PVC or Silicone?

Hello everyone,

I am about to take the plunge and will buy my very first prostate massager! I’ve decided to go with the Trident Helix. The other 3 options were appealing but the helix’s main selling point is its mobility, which after lurking around this sub seems to be important to achieving prostate orgasms. I thought about buying the Maximus as feeling fuller is rather enjoyable to me, but at the cost of mobility I think either the Eupho or Helix are better, hence my choice for the Helix.

One last question remains however: Silicone or PVC? Silicone is both cheaper and softer, but has that silicone smell and doesn’t increase mobility. On the other hand, PVC is more expensive and harder but is easier to move around your prostate.

Which do you prefer?

Any deals or promos out there?

Curious if anyone here knows of any good deals on the Aneros line out there.

I’m interested in the Helix and/or the Maximus. I have a curved silicone plug that I’ve learned my way to full body prostate orgasms with, even the occasional Super-O’s.

Thinking trident line with added perineum and kspot pressure will make things even better.

I would prefer the non-syn models I think.

Always looking for the best deal lol.

my first successful session where I had rolling orgasms over and over.

Hi bros, first time posting here but i felt I had to share my experience the other night and get some feedback. Its probably guna be a pretty long post but please bear with me.

First a bit about me.

Im 31 years old and been on the journey for over 2 years now with little success. Ive had a few sessions where things feel like theyre heading somewhere but they sort of fizzle out. Ive had the racing heart, slight moaning, tingles and muscle spasms at different times.

The toys i have are the aneros (helix trident, peridise, mgx, eupho trident, maximus trident and progasm ice) and the lovense edge vibrator. Ive used all at some point.

My typical session starts with cleaning up and then going upstairs and laying on the floor on some towels near to the warm radiator. Im laying down with my head proped up on some pillows and my legs laying to each side with my feet pulled up close to my ass.  I then put in my earbuds and put on some good biaural beats or mindgasm. This is usually where I’d lube up my hole with coconut oil and rub a layer of water based lube on my chosen toy.
Then i try to relax for a bit listening and deep breathing and after a while i look at some hot pics on reddit whilst hitting my weed vape at a low temp.
I’d usually have in the helix or the maximus for a while until swapping to the progasm where things kinda get nicer. This nice contact feeling doesn’t usually last or progress but recently i found that if I push out (like a reverse kegel) instead of doing kegels and manual contractions I feel strong pushing contractions in my lower abdomen which feels kinda nice. Now if I start slowly thrusting the progasm the faster I go the harder my body pushes ( and i mean really pushes) until its so intense I can’t take it and il leak cum, pre cum and finally squirt clear slippery liquid…this feels really good but not what I’m looking for.

HFO and other musings

I’ve been reading a lot on the wiki as well as searching this Reddit. I started my journey during Covid. Actually, I started like 10 years ago but didn’t have the support and info that’s prevalent today to help me so I quit after 6 months. So during Covid, I restarted the journey. Started with the helix trident and the squeeze method using mindgasm. Got good feelings and that itch everyone talks about. Also using poppers to help. Then bought a eupho and then a Maximus and then a mdx. I have a lot. Lol. Always had good feelings but never a HFO. Or at least I think I haven’t. Then switched to the do nothing method using them and got much better results while switching to a lube shooter. Definitely a game changer. Now the question. How do you get to a HFO or super O. What are the physical things that happen? Is it like an actual orgasm where your muscles contract (like your entire pelvic floor and cock) or is it something else. And how does that differ than a super o?

Finally bit the bullet

After chasing the elusive prostate orgasm with mediocre results and only one partial orgasm I finally placed my order. I did weeks of research trying to find the perfect massager, I literally looked at virtually every one out there and read reviews but was constantly lead back to the Aneros line. The hardest part then was choosing a model. I finally narrowed it down to the Maximus trident or the Progasm Black Ice. My wife then made the decision for me and picked the Maximus because she felt it would be easier to get moving. I’m super excited to receive it and start learning.

Progasm ICE, my old friend!

HI guys,

Early this morning after reading a thread on Progasm ICE on the Forum, I decided to have a session with Progasm ICE, my old friend which had sat unused for many months. It is so wonderful to reconnect with Aneros models which has served you well over the years. We are now in the New Year of 2022! Ten years ago, in early June 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn which had recently had arrived on the market. A month later, in July, I began using Maximus. Soon afterwards, I began using the white Progasm Classic and the Progasm ICE. I enjoyed the rugged action of Progasm Classic, but also the sleek, silky action of Progasm ICE.

Last night, we had one of the coldest nights in two years which temps in the low 20’s. I slept relatively well with several blankets and towels surrounding my neck and a woolen cap on my head. I diddled my nipples throughout the night which alleviated the cold of the night.

When I arrived at my session with Progasm ICE this morning, I was well primed of my night of nipple diddling. I was amazed at the silky, sleek action of Progasm ICE. The model is well-suited for Kegel action. This model works well with calm rhythmic breathing. A Kegel here and there accentuated the delights of my ride.

Aneros session amplified w D8 and poppers and other quibbles

Based on my ride today, pretty clear that D8 and poppers always get me to p-waves and p-orgasms. No supper O yet. Today I didn’t take any D8 and just used poppers. Tried a variety of aneros models – Maximus and then eupho. I started at 11 am today and ended at 3. Needless to say I over did it on poppers. Couldn’t help it as each huff I was looking for a new high and sensation. Now, blue lips and a pounding headache! My next will be to try just D8 and no poppers. Ultimately I need to get rid of one of them.

Now the quibble, I bought a new wevibe vector. Started w that this morning. I was hoping to get a super o or at least a p-gasm. But nothing. I found that the vibrations disrupt what I would feel if I was just riding/do nothing. I’ve tried the various vibration modes but finally gave up and used the Maximus. I’ve read so many great reviews on this vine and pretty disappointed. Anyone else experience this?

Aneros staining

I ordered 3 Aneros products from https://betweenthesatinsheets.com . My understanding is that they’re a reputable dealer.

My Eupho Trident and Helix Trident both came in white and feels a little rough (not 100% smooth), and the Maximus Trident came in a smooth/sleek black material. From what I can tell, I think the Maximus gets fully cleaned.

However, both the Eupho and Helix seem to be staining and I’m not convinced they aren’t porous and are actually getting 100% clean between uses. Are my products defective?