What is a p-gasm?

Wanted to ask this group to get a better understanding on what a p-gasm/p-wave. I had a major breakthrough today. Today was my 3rd day in a row getting back into playing with my collection of aneros massagers: eupho, helix trident, and Maximus. It’s been about 2 months or so since I had played with any of them but have been practicing kegels trying to get “aless p-waves” but no progress or body shaking feelings. When I play I put the massager in a condom filled with lube (only this time I used water and silicon) and “twist” the condom opening to keep the lube in the condom. I think that this method allows the aneros to move freely in the condom. And then lube the outside of the condom for insertion. Using eupho and trident didn’t yield any results but I did start manually trying to activate my prostate so that I can be on a look out on what it feels like but not much progress. My two sessions were about 1.5-2 hours. However, today I used the Maximus. Session was about 3 hours. First 2 hours yielded nothing except for a good feeling full. Third hour was what I think was a breakthrough. The feelings were at times I felt like peeing, other times I felt a tingling feeling deep down in my center, other times I felt like I was on the verge of a traditional penile orgasm but always on the edge. Question to this group, does a p-gasm involve the same muscle contraction response like a penile orgasm? Every now and then, I would get the “body shivers” and fluttering. But didn’t have the whole kegel and body contractions like a normal orgasm. Without a doubt I really “bathed “ in the feelings and felt like I could go on forever. Any perspective from the experienced folks?

A very powerful session with traditional Aneros Maximus

Hi guys,

Earlier this morning in the 7 o’clock hour, I had a very powerful session with my trusty traditional Aneros Maximus. It lasted about 20 minutes. I have been working with the Aneros, as many of you know, since early June 2012. After several years of a regimen of Aneros sessions which occurred three/four times a week, I finally achieved major breakthroughs in mid September 2012 with Super-O’s and MMO’s. Since then, I can have all sorts of orgasms on demand most nights in bed mostly through diddling my nipples. Nights in bed are when I can shut out daily cares and blast of daily news. The darkness and quiets enable to relax and thus participate in my erotic activities.

The Maximus is between smaller models such as Helix and MGX and large, heavy duty models as the Progasm. I am intrigued in the more modern Trident series and how the Trident Maximus performs. I wonder of guys using the Trident series achieve Super-O’s and MMO’s more quickly in terms of months and years.

Take care!

Calm Waters

Last night, I had a fantastic session with my Classic Eupho Syn! I experienced, for the first time, the state of ‘calm waters’ often referenced in the forum. On occasion, I get to that point but it’s usually in Aless session; this was a first with a massager inserted.

I would welcome that sensation anytime!

Next session is planned for tonight and my prostate is whispering one of two massagers, my Classic Helix Syn or my old reliable Classic Maximus.


Yesterday, I finally received my nanny Aneros, the large model, the “Maximus”.
And that night, I was able to use it.
Dressed in my cotton nightgown that I like, the one, with the short sleeve, which covers me from shoulders to mid-thigh, I first fell asleep normally. And I woke up in the middle of the night, with my huge desire to use my new Aneros Maximus.
I lying on my side, legs slightly folded. With my saliva, my hand between my thighs, I wet the entrance to my anus. I took my new Aneros and wet it well with my saliva. Buttock spreaders, I then presented it at the entrance of my ass. By pressing lightly, I immediately felt its size. I then pushed it, more and more to make it enter the hole of my anus …. What a joy to feel it penetrate me zen! So I have it dark at the bottom and I started the contractions of my anus. Yes, what a joy to feel it in me, fat, gradually heating up.
I thus made go my anéros in me with my anus, or with my hand, by masturbating me the big and full sex of desire.
Long moments of happiness …

Returning to my first massager

A few days I had this desire to try out my Helix classic. It had been a long time since I had used it. It was the first Aneros that I ever got. I thought it would be interesting to see how far I had come since I first got it. For a long time I was really frustrated with it. I could never get much from it. Over the years I bought others and eventually started to make progress.

A few nights ago I inserted it. For the first time I really appreciated it. I finally noticed the aggressive angle and the pressure that it gave me, but it still moved easily. I got some mini O’s. I’ve acquired the MGX trident, Maximus trident, Eupho trident, and Progasm. After my experience, I think I’m going to get the Helix trident. I’ll be interested to see what it feels like.

Two, favorite models (session for Saturday morning, May 2)

Hi guys,

This morning around sunrise I had an Aneros session, my first in three weeks. This morning I used two of old and favorite models, the classic Maximus and Progasm ICE which I haven’t used in many months and even in several years. I used them while lying on a couple thin cushions and a towel. The lying position is perhaps the most favorite of Aneros users. It is a position during which you can relax and let Aneros models work on you. Also you can have more control on the action of the models. I used both approaches this morning which gave me absolute satisfaction and awesome Aless which I am enjoying right now.

Maximus is a rather thick model which gives you great penetration. Progasm ICE has girth and sleekness which creates its distinctive magical action.
I was amazed by how these two models worked on me when I relaxed. When I diddled my nipples some during the session, that in itself, revved up the “fuck” action of the models in giving both my prostate and anal musculature a thorough workout.

