Tried out the Maximus and had the most intense orgasms yet.

My Maximus arrived in the post today. It’s a model I’ve been trying to get for a while so I was quite excited to finally get my hands on it.

It wasn’t my intention to try it out today but as soon as I opened the box I wanted it in me.

My first impressions weren’t good actually. I didn’t find it particularly comfortable during the first 5 mins but ended up playing around with some contractions and it felt a lot better. Settled down with deep valley breathing and had involuntary contractions after around 10 mins. During the next 30 minutes I had some incredible feelings that were new to me. Really strong sensations in my head, particularly around the area right above my ear. A sort of pleasurable pressure.

The pleasure would build in my head, involuntaries would happen and then I’d have an orgasm wash over my body. Rinse and repeat every few minutes. After a while it felt like my prostate was connected directly to my head, each contraction would send out pleasure that I could feel building in my head. Each contraction would increase in pleasure too. I had THE hardest erection that I’ve ever had which seemed to make the involuntaries stronger. I couldn’t tell if the Maximus was getting drawn in to me or pushed out. The pleasure was so strong now and I was having dry orgasms, prostate orgasms on top of full body orgasms. Everything was so intense.

Requesting A Syn Version Of The Maximus Trident

I’ve written Aneros and requested they look into a Syn version of the Maximus Trident. While I love the shape and the fact that it’s large like the Progasm, but stays in a LOT better.

Issue is, I can’t stand the uncomfortable and not very flexible tabs, and I can’t use it for more than about an hour until I simply have to remove it due to it irritating my perineum so much.

I suppose they could also keep it in the white plastic, just redesign the tabs to be more comfortable.

Should I buy Helix and MGX?

Hi everyone, just looking for people’s thoughts.

I have the Eupho Trident, Maximus Trident and the Progasm ice. I like these for their varying sizes, and they all give me crazy good times in their own ways.

I have the Helix and the MGX (both Trident) in my cart but hesitant to purchase in case they’re overly similar to the ones I have. Like, are the stem grooves noticeable on the MGX? Is there any need to get the Helix now that I’m perfectly proficient with the ones I have, knowing that the Helix can be known as the usual beginner model?

Any opinions greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

Helix syn vs MGX syn

I’ve had the helix syn trident and maximus trident (non syn) for about 2 months now. I’ve had the best results so far with the helix as the maxi sometimes feels too hard and intense. Just got the njoy pure wand and peridise as well, have had good results with the njoy but not much experience yet. I really like the look of the blue mgx syn, wondering if it’s worth picking up or if it will be very similar to the helix.

New toys arrived

I purchased the Helix Syn V, the Progasm, and the Peridise set. They arrived yesterday. My wife and I had some “fun time” scheduled for last night so it was the perfect timing for their arrival. I already had the Helix Syn, the Eupho, and Maximus.

I unboxed them and I gulped when I saw the size of the Progasm. My wife did too. I washed them, lubed up the Progasm, and inserted it. Luckily, I still had lube inside me from the Helix Syn I had in just before these came. I’m not real sure how I feel about the Progasm, yet. I know I was already pleasurably swelling back there from the Helix. I kept it in about 15-20 minutes and decided that I would start with that one on another day.

After I took it out, I put in the smaller Peridise. As I held it in my hand, I could not help but think that this thing will not do much. Oh my! I was wrong. I understand what everyone means about what it does to you, even though it is so small. For me, it seems to “flutter” around while it’s in. It tickles my prostate and the entire area, but in an erotic way. Thinking about it, as I write this, I find myself working my PC muscles and getting turned on from memory alone. I, like so many others, underestimated that toy.

New Ones OTW

My wife has cultivated a sincere interest in my anal play. She is really open to exploring things with me. She asked a lot of questions tonight while we were in the hot tub. Many were about the Aneros products I have; what it’s like wearing them, how they feel, what do they do, how long do I keep them in, how often do I put one in, and many other questions. When I told her the positive things that I’ve experienced since beginning this, she was super glad I did. Prostate play has given me a much stronger urine flow, a much harder erection (like I am a teenager again), and more powerful ejaculations and orgasms.

I just ordered the Helix Syn V, the Progasm Classic, and the Peridise set. I have the Helix Syn, Eupho, and Maximus. Looking forward to the new ones arriving!

question about being mindfull/mindset

So, I’m reading about being mindfull and stuff, but nobody tells me how to do it?
I having hard times with guided meditations. Music-only seems to get me more relaxed but still not anywhere near of what is needed for prostate pleasure using any Aneros toy.

I also noticed bigger doesn’t seem to be doing it better. With the Progasm and the Maximus I noticed if I start to get somewhere it won’t stay in even while holding a pillow between my legs or wearing pants. I also got a Squarepegs MilkIt, but it didn’t do much aside of being almost impossible to insert thanks to the squishyness. It was pressed out kinda soon, too. Sitting on it didn’t felt that good, too.

What’s a good way for that mindfullnes? Any good stuff on youtube or elsewhere I should try?

For successful users: What are your favorite aneros models?

I was curious to know from other successful aneros users: What are your top/favorite aneros models? What I mean by other successful users is: Aneros users that can achieve dry orgasms/super O’s, consistently. I think this is very valuable information and I’m surprised there are no polls for this!

I don’t want to discourage newbs from posting their experiences on this forum in any way, just gather specific data in this post out of curiosity, which I think can be useful for everyone.

I’ve tried different models including the Progasm, Helix, MGX, SGX, Epho, Maximus, over the course of 15 years, if they have been out that long I can’t remember exactly. I have always prefered the trident versions over the softer models, and now I only own the trident versions.

For me, the MGX trident has always been hands down my favorite model because of how consistently I get dry O’s from it. It’s really surprising to me because it’s almost never mentioned in the forums and it looks so basic compared to the other models you wouldn’t think it would do much.

I am considering trying some other models like the peridise which I keep seeing praised over and over.

The Eupho undid me

I’ve had the Helix Syn for a few weeks. It is wonderful! I’ve had some amazing pleasure with it but nothing like what happened when I inserted the Eupho today.

I woke up, showered and cleaned up, put in the Helix, and went to have breakfast. I did some shopping at the grocery store. I couldn’t help but wonder if the reason why the people were staring at me was because of the perpetual smile I had or what?

I left and decided to go to the local adult store to buy the Eupho I saw in there last week. I didn’t buy it then because it honestly looked too small. But, I came to these posts and saw so many people rave about it. Those who have it, all mentioned something to the effect of not letting the size fool you. I gave in.

Next toy recommendations?

I currently have a Helix Trident (white plastic one) and a Progasm Ice. I’ve been thinking of buying another Aneros for some time now but unsure what to go for.

Eupho: I see lots of raging reviews on this people giving it a lot of praise.

Vice: Not sure if this one is good or not. I’ve seen some people complain about it staying in.

Maximus: I’ve not seen many reviews on this one, anyone recommend it?

Peridise/Tempo: I know this isn’t a prostate massager but I’ve seen people give it praise for inducing pleasurable contractions.

Of course if there’s any I’ve not listed feel free to mention and give a reason on why you would recommend!