Am I on the right path here?

Hello everyone,

I bought my first Aneros, a Helix Syn, about 1-2 years ago. In the beginning I was very unfamiliar with anal play (straight guy in 20s) and was just fooling around a bit. I remember that inserting into my butt made me uncomfortable. I also didn’t really get any good feelings from it at the very start.

After a few sessions I bought a different model (can’t remember which one exactly) and ordered poppers, seeing that many people have had better results with them. In the next sessions I had a nice feeling of pressure inside me, especially after a sniff of poppers (I guess that was the aneros pushing onto the prostate). I also felt some very slight involuntary contractions: I involuntarily contracted some muscles down there and it felt nice, but after a few seconds the contraction would stop and that was the end of it. I only got those contractions with the MGX Trident and Maximus Trident.

After that, I didn’t get any further for a long while, I even tried using the Aneros while on a light-medium dose of LSD, but the experience with the Aneros didn’t change while tripping, it was the same as sober. Because of the lack of progress, I stopped using the Aneros massagers for a while.

Progress questions

Hello fellow explorers!

I’ve been messing aroung with my Aneros Maximus Trident for about a year now with mixed results. I think I’ve had a few P-waves in that time and I think no involuntaries, but I’m unclear on how far along I am. Definitely no super-O but I’ve felt like I was on the verge of it a few times.


My sessions are typically several hours which are usually “medium eventful” but there is lots of down time between high points. I’ve had the most success with the “do completely nothing” approach, but the success I’ve had feels more related to my heart beat brushing the device against the prostate rather than any device-related movement. In fact today I generated very similar effects (to a point) without the aneros in at all (up to step 5 below).


I’ve been using lots of coconut oil recently, but I’m not sure if this is really better or worse than the water-based lube I have tried in the past. The device seems to not move after a certain point (even after re-applying).


#### Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far:

1. Light PC muscle “hold” (30-50%) as long as possible.
* Muscles never seem to tire here or I forget about it over time.

2. Light PC muscle hold and light bear down (push out) with sphincter.
* This seems to help push the device directly onto the prostate and hold it there in some situations, but reduces movement.

Is too much lube a problem for anyone else?

I have a Progasm. It was my first prostate massager.

Every post I have ever read on any anal play always starts with something to the effect “Apply plenty of lube early and often.”

I find if I use very much lube I can’t keep the Progasm in position. When I exert very much pressure it tries to squirt out. Even when it stays inside it isn’t in the correct position and there doesn’t seem to have enough friction against the prostate.

If I take it out and wipe off most of the lube it works much better.

Would a different style of Aneros be better? Maybe the Maximus Trident which has a narrower neck?

Questions about Syn models

I’m continuing to make some progress with my mgx? classic (old, not sure, guessing based on pictures) but I think I definitely want to move to a bigger aneros of a more modern design. (Helix, Maximus, Progasm or Junior)

I’ve been back and forth on whether I want a syn texture, classic or ice. I lean toward wanting the classic/ice texture for max mobility, but noticed something about the Syn models.

It looks like their arms have some significant give/bend? I have issues with too much perineal pressure and this might make the syn texture acceptable.

Can anyone with both regular and syn versions of a given massager comment? How’s the perineal pressure on these?


The ANEROS MAXIMUS TRIDENT is my first aneros device, and although it does feel good inserted, I still have to experience any PO.
I do squeeze and can feel it move slightly inside of me giving me some pleasurable tingle, but no more than this.

What is your experience with the maximum trident massager?
Are there better products out there. Some claim the Progasm is really good.

Help me choose an aneros

Ive had progasm ice which I’ve lost. I have a trident eupho which i cant get access to because isolation. So I’d need a new one.

Ive been considering trident helix, Trident maximus or progasm jr (as I couldn’t get ice to move much, but when I achieved it once before losing it gosh it moved)

I also have an issue with the k tab on the eupho being far too low compared to what I remember with my old progasm, so I’m a bit worried the other trident line would have this issue.

I need help choosing one.
Thank you kindly.

Force myself to try longer

So my discipline is really bad, I give in to fast. I only had one session like a year ago were I possibly had a p wave or something that felt awesome. Lately not so much success with aneros, did discover squirting with Njoy wand.
But tonight I’m gonna try to tie myself up to the bed with a time lock. Maybe like an hour?
Only things I worry about:
Aneros slipping out (I will use maximus)
Getting dry, haven’t found the perfect lube yet I think?
Overdosing on weed (I use thc oil, if I have just one drop too many I get nauseous, 🤢) but I think I know how much to take.