My Progasm ICE : perhaps my best ride ever!

Hi guys,

This morning I had an Aneros session at sunrise, two weeks since my last session on Saturday May 2. This morning I rode in sequence the following models : traditional MGX, traditional Maximus, and Progasm ICE. These are perhaps my most favorite models currently.

The first two models performed well, but it was Progasm ICE that had a stellar performance this morning, perhaps my best ride ever! This session also has given me amazing and satisfying Aless which I am savoring as I compose this blog entry.

For the many weeks of the present COVID-19 quarantine, I retire to bed most nights just after sunset. Diddling my nipples helps me forget this crisis at least most nights. I settle into a relaxed sleep and then wake up during the hour before sunrise as the birds in central courtyard beginning their morning songs. I believe my nightly diddling sessions have programmed my body to enjoy the Aneros as never before.

This morning both MGX and Maximus also prepared my body to have a most satisfying ride with Progasm ICE. It was so enjoyable that I had a long, leisurely Progasm ICE. I used back and forth motion across my nipples and circular motion on my fleshy aureoles and the nipples themselves. Both diddling motions really revved up Progasm ICE for me. I also ceased diddling, but Progasm ICE just worked on my prostate and anal musculature in his own wonderful way. It also is so beautiful to feel the movements of these three models upon my masculine anatomy in such a way as to deliver me at the temple of exquisite male pleasure. The aftermath of my Aless this morning is just as exquisite. I plan to ride Progasm ICE again two days hence next Monday morning at sunrise!

External prostate massage and the cock root

Hi guys,

Earlier tonight I saw a highly erotic diagram of prostate massage and stimulation by what appears to the Classic Helix. It made me downright horny just by looking at it. This diagram, actually a GIF, was a prostate massaged and stimulated by a Classic Helix Aneros, posted by @SOwithoutAneros.

Seeing anatomic diagram of the Aneros in action focuses our minds on what the Aneros does for us men health wise and erotically. Such a diagram focuses our attention on organs that serve both an evacuation for waste products and an erotic, sexual function.

The Aneros awakens erotic consciousness down there. Not only is the prostate awakened but also the root of a guy’s cock. When this happens, just using the Aneros is a highly erotic and sexual event. Guys from reports on the Aneros Forums and Blogs that an Aneros practice or regimen has reenergized their sexual function. Guys have reported that the Aneros has given them firmer and more vibrant erections and longer staying power in sexual performance. Not only that, the Aneros has given many guys powerful and sweet Aless. My prostate awakened in just three weeks of use in June 2012. A couple weeks later, I began having chairgasms in early July 2012. Shortly afterward, I began getting powerful Aless. That was when I began including the Classic Maximus and in September 2012 both Classic Progasm and Progasm ICE in my sessions.

Even experienced Aneros users enjoy doing the Kegels!

Hi guys,

Last night I had an exceptional erotic diddling session which lasted off and on the whole night until it was time to rise and get ready for the day.

Through my nipple diddling I caused one SO after another in a series of SO’s which made me so good right now at the composition of this blog entry!

The first few SO’s caused me to rise just after midnight, go to my bathroom where I pissed mightily. Then I dressed my cock in cellophane before donning my trusty BIKE banana cup and jock. I rode my jock and cup in bed for an hour or so in bed before returning to my bathroom where I replaced my jock and cup for a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

Then I returned to bed to diddle some more where I enjoyed more series of SO’s until 5 a.m. As I said in my most recent blog entry yesterday, my SO edging practice is sustained by the Kegel Exercises. Even experienced Aneros users who enjoy SO’s and MMO’s also enjoy doing the Kegel Exercises.

I end this portion of my blog entry by presenting my Kegel Exercise regimen which I composed in mid Augst 2016 which propelled me to my SO and MMO breakthroughs a month later in mid September 2016:





Diddling while wearing my jockstrap last night : Powerful meditation on my prostate, cock and Glans!

Hi guys,

Many of you who know me on Aneros.com are aware that I have a powerful jock and athletic cup fetish which enhances my diddling sessions in bed at night and my Aneros sessions. This fetish goes back to my adolescence when I along with other boys were directed by our gym teacher in 7th grade. It was a mandatory part of our gym uniform. I appreciate very much the elastic support a jockstrap offers my genitals and how it prevents fatigue in athletic activities. But there is a very powerful aspect of jocks and cups for the intimate support and protection they have offered me over the years. I thank my dad and my gym coaches for their good examples of wearing such items which produced this sexual awakening in me and this powerful fetish. Wearing jockstraps and cups also has been a natural American activity for athletics and even everyday wear since at least the 1940’s and continues to this day here in the USA. Just writing all this makes me extremely horny.

I began my Aneros journey on early Sunday evening, June 3, 2012 with Helix Syn. Three weeks later I began to experience P-waves. In early July 2012, I began to use Maximus. That was when powerful Aless set in.

After my major Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016, my Aneros sessions became effortless and nipples began to awaken big time. Diddling sessions at night became a source of pleasure for me.