Tried something new with great results

Figured I’d pass along a simple tip/trick that I read about on a form somewhere and finally gave it a try. I’ve been using Aneros for a few years with limited success. I’ve tried almost everything but always felt that it wasn’t hitting the right spot.

I’ve tried semen retention, mindgasm, etc and had some good progress but always felt like there was something missing.

Yesterday, I decided to put some padding between the P tab and my body. I folded up a small sock and placed it between. I was actually really surprised at the outcome of my session. Like wow! I was feeling better and had way more pleasure than I think I’ve ever had in a session.

I was using the helix trident. Going to give it a try with the syn today.



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  2. I used to do something similar but with those round cotton pads used for cosmetic purposes.

  3. I just put finger between the tab and my perineum. I massage where the tab was while the tab pushes against my finger. Guaranteed overdrive for me.

  4. I use TP folded into a strip and tuck the ends in.. makes the massager tight against my body, all the way in my ass while it collects any extra lube leakage that cums out of my butthole

  5. Today, I had a session with my Helix Trident and I folded a piece of gauze and put it underneath the p-tab. This the first time I have ever done this and my session was much better! It was like the Helix locked in better on my prostate and everything felt stronger…stronger p-waves, stronger tremors, more toy movement. This is a very exciting development and I can’t wait for more sessions!

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