elicit an erection. After about 20 minutes, I got my “therapeutic effect” of this prostate massage (probably without precum but I didn’t look) but little else. Of course, I was disappointed but actually, I had no expectations going-in. So this session was a “wash”!

Listening “Erection” Session
I then retreated to my sofa and put-on some YouTube selections which were relaxing and soothing. While listening, I thought that I would experience at least one erection (like an NPT). But, alas, none were coming my way! {PS Toward the end, I decided to “cheat” and put-on a binaural beat for inducing an erection: it worked well and quickly too but couldn’t be sustained. When I stopped listening, the erection faded. Oh well…..}
A couple of things I notice about these erections. First, I do not know the “timing” of them, that is: how often can I expect to get one? And second, once the erection starts (without help from, for example, binaural beats) it is virtually impossible to stop it! So when they come naturally, they are especially arousing. That is why I usually wait until the start or near the “end” of the erection to initiate an Aneros massage session.

Minor progress after 1 week even if I was cheating

Last night I had a partial brake through. Went to bed with the mgx. I started on my left side. After 30 minutes of do nothing and nothing happening, not even a twitch I decided to roll over on my back. I reached down and started to massage my perineum just above the p-tab. An orgasm started almost immediately than rolled into another more intense than the first. I lost count after 5 as they started to come closer together with out a break between. They just kept coming each getting slightly more intense.

The entire time I was riding these orgasms I was holding different levels of contractions allowing my muscles to involuntarily contract but this was not happening as a feed back loop. I think it was just happening from trying to maintain a set level of contraction.

The last orgasm I remember my body was so fully engulfed that I lost track of time. The one thing that stood out about it was the sudden feeling of a strange sharp pain that exploded from my prostate that caused my belly to clench than start to flutter maybe a dozen times before stopping. This feeling was scary but exhilarating at the same time lasting mere seconds before passing to allow the orgasm feeling to swell even higher before fading off. I believe that this was caused by the mgx sliding along the prostate as it was designed to do to create these feel good feelings. Could this have been the aforementioned p-waves? I looked at the clock to find I had been surfing this session for an hour plus but didn’t want it to stop.


Last night I had my first twinkle with the mgx. I started early at 7:30. I was at the computer sitting side saddle minding my own business when I felt the twinkle of an orgasm tingle start. It came out of no where starting deep in my belly than dispersed in a flowing ripple of a wave, like a rock being tossed into water. Once it dispersed to my extremes no amount of doing nothing or something would bring it back so I stopped for the time.

Took my shower and went for the helix. Laid in bed for a bit and decided to try some blending. I reached down and started some external massage. Immediately an orgasm started to grow. I stopped to see if the helix would take over but did not. I kept massaging slowly keeping the orgasm just lit up, kinda like edging. Nothing came of it. I started a slow contraction and found a point that with every beat of my heart my pc muscle also contracted involuntarily. I could feel the helix slowly disappear, I no longer felt the fullness just the slight movement over my prostate. I believe my body is starting to get accustomed to both of these tools as I don’t feel the mgx after several minutes once inserted either. Since I no longer feel them inserted I’m hoping this frees up my conscious mind to experience the motion and stimulation they were designed to give, so I rolled over on my side and delved into a do nothing state along with manta thoughts focusing on feeling the head glide up and down the gland while breathing. I ended up dozing off but was woken up to the same pulsing of my body like I had before. Very intense pounding over my entire body at twice the speed of my heart beat. I tried some light contractions to see if something would arise, no joy. Again I ended up dozing off, this time being woke up to a light feeling of weightlessness in my head but my body felt like it weighed so much that I couldn’t lift my fingers, not that I wanted to try. I reveled in this feeling and let it linger till it faded. Once it was gone I got up and cleaned up to go to sleep. Sleep came quick & hard because if felt like just minutes but was hours when the alarm went off.

Friends, Nipples and Semen Lend Me Your Cocks

During January and February of 2005 I made 4 trips to the City (NYC); those visits were 3-5 days each for a total of at least 18 days of the 60 total days of both months. Those extended times in the hotel offered seemingly limitless time to investigate my sexual curiosity. Somehow , laying nude and horny in a hotel bed on a cold snowy day seemed so romantic. I discovered early in my sexual discovery journey that one of the keys to enhance the sensuality of my solo sex sessions and my orgasmic response is to romance myself. I would often have candles burning and new age music playing when I was self loving. This became a big part of sessions in hotels and still is.

