Beginner progress – having involuntary contractions – Some questions

Hi all,

So I have some questions, and hopefully you have answers:

Some weeks ago I ordered the Peridise, as I wanted to try out prostate stimulation. It was very cheap so I thought I would get this, and another Aneros toy. I’ve used it for some days, and it’s really “activated” my butt so to speak, with quivers, twitching, and similar. Some low generic pleasure too. Recently I started doing contractions without the Peridise, those meant to be done with the Aneros toys, and I’ve had quite a lot of success: My PC muscle / pelvic floor will at times twitch and “pulsate” quite a bit after a PC muscle hold, and I’ve been toying around with this and sphincter contractions/holds as well.

When the PC muscle started twitching, after some time, my prostate started twitching as well, and these twitches/contractions instantly generated pleasure, so much so that it was close to moan-worthy, and I know that if I could keep it up, it would keep on surging until finally orgasm. But so far I’ve not gotten there.

Today I got the Progasm, which I also ordered, and I have been doing some light sphincter-pc contractions, followed by pc-holds, then relaxing, if/when pc muscle starts contracting, relaxing into that, and see where it takes me. With the Progasm in, it was a bit harder to get those, but eventually it happened. And then the pleasure was quite higher than without the toy. Still, the problem is that after these involuntary contractions start, they seem to end on their own before it takes me to the next level (either that or I’m doing something wrong)

Way to fix the Maximus trident?

So I started off with the helix syn trident. Loved it and wanted to move up and try something new. Ordered the Maximus trident. Tried it out and it’s just decent in my opinion (I think I prefer the feel of the syn material). I do also believe the top Knob loop thing grinds into your P-spot from the outside and is very uncomfortable. I had heard pellets removing it and making it not sharp.

Anyone ever modify their toy and remove the P tab (think that’s what they call it) successfully? I don’t want to ruin a toy is all.

Thank you! Happy new year

Looking for reccomendations on next toy

Hey r/aneros! I’m planning to buy myself another toy and I’m hoping to crowd-source some input from you good people to help me decide on a model.

I would describe myself on the early side of intermediate, I’ve been using aneros for about 2-3 years and over the last year my progress has been moving more steadily forward. I’m starting to achieve better and better sensations including pleasure waves, mini-os and involuntaries/muscle spasms.

I have 3 toys at the moment; Helix Syn, Progasm Ice and Eupho Trident.

Most of the time I use the Helix Syn, which I find to be the most comfortable. It feels fuller, I get good sensations and I can ride it for longer. I find that the eupho is more mobile, and I’ve had a few great sessions (in fact probably my best sessions) with it, but they seem to be fewer and further between because of the small size. As if I need to be really in the zone to make the eupho work for me. It also feels uncomfortable after riding for a while. The prograsm is too big for me, moves very little and not very comfortable.

I’m thinking about a model from the Trident Syn line, and I’m trying to decide between Helix, Maximus or Eupho. Has anyone had a similar experience to me, and can recommend a toy that works for them?


Session turned into pegging

My wife and I recently got a new bed, which made it possible to use the restraints more effectively like stirrups, legs up and out, ass elevated. Tonight, I put on my chastity device and jockstrap, and lubed up my helix syn. I got warmed up and then moved to my Maximus. I was leaking and throbbing, to the point I could feel the device going in and out on its own.

So I think, I’m all warmed up. Maybe this could be a good time to invite my wife to peg me. We’ve done it once, but she was having a hard time assuming that role. She came in and put it on. Though she felt a little awkward, she wanted to try. Once I turned the light off, she started getting into a rhythm and I was able to angle so she was hitting my prostate. I was leaking perfume.

I reached over to let myself out of my chastity device. She kept pounding me, faster now that she started getting into it hearing me moaning. I came so fast, shooting all over my chest, hitting my neck, and the pillow next to me.

She said she thought that was awesome and something she really enjoyed doing. Pretty awesome.

Next one to get?

Hey guys! I’m looking for opinions on what I should get next. I’ve definitely been enjoying my Helix Syn Trident as a long term wearing option that keeps me wanting more the whole time I am wearing it, especially while climbing stairs. What I’ve found though is that I really prefer to have more pressure than was the Helix can provide. I started doing some PC action with my Loki turned off and got leg shaking good pleasure way more easily.

Given that discovery, I’ve been contemplating getting a Maximus to hit the spot better. I think the main issue I have with getting .ore out of the Helix is length. My prostate is just a little deeper than where the necked down region is. The best pleasure I get from the Helix is when I sit on something and kind of grind a little bit. It pushes it a little further in and I can use my PC muscles from there.

Every Toy is “different”

I will agree that while learning one toy may train you better than another. Though I don’t think there’s a magic Aneros. Everyone will learn differently. I now own every non-sub model minus the ProJr. For me starting off I never got anything from the progasm or helix. I got pretty good progress with the MGX, and it’s the toy that nearly got me there. However (again, this is just me) the Tempo is what accelerated my learning. After a few sessions with the tempo, I was really in control of my muscles and my mind.

After working with the Tempo I went back to the Progasm and BAM, orgasms. Then I went back to the MGX, bam, orgasms. I’m still a bit hit or miss on the helix. Bottom line, once required, nearly any toy will work.

It they’re all different. The MGX seems “traditional” to me (this is why it and and helix are recommended for beginners). First you feel the toy itself. Then you feel some prostate tickles, then some build up, the some minor shakes, and then more and more and more. The orgasms feel a kin to traditional orgasms. Very pelvic focused, very bursty. Again, that’s what I feel.

The tempo builds up and up and up and up, but only a few times have I orgasmed by it. The pressure gets so heavy and constant but I never go over. This is when I’ll switch to Another model to push it over the edge.

Maximus on the way

I have a tempo, helix, MGX, and progasm. I’m reworked but no expert. I can get mini os and o waves from all of them but only the MGX and progasm push me over the edge. However sometimes when I have the MGX in I need more force so I switch to the progasm. Sometimes the progasm doesn’t move enough so I switch to the MGX. I almost always use those two toys back and forth.

Just ordered a Maximus, hoping it can be the SINGLE toy to give me the fullness of a progasm with the movement of the MGX. Any experience?

Asking For Advice re: CompariSYN Special Offer

Gonna get my “second first” Aneros (I had the original MGX? way back maybe 10 years ago; probably gave up on it too soon tried it out for a few weeks and got impatient). I was intrigued by the special offer of getting the Helix Syn Trident plus another non-silicone Trident model; Helix, Maximus, MGX, & Eupho, for just US$99.95

Getting two versions of the Helix seems like a waste. I’d appreciate some input before I buy. Not really new to prostate play, or the Aneros. But I’m approaching this like a beginner. Thoughts on what to bundle with the Helix Syn Trident?


Chastity works wonders

I’m on day two of my first real chastity lockup with my wife. We’re going seven days and then deciding if we will add another week on at end if we’re both enjoying it. I knew I would enjoy it, but her less so—she’s not naturally dominant.

Anyway, last night I spent an hour or two with my trident Maximus in and I’ve never experienced such incredible pleasure. I was so close. And now, all today, my prostate has been throbbing and involuntary contractions have been happening a lot.

Tomorrow my wife said she would be tying me up, blind folding me, with headphones in so I can’t hear anything, with my Aneros in. I also ordered a thigh strap that supports your legs so you can keep them up and spread, which has been an amazing position the last few times, where it’s like the device is just pounding me itself without me doing anything.

Hoping I’m about to reach the super O, especially now that I’m locked up and won’t be ejaculating otherwise very often 😂