Do any of you engage in aftercare after a session? I have been noticing that after rather intense sessions lately that I have some uncomfortable nervous/anxious energy left over that eventually subsides. Going for a run helps but curious if anyone else experiences any negatives after a session and if you do anything right after you are done.



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  2. Never any negatives for me after a session. If it’s a really good session I’ll have what I call an afterglow for a few hours, like a steady low grade continuation of the session.

  3. With my lack of alone time, I tend to take full advantage of the breaks I get. In other words I go too long, until I m exhausted and just clean up and fall asleep.

    I like this idea though!

  4. 100 % have experienced not everytime , but definitely know what your talking about , has happened more so online then in real life, baths /showers help me when I do feel the anxiousness and the sub drop feel . Online happens mostly when Dom leaves directly aftersession , conversation around experience , the session , or even just chatting and comforting b4 Dom leaves the place of conversation/session helps as well. (Mature Female Submissive )

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