LSD, VR-JAV, 2cb, MDMA, Iboga, Eupho Syn, Do Nothing

Hi everyone, I’ve been practicing with Aneros for almost a year now. I’m a fairly obsessive/tenacious/addictive person so once I started I have been pretty determined to make it work. This post is definitely not going to be for everyone but I hope it can be useful to some of you who are struggling.

Oddly enough my first time playing with Aneros (helix syn) I had a pretty amazing hfwo, but it wasn’t all down hill from there. The hfwo never returned in that effortless way, although I could generate them through intensive keggling, I was not looking for that I wanted dry orgasms. At the beginning of my journey I was struggling to quit pornography and was hoping that Aneros could offer a solution in that regard as I had read many people having more success without it. Maybe some can relate. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I had used weed and porn that I had my first dry-o. I tried for a couple months abstaining from both, and I could generate nice feelings, but I would lose focus and get bored too easily and give up. Porn is helpful in keeping me engaged, I prefer lesbian Jav because too much emphasis on cock makes me want to have a normal orgasm.

Despite this success with weed and porn, I wasn’t able to consistently recreate the dry o’s. I’d say I probably had 4 or 5 over a two month period. Now I realize I may have been more successful with just the thc, and no porn but when I’m stoned it’s very hard to resist.

Mgx or Maximus ?

Have been using the eupho for a long time . Literally can not stress how amazing it is . Just wanting to try something else and there’s a package on website to get trident , will either of these .
What would you guys recommend between the two ? Thanks !

Learned something new!

For those of you like me who may be struggling to progress of achieve your goals…I’ve been playing off and on for the last 5 hours or so. Some waves but nothing crazy. Still a good time. My hole is hungry, and as I was inserting my Maximus, I wondered how 2 would be. So I threw my helix syn in right along side the Maximus, and holy shit. Hitting so many spots I don’t know what to do. Definitely something to try!

WTF happened to me?

Yesterday I had the place to myself and decided to put in a session with my Maximus. I had taken a few drops of HHC tincture earlier on, and was feeling the effects. I felt very relaxed and quite aroused. I popped in the Maximus and laid down on the bed, on my side with one leg pulled up to my chest.

Up until now I haven’t had any kind of orgasm with Aneros toys, so I can’t be sure what has happened. I can only say that I never felt this much pleasure in my life, I was literally moaning aloud which rarely happens to me.

I usually get very pleasurable feelings during my sessions, but I have never experienced a P-wave. When I relax, my breathing tends to become slower and shallower. However, having read multiple times that deep and rhythmic breathing is key, this time I made a conscious effort to keep breathing slowly and deeply. What happened next is nothing short of amazing.

As I felt the pleasurable feelings grow in my prostate, my breathing went faster and even deeper, up until the point where I was a bit concerned I was about to hyperventilate. But I decided to be curious, go with it and see what happens next. I mentally told myself that I have permission to experience this limitless pleasure.

Helix Syn vs Eupho Syn?

Guys I have the Helix (had the best results with it) but I plan to buy either the Maximus or the Eupho, I’ve seen many people rating the eupho at the top. I know it is easy to underestimate the size however I also like the feeling of being full. I do have the progasm and progasm jr. as well but they always slip out, specially the standard progasm.

My question is, how does the eupho differ from the Helix?

Maximus syn blue

Just decided finally bite bullet order . Have progasam , regular mgx, helix syn trident. The helix and occasionally mgx have had off and on sensations. Last night the helix syn was better, so finally going to try maximus syn. Everyone is different in what works… my journey ourney continuing. Eventually I hope totally rewire and use it solo as well as with fiancee. Probably a major task but one worth going for.

First try with the Maximus Syn

Usual prep and started with the Eupho syn and got some good P-waves then moved on to my new Maximus. I like the feeling much better than the original which always felt just a touch abrasive to me. The P-wave returned and then slowly built to a Super-O. Much better than with the original! Had to cut my session short so didn’t get a lot of time with it so can’t wait until I can give it a longer shot.