My tip if Aneros isn’t “working”

I’ve used my Aneros for a long time (5-8 years), and while it feels great, especially while jerking with it in, I never got to handsfree territory- until I discovered something:

I folded up a sock into thirds and slid that underneath the perineum tab (like a cushion between it and my perineum), and holy man did that make a difference. I unlocked new levels of pleasure completely hands free🤤

I’m not sure why this works – I think it’s because I’m quite short so my prostate might not be as far in, and/or my prostate and perineum are very sensitive and this helps prevent overstimulation.

Whatever it is, I highly recommend (and experiment with different thicknesses of padding).



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  2. That’s a really great idea. I’ve always felt that my prostate wasn’t too deep so this might do the trick. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I used a piece of foam with my Helix – saw comments on line -and had similar impact.

    Defo got more pressure on the right bits of my prostrate and had me gasping and enjoying big up in pleasure.

  4. Bending back the K-Tab can also help. That makes it rotate more and push more on the prostate like putting something under the P-tab. Just one method rotates and puts it in less while the other rotates and puts it in more. What we really need is something with customizable bending arms to get it to just the right spot for you. That is one of the main reasons why everyone finds a different model better.

  5. I know there are “donut” type pads available that you can put around your penis to lessen the penetration depth with someone who can’t take your full length.

    Would be nice if Aneros would produce something like that, that could be used to customize depth to perfectly fit any prostate.

    A systemic redesign of the pressure spots on the arm, to using something more ball-shaped, which would make them a LOT more comfortable, as well as making the arm angle adjustable by bending, so that you can get the thrust angle perfect for your prostate position would be well-received by many users.

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