Foreskin Awareness Party Featuring Steely Friend Tempo

Hi folks, especially hi Turnrow, Bro! Your post just interrupted another beginning gooning state upcoming when listening to „What A Difference A Day Makes“ performed by Rod Stewart, oh how right he is. I was leaning comfortably back on my couch and closing my eyes from time to time. Upcoming involuntaries tried to adapt themselves to the rhythm of the music and that meanwhile well known whole body arousal was starting too.

Curious about any new messages in my Aneros forum inbox I besides had a glance at my tablet and found your post questioning about my latest edging session. Initially a little reluctant I yet took out my laptop to eventually write down my experience for you and to forestall the risk of forgetting any of the pleasureful details.

Having to call upon the Urban Dictionary for your word „gooning“, I now must say, the top definition there describes best what I went through during my latest session. But let’s start from the beginning.

Early Saturday morning my significant other left our home to meet one of her colleagues for a shopping tour, giving me a lot of undisturbed me time.

I decided to try the multiple ridge band technique and have a long, long edging session. After my visit to the bathroom I lay down in my bed again – on my back. Wearing my Separatec boxers I could easily take out my member through the opening of the boxer’s extra pouch.

Sunday morning Aneros session, September 9

Hi guys,

I haven’t been posting much lately because while I still have Aneros sessions about three times a week, they are so enjoyable that they are hard to describe.

However I had a session that was one of my best. It lasted about an hour and half. I used in order my favorite Aneros models: MGX, Maximus, Progasm ICE, and Tempo.

We have been having very rainy weather all day today, a good day to day home and relax a bit.

For the last several months, I have been wearing a jock and cup to bed and diddling my nipples. Diddling my nipples and wearing a jock and cup put me at ease at night and lull to sleep. Many mornings I wake up sexually aroused.

I arose at 5 a.m. to survey the weather forecast on the Sure enough we had a very rainy Sunday forecast. So stayed home out of the rain and didn’t go to church. I also diddled my nipples a great deal while viewing erotic pics on tumblr. For the last couple months, I can induce Super-O’s though nipple diddling and Kegeling. I experienced several amazing Super-O’s in this fashion this morning.

Finally in the 6 o’clock hour I went outdoors braving the rain to get some breakfast from our neighborhood 7 Eleven. I returned home twenty minutes later and had some breakfast before having my session at 7:15.

Now I can produce Super-O’s and MMO’s in Aless

Hi guys,

Now in the dog days of summer here in DC, I can walk about my apartment and sit naked at my PC if I so choose. Generally I do this when apartment building staff is not on duty or if there is not workmen in the building during normal work hours during the daytime Monday or Friday. However past 6 p.m. in the evening til 8 a.m. in the morning workdays and 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays on weekends, I have the necessary privacy for nakedness which so freeing, a necessary ingredient for Aneros sessions and Aless untethered. However the modesty I exercise protects myself and the apartment building staff.

On Thursday August 2, I had a session with Tempo that was quantum leap. Tempo is an Aneros device made of hefty stainless steel that guys and women use it inserted anally seated comfortably. The root meaning of the Tempo is rhythmic “fuck” motion that is so natural. On this memorable session, I was seated before my PC with Tempo working diddling sweetly my nipples and performing natural Kegels when all of a sudden experienced a series of seven or eight Super-O’s one after another. When a Super-O came along, Tempo “fucked” me with deep strokes which I engaged directly. This was definitely a quantum leap with Tempo and something very new!

The power found in ordinary (BIKE) jockstraps for sexual arousal (my experience)

Hi guys,

From day one when I had to wear an athletic supporter for 7th grade PE, jockstraps and (later athletic cups) have been central in my life as a male. Our coach we had to get one. It was an integral part of our gym uniform. So after that day, the first day of school, early in September 1963. I went to our town drugstore to purchase one. The pharmacist who waited on me sized me as a boy who was entering puberty and got me a boys sized Johnson & Johnson Athletic Supporter. It came in a smallish box when an naked athlete on the box in nothing but a jockstrap. I popped a boner which oozed precum in my white chinos. I was super turned on and rushed home to try it on in my bedroom. My erection was super hard and precum was oozing big time from the meatus of my Glans. When I slipped on my new jockstrap for the first time, the feeling was electric. I feel in love with the elastic support of the jock mesh pouch, waistband and leg straps. There was no choice but wear my erect penis in the up position, actually 12 o’clock position. It was the comfortable position to wear my pulsating cock with my oozing Glans scrunched against the waistband.

A quantum leap with Tempo : Thursday August 2 session

Hi guys,

Early Thursday morning yesterday I had an extended session with Tempo which was actually a quantum leap.

First I rode Tempo maybe fifteen to twenty minutes. It seemed that I was actually edging with Tempo. Ever since I pulled Tempo out of retirement last winter, I have used Tempo as a powerful accelerant which enables my other Aneros models to massage my prostate and anal musculature in more determined, powerful, yet pleasurable fashion.

After riding Tempo, I went on to Progasm ICE which worked well for ten minutes but didn’t produce the satisfaction I so desired. Then I worked with MGX which always hugs and embraces my prostate as he rides me, thus produces tons of pleasure. MGX is one of my favorite models.

I had wanted to go on to Maximus, also a favorite model, but had a hankering to return to Tempo instead.

Tempo is an Aneros model that can be worn inserted comfortably standing, walking, sitting, or on your side or back on your bed. Some guys love to do this, even outdoors while running errands.

I discovered yesterday that despite my recovered hip, I can walk about my apartment with Tempo inserted.

Aneros Tempo : the nipple diddling and prostate connection : Friday July 27 session

Hi guys,

This morning I had a really wild session with Tempo, Progasm Classic, and Maximus, perhaps one of my best Aneros sessions ever!

