“Day 9 and Rolling!”

[Thanks to @darkbond for the inspiration and positive success!]

I reached Day 6 of SR and began to think: will I need to ejaculate soon due to blue-balls? I read a post from @darkbond recently giving a “Cool Draw” breathing technique for control of blue balls. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.

Well, three days later I am now at Day 9 with absolutely no hint of blue-balls! I have been performing the “Cool Draw” technique every day and it seems to be keeping the blue-balls at bay! I hope that it will continue to work.


Here is some additional information I got from Reddit on this subject:

“A Technique for Aiding Unwanted Erections, Blue Balls and Wet Dreams”

“I have mentioned this before, I hope some find this useful.

Upon pressure in testicles (blue balls) or unwanted erections, perform technique right away. For wet dream prevention, perform everyday before bed.

Sit down and sit up straight, spine straight, do not lie down. Suck in your gut as hard as you can while simultaneously breathing out. Suck in abs, exhale, do this forcefully. Let go and inhale, relax abdomen and then repeat, suck in abdomen and exhale forcefully. Hold the hollow position of sucking in the gut and hold the breath exhaled for as long as you can in between cycles. Visualize energy going from below the waist, to up higher in the spine.

Breakthrough and realization

I had my best session to date this morning and it just happened to be A-less. My wife left for work and I was getting ready to take a shower, I got undressed and decided to just lay down on the bed for a little bit and see if I could just relax and make myself feel good. I laid on my back knees up cocked flopped forward and down and just relaxed for a couple minutes, It felt good to just not think about anything and relax, i started some nipple stimulation and was suprised at the response my body gave me. I started to feel warm sensations in my groin and my prostate twitched a couple times very gently. My cock started to get hard on its own like i was 16 again. I continued to play with my nipples and relax into the feelings, I was moaning and breathing heavy, heart was racing and occasionally a quick sudden spasm would go through my body. This went on for several minutes and the feelings where getting more and more pleasurable. I was making noises and moaning and moving around still breathing heavy. I started thinking something is happening here I never make noises like this and shake with pleasure this much even during traditional orgasm. This went on for at least 5 minutes and then calmed down. I just laid there for a minute to see what would happen, everything just wound down. i did not want to try and start over again so I got up to get my shower. My heart was still pumping faster then normal I felt flushed and relaxed but not drained. I believe i was orgasming like I have never before and did not realize what was happening. It had to be some form of orgasm I was involuntarily making noises and moving around cock was three quarters hard and felt great with no stimulation. recently I have been having hfwo’s with my Aneros in at the end of sessions. i think i was getting clost to dry o’s but the switch would go off to more traditional ejaculation response. Not this time however, not even the slightest feeling of build up to ejaculation just mild pleasure throughout with an occasional heavy contraction or spasm. I realized all these other times I have been expecting some type of Orgasm that resembled a traditional orgasm and have been dissapointed when It did not happen. I would then tense up gyrate around and force myself to have a hfwo. Not this time however and no aneros involved. Not sure what it was but it felt very good. Had great plans of trying again later with the Aneros to see if I could duplicate the experiance. Well that did not work, got interupted by the phone, then my dog and could not get anything going. I hope that was not my one and only something O. i am just going to keep moving forward on this journey it has been starting to get very interesting and pleasurable lately.

An Interesting “Virtual” Edging Session

Yesterday, I had a few hours to myself in the house. I was only at Day 4 of SR so the possibility of an ejaculation was remote. Nevertheless, I decided to try my hand at ‘edgemeplease.com’. I selected a “long” session with a ‘cum choice’ to be selected by the program. I started the program…..

“Virtual” Session
I started watching the screens. Green for edge, Red for stop! So simple! I watched and watched…..But I did not touch!


Yes, this was a long edging session, perhaps 25 minutes total. What I noticed while watching was most unusual. I began to feel a “stirring” deep down in my groin with every “Green” screen! It was almost as if I were actually edging my cock! There seemed to be an internal “switch” in my brain that released a ‘nearer-to-cum’ attitude with every “Green” screen. Similarly, every “Red” screen seemed to stop the virtual stroking. And when the end of the session came, the screen changed to a bright Green “Cum” screen! Oh, how I wish this were reality!

