Extended wear?

I don’t always have 60-90+ minutes to devote exclusively to aneros play and have been trying to figure out a hack to squeeze in more short but still satisfying sessions. One thing I’ve started to try is to insert the aneros before I’m ready to fully commit to the process. I’ve tried a couple times putting it in when I have 30 minutes to an hour of work and/or chores to finish up. I’ve had mixed results and wanted to get the community’s take on wearing the device while not exclusively focused on it. Is this a hack to multi tasking during the build up, or am I missing the point and need to limit myself to the times where I can be singularly focused for an extended period of time.

Thanks for any thoughts/tips/advice. All welcome and appreciated!

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  2. I do extended wear and it doesn’t exactly get me to HFO, but it boosts my arousal through the roof. On a weekend I’ll start with some play in the shower, then casually rotate toys (plugs and aneros models) throughout the day. By the time evening rolls around my ass is begging for direct stimulation and it’s way easier to relax and achieve some great waves and some Os

  3. I like to wear mine for extended periods of time. I haven’t had anything near a prostate orgasm just wearing it around passively, but I enjoy the feeling of having it in. It’s kind of like wearing a regular butt plug for long periods.

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