Questions about Syn models

I’m continuing to make some progress with my mgx? classic (old, not sure, guessing based on pictures) but I think I definitely want to move to a bigger aneros of a more modern design. (Helix, Maximus, Progasm or Junior)

I’ve been back and forth on whether I want a syn texture, classic or ice. I lean toward wanting the classic/ice texture for max mobility, but noticed something about the Syn models.

It looks like their arms have some significant give/bend? I have issues with too much perineal pressure and this might make the syn texture acceptable.

Can anyone with both regular and syn versions of a given massager comment? How’s the perineal pressure on these?


The ANEROS MAXIMUS TRIDENT is my first aneros device, and although it does feel good inserted, I still have to experience any PO.
I do squeeze and can feel it move slightly inside of me giving me some pleasurable tingle, but no more than this.

What is your experience with the maximum trident massager?
Are there better products out there. Some claim the Progasm is really good.

Help me choose an aneros

Ive had progasm ice which I’ve lost. I have a trident eupho which i cant get access to because isolation. So I’d need a new one.

Ive been considering trident helix, Trident maximus or progasm jr (as I couldn’t get ice to move much, but when I achieved it once before losing it gosh it moved)

I also have an issue with the k tab on the eupho being far too low compared to what I remember with my old progasm, so I’m a bit worried the other trident line would have this issue.

I need help choosing one.
Thank you kindly.

Force myself to try longer

So my discipline is really bad, I give in to fast. I only had one session like a year ago were I possibly had a p wave or something that felt awesome. Lately not so much success with aneros, did discover squirting with Njoy wand.
But tonight I’m gonna try to tie myself up to the bed with a time lock. Maybe like an hour?
Only things I worry about:
Aneros slipping out (I will use maximus)
Getting dry, haven’t found the perfect lube yet I think?
Overdosing on weed (I use thc oil, if I have just one drop too many I get nauseous, 🤢) but I think I know how much to take.

Anyone have an mgx trident? Feel like I’m so close to a super O but have yet to succeed

Aneros is having a great Black Friday sale on select models but I already own the helix syn trident, the progasm, the Maximus and the eupho that are listed. The mgx trident did however spark my interest and I want to know what some people think about it, and if they’ve had super O’s from using this model. I’ve been an aneros user for almost a year already and I’ve been making steady progress, I still have yet to experience my first super O unfortunately but I think I’m on the right track. I seem to have the most luck with smaller models like the helix and the eupho, but I just can’t seem “cross the finish line” per se, and so I’m hoping a new model might provide me with a super O but wanna make sure it’s worth the purchase

Constipated after Aneros sessions.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or going too hard, but on 3 separate occasions now I’ve made myself ill after sessions.

I think the toys may have been putting too much pressure on my bladder or something? I don’t really feel much at the time but then 24 hours after some sessions my urine flow is difficult, passing stool becomes very difficult, and I generally feel constipated, bloated, and sick.

These symptoms can last for up to a week before returning to normal. It’s very disheartening because this never used to happen to me but now it’s becoming more and more common and it’s putting me off my Aneros toys 🙁

Does anyone else experience this?

for the record, I usually use Helix Syn Trident and/or Maximus Trident. i often use weed and poppers to help out. sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4 hours (with breaks) no more than 1 or 2 times per week (usually 1 time)

So extremely close! Need advice

Ive been using aneros products for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve made lots of progress and crossed a lot of milestones such as involuntaries and lots of very pleasurable (no super O’s yet) feelings. I currently own 4 aneros models, the helix syn, maximus, eupho and progasm. Every time I have a session I seem to get just before the point of explosion, but I have yet to tip over and experience the amazing feelings that accompany a super O. I’ve read the wiki countless times and seem to have the best sessions with my helix syn and eupho, but I just can’t seem to “cross the finish line”. Any advice from experienced users would be extremely helpful ! Ive tried everything from the do nothing and relax method to incorporating various contractions and both have given me amazing wonderful sessions that last hours, perhaps I just need a little more practice but I’d still love to hear any feedback

Trying the Maximus Trident tonight

So I have the Progasm and Helix Syn. Maximus Trident arrived a few days ago and tonight will be my first session.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks to try out? Any position that did the trick for you? A lot of lube or a small amount. Porn or no porn? I know some like to listen to ambient sounds, links would be appreciated.

Basically I’m looking for what made you go over the edge and achieve the much coveted super o.

Kind regards