Implication to Aneros
After this “virtual” session was over, it seemed that I was quite “prostate-horny”. I had about another hour alone. So I decided on a “real” Aneros session, this time with the Eupho Classic.

“HFO, HFWO, and now HFSS?”

I know what HFO is (Hands-Free Orgasm). I know what HFWO is (Hands-Free Wet Orgasm). But what is HFSS? Let me explain……

I will call HFSS Hands-Free Sexual Stimulation. I say this because this is what I thought of while wearing my XO “chastity cup” early this morning. I am stimulated by the hard groin cup in such a way that it provides a nice, all-around pressure on my groin and especially my perineum. And the best part of all is that it is entirely……hands-free!

Why is it important?
While in male chastity (such as wearing a cock cage) the guy cannot touch his cock by design. And while wearing a chastity cup, he cannot touch his cock or anything else for that matter. Such is the nature and design of the cup. But devices such as cock cages and chastity cups (and even jockstraps) induce sexual stimulation just by wearing them. Thus it is that when I wear a chastity cup, and achieve an erection within it (through a NPT night-time erection or otherwise) that I become more sexually aroused just by wearing it. My hands never come close to my cock, but yet, I am being greatly aroused sexually. Fascinating! It is like lying in bed with a lover and being actively aroused by a pair of loving hands that are not your own. So sweet, so gentle, so sexy! Like an edging or masturbation session but without an ejaculation!

“There When I Need It The Most”

What is “it”? And where was “it” when it was needed? Of course, I am referring to my “chastity cup” which I wore to bed last night. It was my Mueller Flex Cup, one of my favorites. I am now in Day 6 of semen retention and feeling the effects of increased testosterone. One thing about wearing a cup to bed is the interaction of my erections within the cup: the top of the cup rubs nicely against my erect penis and especially the frenulum; this action almost keeps the erection going for much longer than normal, when, without stimulation, the erection would begin to subside. With stimulation from the cup, an erection can last 30 minutes or longer. And because when I wear a cup all night, I can have an almost constant “stream” of stimulating erections (NPTs that all normal males must experience) when I am aware of them.

Of course, all these erections make me very horny. In fact, without the protection of the cup, by Day 6, I would be so horny that I would need to ejaculate. Since I usually develop blue-balls any day after Day 6, the pressure is mounting for me to ejaculate!

Chastity “Rules” Revised

I slept in only my PJs overnight. Sure enough, during a night-time erection, I was awakened. While “catching” myself playing with my package, I got an urge to put-on one of my swimmer jockstraps: the Duke. This jock has a nice, large pouch and fits my package well. I decided to go lie-down on my comfortable sofa and just chill with some nice, erotic tracks.


New Chastity Rules
Somehow, I was given “new” chastity rules when wearing a jockstrap: I can’t take it off and I can’t ejaculate in the pouch. Anything else goes!

I went to lie-down and listen. This “new rule” didn’t come into play until I developed an erection within the pouch. Then, it became very easy to touch and fondle my frenulum beneath the pouch but not too much! I remembered the new “rule” but it wasn’t easy. I was able to maintain my composure for at least an hour-and-a-half.


Another New Chastity Rule
Since it was almost time to rise again for the day, I was given another “new” chastity rule when wearing a cup jockstrap: As before, I can’t take it off but this time I CAN ejaculate in the cup! What a change! I quickly exchanged the Duke jockstrap for the Mueller jockstrap with cup.

“Is This A Dance? Is This A Race?”

I was thinking about all the sexual things I do, except for actual (p.i.v.)* sex. Do they all have something in common? Yes they do—-almost all of them involve some sort of “dance” around——an ejaculation!

Thinking about it, all the Aneros sessions, all the prostate play, all the pseudo male chastity play really has one goal in mind: ejaculation! Ah, but it is in “dance” that it all becomes worthwhile, almost like an art form! The idea is: how far can I go without ejaculating? How much stimulation can I endure before I have to blow the load?