During those hotel stays there were many nights of lengthy sexting with friends. Most of the chats were with friends from Sex Forums. There was also a very good friend from the Word Press Blog who I was sharing the blow by blow details of my MMO journey; we were both happily married but established what is colloquially known as a bromance. We shared intimate details of our sex lives and our relationships just as many women do. He was (and still is) a physician who was totally into MMO. I still communicate with him on FB in my real life.

Start of new chapter

This is going to be the documentation of a new chapter in my sexuality. How I got here can be found in this thread on the forum.

I got time today to try out my new pleasure tools. I have purchased both the helix & mgx just to have variety. I woke up early (5:30) before she did, was excited for my first attempt. prepped the mgx first as it looked smaller in size even though I have read it really isn’t. I went back to bed and relaxed. After about 10 minutes I no longer felt the “full feeling” in fact I didn’t feel it at but I could feel it moving up/down with each contraction/release. I tried both sides and my back, nothing. I reached down and rubbed my perineum to see if it was the same place as the p-tab location and it was (this solidifies my earlier thoughts that’s what I was stimulating before, the fabled sweet spot) as I started to get the tingle. I decided to just lay there and try the do nothing approach, let my body get used to this foreign object pressing on my prostate. I must have dozed off because I woke about an hour later to this feeling of waves or better description pulses enveloping my body. At first I thought it was my heart pounding causing the pulses but when I focused on my heart beat. I found it wasn’t beating that hard or that fast. These pulses were coming twice as fast as my heart beat and before I knew it they were gone. No tingling or electric feeling, just pulses. I tried light contractions to see if I could bring them back but no luck. It was 8:30 and I had things to do so I cleaned up.

The First Success 2004

I had been participating in the Aneros Forums for 2 months; the descriptions of Super O and the nirvana like descriptions of the experience whetted my appetite and hardened my penis. After two months of reading stickies and communicating in the forums I ordered my first device. This all transpired during my recuperation from open heart surgery in January of 2004. Aneros Forums helped to occupy the long days of healing; I was physically limited as to what I could do at the time, and sex or any sexual activity was out of the question. So chatting about Aneros and learning about the wonders of MMO was a way to pass the time during this slow – boring time in my life. I also ordered several books on ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasm) and read voraciously. It was all I was able to do. I also brushed up on my Zen Meditation as all that I read talked about mind – body control.

So in March at two months along I made the decision to order an MGX; it was well before I was allowed to use it. I had not spoken to my wife about the sex toy I was ordering. She was still fixated on my healing from the heart surgery. So I ordered an Aneros MGX, hoping that she wouldn’t be home when it arrived. Indeed I was home alone when the UPS guy rang the bell. I was feeling pretty good by that time. I was walking a half mile or so each morning trying to build up my strength so the quick response to get to the door was no big deal. I gave myself kudos for my progress.

Eupho Classic, Wow again! Saturday morning session, November 24

Hi guys,

It has been absolutely idyllic here at my apartment building during the long Thanksgiving weekend which began in earnest Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. when staff ceased their work day early and left for their Thanksgiving celebrations. So did many of the residents also, most exiting the city for families and friends so far away.

One thing I did notice is that Christmas shopping season starting early last Wednesday. I heard on the news that many Americans are splurging showing their confidence in the economy.

Thursday morning after getting breakfast from the 7 Eleven, I had a session with Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus and Progasm ICE. It was a good session. However yesterday Friday it was bitterly cold outdoors. I dressed warming in the apartment. Early last evening, I dressed in an Under Amour long sleeve shirt, and full sweats. I felt warm, cozy, and began to feel really horny which caused me to attempt a masturbation session before midnight. I gave up and went to bed still feeling really horny.

This morning when I rose at my usual time at 5:30 a.m., I still felt super horny. This horniness embodied my sweet, yet very strong Aless. I worked with my Aless by Kegeling strongly and diddling my nipples. However my Kegels and diddling happen naturally which produces very sweet and powerful Aless. When this all happens, it feels very much an Aneros session, except my Aneros tools are not inserted and working away.

Lelo Bruno

I have been using my aneros mgx for a month now and I like it. Nothing crazy yet. But I saw today that lelo bruno was half off for Black Friday. So only 80$ instead of 170. Anyone one here have experience with this. I still plan on using my mgx but it’s kind of cool that my gf will be able to control the stimulus.

Experienced irritation, burning and pinching sensations from every white plastic aneros I’ve tried.

I have used eupho classic and the mgx and Maximus tridents and all 3 have bothered me. Helix syn, both progassms, pfun plug and other silicone, steel and glass toys are fine – it’s just been the white plastic aneros that have bothered me.

The eupho gave a distinct pinching sensation and irritation. Maximus and mgx are irritating and burning after being in awhile.

Anyone else? I’m assuming it’s the material.