Feel the exquisite pleasure (The intimate nipple diddling Kegeling experience) Plus athletic cups

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Hi guys,

It is an early Sunday morning here in DC. The weather is warm and muggy outdoors a couple hours before dawn. My AC is running on low. I am seated at my PC typing this blog entry. I am buck naked wearing my favorite BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no.85 men’s medium.

An hour ago I woke up from a curious dream feeling refreshed. I went to bed just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, my usual hour after a day of intellectual activities. I needed my rest. I wore nothing but a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

After I woke up earlier this morning in the 3 o’clock hour and processed my curious dream, I touched myself sexually. Sexual touch for me, a 70 yo man is several light flicks across my nipples. This sexual touch is at the heart of my nipple diddling activities. Nipple diddling is an outgrowth of my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. Like I said now when I touch my nipples sexually, I am off to the races in sexual awareness and activities.

“I Just Put-On A Hard-Cup Jockstrap: What Next?”

Since its invention in 1927 in Canada, the hard-cup supporter is a vital piece of men’s protective gear for sports like baseball and hockey. The male groin protection the cup offers is invaluable in preventing groin injuries which not only can be painful, but physically and sexually incapacitating for the male. So, baseball and hockey players, among others, regularly put-on their ‘cups’ as part of their uniform. There is not a second thought why. Just look at some videos of guys not wearing cups getting hit by a hard projectile. Not a pretty sight.

Is there another use for a hard-cup jockstrap? Most certainly, I say. Let me explain…..

Use In Chastity
The hard-cup jockstrap can become an instant aid in preventing masturbation for a male. The protective hard-cup becomes a barrier between a man’s penis, testicles and his hands. While wearing a hard-cup and jockstrap, a man is incapable of pleasuring himself to an ejaculation.

I subscribe to NoFap ® PMO, which means that I abstain from porn, masturbation and orgasm (ejaculation). I make an exception due to my tendency to develop ‘blue-balls’ while practicing extended semen retention (SR). But for the most part, I comply with the ‘rules of the game’.

A side-benefit of wearing a hard-cup is owed to the very design of the cup. The cup is anatomically-designed to cradle a man’s penis and testicles and the newer ‘banana cups’ also wrap under the perineum, thereby protecting that area from an inadvertent impact from a baseball, a hockey puck or a kick.

what was this?

Was this a possible out of body experience?

I spent the day surrounded by my Imperial cock ring. I have gotten so used to wearing it that I forget it’s even there. I also wore my Master around my balls feeling the wonderful tug every time I would walk. There is something about the feeling of all that weight pulling and swinging between my legs, the tingling it creates pulling on the muscles and tubes, hell I’m getting hard thinking about it writing this a day later.

I got myself setup before bed with Large. I got in bed on my right side with the lower leg straight and upper leg drawn up, adjusted the twins to let them hang freely than started hugging a pillow. Gently I flexed and fell into a a bit of a trance feeling each subtle movement when everything fell into place. I could feel my pulse in my anus and my prostate was throbbing in sync. I could feel the tip gliding over what felt like a bump with each movement, and each ride up and down this bump increased the pleasure. I slowed my flexing when the pleasure reached a good level to allow my body to take over. Every beat of my heart would cause large to move and tickle me in this one special spot. For 1.5 hours I rode wave after wave of orgasms. As each peak would start to wane I would flex a few times to bring it back up, I was in an endless loop of pleasure. If it wasn’t for the fact that my shoulder was starting to get sore from the position I was in I think I might still be riding this wave of pleasure.

“Meet The SGX (Again)!”

I probably have not used my SGX Classic in a year. The SGX is the smaller version of the MGX Classic and it is no longer offered by Aneros. I decided that the time was right for a session; the SGX was the massager of choice.

I lubed-up the SGX with SSG. I did not pre-lube for this session but that was okay. One think I like about the SGX (and the MGX) is the ribbed anal stem which provides a distinctive level of anal pleasure with each contraction. In spite of its small size, I knew that my prostate was being adequately engaged.

