Mental imagery : Aneros session for July 23

Hi guys,

Earlier today in the 7 o’clock hour I had a thirty minute session with two of my most favorite Aneros models: Maximus Classic and Helix Syn Classic. It was my first session in ten days and marks my full recovery a nasty food illness Saturday a week ago.

Aneros user, divine_oblivion has a provocative thread on Aneros Forum entitled Mental Imagery. It is essentially what images or thoughts that causes you to have great Aneros sessions. In recent years, certainly after my Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s mid September 2016, my perineum that area between the base of my ball sack and my anus is a major sweet spot besides my Glans and my frenulear delta underneath my Glans. Like many baby boomer neonatals, I am circumcised and my frenulum was excised.

My perineum has been stimulated time and time through numerous Aneros sessions since my very first one which occurred on June 3, 2012. The P-tab on my Aneros devices rubbed back and forth across my perineum. Plus being a major jockstrap and athletic cup aficionado, the leg straps of my jockstraps and cup jock holders cover my perineum. Also my BIKE banana cups also stimulate this area.

Trying to push over the edge

I’ve been using my helix pretty regularly for the past two months every couple days and I’ve gotten to the point where I can start feeling what I assume are P waves around every other session. It feels like that feeling like I’m about to cum but I feel it in my perineum, balls and dick, and my inner thighs.

I feel like I’m so close when I feel these waves I just can’t go over the edge and then the feelings go away. Is this supposed to feel like you reach an end point or does the feeling just get stronger and stronger and that’s basically it?

Maximus Classic + Helix Classic Syn —> Sweet, powerful Aless!!!

Hi guys,

I arose this morning super horny for an Aneros session after a night of off and on diddling while wearing my BIKE CUP. In fact, my sweet spot at the base of my scrotum, which is my perineum, was clamoring for one. I had a hankering to begin my session with my trusty Maximus Classic which I rode a good twenty minutes on top of my bed covers with a towel underneath. Then I rode Helix Syn Classic in the standing position in my bathroom for 15 minutes.

These two models did their job. I came away from the session with a very sweet, yet powerful and pulsating Aless which I am savoring right now as I compose this blog entry.

Take care!

Erection problem

Whenever I use aneros I get a lot of erections, they happen when I start feeling p-waves. They wouldn’t bother me but it seems like erection near pc muscles doesn’t fully allow me to control them and I am unable to increase the pleasure. I think the p-tab might also be constricted by firming up of penis base.
Anyone have/had this problem and know if that’s normal or is there something I can do about it?

Nipple Play; helpful or not?

In the last 18 months or so, I have been very successful in developing my nipple play to the point of generating instant and extremely rewarding sensation in my genital and prostate areas.  I seldom have an Aneros or Aless session without diddling my nipples.  The pleasures from such diddling is beyond belief even if I never achieved the Super-O level.

Now, I’m seriously thinking that this great success of mine could also be my downfall.  I’m at the point where almost nothing happens unless I diddle my nipples.  It’s easy to feel my prostate pulse but with no escalation of great pleasures unless I kick in nipple play.

What am I really feeling in my sessions?  Is it prostate pleasure waves or pelvic muscles related feelings?

I need to let go all diddling action untill I can rekindle direct prostate sensations without nipple influence.  I know nipples will always be there to add further sensations in the future, once my prostate responds to breathing and concentration.

During this time, I’ve also been working on massaging my perineum with great success.  Whether I use my finger tips or tennis balls, I can always count on great feelings in the area.  For the moment, I will continue this practice but I might get to the point where I will abandon this practice for a while.

More to follow.

Helix Syn P-Tab Coming Apart

I’ve been using the Helix Syn (silicone coating over plastic) for quite some time, over a year and a half probably.

Within the past several sessions I’ve noticed the silicone portion over the P-Tab has stretched and come loose over the plastic. It looks to have bubbled up from underneath a bit too. Has anyone else had this happen?

Note: the insertable portion is totally fine, nothing unsafe.

A trivial tip on using aneros while lying on your back

I don’t know if I overlooked or I am just dumb. The guides I read either did not mention it or just say do it ‘when necessary’ but without describing when is necessary: to stuff something under your lower back aka just above you butt when you use aneros while lying on your back.

Last time I using aneros, I just accidentally shove a chair cushion of one and a half inch thick under my lower back and boom: my first pure aneros induced orgasm(though quite similar to a normal ejaculate-o).

After some rough analyse, I think that the ‘necessary’ comes when the butt of some of us could be so flatten when we lie down that , the tail or the K-tab of aneros would be rubbed against our bed sheet (or on whatever we lied on). The rubbing point would act as a hinge such that when the aneros is ‘drawn in’, the lever will make the head swing away from the prostate, whereas the hinge should be at the perineum to swing the head to knock the prostate.

TL/DR: Shove something of 1-2 inch thick under your lower back when using aneros on your back could prevent a condition that aneros do not function properly.

Feel the exquisite pleasure (The intimate nipple diddling Kegeling experience) Plus athletic cups

[This blog is directed to @goldenboy and other interested guys]

Hi guys,

It is an early Sunday morning here in DC. The weather is warm and muggy outdoors a couple hours before dawn. My AC is running on low. I am seated at my PC typing this blog entry. I am buck naked wearing my favorite BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no.85 men’s medium.

An hour ago I woke up from a curious dream feeling refreshed. I went to bed just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, my usual hour after a day of intellectual activities. I needed my rest. I wore nothing but a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

After I woke up earlier this morning in the 3 o’clock hour and processed my curious dream, I touched myself sexually. Sexual touch for me, a 70 yo man is several light flicks across my nipples. This sexual touch is at the heart of my nipple diddling activities. Nipple diddling is an outgrowth of my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. Like I said now when I touch my nipples sexually, I am off to the races in sexual awareness and activities.

“I Just Put-On A Hard-Cup Jockstrap: What Next?”

Since its invention in 1927 in Canada, the hard-cup supporter is a vital piece of men’s protective gear for sports like baseball and hockey. The male groin protection the cup offers is invaluable in preventing groin injuries which not only can be painful, but physically and sexually incapacitating for the male. So, baseball and hockey players, among others, regularly put-on their ‘cups’ as part of their uniform. There is not a second thought why. Just look at some videos of guys not wearing cups getting hit by a hard projectile. Not a pretty sight.

Is there another use for a hard-cup jockstrap? Most certainly, I say. Let me explain…..

Use In Chastity
The hard-cup jockstrap can become an instant aid in preventing masturbation for a male. The protective hard-cup becomes a barrier between a man’s penis, testicles and his hands. While wearing a hard-cup and jockstrap, a man is incapable of pleasuring himself to an ejaculation.

I subscribe to NoFap ® PMO, which means that I abstain from porn, masturbation and orgasm (ejaculation). I make an exception due to my tendency to develop ‘blue-balls’ while practicing extended semen retention (SR). But for the most part, I comply with the ‘rules of the game’.

A side-benefit of wearing a hard-cup is owed to the very design of the cup. The cup is anatomically-designed to cradle a man’s penis and testicles and the newer ‘banana cups’ also wrap under the perineum, thereby protecting that area from an inadvertent impact from a baseball, a hockey puck or a kick.