How far can I go? Here, I am referring to the practice of semen retention. For those guys that have never tried it, I would recommend it. It is a way of boosting your overall sexual response to any form of stimulation. Even by itself, just the practice of withholding semen will boost your testosterone level by almost 50%! You are sure to feel the results; I sure do! But one caveat—blue balls! I can get them, and usually do, after about 7 days of SR. For me, this “dance” ends and another one starts.


“SGX Classic: It’s An Anal Thing!”

I decided to have a session early this morning with the SGX. This model I believe is no longer available on the Aneros site. I do like it’s smaller size and its performance. Let me explain…..

I lubed-up and started the session. Because the SGX (and the MGX) have a ribbed, tapered stem, these Aneros models stimulate not only the prostate, but the anus. This morning’s session began with some anal “quivering” that was unmistakable. Sort-of like an auto-f**k but concentrated in the anus. And those anal quivers get re-directed up to the prostate through the body of the SGX. What a potent pairing! For a while, I really felt like I was either on the way to a Super-O or a HFWO! There was absolutely no discomfort from either the body, the stem or the P-tab on this massager. I could probably have continued the session for much longer than the actual 25 minutes.

I never discount the size of any of the Aneros prostate massagers. My favorite (and go-to) one now is the HIH 950 which is deceptively small. But don’t let it’s small size fool you! It is quite a capable performer! Next in line is the SGX; designed differently so it stimulates more than just the prostate. As I have noted before, all of the Aneros massagers have their own “signature” —- some provide more (and deeper) direct stimulation of the prostate while others (like the SGX and MGX) also work their magic on the anus. Whatever your preference, there will be an Aneros that will carry you to orgasmic bliss!

“Two Great Sessions Even At SR Day 3!”

I am only at SR Day 3 but took a chance at not one but two sessions today. One, early morning and the other about mid-day. Here is what happened in each…..

Session #1
I wore my Safe-T-Gard strap with Mueller cup overnight. This first session was with the HIH 950, one of my favorites. I lubed-up generously with Slippery Stuff Gel and got started. Almost from the beginning, I had a strong sense that I was going to ejaculate. I had a lot of fluid (possibly precum?) and distinctly felt that if I continued this session longer, I would have a HFWO. But I stopped-short of that. Instead, I decided to retreat to my comfortable sofa and put on some nice tracks. I selected one on YouTube and when I awoke, I was listening to “Music for the Soul @Enigmatic Mix” and it was incredibly stimulating! Before I knew it, it was about 2-1/2 hours later than when I started! Several times during the “session” I developed a strong erection within the Mueller cup and again, it honestly felt like I would ejaculate.

New mindset for Session #1: Instead of the usual “male chastity cup” I developed a new mindset. My urologist wants to prep me for a procedure and I am to wear a jockstrap/cup for two nights prior to my procedure. This morning ended the second night. I don’t know what this “prep” was supposed to do but it worked!

“Not A Great Session, But I’ll Take It!”

I made it to Day 7 of SR. Had a good night’s sleep (sans cup). I awoke about 5 AM with not too strong an erection. I decided on a nice “milking” session with the HIH 950. I donned my Safe-T-Gard cup to assist me with this session.

The HIH 950 is dependable for me in that it is not too invasive, but gives me a definite “nod” in the right direction! During this brief (~15 minute) session I really felt like I was on the path to a HFWO! Of course, I have never experienced one, but it is nice trying. When this session was over, I checked the inside of the cup and (just as expected) really nothing in the way of precum or prostate fluid. But that’s okay with me; sometimes just going through the motions can set-up my prostate for bigger and better things in a future session!

I would not call this a “dud” session at all. It certainly was pleasurable and I could have extended the duration perhaps another 20 minutes or so. But I am not looking for great pleasure in these sessions. Virtually all of them now are for my prostate’s health. And I achieved just that this morning!

Would I ever think about stopping Aneros sessions altogether? Of course not! Just as I need to “massage” my cock periodically for a release, I also need to “massage” my prostate for its release. Perhaps not in exactly the same way, but that activity needs to occur. Anyway, it is just too pleasurable to quit!