Almost right from the start of this 25-minute session, I began to experience an erection while wearing my XO ‘chastity cup’. I definitely had some ‘pumping’ action going on during this session which I could feel. I did quite a bit of low-grade moaning too. Being still in SR and NoFap ® I would consider this to be a therapeutic prostate-massage. About mid-way through the session, I removed the cup and just observed the nice amount of fluid emanating from my cock. After a while, I felt that this session was winding-down to a conclusion and I was quite satisfied with the feeling. As I have noted before, I now will be entering a ‘pseudo refractory period’ of about 1-2 hours during which time I will generally not be experiencing any erection or feeling of arousal.

Sweet, timeless memories about jocks and cups (inspired by goldenboy)

Hi guys,

Many of who have read my Aneros blog over the years have heard my stories about jocks and cups dating from my puberty and the glory days of adolescence up to my old age. This fascination represents a lifetime of experience and gives me even now the thrill of wearing these quintessentially male items which men and boys wear for athletics and even daily, leisurely wear.

I was eleven or twelve when I encountered my dad’s jockstrap for the first time. Mom had laundered in February or March 1962 and hanged it on a hanger to dry above the bathtub at home. Dad was going to wear it under his Little League navy blue umpire uniform pants when Little League began in late April or May that year. I decided to try it on when it was dry. I was baffled in how to wear it correctly, but I figured its mesh pouch was to contain my privates, but I was mystified that its leg straps gave that “bare ass” feel, so unlike the briefs I wore as my own underwear. However the “bare ass” feel of a jockstrap provides needed ventilation to a guy’s sweaty buttocks on the athletic field. This also applies to a guy wearing a cup jock.

“I’ve Been Cupped! — A Primer”

While reading some recent posts in the Forum, there appears to be some lingering questions about the use of athletic ‘cups’ as they enhance our Aneros sessions. Having experienced this topic and written about it in somewhat great detail (along with @BigGlansDC), I felt it may be the time now for a refresher. Here goes…

Semen Retention, Chastity and Cups
I began my SR quest with the use of chastity cages. My best-fitting cage was the CB-6000S which I wore on and off for about 8 months. I didn’t wear it 24/7 but usually for 10-16 hours a day. It got me in the habit of delaying my ejaculations while at the same time, stimulated me so that my Aneros sessions became better.

At some point, I ‘discovered’ athletic groin cups—-or ‘chastity cups’ as I now call them. I had not used them in school for sports (like baseball) and so I relied on regular athletic supporters—–jockstraps—-when I needed support and protection. The first time I bought a ‘cup’ and tried it on, I could not believe the feeling! Now I must admit that I probably have had a jockstrap fetish most of my life. The jockstrap was worn to enhance my masturbation practice and I used it regularly.

Nipple diddling while wearing a BIKE CUP (inspired by goldenboy)

Hi guys,

Yes, I have been absent in my Aneros blogging, but I still have one or two Aneros session a week which I enjoy immensely. But my translation projects in my retirement keep me busy.

However, just about every night I like to dress my cock with cellophane containers, probably four or five of them, before donning my BIKE CUP with accompanying cup jock. The cellophane containers actually contain muffins, but they feel really hot and sweet on my cock.

I have spoken of the BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 marketed by BIKE Athletic Company 1985-86 which I purchased many of them in the four years they were in production. It was one of the best products BIKE marketed, sadly since then nothing BIKE in athletic cups and jocks could rival. Even sadder was the demise of BIKE Athletic by its parent company, Russell Athletic, in 2015.

The BIKE CUP is a contoured banana cup. It is HUGE. It created a bulge in the pants of baseball players. It is downright erotic. When you see a cup bulge on a baseball player. You know their genitals are protected. Good athletic cups and jocks are still made. Shock Doctor carbon bioflex cups are hot as well as the Nutty Buddy Cup invented by the visionary Mark Littell, an inspiring retired MLB player who still coaches baseball teams!

