Progasm jr does nothing to me !

Bought last week the Progasm jr…had great expactations for it.
Im totally addicted to the MGX and Eupho.
So level up for something more…read good things here about the Progasm jr

First session felt good with nice pressure on my prostate and the full feeling….but no auto fuck sessions like the Eupho and MGX.

The second night again…nothing….at the end I simple felt asleep with the Progasm jr in me.
Not even get awake by P-waves or mini O’s wich happens with the Eupho and MGX.

What’s wrong or…is it the mindset ?

Trouble Sensing Prostate Stimulation with Aneros Devices

Hey fellow enthusiasts!

I’ve been exploring the exciting realm of prostate play with my trusty Aneros devices, the Progasm Jr and the MGX. While I have made some progress, I’m having a bit of trouble and could use some guidance from the experienced members of this community. I hope you can lend me your expertise in my journey towards achieving the elusive Super O.

Here’s my situation: I can definitely feel the presence of both devices against what I assume is my prostate, but only when I’m standing or inserting them. To my surprise, the sensation seemingly disappears when I sit or lay down. It’s quite perplexing and frustrating, preventing me from fully experiencing the potential pleasure that these devices can offer.

I’m aware that everyone’s anatomy and experiences differ, but I was wondering if any of you have encountered a similar issue? What could be causing this sudden loss of sensation when I’m in a sitting or lying down position? Is it a matter of positioning or technique?

I’ve experimented with various positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and arousal levels, but haven’t found the solution yet. It feels like I’m missing out on the full potential of the Super O because achieving it while standing or inserting the devices manually doesn’t seem to be the ultimate goal.

So, could you please share your insights, tips, or any suggestions that might help me overcome this hurdle? Perhaps you’ve experienced this before and found a way to overcome it?

Will I get an nice orgasm one day ?

Hi everyone, im writing this cause it seems like im stuck. But otherwise I don’t think so. It’s maybe my 30th session. I had the Aneros MGX syn but it wasn’t really good for me. One week ago, I bought the aneros eupho (plastic). I tried it and it hit way better. The first session I got good small waves on my body. The second (two days ago) my thighs trembled and it was fucking amazing. It wasn’t an orgasm but it contracted like never before. I controlably and uncontrolably shook my belly and legs. It was so good I couldn’t help but jerk of while the aneros was in. I had an orgasm like never before. I didn’t feel it on the cock but instead it was inside like in my prostate or I don’t know. I will continue to explore and hope it’ll be better. I was a bit discouraged with my old device so im a bit sceptic about having anal/prostate/super orgasm.

Any tips ?

Another question: sometimes I have like uncontrolable spasms of my body. It’s pleasurable but strange. Does this appens to any of you ?

Keeping Aneros in

So the more I learn to relax, the more often the Aneros falls out. It does feel really great as it slowly slides half way out and touches what I believe I have is a shallow prostate, but it is a real buzzkill when it pops out or when I have to reach my hand there and save it before it does. I can pull it in tight and hold it there, but that does not feel as good and also makes it harder to relax. I am not real loose, but have this same issue with Trident, MGX, and Eupho and even Progasm when I am relaxed enough. Only thing that stays in reliably is Edge 2 when I am just letting it vibrate and not moving it at all.

Anybody have any tips to keep it in without restricting movement?

Mgx or Maximus ?

Have been using the eupho for a long time . Literally can not stress how amazing it is . Just wanting to try something else and there’s a package on website to get trident , will either of these .
What would you guys recommend between the two ? Thanks !

Helix Syn V tabs

I have most Aneros non syn versions. I like the hard plastic because it is much more slippery than any silicone toys I have tried. I have found that most silicone toys tend to be a bit grabby and not move as much.

Last week I ordered a Helix Syn V because I had never tried any of the vibrating Aneros models and I wanted to try a Syn because a lot of people say that the tabs are much more flexible so they move more, but I have found that the tabs on this model are not any more flexible than the standard Helix Trident. Looking at the pictures on their web site it seems that the arms on the Helix Syn V are much thicker than the standard Helix Syn Trident.

So my question is are the arms on the standard non-vibrating syn models significantly more flexible than the equivalent hard plastic models? I like the MGX so might try the MGX Syn.

OH MGX. How I’ve missed you!

Finally got around to replacing my broken mgx. Was surprised when the Syn version arrived. I’ve had it in for about an hour now and had such a nice time. I’ve really missed it. The syn is also a lovely texture and really noticeable. The tabs are really flexible so they don’t stick in and make things sore over time.

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What is the most aggressive Aneros / butt plug?

I tried a Trident MGX because it was on sale on a third party site and was disappointed. It basically just feels like a normal butt plug and I get no prostate stimulation out of it unless I maneuver it externally and with a heavy hand.

Not having much money to churn through toys, what’s something aggressive I can get? I’m not super after “super orgasm”, just something very pleasurable and near-overwhelming.