I began the session with Tempo which I have not ridden in a month or so. This morning that Tempo relates very well with nipples. Diddling of course revs up not only my prostate but also the autofuck action of my Aneros tools. Tempo is a unisexual Aneros which tones your anal musculature. However, this morning Tempo seemed to shadow every flick or strum of my finger tips on my nipples. In no time, Tempo began a determined auto-fuck rhythm which produced waves of exquisite pleasure. Suddenly Tempo caused me to have a Super-O that must have lasted a good three minutes. Tempo caused me to raise my hips off my towel as I rode this sustained Super-O.

I must have rode Tempo a good twenty minutes as Tempo auto-fucked me exquisitely in various rhythms. I used Kegels sparingly during this time. Wow, Tempo has opened a new, exciting chapter in my Aneros journey which I must explore!

The auto-fuck action continued with Progasm Classic and then finally Maximus as I too experienced new, sweet pleasures with these two models.

The session concluded at 7:10 a.m., a good seventy-five minutes. Take care!

Update in the 7 p.m. hour. All day since 7:10 a.m., I have had powerful, sweet, and sustained auto-fuck Aless which at times felt very delicious.

Aneros auto-fucking and Super-O’s : Session for Wednesday July 11

Hi guys,

Since July 4 last week, I have had several sessions that were so powerful and pleasurable that are hard to explain.

So after my session this morning, I will try to explain some of my recent Aneros and Aless experiences.

This morning I had a session which lasted a good 1.25 hours with Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Classic.

Maximus has joined MGX and Helix Classic as Aneros models which start most of my sessions. I have worked with Maximus fairly intimately since July 2012. My first several sessions were abortive because anal peristalsis ejected Maximus. But shortly thereafter the Kegel Exercises developed my anal musculature to contain and better work with Maximus and my larger Progasm models.

I think I have developed techniques to produce for myself Super-O’s and MMO’s with both Maximus and Progasm. Relaxation is key but also enjoyment of my sessions lay the foundation. Having fun and even playing are also keys to relaxation and Aneros enjoyment. “Having fun” and “playing” have sexual undertones. All this have formed my attitudes with which I have approached all my sessions since 2015, even before.

Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Saturday March 24 (day 20) : Why my BIKE CUP feels so good!

Hi guys,

I woke up much earlier this morning, disturbed by recent happenings in the news in my country. It is now 4:30 a.m. in the morning. I have been working on a translation project to get my attention off the news. I have also been wearing m BIKE CUP which has a sexual signature all its own. Shortly after writing the last four sentences, I felt drowsy enough to go back to bed and slept soundly until 7 a.m. feeling refreshed.

At 7:15 a.m. I began a most pleasurable session with Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Tempo. It lasted about 1.25 hours.

I have been fully dressed after my session again my BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 reveling in post session Aless pleasure. It is day 20 of my SR challenge, actually my penultimate day in this challenge. I had a tasty breakfast with coffee and a 7 Eleven Brookie.

Update @2:30 p.m., about an hour ago, I came back in from a short jaunt in my neighborhood, while shopping for some groceries at the 7 Eleven. Wow, my BIKE CUP made my walk feel so much pleasurable as its bottom edge caressed my perineum. Aless very strong right now as I right this. It is real awesome how my Aless works with my perineum and the root of my penis to produce supreme pleasure!

My Aless has been in PONR territory all day today!

Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Wednesday March 21 (day 17) : Aneros session during a snowstorm!

Hi guys,

I had a fairly long and leisurely session early morning just after sunrise when our snowstorm was beginning. Winter seems to be holding on, but this now event will be the only one of the year. Points northeastern, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston are getting major snowfalls today. It is our fourth nor’easter of this winter!

Last night I wore my BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 underneath a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs and slept blissfully like baby. When I awoke about 6:15 a.m. this morning, I was rearing to go for a session. First I dressed in my winter clothing and got coffee and a brookie from our 7 Eleven. The coffee and rich chocolate brookie added fuel to what became of my best Aneros sessions in many weeks.

I used the following Aneros tools in order: MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Tempo. I have been on my Aneros journey nearly six years now. I have learned since 2014/15 to let my body relax, and also to use Kegels and rhythmic breathing to activate my Aneros models. They in their stead work me over. I cannot say how much wearing an athletic cup, such as BIKE, and a jockstrap magnify the sensations I feel many fold.

At this writing it is 11:30 a.m. and getting close to the noon hour. My apartment building is so now. I am sure not if apartment staff and workmen doing the renovations came to work today. Take care!

Aneros session while wearing a BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter unit! March 1 session

Hi guys,

This morning in the hour or so before sunrise, I decided to replicate those delicious feelings that I experienced yesterday morning wearing a jock and cup in an Aneros session for the first time. I was following @goldenboy’s lead in his wearing “chastity” cup at bed at night and during his Aneros sessions.

Yesterday I wore a Champion Sports jock and cup. A Champion Sports athletic cup is not as roomy as the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup or Mueller Cup that @goldenboy prefers to wear. A Champion Sports cup doesn’t as much “ball room” as other contemporary cups, but it is contoured and it has a thick gasket which makes it so comfortable to wear. The Champion Sports jock and cup performed very well on my maiden voyage of Anerosing with a jock and cup.

This morning I used a trusty BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 that I have had since the mid 1980’s. The jock’s elasticity of its nylon polyester fabric has become a little stretchy. Hence it doesn’t give as much firm support now. I remedy that by wearing a brief or boxer brief over it.

The BIKE CUP has the same contoured shape, dimensions and roominess as a Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup. I love the feel of the BIKE CUP’s thick polyethylene gasket. The BIKE CUP is truly a banana cup!