“It’s All For Prostate Health!”

[This blog was inspired by @Lth0ms0n, thanks!]

I had read an interesting question on the Forum from @Lth0ms0n this morning, having to do with involuntaries. What are they? And that got me interested and intrigued. So the next thing I know, I am prepping for a ‘therapeutic’ session with the HIH 950. Here are the details……

I am currently in Day 9 of SR with no hint of blue balls (yet). I am also into Day 49 of NoFap ®. I’ve only had an occasional ejaculation, about every 10 days to control my blue balls. Other than that, no masturbation for me, period. And no porn, ever again. But I still need to keep my prostate healthy. So this morning, I got ready for a nice session with the 950. I was already wearing my Mueller cup to prevent an unintentional ejaculation; it worked. I lubed-up with SSG not only the massager but my opening as well (it made a big difference!)

I started-out on my side. Before too long, while just relaxing and performing the ‘do-nothing’ technique, I began to feel a ‘twitch’ deep-down in my prostate. No, it did not feel like a fatigued-muscle spasm since I had just started the session. But it was something I just could not control. Around the same time, I remember, I had this erection develop as well as an uncontrollable whole-body ‘shudder’, almost like a jolt of electricity running all through me. Let’s not mince words here; these actions were ENTIRELY out of my control! And that IMHO is the essence of involuntaries—-by definition*, you do NOT CONTROL them! Just as you are ‘forced’ to excrete waste by involuntary muscular contractions in your colon, you are likewise ‘forced’ to experience the nuanced ‘pleasures’ of a prostate massage.

Have been using the classic for years. Think I’d benefit from a different model. What do you reccomend?

Hey! So! I’ve been using the classic model on and off for maybe two or three years now! I’ve definitely learned a lot of my body. Not sure how the community would define it, but I’ve goteen as far as the feeling that I need to pee and shaking a lot. You might say I’m rewired to an extent.

Anyways, I’ve always had some complaints with my classic, and wondered if the design might be somewhat preventing me from getting my best O. I like size/stretch, and on top of that, my prostate is very small, so I find large ridges are the only thing that actually hit my p-spot. I know I’m going for subtle, but the classic is I think probbaly alittle too subtle to bring me over the edge.

Secondly, the perineum tab becomes an annoyance over time, usually pushing too hard against me or rubbing me until my skin becomes a little raw. I tend to put a folded square of TP between it and me before I play, but this only really stops the rubbing issue. It’s still pushing too hard, and in general is a distraction, and seems ineffective.

Lastly, I suppoe I’m curious about adding vibration! So yeah, anyone have any toy suggestions, Aneros or otherwise?

“The Amazing Little 950!”

My recent “MO” streak ended at Day 8 of SR (“P” continues at Day 41). Sure enough, I felt the blue-balls coming on and since I would be active the next day, I decided to end the streak with a therapeutic ejaculation. This one was a little different. Let me explain. I started with a completely limp dick; then gradually began to stroke. All the while, I began light massage on my perineum and my balls. Eventually, when I was erect, I discontinued stroking near the frenulum and only concentrated on the bottom of the shaft. Well, it was an amazing feeling and I was able to “delay” the ejaculation but not indefinitely. Even with stroking near the base, only a “light” touch on the frenulum caused an immediate ejaculation. I could only imagine how this effect is also manifested during sexual intercourse. That “touch” on the frenulum would be enough to positively stimulate an ejaculation. Farewell DE (Delayed Ejaculation)!

Overnight Erections/Aneros Session
Even with an ejaculation yesterday, my night-time erections last night were (surprisingly) just as strong as ever! In fact, they were so strong and plentiful that I needed to put-on my “anti-MO” Mueller cup to discourage me from ejaculation again!